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The darkness of the cave was slowly being lifted as Shenzi awakened not able to remember why she

was there. Unlike the entrance way of the cave the end of the cave seemed civilized; the stone walls seemed to have been carved to the point where it was smooth cube with what looked like tables and chairs carved right out of the ground, the air was fresh and that was odd since they where inside the deepest part of the cave, and lastly the place was well light by orbs randomly floating in the roof of the cave and sometimes they collided with one another making a small spark and heading the opposite direction. hat! hat happened to me"# Shenzi asked trying to speak clearly above her headache which was a common side$effect of being knocked down by an overwhelming aura. She tried to stand but noticed she had been chained to the wall by her right ankle; her pokeballs where missing and so was her communicator. She looked around trying to figure out what the hell had happened. She searched her memory but the last thing she was able to remember was talking to %uccy! %uccy& here are you" hat the hell happened here"# She screamed and felt a turn in her stomach that nearly made her puke, 'ausea being another common symptom of being e(posed to an overwhelming aura. )alm down sweetie, you where knocked down by an overwhelming force and so you shouldn*t move too much or you will end up chuffing up your insides all over the place.# %uccy said calmly right ne(t to her. +e too was chained to the wall but by the hands instead of the ankle but unlike her he seemed cool and collected. hat happened" why $.# She started talking but was interrupted by the feelings of nausea and then preceded to sickeningly puking out all the contents of her stomach on the ground ne(t to her. %uccy sighed and tried to comfort the girl by saying some words of encouragement. ,t seems you two are awake.# - deep and absolute voice came out of a tall hooded .ailor. hat was inside the cloak was hidden by shadows but the cloak was made out of a midnight black cloth. So the .ailor finally shows itself.# %uccy said with a small chuckle at the end of his sentence. , will ask you not to speak since , don*t trust anyone older than eighteen winters.# The hooded figure said. %uccy tried to reply but as soon as he opened his mouth two pink lights emerged from the cloak and %uccy*s spine twisted in pain. /ou are still young and so , can trust you, , will let you speak on behalf of both of you but you better choose your words wisely since , have no problem killing the both of you.# That voice rang in Shenzi*s head, the creature before her was clearly neither human nor friendly. /et it was e(tremely intelligent and reasonable so Shenzi might .ust have a chance of talking a way out that predicament.

0$okay! -,T& here*s 1old"# Those where the first words that came out of her mouth since the worry over her pokemon had temporarily overpowered her fear. ho*s 1old"# the creature asked. +e*s my partner, he is a lu(io with golden fur instead blue and he has trouble keeping himself out of trouble.# Shenzi e(plained with a shaky voice, she was not afraid that the creature might hurt her but actually that the creature might have hurt gold when kidnapping them. The creature let out slight humming; he was surprised that this human was more worried for the fate of her pokemon partner rather than her own. The creature leaned towards Shenzi; a pink three fingered hand came out of the cloak and went towards the creature*s face. This time Shenzi was able to get a look at their captor*s face. The creature was clearly not human; it had feline characteristics but no hair, its skin was a combination of pink and grey and its eyes where a soft purple. hy do you worry about that 1old" 2o you worry for its safety"# -sked the creature and Shenzi noticed its small mouth didn*t move but instead the sound seemed to emanate from witting her head. Shenzi closed her eyes for she could not stand the creature*s piercing eyes and then she started talking very loudly. ,! 1old is my friend and partner and , never want to be apart from him& e have spent a good time together and have become great allies& , worry about him like if he was family because he is so&# Shenzi screamed not knowing that she had released a lot of aura creating a force outwards from her as she screamed. The force had destroyed all loose items near her and some of the stone around her had been scorched. The creature*s hood had been blown back revealing its face and the cloak was scorched somewhat. +er aura still emanated from her body but the creature didn*t even moved a bit, +e .ust looked at her studying for what seemed like five minutes then lifted his right arm. -n orb of pink energy formed above the creature*s arm and then it transformed into a small curved sword pointing Shenzi. +er eyes widened as she thought she was about to be killed but the sword swung before she could scream and it cut the chain holding Shenzi to the wall. 'ow back at Unova 2ante and 3onnie seemed to be in a slight argument. +ow the hell am , supposed to release aura when , barely know what it is&"# 2ante asked very loudly. ell even 4okemon know how to use aura when they are born and its not that hard you .ust have to force it out&# 3onnie replied even louder than he did. ell , didn*t come out of an egg and until this morning , didn*t knew shit about aura&# 2ante screamed once more. That*s no e(cuse& %ast night you released enough aura to blow away a wailord on force alone&# 3onnie was screaming too. 2ante fell 5uiet, he was not angry instead he was thinking and after nearly ten seconds he looked up and calmly said6 -nger me.#

3onnie burrowed her brow; 2ante was talking non$sense again. hat do you want to accomplish by that"# She asked. hen baldy targeted you , got really angry and then that happened!# 2ante started trailing off at the end. That*s too dangerous, it*s well known that emotions can draw out your aura but it can make you loose control.# 3onnie e(plained. ell then ,*m out of ideas, and , really need to meet them.# 2ante said very firmly, his dark tone combined with the absolution in his voice made the air around him grow cold and the same light in his eyes was now flaring and his nails where becoming claws once more. 3onnie knew what was happening to him; she knew that 2ante*s emotions worked as a very powerful catalyst and his desperation was getting the best of him yet he was not releasing the aura, instead his body was using the e(cess aura to morph his body into that of a creature. hat do , do"# She wondered, 2ante could end up going berserk once more and this time she might not be able persuade him to turn back before the whole forest is leveled. , need to calm him down or at least make him feel different! hat to do"# She murmured and then an idea surfaced on her head! She didn*t like the idea of being so abrupt. -nd also she wasn*t sure if the idea would work in the first place. 0h 7U)8 ,T&# She screamed, ,f it doesn*t work , might .ust die happy.# She was thinking. 3onnie ran towards 2ante and she tackled him down on top of the stump, his eyes widened in surprise as he lands on the stump. 3onnie lays a top of him and holds his hands down to avoid 2ante .ust sweeping her off from on top of him, she leans forwards with her mouth slightly opened and she then proceeds to kiss him. 3ack in 8anto Shenzi was released from her restraints and 1old was in her arms unconscious. , apologize for not e(plaining my decision oh and , had to place your %u(io under a sleep since he was there protecting you when , was dragging you two back. +e should awaken in less than half an hour.# The creature e(plained. ,t*s okay but! can you! can you please release Sir %uccy over there too please.# Shenzi asks with a somewhat lame voice. The creature gave a slight hum# as he considered releasing the grownup. , can*t# The creature answered after a second or so of thinking. hy not&"# Shenzi asked this time her tone was way louder than before. 3ecause his mission is to capture me, , do this to keep myself safe!# The creature answers letting the disrespect in Shenzi*s tone slide by. 3u$.# Shenzi wanted to start arguing but %uccy interrupted from across the room6 its okay my dear, no need to fight for me.# +e claimed. The creature turned his head and his eyes shone pink once more; a similar light enveloped %uccy and once more an immense pain surged throughout his body but this

time he showed no reaction. , said silence from your part; , don*t trust you enough to allow you to speak.# The creature said with an underlying tone of rage this time. %ike hell , will remain silent.# %uccy spoke, this time a similar rage was in his voice. , S-,2 S,%9')9&# The beast*s telepathic voice now shook the whole cave. The pink light surrounding %uccy had grown in potency and it was obvious the force around him had escalated too. /et through all the force %uccy was able to stand since the creature*s power had destroyed his bindings. /ou are powerful, more powerful that , am, , will give you that. 3ut the problem is that doesn*t matter against me.# %uccy claimed as he reaches into his shirt and pulls out a necklace. The necklace shone a purple light and out came a 2rapion. So that necklace was also a pokeball.# The creature said. , guess violence is unavoidable when such powerful auras collide.# ,t added. The creature then turned towards Shenzi and says6 This will be violent and dangerous, you better don*t get in the way! our aura shouldn*t affect you over there.# The creature then points towards the other end of the room. /es my lady, you should be somewhere you can*t get hurt! , would hate it if you got caught in the crossfire.# %uccy then adds before readying himself for battle. Shenzi rapidly moved towards the safe area of the cave and placed herself behind a pillar, she was peaking over the side so she could see what was happening. The battle that ensued was clearly worlds apart from what Shenzi had seen before. %uccy commanded his 2rapion to use dark pulse and the creature had created three orbs that flew behind him, this orbs where a form of defense. The dark spirals collided with one of the orbs and said orb had changed color from pink to black when the attack landed on it, then the creature formed a sphere of energy and he then launched it to the ground below the 2rapion. -fter a second of confusion from the 2rapion the ground below him started to glow and it parted itself in half then tried to crush the 2rapion between the two halves but this 2rapion was fast and so it .umped before it was crushed. Use to(ic spikes.# %uccy ordered and its 2rapion complied. The poisonous spikes filled the ground under the creature but it started to levitate making them useless. That was a pointless move.# The creature remarked, but %uccy didn*t seem bothered by that. hat are you scheming you human"# ondered the creature but then noticed that %uccy*s 2rapion had disappeared leaving only a tunnel below him. hat th$&# The creature was about to say but was interrupted when %uccy*s 2rapion emerged from the ground and then choke slammed it against the ground. The poison spikes took effect damaging the creature and then 2rapion was about to use its other arm to poison .ab the creature. That was until the creature*s eyes shone brightly

and the ground below them started to shine too, The 2rapion covered its eyes from the light releasing the beast. 2rapion 19T - -/ 7:0; T+9:9&# %uccy shouted but it was too late. The ground broke apart shooting rocks upwards and striking 2rapion causing a great deal damage. 2rapion, can you still stand my friend"# %uccy said very worried for his partner. The dust was settling and after a couple of seconds %uccy was able to see his 2rapion. The poor creature was covered in scratches and scuffs in his armor like shell, its gooey blood was pouring down from its maw yet it still stood upright showing its pride and fle(ing its arms. The creature stood there between %uccy and his heavily in.ured 2rapion, +e was observing how even though he was in such pain the 2rapion still stood upright for his master*s sake. hat a beautiful bond between you and your pokemon, he seems to have a lot of pride in you.# The creature remarked with a painful tone in his voice as he remembered his origins. The creature pointed one of his fingers towards %uccy and asked6 hy do you desire to capture me"# %uccy was surprised by the 5uestion, this was the first time his motives where 5uestioned by a target. ell , got a mission, part of that mission is to work for a certain organization and the leader of said organization ordered me to capture an immensely powerful pokemon for him to use. 'ot much of a poetic mission, , know, but that*s enough to put my life in the line.# %uccy answered. +mm! well , must ask you something else, how did you know an immensely powerful pokemon was in this cave"# The creature asks again. , didn*t know you specifically where here, , knew something powerful was here but , know about you, , got the information an old enemy, he might have not given me all the info about you but , know that you are artificial and he also told me your name.# %uccy answers. 0h you know the name given to me from that old man.# The creature remarked. The modified clone of the %egendary ;ew6 ;ewtwo also known as the destroyer.# %uccy stated and the creature nodded in approval. %et*s finish this.# ;ewtwo shouted as two orbs of pink energy formed on his arms. ith pleasure you versus me&# -nswered %uccy as two swords where formed on his hands. They both ran towards each other weapons ready and collided; an e(plosion rang the second they came into contact. 3ack in Unova a very different scene played out. 3onnie laid a top of 2ante with her lips against his, 2ante*s eyes where wide with surprise but after a second he understood the situation and so he closed his eyes and grabbed 3onnie by the back of her head softly. The energy accumulated in 2ante*s body started surging throughout his body and around him it started to shine. arm silver light emanated from his body as they kissed, 3onnie was scared for a second when the light appeared but then she realized this light was not dangerous. ,nstead it was affectionate

and protective, she could feel 2ante*s feelings towards her and she knew she felt the same way. -fter a minute or so the light disappeared and they stopped kissing, but they didn*t go far. They where breathing hard and where laying very close to each other. ,! , have! , have absolutely no idea what to say besides wow#.# 2ante talked very shakily, the surge of power alongside the kiss created a feeling of orgasmic proportions. Their heart raced at great speed, their breathing was shallow and 3onnie*s skin shook wherever he touched her. 0,& This is a public space you know.# - deep voice shouted from when 2ante and Shenzi had come from. )ome on dear, this is young love. 2on*t you remember when we where the same"# - softer voice rang besides the deeper voice. That was over three hundred years ago my love, and we where careful not to get caught.# The deeper voice answered. 2ante was paralyzed, +e knew that they where who he was looking for, he didn*t know why but he .ust knew that they the couple the old woman was talking about. +e could .ust feel it. -nd 3onnie*s eyes proved it, their aura was colossal and it was obvious even for 2ante. 'ow the 5uestion was whether they could be trusted; 2ante felt that he could only trust 3onnie since both his father and <ulian had never told him about aura, but he needed their help. This power of his could be his own demise and he knew it. -nd without a word 2ante stood up gently placing 3onnie to the side and walked towards the couple, when he was a mere five feet away from them he could feel it; Their monstrous aura was being launched at him like an blizzard making his movements .erky and forced. The couple admired his determination to move towards them even though he was being bombarded with raw aura, the young man before them was clearly there to meet them. 3onnie could feel 2ante*s pain in his .oints as he fought the aura, yet she knew that if 2ante gave up they would .ust keep on walking and not even try to listen to her, maybe even kill her. hen 2ante reached a mere feet before them he sank into his knees and lead out pleaded what sounded half human and half roar. 4%9-S9 -%%0 ;9 T0 39)0;9 /0U: STU29'T&# 2ante roared out making the very ground beneath them shake. hy should we"# The Samurai asked very calmly. ,f! ,f , don*t learn to control this power innocent souls can get hurt!# 2ante e(plained. ,f that*s the case then we can .ust kill you and make things easier for everyone.# The nin.a proposed, clearly taking someone*s life was as common for her as brushing her teeth. /eah!# 2ante thought. ,f , die then , can*t hurt anybody!# +is mind was trailing off as he sunk his head. The nin.a took this as affirmation to her proposal and so she lifted a short sword that materialized out of dark amber light. hat*s your name child"# The samurai asked. , need to know what name to put on your grave.# +e then e(plained. ;y name! ;y name is 2ante Silverfang.# 2ante said

with clear pride in his last name but not so much in his first name. The blade swung down and the second it came in contact with 2ante*s sunken neck an e(plosion rang out. 3onnie and the couple where thrown back, his aura had created an e(plosion. 3ut the e(plosion was not all that happened. 2ante*s body had changed; in the center of the e(plosion he stood. Three meters tall, dark crimson eyes, dragon wings made out of obsidian, his body*s skin was covered in black scales and finally a crown decorated with a black dragon head sat a top his brow.