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A/N: Okay this chapter will constantly go back and forth between Dante in Unova and Shenzi in Kanto

! apologize if yo" have tro"ble following what#s going on b"t ! will try and $ake the setting obvio"s Abandon all hope those who enter this cave That message was carved alongside the walls of the cave, written in various languages and sizes. Thats rather grim dont you think !henzi asks "uccy who she had caught up to. #ood way to keep undesirables out. $e answers smoothly. And we are undesirables right !he asks again. The man in the suit grins and answers with a simple %up that made !henzi very mad at gold for running off like that. &hat do you think is at the end of this cave !henzi asks rather worried. "egend says theres a very powerful pokemon here, but not 'ust any pokemon. !ome say he was made not born. "uccy answers with a rather calm tone. A slight growl began to be heard from the darkness( !henzi began to loose the ability to see beyond a certain point and was unable to identify what was making that noise. )law marks started to appear alongside the cave and the growling began to grow with intensity. &hat do you mean he was not born *ven some of the legendary pok+mons where born out of eggs !henzi asked with an incredulous look in her face. ,o idea, he could be a genetically engineered pokemon, a very old legendary or even one of the originals. &ith this much power -m somewhat inclined to the last two choices. "uccy answered without even looking away from the depths of the cave. .h great, and with #old as pumped as he is - wont be able to back away from this one. !henzi says out loud clearly showing stress in her voice. A sly smile and soft snickering was released by #old who was walking ne/t to !henzi. 0ack in 1nova 2ante had decided that it was time to continue his 'ourney but this time with a slight deviation, $e and 0onnie must find the couple who will teach 2ante all he needs to know. !o any idea as to where we can begin looking when we reach pinwheel forest 2ante asks out loud. &ell3 we can look for them around the forest or hmmm3 - might have an idea but it might be dangerous. 0onnie answers worried that 2ante will take that option. 2ante smiles, looks towards 0onnie and says4 #reat, lets do it then. !o why do you think the couple will be in this forest 2ante asks trying to break the silence which he dreaded. 0onnie looked at him while walking, his silver hair flowed freely with the wind and his now e/posed silver eyes seemed to have a design etched on them. !he noticed she hadnt answered him when 2ante burrowed his brow in confusion. 0onnie then blushes, looks away and answers.

1hm3 ,acrene city is right after this so maybe they are 'ust passing through. 0onnie answers after getting her bearings. !he didnt know why but after 2antes aura was slightly released she has not been able to get her eyes away from him. $is perfect silver eyes shone against the light and resembled two full moons, his hair was brushed back, seemed unruly yet looked perfectly okay. $is teeth where amazingly white with his canines elongated and resembled fangs. All about 2ante seemed fear5inducing and yet she 'ust couldnt resist him. *ven his scent was magnificent, he smelled like the sea( perfectly crisp and alluring3 &ait a second6 2A,T*6 0onnie screamed. 2ante nearly had a heart attack as 0onnie had switched from 7uiet and meek back to her loud and imposing attitude. &hat6 &hats wrong6 2o you sense something 2ante blurted out( $is nails grew into claws out of pure instinct and before he knew it he was ready for battle. %our scent, why is it so powerful %ou are not fighting or even e/erting yourself. 0onnie e/plained. 2ante seemed confused, his brow was once again burrowed and he proceeded to lift his arm and smell his armpit. &hat are you talking about - took a shower before we set off and - dont smell bad. 2ante says still confused. ,ot like that you fool, when someone e/erts aura through the pores in his body the energy reacts with your sweat glands and gives off a uni7ue scent. - can smell your aura and yet - cant feel it like if you where e/erting it. 0onnie e/plained. -3 - dont know3 - feel fine and normal3 -m pretty new to this, remember. 2ante says feeling defensive. 0onnie focused her eyes and concentrates while staring at his traveling companion. !he then proceeds to focusing her aura in the back of her head and eyes. $er eyes widened in surprise and fear at what she sees. %ou are pretty good at focusing your aura my dear. "uccy comments while trying to calm !henzi who was being affected by the magnitude of the aura in the cave. uhh Thanks3 - learned when - was little. !he says while blushing a little. %ou must have a pretty good teacher, most people take decades to be able to muster enough aura to do that for half the time. $e comments with a soothing tone. %eah, my best friends dad taught me3 the man used his own aura to release my own and then he taught me how to use it. !he e/plained. "uccy seemed intrigued and continued making remarks and asking 7uestion while they slowly approached the end of the cave. After !henzi elaborated about her daily life, her tastes and her training in aura "uccy decided to change the sub'ect to one that had bothered him. !o tell me about this best friend of yours. $e says. .h well 2ante is great, little too romantic and yet fearsome but he is a very loyal friend. &e have played together ever since we are three. 8or his age he is very smart and strong. $e is a lot like his father 'ust that for some reason his skin wont get any darker no matter how much sun he tries to soak up. !he answers now very calm in contrast to her previous answers

$mmm3 This 2ante must be very powerful with a father that could release somebody else. 9emarked "uccy. &ell you see3 !ir 2rake asked me not to breathe a word about my training to his son. As far as - know 2ante doesnt know how to use aura3 yet. !he answers. "uccys eyes widened when he heard the names 2ante and 2rake. 2ante was the target of the organization he was part of and said targets friend 'ust happened to pop up while he was in the middle of a mission. And he also knew now that 2ante was truly a feared being, not knowing a thing about auras or his own powers yet he was able to defeat two of his comrades using 'ust that. -s everything okay !henzi asks worried about the gentlemans e/pression. "uccy comes back to his senses, places his hat on his head and answers her. %eah -m okay, 'ust that - wasnt e/pecting you to say !ir 2rake. $e began saying. $e is a very famous character( yet - didnt even know he had a son. $e lied. 0ehind his smooth and calm face hid a dark grin and a new plan. &ill you please stop being so cryptic and tell me whats going on 2ante sighed in e/asperation as 0onnie paced back and forth before him. &ell3 uhm3 - dont know how to say this3 0onnie mouthed off as she kept pacing. !top, you are getting me dizzy and please 'ust say whats happening. 2ante says while placing both his hands on 0onnies shoulders trying to stop the ,aga from digging a hole with her heels. .kay3 -m going to say a lot now( so 'ust stand back, dont interrupt and dont ask 7uestions until -m done. !he starts. 2ante looks at her with an interested e/pression( he then nods signaling that he accepted her terms. 0onnie sighs and begins to e/plain. As you know all living beings give off this energy we call aura, some call it magic or chi and other stuff. That energy is our life force, when we eat our bodies break down the food and store what we dont use as fat. &ell, when you are released your body takes that fat and breaks it down to beyond a molecular level into energy, this energy is uni7ue to all living things and carries traits like color, scent, magnitude, sound and even kinetic traits. %our aura is silver in color, smells like seawater, is naturally colossal and it appears to have an interesting music but - wasnt really able to hear it well since you where growling and howling. .kay now to the sub'ect at hand, when a person is calm their aura is barely noticeable like a film a few millimeters tick above your skin, but you3 you are downright e/pelling a huge amount of aura but since its not hostile - cant feel or see it unless - try hard3 and this huge amount of aura is forming an image above you, This image tells me a lot about you3 and it also tells me that you might be3 that you might be not human after all3 !he e/plains putting a pained tone on her last words. !he knew that the one thing that bothered 2ante was that he probably wasnt human and now he had confirmation. !omething bothered !henzi very much, not the fact that she was walking towards a being with an aura the size of a behemoth or that her companion was a lying criminal that probably was also a murdering sociopath since she didnt knew either of those facts.

&hat was bothering her was that she had been walking for over an hour and yet she hadnt felt a change in the beasts aura for a good while. The beast was tuning his powers down the closer they got. 0ut, why would he do that &hy would a beast of incredible power tune down his powers as two intruders where walking towards his lair. -n the cave there where no geodudes or zubats which meant the beast kept them at bay, probably by showing off his colossal aura and yet here he was weakening. Then it hit her. &ait, - think this is a trap. !he claimed. &hat do you mean a trap $e asked. !henzi tried to answer him but a wave of aura e/ploded from within the cave knocking her and #old unconscious. "uccy was pushed back a little but still conscious, he mustered his aura into his fist forming a thin white sword. &ell looks like we got a fight in our hands. $e e/claims. $e then tried to move forward but noticed something was wrong, the source of the aura had moved. ,ot away from them but actually right behind him. $e turned around 'ust to receive a direct hit from the beasts aura directly to the face rendering him unconscious. A hooded creature stood before their unconscious bodies, it returned its three fingered hand back in his cloak and stared at the two humans and a pokemon that where unconscious before him. The male is strong but the female was able to see through my diversion3 $is voice resonated from with the darkness of his hood. - guess - wont kill them until they can defend themselves. $e said as he reached out to !henzi and "uccy and dragged them deeper into the cave. !how me. 2ante had ordered with a straight look in his face, $is normal kind face had turned cold and hard. 2ont move. 0onnie looked down and placed her hand on his chest right above an old scar. A purple bubble of aura had appeared on his chest it then turned bright silver and e/panded to surround both 2ante and 0onnie. An image started to appear around 2ante, to his right a silver wolf had appeared with blue light shining through his eyes. To his left appeared a !hark that seemed to be made out of ice with silver light shining out of his eyes. 2ante looked at them, then noticed his right arm seemed to have a gauntlet that covered to his shoulders with lunar designs and his claws where shining silver, $e then turned to his left to notice a similar gauntlet made out of ice with a shark fin on the side. 2ante was stupefied but that was not all( a shadow formed above him. 2ante looked above and saw a creature he never e/pected to see in his life. A 2ragon, a dragon that seemed to have been made out of ebony with crimson eyes towered above 2ante, its wings e/tended to reveal an intricate design that resembled a dark fire and the scales on his chest seemed to be adorned with a beautiful crimson gem in the very center of his chest. Thats when 2ante noticed that his forehead had been adorned with a circlet( the circled was made out of ebony with the borders adorned with crimson gems and at the very centre a dragon head sat between his eyebrows.