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POHT KUZ-iiiibTH CHta^TlAi^ KlSisIUN


jj'OHv^ARDli^G AGm

Carroll oc Nancy Fulford


i'ir. and t^'Irs. Herb vjoodford 514 Hobart St,

Raymer St. Howallan Park Port i:ilizabeth, S. iifrica

Bear isrethren:

iiau Claire, Wis. 54701 i-iiiRCH, 1969

.>e bring you our ivarm Christian greetings from the southern coast of Africa.

i;e v/ant to take

this opportunity to bring you the latest report on the Lord's work here in Port j;:;lizabeth.

Our faioily is now in its tldrd year of service in tiiis city of almost a half-million population.
iCnown as the "Betroit of Africa" stone to name only a few. Port rilizabeth is the home of General motors, ford and ilre-

Regular meetings are held here in our home in the ivestem suburbs. I'he Bible Bcliool is capably led by Raymond Baddy of Rabega Park, at Christnas he took the children for "beach-buggy" rides and passed out pamphlets. He and I recently made several calls in the neighborhood, vdien my brother came up from Cape Vown we hit the "bush-trail" on my Honda, calling on families in the back woods. V/e have Bible btudies each week here and in i.almer. Yet tiie work among the white
people is small and disappointing.

In contrast, the Coloured work is going ahead by leaps and bounds, adaed to our original group in Pienaar btreet, which started meetings in a school, we liave another group of 100 strong, up in Springbrook btreet attending the Bible btudy film strips, and another on Pearl btreet "Oom Frans" where 2 have already confessed Christ as i^ord.

Among the pure-blooded African tribes-people the kingdom grows as well, vath new church groups
from the orcliards of Rirkwood to distant Oubos (old Busli) 100 miles west. The African brothers

of the Bay (as Port ^lilizabeth is known to tliemj brouglit a traditional tribute to their minister
at Christmas, stamping their feet to the beat of tiie Vom-Tom and slamming their money on the table. Lach Saturday in the African townsliip I have Leadership Classes for African men from all
denominations vath lessons now on "THb CIiRIoTIaN lIFu."

Travels 'over the past month have taken us to a new, African township called Ngobuhle to start a
Churcli of Cliristto Cradock in the north to welcome a new African ministerto Gelvandale
eider whose son had been stabbed to ueath a bj.ock from tiie church hall,


the funeral of "Oupa" Petersonand to new Brigliton several "Comfort Heetings" in the home of an

Caster time is almost upon us, and our African bretnren from ali over the Cape Province are mak ing preparations for tlieir first Area Convention. The pj.ace selected for this Convention is
Port i:ilizabeth,and our men are praying and working hard for its success. Program Chairman is Brother Limmerman, and the programs have already benn mimeographed entirely in the kliObA ILITYiu

ijLi'iBHOriBHu AiiuiU.i^U" and it is certainly fitting for such a meeting I am sure you'll agree,
are looking forward to ...what's that?...Oh, you want to knov/ what it means.
That is: "CHiUbT Thm ulilii?'' CURnimi-bTOLn."


Terribly sorry...

i'^ay we ask this;

That you remember our labors liere in your prayers.

The work is not easy, and

there is so much to be clone. Yet by the Lord's j^race the lig^it of the gospel shall continue to
shine here on Africa's southern shores, and still more shall come to know Him, vrliom to loioxv aright is life eternal.

Carroll ana Nancy Fulford and^amily

Your raissicjnaries f^d^your friends.



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FORi'i 3547 ihuQUx.STBD




October, 1969

U,W, FuKord
770 9th Ave. N. W.

New Bri^ton i^innesota 55112 Bear Brethren,

AS you can see from idie above tiiere has been a change in our address,

we are sending

you this special newsletter to bring you up-to-date on the events which have led to this

You already know tliat our baby boy Timothy has been seriously ill since birth. This resulted in us sending him to the btates with my wife, Nancy. The doctors here discovered a blood-deficiency, clironic broncliitis and asthma, and a blood tumor that would take several
years to cure.

TlrLs made it necessaiy for m.-) to return to the states. Fortunately, the work in the Port Elizabeth area could continue. The African and Uolored men, whom I had been teactdng
regularly for over two years, were both willing and able to carry on their labors for the Lord. In addition, they would also have assistance and guidance of a white man, Brother
Raymond Baddy of Kabega Park, Port Elizabeth.

Brother Raymond is a part of the Restoration i-jovement, and personally acquainted with
several of our missionaries in bouth Africa. Previously associated with the Bantu Adminis

tration of South Africa he is fluent in imigiish, Afrikaans and Ahosa.

Secretary forihe iddlands Chamber of Printing in the i^-astem Province.

He is currently

I first contacted Brother Raymond Baddy in a routine survey ana distribution of invit

ations in Kabega Park. Since then he has attended our services regularly, and for the past year and a half has served as Superintendent of our Bible School. He has also preached for me while I was away working with our African brethren in distant places.
On the Sunday before my dep^ture ^ came_ w_ith me to a baptiamal service at the Zwart-

'kops River.

There he announced to the brethren that he would be willing to work with them
At the close of tiie service he led in prayer, and was warm

after my departure, and told Brother jvaptein in particular that he wished to start a Colour

ed Sunday School in Gelvandale.

ly greeted by the brethren.

/ilandra', odr eldest dau^ter, and i left South Africa by jet on August 10, and arrived
in Wisconf-in, U.o.A. on August 15.

I applied for a preacliing position at the New Bri^ton Christian Church near idnneapoiis, and received a call to become their minister beginning this month. There is still tiplSOO outstanding to pay back the debt on our travel Fare and medical ex penses incurred, we hope that you will lay tiiis need upon your hearts, and help us to settle tills amount. Please send your contributions to us at New Brigiiton, and mark your gifts "i-iiss" */e v/ill advise you in a Final Report when sufficient funds have been received. Of necessity our future plans remain indefinite. We are willing simply to wait upon the Lora and to follow as and when He leads. i-Iay we take tliis opportunity to thank you for 1 your prayers and your continued support. It is our prayer that God shall bless and load you
in all your labors for Him.

Your missionaries and friei^,

Carroll and wanoy Fulford

Port Elizabeth Christian Mission Published by Church of Christ

Beilville, Ohio 44815

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