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Important: If you like MS Windows and MS Office please buy legal and original this program help to test

this products, but recommend y ou buy legal from creators (M$ Corp). I did this for fun, and now I am done with this. Working in W8 and Office 2013 fresh install and VOLUMEN LICENSE editions. Ja mata ne, Farewell, Hejd, Ciao, Aloha, Zegnaj, Doei KMSpico v9.1.3 Stable & Final Install $OEM$ Edition. - Requirements: .NET 4.0 or Windows 8/2012. - Activate: Windows Vista Business/N/Enterprise/N Windows 7 Professional/N/Enterprise/N Windows 8 All Windows 8.1 All Office 2010/2013 Windows Server 2008/Standard/Datacenter/Enterprise/2008R 2/Standard/Datacenter/Enterprise/ Windows Server 2012/Standard/Datacenter/2012R2/Standard/ Datacenter 1. Copy the "$OEM$" Folder inside the "sources" folder in Windows ISO installati on. Based off of open source code KMSEmulator of mikmik38, qad, jm287, zm0d, CODYQX4 . Recommendations Optional: - Make exceptions to Directory %ProgramFiles%\KMSpico\*.exe in Antivirus or Defe nder. How This Program Works: 1. Install KMSpico in Windows. 1.1 Create Shortcuts for KMSpico 2. Run automatically KMSELDI. 2.1 Make Tokens Backup. 2.2 Detect VL or Retail and depending of the License Status activate or convert to VL. 2.3 Activate for 180 days all VL products found. 3. Install a windows service that reactive every windows start. 4. Create a task schedule for AutoPico to run every 24 hours. Change Log: - Fixed WinDivert Offline. - Fixed bugs with Office in W7/Vista. + L E G A L + First of all you should know that I do NOT release these cracks so that you "the end-user" can benefit from it in the term of using software or any other of these releases without buying the required licenses. heldigard however believe that everyone should have the option to test and backup their program and be able to run it without any problems. Further I do NOT in any way condone the spreading of this crack, in other words I do NOT spread the releases to any websites, P2P networks or any other public available location

and I urge that this releases should not be spread like that at all. I -heldigard- has nothing to do with the distribution of these cracks, it is all done by third parties. As such, and according to the laws where the individuals of heldigard reside, it is not my responsibility what others decides to do with these releases. However, let it be said quite clearly; "I DO NOT in any way condone the selling or redistribution of these cracks, this was NEVER my intention." heldigard does NOT take any responsibility of computer-loss or any data-errors that may occur from using these cracks. Keep in mind that you are using a third party solution to something we did not develop in the first place. Do note that the usage of these cracks are legal in most countries outside the United States, IF and ONLY IF you own a full copy of the program - then you may use these cracks for backup purposes, and only that. It remains to be seen how affected you are of the End User License Agreements (EULAs). They can't supersede domestic laws, remember that. According to the "DMCA ACT" in the Unites States, you have no rights to circumvent a copy protection. Beware, they will punish you harder than if you stole the shrinkwrapped software in a mall. Though heldigard's base of operation does not reside in the Unites States, and thus I am NOT bound to the US legislations like: * * * * No Electronic Theft Act Digital Millenium Copyright Act The Patriot Act <other US legislations>

You should ALWAYS buy the software that you do use, or find suitable Open Source replacements (as there are loads), I do! By using these cracks you automatically agree to the written agreement above, and thus the responsibility regarding whatever you are affected by any EULAs is with YOU and YOU only. + G R E E T S + MIKMIK38, RATIBORUS, QAD, ZM0D NOSFERATI87, JM287, HOTBIRD64, DEAGLES, CODYQX4, XINSO, NOVEMBER_RA1N CERBERUS8855, HUI, NOVA-S, KELORGO. FAQ 0. Windows Update Q: Can I install the updates after using this app?

A: Until now yes. 1. Q: A: le SmartScreen The smartscreen is gray!, god save all of us, kmspico broke my OS!. If you are enought fool to use SmartScreen, then EnableSmartScreen the reg fi in scripts folder.

2. Permanent Activation Q: It is this permanent? A: Until now for Windows 6,7,8,8.1 it will automatic reactivate it often, so yes . 3. Pro WMC/Core Q: It only activate for 30 days or 45 days? A: It is not posible in real kms activate a ProWMC/Core, but thanks to the emula tor is posible activate it for 30 days in W8 and 45 days for W8.1 4. Virus: Q:My antivirus alert like crazy! A:If you downloaded the file from another location, we dont know what other peop le do with the file. The file here only has false positives. 5. Online/Offline: Q: I need internet connection? A: No. 7. Firewall AV Q: Does not Work!!! A: Some Antivirus block the apps, give the respective exceptions. 8. Hacktivators Q: Nothing Work!!! A: Do a fresh install. 9. Watermark Q: It activate, but the watermark is still there! A: Reboot. 10. OEM/MAK Q: I am afraid, my windows/office is genuine/legitime activated. Do this app wil l broke my license? A: The app is designed to check a permanent activation either windows or office and avoid it. Older versions was buggy, but the main idea of this app is be smar t and take the right choice without any intervention. Demo Videos: Release Date: 11/12/2013 (DD/MM/YY) And since today is my birthday. That is why this development is over. Now it is stable and works at 99.9%