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HERBLORES ### ### ### ### ### ### ### Important!

You CAN NOT mix herblore if you have not obtained special book/ etc writing from the certain mob, even if you already know all components needed for lore. If you try it, you will always produce "unknown mishmash" instead of lore. But even if you have lore in your list (use "herblores" command while having herbal kit in equipment), you can fail attempt to make lore if you have low WIS. It is why for warrior/thief it's better to give lores/components to a friend caster to mix the lore.

Antidote Description: Poison is often deadly, and requires immediate action.Nature has provided us with certain herbs to defend ourselves from this vicious danger, if we know how to use them. Unfortunately, any remedy we hope to make will be very complex. The simplest, and most effective, is outlined below. First, a base is made with two handfuls of blackberries, because of their healthy juice. Water lily petals, to purify the blood, and figwort, to purge the stomach, make that a thick paste. Finally the healing properties of the kingsfoil make it really efficient. This mixture will not only cure most of the poisons that can be find in plants and water, but as well purge your body from the somewhat annoying effects of any potions. How to obtain: You must kill the Chief of the Hillmen Village to obtain thin parchment. This village is located somewhere north from Rivendell. Effects: Cures amibia, poison, venom, alathen, aganar, minuial, firndal, psylonia, and arachnia. Ingredients: 2 x blackberries, water-lily petals, figwort and athelas. Product: Brown bottle (20/1100) - lasts 6 mume days (2 hours 24 minutes rl) if created by player, like 3 mume days (1 hour 12 minutes rl) otherwise - if gotten from epriest, hillmen chief or from BM chest.

Baker Description: To make bannocks light and brown all is needed is one pound of flour, three eggs, and the sweet golden treasure of a freshly crushed honeycomb. Mix the flour and the eggs in a large dish. When this has been transformed into a homogenous mixture, crush the honeycomb and add it in the paste. Mix it carefully. If the paste is too thick, you may have to add a small quantity of water or milk. Make then small round dough and use all your talents to cook it in a pan. This will give you enough bannocks for a week. Serve them with a cup of tea, beautiful cramsome bread and rich free butter. How to obtain: Solve lonely giant's quest (see Quests).

Effects: Fills your stomach. Ingredients: sack of flour, 3 x egg, honeycomb (must be crushed). Product: Delicious bannock (25/400) - they lighter than lembas wafers and as wafers, last forever.

Clear-thoughts Description: To create this wizard's brew, you must obtain juniper berries for promotion of higher thought. Mix these with the mystical mauve petals, to boost creativity, and sage to clear the mind. Finally, some thyme is needed to aid the memory. This brew will give the mage more energy, and replenish his energy at a faster rate. However, when the beneficial effects expire, he will be mentally exhausted . How to obtain: The Evil Bloodwight have sometimes a bound sheaf of papers on which this lore is written down. The papers are very rare. Effects: Mana +15 and mana regeneration +15 for 2 hours. After that, mana +7 and mana regeneration +7 for 4 hours. After that, mana -5 and mana regeneration -3 for 6 hours. Ingredients: juniper berries, mauve petals, sage leaves and thyme leaves. Product: Pungent brew - lasts 12 ticks.

Ork-balm Description: To make this, you have to first put in a salamander tail and a bit of bat fur for consistency. Then mix in some cardamom powder, some swamplily petals, and a little bit of sage. Mix this all up, and the result should be a viscous brew. This brew makes the drinker heal quicker for a while, but it burns and so the snaga can't concentrate well enough to regain much mental energy. After that wears off, the orc still heals, but not as fast, and his muscles are slightly tired, making his rest uneasy. How to obtain: Bring glowsword to mage guild in NOC. Effect: Increases hp-regen and decreases manaregen. After it goes off, moveregen slows some too. Ingridients: bat fur, salamander tail, sage leaves, water-lily petals, cardamom powder. Product:

Unknown. Orkish draught Description: Any snaga who wants to raid the western plains and rid them of pansy elves will need some extra stamina from time to time. The draught described below is really what you need in these cases. Begin by getting some blood. Elf blood gives the mixture a better flavour, but if that's not available the blood of any creature will do. Just make sure someone mixes in it some preserving herb, or your brew will quickly spoil. Dissolve in it the preserved blood the tail of a salamander and some bat fur, to give strength to your paces, and some tarragon leaves - they are narrow and smell of licorice. Shake well and gulp it down when needed. How to obtain: Bring some nice jewel to Gruksh the Butcher in NOC. Opal, ruby and emerald works . Effects: Transfers 10 hps to 30 mps. When non-orc/non-troll quaffs it he can get poison too. Ingredients: tarragon leaves, salamander tail, bat fur, vial of preserved blood. To make vials bring skin of blood to the east evil priest and give him it. Product: Flask of orkish draught (30/1500) - lasts very much time (like rl days).

Seeing Description: In the wild strange plants with strange properties can be found. One of the strangest is the phosphorescent moss which covers the walls of a few humid caves. It is believed that this light is emitted by a fungus which lives in symbiosis with the moss. What matters is the possibility to use it to prepare a draught which gives a limited vision in the night. The base of this concoction is the brown powder of a cinnamon stalk. In it add a handfull of rosemary leaves , to make mind more attentive. In this dry mixture put shreds of humidified phosphorescent moss, and mix carefully the whole, until you get a phosphorescent liquid. When quaffing it, you will feel more able to perceive your environment, specially during in the darkness, thanks to the moss. A side effect of its activity, as it draws its energy from your body, is to weaken you for a while. The whole lasts for several days. How to obtain: The seeing herblore can be learned from a book carried by the witch south-east f rom Fornost. Effects: Night vision. Perception +3 and constitution -1 for 10 hours. After that, perception +2 and constitution -1 for 15 hours. After that, perception +1 for 40 hours. Ingredients: bag of cinnamon, rosemary leaves and phosphorescent moss.

Product: Phosphorescent bottle (20/500) - lasts like 1 rl day.

Shadows Description: In parallel to our world is the world of the Shadows,where undead and lost souls walk. Potent magic can create gates to this world, and Sauron the Necromancer ha s servants who live on the edge of the two worlds. Other undeadcreatures, such as the skeletons animated by foul magic, live also on this edge and theirbones an be used as key for the Shadows world. To concentrate the potency of these bones, you need to make a base with the powderof a cinnamon stalk, mixed with a few rosemary leaves which make the mind more receptive. Take then the dried rib bone of a formerly undead corpse, break it in small pieces, and add it in the crucible. Crush carefully the three ingredients with a mortar of whitemarble, until an homogenous powder is obtained. Once slipped in a bottle of water, you will have a potion which will give you access to the shadow world for four night s. How to obtain: The secret of the Shadow lore is written in a book held by a spirit in "The Small Library" in the spirit castle on the Road to Fornost. The book loads rarel y. Effects: Shroud Perception -3 and willpower -1 for 10 hours. After that, defensive bonus +2 and perception -2 for 60 hours. After that, defensive bonus +1 and perception -1 for 30 hours. Shadowworld (detect invisibilty and +1 to 4 dodge bonus at nighttime) for a total of 100 ticks. + Invisbility until first hit (as usual). Ingredients: bag of cinnamon, rosemary leaves and rib-bone. Product: Sombre bottle (20/1000) - lasts like 1 rl day.

Skillful-oil Description: This oil, when made, will make the drinker limber and energetic, in combat he or she will be more able than normal. The base for this recipe is a tincture of oil . Add paprika for stimulation of the muscles, and rose petals to warm them. A vanilla bean will cause the blood to circulate more quickly, and two parts of rosemary will quicken the mind and speed up reactions. The user must be warned; after the exertion, his muscles will be tired and stiff for several hours. How to obtain: Erestor will teach this lore to anyone who brings him a evil artifact weapon (HBM, ElfHewer, Morgul Blade, HFS, Black Many-tailed Whip) Effects:

Offensive bonus +5 and defensive bonus +5 for 8 hours. After that, offensive bonus -5 and defensive bonus -10 for 4 hours. Ingredients: tincture of oil, paprika, rose petals, vanilla bean, 2 x rosemary leaves. Product: Vial of scented oil.

Soothing-draught Description: In the art of making a soothing draught, one must first make a base of honey. Often honey comes in the form of honey-combs, which must first be broken up into a thick pulp. Into that you must mix sage, for healing of the wound, and thyme to prevent the infection and partially numb the pain. Next, add a handful of blackcurrant so that the reagants can act together, and finally add the petals of a water lily, so that the blood may be purified and the wound may close. When this draught is swallowed, for a while the recipient will experience a healing effect, and his wounds will heal up. The fight against the infection will induce a spiritual weakness for a short duration. How to obtain: Complete the quest given by Nordri in BlueMountains. To get quest first ask Nordri about "herblore", then after he will say "blah blah price." say "price?" and then nod Nordri when he will ask if you agree. Effects: Hit point regeneration +15 and constitution +2 for 4 hours. After that, hit point regeneration +5 and dexterity -2 for 5 hours. Ingredients: honeycomb, sage leaves, thyme leaves, blackcurrant berries and water-lily petals . Product: Herbal draught (175/200) - lasts 2 MUME weeks (5 hours 36 minutes rl time).

Travelling Description: One who chooses to travel is greatly aided by this brew. It adds endurance to the muscles, and speed to the legs. For all of the walkable daylight, the imbiber will be able to travel farther and gain more benefit from rest. This simple concoction is made by mixing in tarragon leaves, to give spring to the step, ginseng root, to give energy to the muscles, and clover, to aid the blood in its travels. How to obtain: Solve Dunadan Ranger's quest (see Quests). Effects: Movement point regeneration +10 and movement points +10 for 120 hours. After that, movement point regeneration +7 and movement points +7 for 24 hours. After that, movement point regeneration +3 and movement points +3 for 24 hours. Ingredients: tarragon leaves, ginseng root and clover.

Product: Mug of brew.

Walking Description: One who chooses to walk between the towns of Eriador is greatly aided by this draught. It adds endurance to the muscles and speeds the legs, for the small cost of some loss in concentration and adress. To prepare this brew mix a handfull of tonifiant juniper berries with some clover as a base. Add a few crushed leaves of marjoram and freshly bought cloves, to clean the blood of its toxines and stop cramps. How to obtain: Complete the quest given by Aldereon the ancient Noldo northwest of Greenholm. Effects: Movement point regeneration +10 and willpower -3 for 24 hours. After that, movement point regeneration +5 and willpower -1 for 120 hours. After that, movement point regeneration +3 and willpower -1 for 24 hours. Ingredients: clover, juniper berries, marjoram leaves and cloves. Product: Bowl of brew (10/100) - lasts 12 ticks.

POISONS All poisons decay in like 1 hour rl, also the more time passed since you create it, the less powerful it is. Arachnia Description: Among the beasts of our lands, the spiders are the most feared, mostly because they sting their victim and inject a poison which slows their moves and their brain. Thanks to a careful study of the grey spider anatomia, we have been able to use the venom sack of this beast to produce a terribly dangerous poison. In a bowl, crush the tail of a young salamander into a shapeless pulp. Add the fur of a bat to stabilize the components, and, most important, the fluid sack of a grey spider. The sack must have been butchered recently from the monster, and kept in a wet sack during its transport. Mix the three ingredients until a brownish liquid is obtained. How to obtain: Loads as a crumpled scroll on the dwarf at Top of Moria walls for instance. It loads rarely. Effects: It contains oil, poisoned with level 22 arachnia that would last for 1 hour. Ingredients: salamander tail, bat fur and grey fluid-sack (from a Grey spider).

Product: Dirty reddish vial.

Belladonna Description: The plants of the wilderness have a large spectrum of applications. Those who know the use of three natural ingredients can produce a mild poison. Crush carefully the tongue of a frog in a vial, as base for your concoction. Get a freshly recolted Belladonna, the plant known for its dangerous properties. Use the fruits or the leaves of the plant, for it is where its essence is mostly concentrated. Add then a red mushroom, the sort which gives headache and dizziness when eaten. Mix the reagents and seal the liquid in a vial. That draught will weaken your opponent, who will lose an important part of his skills. It can of course be used to poison your arrows or your blade. How to obtain: The assassin mentioned before, who have sometimes venom lore have almost always a dirty note, that carries the lore of a belladonna poison. Also one brigand have sometimes such dirty note as well, who is located all east and then south (hills, altar, coffin, crack) from Greenholm junction. Effects: Weakest of all poisons - known as 'poison (type poison)'. Just decreases some hp/mana/move regen. Ingredients: tongue of a frog, belladonna berries and a red mushroom. Product: Dark violet vial (160/50).

Drake-slumber Description: This is the recipe of a brew which should be able to debilitate even a very powerful beast - one which would not succumb to ordinary magic or weaker potions and poisons. The sticky pulp of a fresh milkweed plant will make a ready base for the draught. All parts of thisplant cause weakness and staggering, then prostration, laboured breathing and a profound sleep. This should serve to slow and weaken the creature, despite its strength and size. To the base add some valerian root and the flowers of the mountain poppy - these herbs act to tranquilise and to alter the workings of the mind. They also inhibit aggression, which will be most important in controlling the beast. Leaves, flowers and fruit of the hemlock plant will weaken the animal, slowing its heart and suppressing its breathing. A single fly agaric mushroom is also needed - the flesh of this bright red fungus is said to bring on dizziness and a lack of coordination, followed by a deep sleep. To complete the brew one white fruit of the baneberry plant is needed. This strong poison will weaken the creature, and should further assist in bringing about dizziness and poor flow of the blood. How to obtain: Below the temple of the evil priest behind the magically blocked door in a large

chamber stand two stone guardians. One of them have an alchemical journal, that contains the secret of this mixture. No idea about how often it does load... Effects: This poison is exception of all poisons: it is not supposed to be used vs player, but very important for doing scaly beast under LB fortress/epriest. When thrown towards beast, it devours it and gets weakened -> will not use his attack that starts delayed-dt mudlle in the room (Beast slaps tail ..., then leaves, then with delay tunnel colapses). Ingredients: milkweed mass, valerian root, poppy, hemlock plant, red mushroom, baneberries. Product: Glass flask (120/1000) - lasts not less than 20 mins.

Hemlock Description: The plants of the wilderness have a large spectrum of applications. Those who know the use of the herbs can produce a whole set of curing concoctions, and of deadly mixtures also. This is the formula for one of the worst. Carefully crush the tongue of an old frog as base of your preparation. Take the leaves, the stem and the fruits of a hemlock and add them. Add then a handful of inkberries from Hollin. Mix carefully and seal it in a vial. That draught will weaken all the abilities of the person drinking it, and can successfully be poured over your blade to poison your opponents. How to obtain: Loot dirty formula from Wuda the Dunlending Chief, formula is rare though. Effects: Gives -1 str, -1 dex, -1 con, also eats some hps/mana/moves on tick. Ingredients: tongue of a frog, hemlock plant and inkberries. Product: Green stinking vial (10/10000).

Psylonia Description: Anyone who ate the wrong mushroom knows that the effects of mushroom intoxicatio n can be really surprising. Headache, dizziness, hallucinations are some of the possible symptoms. Some people, like the inhabitants of the remote land known as Yuka Taan, south of Harad, use mushrooms as a drug. Others have found a more warlike usage. The orcs of the east know many preparations based on mushrooms. One of the most efficient, a poison which does not kill the victims, but drains them and stop their concentration, is described here. The base is made by a handful of inkberries from Hollin. A red mushroom is crushed with the berries, to thicken the paste. The third ingredient is the most important: the rare, sickly green, mushroom. It must be added before the concoction is mixed. Few people have ever found this mushroom: it is rumoured to grow in humid caves or in the darkest forests of the land.

How to obtain: The lore of Psylonia written on a crumpled paper can be found at the goblin shaman in the Goblins Caves in the northern Misty Mountains. These papers are VERY rare. In the secret in same caves loads mushroom that needed for this lore. Effects: When smeared on your weapon or to your arrows with the envenom skill you have the potential to affect your victims with the dreaded Psylonia poison. This poison does not kill the victims, but stops their manaregen and greately eats their mana. Ingredients: inkberries, red mushroom and sickly green mushroom. Product: Mildew covered vial.

Venom Description: Extremly lethal poisons can be prepared with natural ingredients found in the wilderness. The following recipe uses the venom sack of the feared rattlesnake. Make a base with the tail of an adult salamander. Add a freshly butchered bat fur, to thicken the paste, and the small venom sack of a rattlesnake. The resulting liquid will kill a cow in a few minutes, and even the strongest fighter will risk death in a few hours. How to obtain: North from windswept grounds and before Mormaeg's lair lurks a suspicious Assassin that carries the knowledge of the Venom lore inscribed on a small plaque made of clay. This plaque is very rare (he have often too dirty note that carries belladonna poisons lore). Master Assassin loads it sometimes too. Effects: It contains oil, poisoned with level 20 venom that would last for 3 hours. Ingredients: salamander tail, bat fur and small fluid-sack (from a rattlesnake). Product: Fetid green vial (190/10000).

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