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A/N: This chapter will be written within Bonnies POV.

For those who dont know what that is it means that Bonnie will be the narrator. Wh ! Beca"se # alwa s wanted to make one o$ the characters a narrator b"t dont think %ante will be ri&ht $or it now. 'n(o . After I had shown Dante the image his aura created I had expected plenty of reactions; fear, sorrow, sadness or just shock. But absolutely not the reaction I recei ed. !"A "A this is awesome#$ %here the first words that came out his mouth. After that it all went downright weird. "e started talking about what he was wearing like he had worn it before. !"ey this is armor you know, "alf wolf tribe and half Atlantean& I think.$ "e said almost not sure when he examined the fro'en gauntlet to his left. !"ow do you know about it( And how come you are not freaking out about the Dragon o er your head($ I asked somewhat mad that his reaction was far distant from mines when I saw my own aura. !)h this($ "e asked while pointing upwards. I nodded with a confused look in my face. !)h well it is an image, right( Its part of me so I doubt it will try and bite my head off.$ "e said ery cheerfully and that made me steam e en more. %hen my mother had shown me my image I screamed my lungs out. A giant serpent had appeared around me signifying that my aura type was poison but there was something odd about that serpent and I didn*t notice until I was done freaking out and my mother was done laughing her ass off. +his serpent was adorned with pink gems and its eyes shone a pink light; this meant that I had a sub,type which was psychic. !)I, %hy are you so angry my dear($ "e asked sweetly and like that my anger was gone. -.hh this bastard is far too sweet and alluring for me to be mad at him for more than fi e seconds. "ow the fuck am I supposed to answer him when his eyes melt my words away#( !/eah I*m fine, just a little jealous.$ I said without thinking my last words of that sentence. +hat was a boost to his ego; his sweet yet carni orous smile flashed pearly white as he heard those words. !%hy would you be jealous of me( I still barely got a grasp of all of this. And by the way, what does all of this mean($ "e says still with his broad smile. !%ell that image represents what type of powers you ha e.$ I explained. "is eyebrows where raised and I swear there was a light shining out of his eyes the second I said the word !0ower$. "e looked around studying the armor he was wearing and the images that stood emotionlessly staring forwards. !0owers( %hat type of powers are you talking about($ "e asked with the same enthusiasm a child would ask what was inside a gift box. I thought really hard about my next words. 1nowing Dante he would try and breathe fire if I told him it depended on the image. !)kay it is different on all persons, but there are main forms of the way your power shows.$ I began to explain. !+he first type is 2akers;

they solidify their aura to create objects like swords or maces, then there is Destroyers; who manifest their auras to create fire, lightning or ice to damage their enemies, alchemists; that use their aura to alter the world around him, and finally amplifiers; who use their aura to increase their natural abilities.$ I finished explaining. Dante was the same as when I explained the basis of aura to him; he just looked straight and ne er interrupted. "is eyes where cold yet alluring as he intakes the information I had just gi en to him. "e willfully made the sphere around him smaller until it was no more and the images where gone. !"ow can I know what form do I ha e($ "e asked still looking at me. !%ell& this is why I am not sure whether you are human&$ I answered ery meekly trying not to anger or surprise him too much. "is expression grew sad; the light in his eyes had turned dull as he looked down. 2y attempt at being tactful with my tone had failed; this had become more ob ious as he ga e me a cold command once more. !3xplain$ %as all he said, well ordered actually. !If you where a maker your beast would be formed out of a precious metal like your dragon of ebony, if you where a destroyer your beast would be made out of flesh like your wolf, if you where an alchemist your beast would be adorned with gems& again like your dragon& and finally if you where an amplifier your beast would be made an element like your shark.$ I explained while he remained with the same expression of cold sadness. !)kay so I ha e all the forms then what*s the& ohh&$ "e said that as he looked down and reali'ed what was wrong. !+her& +here*s no such thing as being all forms& right($ "is throat inflated as he tried to swallow his worries, this was too much; Dante liked the power and the chance for ad enture but the chance he was not human was destroying him. Dante*s eyes where dull, the muscle in his jaw was tightened as he was biting down; his oice sounded pained as he asked started to talk. !4an you& can you teach me how to use my aura($ "e asked. I knew he was holding back his dark emotions; I could see it as his aura fluctuated in a icious manner. !I*m sorry& & I don*t know the first thing about being a maker or an amplifier&but I*m a destroyer and an alchemist and I can show you the basics of controlling your aura.$ I explained. Dante showed a slight smile when I said that I could help him e en though it was a little. !But& we are about to meet the couple and ask them to teach so you really don*t need me, if the legends are true I*m inconse5uential when compa,.$ I began speaking. !Don*t think little of yourself my dear Bonnie. /ou are a ery special person and I can see there*s greatness in you.$ "e interrupted. 2y mouth hanged open at those words, he had complimented me& I think. And his oice was beautiful when he spoke those words and, 2)+"367-4136# I need to get a hold of my damn self. I*m not the type to sali ate o er a boy no matter how nice his

sil er hair is or how deep and alluring his sil er eyes or how muscular his arms are with that fitted shirt he is wearing which show just how nice his abs are which you just want to grab and, 7-41 8)+ +"I9 A.AI8# !Are you& alright Bonnie( /our cheeks are as red as a tomato and you are breathing really hard&$ Dante spoke those words and I reali'ed I had been staring at him and almost lost control of my oice. 2y oice chirped up as I tried to say I was okay and that we better get going before the couple anishes. %e walked silently as Dante kept staring at his right hand and I wondered what that was about. !Is there something wrong with your hand($ I asked as I lean towards him and scan his hand anything out of place. "is hand seemed a cross between a human and a beast but more of a human; his fingers seemed somewhat long and bony yet it was ob ious his knuckles where calloused to land a stronger punch and his nails where long, thick and clearly sharp enough to land a mean injury on an enemy. !)h nothing really, just that it feels& different.$ "e started saying while trailing off at the last word. !Almost like my hand became different o ernight, actually my teeth too grew out and now I ha e fangs. 2y whole body changed and is now& lethal.$ "e finished smiling grimly at the end. !/ou need to calm down that animal side of yours that much power is making you feral and it will be a problem if you go berserk.$ I explain. Dante looked up at me while his eyes s5uinted in confusion. !7eral( /ou mean that I can loose control o er myself($ Dante asked worriedly. 2y eyes turned to the sky; this was clearly taking its toll on Dante, I can*t imagine what would happen if a being as strong as he is just goes berserk& +he damage would be catastrophic and the death toll can easily reach the thousands& !1ind of& more like your anger or lust would manifest in a ery dangerous form& like when 7reak9how attacked&$ I explained. !/eah we really need to find those two before that happens& I don*t& I don*t want innocent blood in my hands&$ "is oice clearly meant that he was thinking out loud and that he didn*t mean to make me hear it as his eyes widened when he reali'ed what he had said. Dante sounded so& mature, I wondered what had happened before in his life& with no mother and a father likes his& I wonder if he is no stranger to blood& "e does ha e that scar& 2y mind drifted off into the moment when he had just awoken from and he was naked without knowing, the first thing I noticed before my eyes trailed off was a scar; this scar tra eled from his cla icle down to the bottom of his ribs. It was right abo e his hearth and it seems like the injury was huge when he got it. And that was not it& his whole body was plagued with small cuts and scratches. !)h my dear Dante& what type of life ha e you been li ing before I met you($ I said out loud without thinking either.

!%hat($ Dante asked and I reali'ed what I had said and color flooded my face as he looked at me. !I& I ha e been meaning to ask you about that scar& the big one on your chest&$ I said as I tried to compose myself back and dig myself out of this one. "e looked down and ran his fingers o er his shirt abo e where his scar was. A slight smile shows in his face and his eyes seemed to gleam once more. !)h this, well when I was small I had decided to try and kick out some bandits from the town where I li ed from.$ "e began explaining. !%hy would you do that( +hey could ha e killed you.$ I asked in surprise. !I knew that& but they had broken my best friend*s fa orite amulet and well she might not cry a lot but she did cry that time. 9o instead of telling my father or the police I grabbed a small sword from my father*s weapon rack in his office and well& let just say that I was no match for six guys with big weapons& In the bright side I cut the ear off from the ass that broke 9hen'i*s amulet.$ "e said with a prideful look in his face. 8ow I knew what he is& Dante is a hero, kind of a foolish one but a great hero nonetheless. !)h look we ha e arri ed to the center of the forest.$ "e began saying. !:et*s put that plan of yours in motion my dear.$ "e finished with his normal scary but alluring smile. %e had arri ed onto a clearing with a stump of an old tree standing on the center. I scanned the area for any threats using my aura as radar but found nothing worthy of notice. Dante stood there wondering what my plan and he showed excitement since there was the chance for action looming around. !)kay then, I need you to stand on top of the stump and force as much aura as you can.$ I said to him as I pointed to the old tree stump and then I noticed that the old tree was an oak& a ery ancient oak& !7orce my aura(... uhm& how do I do that&$ "e said and I immediately noticed the crucial fault in my plan. Dante might ha e the aura of a behemoth but he has as much knowledge about it as a toddler. A/N: )ind o$$ a short chapter ri&ht* well # $eel like the stor is &ettin& nowhere reall $ast so #m &onna tr and p"sh the plot a little ne+t chapter with a new $riend (oinin& the $ra . ,ope o" en(o ed m writin&.