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Window Vista or Win7 may need Turn off User Account Control All Function doesn't conflict with

chat Just desire your hotkey and play. Don't worry about chat here is funtions my tool support: -/iTem Remap support Alt + Q,A,S,.... support Funtion Key Ex: F1,F2,F3,...... Support Shift Queue for WheelUp,WheelDown,WeelMouse if you check Click L eft Mouse box Note: -/ To use Tab Button You can open setting.ini and edit item7=Tab Open my tool again you will see iTem slot numpad 7 will us e tab key -/Space Support Shift Queue if you check Click Left Mouse box -/AutoCast & SelfCast Enter HotKey skill of hero then check AutoCast or SelfCast EX: Viper enter key C to Skill 1 HotKey then check AutoCast, in G ame Double Press key C OmniKnight need set hotkey R then check SelfCast,in Game Double Press ke y R -/Skill 5 and Skill 6 hotkey: mode Invoker : move mouse to the icon then click left mouse (like normal skill) mode Morphing : move mouse to the icon then click Right mouse (like Auto Cast skill) -/Quick Message Add Prefix : "ALL:" to send message for All People Default Will Send Message for Allies -/Quick Launch: Faster to run other app Y need to use with WarCraft III : Garena,Ghost B ot,... Press "..." button to set link of your app Press "Launch" button to run it -/WinDow Mode Lock mouse cursor to WarCraft III window Just simple press Alt + Tab to unclip cursor in WarCraft III window -/Disable Left WinDow Key -/Use very less memory of Ram about ~1,0mb to ~2 mb -/Only 1 file and verry small PS: Close ("X") Button same as "Run" Button. it will active your hotkey and hide in system Tray Update 4.0.2: -/Fix error when run in window mode

Update 4.0.3:Add Function Laptop Support for Laptop user don't have numpad key f or WheelUp,WheelDown,WheelMouse,Space When checked This checkbox :Press Number 1 key will change to numpad 1 2>>numpad2, 4>>numpad4 , 5>>numpad5,7> >numpad7,8>>numpad8 Update 4.0.4: Update site for generate Customkeys.txt >> Support 6.68b Update 4.0.5: New Function : Micro Update 4.0.6: Remove Function : Micro Update 4.0.7: fix bug Update 4.1: fix importance bug EX : Set Alt + Q for item Numpad 7 and Q for Auto Cast skill 1 will display table quit game Update 4.1.1: Support hold Shift + item remap key. By Default press numpad 7 >> > active item But Shift + numpad7 not active item. With my tool You can Hold Shi ft +Numpad 7 and item still active. Work normal with Shift + 1(numpad 7 remap to 1) or etc .... This is for easier work with Shift Quene Update 4.1.2:fix bug and make run faster Update 4.1.3:Optimize Chat game detect engine >> make hotkey really run faster Tested with QueryPerformanceCounter : time to regconize game chat is now halfed Update 4.1.5:Optimized again Add 3 hotkey : -/ Alt + P : Pause/resume g ame -/ Alt + [ :show ally HP Ba r -/ Alt + ] :show enemy HP B ar Update 4.1.6: Fix Bug with GUI Update 4.1.7: Remove auto F1(make sure hero called) then send Hotkey for Space,W heelMouse because It cause bug can't use item for courier Update 4.2: -/ Add Remap hotkey for Skill 1,2,3,4. Will move your mouse to the i con of skill and auto press left mouse for call skill It's very useful when play Dota OMG (2 skill have same ho tkey) or when you forget active CustomKeys. -/ Change in GUI so you can preconfig your hotkey. When ne ed to use just checked Active group Update 5.0: -/ No need Original background of WarCraft III . You can modify your background or use theme for your W arCraft III with no more error Update 5.0.1: Fix bug for Space Update 5.0.2: Wheelup,WheelDown and WheelMouse(Middle Button) only active when i ngame; While in chat room work as scroll page(normal wheel up and down) Update 5.0.3: Fix small bug Update 5.0.4: Fix small bug with autocast (can't use with ulti)

Update 5.0.5: Fix bug with user Who use ALT + QWEASD or ALT + QWASZX [F4F]mdk aka [F4F].cReW.