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of little value or account; small; trifling.
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Dough, Clams & Cheddar?

Learn the diction of the dollar in this slideshow ~ Watch it now

Thursday, April 17
What did someone named Numa Pompilius have to do with the month of March? Get the history here.


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Smart has 67 synonyms!

Word Dynamo Social Mystery of the O and the K Who knows 15 "hellos?"
If someone greets you with "ni-hao," what language are they speaking?
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Acute, adept, agile, alert, apt, astute. . .

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O.K., do you know what these simple letters stand for? Neither do we.
Here's the bizarre story

If the warmth of her Language could affect the Body it might be . . .

[dih-v ur-zhuhnz]

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Jane Austen, 1775-1817

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Is there such a thing as a true synonym? Can I used a dictionary to find synonyms? What are the 100 most commonly used words in English? Does anything rhyme with orange?

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What's the funny original meaning of "swing"?
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