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11 X SPW 1120, 31, 250 kVA, 13,800 V generators Application: Off-shore oil platform generation set

4 X MGF 500, 1325 kW, 6600 V motors Application: Centrifugal pumps in refinery Main electric board Emergency board Distribution board

2 X MGW 450, 1300 kW, 690V motors 1 X MGW 355, 522.5 kW, 690 V motor Application: Vessel propeller (Bow Thruster Azimutal).

1 X 1500 kVA, 7.2 kV dry transformer Application: Elevating pumps in off-shore platform

2 X SEF 900, 3600 kW, 13,200 V pressurized synchronous motors. Application: Reciprocating Compressors in refinery.

The WEG Low Voltage Motor Control Centers have been designed within high standardization levels allowing easy assembly, installation, maintenance and future expansions. These MCCs are available in Conventional modules consisting of compartment-sectioned columns with fixed and removable drawers and intelligent modules, where each drawer can incorporate a soft-starter, a VFD or a microprocessed relay with several functions included like protection, monitoring, control and network communication with access to control and monitoring digital systems.

Three Phase Explosion Proof Motors can be used on pumps, air conditioning systems, fans, crushers, compressors, mills, drawing machines, centrifugal machines, presses, hoists, overhead cranes, oil jacks, elevators, die cast machines, cooling towers, packaging machines, among others, and where flammable products are present in classified areas: - Output ratings: 0.5 to 500 HP - Application areas: Zone I, Group II A / II B, T4
Mod. 581.01/082006 -Information contained in this catalog is subject to change without prior notice

IEC 60439-1 TTA and PTTA

Inverter of 450 A installed in a 300 HP/440 V Application: drive panel on a pump

1 x 900 kW, 4 pole, 6600 V, MGF500 frame motor Application: Pumps


WEG solutions for Oil and Gas

Three Phase Non-Sparking Motors can be used on pumps, fans, exhausters, crushers, transformers, mills, cranes, compressors, and other applications that require electric motors suitable for classified areas: - Output ratings : 1 to 220 HP - Application areas: Zone 2, Group II A / II B, II C, T3 (IEC)

High technology in the manufacture of: Contactors and motor starters Push buttons and signalling Monitoring and protection of electric circuits Power factor correction capacitors.

WEG prodUcts For oil and gas application

Turbogenerators Output ratings up to 60,000 kVA Voltages up to 13,000 V H Line motors Output ratings from 100 to 3150 kW Voltages up to 11.000 V

Environmentally Friendly Company

Contactors and Relays

Motor Circuit-Breaker MPW 25

Synchronous Machines Output ratings up to 50,000 kW Voltages up to 13,800 V

MV Explosion Proof Motors (Also avaiable for IIC group) Increased Safety, Non Sparking and Pressurization Motors from 160 up to 900 kW

Molded Case Circuit-Breaker

Miniature Circuit-Breaker

Push buttons and Signalling D and NH fuses

Dry Transformers Output ratings from 300 to 3000 kVA Voltages: 7.2 15 24.2 and 36.2 kV

Industrial motors Output ratings from 2 to 400 HP

Power Transformers Voltage up to 550 kV up to 300 MVA

IEEE 841 motor Output ratings from 1 to 400 HP

1 EE-200 Meets IE ation specific

In-Line Extra Thrust motors Output ratings from 1 to 150 HP

According to API requirem ents

Low Voltage Drives Up to 1500 HP 220 to 690 V

AC / DC Converter Up to 1700 A / 220 380 and 440. Soft Starters Other currents and outputs Up to 2500 HP / ratings, on request. 220 to 575 V

Medium Voltage Drives Up to 4500 HP / 2.3, 3.3 or 4.16 kV

Degr Protec ee of tion IP 66

Medium Voltage Distribution Panels Voltages up to 36 kV