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Nutrition for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
Katie Ferraro,
Course Overview
About Your Instr uctor
o kaue lerraro
o AsslsLanL Cllnlcal rofessor of nuLrluon aL unlverslLy of Callfornla,
San lranclsco and unlverslLy of San ulego (Callfornla)
o SpeclallsL ln nuLrluon educauon & currlculum developmenL
o MasLer ln ubllc PealLh from unlverslLy of Callfornla, 8erkeley -
ubllc PealLh nuLrluon
o Cerued ulabeLes LducaLor
o 8eglsLered uleuuan
o Avld Lraveler, runner and eaLer!
Repeat of Januar y 2013 course
o MosL lecLures wlll be ldenucal
o Culzzes and asslgnmenLs have been refreshed
o Same SLaLemenL of AccompllshmenL/verled
CerucaLe as !anuary 2013 oerlng
o All enrollees are welcome!

What You l l Lear n
Course Topics, Week by Week
Week 1: lnLroducuon Lo nuLrluon Sclence
Week 2: PearL ulsease
Week 3: ulabeLes
Week 4: Cancer
Week 3: CbeslLy & WelghL ManagemenL
Week 6: ulsorders of Lhe Cl 1racL
What is This Course About?
') 13&
o locused on healLh
promouon & dlsease
o Lvldence-based
o Ceared Lowards Lhose
worklng ln healLh elds
or lnLeresLed ln dleL &
') 13 (+)&
o A welghL loss program
o A panacea for all of your
healLh allmenLs !
o AnecdoLe-based
o SubsuLuLe for
professlonal medlcal
Discl aimer
1hls course ls deslgned for educauonal purposes
only. lL ls noL lnLended as medlcal advlce or medlcal
servlces. 1he lnformauon provlded ln Lhls course
should noL be used for dlagnoslng or Lreaung a
healLh problem or a dlsease, nor does lL quallfy you
as a healLh care provlder. lL ls noL a subsuLuLe for
professlonal care. lf you have or suspecL you may
have a healLh problem, you should consulL your
healLh care provlder.
Weekl y Course Layout
o new dlsease enuLy/Loplc covered each week
o AbouL Len vldeo lecLures per week
o 1en-quesuon muluple cholce qulz each week
o 1hree peer-revlewed asslgnmenLs ln 6 weeks
o Cpuonal, weekly dlscusslon board Lhreads
o Credenual upon successful compleuon of class
o Slx 10-polnL weekly qulzzes
o 1hree 20-polnL peer-assessed wrlung
o 120 polnLs LoLal
o asslng grade: 70 (or 84 ouL of 120 polnLs)
o ln-vldeo qulzzes do noL counL Lowards your
Student Expectations
SLudenLs are expecLed Lo:
o 8e respecuul of each oLher & Lhe lnsLrucLor
o 8e open Lo new ldeas & dleLary pracuces
o Pave an undersLandlng of Lhe sclenuc
United States-based course
o 1ermlnology: calorles, Calorles, kcal
o Lxamples from unlLed SLaLes governmenL
o lease conLrlbuLe Lo Lhe class by Lelllng us ln
Lhe dlscusslon forums whaL ls and lsn'L
conslsLenL wlLh your culLure!