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Customer Satisfaction Survey of Maruti Suzuki India Limited

SUBMITTED BY: San eev !umar &e'" (o" )**+*,+-. ,nd Semester

SUBMITTED TO: Mr" #uru S$aroo% De%t" of Mana'ement MB/

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Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

Maruti Suzuki India limited (MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED) was establis ed in !eb "#$" t r%u& an A't %( )arliament* t% meet t e &r%win& demand %( a +ers%nal m%de %( trans+%rt 'aused b, t e la'k %( an e((i'ient +ubli' trans+%rt s,stem- It was establis ed wit t e %b.e'ti/es %( 0 m%dernizin& t e Indian aut%m%bile industr,* +r%du'in& (uel e((i'ient /e i'les t% '%nser/e s'ar'e res%ur'es and +r%du'in& indi&en%us utilit, 'ars (%r t e &r%win& needs %( t e Indian +%+ulati%n- A li'ense and a 1%int 2enture a&reement were si&ned wit t e Suzuki M%t%r 3%m+an, %( 1a+an in 4't "#$5* b, w i' Suzuki a'6uired 789 %( t e e6uit, and a&reed t% +r%/ide t e latest te' n%l%&, as well as 1a+anese mana&ement +ra'ti'es- Suzuki was +re(erred (%r t e .%int /enture be'ause %( its tra'k re'%rd in manu(a'turin& and sellin& small 'ars all %/er t e w%rld- T ere was an %+ti%n in t e a&reement t% raise Suzuki:s e6uit, t% ;<9* w i' it e=er'ised in "#$>- !i/e ,ears later* in "##7* Suzuki (urt er in'reased its e6uit, t% ?<9 turnin& Maruti int% a n%n0&%/ernment %r&anizati%n mana&ed %n t e lines %( 1a+anese mana&ement +ra'ti'es-

Maruti 'reated ist%r, b, &%in& int% +r%du'ti%n in a re'%rd "5 m%nt s- Maruti is t e i& est /%lume 'ar manu(a'turer in Asia* %utside 1a+an and K%rea* a/in& +r%du'ed %/er ? milli%n /e i'les b, Ma, 7<<?- Maruti is %ne %( t e m%st su''ess(ul aut%m%bile .%int /entures* and as made +r%(its e/er, ,ear sin'e in'e+ti%n till 7<<<0<"- In 7<<<0<"* alt %u& Maruti &enerated %+eratin& +r%(its %n an in'%me %( Rs #7-? billi%n* i& de+re'iati%n %n new m%del laun' es resulted in a b%%k l%ss-

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History of Maruti
In "#>< * San.a, @and i t e s%n %( Indira @and i en/isi%ned t e manu(a'ture %( an indi&en%us * '%st e((e'ti/e * l%w maintenan'e '%m+a't 'ar (%r t e Indian middle 'lass - Indira @and i:s 'abinet +assed a unanim%us res%luti%n (%r t e de/el%+ment and +r%du'ti%n %( a +e%+le:s 'ar- San.a, @and i:s '%m+an, was ' ristened Maruti limited- T e name %( t e 'ar was ' %sen a(ter a Aindu deit, named Maruti Ltd- T at time Aindustan M%t%rs: Ambassad%r was t e ' ie( 'ar and t e '%m+an, ad '%me %ut wit a new entrant t e +remier )admini t at w%rked sl%wl, &ainin& a +art %( t e market s are d%minated b, t e ambassad%r- !%r t e ne=t ten ,ears t e Indian 'ar market ad sta&nated at a /%lume %( 5<*<<< t% ;<*<<< 'ars (%r t e de'ade endin& "#$5-

San.a, @and i was awarded t e e='lusi/e '%ntra't and li'ense t% desi&n* de/el%+ and manu(a'ture t e B)e%+le:s 3ar-C T ese e='lusi/e ri& ts %( +r%du'ti%n &enerated s%me 'riti'ism in 'ertain 6uarters* w i' was dire'tl, tar&eted at Indira @and i- 4/er t e ne=t (ew ,ears t e '%m+an, was sidelined t% Dan&lades liberati%n war and emer&en',-

In t e earl, da,s under t e +%wer(ul +atr%na&e %( San.a, @and i t e '%m+an, was +r%/ided wit (ree land* ta= breaks and (unds- Till t e end %( "#>< t e '%m+an, ad n%t started t e +r%du'ti%n and a +r%t%t,+e test m%del was wel'%med wit 'riti'ism and ske+ti'ism- T e '%m+an, went int% li6uidati%n IN "#>>- T e media +er'ei/ed it t% be an%t er area %( &r%win& '%rru+ti%n- Un(%rtunatel, Maruti:s started t% (l, %nl, a(ter t e deat %( San.a, @and i* w en Suzuki m%t%rs .%ined t e &%/ernment %( India as a .%int /enture +artnered wit ?<9 s are- A(ter is deat Indira @and i de'ided t at t e +r%.e't s %uld n%t be all%wed t% die- Maruti:s entered int% t is '%llab%rati%n wit Suzuki m%t%rs- T e '%llab%rati%n eralded a

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re/%luti%n in t e Indian 'ar industr, b, +r%du'in& t e maruti0$<<- It 'reated a re'%rd %( takin& "5 m%nt s time t% &% (r%m desi&n t% r%llin& %ut 'ars (r%m a +r%du'ti%n line-

T e +r%du'ti%n %( Maruti0$<< in "#$5 marked t e be&innin& %( a re/%luti%n in t e Indian aut%m%bile industr,- It br%u& t in t e latest te' n%l%&, %( t at time m%re (uel e((i'ien', and l%wer +ri'es t at led t% t e 'reati%n %( a u&e market (%r all 'ar se&ments as t e Indian* middle 'lass &rew in size- T is in turn br%u& t in m%re +la,ers in t is se&ment- A number %( au=iliar, 'ar +arts makin& units were set u+ as m%re 'ar manu(a'turers realized it was m%re '%st e((e'ti/e t% make t eir 'ar +arts in India rat er t an im+%rtin& t em-

Maruti:s ma.%r in(luen'e was in el+in& t e '%m+%nent industr, in t e '%untr, be'ause %( its em+ asis %n l%'alizati%n and indi&enizati%n- As in t e be&innin& t at se't%r adn:t &r%wn mu' Maruti:s ad t% start d%zens %( .%int /entures wit Indian entre+reneurs- It &%t t em (r%m (%rei&n '%llab%rati%ns t at led t% '%llab%rati%ns (%r %t er manu(a'turers s% t at %/er a +eri%d %( time t e w %le '%m+%nent industr, was able t% u+&rade itsel( and im+r%/e its 6ualit, w % ad &i/en t eir in'%me leadin& t% ma.%r e=istin& e=+%rt +%tential /e i'le '%m+%nents- It als% br%u& t in better met %ds %( (inan'in& t at all%wed m%re +e%+le w % &i/en t eir in'%me le/els '%uld n%t a((%rd t% bu, a 'ar %n t eir %wn* t% bu, 'ars- It still remains t e leader n%t %nl, in t e terms %( market s are but als% in 'ust%mer satis(a'ti%n sur/e,s- It as '%nsistentl, t%++ed 1-D- +%wer 6ualit, sur/e,s* in'ludin& 7<<?- D, t e ,ear "##5 t e '%m+an, ad s%ld "* #8*$7< 'ars- D, Mar' "##; it +r%du'ed " milli%n /e i'les be'%min& t e (irst Indian '%m+an, t% 'r%ss t e 7 milli%n mark in 4't%ber* "##> and r%lled %ut ; milli%nt /e i'les as Alt%0LE -T en it intr%du'ed Fa&%n0R (%ll%wed b, Swi(t - Swi(t as been a &reat su''ess in t e market -In 7<<> Maruti 'ame u+ wit SE; and @rand 2itara- Maruti Suzuki is %ne %( IndiaGs leadin& aut%m%bile manu(a'turers and t e market leader in t e 'ar se&ment* b%t in terms %( /%lume %( /e i'les s%ld and re/enue earned- Until re'entl,* "$-7$9 %( t e '%m+an, was %wned b, t e Indian &%/ernment* and ?;-79 b, Suzuki
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%( 1a+an- T e Indian &%/ernment eld an initial +ubli' %((erin& %( 7?9 %( t e '%m+an, in 1une 7<<5- As %( "< Ma, 7<<>* @%/t- %( India s%ld its '%m+lete s are t% Indian (inan'ial instituti%ns- Fit t is* @%/t- %( India n% l%n&er as stake in Maruti suzuki india limited-

Maruti suzuki india limited was establis ed in !ebruar, "#$"* t %u& t e a'tual +r%du'ti%n '%mmen'ed in "#$5 wit t e Maruti $<<* based %n t e Suzuki Alt% kei 'ar w i' at t e time was t e %nl, m%dern 'ar a/ailable in India* its %nl, '%m+etit%rs0 t e Aindustan Ambassad%r and )remier )admini were b%t ar%und 7? ,ears %ut %( date at t at +%int- T r%u& 7<<;* Maruti Suzuki as +r%du'ed %/er ? Milli%n /e i'les- Maruti Suzukis are s%ld in India and /ari%us se/eral %t er '%untries* de+endin& u+%n e=+%rt %rders- M%dels similar t% Maruti Suzukis (but n%t manu(a'tured b, Maruti suzuki india limited) are s%ld b, Suzuki M%t%r 3%r+%rati%n and manu(a'tured in )akistan and %t er S%ut Asian '%untries-

T e '%m+an, annuall, e=+%rts m%re t an ?<*<<< 'ars and as an e=tremel, lar&e d%mesti' market in India sellin& %/er >5<*<<< 'ars annuall,- Maruti $<<* till 7<<;* was t e IndiaGs lar&est sellin& '%m+a't 'ar e/er sin'e it was laun' ed in "#$5- M%re t an a milli%n units %( t is 'ar a/e been s%ld w%rldwide s% (ar- 3urrentl,* Maruti Suzuki Alt% t%+s t e sales ' arts and Maruti Suzuki Swi(t is t e lar&est sellin& in A7 se&ment-

Due t% t e lar&e number %( Maruti $<<s s%ld in t e Indian market* t e term HMarutiH is '%mm%nl, used t% re(er t% t is '%m+a't 'ar m%del- Till re'entl, t e term HMarutiH* in +%+ular Indian 'ulture* in India AinduGs l%rd Aanuman is kn%wn as HmarutiH* was ass%'iated t% t e Maruti $<< m%del-

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Mr" D" S" BrarMr" S3inzo (akanis3i 4director5 4MD 6 CEO5

Mr" &" C" B3ar'ava !eiic3i /sai 4c3airman5 4Director5


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Mr" Manvinder Sin'3 Ban'a Tsuneo O3as3i 4director5 4director5


Current Products of Maruti Suzuki

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1. 800 (Launched 1983) 2. Omni (Launched 1984) 3. Gypsy (Launched 1985) 4. WagonR (Launched 2000) 5. !"o (Launched 2000)

#. $%i&" (Launched 2005) '. (s"i!o (Launched 2009) 8. $)4 (Launched 200') 9. $%i&" *+i,e (Launched 2008) 10. -s"a, (Launched 2008)

11. Ri". (Launched 2009) 12. (eco (Launched 2010) 13. G,and /i"a,a (Launched 200')


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0ndian 1ou, Whee!e, 0ndus",y

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T e !%ur0F eeler Industr, in India as n%t 6uite mat' ed u+ t% t e +er(%rman'e %( its '%unter+arts in %t er +arts %( t e w%rld- T e +rimar, reas%n (%r t is as been t e all0+er/asi/e re&ulat%r, atm%s+ ere +re/ailin& till t e %+enin& u+ %( t e industr, in t e mid0"##<s- T e /ari%us la,ers %( le&islati/e A'ts s eltered t e industr, (r%m e=ternal '%m+etiti%n (%r a l%n& time- M%re%/er* t e industr, was '%nsidered l%w0+ri%rit, as 'ars were t %u& t %( as una((%rdable lu=ur,H- )%st Liberalizati%n* t e 'ar market in India a/e been in a bur&e%nin& sta&e wit all t,+es %( 'ars (l%%din& t e market in %rder t% meet t e demands %( Indian 'ust%mers w % are in'reasin&l, e=+%sed t% state %( t e w%rld aut%m%biles and want t e best w en it '%mes t% +ur' asin& a 'arIt is e=+e'ted t at b, 7<5<* t e Indian 'ar market will be t e 5rd lar&est 'ar market a'r%ss t e &l%be- T e main en'%ura&in& (a't%rs (%r t e su''ess st%r, %( t e 'ar market in India are t e in'rease in t e %++%rtunit, (%r new in/estments* t e rise in t e @D) rate* t e &r%win& +er 'a+ita in'%me* massi/e +%+ulati%n* and i& %wners i+ 'a+a'it,- T e liberalizati%n +%li'ies (%ll%wed b, t e Indian &%/ernment ad been in/itin& (%rei&n +la,ers t% +arti'i+ate in t e 'ar market in India- T e re'ent trend wit in t e new &enerati%n t% &et w%rk in t e s%(tware based se't%r as led t% t e rise in t e in'%me le/el and ' an&e in t e li(est,le si&ni(i'antl,* w i' as (urt er led t% t e in'rease in t e demand (%r lu=uri%us 'ars am%n& t emT e 'ar Market in India is 'r%wded wit all /arieties %( 'ar m%dels like t e small 'ars* mid0size 'ars* lu=ur, 'ars* su+er lu=ur, 'ars* and s+%rts utilit, /e i'les- Initiall, t e m%st +%+ular 'ar m%del d%minatin& t e 3ar Market in India was t e Ambassad%r* w i' %we/er t%da, &a/e wa, t% numer%us new m%dels like A,undai* A%nda* Mer'edes0Denz* DMF* Dentle, and man, %t ers- M%re%/er* t ere are man, %t er m%dels %( 'ars in t e +i+eline* t% be laun' ed in t e 'ar market in India- S%me %( t e leadin& brands d%minatin& t e 'ar market in India at +resent are Aindustan M%t%rs* Re/a Ele'tri' 3ar 3%-* !iat India )ri/ate Ltd-* Daimler 3 r,sler India )ri/ate Ltd* !%rd India Ltd-* A%nda Siel 3ars India Ltd-* @eneral M%t%rs India* A,undai M%t%rs India Ltd-* Sk%da Aut% India )ri/ate Ltd-* and T%,%ta Kirl%skar M%t%r Ltd- Sin'e t e demand (%r (%rei&n 'ars are in'reasin& wit time* bi& brands like Mer'edes Denz*

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

2%lkswa&en* Ast%n Martin* !errari* and R%lls0R%,'e a/e l%n& sin'e made a (%ra, int% t e Indian 'ar market-

1ac"s a2ou" 0ndian 3a, 4a,5e"6

Alt %u& t e Indian aut%m%bile industr, as '%me a l%n& wa, sin'e t e dere&ulati%n in "##5* India d%es n%t rank well am%n& its &l%bal +eers in man, res+e'ts* /iz-* t e '%ntributi%n %( t e se't%r t% industrial %ut+ut* number %( 'ars +er +ers%n* em+l%,ment b, t e se't%r as a +er'enta&e %( industrial em+l%,ment* number %( m%nt sG in'%me re6uired t% +ur' ase a 'ar* and +enetrati%n %( 'ars-

Figure:-)assen&er /e i'le st%'k +er "<< +e%+le

India is (ar be ind (r%m %t er '%untries wit .ust 8-# 'ars +er "<< +ers%ns* w ile Unites States as >8-# 'ars %n +er "<< +ers%ns- Am%n& de/el%+in& '%untries* Russia als% stands a ead t an India and 3 ina wit "8-5 'ars +er "<< +ers%ns-

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Tw% t in&s t at stunted &r%wt %( t e Indian aut%m%bile industr, in t e +ast a/e been l%w demand and la'k %( /isi%n %n t e +art %( t e %ri&inal e6ui+ment manu(a'turers (4EMs)- A%we/er* t e demand as +i'ked u+ a(ter t e liberalizati%n %( t e re&ulat%r, en/ir%nment* and &l%bal 4EMs w % en.%, s'ale e'%n%mies b%t in terms %( manu(a'turin& and resear' and de/el%+ment (RID) entered t e Indian market- T is as resulted in a si&ni(i'ant s i(t in t e wa, business is '%ndu'ted b, su++liers* assemblers and marketers-

T e leader in t e India Aut%m%bile Industr,* 3reatin& 3ust%mer Deli& t and S are %lder:s Fealt J A +ride %( IndiaC Fe must be an internati%nall, '%m+etiti/e '%m+an, in terms %( %ur +r%du'ts and ser/i'es- Fe must retain %ur leaders i+ in India and s %uld als% as+ire t% be am%n& t e &l%bal +la,ers-

T% +r%/ide a wide ran&e %( m%dern* i& 6ualit, (uel e((i'ient /e i'les in %rder t% meet t e need %( di((erent 'ust%mers* b%t in d%mesti' and e=+%rt markets- T% +r%/ide ma=imum /alue (%r m%ne, t% t eir 'ust%mers t r%u& '%ntinu%us im+r%/ement %( +r%du'ts and ser/i'esMaruti as a netw%rk %( 5#" sales %utlets a'r%ss 75< 'ities all %/er India- T e ser/i'e netw%rk '%/ers "*""5 t%wns and 'ities* b%lstered b, 7*";7 aut %rized ser/i'e %utlets-T e '%m+an,Gs ' an&e in strate&, and em+ asis %n de/el%+in& e((e'ti/e marketin& '%mmuni'ati%ns was t eir i& li& ts-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

MAR !" SC!#!RI$ %&''(-')*

T e '%m+an, /%u' es (%r 'ust%mer satis(a'ti%n- !%r its sin'ere e((%rts it as been rated (b, 'ust%mers)(irst in 'ust%mer satis(a'ti%n am%n& all 'ar makers in India (%r ten ,ears in a r%w in annual sur/e,- Maruti Suzuki India Limited* a subsidiar, %( Suzuki M%t%r 3%r+%rati%n %( 1a+an* as been t e leader %( t e Indian 'ar market (%r %/er tw% de'adesDurin& 7<<>0<$* Maruti Suzuki s%ld >8;*$;7 'ars* %( w i' ?5*<7; were e=+%rted- In all* %/er si= milli%n Maruti 'ars are %n Indian r%ads sin'e t e (irst 'ar was r%lled %ut %n "; De'ember "#$5-

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PR$+,C" PR$FIL! $F MAR,"I S,-, I I#+IA LIMI"!+ L"+.

AL"$ - L!".S /$S
T e alt% is a &reat '%mbinati%n %( e'%n%m,* +ra'ti'alit, and st,lin&- A runawa, su''ess %n t e r%ads %( Eur%+e* it e=em+li(ies t e ben' mark in build* 6ualit, and reliabilit, in a '%m+a't 'ar- T is is testi(ied b, t e 7; %ur enduran'e re'%rd set %n Au&ust 5* 7<<5 %( '%/erin& 5<$7 kms in 7; %urs at an a/era&e s+eed %( "7$ km+ -

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

/RA#+ VI"ARA 0L 1 2 - LIV! "H! /RA#+ LIF!

Li/e t e &rand li(e wit t e new @RAND 2ITARA EL K>- T is lu=uri%us > seater* ; w eel dri/e s+%rts utilit, /e i'le '%mes e6ui++ed wit a +%wer(ul 28 en&ine* "88 b + %( +%wer and 758 Nm %( t%r6ue- F i' enables ,%u t% '%n6uer an, terrain wit utm%st easeL En.%,ed b, b%t t e ad/entur%us and su''ess(ul* t e new rest,led @rand 2itara EL K> is n%w a/ailable in India dire'tl, im+%rted (r%m Suzuki* 1a+an-

/3PS3 1 A+V!#",R!S ,#LIMI"!+

De it t e wild %utd%%rs %r t e urban .un&le* t e @,+s, Kin& &lide b, wit easeT e ad/entur%us streak runs t r%u& all t e &,+s, siblin&s- T is "5<< '' %(( K r%ad /e i'le '%mbines t e raw %( $< b + (at 8<<<r+m) wit su+erb ; K w eel dri/e maneu/erabilit, and a ru&&ed (rame (it:s a/ailable in b%t s%(t and ard t%+ /ersi%ns)- It:s use(ul (i(t &ear* %( '%urse* deli/ers %/er dri/e (%r %n K r%ad 'ruisin&-


T e 4mni is trul, India:s 4ri&inal Maruti suzuki india limitedti+ur+%se 2e i'leT%da, it is a/ailable in si= a/atars K ? seater* $ seater* 'ar&%* ambulan'e* 3N@ and L)@- It meets di/erse needs a'r%ss di((erent user se&ments and 'an d%uble u+ b%t as a +e%+le 'arrier and a &%%ds 'arrier- T is (ait (ul w%rk %use is eas, %n t e +%'ket* ,et t%u& %n t e .%b-

MAR,"I ('' - CHA#/! 3$,R LIF!

It as &%ne be,%nd bein& .ust a 'arJ it as a'tuall, ' an&ed t e li(est,les %( '%untless +e%+le* b, brin&in& t e .%, %( m%t%rin& t% milli%ns a'r%ss t e len&t and t e breadt %( t e '%untr,Standin& testim%n, t% t is 'laim is t e (a't t at m%re t an 7 milli%ns Maruti $<<s a/e been s%ld till date- T%da,* India best sellin& '%ntinues t% be t e (inal w%rd %n /alue and e'%n%m, at t e entr,0 le/el se&ment-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

4A/$# R-I#SPIRI!+ !#/I#!!RI#/

T e Fa&%n R:S %ri&inal tall b%d, desi&n* s+a'i%usness* er&%n%mi'all, desi&ned interi%r and (le=ible seatin& all set it a+art (r%m %t er 'ars- It '%m+lements t e bu,ers uni6ue +ers%nalit, enables im t% li/e a maruti suzuki india limitedti0dimensi%nal li(e b, t e s eer e='ellen'e %( its en&ineerin& and its /ersatilit,-

-!# 1S,RR!#+!R "$ "H! #!4 -!#

I( ,%u are l%%kin& (%r a 'ar wit dr%+ K dad l%%ks and unmat' ed +er(%rman'es* t en ,%u need l%%k be,%nd t e Zen- Fit its new '%ntem+%rar, and a&&ressi/e l%%k* t e Zen +reser/es its '%re /alues %( dri/er a++eal* unmat' ed reliabilit, and e'%n%m,- 8<<<<< satis(ied 'ust%mers in India and ar%und t e w%rld bear testim%n, t% t is (a't-

S4IF"- 3$, AR! "H! F,!L

T e %t l%%ks* se=, interi%rs* t e aut%mati' 'limate '%ntr%l* t e air ba&s* t e +%wer steerin& m%re%/er* all s% a((%rdable- T e wait is %/er- Swi(t as entered MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED:s +%rt(%li%- F at are ,%u waitin& (%rL

A-S"AR-S"$P 5 #$"HI#/
)%wered b, state %( art ##$ '' en&ine* it:s t e best (uel e((i'ient 'ar in its 'ate&%r, wit * milea&e '%min& ar%und 7<km +er liter-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

S0-6 1 M!# AR! 7AC

Re/%luti%nar, Eur%+ean desi&n* w%rld 'lass Bdri/e b, wireC -M%st s+a'i%us in its 'lass* Steerin& m%unted audi% '%ntr%lsJ wit ma=imum &r%und 'learan'e* i& %n sa(et, wit dual airba&s-

S4I" +-IR!- "H! H!AR" CAR

A 'ar a/in& e/er,t in& ,%u desire stunnin& l%%ks* lu=uri%us interi%rs* en%u& +%wer t% 'a+ture ,%ur eart- 1ust slide in desire and take it (%r a s+in- Its sure steal man, %( earts in'ludin& ,%urs-

Ritz -8Li9e t:e Mo;ent<

M%del %( 7<<# kn%wn b, t e name Suzuki s+las ma=imum &r%und 'learan'e a/in& attra'ti/e ba'k wit

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$7=!C"IV! $F "H! C$MPA#3

Maruti:s marketin& %b.e'ti/e is t% '%ntinuall, %((er t e 'ust%mer new +r%du'ts and ser/i'es t atM redu'e t e 'ust%mer:s '%st %( %wners i+ %( t eir 'arsJ andNanti'i+ate and address t e 'ust%mer:s needs and +re(eren'es in all as+e'ts and sta&es %( 'ar %wners i+* t% +r%/ide w at t e, re(er t% as t e B58< de&ree 'ust%mer e=+erien'e-C T e, sell ten m%dels wit m%re t an ?< /ariants in se&ments A* D* 3* and utilit, /e i'le se&ment %( t e Indian +assen&er 'ar market- 4( t ese* t e, manu(a'ture nine m%dels and im+%rt t e @rand 2itara as a '%m+letel, built unit (r%m Suzuki in 1a+an- T eir m%dels and /ariants are desi&ned t% address t e ' an&in& demands %( t e market and are +eri%di'all, u+&raded in te' n%l%&,* st,lin& and (eatures- T% take ad/anta&e %( t e brand re'%&niti%n ass%'iated wit t eir +r%du'ts* t e, retain t e brand name %( t e +r%du't t r%u& /ari%us sta&es %( +r%du't u+&rades %/er time- !%r e=am+le* t e /ersi%n %( t e Maruti $<< brand 'urrentl, s%ld in t e market is a si&ni(i'antl, u+&raded /ersi%n* in terms %( te' n%l%&,* desi&n and st,lin&* %( t e Maruti $<< laun' ed in "#$5-

A A D D D 3 3 3 3 Utilit, 2e i'le Utilit, 2e i'le

Maruti $<< 4MNI Zen Fa&%n R Alt% D zire SE; EE34 SFI!T @O)SO KIN@ @RAND 2ITARA

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6Ps: Product Price Place Promotion

Product Strategy: )%rt(%li% %( "7 +r%du'ts !i/e +r%du't lines

)r%du't Line A" A7 A5 SU2 3 0 3lass

)r%du'ts $<< Alt%* Zen *Fa&%n KR* Swi(t* A0star D ZiRE* S=; 2itara* @,+s, 4mni* EE34

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Price Strategy:T e +ri'e %( t e Maruti 'ar is between Rs- 7"<<<< t% Rs- "?<<<<<- Maruti K $<< is t e l%west +ri'e 'ar %( t is '%m+an,- Alt%* 4mni* Fa&%n R* are als% t e l%w +ri'e 'ar %( t e '%m+an,* Zen I Esteem are t e mid +ri'e 'ar %( t e '%m+an,- Dut @rand 2itara is t e i& +ri'e m%del %( t e '%m+an,- T e +ri'e %( 'ar is de'ided a''%rdin& t% its +r%du't /ariet,* 6ualit,* desi&n et'-

P>ace strategy:8<< New 'ar sales %utlets '%/erin& 5#5 'ities78? PMaruti True 2alue: %utlets s+read a'r%ss "88 'ities787$ Maruti Aut %rized Ser/i'e Stati%ns* '%/erin& "77< 'itiesTie u+ wit Adani &r%u+ (%r e=+%rtin& 7<<*<<< units t r%u& Mnudra +%rt @u.arat

Suggested P>ace strategy:;<< new 'ar sales %utlets in ne=t t ree ,earsS"?< new true /alue s %+s in ne=t t ree ,ears"7<< new Maruti Aut %rized Ser/i'e Stati%ns in ne=t t ree ,earsTie u+ wit %t er distribut%rs (%r E=+%rts-

Pro;otion Strategy:Ad/ertisin& T2 Ads )rint Ads

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Radi% Ads

S4$" Ana>ysis:-

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QDi&&er name in t e market QTrust %( )e%+le QMaruti suzuki india limited Ltd- is t e market leader (%r m%re t an a de'adeQAas a &reat dealers i+ ' ain in t e marketQDetter a(ter sales ser/i'e

QL%w maintenan'e '%st %( /e i'le

4!A #!SS!S
QE=+%rts are n%t t at &%%dQLesser diesel m%dels in t e market '%m+are t% %t ers Q@l%bal ima&e is n%t t at bi&

Q@reat %++%rtunities t% &% &l%bal wit su''ess %( Swi(t and SE; all%/er QIntr%du'ti%n %( m%re diesel m%dels- T e diesel 'ar se&ment is &r%win& Q4++%rtunit, t% &r%w bi&&er b, enterin& int% bi&&er 'ar markets QAlread, a market leader s% &reat %++%rtunit, t% be t e kin& %( market in e/er, sta&e %( industr,

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Q!%rei&n '%m+anies enterin& marketJ s% a bi&&er t reat (r%m MN3sQT% t e market s are* as man, bi& names are '%min& in t e industr, QT ere is ardl, an, diesel m%dels QRs- " lak K Rs- "-? lak 'ar

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Portfo>io Ana>ysis

MA"RI0 $f MAR,"I S,-, I

$7 R: T3e Com%any 3as 2on' run o%%ortunity for 'ro$t3 and %rofita7i2ity"
T3ey 3ave 3i'3 re2ative market s3are and 3i'3 #ro$t3 rate" S8I9T0 S8I9T

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

DESI&E /(D :E( ESTILO is t3e fast 'ro$in' and 3as %otentia2 to 'ain su7stantia2 %rofit in t3e market"

89($70O: 4 R;: t3ere are a2so ca22ed as $i2d cats t3at are ne$
%roducts $it3 %otentia2 for success 7ut t3ere cas3 needs are 3i'3 /nd cas3 'eneration is 2o$" In auto industry of M/&UTI S;<0 #&/(D =IT/&/0 /ST/& t3ere 3as 7een im%rove t3e or'anization re%utation /s t3ey $ant successfu2 not on2y in Indian market 7ut as $e22 as in '2o7a2 market"

3 $< 3OW: It 3as 3i'3 re2ative market s3are 7ut com%ete in 2o$
'ro$t3 rate as t3ey 'enerate cas3 in e>cess of t3eir needs" M/&UTI .++0 /LTO /(D 8/#(O& 3ave fa22en to 2adder - 6 < due to introduction of :E( EST/LIO and / ST/&"

*OG: T3e do's 3ave no market s3are and do not 3ave %otentia2 to 7rin' in
muc3 cas3"B/LE(O0 OMI(I0 =E&S/ T3ere 7usiness 3ave 2i?uidated and trim do$n t3us T3e strate'ies ado%ted are t3at are 3arvest0 divest and dro%"

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=3G matri>

can serves as a sim%2e too2 for vie$in' a cor%oration@s

7usiness %ortfo2io at a '2ance 0 and may serves as a startin' %oint for discussin' resource a22ocation amon' strate'ic 7usiness units"

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Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

Maruti 'aters t% all se&ment and as a +r%du't %((erin& at all +ri'e +%ints- It as a 'ar +ri'ed at Rs-"*$>*<<<-<< w i' is t e l%west %((er %n r%ad- Maruti &ets ><9 business (r%m re+eat bu,ers w % earlier ad %wned a Maruti 'ar- T eir +ri'in& strate&, is t% +r%/ide an %+ti%n t% e/er, 'ust%mer l%%kin& (%r u+ &radati%n in is 'ar- T eir s%le m%ti/e %( a/in& s% man, +r%du't %((erin& is t% be in t e '%nsiderati%n set %( e/er, +assen&er 'ar 'ust%mer in India- Aere is %w e/er, +ri'e +%int is '%/ered-

$!.:o. *

=R :* GR :* /07 R /T

/ R0 :7$ MT /T =;I :;I A SE/TE& B SE/TE& L;i =Di :;i L; L;i =;I =;I 4/BS5

>R03( 0: > 70 L *A0,<0+A< *.0BA0A)* )0CA0-,C .0A*0-A< ,0C.0A+, ,0A<0C+) <0,B0)A< B0-,0+,+ B0<*0C<+ -0-<0+*C -0))0+-. -0C+0-BC <0,*0BA. B0,,0<,C


< B

$)4 4 R970 ((3O 4 R970 $W017

4 R970 W GO:-R

4 R970 G?>$?

*"-L ST

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4 R970 +(: ($70LO

DT L; L;I =;I

B0<A0A.. -0,.0<+A -0),0.BA -0.)0<B< ,0,*0C,,0+B0-AC <0+A0C.+ B0+B0*,A B0-A0B*, ,0)B0)+B ,0..0)+* ,0*A0,)C ,0-<0-)B

C *+

4 R970 O4:0 R07+ L)0 R07+ +)0 R07+ /*0 4 R970 L7O

C/&#O C/&#O L1# L;I :;I =DI L; L;I



4 R970 800


$FF!RI#/ $#! S"$P SH$P "$ C,S"$M!RS $R CR!A"I#/ +IFF!R!#" R!V!#,! S"R!AMS
Maruti as su''ess(ull, de/el%+ed di((erent re/enue streams wit %ut makin& u&e in/estments in t e (%rm %( MDS* N7N* Maruti Insuran'e and Maruti !inan'e- T ese el+ t em in makin& t e 'ust%mer e=+erien'e assle (ree and el+s buildin& 'ust%mer satis(a'ti%nere m%re t an $<9 %( 'ars are (inan'ed* Maruti as strate&i'all, entered int% t is and as su''ess(ull, 'reated a re/enue stream (%r Maruti- T is as been (%und t% be a ma.%r dri/er in '%n/ertin& a Maruti 'ar sale in 'ertain 'ases- !inan'e is %ne %( t e ma.%r de'isi%n dri/ers in 'ar +ur' ase- Maruti as tied u+ wit $ (inan'e '%m+anies t% (%rm a '%ns%rtium- T is '%ns%rtium '%m+rises 3iti'%r+ Maruti* Maruti

Maruti FinanceM In a market w

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

3%untr,wide* I3I3I Dank* AD!3 Dank* K%tak Ma indra* Sundaram !inan'e* Dank %( )un.ab and IndusInd Dank Ltd-( erstw ile0As %k Le,land !inan'e)as br%u& t all 'ar insuran'e needs under %ne r%%(- Maruti as tied u+ wit Nati%nal Insuran'e 3%m+an,* Da.a. Allianz* New India Assuran'e and R%,al Sundaram t% brin& t is ser/i'e (%r its 'ust%mers- !r%m identi(,in& t e m%st suitable 'ar '%/era&e t% /irtuall, assle0(ree 'laim assistan'e itGs ,%ur dealer w % takes 'are %( e/er,t in&- Maruti Insuran'e is a assle0(ree wa, (%r 'ust%mers t% a/e t eir 'ars re+aired and 'laims +r%'essed at an, Maruti dealer w%rks %+ in India-

Maruti Insurance M Insuran'e bein& a ma.%r '%n'ern %( 'ar %wners- Maruti

"rue Va>ue 1 Initiati9e to ca?ture used car ;arket

An%t er si&ni(i'ant de/el%+ment is MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITEDGs entr, int% t e used 'ar market in 7<<"* all%win& 'ust%mers t% brin& t eir /e i'le t% a GMaruti True 2alueG %utlet and e=' an&e it (%r a new 'ar* b, +a,in& t e di((eren'e- T e, are %((ered l%,alt, dis'%unts in return-T is el+s t em retain t e 'ust%mer- Fit Maruti True 2alue 'ust%mer as a trusted name t% entrust in a i& l, un%r&anized market and w ere ' eatin& is ram+ant and t e bi&&est '%n'ern in bi&&est dri/er %( sale is trust- Maruti kn%ws its stren&t in Indian market and as (illed t is &a+ %( +r%/idin& trust in Indian used 'ar market- Maruti as 'reated a s,stem w ere dealers +i'k u+ used 'ars* re'%nditi%n t em* &i/e t em a (res warrant,* and sell t em a&ain- All in/estments (%r True 2alue are made b, dealers- Maruti as build u+ a str%n& netw%rk %( ">7 s %wr%%ms a'r%ss t e nati%n- T e used 'ar market as a u&e +%tential in India- T e used 'ar market in de/el%+ed markets was 705 times as lar&e as t e new 'ar marketN7NM 3ar maintenan'e is a time0'%nsumin& +r%'ess* es+e'iall, i( ,%u %wn a (leet- Maruti:s N7N !leet Mana&ement S%luti%ns (%r '%m+anies* takes 'are %( t e A0Z %( aut%m%bile +r%blems- Ser/i'es in'lude end0t%0end ba'ku+sRs%luti%ns a'r%ss t e /e i'le:s li(eM Leasin&* Maintenan'e* 3%n/enien'e ser/i'es and Remarketin&as establis ed t is wit t e &%al t% 'a+ture t e market w ere t ere is in ibiti%n in bu,in& 'ars due t% inabilit, t% dri/e t e 'ar- T is brin&s t at 'ust%mer t% Maruti s %wr%%m and Maruti ends u+ 'reatin& a 'ust%mer-

Maruti +ri9ing Sc:oo> %M+S*: Maruti

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur


Maruti:s 'ust%mer 'entri'it, is /er, mu' e=em+li(ied b, t e (i/e times '%nse'uti/e wins at 1 D )%wer 3SI Awards- !%'us %n 'ust%mer satis(a'ti%n is w at Maruti li/es wit - Maruti as su''ess(ull, s ed %(( t e +ubli'0 se't%r laid ba'k attitude ima&e and as in'ul'ated t e 'ust%mer0(riendl, a++r%a' in its %r&anizati%n 'ulture- T e 'ust%mer 'entri' attitude is imbibed in its em+l%,ees- Maruti dealers and em+l%,ees are answerable t% e/en a sin&le 'ust%mer '%m+lain- T ere are instan'es %( 'an'ellati%n %( dealers i+s based %n 'ust%mer (eedba'kMaruti as taken a number %( initiati/es t% ser/e 'ust%mer well- T e, a/e e/en ' an&ed t eir s %wr%%m la,%ut s% t at 'ust%mer as t% walk minimum in t e s %wr%%m and t ere are n%rms (%r ser/i'e times and deli/er, %( /e i'les- T e Dealer Sales E=e'uti/e* w % is t e (irst intera'ti%n medium wit t e Maruti 'ust%mer w en t e 'ust%mer walks in Maruti s %wr%%m* is trained %n &reetin& eti6uettes- Maruti as +r%+er 'ust%mer '%m+lain andlin& 'ell under t e 3RM de+artment- T e Maruti 'all 'enter is an%t er e((%rt w i' brin&s Maruti 'l%ser t% its 'ust%mer- T eir Market Resear' de+artment remains %n its t%es t% stud, t e ' an&in& '%nsumer be a/i%ur and market needs-Maruti en.%,s se/ent, +er'ent re+eat bu,ers w i' (urt er b%lsters t eir 'laim %( bein& 'ust%mer (riendl,- Maruti is in/estin& a l%t %( m%ne, and e((%rt in buildin& 'ust%mer l%,alt, +r%&rammes-

C$MMI""!+ "$ M$"$RI-I#/ I#+IA

Maruti is '%mmitted t% m%t%rizin& India- Maruti is ri& t n%w w%rkin& t%wards makin& t in&s sim+le (%r Indian '%nsumers t% u+&rade (r%m tw%0w eelers t% t e 'ar- T%wards t is end* Maruti +artners i+s wit State Dank %( India and its Ass%'iate Danks t%%k %r&anized (inan'e t% small t%wns t% enable +e%+le t% bu, Maruti 'ars- Rs- 7?## s' eme was %ne %( t e %ut'%mes %( t is e((%rtMaruti e=+e'ts t e '%m+a't 'ars* w i' 'urrentl, '%nstitute ar%und $<9 %( t e market* t% be t e en&ine %( &r%wt in t e (uture- R%bust e'%n%mi' &r%wt * (a/%rable re&ulat%r, (ramew%rk* a((%rdable (inan'e and im+r%/ements in in(rastru'ture (a/%r &r%wt %( t e +assen&er /e i'les se&ment- T e l%w +enetrati%n le/els at > +er t %usand and risin& in'%me le/els will au&ur well (%r t e aut% industr,Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

Maruti is bus, (ine0tunin& an%t er inn%/ati%n- F ile resear' in& t e, (%und t at rural +e%+le ad stran&e n%ti%ns ab%ut a 'ar 0 t at t e EMI (e6uated m%nt l, instalments) w%uld ran&e between Rs ;*<<< and Rs ?*<<<- T at* +lus an%t er Rs "*?<<07*<<< (%r m%nt l, maintenan'e* an%t er Rs "*<<< (%r (uel (w%uld be t e '%st %( usin& t e 'ar)- T% '%unter t at a++re ensi%n* t e '%m+an, is w%rkin& %n a n%/el idea- 3%ntr%l %/er t e (uel bill is in t e '%nsumerGs ands- Dut* maintenan'e need n%t be- Sa,s K attarM HF at t e '%m+an, is d%in& n%w is sa,in& %w mu' ,%u s+end %n (uel is in ,%ur ands an,wa,- As (ar as t e maintenan'e '%st is '%n'erned* i( ,%u want it t at wa,* we will ' ar&e a little e=tra in t e EMI and %((er (ree maintenan'e-H

MAR,"I !M!R/I#/ AS R@+ H,7 F$R S,-, I M$"$R C$RP$RA"I$#

1a+anese aut% ma.%r Suzuki is all set t% '%n/ert Maruti suzuki india limited Ltd:s resear' and de/el%+ment (RID) (a'ilit, as its Asia ub b, 7<<> (%r t e desi&n and de/el%+ment %( new '%m+a't 'ars* a''%rdin& t% a t%+ %((i'ial %( t e (irm- T e '%untr,:s leadin& 'ar manu(a'turer will make substantial in/estments t% u+&rade its resear' and de/el%+ment 'entre at @ur&a%n in Aar,ana (%r e=e'utin& desi&n and de/el%+ment +r%.e'ts (%r Suzuki- T is in'ludes l%'alisati%n* m%dernisati%n and &reater use %( '%m+%site te' n%l%&ies in u+'%min& m%delsT e '%m+an, will be irin& m%re s%(tware en&ineers and te' n%'rats t% andle Suzuki:s RID +r%.e'ts- In/estment w%uld be m%re in terms %( man+%wer t an in in(rastru'ture* w i' is alread, in +la'e- A+art (r%m w%rkin& %n inn%/ati/e (eatures* t e RID teams will (%'us %n latest te' n%l%&ies usin& 3AD03AM t%%ls t% r%ll %ut new m%dels t at will meet t e needs %( MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED:s di/erse 'ust%mers in t e (uture-


Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

%A*":e Bua>ity Ad9antage

Maruti Suzuki %wners e=+erien'e (ewer +r%blems wit t eir /e i'les t an an, %t er 'ar manu(a'turer in India (1-D- )%wer ISS Stud, 7<<;)- T e Alt% was ' %sen N%-" in t e +remium '%m+a't 'ar se&ment and t e Esteem in t e entr, le/el mid 0 size 'ar se&ment a'r%ss # +arameters-

%&*A 7uying !C?erience Like #o $t:er

Maruti Suzuki as a sales netw%rk %( 5<> state0%( 0t e0art s %wr%%ms a'r%ss "$# 'ities* wit a w%rk(%r'e %( %/er 8<<< trained sales +ers%nnel t% &uide MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED 'ust%mers in (indin& t e ri& t 'ar-

%D*Bua>ity Ser9ice Across A'DE Cities

In t e 1-D- )%wer 3SI Stud, 7<<;* Maruti Suzuki s'%red t e i& est a'r%ss all > +arametersM least +r%blems e=+erien'ed wit /e i'le ser/i'ed* i& est ser/i'e 6ualit,* best in0ser/i'e e=+erien'e* best ser/i'e deli/er,* best ser/i'e ad/is%r e=+erien'e* m%st user0(riendl, ser/i'e and best ser/i'e initiati%n e=+erien'e#79 %( Maruti Suzuki %wners (eel t at w%rk &ets d%ne ri& t t e (irst time durin& ser/i'e- T e 1-D)%wer 3SI stud, 7<<; als% re/eals t at #>9 %( Maruti Suzuki %wners w%uld +r%babl, re'%mmend t e same make %( /e i'le* w ile #<9 %wners w%uld +r%babl, re+ur' ase t e same make %( /e i'le-

%6*$ne Sto? S:o?

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

At Maruti Suzuki* 'ust%mers will (ind all 'ar related needs met under %ne r%%(- F et er it is eas, (inan'e* insuran'e* (leet mana&ement ser/i'es* e=' an&e0 Maruti Suzuki is set t% +r%/ide a sin&le0 wind%w s%luti%n (%r all 'ar related needs-

%F* ":e LoG Cost Maintenance Ad9antage

T e a'6uisiti%n '%st is un(%rtunatel, n%t t e %nl, '%st 'ust%mers (a'e w en bu,in& a 'ar- Alt %u& a 'ar ma, be a((%rdable t% bu,* it ma, n%t ne'essaril, be a((%rdable t% maintain* as s%me %( its re&ularl, used s+are +arts ma, be +ri'ed 6uite stee+l,- N%t s% in t e 'ase %( a Maruti Suzuki- It is in t e e'%n%m, se&ment t at t e a((%rdabilit, %( s+ares is m%st '%m+etiti/e* and it is ere w ere Maruti Suzuki s ines-

%E*LoGest Cost of $Gners:i?

T e i& est satis(a'ti%n ratin&s wit re&ard t% '%st %( %wners i+ am%n& all m%dels are all Maruti Suzuki /e i'lesM Zen* Fa&%n R* swi(t dzire* Maruti $<<* Alt% and 4mni-

%2* "ec:no>ogica> Ad9antage

It as intr%du'ed t e su+eri%r "8 T ; A,+erte' en&ines a'r%ss t e entire Maruti Suzuki ran&e- T is new te' n%l%&, arnesses t e +%wer %( a brain, "80bit '%m+uter t% a (uel0e((i'ient ;0/al/e en&ine t% 'reate %+timum en&ine deli/er,- T is means e/er, Maruti Suzuki %wner &ets t e ideal '%mbinati%n %( +%wer and +er(%rman'e (r%m is 'ar-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

#!4 I#I"IA"IV!S I# MAR,"I S,-, I LIMI"!+ %one sto? s:o? to ;eet a>> your needs*

In an e((%rt t% be'%me a '%m+lete 'ar '%m+an,* Maruti as entered t e 'ar insuran'e business as well- It %((ers t e 'ust%mer all t e ad/anta&es %( settlin& insuran'e 'laims dire'tl, wit an, %( t e '%m+an,:s aut %rized dealers- Maruti Insuran'e is %ne %( t e m%st ren%wned 'ar insuran'e '%m+anies in India- T e '%m+an, as ties u+ wit Da.a. Allianz* Nati%nal Insuran'e 3%m+an,* R%,al Sundaram* and New India Assuran'e- 3ar insuran'e +%li', %( Maruti Insuran'e is a sin&le s%luti%n t% all ,%ur 'ar insuran'e needs* w i' ma, in'lude instant +%li', issuan'e t% +%st a''ident re+airs %n near 'as 0less basis- Aut%m%bileindia-'%m (urnis es detailed in(%rmati%n %n Maruti Insuran'e-

":e 7asics Features of Maruti Insurance:

3ar insuran'e under Maruti Insuran'e as a (ew basi' (eatures- Aut%m%bileindia-'%m (urnis es detailed in(%rmati%n %n Maruti Insuran'eU Maruti +r%/ides m%t%r insuran'e (%r Maruti /e i'les %nl,* w i' e='ludes T ird )art, +%li'iesU Maruti Insuran'e is a/ailable t% 'ust%mers %nl, t r%u& Maruti dealer netw%rk all %/er IndiaU Maruti Insuran'e +r%/ides insuran'e (%r Maruti /e i'les u+ t% > ,ears %ld- 4ne %( t e bi&&est +lus +%ints %( insurin& under Maruti Insuran'e* t e /e i'le 'an remain under '%/er as l%n& as it lasts-

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Ad/anta&es %( insurin& wit Maruti Insuran'eM Maruti Insuran'e %((ers a number %( ad/anta&es* w i' '%ntributes t% its immense +%+ularit,- Aut%m%bileindia-'%m (urnis es detailed in(%rmati%n %n Maruti Insuran'e-

T is business +r%/ides '%m+lete (leet s%luti%ns t% '%r+%rate and instituti%ns- Dranded Maruti N7N* t is ser/i'e in'ludes t e (%ll%win&M 'ust%mized 'ar +%li'ies* e'%n%mi'al 'ar leasin&* maintenan'e* ser/i'in&* re&istrati%n* insuran'e* emer&en', assistan'e* a''ident mana&ement and e/entual re0sale %( 'ars-

Maruti !inan'e %((ers t e best (inan'e +a'ka&es t% '%nsumers a'r%ss t e entire Maruti ran&e- T e ser/i'e is bein& e=tended a'r%ss t e '%untr, in a + ased manner Maruti is t e leadin& '%m+an, in t e Indian +assen&er 'ar market- A market s are %( ?; +er 'ent (%ll%wed b, a %st %( +%+ular m%dels in /ari%us se&ments like Maruti $<<* 4mni* Esteem* Dalen%* Swi(t and t e like as ensured t at Maruti '%ntinues t% be a ma.%r (%r'e in t e Indian aut%m%bile marketA%we/er* t% maintain its +r%minent +%siti%n in t e midst %( in'reasin&l, e=+andin& Indian aut%m%bile market and t e entr, %( Indian and (%rei&n aut% ma.%rs* Maruti as '%me u+ wit a number %( inn%/ati%ns and Maruti 3ar !inan'e is %ne %( t e +%+ular su' %+ti%n-As +art %( t e Maruti 'ar (inan'e* t e '%m+an, as entered int% tie0u+s wit leadin& banks and (inan'ial instituti%ns in t e '%untr,-Maruti +r%/ides (%r (inan'in& el+ wit t e State Dank %( India (SDI)* 3itiDank* K%tak Ma indra Dank and a (ew %t ersIn additi%n t%* Maruti 3%untr,wide and 3iti'%r+ Maruti !inan'e are t e tw% .%int /entures %( Maruti wit t e leadin& names like @E 3a+ital and 3itiDank t at +r%/ides (%r (inan'in& and l%an assistan'e (%r bu,in& all 'ate&%ries %( Maruti 'ars--

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MAR,"I /!#,I#! ACC!SS$RI!S

A sin&le +%int %( '%nta't*Aassle0(ree transa'ti%ns*Emer&en', Assistan'e *2irtuall, 3as less Re+airs )%st a''ident re+airs and insuran'e su++%rt at an, dealer w%rks %+- Maruti Suzuki @enuine )arts and A''ess%ries are +ri'ed /er, '%m+etiti/el, and %((er a 'ust%mer best /alue (%r m%ne, and 6ualit,- Dr%wse t r%u& t e '%m+lete ran&e %( a''ess%ries and '%nta't t e nearest dealer (%r m%re details-

MAR,"I "R,! VAL,!

Maruti as taken its (irst ste+s in t e +re0%wned 'ar business under t e brand name %( Maruti True 2alue- Usin& t eir te' n%l%&i'al e=+ertise* netw%rk su++%rt and t e e=+erien'e t e, a/e &ained in t e last "$ ,ears* t e '%m+an, ensures t e 'ust%mers &ets &reat /alue and '%m+letes t e transa'ti%n zer% assles-



Maruti Suzuki as als% set u+ state0%(0t e0art 'all 'enters (%+erati%nal in Del i* @ur&a%n* Mumbai* 3 ennai* Dan&al%re and A,derabad) Dranded An,time Maruti* t is 7; %ur el+0 line 'lari(ies all d%ubts and 6ueries re&ardin& Suzuki an, time %( t e da, %r ni& t- T e t%ll (ree n%- is "$<<0"$<<0"$<-

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4a,u"i $u.u5i !aunches

!"o-;10 (4 9G 2010)

4n t e %''asi%n %( Alt%0K"< laun' * Mr. S:inzo #akanis:i* Mana&in& Dire't%r and 3E4* Maruti Suzuki India* said BT e Alt%Gs +a'ka&e %( +er(%rman'e* (uel e((i'ien', and attra'ti/e '%st %( %wners i+ a/e t%&et er made it IndiaGs m%st +%+ular 'ar- T e Alt%0K"< will take t is (%rward- T ere are a &r%win& number %( (irst time bu,ers w % seek m%re +%wer* +er(%rman'e and attitude in t eir 'ar* wit %ut a/in& t% stret' all t e wa, t% bu, a i& er se&ment 'ar- T e Alt%0K"< is meant (%r t emCAi& li& ts %( Alt%0K"< !uel e((i'ien',M 7<-7 km +er litre 0 t e se&ment i& est am%n& +etr%l 'ars in A7

)er(%rman'eM Alt%0K"< 'an a''elerate (r%m < t% "<< km+ in .ust "5-5 se'%nds

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Market Research Project

Title Customer Satisfaction Survey of Maruti Suzuki India limited Project involves:
-Introduction about Maruti -Quantitative research -Awareness regarding the facilities provided by Maruti -Overall opinion about Maruti

Researc Met odolo!y:

The purpose of methodology is to describe the process involved in research work. This includes the overall research design data collection method the field survey and the analysis of data.

Researc "#jective:
To find the satisfaction amongst the customers of Maruti.

Researc $esi!n:

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!etailed and structured "uestionnaire was designed. #urvey a sample of $%% customers. The methodology developed was &rimary and #econdary research. The "uestionnaire was designed to get information from customers about their satisfaction and overall opinion about Maruti.

Sources of $ata:
&rimary data #econdary data

%ield of Survey:
The field work for the survey was conducted in &atiala. The e'ercise involved face to face interview with the customers.

The important factors and data(s collected were se"uentially analy)ed and graphed.

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'() *no+led!ea#le sales ,erson*nowledgeable #alesperson #trongly !isagree !isagree +either !isagree +or Agree Agree #trongly Agree +o.Of ,espondents % % % ./ $0 &ercentage %%%./$0-

./- people agreed that the sales persons are knowledgeable and $0- strongly disagreed that the sales persons are knowledgeable.

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'.) /m,loyees s,ent enou! time +it you #efore sales-

1mployees spent enough time with you before sales #trongly !isagree !isagree +either !isagree +or Agree Agree #trongly Agree

+o.of ,espondents % % % /0 2/

&ercentage %%%/02/-

/0- people agreed that the sales persons spent enough time with them before the sales and 2/strongly agreed with this.

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'0) /m,loyees s,ent enou! time +it you durin! sales-

1mployees spent enough time with you during sales #trongly !isagree !isagree +either !isagree +or Agree Agree #trongly Agree

+o.of ,espondents % 0 % /3 20

&ercentage %0%/320-

),F a'reed t3at sa2es %ersons s%ent enou'3 time $it3 t3em durin' t3e sa2es 0 $3i2e -<F stron'2y a'reed t3at t3e sa2es %ersons s%ent enou'3 time $it3 t3em durin' sa2es and on2y <F disa'reed $it3 t3is"

'1) /m,loyees s,ent enou! time +it you after sales-

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1mployees spent enough time with you after sales #trongly !isagree !isagree +either !isagree +or Agree Agree #trongly Agree

+o.of ,espondents % 33 % 40 3/

&ercentage %33%403/-

/%- agreed that the sales persons spent enough time with them after sales 3/- strongly agreed with this and $0- disagreed that the sales persons spent enough time with them after sales.

'2)$is,lay of merc andize stron!ly disa!ree-

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!isplay of Merchandi)e #trongly !isagree !isagree +either !isagree +or Agree Agree #trongly Agree

+o.of ,espondents % % % 50 /

&ercentage %%%50/-

50- agreed that the display of merchandi)e was attractive and /- strongly agreed that the display of merchandi)e was attractive.

'3) &vaila#ility of t e Product

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

Availability of the &roduct #trongly !isagree !isagree +either !isagree +or Agree Agree #trongly Agree

+o.Of ,espondents % 0 % 5$ 4

&ercentage %0%5$4-

5$- agreed that the availability of the product was there 4- strongly agreed that the availability was there while only 0- said they disagreed with this.

'4) 5ariety6Selection of Merc andize

6ariety7#election of Merchandi)e

+o.of ,espondents


Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

#trongly !isagree !isagree +either !isagree +or Agree Agree #trongly Agree

% / % .8 8


.8- agreed that there was variety7selection of merchandi)e whereas 8- strongly agreed that enough variety was there and /- disagreed with this.

'7) 5e icle in 8ood Condition

6ehicle in 9ood :ondition #trongly !isagree

+o.of ,espondents %

&ercentage %-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

!isagree +either !isagree +or Agree Agree #trongly Agree

3 % .3 $/


.3- agreed that the vehicle was in good condition when delivered $/- strongly agreed with this whereas only 3- disagreed with this.

'9) Prices &re &fforda#le

&rices Are Affordable #trongly !isagree !isagree

+o.of ,espondents % $3

&ercentage %$3-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

+either !isagree +or Agree Agree #trongly Agree

$4 3$ 43


/0- strongly agreed that the prices are affordable 3$- agreed that the prices are affordable whereas only $4- said that they neither disagreed nor agreed with this.

'(:) &ttractive $iscounts "ffered

Attractive !iscounts Offered #trongly !isagree !isagree +either !isagree +or Agree Agree +o.of ,espondents % 3/ % 08 &ercentage %3/%08-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

#trongly Agree



44- agreed that the discounts offered are attractive 20- strongly agreed with this while $$disagreed and said that the discounts offered were not attractive.

'(() $;cor "f T e <aitin! &rea Is Pleasin!

!;cor Of The <aiting Area Is &leasing #trongly !isagree !isagree

+o.of ,espondents % %

&ercentage %%-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

+either !isagree +or Agree Agree #trongly Agree

% .% 3%


.%-agreed that the d;cor of the waiting area was pleasing while 3%- strongly agreed that the d;cor of the waiting area was pleasing

'(.) "ffered & Test $rive

Offered A Test !rive #trongly !isagree !isagree +either !isagree +or Agree

+o.of ,espondents % 3% %

&ercentage %3%%-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

Agree #trongly Agree

80 /


80-agreed that the test drive was offered to them /- strongly agreed that the test drive was offered while 3%- disagreed with this.

'(0) Post Sales %ollo+ =, $one Re!ularly

&ost #ales ,egularly



!one +o.of ,espondents % $4 %

&ercentage %$4%-

#trongly !isagree !isagree +either !isagree +or Agree

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

Agree #trongly Agree

45 3/


45-agreed that the post sales follow ups are done regularly $4-disagreed with this.

3/- srongly agreed and

'(1) Res,onds To com,laints 'uickly

+o.of ,espondents % 5 $3 /$ $.

,esponds To complaints Quickly #trongly !isagree !isagree +either !isagree +or Agree Agree #trongly Agree

&ercentage %5$3/$$.-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

/0- agreed that the response to complaints is "uick $.- strongly agreed nor disagreed and /- disagreed with this.

$3- neither agreed

'(2) Service &t Maruti Service Station Is />cellent

#ervice At Maruti #ervice #tation Is 1'cellent #trongly !isagree !isagree +either !isagree +or Agree Agree #trongly Agree

+o.of ,espondents % 0 % .3 $0

&ercentage %0%.3$0-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

.3- said that the service at maruti service station is e'cellent $0- strongly agreed while only 0disagreed with this.

'(3) Careful <it Personal Information

:areful <ith &ersonal Information #trongly !isagree !isagree +either !isagree +or Agree Agree #trongly Agree

+o.of ,espondents % % . .4 8

&ercentage %%..48-

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.4- agreed that yes they were careful with personal information strongly agreed with this and .neither agreed nor disagreed.

'(4) &ll T e Commitments &re %ulfilled

All The :ommitments Are =ulfilled #trongly !isagree !isagree +either !isagree +or Agree Agree #trongly Agree

+o.of ,espondents % 8 % / .8

&ercentage %8%/.8-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

50- strongly agreed that all the commitments were fulfilled and /- agreed with this.

'(7) 5alue %or Money

6alue =or Money #trongly !isagree !isagree +either !isagree +or Agree Agree #trongly Agree

+o.of ,espondents % % % 3 5.

&ercentage %%%35.-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

5.- strongly agreed that maruti provides value for money while 3- agreed with this.

'(9) &re you a+are of t e follo+in! facilities ,rovided #y Maruti

Are you aware of the following facilities provided by maruti

Maruti insurance ?es +o

+o.of ,espondents 5. 3

&ercentage 5.3-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

5.- said yes that they are aware about maruti insurance while only 3- said that they were not aware.

'.:) />tended +arranty

+o.of ,espondents 58 2

1'tended warranty ?es +o

&ercentage 582-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

58- said they were aware about e'tended warranty and 2- said that they did not know about this.

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

'.()True value

True value ?es +o

+o.of ,espondents 5. 3

&ercentage 5.3-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

5.- said they were aware about true value and 3- said they were not aware.

'..) Maruti %inance

Maruti finance ?es +o

+o.of ,espondents 84 34

&ercentage 8434-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

84- said that they were aware about maruti finance and 34- said that they were not aware of it.

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

+o.of ,espondents .0 $/

Auto card ?es +o

&ercentage .0$/-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

.0- said that they were aware about auto card and $/- said that they were not aware of it.

'.1) 8enuine &ccessories

9enuine Accessories ?es +o

+o.of ,espondents .4 $4

&ercentage .4$4-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

.4- said that they were aware of genuine accessories available and $4- said they were not aware.

'.2) < at is your overall o,inion a#out Maruti-

:hoice 6ery bad @ad +either bad nor good 9ood 6ery good

+o.of ,espondents % % % 0 5/

&ercentage %%%05/-

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

5/- said that there overall opinion about maruti was that it is very good while 0- said that it is good. Aow likely would you recommend marutiB

5%- people said they would very likely recommend maruti to other people and $%- said they would likely recommend maruti to others.


Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

On an average more than 73% people feel that the prices are affordable whereas 12% do not agree, 74% believe that attractive discounts are offered whereas 26% are not satisfied with the discounts offered. 2 % said that the test drives are not offered and 1!% said that post sales follow ups are not done regularl" whereas #!% said that the" were done regularl" but people feel that it is the people$s car as it is satisfactor" on all other parameters% &nowledgeable sales persons , emplo"ees spent enough time before and during sales, displa" of merchandise is attractive, availabilit" of product, variet" of merchandi'e, vehicle in good condition, prices are affordable, attractive discounts are offered, d(cor of the waiting area is pleasing, responds to complaints )uic&l", service at maruti service station is e*cellent, careful with personal information and is value for mone" . +he overall opinion about ,aruti is ver" good.

R( $ 1OR 04>O/(4(:7 @ R(3O44(:* 70O:

Gua2ity of Dea2ers3i% s3ou2d 7e im%rove

Sri Sai University0 1a2am%ur

Uniform of Sa2es E>ecutives 1ro%er visitin' cards s3ou2d 7e avai2a72e to t3e e>ecutives Most2y dea2ers don@t 3ave t3eir s%ecific $e7site Maruti s3ou2d re'ard as 'enerous discount offers durin' 9estiva2 Season 2ike (avratra0 Duss3era0 and Di$a2i to 'earHu% t3eir sa2es Maruti s3ou2d advertise in S%orts 7ecause s%orts are increasin'2y cuttin' into t3e s3are of mass entertainment c3anne2s Maruti can start Money Bond Sc3eme instead of 'ivin' Cas3 Discount $it3 more va2ue" Customers e2i'i72e for an income 7ond0 encas3a72e after a *Byear %eriod" More test drives s3ou2d 7e offered" S3ou2d 7e more %articu2ar a7out 1ost Sa2es 9o22o$ U% as it s3o$s t3e concern of t3e com%any $it3 t3e customer"

S3ou2d %ut in more efforts to %romote Maruti 9inance 0 /utocard and /ccessories"


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T e +ri'e %( a 'ar is .ust %ne0t ird %( w at it '%st ,%u %/er its li(etimeRunnin& and maintainin& it make u+ t e %t er tw%0t irds- Take int% a''%unt resale /alue and its real '%st be'%mes 'lear- Maruti Suzuki stands (%r /alue as mu' as it stands (%r +er(%rman'e- In s+ite %( risin& in+ut '%sts* we tr, %ur best t% kee+ +ri'es d%wn- T eir runnin& '%sts and resale /alues are unbeatable t%%- N%t in& mat' es t e deli& t t eir 'ars deli/er- In t e 1D )%wer 3SI stud, 7<<?* $?9 %( Maruti Suzuki %wners stated t at t e, w%uld de(initel, re'%mmend t e 'ar t e, dri/e t% s%me%ne else- In(a't* ,%u d%n:t bu, a Maruti Suzuki- O%u in/est in itA(ter t e ras %( new 'ars laun' es t e +ast tw% ,ears* t e relati/e lull in t e aut% industr, is s %win& u+ in t e 'ust%mer satis(a'ti%n indi'es- A''%rdin& t% t e 7<<? (%ur0w eeler T%tal 3ust%mer Satis(a'ti%n (T3S) stud, '%ndu'ted b, t e s+e'ialist di/isi%n %( TNS Aut%m%ti/e* t e aut%m%bile %wners i+ e=+erien'e %r 'ust%mer %wners i+ e=+erien'e as de'lined in all areas '%m+ared t% 7<<;- T e stud, is %ne %( t e lar&est s,ndi'ated aut%m%ti/e studies in India* re+resentin& t e res+%nses %( m%re t an >*<<< new 'ar bu,ers- T e '%m+re ensi/e stud, '%/ers %/er ?< m%dels wit 'ust%mer e/aluati%ns taken in t e ke, areas %( sales satis(a'ti%n* +r%du't 6ualit,* /e i'le +er(%rman'e and desi&n* a(ter0sales ser/i'e* brand ima&e* and '%st0%(0%wners i+- T e T3S inde= s'%re +r%/ides a measure %( satis(a'ti%n and l%,alt, a &i/en m%del en.%,s wit its 'ust%mers- A''%rdin& t% TNS Aut%m%ti/e* t e de'line is +red%minantl, (%r %lder* small and entr, mid0size 'ar m%dels- T e a&ein& %( t ese m%dels seems t% be +%sin& a sti((er ' allen&e (%r manu(a'turers t% sustain +ast +er(%rman'e le/els at a time w en 'ust%mer e=+e'tati%ns are risin& s ar+l,-

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I Dave Taken &eferences from some $e7sites 2ikeI $$$"marutisuzuki"com $$$"'addi"com 8iki%edia Scri7d /ut3ourstream



-" <" B"



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