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Student Name Professor Name Subject 12 September 2012 Why Florida Tech? Choosing a university is no simple task. One is confronted with a choice that is going to determine the next several years of ones life in many aspects. The first and the foremost aspect is that the choice of ones possible future career will be significantly dependent on the university major one will have and how successful one will be in attempting to do his or her best during the university studies. It could be said that it is a very natural and simple way to make this conclusion, but, as life shows, some students sooner or later quit their university studies for various reasons, thus, indicating either that the choice they made was not the best for them or was too good for them to hold on to and they eventually lose their chance. I do not want to belong to that percentage of students. I am not a quitter, and the reason for that is that I always try to think things through, to figure out the cost and envision the consequences of actions that can seriously influence my life as it is now and my long-term future. Thus, the very choice to go to a university was a choice in itself for me. I thought to myself that if I was going to become a university student, I would not expect myself to fail as a student and as a personality during the university years, and I would make it to the graduation. Since my childhood there were two things that really consumed me inventing things and team games. I really liked different sorts of games my friends and I played together. It was pretty boring for me to play by myself, so I enjoyed every opportunity to participate in team games with different variations of them that we as children and teenagers came up with. I still have this

Yourlastname 2 passion for team games, and as time passed and I became more mature, I began to realize why I like team games or team work it is because it has a lot to do with the invention process, thinking of the best way to do something strategically. When I was a child and a teenager, my friends and liked inventing things or I had better say finding new applications for things used for other purposes. For example, we tried to build small houses in our backyards using various sorts of things from our homes, and of course, tried to design something resembling a crane using ropes and a nearby tree. We were very creative and I was blessed to have really good positively thinking friends that helped a lot to form myself as a personality and as part of the team too. The reason I am sharing this is that it reveals the roots of my decision-making process which, finally, was expressed in choosing to attend Florida Institute of technology. When I was thinking what general direction I want my life to have and it was years ago, I was thinking and even praying that God would give understanding of what I really wanted in life I didnt want to be stretched between the two things that I really enjoyed inventing things and doing something as a team. One can say that the majority of careers are involved in doing things in cooperation with others, but there are different kinds of cooperation. Software developers working on a new application, surgeons performing an operation, a pilot crew managing an aircraft etc. but I in my heart I searched for something that would involve being part of a team that produces something tangibly and dramatically new, something impacting many people, something that would change the world as they say. I understand that this phrase may sound very hackneyed, as sort of a social clich, in the sense that many young people want to change the world, but this is something that has to do with what I have mentioned previously and what pertains to my character or who I am. I do not

Yourlastname 3 want to be a quitter. I find no point in starting something you badly want to do and then quit because of your poor self-organization skills or other unthought-of personal choices one can make in life during university years. That is why the phrase to change the world sounds meaningful to me, and I only decided to dwell on that a little just to show that I do not belong to some people who love clichs for the sake of making a good impression. I believe that such people who are passionate and knowledgeable about something can go places in life. I believe this kind of personality is Mark Zuckerberg who, being relatively young, has changed America and, owing to the power of Internet, literally has changed the global culture as it is by means of communication based on social networking. Even though the mentioned example has to do with developing web-based applications, it is a good illustration of how teamwork and the spirit of invention can go together and come up with something that can turn the world upside down. The only thingswith software application developing is that the realm of information technologies is, to my mind, more confined to software, if you become a developer, or to hardware, if you devote yourself to computer engineering. But comparing with other higher educational establishments I realized, that it was Florida Institute of Technology that offered opportunities to combine working with software and hardware, and this, I think, is an even more interesting option to take advantage of. I chose Florida Tech because I felt that the educational programs it offered satisfied all my inner needs those areas in myself that prefer exactly this to something else. I enjoy inventions and keep track of basic technological innovations we currently have in a number of industries. I enjoy teamwork and love the feeling of working shoulder-to-shoulder. I enjoy importance, not in the sense of being important myself, but in the sense of being involved in

Yourlastname 4 designing something important that can impact the lives of many people for their good. And, finally, I enjoy, multiple facets, like putting software and hardware together in the same pool of working process, the opportunities for which I see in the programs of Florida Institute of technology. That is why it was my choice to be devote my life to technology and the special years of university studies to the institute that has the power to inspire me Florida Tech.