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January 2014 Current Affairs Study Material

INTERNATIONAL Colorado Becomes First US state To Allow Marijuana Sale Colorado has on 1 January become the first U.S. state to license the sale of the drug for recreational use. In o!ember 2012" Colorado !oters a##ro!ed the sale of recreational mari$uana" as did !oters in %ashington state. Under the ne& state la&" residents are no& able to buy mari$uana li'e alcohol. US Senate Passed US !"! Trillion S#endin$ Bill (he US Senate has #assed the US) 1.1 trillion omnibus s#ending bill that eliminates the threat of another go!ernment shutdo&n at least until *ctober 2014 and #uts conditions on +a'istan for continuation of aid. +assed by the ,ouse of -e#resentati!es on 1. January" the bill no& goes to the %hite ,ouse for +resident /arac' *bama to sign it into la&" thus #re!enting another shutdo&n. Boli%ian President E%o Morales Assumes &'' C(airmans(i# /oli!ian #resident 0!o Morales has assumed the Chairmanshi# of the 1rou# of 22 nations./oli!ia &as chosen head of the 1322" &hich actually grou#s 144 de!elo#ing nations" by consensus" and Morales &as at the United nations on 5 January to ta'e o!er the chairmanshi# from outgoing 6i$i. (he organi7ation &as created in June 18.4 &ith the #ur#ose of formulating and #romoting the ne& economic interests of southern countries &ithin the United ations system. Sout( Sudan &o%ernment and Re)els Si$ned Cease*ire A$reement South Sudan9s 1o!ernment and -ebels ha!e signed a ceasefire agreement .(he agreement &as signed in the 0thio#ian ca#ital Addis Ababa by re#resentati!es of South Sudan9s +resident Sal!a :iir and rebel delegates loyal to ousted !ice #resident -ie' Machar on 24 January . As #er the deal" the go!ernment has agreed to release 11 officials close to Machar" &ho &ere detained after the fighting bro'e in the country. IN IA + ,ORL

India and Maldi%es Si$ned - MoUs India and the Maldi!es on 2 January agreed to amicably resol!e all differences" including o!er cancellation of Indian com#any 1M-9s contract to run Male International Air#ort. Maldi!ian +resident Abdulla ;ameen held tal's in e& )elhi &ith +rime Minister Manmohan Singh and the t&o sides signed three Memorandum of Understanding <MoUs=.(&o agreements are related to health and human resource de!elo#ment and one on the di#lomatic front. India and Canada Si$ned LOI *or Co.o#eration in Iron and Steel Sector India and Canada ha!e signed a >etter of Intent <>*I= for co3o#eration in Iron and Steel Sector. (he letters &ere signed on 14 January in e& )elhi by /eni +rasad ?erma" the Union Minister of Steel and Minister of atural -esources" 1o!ernment of Canada" Joe *li!er. India and Sout( /orea Si$ned Nine A$reements India and South :orea ha!e signed 8 agreements in different areas to boost bilateral ties bet&een the t&o countries.(he agreements &ere signed on 1. January after delegation le!el tal's bet&een Manmohan Singh" the +rime Minister of India and +ar' 1eun3hye" the +resident of South :orea in e& )elhi. India and 0a#an Si$ned 1 A$reements India and Ja#an ha!e agreed to boost defence ties and signed eight agreements &ith Ja#anese +rime Minister Shin7o Abe" #ledging another tranche of infrastructure loans &orth 200 billion yen" during his tal's &ith +rime Minister Manmohan Singh in e& )elhi on 2@ January. Pa2istan and India Ran2ed 3't( In &lo)al Food Inde4 56!7 According to the A 1lobal 6ood IndeB 2014 A released on 12 January " +a'istan ran'ed 82th in a list of 12@ countries &ith regard to a!ailability" Cuality and affordability of food and dietary health.(he listing means +a'istan is one of the countries &ith the most unhealthy and scarce food. India got the same ran' as +a'istan.(he etherlands emerges as the country &ith the most nutritious" #lentiful and healthy food lea!ing 6rance and S&it7erland behind at the $oint second #lace.(he IndeB namely D1ood 0nough to 0atE has been com#iled by the U:3 based international relief and de!elo#ment organi7ation A*Bfam9.

NATIONAL &o%ernment Launc(ed India8s First Com#re(ensi%e Adolescent 9ealt( Pro$ramme Union Minister for ,ealth and 6amily %elfare 1hulam abi A7ad on 2 January launched the nation9s first com#rehensi!e adolescent health #rogramme named E -ashtriya :ishor S&asthya :arya'ram <-:S:=E in e& )elhi.(he #rogramme &ill include a shar# focus on adolescents9 seBual health.(he -:S: defines an adolescent as a #erson &ithin 10318 years of age" in urban and rural areas" includes both girls and boys" married and unmarried" #oor and affluent" &hether they are in school or out of school. &o%ernment Noti*ied New Natural &as Pricin$ Formula (he 1o!ernment of India on 10 January notified the ne& natural gas #ricing formula" &hich &ill be in effect from 1 A#ril 2014. As #er the ne&ly issued notification" the rate of all domestically #roduced fuel &ill be almost doubled to 5.2 to 5.4 dollar #er unit. &o%ernment &rants CBI $reater Financial Autonom: (he Central 1o!ernment on 14 January relaBed its control o!er the Central /ureau of In!estigation <C/I= and granted the C/I director a ran' eCual to a Secretary. &(ulam Na)i A;ad Launc(es National Ur)an 9ealt( Mission Union Minister of ,ealth and 6amily %elfare 1hulam abi A7ad on 20 January launched the ational Urban ,ealth Mission < U,M= in /angalore to #ro!ide timely Cuality health ser!ices to the urban #oor.(he scheme &ill no& be introduced as a sub3mission under the ational ,ealth Mission < ,M=.(he mission &ill be im#lemented in 228 cities and to&ns" each &ith a #o#ulation of more than @0"000" and co!er o!er 2.2@ crore #eo#le. STATES Manmo(an Sin$( Launc(ed Total E.literac: Project In /erala +rime Minister Manmohan Singh has launched the total 03literacy #ro$ect im#lemented by + +anic'er ?igyan ?i'as :endra in (hiru!anath#uram on 4 January.(his &ould act as the corner3stone of the :erala model of

de!elo#ment.(he #rogramme &as aimed at achie!ing total e3literacy in the state in 44 months" marching from total literacy to com#lete3literacy. Ma(aras(tra &o%t" Launc(ed Uni<ue = Blood On Call = Sc(eme Maharashtra Chief Minister +rith!ira$ Cha!an on 2 January rolled out DJee!an Amrut ;o$anaE <blood3on3call scheme= across the state.(he ambitious #lan is aimed at facilitating blood su##ly to #atients scheduled to undergo surgeries and medical #rocedures" at chea#er rate by dialling a dedicated hel#line number D104F. Under the scheme" the reCuest for blood &ill ha!e to be #laced by hos#itals. C((attis$ar( &o%t" Launc(ed Toll Free Num)er !!66 For &ra*t Com#laints Chhattisgarh go!ernment has on 2 January launched a toll free hel#line number 1100 &here #eo#le could lodge graft3related com#laints against the state go!ernment officials.(he facility &ill hel# #ro!ide better go!ernance to the #eo#le. o&" the #eo#le can $ust dial 1100 to lodge com#laints regarding corru#tion. Anu >id:ut Pari:ojana Launc(ed In 9ar:ana +rime Minister Manmohan Singh laid the foundation of 2"500 Mega&att nuclear #o&er #lant in 6atehabad district of ,aryana on 14 January.(he #ro$ect named as Anu ?idyut +ariyo$na" &ill ha!e four units of 200 M%es each and it &ill be built at a cost 24@02 crore ru#ees. (he uclear +o&er Cor#oration of India >imited < +CI>= &ill build these reactors. (his is the first time ,aryana &ill ha!e a nuclear #ro$ect. CONFERENCES !5t( Pra%asi B(arati:a i%as 9eld in New el(i (he 12th edition of the +ra!asi /haratiya )i!as <+/)= &as held in e& )elhi from 2 G 8 January 2014 at ?igyan /ha&an" e& )elhi. (he theme of the e!ent &as E 0ngaging )ias#ora G Connecting across 1enerations D.(he con!ention &as inaugurated by +rime Minister Manmohan Singh on 2 January. Malaysia9s Minister of atural -esources and 0n!ironment ; / )atu' Seri +alani!el "&as the Chief 1uest. *n 8 January +resident +ranab Mu'her$ee conferred the +ra!asi /haratiya Samman A&ards and addressed the closing session of the Con!ention.

A,AR S + 9ONOURS President Prana) Mu2(erjee Con*erred Pra%asi B(arati:a Samman Awards +resident +ranab Mu'her$ee conferred the +ra!asi /haratiya Samman A&ards on 8 January during the 12th edition of the +ra!asi /haratiya )i!as <+/)=. +eace acti!ist 0la 1andhi" &ho is a grand3daughter of Mahatma 1andhi" &as among the 14 non3resident Indians < -Is=" #ersons of Indian origin <+I*s= and organi7ations honoured &ith the #restigious +ra!asi /haratiya Samman A&ards. 0la 1andhi &as gi!en the a&ard for #ublic ser!ice and for enhancing India9s image and for #romoting ties bet&een India and South Africa. >isa Maria Singh is the first member of Australian +arliament of South Asian descent and has held se!eral ministerial #ortfolios in the #ast. She is a senator from (asmania. Singh &as gi!en the +ra!asi /haratiya Samman for #ublic ser!ice and fostering friendly relations bet&een India and Australia. -am'rishna Mission" ser!ing in 6i$i since 1842" &as honoured for community ser!ice and #hilanthro#ic acti!ities and enhancing India9s #restige abroad. T(ree Securit: Personnel Selected For = /irti C(a2ra = Award (hree #ersonnel of the armed forces ha!e been selected for the year 2014 A :irti Cha'ra9 a&ard " the second highest #eace time gallantry a&ard" for their acts of bra!ery on the >ine of Control <>oC=" anti3maoist o#eration and relief o#eration in flood3hit Uttara'hand" res#ecti!ely. (he three are among 4.5 gallantry a&ard &inners this year including 10 Shaurya Cha'ra a&ardees. Indian.American ,ins To# US Teac(in$ Award India3born Meera Chandrase'har" #rofessor of #hysics and astronomy and Curator9s (eaching +rofessor of +hysics at the Uni!ersity of Missouri" has on 15 January &on /aylor Uni!ersity9s E 2014 -obert 6oster Cherry A&ard E for 1reat (eaching. Mo(inder Sin$( ? Rad(a2ris(nan Selected For Communal 9armon: Awards ational Communal ,armony A&ard for Mohinder Singh for his &or' done in restoring #eace after the 1854 anti3Si'h riots and noted academician -adha'rishnan for his #romotion of 1andhian !alues &ere announced on 2@ January. Singh" along &ith 1andhian -adha'rishnan of :erala" ha!e been selected

for the co!eted a&ard in the indi!idual category &hile the Centre for Study of Society and Secularism" Mumbai has been selected in the organisation category. SPORTS + &AMES Ra*ael Nadal ,on @atar E44onMo)il O#en Title -afael adal of S#ain &on the Hatar 0BBonMobil *#en title on 4 January.,e defeated 6rance9s 1ael Monfils in the Men9s Singles final at )oha.It &as his .1st A(+ title. Bris)ane International Tennis Tournament ,inners A 56!7 ,omen8s Sin$les I3 Serena %illiams of the U.S. on 4 January &on the /risbane International (ennis (ournament %omen9s Singles title after defeated ?ictoria A7aren'a of /elarus in the final in /risbane" Australia. %illiams has no& &on @5 tour singles titles. Men8s Sin$les I3 Australia9s >leyton ,e&itt &on the Men9s Singles (itle. ,e defeated -oger 6ederer of S&it7erland in the /risbane International final. It &as ,e&itt9s 28th title on the A(+ tour but his first since 2010" &hen he also beat 6ederer in the final at ,alle. Ana I%ano%ic ,on Auc2land O#en Tennis Title Ana I!ano!ic of Serbia &on the Auc'land *#en (ennis (itle on 4 January. She defeated ?enus %illiams <U.S= in the final at Auc'land" e& Jealand.It is the 12th title for the I!ano!ic and second seed but her first success since !ictory in /ali in 2011. Anju Bo)): &eor$e eclared ,orld At(letics &old Medalist For 566B Indian >ong $um#er An$u /obby 1eorge on 14 January became the first Indian trac' and field athlete to &in a gold medal in a ma$or &orld e!ent after international go!erning body International Association of Athletics 6ederation <IAA6= u#graded her second #lace finish at the 200@ Monaco %orld Athletics Cham#ionshi#s final to the to# s#ot " follo&ing a do#e !iolation by a -ussian com#etitor (atyana :oto!a.An$u9s fifth #lace finish at the 200@ ,elsin'i %orld Cham#ionshi#9s long $um# e!ent &as also u#graded to fourth. Net(erlands ,on 9oc2e: ,orld Lea$ue 56!7 (he etherlands on 15 January &on the first e!er ,oc'ey %orld >eague final after

defeating e& Jealand by 232 in e& )elhi. /elgium retained his fifth #lace " &hile India secured siBth #lace. ECONOMC &o%ernment Retains !66 Per cent F I in E4istin$ P(arma Units 1o!ernment of India on 5 January decided to retain the #olicy of allo&ing 100 #er cent foreign in!estments in the eBisting #harma firms" brushing aside concerns about non a!ailability of affordable drugs in !ie& of M Cs ta'eo!ers.India #ermits 100 #er cent 6)I in #harma through automatic a##ro!al route in the greenfield" or ne& #ro$ects. India8s &rowt( Projected To Rise To '"! Percent B: 56!D.!' According to the %orld /an'9s 1lobal 0conomic +ros#ects <10+= re#ort released on 1. January " India9s gro&th is #ro$ected to rise to o!er siB #ercent in fiscal 201431@" increasing to 2.1 #ercent by fiscal 201.312 &ith the &orld economy eB#ected to strengthen this year. Indian Econom: Projected To &row At B"-BE In 56!7 According to the U %orld 0conomic Situation and +ros#ects 2014 <%0S+= re#ort released on 24 January " India9s economy is #ro$ected to gro& at a slo&er3 than3eB#ected rate of @.4 #er cent in 2014. 6ull3year gro&th decelerated to 4.5 #er cent in 2014 from @.1 #er cent in the calendar year 2012. RBI raised Re#o Rate B: 5B Basis Points To 1 Percent -eser!e /an' of India <-/I= raised the -e#o rate under >iCuidity Ad$ustment 6acility <>A6= by 2@ basis #oints from 2.2@ #ercent to 5 #ercent. /esides" it 'e#t the cash reser!e ratio <C--= of scheduled ban's unchanged at 4 #ercent of net demand and time liability < )(>=. (he decision to raise the re#o rate and 'ee# the C-- unchanged &as announced by the -/I in its (hird Huarter Monetary +olicy -e!ie& on 25 January. As a result" the re!erse re#o rate under the >A6 stands ad$usted at 2 #ercent" and the marginal standing facility <MS6= rate and the /an' -ate at 8.0 #ercent. SCIENCE + TEC9NOLO&C

&SL>. B Roc2et Carr:in$ Communication Satellite &SAT.!7 Success*ull: Launc(ed Indian S#ace -esearch *rganisation <IS-*= on @ January successfully launched its hea!y3duty roc'et 1eosynchronous Satellite >aunch ?ehicle3)e!elo#ment @ <1S>?3)@= ha!ing indigeneous cryogenic engine that #laced a 1"852 'g 1SA(314 communication satellite into the orbit. (he 48.143metre tall roc'et 1S>?3)@ lifted off from Satish )ha&an S#ace Centre at Srihari'ota " Andhra +radesh .(he launch !ehicle successfully in$ected the 1SA(314 communication satellite into the intended orbit.%ith the successful launch of 1S>?3)@ flight India has no& become the siBth nation to #ossess the cryogenic engine technology" and has $oined the elite club of the United States" -ussia" 6rance" Ja#an and China. India Success*ull: Test Fired Nuclear Ca#a)le = Prit(%i A II = Missile India on 2 January successfully test3fired its indigenously de!elo#ed nuclear ca#able surface to surface +rith!i II missile " &hich is ca#able of carrying @00 'g to 1"000 'g of &arheads and has a stri'e range of 4@0 'm" from a test range at Chandi#ur near /alasore <*disha=.(he launch &as #art of a user trial by the Army.+rith!i3II missile is already inducted into the Indian Armed forces.(he last trial of +rith!i3II &as successfully carried out from the same base on 4 )ecember 2014. Astronomers isco%ered Two New E4o#lanets In the month of January 2014 A team of Astronomers from ,ar!ard3Smithsonian Center for Astro#hysics <CfA=" ha!e disco!ered t&o ne& eBtrasolar #lanets circling a dim" red d&arf star about 200 light3years a&ay from our #lanet.*ne of the #lanets" dubbed :*I3414c" &eighs the same as 0arth" but around .0 #ercent larger in diameter.(he second #lanet" named :*I3414b" is about the same si7e as :*I3 414c but significantly denser" &eighing about 4 times as much as 0arth.(he team disco!ered the #lanet using data from ASA9s :e#ler s#acecraft. ,orld8s Fastest Or$anic Transistor e%elo#ed In the month of January 2014 Scientists claim to ha!e de!elo#ed the &orld9s fastest thin3film organic transistor that could o#erate more than fi!e times faster than #re!ious eBam#les of this technology.-esearchers from the Uni!ersity of ebras'a3>incoln <U >= and Stanford Uni!ersity eB#lained that this eB#erimental technology has the #otential to achie!e the #erformance needed for high3resolution

tele!ision screens and similar electronic de!ices. 0ngineers created the thin3film organic transistors that could o#erate more than fi!e times faster than #re!ious eBam#les of this eB#erimental technology. PERSONS IN NE,S AF APPOINTMENTS R C(andras(e2(ar is new NASSCOM President 6ormer (elecom Secretary <1o!ernment of India=" - Chandrashe'har on @ January too' o!er as the +resident of Information (echnology trade body asscom < ational Association of Soft&are and Ser!ices Com#anies=.,e succeeds Som Mittal" &ho ser!ed as +resident from 200232014.(his is the first time that ASSC*M has a##ointed a former bureaucrat as the #resident. US Senate Con*irmed 0anet Cellen as new Federal Reser%e C(air#erson (he US Senate has on . January confirmed Janet ;ellen as ne& leader of the 6ederal -eser!e. She is the first &oman to lead the central ban' in its 1003year history. She succeeds the Chairman /en /ernan'e as the neBt head of America9s central ban'. S(ei2( 9asina Sworn In As Ban$lades( Prime Minister Shei'h ,asina &as on 12 January s&orn in as the +rime Minister of /angladesh for the third time. She had &on an o!er&helming ma$ority in the /angladesh general election held on @ January 2014 by defeating o##osition #arty" Jatiya #arty.(he A&ami >eague has secured absolute ma$ority in the 10th +arliament elections by bagging 242 seats G 10@ contested and 122 uncontested. BFRESI&NS Tunisia Prime Minister Ali Lara:ed( Resi$ned (unisia9s Islamist +rime Minister Ali >arayedh has resigned from his office on 8 January . %ith his resignation" the country &ill be led by the careta'er 1o!ernment of technocrats led by led by ne& +rime Minister Mehdi Jomaa. ,e resigned follo&ing a deal bet&een the Islamist 0nnahda +arty of Ali >arayedh and the secular o##osition for a transition to the democracy in the country. CF EAT9S

Israel8s Former Prime Minister Ariel S(aron ied Israel9s former +rime Minister Ariel Sharon died on 11 January .(he former general of Israeli Army had been in coma since 4 January 200.. ,e ser!ed as the 11th +rime Minister of Israel until he &as inca#acitated by a stro'e. Sharon &as a commander in the Israeli Army from its creation in 1845. ic'named A(he /ulldo7er9" the !eteran soldier fought in all of Israel9s ma$or &ars before beginning a turbulent #olitical career in 1824. F>ISITORS B(utan /in$ 0i$me /(esar Nam$:el ,an$c(uc2 >isited India /hutan :ing Jigme :hesar amgyel %angchuc' ?isited India from . G 10 January 2014. )uring his !isit " /hutan :ing held eBtensi!e tal's &ith +rime Minister Manmohan Singh in e& )elhi. (he t&o leaders eBchanged !ie&s on bilateral relations and on regional and international issues of mutual interest. (he #rime minister and other Indian leaders reiterated their full commitment and su##ort to /hutan9s socio3economic de!elo#ment and to further de!elo#ment of /hutan9s hydro#o&er resources. (his is :ing %angchuc'9s second !isit in 12 months. ,e &as also the chief guest at India9s -e#ublic )ay celebrations in January 2014. EFMISCELLANEOUS Sac(in Tendul2ar Bt( Most Admired Person In T(e ,orld Microsoft founder /ill 1ates has been named as the most admired #erson on the #lanet &ith cric'eting legend Sachin (endul'ar fifth on a list of 40 #eo#le com#iled after a #oll in 14 countries" including India.(he A%orld9s most admired #eo#le #oll9 &as conducted by ;ou1o! for (he (imes by sur!eying almost 14"000 #eo#le. PLACES IN NE,S Odis(a8s C(ili2a La$oon Named estination Fl:wa:s B: UN,TO Chili'a lagoon in *disha &as named )estination 6ly&ays by the United ations %orld (ourism *rgani7ation <U %(*= on 21 January .(he lagoon &as named so for its sustainable and resilient destination for migratory birds. Chili'a is the only site to be selected from Asia by the U %(* and &as included in a list of eight

such sites. (he )estination 6ly&ays initiati!e of U %(* aims at #romotion of sustainable tourism. ABBRE>IATIONS 1+S G 1lobal +ositioning System (CS G (ata Consultancy Ser!ices ASSC*M G ational Association of Soft&are and Ser!ices Com#anies 1S>? G 1eosynchronous Satellite >aunch ?ehicle 6S>-C G 6inancial Sector >egislati!e -eforms Commission /6C G on /an'ing 6inance Com#anies BOO/S IN NE,S G Incredi)le O##ortunities Bac2 9ome H Boo2 Released (he +rime Minister Manmohan Singh released the boo' entitled DIncredible *##ortunities /ac' ,omeE on 5 January during the 12th +ra!asi /haratiya )i!as in e& )elhi .(his boo' &ill #ro!ide access to credible information" essential for meaningful engagement. COMMITTEES Nac(i2et Mor Committee8s Re#ort on Financial Inclusion (he committee constituted by the -eser!e /an' of India <-/I9s= on 24 Se#tember 2014 to suggest ste#s for #romoting financial inclusion headed by !eteran ban'er and eB3ICICI /an' eBecuti!e director achi'et Mor. (he committee on 2 January 2014 suggested setting u# of s#ecialised ban's to cater to lo& income households to ensure that all citi7ens ha!e ban' accounts by January 1" 201.. IMPORTANT ACS AN ATES

G,orld Braille a:H was O)ser%ed on 7t( 0anuar: D%orld /raille )ayE is celebrated today <4th January= across the &orld to obser!e

the /irthday of >ouis /raille. >ouis /raille" born in 1508" &as the in!entor of braille" a system of reading and &riting used by #eo#le &ho are blind or !isually im#aired. /raille became blind after an accident at the age of three. ,e created a language based on the #atterns of raised dots on #a#er" &hich could be felt and one can read anything that is unable to see. ,e did this to ha!e an access to &or's of literature. National &irl C(ild a: O)ser%ed on 57 0anuar: ational 1irl Child )ay obser!ed on 24 January 2014 across India by the 1o!ernment. (his day is obser!ed e!ery year to raise a&areness and consciousness of the society to&ards girl children. (he day is being obser!ed e!ery year on 24 January since 2005. 1o!ernment of India has started ational 1irl Child )ay as a national girl9s de!elo#ment mission. (he mission raises the a&areness among #eo#le all o!er the country about the im#ortance of girls9 #romotion. It hel#s in enhancing girls9 meaningful contribution in decision ma'ing #rocesses by acti!e su##ort of the #arents and the community members.

I (0- A(I* A> >ibya )estroyed All Chemical %ea#ons >ibya has com#letely destroyed the chemical arsenal it inherited from Moamer :adhafi" 10 years after the no& slain dictator signed the Chemical %ea#ons Con!ention" 6oreign Minister Mohamed Abdela7i7 announced on @ 6ebruary. o& the >ibya has become totally free of usable chemical &ea#ons that might #resent a #otential threat to the security of local communities" the en!ironment and neighbouring areas. Matteo -en7i amed ne& Italian +rime Minister (he leader of Italy9s centre3left )emocratic +arty <+)=" Matteo -en7i" &as

a##ointed as the country9s ne& #rime minister on 12 6ebruary. -en7i" &ho at 48 &ould be the country9s youngest3e!er #rime minister" &as summoned by Italian +resident 1iorgio a#olitano at Huirinale #residential #alace and gi!en a mandate to try to form a ne& cabinet after the resignation of 0nrico >etta as #rime minister on 14 6ebruary. Ugandan +resident Signed Anti 1ay >a& Uganda9s +resident ;o&eri3Muse!eni has signed a contro!ersial anti3gay bill on 24 6ebruary that allo&s harsh #enalties for homoseBual offences" calling them mercenaries and #rostitutes.;o&eri Muse!eni signed the bill" &hich holds that homoseBuals be $ailed for long terms" outla&s the #romotion of homoseBuality and reCuires #eo#le to denounce gays. Arseniy ;atsenyu' 0lected As U'rain Interim +M (he U'rainian #arliament has on 22 6ebruary elected former o##osition leader Arseniy ;atsenyu' as the country9s Interim +rime Minister.,e &as bac'ed by 421 of 412 #artici#ating de#uties in the +arliament. I )IA K %*->) India and 1ermany Signed (&o Agreements *n 6inancial and (echnical Co3 o#eration India and 1ermany ha!e signed t&o umbrella agreements for financial and technical co3o#eration under Indo 1erman bilateral )e!elo#ment Coo#eration frame&or'.(he Umbrella Agreements &ere signed by 6inance Minister + Chidambaram and 1erman 6ederal Minister for 0conomic Coo#eration and )e!elo#ment 1erd Mueller during their bilateral meeting on @ 6ebruary in e& )elhi. India and China ,eld 12th -ound *f /order (al's India and China held their 12th round of border tal's on 10 G 11 6ebruary 2014 .S#ecial re#resentati!es G ational Security Ad!iser Shi!shan'ar Menon and Chinese State Councillor and to# di#lomat ;ang Jiechi G met in e& )elhi on 10 6ebruary and 11 6ebruary for tal's on the boundary Cuestion.(he tal's bet&een both sides ha!e crossed the first stage G on agreeing to settlement of the boundary Cuestion. (he second stage tal's G on the frame&or' for resolution of the boundary Cuestion G has been continuing for the #ast eight years. India and Canada Signed (hree MoUs India and Canada ha!e signed three MoUs for coo#eration in health sector" audio3 !isual co3#roduction and s'ill de!elo#ment.(he MoUs &ere signed after tal's bet&een +rime Minister )r Manmohan Singh and 1o!enor 1eneral of Canada )a!id Johnston in e& )elhi on 24 6ebruary. India and Israel Signed ,omeland Security Agreement India and Israel ha!e on 22 6ebruary signed a sle& of agreements on coo#eration in legal assistance and #ublic and homeland security.(hese agreements &ere

signed by Additional Secretary <,ome Ministry= -a$i! Sharma and Israeli Ambassador Alon Ush#i7. A(I* A> Union Cabinet A##ro!ed ational +olicy *n Agroforestry (he Union Cabinet on . 6ebruary a##ro!ed ational +olicy to #romote Agroforestry by facilitating credit and insurance to farmers" besides strengthening mar'et access.(he national #olicy assumes im#ortance as the sector is currently affected by ad!erse #olicies" legal constraints" inadeCuate in!estments" &ea' mar'ets and a dearth of institutional finance. A Maulana A7ad (aleem3e3/alighan9 Scheme >aunched Minister of State for ,-)" )r Shashi (haroor on 15 6ebruary launched AMaulana A7ad (aleem3e3/alighan9 under Sa'shar /harat at e& )elhi.(he #rogramme aims to im#art functional literacy" !ocational s'ill de!elo#ment and continuing education to one crore Muslim adults &ith an outlay of -s .00 crore. CC0A a##ro!ed 1reen India Mission (he ational Mission for 1reen India has recei!ed a##ro!al from the Cabinet Committee on 0conomic Affairs <CC0A= on 20 6ebruary as a Centrally3s#onsored scheme.(he #ro$ect" &hich has a #lanned in!estment of about -s.14"000 crore during the 12th +lan +eriod. +arliament +assed %histleblo&er +rotection /ill %histleblo&er +rotection /ill &as #assed by +arliament on 21 6ebruary.(he bill aims to #ro!ide a regular mechanism to encourage #ersons to disclose information on corru#tion or &illful misuse of #o&er by #ublic ser!ants and ministers.(he bill &as #assed by >o' Sabha in 2011 and &as ta'en u# by the U##er ,ouse in 2012 for consideration. S(A(0S India9s 6irst Monorail Ser!ice Inaugurated In Mumbai India9s first monorail ser!ice &as inaugurated by the Maharashtra Chief Minister +rith!ira$ cha!an on 1 6ebruary in Mumbai.(he monorail ser!ice that &ill lin' the city to ma$or stations &ill begin its first #hase of 5.84 'm bet&een %adala and Chembur in the eastern fringes of the Commercial Ca#ital. *disha >o'ayu'ta /ill 2014 +assed In Assembly *disha >egislati!e Assembly on 14 6ebruary #assed the *disha >o'ayu'ta /ill 2014" &ith #ro!ision of 'ee#ing Chief Minister" eB3Chief Ministers" other ministers and #ublic ser!ants under the #ur!ie& of a siB3member anti3corru#tion #anel. (he /ill has #ro!isions similar to that of the Central Act &hich &as #assed in +arliament in )ecember" 2014. +resident9s -ule Im#osed in )elhi +resident +ranab Mu'her$ee has im#osed +resident9s rule in )elhi and acce#ted the Ar!ind :e$ri&al go!ernment9s resignation.(his information &as on 12

6ebruary #ublished in a #ress release by >t 1o!ernor a$eeb Jung9s office.%ith this im#osition of the +resident -ule" the )elhi Assembly &ill be 'e#t under sus#ended animation. Chhattisgarh 1o!ernment (o Set U# A >a& Commission -aman Singh" the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh on 2@ 6ebruary announced that a ne& >a& Commission &ill be set3u# in the state to suggest changes in la&s as #er the geogra#hical and social reCuirements of the state. (his announcement &as made in the state Assembly. C* 60-0 C0S 101st Session of Indian Science Congress 101st Session of Indian Science Congress <ISC= held at Jammu Uni!ersity" Jammu from 432 6ebruary 2014. (he theme of ISC 2014 is DInno!ations in Science and (echnology for Inclusi!e )e!elo#mentE. +rime Minister of India" )r. Manmohan Singh inaugurated the session on 4 6ebruary.(his &as the tenth time Manmohan Singh had the #ri!ilege to address the inaugural address at the Indian Science Congress. A%A-)S K ,* *U-S Sachin (endul'ar and C - -ao -ecei!ed /harat -atna -eno&ned scientist C. .-. -ao and former cric'eter Sachin (endul'ar &ere on 4 6ebruary conferred the /harat -atna" the highest ci!ilian a&ard of the country for eBce#tional contribution in any field of human endea!our.(he a&ard &as #resented by +resident +ranab Mu'her$ee at a brief ceremony in the historic )urbar ,all of -ashtra#ati /ha!an. Malala ominated 6or AChildren9s obel +ri7e9 +a'istani teenage rights acti!ist Malala ;ousaf7ai is among three #ersons nominated for an a&ard 'no&n as the DChildren9s obel +ri7eE.Malala ;ousaf7ai has been nominated for the 2014 %orld9s Children9s +ri7e &ith John %ood from the US and e#alese child rights &or'er Indira -anamagar. ?? )ongre and 1uocheng Jhang %on International 1andhi A&ard 2014 +ranab Mu'her$ee" the +resident of India on 1@ 6ebruary #resented the International 1andhi A&ard for the year 2014 to )r. ?i$ay'umar ?inaya' )ongre <?? )ongre= and +rof. 1uocheng Jhang at -ashtra#ati /ha&an" e& )elhi. (hey &ere a&arded for ma'ing outstanding contributions in the field of le#rosy to eradicate the disease through treatment" training and research. Si''im %on ational (ourism A&ard 2012314 Si''im has been declared as best state in the country in im#lementation of -ural (ourism +ro$ects by Ministry of (ourism 1o!t of India .Union Minister for ,uman -esource )e!elo#ment )r. Shashi (haroor"#resented the ational (ourism A&ard 2012314 to Si''im tourism minister Sh /him )hungel in a function at ?igyan /ha&an in e& )elhi on 15 6ebruary.

S+*-(S K 1AM0S ?i$ay Amritra$ ,onoured &ith )a!is Cu# Commitment A&ard ?i$ay Amritra$" a former Indian tennis #layer &as on 1 6ebruary #resented the )a!is Cu# Commitment A&ard .+re!iously 6our Indian tennis icons L -amanathan :rishnan" -amesh :rishnan" Anand Amritra$ and Mahesh /hu#athi L &ere honoured &ith the )a!is Cu# Commitment a&ards.(he a&ard &as instituted by the International (ennis 6ederation <I(6=. Joshna China##a %on %inni#eg *#en (itle India9s SCuash #layer Joshna China##a &on the %inni#eg %inter Club *#en tro#hy on 4 6ebruary. She defeated ,eba 0l (or'y of 0gy#t in the final.(he trium#h of China##a mar'ed the second consecuti!e year of an Indian &inning the tro#hy &ith )i#i'a +alli'al being the first to clinch it before her in 2014. )ee#i'a :umari amed 6ICCI A S#orts#erson *f (he ;ear A India9s to# archer )ee#i'a :umari &as on 14 6ebruary named the A S#orts#erson of the ;ear A at the India S#orts A&ards" #resented by 6ederation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry <6ICCI=. 6ormer India ca#tain -ahul )ra!id &as conferred &ith the >ifetime Achie!ement a&ard. +.? Sindhu" bron7e medallist at the badminton %orld Cham#ionshi#s" &as named the A /rea'through S#orts#erson of the ;ear A" &hile cric'eter ;u!ra$ Singh &as named the A Most Ins#iring S#orts#erson of the ;ear A. )elhi %a!eriders %on ,oc'ey India >eague (itle )elhi %a!eriders defeated Jay#ee +un$ab %arriors in the #enalty shoot3out to emerge as the cham#ions in the second edition of ,ero ,oc'ey India >eague <,I>= at the #ac'ed Astroturf ,oc'ey Stadium at -anchi on 24 6ebruary. Somde! )e!!arman %on )elhi *#en A(+ Challenger (itle India9s Somde! )e!!arman &on his third A(+ Challengers title as he defeated Ale'sandr edo!yeso! of -ussia in the )elhi *#en A(+ Challenger Men9s singles final on 24 6ebruary at e& )elhi .Somde! last &on a Challenger le!el title in 2010 at the I7mir e!ent in (ur'ey. 0C* *M; -a$asthan /ans 6)I in Multi3brand -etail -a$asthan on 1 6ebruary cancelled its a##ro!al for the foreign direct in!estment in multi3brand retailing.(he a##ro!al &as gi!en earlier by the #re!ious Congress state go!ernment led by former Chief Minister" Asho' 1ehlot.%ith this decision of cancelling the a##ro!al o!er 6)I made -a$asthan the second state after )elhi to &ithdra& a##ro!al for 6)I in multi3brand retail. Indian 0conomy (o 1ro& At 4.8 +ercent In 2014314 Central Statistics *ffice <CS*= in its release on 2 6ebruary estimated that India9s economic gro&th in the current <2014314= fiscal &ill be 4.8 #ercent as com#ared to the gro&th rate of 4.@ #ercent in 2012314.(he country9s 1ross )omestic +roduct

<1)+= at factor cost at constant <200430@= #rices in 2014314 is li'ely to be -s.@2.@ la'h crore as com#ared to -s.@4.5 la'h crore in the #re!ious year" registering year3 on3year increase of 4.8 #ercent. (ata 1rou# India9s Most ?aluable /rand According to the list released on 15 6ebruary of &orld9s @00 most !alued brand" /rand 6inance 1lobal @00 " (ata grou# &as declared India9s most !aluable brand &ith a !alue of USM 21.1 billion" &hile US3based technology giant A##le has retained its to# #osition globally &ith about USM 10@ billion.A##le is follo&ed by Samsung <USM 28 billion= at second #lace globally.(ata has retained its to# #lace among Indian brands and its global ran'ing has also im#ro!ed from 48th in 2014 to 44th no&. India9s 6irst +ost *ffice Sa!ings /an' A(M Inaugurated In Chennai Union 6inance Minister +. Chidambaram on 22 6ebruary inaugurated the country9s first #ost office sa!ings ban' A(M at the ,ead +ost *ffice in (hyagaraya agar in Chennai.(he A(M &as #art of an Information (echnology <I(= modernisation #ro$ect of the )e#artment of +osts. SCI0 C0 K (0C, *>*1; /rahMos Missile Successfully (est 6ired In Sal!o Mode (he 280'm3range /rahMos su#ersonic cruise missile &as successfully fired on . 6ebruary from a na!al &arshi# I S (ri'and in sal!o mode in the Arabian Sea.6or the first time" the /rahMos cruise missile &as fired in sal!o mode off the -ussian3 built &arshi# off the coast of :arnata'a &ith an inter!al of three seconds off the coast of 1oa. Australian Astronomers )isco!ered *ldest :no&n Star In Uni!erse A team of scientists at the Australian ational Uni!ersity has on 11 6ebruary disco!ered the oldest 'no&n star in the Uni!erse.(he star 'no&n as SMSS J041400.4.3.20548.4" is in the Mil'y %ay galaBy and some .000 light years from the 0arth. (he star &as formed shortly after the /ig /ang 14.2 billion years ago.(he star &as disco!ered using the A U S'yMa##er telesco#e at the Siding S#ring *bser!atory. Indian3origin /oy Shubham /aner$ee In!ents /raille +rinter Using >ego Set A 123year3old boy of Indian *rigin Shubham /aner$ee has on 24 6ebruary designed a lo&3cost /raille #rinter using toy construction >ego #ieces./aner$ee de!elo#ed the /raille #rinter called /raigo" &hich is short for /raille &ith >ego.It &as created from the >ego Mindstorms 0?4 set" &hich retails for US) 448. India Successfully (est 6ired A A'ash A Missile India on 2. 6ebruary successfully test3fired its A'ash medium3range surface3to3air missile from a defence base in *disha" for the third time. A'ash &as earlier successfully tested from the same defence base on 21st and 24th 6ebruary 2014. (he indigenously3de!elo#ed missile" &ith a 223'm range and an effecti!e ceiling

of 1@ 'm" &as test3fired from the Integrated (est -ange of Chandi#ur in the coastal district of /alasore" 240 'm from /hubanes&ar. +0-S* S I 0%S A= A++*I (M0 (S . -amachandran 0lected I*A #resident %orld SCuash 6ederation <%S6= chief . -amachandran &as elected uno##osed as the #resident of the Indian *lym#ic Association <I*A= on 8 6ebruary.:ho :ho 6ederation of India <::6I= #resident -a$ee! Mehta and All India (ennis Association <AI(A= #resident Anil :hanna &ere also elected uno##osed res#ecti!ely as the secretary general and treasurer. -.:.(i&ari A##ointed as ne& Chairman of C/)( -.:.(i&ari has been a##ointed as the as the ne& chairman of Central /oard of )irect (aBes <C/)(= on 8 6ebruary.,e &ill succeed Chair#erson Sudha Sharma &ho is scheduled to retire on 25 6ebruary 2014.(i&ari is a 182.3batch Indian -e!enue Ser!ice <I-S= officer. ,e is currently &or'ing as the Member of >egislation and Com#uterisation )e#artment in the C/)(. /=-0SI1 S Jammu and :ashmir Minister Shabir Ahmad :han -esigned Jammu and :ashmir Minister of State for ,ealth Shabir Ahmad :han on 2 6ebruary resigned as Minister from the *mar Abdullah9s cabinet in an alleged molestation case &hile the 1o!ernor ?ohra has acce#ted the resignation. C=)0A(,S oted ,indi %riter Amar :ant )ied oted ,indi &riter and Jnan#ith A&ard &inner Amar :ant died on 12 6ebruary .:ant9s #rominent no!els are AInhin ,athiyaron Se" :atili -aah 'e +hool" Soo'ha +atta" :ale U$le and A/eech 'i )ee&ar9.,e recei!ed se!eral a&ards" including Jnan#ith a&ard in 2008" Sahitya Acdemy A&ard in 2002" Uttar +radesh ,indi Sansthan A&ard" Maithli Sharan 1u#ta A&ard" AAmar'ant :eerti Samman9 from Madhya +radesh go!ernment among others. )=?ISI(*-S /ahrain9s :ing ,amad Al :halifa ?isited India (he :ing of /ahrain ,amad bin Isa Al :halifa !isited India from 15 G 20 6ebruary 2014.)uring his three day !isit" :ing ,amad met Indian +resident +ranab Mu'her$ee " ?ice3#resident ,amid Ansari and held delegation3le!el discussions &ith +rime Minister Manmohan Singh on bilateral" regional and global issues. After delegation3le!el tal's bet&een the t&o leaders " both nations signed three agreements to boost bilateral ties bet&een the t&o countries. 0=MISC0>>A 0*US Indra ooyi and Chanda :ochhar In 6ortune9s Most +o&erful /usiness&omen >ist

+e#siCo C0* Indra ooyi and ICICI /an' Managing )irector Chanda :ochhar are among 6ortune maga7ine9s list of A@0 most #o&erful &omen in businessI 1lobal edition9.(he list" &hich &as released on 2 6ebruary" has been to##ed by 1eneral Motors C0* Mary /arra" the first &oman to run a global automa'er. +>AC0S I 0%S )elhi -an'ed 22nd In 1lobal 6ashion Ca#ital >ist e& ;or' has to##ed the list of global fashion ca#itals lea!ing +aris and >ondon behind. In an annual ran'ing sur!ey re#ort by 1lobal >anguage Monitor <1>M= released on 18 6ebruary" )elhi stands at the 22th s#ot and Mumbai at 4@th. A//-0?IA(I* S AS0A L3 Association of South 0ast Asian ations A6)AC LG ational Agency for 6ood K )rug Administration and Control IA0A LL International Atomic 0nergy Agency /CS/I LL /an'ing Codes and Standards /oard of India (A-C LL (aB Administration -eform Commission C/)( LL Central /oard of )irect (aBes /**:S I 0%S +enguin )ecided (o &ithdra& a /oo' entitled A (he ,indusI An Alternati!e ,istory A +enguin India" the #ublisher of boo' entitled E (he ,indusI An Alternati!e ,istory E on 11 6ebruary agreed to &ithdra& the boo' from the Indian mar'et. (his boo' is &ritten by %endy )oniger" an American Scholar and Indologist. (he decision &as made by the #ublisher follo&ing a legal &rangle against it.(he decision &as made bet&een the #ublisher and )elhi based com#lainant organisation called Shi'sha /achao Andolan" &ho mo!ed to court alleging distortion aimed at denigrating ,indu traditions. (he organisation has found that the boo' is insulting ,indus. C*MMI((00S /imal Jalan Committee *n /an' >icences Submits -ecommendations (o -/I (he /imal Jalan committee &hich is scrutinising a##lications for ne& ban' licences submitted its re#ort to the -eser!e /an' of India <-/I= on 2@ 6ebruary.(he committee led by former -eser!e /an' of India <-/I= 1o!ernor )r Jalan held its third and final meeting before submitting its recommendations to the central ban'. IM+*-(A ( )A;S A ) )A(0S International Mother >anguage )ay *bser!ed Across (he %orld International Mother >anguage )ay </hasha )i!as= &as obser!ed across the &orld" &ith /angladesh leading on 21 6ebruary 2014. (his day is obser!ed &ith an aim to #romote a&areness of linguistic" multilingualism and cultural

di!ersity.International Mother >anguage )ay &as announced by U 0SC* on 12 o!ember 1888 and &as formally recognised by the United ations 1eneral Assembly in its resolution establishing 2005 as the International ;ear of >anguages. ational Science )ay *bser!ed Across India *n 25 6ebruary India on 25 6ebruary 2014 obser!ed ational Science )ay to mar' the disco!ery of the -aman 0ffect by Indian #hysicist Chandrase'hara ?en'ata -aman <C? -aman=.In 2014" the theme of the day is 6ostering Scientific (em#er and 0nergy conser!ation. (his day is celebrated e!ery year on this day to s#read a message about the significance of scientific a##lications in the daily life of the #eo#le.(he ational Council for Science and (echnology Communication < CS(C= in 185. as'ed the 1o!ernment of India to designate 25 6ebruary as ational )ay.