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THE BRIT MILAH OF LOGAN YOAV MARKS Nisan 5, 5774 April 5, 20 4 T!

an"in# G$% F$r K&&pin# 's Ali(&

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Blessed are You O Lord our God, King of the universe, who has kept us alive, sustained us and enabled us to reach this season! The Creator, the God of braha!, "saac and #acob, the God and $ather of our Lord Yeshua the %essiah and our God and $ather too, has a special place in &is heart for little children' &e wants the! to co!e closer to &i!' Once, when people brought babies to Yeshua, so the !iracle( working )abbi would bless the!, &is disciples were anno*ed and tried to prevent the! fro! co!ing to &i!' &owever, %essiah rebuked &is disciples and said+ Let the children come to Me and stop hindering them, because the kingdom of God belongs to those like these' On another occasion &e also said+ See that you never despise one of these little ones, for I tell you that their angels in Heaven are continually seeing the face of My Father in Heaven' Through circu!cision, Logan is taking a big step closer to the Three("n(One God of "srael'

A )$r% A*$+, -$(&nan,s An% -ir.+/.isi$n Circu!cision a!ong the #ewish people started with father braha! !ore than -... *ears ago and has continued fro! generation to generation' /hen Avram as ninety!nine years old, the Lord appeared to Avram and said to him, "I am God Almighty# alk before Me, and be blameless $$$ I ill establish My covenant bet een Me and you and your descendants after you throughout their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and to your descendants after you$ I ill give to you and to your descendants after you, the land of your anderings, all the land of %anaan, for an everlasting possession# and I ill be their God$" God said further to Avraham, "&o as for you, you shall keep My covenant, you and your descendants after you throughout their generations $$$ every male among you ho is eight days old shall be circumcised$ 0ot onl* did God !ake a covenant with us through braha!, but &e also established a new and eternal covenant with us through the %essiah+ 1'ays are coming( declares the Lord, ) hen I ill make a ne covenant ith the house of Israel and ith the house of *udah, not like the covenant hich I made ith their fathers in the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of +gypt, My covenant hich they broke, although I as a husband to them(, declares the Lord$ ),ut this is the covenant hich I ill make ith the house of Israel after those days,( declares the Lord, )I ill put My -orah, My 'ivinely Inspired -eaching, ithin them, and on their heart

I ill rite it# and I ill be their God, and they ill be My people$ And they ill not teach each man his neighbor and each man his brother saying, "kno the Lord," for they ill all kno Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them,( declares the Lord, )for I ill forgive their ini.uity, and their sin I ill remember no more$( Circu!cision is the sign that we have entered into the covenant that God !ade with braha!, that &e would be our God, and we would be &is people' But circu!cision b* itself is not enough' Like braha!, each one of us !ust !ake a decision to walk before God and be bla!eless' /ithout a personal relationship with the Living God, and a co!!it!ent to live the wa* &e wants us to, circu!cision onl* re!oves a piece of skin fro! our bodies' "t does not provide the spiritual transfor!ation and the salvation that we so desperatel* need' Circu!cision is special, but we need so!ething !ore than circu!cision' %oses understood this when he co!!anded us+ "%ircumcise your heart$" /ith the co!ing of the %essiah, God perfor!s this circu!cision of the heart through the Lord Yeshua' /hen we understand that Yeshua is the 2on of God, and &e died and ca!e back to life3 and when we transfers our lo*alties to &i! and &is $ather, we enter into the 0ew Covenant and God circu!cises our heart' Our old, corrupt nature is cut awa* and we are given a new, godl* nature that is able to serve God and live the right wa*' )abbi 4aul infor!s us+ -he real *e ish person is not merely *e ish out ardly/ true circumcision is not only

e0ternal and physical$ 1n the contrary, the real *e is one in ardly# and true circumcision is of the heart, spiritual, not literal# so that his praise, his *e ishness, does not come from other people but from God$" Ra**i L$r&n 0ra1s2 Thank You, &igh King of &eaven, that Logan was circu!cised toda* and entered the covenant !ade with braha!' nd we pra* that Logan will grow up and know You, the &igh King of the universe, and Your 2on ( King Yeshua, and be lo*al to You and Your 2on3 and that Logan will enter the 0ew Covenant, and have his heart circu!cised with the true circu!cision! !en5 !en!

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Baruch tah donai 6loha*nu %elech ha7ola!, asher kidshanu b7!it8votav vit8ivahnu al ha(!ilah' Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with Your co!!and!ents, and co!!anded us about circu!cision' Elli 0ra1s2

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Baruch tah donai 6loha*nu %elech ha7ola!, asher kid( shah(nu b7!it8(vo(tav vi(t8i(vah(nu l7hach(nee(so beev(ree( toh shel vraha! avi(nu' Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with Your co!!and!ents, and co!!anded us to have our sons enter into the covenant of braha! our father' Elli 3&.lar&s2 " have fulfilled the co!!and of circu!cising !* son, as the Creator co!!anded us in the Torah+ +very male among you, throughout your generations, shall be circumcised hen he is eight days old$ Ra**i L$r&n 0ra1s2 %a* &e who blessed our fathers, braha!, "saac and #acob, and brought a 2avior to their children, bless the son of 6lli and li8a, who was brought into the covenant with the Lord this da*, and grant hi! a perfect healing' Ali4a Ma1 )an, T$ A%%2 Like Channah, the !other of 2a!uel, " can sa*+ I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me hat I asked of

him$ So no I give him to the Lord$ For his hole life he ill be given over to the Lord$ Na/in# T!& -!il% Our God and God of our fathers, let this son be called Logan Yoav, ben 6li*ahu 9avid, ben Gedaliah' %a* life be to hi!, like a garden, full of blessings and fruitfulness and delights! %a* he e:perience eternal life and happiness in *our Gan ( Gan 6den ( &eaven! %a* You, whose na!e co!es fro! Yod &a* ;av &a*, the God who is who &e is, and the God who will be who &e will be, be Logan Yoav<s $ather = now and forever! %a* he find favor with You and with !an' %a* he grow up to be a son who knows You and is lo*al to You and serves You with all his heart and soul and !ind and strength' Ins,r+.,i$ns ,$ Elli An% Ali4a 6lli and li8a, continue building *our ho!e with God and in God' %oses declared+ Lord, 2ou have been our d elling place in all generations$ ,efore the mountains ere born, or 2ou gave birth to the +arth and the orld, even from everlasting to everlasting, 2ou are God$ Get close to God and sta* close to God' %ake the Lord *our dwelling place, and *our ho!e will be an eternal success' Continue building *our ho!e with %essiah, and live according to &is teachings, because ever*one who hears Yeshua<s words and acts on the! is like a wise !an who built his house on

a fir!, solid rock' nd when the rains descended, and the floods ca!e, and the winds blew, that house was not blown down' You will be able to withstand life<s hardships and challenges' 6lli and li8a, the Lord<s teachings need to be in *our hearts, and *ou !ust teach the! diligentl* to *our children, and talk of the! when *ou sit in *our house and when *ou walk b* the wa* and when *ou lie down and when *ou rise up' 9o *ou co!!it *ourself to do this5 Elli An% Ali4a R&sp$n%2 >/e do'> Ra**i L$r&n -!all&n#&s T!$s& 0r&s&n,2 The !e!bers of %essiah7s &ol* Co!!unit*, and *our friends and fa!il* are witnesses of *our co!!itt!ent' nd *ou, friends and fa!il*, and !e!bers of %essiah7s co!!unit*, will *ou encourage 6lli and li8a to raise their children this wa*5 Ra**i L$r&n 0ra1s F$r T!& 0ar&n,s2 vinu %alka*nu, our $ather and our King, we acknowledge that children are a ver* special gift fro! You' The fruit of the wo!b is a reward You give' Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one7s *outh' &ow blessed is the !an and wo!an whose ?uiver is full of

the!! %a* 6lli and li8a get !uch @o* fro! this child, as it is written+ Let your parents be happy# let your mother thrill for 3oy4 /ith *our great grace, &eavenl* $ather, give 6lli and li8a hearts to serve You all the da*s of their lives and the abilit* to raise this child, and Lill*, and others You !a* bless the! with, with wisdo! and the fear of the Lord' Ra**i L$r&n 0ra1s F$r L$#an -he Lord remembers His covenant forever, the ord hich He promised for a thousand generations, the covenant He made ith Abraham, and His oath to Isaac$ He confirmed the same to *acob, as a statute, to Israel as an everlasting covenant' Lord, because You are our God, and faithful to the covenant You !ade with braha!, and because Logan has entered into this covenant, be his God now and forever! &eavenl* $ather, !a* Logan grow up and reall* know You, and be lo*al to You, and serve You, and understand Your /ord and keep it and teach it to others' %a* he enter into %essiah<s 0ew Covenant and the fullness of salvation that it alone !akes possible and receive a circu!cised heart! %a* Logan be blessed in this life and graced with eternal life in the world to co!e' Logan, *our parents have had *ou circu!cised this da*' %a* *ou alwa*s fulfill God<s re?uire!ents and be

dedicated to the Living God' The kingdo! of God belongs to those like *ou!

Ra**i L$r&n 0ra1s F$r T!& )!$l& Fa/il1

! & $ ! ( ' !, , ' ) &

%a* the Lord bless *ou and keep *ou! %a* the Lord !ake &is face shine on *ou and grace *ou! %a* the Lord lift up &is countenance on *ou, and give *ou peace! Ra**i L$r&n, )i,! Elli An% Ali4a 0ra12

, ' ' '

Baruch tah donai 6loha*nu %elech ha7ola!, Bora* p7ree hagafen' Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the universe, Creator of the fruit of the vine'

A 5&6 %r$ps $5 6in& ar& #i(&n ,$ ,!& .!il%, an% ,!& 5a,!&r an% /$,!&r %rin" ,!& 6in&7