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Semester VI Paper I : Environmental and Wild Life Protection Laws Section -I Environment Protection : - Genesis of the problem - Religious and cultural heritage in India - Common Law Remedies - Statutor Remedies under provisions of IPC!Cr"P"C"!CPC" - Constitutional provisions and environmental protection in India" International concern for environment protection and sustainable development : - Stoc#holm $eclaration of %&'( - )orld Commission on Environment and $evelopment %&*' - Rio-$eclaration %&&( - Earth Summit %&&'" +, - -ohannesburg $eclaration on Sustainable $evelopment (..( - Sustainable $evelopment/ its salient features with special reference to 0Precautionar Principle and the Polluter Pa s Principle1 - Role of 2udiciar in India in promoting sustainable development" Section-II 3he )ater 4Prevention and Control of Pollution5 6ct/ %&'7 3he 6ir 4Prevention and Control of Pollution5 6ct/ %&*% 3he Environment 4Protection5 6ct/ %&*+ 3he Public Liabilit Insurance 6ct/ %&&% 3he 8ational Green 3ribunal 6ct/ (.%." 8oise Pollution and its Control including 8oise Pollution 4Regulation and Control5 Rules (..." )ild Life 4Protection5 6ct/ %&'( 9orest 4Conservation5 6ct/ %&*." Suggested eadings: P"S" -aswal : 8ishtha -aswal : Environmental Law R"G" Chaturvedi : ;";" Chaturvedi : Law of Protection on Environment and Prevention of Pollution P" Leela <rishnan : Law and Environment Paras $iwan : Environmental Protection Rosen Cran= : $iwan : Environmental Law and Polic in India Bare !cts : 3he )ater 4Prevention and Control of Pollution5 6ct/ %&'7 3he 6ir 4Prevention and Control of Pollution5 6ct/ %&*% 3he Environment 4Protection5 6ct/ %&*+ 3he Public Liabilit Insurance 6ct/ %&&% 3he 8ational Green 3ribunal 6ct/ (.%." )ild Life 4Protection5 6ct/ %&'( 9orest 4Conservation5 6ct/ %&*." ++

Paper II - "ivil Procedure "ode and Limitation !ct Section-I $efinitions -urisdiction of Courts S" + : &" Res- sub2udice S"%. Res- 2udicata S"%% Parties to Suits >" I" Place of Institution S" %,-(%6 Pleadings Generall >" ?I" Plaint >" ?II )ritten Statement/ Set >ff/ Counter Claim >" ?III 6ppearance of Parties >" I@" EAecution Proceedings Ss"B+-7./ 7,/ 7'/ ,%/ +./ +,/ 8otice Ss" '&/ *./ Interpleader Ss" **/ &. > @@@?/ @@@?I +' Section II 9irst : Second 6ppeal/ >" @LI : @LII" Reference/ S"%%B/ >"@L?I" Review C S"%%7/ >"@L?II" Revision %%," Inherent Powers of Court S"%,%" Caveat Restitution #$e Limitation !ct% &'() $efinitions Dar of Limitation/ Ss" B-, Legal $isabilit and effect thereof/ Ss" +-& Computation of Period of Limitation/ Ss" %(-(7 Easements/ Ss" (,-(' Suggested eadings : %" Dare 6ct as amended upto date" (" Civil Procedure Code b C"<" 3a#wani B" Civil Procedure Code b ;"P" 3andon 7" 6IR ;anual +*

Paper III : Professional Et$ics and Professional !ccounting S*stem Section I Legal Profession in India C Evolution/ Eistorical $evelopment and Regulations 8ecessit for a Code of Legal Ethics 6dvocac : Professional Ethics 6dvocates 6ct/ %&+% Chapter I?/ ? : ?I 4Ss (&-7,5 Dar Council of India Rules Part ?I : ?II 6ccountanc for Law ers Dar Dench Relations Section II Contempt Law : Practice Contempt of Courts 6ct/ %&'% Constitutional Provisions Regarding Powers of Supreme Court and Eigh Courts and Eouses of Parliament : State Legislatures for Punishing for their Contempt +& (, Prescribed >pinions of the $isciplinar Committees of the Dar Council of India as mentioned b the concerned teachers 6nal sis of following 2udgements of the Supreme Court: i5 $"C" SaAena vs" C-I/ %&&+ , SCC (%+ ii5 Supreme Court Dar 6ssociation v" Fnion of India : others/ 6IR %&&* SC %*&, iii5 Re 62a <umar Pande 6dvocate/ 6IR %&&* SC B(&& iv5 $r" I"P" ;ishra v" State of F"P"/ 6IR %&&* SC BBB' v5 <ashnath <her and other v" $inesh <umar Dhagat and others/ 6IR %&&* SC B'7 vi5 $elhi -udicial Service 6ssociation/ 3is Ea=ari Court $elhi v" State of Gu2rat and others/ 6IR %&&% SC (%'+ Suggested eadings: <rishnaswam I er : Professional Conduct of 6dvocac 6"8" Chaturvedi : Principles : 9orms of Pleadings : Conve ance with 6dvocac 8"R" ;adhava ;enon : : Clinical Legal Education ?"$" <ulshreshthaGs : Landmar#s in Indian Legal and Constitutional Eistor / Eastern Doo# Compan / (..+ ;"P" -ain : Indian Legal Eistor Dar Council of India C selected 2udgements Professional Ethics '.

Paper IV : +oot "ourt E,ercise and Interns$ip

+a,imum +ar-s ./ 0+oot Propositions1 2 3/ 0"ourt Visit1 4 &55

%" Ever candidate will have to appear in two compulsor moots to be given b the concerned teachers" (" 3he candidates are reHuired to prepare moot diar in respect of each moot proposition given to them and present the same in the class in the presence of concerned teachers" B" Each moot shall consist of B' I mar#s 4total ', mar#s5 out of which (, mar#s are given for presentation of the moot proposition in the class and %( I mar#s are given for moot diar " 7" (, mar#s are #ept for court visit of the students in which students shall be sent to the $istrict Courts and attached with law ers appointed b the $epartment!Institute!Centre" 3he Students shall undergo practical training of one wee# with law ers and also prepare a proper court diar on the instructions of the law er regarding the wor# the observe in the chamber of the law ers!courts" ," 3he award of each student shall be submitted b the concerned law er to the Eead of the $epartment!Institute!Centre within one wee# of the conclusion of the practical training" +" $uring the practical training in the courts the attendance of students shall be mar#ed b the teacher of the department!institute!centre in the court itself" '" 3he moots and court visit shall be conducted in the ?I Semester as a part of compulsor paper as per Dar Council of India Rules" '%

Paper V 061 : IP +anagement Section-I Concept/ 8ature and scope of Intellectual Propert Eistorical development of IPR General features of Paris Convention as revised in %&'% Dasic principles of 6greement on 3rade Related intellectual propert rights 43RIPs5 4Part-% 6rticle C% 6rticle-*5 >b2ectives and the role of )orld Intellectual Propert >rgani=ation 4)IP>5 Copyright Act, 1957 $efinitions/ ;eaning of cop right/ )or#s in which cop right subsists 4Ss (-* and Ss %B%+5 6uthorities/ ownership and assignment of cop right 4Ss %'-(% and Ss '7-''5 Licences in cop right/ 3ermination of Licences/ 3erms of cop right 4Ss" ((-(& and Ss" B.-B(D5 '7 Rights of JDroadcasting >rganisationG and of 0PerformersG/ infringements and civil remedies 4Ss" B'-B& and Ss" ,%-+(5 Section-II Patents Act, 1971 >b2ectives of Patent 6ct/ %&'./ / Inventions which are not patentable/ 6pplication for patents 4Ss" B-7 and Ss" +-*5" Specification of invention/ Publication and eAamination of application/ 06nticipation and powers of the Controller with respect to application 4Ss" &-(. and Ss" ,'-,&5" )hen invention is not deemed to be Janticipated1/ provisions for secrec of certain inventions 4Ss" (&-BB and Ss" B,-7*5 6ssignment of patents/ compulsor licences 4Ss" +*-+& and Ss" *B-*&5 Trade Marks Act, 1999 >b2ectives and salient features of 3rade ;ar#s 6ct/ %&&&" $efinition clause and Sec" %(+ Concept of similar trade mar# 6bsolute and Relative grounds for refusal for registration of trade mar#s and defence of 06cHuiscenceG" 4Ss" &-%+/ %BB and Sec" BB5 Effect of Registration 5 0InfringementG and 0passing offG the trade mar#s 5 Ss" ('-B% Penalties and Reliefs 4Ss" %.B-%.& and Ss" %B,5 Suggested eadings: %" Intellectual Propert Rights b $ebro Dibe# (" Intellectual Propert / Patents/ Cop right/ trade mar#s and allied rights b )"R" Cornish" B" 0<erl 1s Law of trade mar#s and trades names b R"G" Llo d 7" Law of Intellectual Propert Rights : Introductor / )3>/ Patent Law/ Cop right law/ Commercial domain b Shiv Saha Singh ," Dare 6cts of : Cop right 6ct/ %&,' Patents 6ct/ %&'. 3rade ;ar#s 6ct/ %&&&