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No.EGI.2/B Tech-TT/2010(1)

Kannur University Campus P O, Dated : 15.03.2014


TIMETABLE FOR VIIIth SEMESTER B Tech (REGULAR/SUPPLEMENTARY INCLUDING PART TIME) DEGREE EXAMS, APRIL 2014 Time : 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM Subject 2007 Admission Advanced Structural Design Gas Dynamics Instrumentation Systems Radar & Navigation Operations Research Operations Research Artificial Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic Control 2006 & Earlier Admissions Economics Industrial Management Operation Management 2007 Admission Construction Management Refrigeration & Airconditioning Industrial Electric Drives Optical Communication Cryptography & Network Security Advanced Concepts in Database Systems Analytical Instruments 2006 & Earlier Admissions Optical Communication Industrial Drives Architecture & Town Planning Thermal Engineering III Computer Graphics & Multimedia Mobile Communication System Analytical Instruments 2007 Admission Transportation Engineering II Machine Design II Electrical Machine Design Computer Communication & Networking Artificial Intelligence E-Commerce & E-Governance Opto Electronic Instrumentation 2006 & Earlier Admissions Microelectronics Technology Instrumentation Systems Environmental Engineering II Manufacturing Science & Technology Artificial Intelligence Digital Signal Compression Biomedical Instrumentation .............2

Day & Date 23.04.2014 Wednesday

Paper PT 2K6/2K6 CE 801 PT 2K6/2K6 ME 801 PT 2K6/2K6 EE 801 PT 2K6/2K6 EC 801 2K6 CS 801 2K6 IT 801 2K6 AEI 801 PTEC/EC/PTEE/EE/ CS/IT/AI 2K 801 PTCE/CE 2K 801 PTME/ME 2K 801 PT 2K6/2K6 CE 802 PT 2K6/2K6 ME 802 PT 2K6/2K6 EE 802 PT 2K6/2K6 EC 802 2K6 CS 802 2K6 IT 802 2K6 AEI 802 PTEC/EC 2K 802 PTEE/EE 2K 802 PTCE/CE 2K 802 PTME/ME 2K 802 CS 2K 802 IT 2K 802 AI 2K 802

25.04.2014 Friday

28.04.2014 Monday

PT 2K6/2K6 CE 803 PT 2K6/2K6 ME 803 PT 2K6/2K6 EE 803 PT 2K6/2K6 EC 803 2K6 CS 803 2K6 IT 803 2K6 AEI 803 PTEC/EC 2K 803 PTEE/EE 2K 803 PTCE/CE 2K 803 PTME/ME 2K 803 CS 2K 803 IT 2K 803 AI 2K 803

- 2 30.04.2014 Wednesday 2007 Admission Design of Hydraulic Structures Inventory and Supply Chain Management Energy Technology Wireless Mobile Communication Advanced Computer Architecture Information Security Computer Networks & DCS 2006 & Earlier Admissions Communication Switching Systems Power Systems III Construction Engineering & Quantity Surveying Machine Design II Electronic Commerce Instrumentation System Design 2007 Admission Highways & Airport Pavement Design Quality Engineering & Management Special Machines & Linear Machines HVDC & Facts Embedded Systems Advanced topics in Algorithms Management Information Systems Digital Image Processing Communication Switching Systems Space Instrumentation Industrial Water Pollution Data Mining and Data Warehousing Advanced Mobile Communication Systems Instrumentation System Design Power Plant Instrumentation Optimization Techniques in Engineering Computational Fluid Mechanics Advanced Internet Technologies 2006 & Earlier Admissions Wireless Mobile Communication Image Processing Internet Technologies Satellite Communication Systems Electrical System Design & Estimation Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic Environmental Pollution Control Engineering Urban Transportation Planning Design of Jigs & Fixtures Quality Engineering & Management Tool Engineering & Design Advanced Topics in Algorithms Management Information System Power Plant Instrumentation Sd/JOINT REGISTRAR (EXAMS)

PT 2K6/2K6 CE 804 PT 2K6/2K6 ME 804 PT 2K6/2K6 EE 804 PT 2K6/2K6 EC 804 2K6 CS 804 2K6 IT 804 2K6 AEI 804 PTEC/EC 2K 804 PTEE/EE 2K 804 PTCE/CE 2K 804 PTME/ME 2K 804 CS/IT 2K 804 AI 2K 804

02.05.2014 Friday

PT 2K6/2K6 CE 805(B) PT 2K6/2K6 ME 805(E) PT 2K6/2K6 EE 805(B) PT 2K6/2K6 EE 805(F) PT 2K6/2K6 EC 805(D) 2K6 CS 805(A) 2K6 CS 805(D)/ 2K6 IT 805(E) PT 2K6/2K6 EC 805(B) PT 2K6/2K6 EC 805(C) 2K6 AEI 805(B) PT 2K6/2K6 CE 805(A) 2K6 CS 805(F) 2K6 CS 805(G) 2K6 AEI 805(F) 2K6 AEI 805(E) PT2K6/2K6 CE 805(C) PT2K6/2K6 ME 805(C) 2K6 IT 805(G) PTEC/EC 2K 805 (A) PTEC/EC 2K 805 (D) PTEC/EC 2K 805 (B) PTEC/EC 2K 805 (E) PTEE/EE 2K 805 (A) PTEE/PTEC/PTME/EE/EC/ CS/ME/ IT/AI 2K 805 (C) PTCE/CE 2K 805 (E) PTCE/CE 2K 805 (F) PTME/ME 2K 805 (A) PTME/ME 2K 805 (D) PTME/ME 2K 805 (E) CS 2K 805 (E) CS 2K/IT2K 805 (D) AI 2K 805A