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The key-topics here relate to [1]the ongoing effort to understand libs; [2]the latest immigration reform gambit; [3]The

Temple Mount is again the site of Arab Rioting; [4]Bullet-Points are ofinterest regarding (primarily) statewide issues; [5]Bullet-Points reinforce prior narratives [regarding ideology, the media, and the issues]; and [6]A friend provides input regarding how to handle Putin. Decoding a Dem A Colloquy The last blast ended with a back-and-forth with a Dem; earlier, I had been challenged regarding Cruz [the TEA party darling] and government-benefits. Cruz was attacked for holding positions on social issues of significant concern [Cruz is pro-life, with an exception only when a pregnancy endangers the mothers life.[77][78] Cruz opposes same-sex marriage, stating that he instead supports marriage between one man and one woman,[79] but believes that the legality of same-sex marriage should be left to each state to decide.]; further, they were portrayed as potential game-changers [This is highly problematic regardless of whether these issues are included in the so-called platform of fiscal responsibility and an expressed focus on foreign policy. You may be correct that there is diversity in views on social issues; but, this is your lead man the very one you would like to get the nomination. I cannot trust that his focus will not stray into social issues.]. This was my reply: Your choice will be between someone who is pro-life and otherwise fantastic vs. anyone who is 100% pro-choice and otherwise deeply-flawed, due to having supported BHO. Government benefits [Social Security, Medicare, and veterans education], it was argued, should not be opposed because inter alia these entities had received contributions from workers [financial] and from veterans [risking their lives]. Specifically, in the fourth quarter of 2011, 49,901,000 people received Social Security, 46,440,000 received Medicare, 3,178,000 veterans received benefits, and 34,000 veterans received educational assistance. Perhaps overall numbers are inflated to make a point [the very thing you disdain about most of the liberal media] but, regardless, I was dared to oppose these expenditures. This is my reply: I do not oppose these expenditures, but future potential-beneficiaries must accept a higher retirement-age, as they pay-in to social security and should be allowed to invest some of these monies privately [as might be done through other retirement programs]. Although the situation remains unsettled, there is considerable flux regarding efforts to prompt the full Senate to vote on PAs Mandatory Holocaust Education Bill; it is suspected, however, that further activity in this regard will not transpire until next week [for its Good Friday]. Key personnel have been IDed and the major impediments have been outed; necessary strategizing proceeds and, thus, until clarity has emerged, no effort will yet be promulgated to organize a mass-mailer or lobbying-deluge. Im told matters will have crystallized within a week and, immediately thereafter, a prognosis will be made; thus, in the interim, efforts will be focused on ensuring our people remain steadfast.

Because Boehner and GOP Leaders Pledged to Business Execs They Will Move On Amnesty This Year... for he is Hellbent on Getting This Done Illegal/Undocumented Immigration/Aliens is Re-Explored, In-Depth The problem is global.

Britains Media Sending Urgent Warning Over Illegal Muslim Immigration ~> USA, Civilized World, You Paying Any Attention? UK PM Wants to Strip Benefits from Immigrants Who Do Not Speak English labour-imported-immigrants-to-britain-for-votes The current situation is characterized by passive/aggressive behavior by Dems, so as to pressure Rs to permit passage of comprehensive reform which would yield amnesty [directly or indirectly]. dhs-is-ferrying-children-of-illegal-immigrants-to-their-parents-living-illegally-in-the-us Border Patrol: 57% of 414,397 Illegal Alien Arrests in 2013 Along Southwest Border Occurred in Texas ICE Released 2,837 Convicted Alien Sex Offenders Backdoor Amnesty: Deportation Cases Closed by Prosecutorial Discretion Up Almost 70% California Sends Bill to Let Illegal Immigrants Practice Law to Governor california-lawmakers-move-to-shield-illegal-immigrants-from-deportation californias-democrat-lawmakers-pass-bill-giving-drivers-licenses-to-illegal-aliens illegal-immigrant-granted-license-practice-law in ca drug-seizures-increase-as-immigrant-apprehensions-drop An NCPA study finds that occupational licensing is a barrier to employment, disproportionately affecting low-income and immigrant workers, and frequently benefitting established practitioners by limiting competition from new entrants. Rampant Bribery Is Corrupting U.S. Immigration Integrity Michigan Seeks Visas to Lure Immigrants to Detroit Illegal Aliens Awaiting Deportation Got Preferred Jobs in U.S. Prisons illegal-immigration-into-texas-increasing-slowly U.S. releases illegal immigrants who are sex offenders Avi Lipkin says OBAMA Plans to Legalize 50 Million Muslim Immigrants to America PILOTS STRIPPED of CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS FORCED to TRANSPORT TENS of 1000s of ILLEGAL MUSLIMS to US In addition, Illegals seemingly commit crimes disproportionate to their numbers. fijian-illegal-immigrant-relies-upon-violent-racist-tweets-to-support-her-demand-her-full-amnesty-andopen-border-demands/ illegal-alien-kills-young-american-after-us-law-enforcement-officials-fail-to-deport-him Nebraska Events to Honor Elderly Woman Allegedly Murdered by Illegal Immigrant illegal-alien-rapes-beats-kills-elderly-woman-found-naked-passed-out-on-top-of-her-corpse Intense lobbying is occurring, primarily from industry. Zuckerberg Launches Immigration App The Establishment-Rs are signaling they will accede to this pressure. boehner-wants-an-immigration-bill-says-white-house-official top-republican: legalize-the-illegal Cantor Changing Schedule to Push Immigration Through House? Republicans ready to push legal status for Illegals commentary magazine boehner-wont-split-gop-on-immigration-reform Count me among those who think the Senate bill was the right approach in many respects. The immigration system is broken and needs a complete overhaul that includes strengthening border security as well as dealing with the reality of approximately 12 million illegals, many of whom have been here for decades and are no threat to anyone.

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) asserted he sees no reason why the House cannot come to an agreement on a legal status for illegal aliens so long as other conditions are met.Goodlatte also stated that any amnesty proposal put forth by the GOP should include employment verification or entry-exit triggers to address concerns that any pending amnesty will simply be a repeat of 1986. Thats a reasonable concern. But I think it can be addressed[W]e can say the legal status is not provided until things like employment verification electronic employment verification or entry/exit visa programs are up and operating effectively. Last year, Chairman Goodlatte began suggesting Congress grant amnesty to certain subsets of the illegal alien population. Last fall, he said illegal aliens who claim to be brought to the U.S. as minors (socalled DREAMers) should be granted citizenship through education or military service requirements. (Politico, Sept. 19, 2013) I wouldnt give them what I would call a special pathway to citizenship, I would give them an earned pathway to citizenship, he said. (Id.) Regarding the broader illegal alien population, Goodlatte suggested Congress grant them immediate legalization and allow them to receive green cards and eventual citizenship through the current family-based and employment-based sponsorship channels. (Id.) We have to find the appropriate legal status for people who are not lawfully here, Goodlatte said. (Id.) The Great GOP Establishment Amnesty Swindle - With an eerie resemblance to the drumbeat leading up to Obamacare, Republican leaders are creating a sense of urgency that immigration must be addressed now. And much like Obamacare is doing to our already-broken healthcare system, their proposals will exacerbate the very factors that have broken our immigration system over the past few decades. However, GOP leaders know that their party base is not buying their sense of urgency, their understanding of why our immigration system is broken, and their solution to fixing it. And unlike Democrats who seek to empower and energize their base to fight Republicans, GOP leaders are planning to bamboozle the base into supporting them in 2014, only to drop the hammer on them a year later. 84-house-republicans-support-legalizing-undocumented-workers The Conservative-Rs are staunchly-opposed. Sen. Sessions: House Last Line of Defense for American Workers Against Amnesty If theres one thing that could blow up GOP chances for a good 2014, it would be an explosive debate over immigration in the House Rep. John Carter: Boehner Pushing Amnesty Distracts from Obamacare The Libs constantly conjure mechanisms by which Congressional passage might occur. Obama Expects Boehner to Get Immigration Reform Done in 2014 -- OBAMA is toning down his rhetoric on immigration: In meetings with immigration reform advocates, White House officials have said President Barack Obama wont threaten to take unilateral executive action at least not yet and that he wants to give House HOW AN IMMIGRATION DEAL MIGHT GET DONE NYT, A1, 2 Friends Reach Across the Aisle on Immigration, By Michael D. Shear : The two women might at first seem more like political rivals than a reminder of the way things used to work in Washington. Esther Olavarria, a Democrat, left Cuba as a child, worked as Senator Edward M. Kennedys top immigration lawyer and now holds a post in the White House. Rebecca Tallent, a Republican, left suburban Arizona and became Senator John McCains chief of staff, briefly advised Sarah Palin in 2008 and is now a top policy aide to Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio. But if there is any way to unlock the immigration stalemate in Washington, colleagues say these two might find it. A decade ago, the two women spent months in marathon back-room deal-making sessions as they repeatedly tried to bring lawmakers together on overhauls that would have given legal status to immigrants, secured the border and opened the country to more legal workers. In the process, they formed a friendship that transcended party affiliation.

white-house-doesnt-outright-reject-gop-amnesty-plan to grant work permits, but not citizenship, to 12 million illegal immigrants Associated Press Ignores Plans of Pro-Amnesty Supporters to Conference with Senate Immigration Organizer Asks for 200 Volunteers to Get Arrested at DC Rally Pelosi: We'll Do 'Whatever It Takes' to Conference with Senate on Immigration Illegals do encounter problems with daily-living. Immigrants living in the U.S. illegally returned to their mobile home parks in flood-ravaged Colorado to find that there was little left to salvage not the water-damaged cars, not the old family pictures and not the sheds carried away by the rushing waters. Big Labor is conflicted regarding its intent. afl-cio-bosses-officially-commit-to-legalizing-unionizing-immigrants-to-change-the-political-environment Some Illegals engage in provocative behavior, as BHO constantly expresses confidence hell get it. Immigrants Prepare for Reform 3,000 Illegal Immigrant Sex Offenders Released Under Court Order gutless-gop-fears-immigration-reform DHS CHIEF: ILLEGALS HAVE EARNED THE RIGHT TO BE CITIZENS Illegal activist mocks American Flag on FACEBOOK DICK DURBINS DREAMER: F*** ISRAEL

Bullet-Points of (Primarily) Statewide Interest Other issues related to Pennsylvania Politics: Tom Ferrick on Corbett [not complimentary] santorum-plans-to-stump-for-corbett Shuster has the fight of a decade on his hands from retired Coast Guard Capt. Art Halvorson Aument wins Lancaster County GOP straw poll for 36th senate seat The Fall-Agenda for the Pennsylvania House included pro-jobs measures, pension reform, and repairing the states transportation infrastructure without substantially increasing taxes. PA REVENUE EXPECTATIONS LOWERED BY $150M Next move Corbett's in long-running pension saga Pa. leads nation in structurally deficient bridges, two bills seek to fix them Bumsted: liquor reform lite on tap limited-liquor-reform-will-produce-no-real-winners PA/lawmakers-push-for-reforms-of-binding-arbitration-process union-abuses-force-pennsylvania-teachers-to-speak-out unions-use-students-as-bargaining-chips relocating-sexually-abusive-teachers-would-be-more-difficult-under-pennsylvania-bill pennsylvania-criminal-law-allows-union-violence-intimidation

Keystone Paycheck Reform Taxpayer resources shouldn't be used to collect political money house-leader-says-pennsylvania-reconsider-collecting-union-dues Former-teacher-union-official-sentenced-for-embezzlement Conservative groups, unions battle over pay in PA teacher-fired-watching-porn-school-gets-job-back-thanks to union teacher-unions-object-bill-prohibiting-convicted-rapists-schools jesse-watters-confronts-head-michigan-teachers-union-fighting-child-molesters-severance Corbett and Sen. Joe Scarnati (R-Jefferson) announced that $3.9 million was awarded to 81 schools and municipalities for placement of resource officers and police officers in PA schools. Slots_players_send_1_billion_bouquet_to_Pas_race_industry PA BUDGET DEBATE LIKELY TO INCLUDE GAMBLING EXPANSION pa-unemployment-rises pa-property-tax-elimination-plan-gains-co-sponsors-steam Judges put relatives on the payroll Unlike most states, Pennsylvania doesnt prohibit the hiring practice. allyson-schwartz-rolls-out-muscular-natural-gas-severance-tax-plan fracking-chemicals Corbetts Healthy PA is Another Blow to Taxpayers Legislatures cuts stick it to taxpayers welfare-becoming-harder-to-get-in-pa PA STING SCOUTED PRIVATE LIQUOR STORE SITES AG-Kane forgoes challenge to new EPA coal plant regulations Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley on Thursday took a veiled swipe at AG-Kane for criminally prosecuting an ExxonMobil subsidiary that had already agreed to pay a fine related to a 2010 Marcellus Shale wastewater spill. Other issues related to Philly: Rivalry intense for Philly's 2nd casino license Will Pope Francis visit Philly next year? philly D-Legislators taking leave and missing the vote pew-poll-nutters-approval-rating-plummets nutter-for-senate Double-dipping: Butkovitz_wants_lawyers views_on_Nutter_aides pay Butkovitz urges rejection of citys 5-year plan One of the two surviving members of the 1985 MOVE bombing in West Philadelphia has died in a cruise ship hot tub. Ruf__not_Byrd__should_be_Phillies_rightfielder

Other issues related to the Region: $155M approved to link I-95 and Pa. Turnpike MontCo commissioners face tough issues in repairing county building Plans for Northumberland County 'In God We Trust' museum From his PA compound, Fethullah Gulen shakes up Turkish politics

Inasmuch as Muslim Youths Rioted on Temple Mount and the IDF is Preparing to Storm Holy Site The Temple-Mount [In Jerusalem] is Re-Exploredm In-Depth The Temple-Mount is the focus [along with the Western Wall thereof] of Jewish yearning. temple-mount-is-it-worth-fighting-for the-big-problem-in-jerusalem-isnt-the-jews or the temple-mount mk-moshe-feiglins-video-tour-of-temple /moshe-feiglin/barring-jews-from-the-temple-mount 1964-2014: two Popes and the Temple Mount vladimir-putin: middle-east-conflict-is-about-the-temple-mount jews-standing-temple-mount Jews are not permitted to pray on the Temple-Mount. no-religious-freedom-for-jews-on-temple-mount Knesset Temple Mount Debate Tackles Jewish Prayer Rights Historic debate calls on government to give Jews equal prayer rights at holiest site in Judaism, and to implement Israeli sovereignty. Former Canadian Minister Stockwell Day was Shocked by Visit to Temple Mount when he saw discrimination towards Jews Congressmen [Senator Bill Johnson (R-OH) and Congressman David McKinley (R-WV)] Got Jewish Treatment on Temple Mount, after they underwent invasive security checks reserved for Jews Religious Zionist Leader Shocked and Outraged by Hareidi Rally Popular Arab Facebook Page Pillories Zionists for Allowing Jewish Child to Drink From Temple Mount Water Fountain 47-Jordanian-MPs-call-to-cancel-Israel-peace-treaty-over-Knesset-Temple-Mount-debate Police Promise: No More Soccer Games on Temple Mount Islamic Movement leader arrested over calls for Muslims to physically prevent Jews from visiting the Temple Mount. Rightist Settlers Break in to Temple Mount Says Maan English extremist-jews-on-the-temple-mount Arabs Control the Temple-Mount but, ceaselessly charge Israel with desecration that they are doing. Waqf Continues to Destroy Jewish Antiquities on the Temple-Mount, directly violating a court ruling. hamas-calls-teaneck-jews-on-temple-mount-settlers israel-desecrates-holy-sites [according-to-the-economist], predicated upon one incident of vandalism of Davids Tomb in Jerusalem by Jewish extremists and recent debates on allowing Jews to pray on the Temple Mount. PA-and-Hamas-ring-alarm-bells-over-Israeli-plans-to-impose-sovereignty-on-Temple-Mount fearing-judaization-of-temple-mount There have been many rioting-episodes in the past. riot-erupts-temple-mount

Arabs hole up in Temple Mount mosque Arabs Attack Police on Temple Mount temple-mount-closed-to-jews-on-sukkot-after-intelligence-indicates-violent-arab-plot muslims-throw-stones-at-jews-visiting-temple-mount-for-rosh-hashanah the-les-Misrables-special-you-will-only-see-on-passover Hatikvah

Bullet-Points OReillys Talking-Points Oreilly-blasted-craziness-over-voter-id-racism: this-is-a-ruse. advised photo on SS-card. OReilly shredded Holder: Do you think House Committee said lets get the black guy today? O'Reilly Said Conservatives Won't Watch Stephen Colbert {I disagree} [Stephen Colbert had mocked Bill O'Reilly to his face] [colbert-report-videos//water-crisis-in-west-virginia] Bill Maher [occasionally gets it right] bill-maher-defends-rumsfeld-he-is-a-guy-who-thinks-about-things bill-maher-dishes-on-red-state-performances bill-maher-brilliantly-explains-democrats-win-changing-food-stamps-christ-coupons bill-maher-destroyed-david-gregorys-republican-talking-points-meet-press Dems Hillary numbers worst since '08, as GOP brand surges Hillary Falls to Earth Hillary Praised 'Incredibly Brave' Illegal Immigrant for Coming Out AUTO DEALERS BOYCOTTED ANNUAL MEETING DUE TO CLINTON APPEARANCE Harry Reid called Bundy supporters 'domestic terrorists' Iowa Dem Senate candidate Bruce Braleys Poll Numbers Fell Following Farmer-Senator Criticism [he never went to law school] DEMOCRAT MARK BEGICH WANTS TO CAMPAIGN AGAINST OBAMA Meet the Donors Funding Harry Reids Super PAC Colorado Dems Push Sweeping Pro-Abortion Law Dem: Voters 'Frustrated and Embarrassed' by Obamacare Foreign Policy Russia Declares Peace in the Ukraine with NATO Humiliation Ukraine, US, EU, and Russia Reach Agreement to End Violence in East Ukraine Voice of Russia Hit with Racial Discrimination Complaint BHO 63% Don't Have Confidence in Obama to Make Right Decisions Obama pivots to the economy like it's his job Obama approval rating in MN 36/54 Woodward: Theres obviously something wrong at the IRS Cruz: HHS used funny numbers for its ObamaCare enrollment claims

barack_obamas_constant_state_of_cognitive_dissonance jay-carney-struggles-to-explain-obamas-stumbles and deflects-blame Islamism Andrew McCarthy offers a compelling refresher on the unsavory background of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Releations, fresh from its successful effort to get Brandeis University to rescind awarding an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. You should NEVER miss an Andy article. NYT reporter: Pakistan has been our real enemy WESTERNIZED MUSLIMS BECOME 'RADICALIZED' Why did Muslims put a menorah on their coins? Conservatism What Thomas Jefferson Meant by 'Unalienable Rights' Stopping-tyranny-with-Mark-Levins-The-Liberty-Amendments natural-rights-and-the-corporate-state Neil Cavuto SLAMS Republicans For Abandoning Their Principles Bachmann: 'Our Movement At Its Core Is An Intellectual Movement' Remembering Andrew at CPAC Conservatives Remember Andrew Breitbart on 2nd Anniversary of Death Rep. Steve King: We Look to to Lead Conservative Movement quote-of-day-russell-kirk-conservatism-2.html Dana Loesch: I Was a Mean Liberal Mary Katherine Ham Defines Her Conservative Position on 'The View' powerful coalition being built by three major conservative personalities will terrify the GOP establishment [Modern] Liberalism Quotes and Excerpts from Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals" Leftists Conveniently Forget the Socialist Roots of Nazism Abortion & SCOTUS ugly-unknown-story-behind-roe-v-wade Cable-News & Media MH370 coverage: CNN's 'Crossfire' remains on 'hiatus' MSNBC in Prime Time Demo Dip MSNBC's Al Sharpton doesn't analyze Obama's speeches; he repeats them. Shakeup at NBC-NEWS CNBC HIT BY LOWEST RATINGS IN 20 YEARS Four Greatest Moments From Alec Baldwins Goodbye Essay - You wont have Alec Baldwin to kick around anymore. Hes done with you pests bothering him all the time. The evil media, a

ravenous public, the gay lobby: Theyve ruined his sense of self so hes taking his ball and going home. Your loss, public! greta-van-susteren-politicians-should-stop-being-vicious-to-the-tea-party-and-listen-to-them What I learned as a liberal talking head on Fox News - For a radical progressive who once harbored negative stereotypes about folks on the right, it was a turning point for me: Though Sean Hannity or Sarah Palin and I disagree profoundly on politics they're personable, kind, and human. If you want to persuade people, you cant demonize them. [By Sally Kohn] MEDIA MATTERS TO SEIU: DON'T UNIONIZE US! Laid-Off Hundreds of Journalists, Without Warning Miscellania 15-things-you-should-always-have-in-your-car

Putin Recall that OReilly would simply cut-off their capacity to use USA-Credit-Cards; this is another view: I would support any action that results in significant economic pain to Russia, sufficient to cause them to temper further expansion. I would rather see Pennsylvania natural gas replace Russian natural gas and see that we have some real benefit with an expanding market (notwithstanding the fact that they will need to pay for it). Given the liquidity of the Russian oligarchs and the multi-national presence that they have in cash deposits personally, through companies that they control, and through joint accounts with partners that are not Russian, the credit card reference is something I have no feeling for its potential for impact. If you recall the recent anti-Semitic swelling going on in Hungary, Romania and elsewhere in the East European arena, its a misplaced notion that Russians have any monopoly on this rising trend in all of that Region. This site will illustrate the historic level of anti-Semitism of the Ukrainian people and the scale of their atrocities historically. There is an interesting geopolitical suggestion, that I havent subscribed to yet, that suggests if you look at the people that the Russians are constantly fighting with constant loss of life, etc. You would not necessarily run to the support of the groups fighting Russians in Chechnia, the Northern Caucases, Kazakstan, etc. These are rabid Jihadists who employ all of the terrorist tactics emanating from Al Queda led initiatives. If the Russians dont take them on, there is no other power in the region capable of stopping their coalescence in the next Radical Caliphate of the Region. I would assert power, not the blood of American youth, to assert the superiority and strength of the USA in any conflict that threatens the standing of this Country. I would not object to extreme violence against Russians, Iranians, and others who threaten our security and who threaten Israel. I believe that a show of deadly force is effective against backward regimes that dont share our values and who advocate our death, even at risk of losing their own lives and the lives of their families.

These are people who do not share the same values and who wouldnt hesitate to unleash violence against us if they believed that they wouldnt perish in the process. Unfortunately, only the application of mass violence on certain cultures results in their later refraining from doing so with us. They see our reluctance to employ devastating tactics as weakness. I dont want to mistake the exercise of violent action as a condoning in the launching of nuclear missiles. MAD is as senseless as debating the Ayatollahs, for me. When George HW Bush hit Iraq over the Kuwait invasion, the Iranian secret service in the person of Major General Qassem Suleimani met clandestinely with American military intelligence and begged that they (the Iranians) not be invaded next, and offered strategic intelligence on the Iraqis as good faith. Now Suleimani handpicked the successor to Iraqi leadership and is directly aiding Shia fighters in Syria and in Iraq in murdering American troops still stationed there. He measured us as weak and is exploiting this on behalf of his masters in Teheran. Our enemies need to fear our willingness to hurt them if they threaten us. Fighting terrorists who exploit asymmetric warfare is difficult. Identifying state sponsored forces is not so difficult and we have the technology to influence outcomes. A hellfire missile and napalm attach on the Quds forces and Hezbollah by a sky filled with predator drones would do wonders for the foreign policy issues that get no traction with Chamberlain-esque diplomacy. You ask me about cutting their credit cards and I say change the real estate, dramatically. Is there anyone with the courage to suggest that Halliburton provide accounting support for the billions it received prior to its fleeing to the Arabian peninsula? With the potential of an audit, it picked up and moved to United Arab Emirates. This move led by a former vice president of the United States, no less. If there are people who believe that, because Sarah Palin was the governor of a state that borders the Russian Republic, that she has qualifications to expound on American foreign policy, it doesnt mean that serious attention is warranted. George Wallace, Ross Perot, and Gus Hall had followings that were significant in their own camps. Sarah Palin is the new Evita to an audience who enjoys oversimplified quips and junior high school level commentary. Strong action that surprises and disciplines an adversary is what I advocate. I cant get serious about cutting credit, freezing accounts and nipping at their heels. The Ukrainians shouldnt be encouraged to engage in military intervention in Russian-speaking Ukraine unless we want to enjoy their being castrated by Moscow-led agent provocateurs and military. They arent worth loss of American life any more than people of Ossetia or Moldova. I would punish the Russians for thinking that can be a world power again which they cant. I would humiliate them to teach them not to threaten our interests, but I wouldnt

join sides with their enemies in the Caucasus mountains. By training the jihadis in Afghanistan to fight the Russians, we armed the very people who fought us in Afghanistan. There is no surprise sudden weakness in American foreign policy from BHO. There is the continuing idiotic foreign policy that fails to recognize our strategic interests are more important than infantile ideas of teaching people living in the 7th century about American democracy. There is no clearer picture than Afghanistan at what an utter failure, waste of American young lives, and waste of Afghani blood that we naively thought needed our way of life. The only decent ally in the Muslim world went rogue with the election of Erdogan. What happened to the idea that friends do well, enemies get punished. What genius came up with the idea that we need to become attentive to Pakistan because India was sucking up to the soviets. Letting these people develop nuclear weapons which they exported because India wouldnt join our camp against the Russians? Letting them acquire F-15 attack planes and anti-missile technology is akin to selling assault weapons to the Mexican drug cartels.