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Qualitative Studies

Citation: Comments Outline of the purpose of the study.

Critical Review Form

STUDY PURPOSE Was the purpose stated clearly? _____ Yes _____ No LITERATURE: Was relevant background literature reviewed: _____ Yes _____ No What area(s of occupational therapy were studied? _____ self care _____ productivity _____ leisure _____ perfor!ance co!ponents _____ environ!ental co!ponents _____ occupation STUDY DESIGN: What was the design: _____ ethnography _____ grounded theory _____ participatory action research _____ pheno!enology _____ other _________________________ Was theoretical perspective identified? _____ Yes _____ No

"escribe the #ustification of the need for this study.

$ow does the study apply to professionals and%or to your research &uestion?

What was the study design? Was the design appropriate for the study &uestion? (e.g' for knowledge level about the issue' ethical issues

"escribe the theoretical perspective for this study.

(ethod (s used: "escribe the !ethod(s used to answer the research &uestion. _____ participant observation _____ interviews Note: )he words *Occupational )herapist+ were changed to *therapist+ or *professional+ throughout this docu!ent for use by the ),-./0Y 1vidence2based 3ournal 0lub.

_____ historical _____ focus groups _____ other _________________________ SAMPLING: )he process of purposeful selection was described _____ Yes _____ No /a!pling was done until redundancy in data was reached _____ Yes _____ No _____ Not addressed "escribe ethics procedure. Was infor!ed consent obtained? _____ Yes _____ No _____ Not addressed DATA COLLECTION: Descriptive Clarit 0lear 5 co!plete description of site: _____ Y _____ N participants: _____ Y _____ N researcher6s credentials _____ Y _____ N ,ole of researcher 5 relationship with participants _____ Y _____ N -dentification (bracketing of assu!ptions of researcher _____ Y _____ N Proce!"ral Ri#or .rocedural rigor was used in the data collection strategies: _____ Yes _____ No _____ Not addressed DATA ANALYSIS: Anal tical Preciseness Note: )he words *Occupational )herapist+ were changed to *therapist+ or *professional+ throughout this docu!ent for use by the ),-./0Y 1vidence2based 3ournal 0lub. "escribe !ethods (s of data analysis. Were the !ethods appropriate? What alternative e4planations were e4plored? "escribe the conte4t of the study. Was it sufficient for understanding of the *whole+ picture? "escribe sa!pling !ethods used. Was fle4ibility in the sa!pling process de!onstrated?

"escribe how ele!ents of the study were docu!ented. What was !issing?

"escribe data collection !ethods. $ow were the data representative of the *whole+ picture? "escribe any fle4ibility in the design 5 data collection !ethods.

____Y ____ N ____ Not addressed 7indings were consistent with 5 reflective of data _____ Y _____ N A"!ita$ilit "ecision trail developed 5 rules reported ___ Y ___ N ___ Not addressed .rocess of transfor!ing data into the!es%codes was described ade&uately ___ Y ___ N ___ Not addressed T%eoretical Connections "id a !eaningful picture of the pheno!enon under study e!erge? _____ Yes _____ No TRUST&ORT'INESS )riangulation was reported for /ources%data _____ Y _____ N (ethods _____ Y _____ N ,esearchers _____ Y _____ N )heories _____ Y _____ N (e!ber checking was used to verify findings ___ Y ___ N ___ Not addressed CONCLUSIONS ( IMPLICATIONS 0onclusions were appropriate given the findings _____ Y _____ N )he findings contributed to theory develop!ent 5 future therapy practice%research _____ Y _____ N What did the study conclude? What were the i!plications of the findings for occupational therapy (practice 5 research ? What were the !ain li!itations in the study? "escribe the strategies used to ensure trustworthiness of the findings. $ow were concepts under study clarified 5 refined' and relationships !ade clear? "escribe any conceptual fra!eworks that e!erged. "escribe the decisions of the researcher re: transfor!ation of data to the!es%codes. Outline the rationale given for develop!ent of the!es.

Note: )he words *Occupational )herapist+ were changed to *therapist+ or *professional+ throughout this docu!ent for use by the ),-./0Y 1vidence2based 3ournal 0lub.