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Campbell Online Aviation School SYLLABUS

Course Number: FLY-101 Course Name: F-16 Principles of Flight COURSE DESCRIPTION:

Credit Hours: 3

This course introduces the student to F-16 Principles of Flight. Included are lessons pertaining to flight control surfaces, aircraft power plant, with an emphasis on the flight movements with relation to aircraft components. These basic concepts of flight will help students troubleshoot problems they may encounter on a daily basis Understanding the F-16s principles of flight will enable students to understand how the hydraulic system is used to control the flight control surfaces RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS: All students taking this course are expected to have access to a computer connected to the Internet and loaded with the appropriate Internet access software, as well as MS-Office. An additional resource available to students is the universities online library. An account is required; prior to the class start date students a required to create an online account with the universities online library. Course Textbook is REQUIRED. COURSE TEXTBOOK: Air Force Technical Manual: 1-F16-C-CG-00GV-00-1 INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION: Instructor: Email Address: Phone Number(s): Availability: Kennoth Campbell Work (555)123-1234 8:00AM to 8:00PM

ONLINE OFFICE HOURS: Because this is an online course, students will have access to all course information 24 hours a day. For any questions concerning assignments or other course information, students can contact the instructor via e-mail. A response from the instructor can be expected within 12-24 hours of receipt.

GRADING POLICY AND SCALE: A = 100% to 90% B = 89% to 80% C = 79% to 70% D = 69% to 60% F = 59% to 0% Grade Evaluation Basis Midterm and Final Exams (2 x 100) Homework Assignments (7 x 100) Participation Total

Maximum Points Earned 200 points 700 points 100 points 1000 points

NUMBER OF LESSONS: Week 1 Air Foils Airfoils are the shapes of the aircraft wings As the airfoil moves through the air the shape of the wing (airfoil) cause the air to move faster over the top and slower under the wing. Week 2 Lift / Drag Lift causes the wing to lift off the ground because the pressure on the top of the wing is less than on the bottom. Drag is the force that cause the Aircraft to slowdown while moving through the air Week 3 AOA (Angle of Attack) The amount of angle the wing has as it moves through the air Increasing the AOA also increases drag and lift as long as there is sufficient thrust Week 4 Flight Movement Pitch Roll Yaw Week 5 Midterm Exam Study for the exam and be prepared to test online, Saturday @ 1100 cst Week 6 Horizontal Stabilizers Adjust pitch of the F-16 The Horizontal stabilizers are moved with inputs from the side stick and hydraulic power Week 7 Vertical Stabilizers

Adjusts the yaw of the Aircraft using the rudder Week 8 Final Exam Study for the exam and be prepared to test online, Saturday @ 1100 cst

COURSE OUTLINE: Week 1 Topic Air Foils, Learning what makes of a flight control surface. Lift / Drag, The effects of air friction and lift on airfoils. AOA, What happens to the aircraft when the angle changes. Flight Movement Study for midterm Horizontal Stabilizers, Movement about the pitch axis. Vertical Stabilizers, Movement about the yaw axis. Study for final exam Assignment Read Ch 1.1 to 1.8 Homework Assignment 1 Homework Assignment 2 Read Ch 1.9 to 2.0 Homework Assignment 3 Read Ch 2.1 to 3.0 Homework Assignment 4 Theory of operation Homework Assignment 5 MIDTERM EXAM Read Ch 4 to 5 Homework Assignment 6 Read Ch 6 to end Homework Assignment 7 FINAL EXAM

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ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS: The instructor affirms the importance of prompt and regular attendance on the part of all students. Quality instruction clearly depends upon active student participation in the online discussion forum. Your participation is particularly important in this course, since each class constitutes a significant percentage of the total course. Students are encouraged to assist each other with access to class notes for missed classes. Note that part of the grade performance is class participation. Students missing lesson deadline not may receive less than full credit, even when make-up assignments are completed.