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Common Core

Unit Six:
ltz u By F e el l h c i M

Josh Gibson
Unit 6, Week 1 Main Selection, pp.368-381 Paired Selection, pp.386-389
Question of the Week: Why are sports traditions important in our country? Phonics: inflected endings ang!age: ho"ophones, conte#t cl!es

Just Like

+e#t-,ased -o"prehension
.-o"pare and -ontrast .Monitor

Spelling: tried planned liked skipped hea%ier lighter tr$ing planning liking skipping hea%iest lightest

.)cc!rac$ and )ppropriate 0ate

Writing and -on%entions

.+rait: organi*ation .Mini- esson: realistic fiction .-on%entions: !sing capital letters

Selection &oca'!lar$

'ases plate

cheers sailed

field thre(

)"a*ing Words

athlete disg!ise

challenge cha"pion

effort daint$

professional shortstop

Red, White and Blue Unit 6, Week 1

Main Selection, pp.233-214 Paired Selection, pp.211-213
Question of the Week: What traditions and celebrations involve our country's flag?

Phonics: a''re%iations ang!age: "!ltiple "eaning (ords, conte#t cl!es

+e#t-,ased -o"prehension
.)!thor9s P!rpose .S!""ari*e

Spelling: Mr. St. /e'. 6r. 0d. 8o%. Mrs. 5an. )!g. Ms. 7ct. 6ec.


Writing and -on%entions

.+rait: %oice .Mini- esson: descripti%e poe" or song .-on%entions: :!otation "arks

Selection &oca'!lar$

)"erica freedo"

'irthda$ flag stars

nickna"es stripes

)"a*ing Words

histor$ !nf!rl

s$"'ol fra$ed



allegiance indi%isi'le

A Birthday Basket
Unit 6, Week 3 Main Selection, pp.232-224 Paired Selection, pp.2;1-2;;
Question of the Week: Why are family celebrations special? Phonics: final s$lla'les: -tion, -t!re, -ion ang!age: (ords fro" other
lang!ages, conte#t cl!es

for Tia

+e#t-,ased -o"prehension
.6ra( -oncl!sions .<!estioning

Spelling: "i#t!re section pict!re ca!tion fi#t!re nat!re nation f!t!re action station "otion feat!re

.)ppropriate Phrasing

Writing and -on%entions

.+rait: sentences .Mini- esson: in%itation letter .-on%entions: prepositions and prepositional phrases

Selection &oca'!lar$

a!nt collects

'ank fa%orite

'asket present

)"a*ing Words

c!sto" inspect

tradition 'rilliant

create angle

cele'ration snapshot

Unit 6, Week 2 Main Selection, pp.266-284 Paired Selection, pp.291-293
Question of the Week: What can we learn about cowboy traditions? Phonics: s!ffi#es: -ness, -less, -a'le, -i'le ang!age: !nfa"iliar (ords, conte#t cl!es

+e#t-,ased -o"prehension
.Se:!ence .+e#t Str!ct!re

Spelling: kindness goodness fearless sadness helpless fitness careless !seless darkness sickness thankless (eakness

.)cc!rac$ and )ppropriate 0ate

Writing and -on%entions

.+rait: foc!s= ideas .Mini- esson: co"pare and contrast te#t .-on%entions: co""as

Selection &oca'!lar$

ca"pfire galloped herd

cattle railroad

co('o$ trails

)"a*ing Words

cli"ate lariat

li%estock legend

dro%er ra(hide

occ!pation '!ckaroo

Unit 6, Week ; Main Selection, pp.;32-;19 Paired Selection, pp.;12-;14

For President

Question of the Week: ow are different traditions celebrated and shared? Phonics: prefi#es: "is-, "id-, +e#t-,ased -o"prehension "icro-, non./acts and 6etails ang!age: "!ltiple .Predict and Set P!rpose "eaning (ords, dictionar$= /l!enc$ glossar$

Spelling: "idair "islead "isprint "id(eek "id$ear "isdeed "isplace "id(a$ "idda$ "is'eha%e "is"atch "istake

.)ppropriate Phrasing

Writing and -on%entions

.+rait: (ord choice .Mini- esson: (riting for tests: pers!asi%e state"ent .-on%entions: co""as in co"po!nd sentences

Selection &oca'!lar$

asse"'l$ rallies

election slogan

"icrophone speeches

)"a*ing Words

cere"on$ fidget

c!lt!re e%ergreen

festi%al sash

co"pli"ent "!lticolored