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Circular Saw Blades for Cross-Cutting

TTT is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality customized knives, saw blades and hard-coated wear parts for the pulp and paper industry worldwide. TTT has more than 40 years of experience and know-how in the manufacture of these products. Expertise covering different process conditions in areas ranging from the Nordic countries to the tropics enables us to tailor-make our saw blades with optimum hardness and toughness for all our customers applications.

ISO 9001:2000 Certied Quality

Large diameter solid steel circular saw blades are mainly used for cross-cutting logs in the pulp, paper and plywood industry. These blades are manufactured from hot-rolled special steel. Diameters typically vary from 1300 mm up to 2500 mm and thicknesses correspondingly from 4.5 mm up to 7 mm, depending on cutting conditions. Tooth forms are tailored for each customer depending on the wood species to be cut (hardwood, softwood, frozen wood), wood dry content, log diameters, etc. The recommended cutting speed is in the range 55 to 60 m/s. Blades are manufactured to be either uniform in thickness or conical in shape. The use of conical blades minimizes wood losses in cross-cutting. One of the key points in blade manufacture is the controlled heat treatment process. Due to the importance of this manufacturing phase, TTT performs the heat treatment of blades itself in all but certain special cases. Thanks to this procedure, TTT blades have optimum hardness combined with maximum straightness for a longer lifetime.

Circular Saw Blades for Cross-Cutting:

Benets of TTT knives:

Blades are tailor-made according to customers specic requirements Longer lifetime ensured by expertise in the manufacturing process Prior to customer deliveries all blades are nishedtensioned and test-rotated at recommended cutting speed All our blades are delivered to the customer readysharpened with settings for immediate use
Useful tips for re-sharpening and maintenance:

In addition to conventional solid steel circular saw blades, TTT manufactures Springtooth saw blades with inserted teeth.

Use the correct grinding stone, recommended type e.g. 964 A54/01 L8 V 656 Ensure the grinding stone edge is correctly rounded to avoid sharp edges in tooth bottoms and the risk of crack failure in blades Make sure blades are straightened and re-tensioned after each re-sharpening Subject your sharpening machine to regular maintenance

Major references:
Leading cross-cutting deck manufacturers like Andritz, FMW, Metso and Raute Most pulp, paper and plywood mills in the Nordic countries Numerous customers in Europe

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