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Channelled through Michelle Eloff
5th SEPTEMBER, 2005
Johannesburg, RSA
This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no
information is altered or deleted and the source of the information be
Please keep in mind that just reading this information will activate a process and
shift for you. It is not the same as being in the presence of the channeling
Master, but you will still benefit from reading it and aligning your consciousness
with the associated Master. All Questions & Answers from the session have been
left in the transcript as we have found the answers too have been of great benefit
to our readers.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet
each of you at this time and to bring unto you blessings of warmth, blessings of
balance, of integrated light, and harmony. Greetings, beloved ones. And it is
with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you
upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon
the hands of God.
Beloved ones, as we stand with you in the presence of the Christ light, Goddess
Artemis gathers in the presence of Light with each of you today. I, Kuthumi,
along with the presence of Lord Buddah, Sanat Kumara, and all the energies of
the animal kingdom gather with you. St Francis of Assisi and Archangel Ariel
also join us today. This particular gathering of light is to assist each of you as
individuals and part of the collective grid of light. To assist in the anchoring of
the webs of consciousness, the templates of understanding, and the networks of
love and healing that are brought to each of you and your planet by the animal
kingdom, and the Lords and Ladies of Light, to facilitate the great wave of
reawakening and reconnection that comes with humanitys reminder of how the
animal kingdom is such a vital part of the awakening of all light. We also have
joining us now, the God Apollo, the God Zeus and Lord Horus. Their presence
creates a grid, a 3 pointed star. This particular grid integrates and facilitates the
higher awareness of the triple god, and the triple goddess, through which
Artemis shall work to support each of you in initiating the higher levels of light,
creating webs of consciousness, not to entrap humanity, but rather webs that

gather the blessings of light and hold them in their essence for humanity to
benefit from. So let us begin with each of you aligning your consciousness with
these beings, and calling upon Goddess Artemis presence to align with your
chakra system. As you do this alignment, beloved ones, I make way for Goddess
Artemis to present her light, and her transmission. I am Kuthumi, Adonai.
I am Artemis, welcome! Our presence here with all of you is not only for your
personal ascension, but for your planet as a collective consciousness to step into
a higher level of understanding how all the kingdoms of life must be integrated
in order for your consciousness and especially for the human kingdom, to end
the war that goes on within the mind, and the war that plays itself out within the
heart, which manifests as a war within your world. The war of the world plays
itself out on more than one level. This level of human consciousness supporting
the waging of wars through the chakra system of a planetary consciousness
impacting upon the greater scales of consciousness has now reached the
crescendo that must come to a level of manifesting peace, at least through 3
chakras. If this level of peace and balance is not manifested and maintained for a
period of a minimum of 5 years, then Goddess Gaia brings her natural level of
detoxification into a higher voltage and you will see the earth changes impact
upon your planet, as has been predicted by many prophets of the past. The
presence of the Lords of Light, and the Gods and Goddess of Light here, comes
to awaken within each of you the understanding of how war plays itself out in
the mental body, and emotional body, and how this waging of war brings
destruction to the etheric vehicle which has held your planet, which is being
maintained by the animal kingdom. It is important that you understand that
hunting is what is maintaining the destructive forces of the inner and external
wars, played out through the mental and emotional body of humans on your
planet. This has been kept in place by two specific races of dark brotherhood
which we shall not go into in depth about, for this is not the energy we choose to
amplify. What we are choosing to amplify is the anchoring of the grid of the 3
pointed star, which is being brought to you by Apollo, Zeus, and Lord Horus.
Integrating this 3 pointed star and holding it within 3 of your chakras which you
shall choose today, will assist you in bringing peace to these troubled areas of
your physical existence, your emotional and mental existence, which will
manifest itself in an amplification of sorts into the physical existence of the
world you occupy, and the environment that you impact upon. To begin with you
must also set the intention for yourself through which vehicle you wish to
anchor. Do you wish to anchor it through your emotional body, through your
physical body, or through your mental body? All of you will anchor it to a
certain degree through your spiritual body. Hunting, as such, is something that is
a natural part of the human survival instinct; however it has become warped in a
sense, for no longer has the hunting instinct been used purely for survival. It is
now being used for pleasure. And anything that goes against the grain of the

natural laws of co-creation, of survival, and manifestation result in an

imbalance. This imbalance causes many other templates of consciousness to
move out of divine alignment, and when these templates move out of divine
alignment, the imbalances created impact upon levels you are not even
conscious of. Other kingdoms pick it up, and the human kingdom, especially
children, are very sensitive to the imbalance created. The war within your
physical worlds are a direct reflection of the inner conflict all humans are
experiencing. The main reason why the Lords of Light, and the Gods and
Goddesses whom you are working with, are emphasizing personal development
in the initiations currently taking place, is for all of you to understand that the
end of war must take place within the human consciousness. Peace between the
relationships with other kingdoms must come to a point of balance for the
external balance to manifest. One cannot have inner conflict and external peace.
It does not work in that way. It must come from the internal source, before it can
manifest as an external source. Are you in understanding of what I speak of, so
In order to understand the impact of energy you are integrating and that this
initiation will take you into, you must understand your own inner conflict. You
must understand what you are at war with. The animal kingdom is helping all of
you to manifest a new relationship with your animal nature, your survival
instinct. When you know what motivates you as a result of your survival
instinct, you understand where your limited consciousness stems from. Anything
motivated by fear is held in limited consciousness, where there is a limitation
there is a fear, and when that fear is present inner conflict arises. Another reason
for inner conflict is because external forces are challenging your inner
conditionings and belief systems, the imprints that you have taken on as your
own belief system is being challenged. And you, as an individual, must be 100%
safe in your knowing and in your understanding of what you are all about. Each
of you are energetically linked to different continents on your planet. Each
continent has a vibration which impacts upon your inner system, which then
reflects conflicts appearing within those areas on your planet. The chakras in
which you have chosen to anchor the 3 pointed star, will facilitate the bridge of
bringing healing energy to your inner self, and energetically to the continent you
are connected to. Each of you are working on different levels with these
continents, and even though you may be connected to a continent that your
friend or brother or sister in this group is connected to, you will hold an
individual strand of consciousness based on your personal inner conflict. You
are not limited to working with an inner child aspect, or a past life aspect; this is
every aspect of consciousness you are consciously and unconsciously aware of
through all systems of consciousness. This particular group we have brought

your presence into is from tewlfth dimension, all the way to the material
manifestation of your third dimensional form that you are currently aware of,
and as we have brought all of these systems of consciousness together through
these dimensions, you are anchoring those aspects of peace in order to
understand the disharmony. Now your tenth, eleventh and twelfth dimensional
aspects are linked to your fully mastered self, that aspect of you that stands
within Christ Light. That Christ Light is what helps you understand your animal
nature, and what motivates you to survive in a world of disharmony, in a world
that can at many times, be extremely harsh. A world that appears not to be safe
and accepting of your energy. We are taking you back to times when humanitys
consciousness was at its most un-evolved, for it is your responsibility as
Ascended Masters, in human form, to bring all those levels of unconsciousness
into grids of consciousness which Apollo and Zeus are holding for you, with
Lord Horus energy. The grid they have created is what will hold every level of
your consciousness in a harmonious state of further awakening, and
rehabilitating the collective consciousness of your planet. Every human who is
involved in violating the animal kingdom must understand what their action is
doing to the planet. Energetically, it is having the most impact. A pocket of
energy has manifested as a result of this diabolical behaviour. This pocket has
now begun to infect many peoples energy bodies. This infection is resulting in
the decomposition of the mental body of these people who are insisting on
violating the law of "do what you will but harm none". The decomposition of
these bodies is resulting in a race of individuals appearing like a human being,
but they are losing their connection with spirit, and are becoming almost robotic
in nature. They are also disconnecting from their emotional and their spirit body.
If this continues there will be humans walking on your planet equivalent to
consciousness of the zeta reticuli. Do you understand this, to this point?
Understanding the effects of abuse on an energy level creates a different
understanding of the human impact on nature, and on life, collectively. Many of
the rays of the new children are sustained by the animal kingdom because it
brings unconditional love to your world, and when animals are violated, such as
with canned hunting, or for experimentation, it causes a disruption in the grids
that hold the energy in place for these children. Canned hunting especially, is
highly destructive to those grids, and now this pocket of energy which is made
up of all the traumatized energy of the animal kingdom is not only affecting
those who are violating the law, but the children sustained by the animal
kingdoms are seeing this pocket of energy etherically, and it is causing upheaval
in their emotional body. They are not taking the energy on, but they are seeing
how dark it is, and what it is doing. In order for this particular pocket of energy
to be recycled into light, there is a need of 144 million souls to gather together to

hold this particular grid, with Apollo, with Zeus, and with Lord Horus. You have
this, yes?
You are a part of this, and I, Artemis, am working on many levels with many of
these ones, to bring the consciousness to awakening with Lord Buddha,and with
Archangel Ariel, to make it known. St Francis of Assisi is stretching the energy
back to all the times where consciousness was of such a low vibration that there
was no respect for the animal kingdom, and for other kingdoms as well,
including the human kingdom, for there are roots within those points. This is
assisting you as a human race to make peace with your inner conflict. The
facilitators of this light are you, and you are to spread this. You are to make it
known to others. You will find other members of this greater collective group of
144 million souls who will come to light and hold this grid. It does not matter if
you meet all of them, or not. What is important is that the energy is spread; that
the consciousness is spread. I have been asked by the Council of Great Light to
inform you of what this pocket is doing, for it will infect the food of your planet,
(bird flu and mad cows disease is a taste of what is to come) especially if it
comes from animal protein, or any other animal substance, including
medications, including any kind of product used on the body and in the body.
Even in the substances used in your gardens. Do you understand the impact of
this energy? Does anyone not understand what this energy is doing?
Would any of you like to ask any question before we take you into the 3 pointed
I heard an article, or rather a news bulletin about mad cow disease, with its links
now back to human waste (inaudible) Is this what you are talking about?
YES. It is linked to this. It is important that you all see just how great the impact
the human kingdom has on everything. Its not just what you do physically it is
what you do on other levels, and because of the inner war, this will continue.
Because as long as there is conflict as there is now, at the level there is now,
there is cause for great concern regarding the resources of your planet. This is
one of the many reasons why the great Masters, the Lords and Ladies, and all
the Beings of Light are working so intensively with humanity to promote
sustainable living, sustenance farming, recycling, waking humans up to their
impact on the planet. Global warming has been a great call to humans to see
what they are doing, yet so many choose to remain in denial and not look at
those impacts, but we will not hold our tongue and we believe and trust in the
lightworkers such as yourselves, not to hold your tongue, and to speak out, to

bring awareness, and to educate. Your roles are not limited to what I have
discussed here today. Some of you have the role in helping humanity make inner
peace, and bring the conflicted aspects of self to rest. It will take years before
the whole world has reached a point of complete and utter peace. But if there are
enough of you who reach the degree of peace necessary to bring the wave of
light which shall reverse this pocket I speak of, there will be much more light to
come, and the animal kingdom will be free to give to you their gifts of light. I
understand Kuthumi has shared a lot of perhaps of what I have repeated here
today, but we cannot emphasize enough its importance. I would like to know
from each of you which chakra you would like to work through in coming into
the 3 pointed star, and if there is anything you wish to contribute to this grid
please tell us now, as Horus, Apollo and Zeus create your individual 3 pointed
stars, which for each of you will be anchored in your throat chakra. Would you
like to begin please?
I would like to anchor this energy through the lower 3 chakras (inaudible)
GA. Is there anything else you would like to add to this grid?
Messages of light .(inaudible) not to despair, and hear what you have just
spoken of, would like to .(inaudible)
Thank you.
GA. Let me just say then at this point that it is important that you maintain the
light, but it is also very important that at times, we give you all the facts of what
human behaviour has done, and is doing, to your planet. It is all good and well
that we bring you positive information all the time, but denial is very dangerous.
Therefore, ones such as yourselves, who have the level of consciousness and
understanding that will be able to hold the light even though you know there are
certain levels of severe destruction taking place, you are able to anchor sufficient
light to change it. There are many prophecies that have been reversed, because
there has been sufficient of you to hold that light in place. Yes? Please continue.
Id like to anchor it through the heart chakra, and then my question is its very
disturbing what you have told us, and the impact on humanity is huge. But
where is the main source of it? Is it locally in Africa, or is it worldwide?
GA. It is worldwide. You see, inner conflict is not limited to the African
continent. It is everywhere. That is why, when I began it is speaking of the world
that is at war, because internal war is being waged and you are one of the ones
who are being groomed to bring inner peace to the individuals. It is ones, such
as yourself and everyone else here, who will contribute to the energy which is
created by this 3 pointed star, that will help individuals to find their light at the
end of the tunnel, for that particular light is what will shed light on their conflict.
They will understand what the root of that conflict is, and why they have been at
war. It takes them back through many, many cycles, through many past time
lines, to where deep unconsciousness created conditions that still play
themselves out now, and where the fear of standing up and bringing a different

awareness was so deeply ingrained in the body, that people have been
complacent to what has been occurring. Do you understand?
GA. It is very important that you, the leaders of light, the lightworkers, the
lightwarriors, the lightweavers, that you remember your role. We give you this
information because you have the solutions. That is why we tell you. This
information is not blurted out to all and sundry, for it will create panic. It is
given to those with the level of consciousness that will be able to hold it, and use
it as information to understand human behaviour and change it. There are ones
such as the presidents of so called leading countries in your world-America is
the main one who turns a deaf ear and blind eye to what human impact has
done to the planet. Now, if people such as that wish to stay in denial, it is vital
that we get through to the ones such as yourself, for you are and please do not
be insulted by what I say now but you are the average people on the street,
who will get through to all the other average people on the street, and it is you
who are the ones who will make the biggest difference, for you will place the
demands upon the governments. It is your voices that will be heard, because the
voice will become so loud there will be no turning a deaf ear any longer. Yes?
GA. Anything else from you?
Im a little bit overwhelmed! Im not sure how to go about this. Is it something
that will evolve, or do we work one on one, how do we go about this?
GA. It will evolve. You are already all in your own capacity doing something
important to change this. You are all being groomed, and have for the past 3
years, been working with your grooming process. All your initiations you have
undergone, through personal changes in your lives over the past 3 years, has
groomed you for this. You are prepared. And even though your conscious mind
is reeling from what I have said, your fully mastered self is quite confident in
your abilities to come to the table and contribute your power.
Thank you.
GA. Thank you. Please continue.
I would like to use my base chakra to create the financial stability in my life to
be able to work without worry. I would like to use my heart chakra to embrace
everything with love and compassion, and my third eye to have the vision to see
what needs to be done. Im not sure at this moment which body I would like to
ground it through. The idea that came to me would be to write, as much as I can,
to bring awareness and consciousness to people as far as I can, and as widely
spread as I can, and also to make films and television that would penetrate the
consciousness of the average person on the street that needs to be woken up or
motivated, and directed, and provoked to think about what they are doing with
their lives. I have a question I would like to ask you. So many people around me
are very, very depressed. Is this part of the internal conflict that so many people
are going through, and not knowing how to resolve it or what the root cause of it

GA. It is, because the root is fed within the base chakra. When one is depressed
it is because all the energy has been pressed down to the bottom, so it is stored
within the base chakra. Depression is a great part of peoples lives at this time
because there is also a great stirring of energy. Mars had a wonderful time over
the past months, stirring all of those worms up!! (laughter) And now the worms
must wiggle their way to the top, into the awareness, and it is the inner conflict,
the struggling, the self doubt, the self hate, and the low self worth that is so
rampant because humans in general have very little self respect. It is difficult to
expect them to respect an animal whom they associate with as being less than
human. So it is not in judgement that humans are viewed, it is because they are
in pain. Yes?
GA. People must now accept their ability to begin responding and finding a
mechanism to end the war. To find peace. To connect with the soul, for the soul
is the one who holds solutions. Connecting base with crown, heaven and earth,
as they meet the ego can surrender to the soul, and solutions manifest. Ego and
soul cannot co-create together. Yes?
GA. You have anything else?
Is there any particular route I should be looking at to assist in the raising of
GA. All of you must continue with what you are currently working with, for
what you are working with now is part of your grooming. All of you are on the
right path, and Lord Horus, Zeus and Apollo have brought you to where you
must be now. All of you, I repeat, are on the right path. Continue with what you
are busy with right now. It will take you there. Trust it.
Thank you
GA. Thank you. Please continue.
Goddess Artemis, I wish to anchor through the throat , third eye and heart
chakra, and I wish to ground through my physical body. The way I wish to
contribute is through education, and (inaudible).
Thank you.
Greetings, Goddess Artemis. For myself, I would like to anchor through my
base, heart and throat chakras, choosing the emotional body. And I would like to
bring support and emotional love (inaudible)
Thank you.
Thanks very much.
Goddess Artemis, I would like to use my throat and heart chakra, and Im not
sure whether its the mental or emotional body. Im very aware that for a long
time now, Ive had that internal war youve been talking about, thats been going
on inside of me thats kept me in a space of struggle and pain, and a war
between mental and emotional bodies, and I wonder if there is any kind of

guidance you could give me there on how to seeing as what Ive tried to do
hasnt worked to get out of it, because Im so aware of how much healing I
should be doing on the planet, but Im kind of functioning rather than doing
GA. Your healing will heal the planet. As you heal, everything else around you
is transformed. That is rather the focus. Everything you have done has worked.
You may not be conscious of what exactly it has done for there are many levels
one must clear on, and that what one does impacts on, therefore nothing one
ever does, does not have an effect. Your working through the throat chakra is a
major key for you, because you are creating a bridge between heart and mind. It
is the bridge between the emotional and the mental body, which is why you
cannot decide which of the two it is, for you are creating a bridge heart and
mind becoming allies rather than foes. Part of your healing is to make peace
with you, that what you chose in your lifetime you have chosen it for a purpose,
and every other person that has caused pain in your life has contributed to the
choices you made. (end of tape)
not limited to one action, or forgiving one person. It is an ongoing process.
One must forgive oneself for not feeling one can forgive. One must forgive
oneself every day, for treating ones body or ones inner child or ones
adolescent self with resentment, or resistance. One must forgive oneself for fear
of acknowledging what is in the subconscious, preventing it from coming into
the conscious. It is all about being in the moment, giving yourself space to be,
giving yourself the room to breathe. To be alive. Your heart chakra must undergo
great release of emotion. That emotion may come first as little drops. Allowing
one drop at a time will manifest. You look and you see there is a pool before you
do not place expectation on your healing. Do not place conditions on your
healing. Allow your pain to guide you in the direction you must go in order to
pay attention. Paying attention to the pain brings you the answer. The mind tries
to analyse the wound, and then tries to determine where the wound must go to
find healing. Let your pain tell you where to go. It knows where the root is.
Does this make sense to you?
GA. Is there any thing else?
Once Ive sorted out once Ive been able to work through a lot of that conflict,
so much else will become clear.
GA. It will become clear as you heal, not once you are healed. Do not separate
the two. Acknowledge what happens while you heal, because everything
transforms simultaneously.
When you talk about forgiveness, is it largely and firstly myself that I need to
GA. One must always begin with the self.
Is there anyone else that you think is particularly important?
GA. Only you know that. That I cannot help you with.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Greetings Artemis. I connected with the base, the third eye and the crown, and
the emotional body, and I find myself in situations where the message I put
across is met with a lot of resistance, and my greatest wish is to have the right
words. I can see it as a coat of woven light that is created with words in such a
way that, regardless of the audience, its going to remain on them and trigger
things for them specifically in a positive way. So weaving jackets of light that
will join the dots for a specific audience I am in, that is received in such a way
that will awaken something in them. The message cant always be the same,
because the audience isnt always going to be the same. So, divine and natural
awareness that comes through me to awaken those who are in my presence at the
GA. Apollo, Zeus and Horus will assist you with this. Perhaps considering a
different fact will help you to make peace with the resistance you receive. Have
you ever thought that you are utilized as the catalyst to shake up the world of the
resistance, and that is why you are always amongst those who resist. It is not
always because what you put across is not understood. You are there to disarm
the resistance army!
Do you know what that means to me?
I do. Thank you. I really appreciate it.
GA. You see, you lightworkers are very quick to put yourself down, and doubt
what you do, and you always ask that you be utilised as instruments for light,
that you be channels for spirit to bring love and then when you are placed in
situations such as this, you think you are doing something wrong! You are being
used as you have asked. Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it, yes?!
I agree.
Goddess Artemis, can you tell us which continents we are ..(inaudible)
GA. Let us first do the grid with Horus, with Apollo and Zeus, and we shall
attend to this afterwards. Please all of you close your eyes now.
Focus your awareness on your third eye, and imagine a gold ball of energy
manifesting there. Now imagine a gold ball of energy manifesting in your left
hip and then one in your right hip. At your third eye is Lord Horus, your left hip
is Apollo, your right hip is Zeus. As you breathe, breathe from your third eye to
your left hip, to your right hip and up to your third eye. Every time you run this
energy in the 3 pointed star you activate it and strengthen it within your energy
field. Please continue to breathe in this manner. Lord Horus begins now to
expand his energy. This energy embraces every level of your consciousness. His
energy now begins to weave itself into the fibre of your awareness and your
consciousness. He links with the seat of your soul. He now begins to link with
your fully mastered self, and this light emerges to embrace your monad. Now
Apollos energy expands to become one with all your bodies, physical,

emotional, mental and spiritual. It moves beyond all the etheric bodies and
embraces every aspect of you, in parallel and alternative realities. Zeus now
begins to expand his energy, and this energy penetrates the core of your selves
and your DNA. This light goes back through every generation you have ever
been connected to. It clears all the energy through all your past lives, and all
your predecessors, leaving you liberated in your present moment, so as to not be
conditioned by the pasts association to the animal kingdom, to the pasts
association to and connection to war, to violence, and to ignorance. While
breathing deeply visualize these three gold balls of energy beating like a heart,
and each time each ball of golden energy beats it strengthens that energy in your
energy bodies. Now imagine each beat of energy amplifying the golden light,
until all the energy and light of all 3 golden balls become one energy. Begin
placing everything you spoke about with me in your golden triangle. It doesnt
matter if you do not remember it word for word. Place the essence within it. This
triangle begins to multiply. They become 3 dimensional. Each triangle is a 3
pointed star, and this geometric shape is projected to you from the heart of
Sirius. We have created around you a very powerful symbol of light. It is a
portal of light too. The name of this 3 pointed star held by Lord Horus, Apollo
and Zeus, is known as Star Mi-Law. This grid anchors your energy through
Sirius, and all the star systems you have ever incarnated through, holding your
heavenly consciousness on earth. Through Lord Horus you bring the dolphin
kingdom consciousness through your third eye. Through Apollo you are being
supported in grounding the lion energy. This brings the courage essence. It is
through Zeus that you are facilitated and supported by the elephant kingdom,
bringing you the consciousness of the goddesses that hold the true vibration of
unconditional acceptance. Breathe into your 3 pointed star, and ask that it be
completely anchored through all your bodies on all levels. Imagine a silver cord
extending from heaven, penetrating your crown chakra, moving down your
spine, exiting through your base chakra, moving to the very centre of the earth.
This is your grounding cord, grounding your heaven and earth consciousness.
Imagine all these 3 pointed stars spinning in and around you. See them
becoming 3 dimensional shapes, every time you look at them. Continue to
breathe, and each time your 3 pointed star is manifested it turn into a 3
dimensional form. You then have pyramids spinning in you and around you.
This brings the consciousness of your most advanced and mastered self into
your current consciousness. That consciousness continues to support your
personal grooming and it magnetically anchors all the systems of opportunity
that will make it possible for you to successfully complete your mission in your
current incarnation. What we have discussed with you today, and what you have
agreed to today, is part of your divine plan, and is one of the reasons why you
agreed to return in human form, at this current time line in order to ensure the
final awakening of consciousness on planet earth. You agreed to take Gaia into
her last golden age consciousness, and in so doing, returning home for as long as

you choose. Imagine a great pyramid over you, you standing in the centre. This
pyramid will remain permanently in your energy field and house your energy
bodies. You have a permanent connection with Lord Horus, with Apollo and
Zeus. Apollo and Zeus are the supporters of everything you choose to construct,
so as to complete what you have come to earth to do. Lord Horus will ensure
that your vision be clear. Breathe in deeply and feel this energy anchoring itself
firmly within you, and all around you.
Another deep breath in, and exhale, relaxing into this light. If there is anything
you wish to ask of Apollo and Zeus to assist you in the form of manifesting
support, please ask now.
I would like to ask where I can find financial support, which area I need to look
in to bring stability and abundance into my life, in order to do the work I need to
Sister, this will be encoded by Apollo and Zeus, and you will be guided.
Imagine two golden balls of energy manifesting in the soles of your feet. Feel
these golden balls of energy uniting with Mother Earth. Feel them expand,
embracing her, forming an alliance, a deep connection, a deep understanding,
and the deep soul commitment to support one another, to work together in
harmony. Silently affirm to yourself that you are willing to make peace with
yourself. Affirm that you are willing to put your fear aside, and explore what
limits you, and in so doing liberating yourself to enter into the fullness of
consciousness, and consciously manifest a deeper understanding of your
mission, your role and purpose of being called to this initiation. Commit to
yourself, promise yourself that you will step out of complacency, and embrace
the freedom to be authentic. To be the divine instrument you agreed to be.
Accept your role, accept your place on earth. Get back into life. Stepping into
life will make the path more real for you. We now seal this grid.
Lord Buddha creates a golden orb to surround your entire being. It enfolds the
pyramids you have created. This golden orb feeds every inch of your being.
Your 3 pointed star gives you access to unlimited wisdom, it brings you deep
levels of clarity and unlimited resources from which to co-create. Focus on your
third eye again, move your concentration to your left hip, take it across to your
right hip, back up to your third eye. Your process is complete. This energy will
continue to pulsate in your energy field for as long as you remain in your
physical body. We suggest that you make a conscious connection with Horus,
Apollo and Zeus on a daily basis. This will strengthen the energy you have
created today. It will continue to feed your physical, your emotional, your
mental and spiritual body with everything you require to manifest whatever
physical, emotional, mental or spiritual resources you require to make every

level of understanding available to those who require it.

I trust that each of you feel more aligned with the energy we have brought to
you today, and more at peace with that which we have transmitted today. I must
now take my leave. I bless each of you abundantly. Fare well.
I am Kuthumi, and I return at this point. Greetings, beloved ones.
It has been brought to my attention that each of you are wanting to know what
your connection to the continents are. Is this correct?
Lord Buddha is asking specifically that each of you express an affiliation. We
give you our word that if it is amiss, we will tell you. Sister Colette, you must
get used to this, yes?
Some of you are connected to more than one continent, and we will tell you who
you are. Sister Filo, would you like to proceed?
I connected with South America.
This is correct. Please continue, next.
I am connected with Africa.
This is correct. Next.
Wrong. (laughter) Only teasing! You are right.
Thank you Lord Kuthumi. And you have a connection with the African
continent as well, which is why you are currently focusing on the career of being
a mother. The African continent is known as "Mother Africa". Is this clear?
It is very clear, thank you.
You are welcome.
I am connected with England.
This is correct. Next.
I feel deeply connected with Africa and with Italy.
This is correct. Please continue.
I feel a deep connection to Africa and to South America.
This is correct.
Thank you.
I feel connected to Europe and to Africa.
This is correct. Lord Buddha is also asking at this point to add, to you sister, and
to you brother Peter, connections coming in through the mental body, to Asia.
Do you understand? At this current time Asia is undergoing immense
detoxification. There are groups of masculine and feminine energies grouping
around Asia specifically, for the purpose of facilitating a chakric detoxification
process. There are many of you, and Lord Buddha has asked at this point, to
make you both consciously aware of the fact that, in your energy bodies, you are

assisting in the area of Asia, with healing in other words, the detoxification
process. Do you understand now, sister?
Brother Peter, is this clear to you?
Yes, thank you.
You are welcome.
Beloved ones, are all of you clear regarding what Goddess Artemis discussed
with all of you?
A little bit overwhelmed, but yes!
Are any of you needing any further assistance or clarity regarding what she said
to you personally, or to you as a group?
Are our continental links, physical links?
Sister, as we observe each of you, it is not limited to a physical link. There are
many levels through which the links are made. Because this particular
connection is not a linear connection, it is a multi-dimensional connection,
therefore we cannot say it is only physical. Do you understand?
Lord Kuthumi, can I just ask my partner, Linda to which continent is she
connected to?
Certainly. We will access her higher self and ask permission to share this. It is
South America and Africa.
Thank you.
You are welcome.
Very well, beloved ones, and so it is at this time that we bring each of you the
blessings of trust and higher wisdom, as we acknowledge each of you in the
power and light that you represent, and that you are. Trust in the many invisible
arms that hold you, that carry and comfort you, and remember that not ever do
you walk alone, never have you, and never will you. Know that we are with you
always, in all ways, and may the light of Mother-Father God shine brightly upon
the pathway before you, and may every step you take be a confident one.
Beloved ones, you are aligned with the highest wisdom and the highest levels of
light. You are integrating the love, the light, the truth, the wisdom, the
knowledge and power of Mother-Father God in every breath you take, and this
is what you emanate. Surrender to this fact and be at peace knowing that you are
messengers of God.
I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom, and I greet and
bless you in love. Adonai.