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D 8. WEATHER BUREAU, September 0. Last 24 Hours' Balnfall, trace, Temperature, Max. 84; Min. 71. Weather, Fair.

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(Associated Press Cablegrams.)


COPENHAGEN, September io. The University of Copenhagen has conferred the honorary degree of doctor of science upon Dr. Cook, The latter wili sail for New York on Saturday.

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OF THE COMING FLEET WHILE HEBE LAST YEAB, VESSELS . i( J if it kf W tt tl kl t kt it tt c, tt wit it tt it v if if it if if V - t! v d i C t ,? c 7 v 7 C v 4f t! d tl w' v V C C! O ? C

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OFFERS TO ARBITRATE. WASHINGTON, September io. The Coast and Geodetic Survey has offered to arbitrate between Peary and Cook.
LONDON, Septomber 7. Premier Asqulth. will bo questioned in tho Houso of Commons as to whether tho Dominion of Canada or tho United States of America owns tho north polar territory. LONDON, Septombor 7. According to a Router dispatch from St. Johns, Newfoundland, Captain Peary claims that ho was tho first to discover tho North Polo. ST. JOHNS, Newfoundland, Septombor 7. Tho polar cxpodition steamer Roosovelt, with Captain Peary aboard, has sailed soutb from Indian Harbor. WASHINGTON, Septombor 7. Tho contract has been signed for tho con-- . structlon by tho San Francisco Brldgo and Construction Co. of tho Poarl Harbor drydock, for $1,700,000. SAN FBANCISCO, Septombor 7. In a decision handed down today by tho Fodoral Court of Appeals, the Commercial Pacific Cablo Company's award for salvage of tho Pacific Mail steamship Manchuria when sho was grounded on tho Waimanalo reef, Island of Oahu, Territory of Hawaii, throe years ago, bos boon reduced from $62,630 to $32,030. ARDEN, Now Jorsoy, September 7. Harriman's condition today shows considerable improvement. PAEIS, September 7. LoFevro was killed today by a fall from his aero







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Bringing Supply Ship, hot

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(Associated Fregs,,,Cablcgrams.) ARDEN, Now York, September 9. Edward Henry Harriman died at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon. Tho members of his fsmlly wero at Ms beside. It is believed that tho sinking spell which ended in his death bogan shortly after ' ono o'clock. NEW YOEK, September 10. The exact hour of Harriman's death and tho cause of it are yet unknown. It is belioved that death occurred about ton

This Market.
According to the lato wireless messages received by Captain C. P. I?ec of the Naval Station, the eight cruisers comprising the first and second divisions of the first squadron of the Pacific fleet under the command of Bear Admiral Sebreo will enter the harbor this afternoon. The flagship, Tonnes- sco, flying the Admiral's flag, will be saluted as. Bho enters the harbor and Captain Bees will go out to pay bis j respects' to?tbe Commandor-in-ChiofTJvn vffii.ll'V"hllfnr the Territory has been postponed until Monday, whon Govornor Prcar will arrive from bis trip to Hnwnii with the Congressional party and will make the same with all due formality. In the meantime Secwill pay an unofll-cia- l retary visit to Admiral Sebree upon his arrival. The Royal Hawaiian band will welcomo the fleot at the Navnl wharf. It is expected that the fleet will make a speed record for coaling while in the harbor. A large part of the twenty thousand tons asked for ara on the docks awniting the arrival of the ships nnd they will no doubt begin coaling early Saturday morning. Just prior to their departure on October 5 they will again coal and take on a capacity supply. (Continued on Pago Five.)

After the Scalps of

h and Hemenway.

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Native Sons and Daughters Are Hosts at Pleasant Function.
Fully 700 people attended tho ball given last night at tho Moana Hotel by the Native Sons nnd Daughters of tho Golden West in houor of tho anni versary of tho admission of California

into tho sisterhood of States.

Tho reception hall, drawing-room- , of tho Moana wore and dining-rootnstefully decorated for tho occasion, tho red, whito and blue, and tho blue nnd cold being everywhere in ovidonce, There wnb only ono thing missing, tho bear flag of the Uoldcu btato was con' splcuous .by Its absence. Prominent Native Sons and Daughters met the visitors at tho door and made them welcome. Thoy found their hands full, fnV among tho guests wcro many strangers who are paying Honolulu n brief visit, nnd took advantage of tho occasion to form soma acquaint-tinccs- . A spcoial effort was inado to look out for theso people. The dining room was used for dancbeing entirely ing, the drawing-rootoo Binnll t accommodate tho guests. (Irmnii'il around tho walls wero graceful cituters of palm leaves. Tho Iannis were ii!o deenrutod with palms, wlillo from the coiling hung festoons of gay iiunnaiits, While, hero and thoro n natlngo of bright color tional ling lent to tho The llinMiMMi band guvo a conmrt before the ilunrlug M'uwi. being 111 Hid liuniUtnml nn the hotel Allerimtliitf with tha Imml, iirmiiiu I milm'i riinrlil ruiideri'd u luimber uf clectio" Jntt htv iiiimy wrn pruaenl llioto tub was In rltitrwii i nut Itniuv m hi ilKmn niiletliitf. I'ivii Iniiiilrn4 varh im)i fur H gDlillniiiuil HlvilltK'Xii MU'I ludv tieni Hjit mil dihI Hip fom mwil mora hmt Hny iniliri fiuiil t'ttii ivmUliln t'i vm lli moil uo uuiiigii w'bl'ih lliu Nnihi) Hnn Alt') HiMIKlllfM lihKl HK'JtllMVBll l w
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rrs. Atcherley is again, or still, on tho warpath, and she is now nftcr tho nnd scalps of Secrotary Attorney General ncmenway, as well as tho hirsute adornment of Dr. Peterson, Superintendent of tho Insane Asylum. Sho hopes that whon tho grand jury onco liears tho real facts of tho case as she proposes to expound them, bythfi'ln-quisitoriindrcfm(rntswiH'bo"returned body against- - Mr. Mott Smith, Mr. Hemenway and Dr. Peterson, charging them with conspiracy, attempt to commit murder by poisoning, and n few other violations of tho law and fractures of tho statutes. Mrs. Atcherley is out for blood now. Sho is tired of trusting her affairs to the hands" of lawyers, none of whom has vet succeeded in getting Dr. At cherley out of the pupule house and his "onemieH" in jail, aim siio is going to bo her own lawyer. She announced this'inorniiig that sho had "fired" her attorney, T. M. Harrison, for cause. She also announced, loudly and to that all that heard might Secretary of utii, that Mr. of the tho Territory and President Board of Health, is a prevaricator of the deepest, darkest dye, and tliat .ju torney General Hemenway is evci worse than he. Mrs. Atcherley had an interview with Judge 'Woodruff in chumbers yes tordav morninc flint is. Judco Wood ruff had a seanco with Mrs. Atcherley yesterday morning nnd she told Iiiu nil about it. Sho declared that the opium which Dr. Peterson hns been giving Dr. Atcherley coutnins atropFue, a deadly poison, undoubtedly administered for the purpose of cnusing tho Sho sudden demise of tho patient. knew this to be so, becauso Dr. Atcherto ley hnd.gicn somo of tho dopo Harrison beforo tho latter was deposed and Mr. Harrison had had it analyzed and had learned that it contained poison. Sho had explained nil nnd Atthis to President torney Gcnornl Hemenway, but they had refused to take" any action, lienco they must bo in cahoots with Dr, Peterson nnd all ought to bo indicted for conspiracy to get rid of Dr.iAtchcrley by tho poison route. Attorney General Hemenway being present, Mrs. Atcherley turned on him and told him just what kind of a fellow ho was and accused him of untruthfulness and n few other little things. As Mr. Hemenway did not sefl fit to deny tho ncCusations, of course Mrs. Atcherley must bo right.
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WASHINGTON, September 8. Tho National Geographical Society will withhold Polar honors until jocqrds of the observations mado by Cook and " """"'""" " '

Peary have beonumtttJaSS''



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COPENHAGEN, September 8. A 'gold medal has boon conferred on Explorer Cook. AEDEN, New Jersey, Soptcmber 8. Beyond a terse denial of his death, it is impossible to got information as to Harriman's condition. Indications aro of a serious relapse, . WINNIPEG, Manltoha, Septcmbor 8, Lord Northcllffo, in an intorview here, predicts a war betwocn Great Britain and Germany. TOHIO, September 8. Tho now agreement between Japan and China has been published hero and received with satisfaction. ST. PETERSBURG, Septombor 8. Tho Czar and Czarina havo left for tho Crimea to review tho Black Soa fleet at Sobastopol. NEW YORK, September 8. Prince Kuril, a grandson of tho Mikado, has arrived hero.




minutes of two. Tho facts will not be mode public until after tho stock exchange has closed, Tho financial world anticipated Harriman's demiso and. was prepared for it. It is not believed that there will be any serious effects. Tho deceased will bo buried besldo tho body of his son at Arden. Tho services will be simple and private. Leading financiers and railroad presidents eulogize the lato captain of industry.

Unfortunately for her, .Tmlgo Woodruff failed to seo it that way. Mrs. Atcheiley went to Judge Woodruff with n motion, written out by her-



3D YEARS' DESERTION self, hecnusc, ns'6be explained, she hud no attorney, asking for a rehearing of tho habeas corpus case. Sho explained tlint, having no attorney, it was necessho was deserted Thirty years sary that she he allowed to see her by her husband, after Tom Pratt, Mrs. Mary husband so that, between them, they J'ratt was estenluy granted a divoro might fix up the necessary papers to from hi by Judge Kobinsou on tho double ground ot desertion und (Continued 011 Page 8.)



In a talk beforo the California ProDavid motion Committee, President Starr Jordun made pica for an aquarium In Bun IViiiicIjcq uud Incidentally trllmtu to (lit) uue iu Honolulu, puld "Any city in liurojio of liulf tun ulto ami one lentil tho I'liergy linn uu ftijua rliim," yulil l'rflituiit jorilmi. "Tha itllmiitv of Hun J'rnudtcu ii purliculiirly inluiiil to It. In ulliur iliKtm It ) nui'UMiiry lo iu i) lliu lljili lu kuiiiiiivr uml vuim IIidiii Iu winliir, but tliut wuuld liu iiiiiii'ttiMnry In Nun IVuiiflciii, "At Hi'itillo I iiiw llm Hcsrlwi (inr
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jf rl4ulli'ii 'ttUfurtw, n wvll uu tttfjulll lltllMU llmiKllUll HlUlli, uml iNt yiuva lunl lri'l'nl or ivnl v4 Mvl fi bo lifuntil Hi'i'U'iil Aib

Satii Hoshl has filed libel for divorce tigainut her husbuiid, Kutinoi ilosui, uliDiii she charges with fulling to support her, AH DEN, Hoptomber 0, Tho memberB of tho Ilarrlman family and Dr. Kane Snkntn Hants a divorce from Jier krino, Tukljiro Hnkutu, 'on tho Lyle woro at the bedside of U10 nnanclor whon bo passed away. It Is believed ground of deserlloii and that tho sinking spell which onded In death bogan shortly affor one o'clock. Edward M. Cook died hero today from CinOAdO, Soptombor rnEAR. BACK SUNDAY. Bright's diseaso, flovcrnor I'rcar will not uiuko tliu WASHINGTON, September 0. Tho Instrument In tho seUmographlo station ties of fltlics nrnund Han I'rnncliico, M1111I trin with the Cuiiuresalonul imrty, living in clef tx In tho rocks, which are but will return to Honolulu on the tuoro recorded an earthquake today, which la estimated to have occurred in never seen In tho markets, Tlivy would Minimi Ken Buiidny uflurnoiiii, so im to the Aleutian Islands, prove most Interesting 011 oxlilbltlon, nllioliil welcome lie 011 liniid o extend Henry Harriman, tho traiwporUttoii king, AltDHN, September "In fiict, tliuri) Is notliliii; n attruo-tU- In the J'mlllo Hel. a lingering illness at :ii3l) o'clock this afternoon at his home hero, died after to tourUtM im an U(uiiriiim, nml th ten round battle between Jack John, HAN J'KANUJBCO, Hoptembor Mr. Li'liihlnii, nt lliu V. H. Hydro I'tliilillsliinont uf one wuulil Im a good jmblleity movit. lias heard grnplilu Hurvu.v kurvlmi will kpeiik at on and Al Kaufiiiaim took pUco today, Jolnuwu had tho ue;er of the lighting of Hip iniiiiriiiiii of lloiiolulii, wlilcli l n lunrlioiiii In lie given III liU liouiir all the way throuuh, but wai unable to knock Ills opponent out. There wen an ('lull liot Wudneii agreement that If both men were on tbelr jit licit finer tlinii llione of llnrlln tuul ill the I'liiiiiiinrpliil feet At tlm end uf tlio tenth round Nujtl. H t n feii I urn of Honolulu." iluy ill linmi, I hero nhould be in) itecnoii rendered, Eddie Hniltli refoieed U14 bout, wlilcli waa wltueend by an Immeiue tliioiiu. The bottliiK wa even money tint tlwro .. .' O v, ,' e . 4.S .' .. Ii . y. . .' K W I.' I. h" tf - k. U h - t.1 ' v, f, v, p O rT r' r. f, v. k' r' ' f .' .' r h' h' f. - r r v.. ..' r v.. O would If) no knockout, Johnson forced tho lUMhui throughout aiul'Kuufmauit IHA ! 1 UllrdlAa. nyrmt f flAlBl int itim A llklMrl "f fit"wf'i inilvi'N wi prwtlclly tumble to ley glove on (be (0oid climnpion. J II 1,0, Hfr.uiuter D J'nit of I l.o aongiMlr.iil pmty wnt to lli PAtf HtAHOIrfUO, liiiuteuiber IU. Jolmiou played with KeufniMii and could liavt put biyi out any tlmo Kiufmum ueldpm lAtt4d nd J id VPlnauo loiUy, mid (lit reinniii4sr will weh llir nUlil freil tlm JolilUOII out y)iiu lie dpj, TL refill to unoHHIHIy declared 110 dvwRgv d liif 'ii(y wviii ovrUua in tat4n JHinVui diuii Tin; Ooyfrvr tlio fMlferuitrk it tvury frfp of the yam (mi0, i ijt miy. wik5Tspiui vni vtiw inuitittuukii jmiii. nt iotin
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WASHINGTON,' September 8, The Governor of Porto RfCr?'' has resigned. ARDEN, September 8. Harriman is much improved in general condition, though at present his vitality is low. NEW YORK, September 8. Captain Peary telegraphed the Associated Press yesterday that two Eskimos, who were with Dr. Cook on his last polar dash, have made the statement that the doctor did not travel very far north and that at no time was he out of sight of land. He further said that the members of the tribe to which Cook's companies'belong will confirm the statement. Peary telegraphed his wife not to worry about Cook addiing, '"Have him nailed." COPENHAGEN, September 9. Dr. Cook is wholly undisturbed by Peary's charges that he did not reach the North Pole. He declares that he can and will effectually dispel any doubts as to whether or not he reached the pole, and says that he will send a ship and bring to America the Eskimos who accompanied him on his heartbreaking march. Captain Sverdrup, the famous explorer, will command the expedition. In answer to Peary's charges that he, Cook, stole his provisions, Dr. Cook replies that he has documentary evidence that Peary toe: some of his provisions on the' plea that he believed him be dead. NEW YORK, September 9. The lie passed between Pearr nd Cook lays the foundation for a controversy unparalleled in history. Dr. Cook will arrive here on September 21. President Osborn of the Arctic Club yesterday declared Captain Peary to be the most colossal faker known. HALIFAX, September 8. Captain Peary is expected at Red Bay tomorrow. BRESCIA, September 9. The aviation meeting here opened very unauspiciously yesterday. Blcriot collided with a tree and two other aeroplanes were damaged, MILAN, September 9. Signor Possi was killed here yesterday by falling from his aeroplane, while navigating the air.

NEW YORK, September 8. Major General Henry C. Corbiar died here today as the result of an operation, for a renal complaint.










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(From Wednesday's Advertiser.) Charmed with the hospitality of the. people, of Knuni, deeply Impressed with tho ruountnin ranges and gulches, tho lino stretches of seashore and great baronial sugar estates, tho Congrcs-niona- l party returned yesterday morning from the Garden Island. It was n grand trip replete with a constantly changing panorama, but above nil an scries of entertainments where tho truest hospitality, was extended to tho visitors. i'or seventeen hours the Congressional party sped over and around tho beautiful island, for somo crossed the land in nutos and others remained on tho steamer skirting its picturesque coasts, and never for a moment did tho interest" ilng, nnd when at last, in deep darkness, tho members of tho party wont out upon the wharf in Nawillwili Hay to embark in tho steamer Wanna Kea's whalo boats for tho trip to Honolulu, there fas on tho part of many to leave tho hospitable shores. Tho wholo day, from five o'clock Monday morning, when the 'steamer sailed past tho Nawillwili beacon into the pretty bay of tho samo name until 10 o'clock nt sight, was filled with auto rides, steamer trips, breakfasts, lunches, lunus, dinners nnd demonstration on tho part of the villngcrs of each of the pretty There wax plantation communities. plenty of spcechmaklne. Arrival at Nawillwili. About 5 o'clock on Mondny morning, after a passage from Honolulu which was as smooth as the most timid traveler could desire, the Mnunn Kca passed into Nawillwili bay and in a few minutes after anchoring, tho shoro boats were en route to the wharf with tho members of the party. Tho natural facilities of Nawillwili bay ns a hnrbor for the entire island wero pointed out to the Congressmen, with added emphasis on tho necessity for a breakwater to make it a sheltered harbor during nil manner of storms or bad weather. There are several landing places on the island, each of equal importance to those who use them most for passenger and freight 'business, and every one, to mako them really flno anchorages, must ho provided with n. brenkwnter, but Nawillwili bay had first claim on the attention of the visitors. 1 Ashore tho visitors wero greeted by many Knuninns of the reception committee, including Mr. Wishard, tho chairman. C'hns. Rice, .lr., came from Honolulu with tho pnrty to prcparo tho programs In advance of landing, nnd to his credit it may be said there was not a hitch during tho cntiro day. Decorated automobiles waited for the party near tho Coney Garage, fourteen being in line, nnd presently tho long procession was winding up and down hill and along level Bt retches ovor wliat are perhaps the finest roads in the entire group. A fow wero unublo to go in nutos nnd they returned to the steamer and had tho pleasure of a trip which skirted tho shores of ono of tho picturesque portions of tho isle. A Oopra Plantation. Passing up the shoro from Nawillwili bay townrd the Kapaa shoro tho steamer passengers saw lliversido Grove, where more than flvo thousand cocoa-nu- t trees produce a crop of coprn which
ever-varyin- g n rcluc-tanco


Tho Kalahco Homesteaders. A raro surpriso awnited tho party at Kalahco, the new homestead section, the pet enterprise of Walter Mcllryde, where uliout ono hundred and fifty lit-tl- o school children were found drawn up in thrco ranks along tho roadside, each waving an American flag. Above them was a bamboo arch and underneath a streamer bearing the legend: "Our Best Crop." They wero mainly the children of Portuguese and Spanish immigrants, some of whom have been in the islnnd for only two years. Their welcome was a vociferous one. Near by was n pyramid showing tho small farming products of tho neighborhood, including pumpkins, beans, peas, corn, squashes, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. Tho Portuguese band gavo a very fino musical welcome here. Representative Scott mounted a chair and addressing the children nnd others referred to tho flag which each bore as the emblem of progress and liberty and of which ho and they should always be proud. Ho said tho most encouraging feature met with on their trip was tho display of farm products of Kalahco, as the future of theso islands must rest with the man who makeB his homo here, not with tho man who comes hero merely to bo nn employe of anothor. Greetings Along tho Boui&. As the party spea over the country through Koloa nnd Makawcli toward Llhue and Nawillwili, the Congressmen had occasion to remark on the splendid road system. Everywhere macadamized roads arc encountered, mndo with Many tho idea of being permanent. roads which were good enough for wagon and buggy trnllic before tho advent of nutos nre now being remodeled to meet nutomobiling conditions. Shnrp corners aro being taken off, hairpin curves eradicated, angles aro being elevated on tho outer side, details which might bo observed to advantage in the making of Oahu's roads. At Koloa another street demonstration was given, and it wns at this p'laco flag was observthat a hugo ed on a flagstaff, the blue Herd dotted with about two hundred stars, a which caused Congressmen to that the Republic would havo to take in as states nil thoso of Europe and Asia. When at last tho party arrived at Lihue and Makawcli, they found that warm hearted hosts and hostesses bad arranged so that the party would bo broken up into smaller ones, for entertainment at dinner. So one party went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Rice, Jr., on the pretty shoro at wilf, another to Sheriff Rice 's home, another to J. A. Coney's place and bo on. The dinner parties wero merry affairs and provided all that tho wealth and culture of Kauai's progressive peo-plare noted for when the stranger is within their gates. At 8 o'clock nil tho party was brought together at tho Lihue social hall which was attractively decorated with palms, calladiums, papaya trees laden with fruit, and ferns. Lihuo's population, consisting largely of Hawaiians, Germans nnd Portuguese, wero present, and the Portuguese band furnished music. Attcr a song by a group of Hawaiians tho Congressional party formed into a receiving line and the Lihucans passed along being cordially met by the mainlnnders. One old Hawaiian passed along with his lighted lantern and walking stick in hnnd. Represontntivo liartholdt made a short address, referring to tho warm hospitality of the Kauai people as a memory which would live long with them. All tho hospitality had been so lavishly offerod that he felt mere words were inndequato to express his own appreciation. He then introduced Representative Miller as the orator of Kansas. Mr. Miller made a fino address on American civilization, but referred to the high civilization afforded in these islands, bo that when California came into proininonco its sons and daughters received their early education away down hero in tho Pacific. He spoke of advantages and benefits nccruing trom living under the America flag, nnd that Hawaii was certain to benefit nnd bo fully protected bv it. Representative Padgett of Tennesseo mndo an eloquent address, regretting the poverty ol his own language to express adequately tho deep senso of appreciation and gratitude which all felt at the magnificent reception tendered them. Ills nddress wns noetic. Ho said that although separated by 2000 miles of sea, tho ocean was not wide enough to separate tho mainland from Hnwaii; tho island mountains were not high enough to divido us from tho parent land nor tho gulches deep enough to hide us from it. In whatever matters Hawaii needed attention from tho Federal government it could count on tho help of those who had been so hospitably received.
home-made fea-turo Nn-wi- n o silver-tongued


nets the proprietors between eighty to nil of you. And we hope, also, that I paying southern compliments to the cents and a dollar for every tree. Tho it will aid you in legislating for this iinwanan girl at his Bide. Judge trees aro about ten years old nnd the icrntory, sucli measures as will pro- Houston is typical of the men market is in San Francisco. Copra is mote progress in our beloved land of of the South and never loses nn opporproduced by splitting open tho cocoa-nu- t Hawaii nei. tunity to say a pretty word to tho and leaving the meat exposed to "We feel extremely fortunato thnt ladies. Then Mr. Good of Cedar Rap-Id- s the sun for a few days when it curls you are ablo to visit us and to seo for mounted, nnd so it went until the up nnd is easily taken from its shell. yourselves our , conditions, and hope guests were called to attend the luau. That is copra and it is used in the that when matters concerning Hawaii If tho front of tho homo was beaumaking of fnncy soaps. Much of tho arc to be considered by your honorable tiful the scene which greeted the eyes liivcrside product goes to a llerkolcy House of Representatives that you of the guests in the rear garden was tactory. will consider them favorably. Again, that of n paradise. In tho midst of a I say, Aloha." floral setting was nn arbor beautifully Molokans and Centipedes. decorated with greenery nnd festooned At Beautiful Kikapua. Then the Kapaa homesteads, fnmous with maile and from tho ceiling hung as the place where the Molokans, a The nutos wlilch had carried the bouquets of marigolds. Two long Hussinn religious clan, wero plnccd as party from Nawillwili to Hanalei, had placed within this wonderful settlers, was seen. Tho Kapaa section, sped nround the island nt race speed tables booth fairy showed the dainty decoraonco flourishing with green sugar cane, and when tho visitors went ashore nt tive touch of Mrs. Gay and her charmis now n barren looking place. It is Waimea they were met again by the ing guests. One table was decorated government land nnd is being Bet npart nutos, nnd conveyed through the town Largo baskets of maidfor homesteaders and until it is fully of Wnimca along the magnificent road- in lavender. ecttled it will bo bleak and barren. Tho way through the Gay and Robinson enhair ferns with tulle senrfs prettily new schoolhouso shows up well there estates to beautiful Kiknpun, the homo wound among the delicate stems gave and many houses of settlers can bo seen of Mr. nnd Mrs. Francis Gay, prob- a most delightful effect. Some luans from tho steamer's deck. Jt is said ably one of the most beautiful old would have been utterly ruined by tho that the Molokans were disagreeably homesteads in tho islands, where shower which descended upon Kikapua before the visitors arrived, but so surprised when first they entered tho wealth nnd culture have caneficlds to cut tho juicy stalks. They render it n most chnrming combined to beautiful was that at the Gay's that and retrent, one would hardly have believed tho failed to fasten tho bottoms of their typical of the baroninl es- tables had been drenched. Mrs. Gny trousers' legs, ns advised, and soon tates. Wide lawns, beautiful trees, a occupied the head of ono table, her they were hopping about with centi- wealth of exquisite flowers, surroundhusband another. Tho daintiest of pedes clinging to their calves, tho ed by an orchanl rich with rare fruits Hawaiian dishes were relished by the Japanese laughing nt tho predicament of island and mninlnnd vnrietieB, but Congressmen. So charmed was Repreof the'ir field rivals. above all an elegant home filled with sentative Bnrtholdt of St. Louis with Beyond roso tho backbone of n mountreasures art and the beautiful things the hospitality that he arose and tain range, and nenr the highest peak which a woman's hand has touched to thanked the host and hostess for one tho passengers wero shown a holo render charming. One hardly realizes of the most wonderful entertainments through which daylight could bo seen the hospitablu Gay in their experience. A quintet club 011 the other side. Ilepresentatlvo Rice after entering of Kauai told many legonds of tho hone that he is fur from a city's cen- from Waimea played during the luau, ter, almost upon the westernmost point and the Congressional quintet later conBt and of this holo. Two Hawaiians of ancient days, hostile to ono another, of a small island the farthest west in joined in with the Wnimenns. found themselves fncing each other the Pacific where all that adorns a By Auto to Port Allen. through this orifico in tho peak. They Fifth Avenue palace may bo found. waited for a favorablo opportunity The hostess' penchant for music could With reluctance the party left Kikawhich one finally seized. Ho threw his be observed in the piano and pipe pua aud its charming people and rode great spear through tho opening nnd it crgnu. Theic was the billiard tablo by auto across country to Port Allen sank into tho neck of his rival on tho where the guests of the frequent house (old Eleclc), where they wero met by parties may find enjoyment in the opposite side. Tho opening is several Manager Stodart of McBryde plantahundred feet long, but Hnwaiians in leisure hours. On the steps of this beautiful home tion, and "V. A. Kinney, the local atthose days wero giants, thoy say. Even the guests were received by Mr. Hart, torney and Democratic leader, who actDr. Harchfeld, tho ed as guide and explained why Port representative from Pittsbum. is onlv uncle of the hostess, nnd in the recep- Allen backers expected Congress to medium-sizein comparison with those tion hall Mr. nnd Mrs. Francis Gay put in n breakwater there. There the massive warriors hoforo Kamehameha 'a received informally, assisted by n bevy Congressmen learned that 70,000 tons of pretty young women, including Miss time. Clark, Mis Phinney, Miss Elston, Mrs. of freight were handled yearly; that, Into Beautiful Hanalcl Bay. it was the port of call for American-HawaiianPassing through a center of what Sandnw. Mrs. Charles Elston, Mrs. Mntson and Inter-IslanEric wenring all pretty Knndseii, white was onco n great crater, half of which steamship lines; that tho harbor anhaB fallen into the sea, the Maunn Kea Bmmnrv irocks and picture hats. the guests waited on the veranda chorage accommodates vessels of any "" ",l; r,0,nl dash of color was seen through the draught; that the wharf is equipped U i '..", v : l u "ual trees ami snnn tun vmitms snw mu with electric conveyors; handles 1500 " beautiful anchorages in the islands. of the most picturesque of tons daily; can loud and discharge It is almost a perfect horseshoe with island life, pa-- riders. features Two young three vessels, steam or sail, at ono a sandy bench nnd unmar-rebarehended and with hair fly- time; that it cost $130,000 and was esby the smallest particle of coral. women, tablished by private enterprise. Wnikiki bench is ugly in comparison ing loose, garbed in the odd flowing Mr. Kinney was surrounded by a tho lawn attendupon galloped skirts, BABIES AND CHILDREN with Hanalei. Thoso aboard tho o" Congressmen, interested iu steamer were convoyed to tho shoro in ed by two cowboy cavaliers. One of circle should bo fairly plump. They the riders was Miss Kapela, who was his argument m fnvor of a breakwater ought to put on fat us fnst as smnll boats nnd near Devorill's place the Island Princess of Kauai iu the built under a Federal appropriation at they found the overland party, which last Floral Parnde. Sho wore a lav- Port Allen. At the close of his inforthoy uso it up; for fat is fuel, arrived in nutos, in a circle 'listening ender skirt, nnd white blouse, and mal tnlk Mr. Kinney impartially said and tho burning of it makes pow'n speeches made to an audience of To tho visitors she that the matter of selecting a breaker and force. Thin children enthusiastic Hawaiians. Prince Kuhio wore a many leis. picture out of the dim past of water harbor site was up to those most made a brief address, telling the na- was even along to tho ago of eighteen Hawaii nei. Tlicy applauded and qualified to judge, the army engineers; or twenty aro in danger from tives who the visitors were, and their shouted. Mayor Fern mounted ono of and after they had surveyed all the purpose, responses being made by consumption, nnd from other Messrs. Dawson cowboy's horses and rode around ports proposed it was up to them to anil Good. Tho entire tho riders and then select, n statement which was applaudwith the pa-wasting complaints. Tho chilparty embarked aboard tho Mauna the lawnhis ed by Representative McLachlan nnd horse over to Iiepresenta-tidren who starve, and tho young Kea and the party mndo tho trip to turned Houston of Tennessee. That others. The latter was so impressed Waimeu by the 6en route. The finest men nnd women who aro conmountwith tho frankness of Mr. Kinney's roil doughty, grit lawmaker sumed why, tho very idea of coast sccnerv on all Kauai was passed ed the horse like nn cavalier argument that ho asked his name and , en loute and the Island little of removing Mr. Kinney gave tho information with it is frightful. For such us where the finest woven mnts are of the South, and gracefully the fmthcr news that he is a Demothey, there is ulways what is callmade and tho prettiest of beach bhells Ins hut iiinl waving it to lus companion he galloped about tho enclosure, crat. ed n "mighty fumino" iu tho are found, was teen. tftftfjf K'tftf'af'jOjs'aOj? land. Food, though it may bo Wclcomo at Walmca. . plentifully, does not nourish Hmlily. Sheldon. When the Mnuna Kca camo to nn them. It inukes no fat; it give3 nnehorago in Waimea bay, a beautiful no strength. To prevent this, to half land locked harbor with tree- euro this, to eavo tho young ones fringed shores and tho Waimea river nt tho mother's knees, and tho emptying Into the basin, it was seen mat unusual preparations had been bright boys and girls who aro inmlo ashore to receive tho visitors. jiiBt looking at tho world with Tho end of tho wharf was decorated nmbitious eyes, Is tho purposo of with limning and bamboo and mnilo .mil as the visitors stepped on the WAMPOLE'S PREPARATION wharf they wero laden with leis both Its success is decided nnd Buof (lowers iuu) shells by comely Hawaiian women, and giveii a royal welttled. Thousands owo to it lifo am health. It is palatablo us come. At the shoro end of the wharf big "Welcome" sign greeted their o honey and contains all tho eyes and a further cordial uloha was properties of puro Cod eMoudi'd. Ijiver Oil, extracted by ub from Wnimen was found to bo a town tvpieal of the Inland fresh cod livers, combined with and quite a largo community. Congressman Me tho Compound Syrup of l.iu'liliiu mill: and tho Extracts "Here i what niinonU to mo ns a of Mult unil Wild Chorry. In typlcMl lllnt. of ilnwnll where oim building up palo, puny, oinnoiu-le- d the iiouiilo im ho litis heard of Wf IIiimii, children, purticuluily (linko On ouim un fniiiiil oviirylluiig hml boon Aiucriomiltoil nnd much of troubled with Anemia, Scrofula, the plulurruiuo of Hmwill nc Iuu ltinkuta, and bono and blood IH'fll Wll Dill." nothing eijuuls it; its ton-i- o HhcMnn Mokoa nn Address, (junlu'ttH a ro of tho liighiuit orlltMirwviHtivd W. ,1. hlnliloii, out der, A Modlcul liistiliitlon unvm ( KuaI' iimmbira of ih Hnwulm '. " u Jmvu lined your irojNtnUiuii l.i'iUlurf, ijibi.U.,1 tdt, vlkllor uud , in tiwitlng ulillilrc fur ouiiglm, wiUuiuinI (bMl la iU NHlioulr coMh iiihI Inlluiiiiimtlun it un dlitrmt uud iirndv lliv fulluwlnn ') itll'M,. iliuutiuii iuu uuvur fmlud in "Ilouuriij (li'iHItiuinu "f 'h l.i u," V diiy ciuo, (nun lliu niwt ngtw Intuit uf til I'lilUd Uli'. uf Aitirrl. i V. uluil buiiluriiiu un piiaiununln, mn l.udimi Tb honor km Wu r.m V Tin ohildruii llhu it, ami ft ('lift iimiu me Iu sulde iLu wuiihm m V IumIIu ; un i'Uli ihulr muuy uf In in,ili i.f thl( iluirtri, uud V . i, hi Iiildrwll owu llmir lutr ur giiititiiiDi uf wrUi'iii.' hi Jlllli , V, h ii ir I'll in In mil li (il fruin 1..- Ilr,t mi u'i'l li uiii I.) i " t JHLAW) US(iimON OONMITTHH .! Mi' It null l I111l11.1t it i'i liOtUWIIHUMIiH ON KAUAI di I, Hll'l ) 'II I Miltnl I111 t .,,, ill vi,l u ng, l,.,i,a llii'l WV;J 111 It ' JMd by (.WvbiiiU Mill ti I' lii tM tlillll ui) Hjii hIiIi ,,H

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Advertiser Photo.

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When tho Japanese commercial commissioners to tho United States pass through hero next November, they will be entertained by tho Chamber of Commerce. Tho matter h now in tho hands of tho reception committoo of tho chamber, nnd arrangements will 'bo made to mako tho visit of tho Japanese delegates a notablo one. Tho American commercial commissioners to Japan wero so royally d in Nippon, that tho local civic, organization is determined that Honolulu shall maintain her reputation for hospitality. What tho nature of the entertainment will bo has not yet been decided upon. v Tho Japaneso people look upon of tho special commission to Stntcs almost ob an ollicial tourr nnd before sailing tho commissioners-werreceived by tho Emperor in spe-ciaudience. Tho delegation arrived at Seattle on the 3rd. Tho members are now leisure ly pursuing their way eastward, requiring their presence in. Chicago on tho 24th. All of tho great industrial centers of the United States-wil- l be visited, particular attention being given to factories. Baron Eiichi Shibnsawa is at of tho delegation, which numbered thirty-sipersons when it sailed from. l Japan in tho Minnesota. experts, either living on. tho mainland or traveling thero, will join the party from timo to timo, and. by tho time the Atlantic seaboard is reachod, it is believed that tho delegation will number fully soventy
entor-tainctho-visi- t e tho-heax Japanese-commerciapor--son-

Tho great universities of tho United States will all receive visits from



Just as soon as thero is money available, the Superintendent of Public Works will call for bids for the .extension of tho shed on Alakea street, wharf. Tho present shod will be extended sixty feet makai, and beyond that a structure, 100 feot. wide, extended out almost to the end of the wharf. This will, it is believed,, nfford ample shed accommodations for all requirements. Sinco work on the now Alakea street wharf wns started, thero has been considerable objection to tho shed, tho complaint being that it is so short that largo ships such as the Manchuria nnd. Mongolin, can not unload economically. The matter was taken up by the Chamber of Commerce and brought by that body. In n letter to tho chamber, Campbell states that there will bo a room, suitable for exhibition purposes either for tho Chambor of Commerce or the Promotion Committee, nynilnblo, tree of charge, to either of those organizations, just ub buuu as ine siicu is completed.





LAHAINA, Sept. 7.-- On Miss AVeinzheimcr, Mrs. Kroll, Mrs. Salberg and. Mrs. Robcnowitz met at tho Pioneer hotel and planned for tho supper to bo given to tho visiting Congressmen next Monday evening. The ladies decided that sandwiches, tea and coffee should bo tho chief part of the bill of fare, though cakes, pics, fruits and other good things will bo contributed by tho citizens of Laliuinu. rifty loaves of bread have been ordered. On Tuesday evening the reception, decoration und refreshment committees mot and made final arrangements for Tho entertaining tho Congressmen. chalruieu of these committees uro Messrs. Wciuzhcluicr, Frccluud and Kroll. The Rev. I.onpoM Kroll has received word of the death of his aged father which touk place In the city of New York. The deceased was bom In Erfurt, Germany, March 3, IS'J'J. Hu U survived by Ills wife uud five children, lie tuught French and German fur iiiuiiy years at thu Mt. Wnnlungtou Heminiiry, N. V. City, Hu was nu artist nml iimmeinn of some ability. Or, Derby Is iu town on hi regular
Monday-afternoon Mrs-Cruse,

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Dr. Dhirpir lmn clcm'il up his but-ii- i Id will .it ini'l lift fur lluiinliilii at uiiin go Id ltlt hu mother at N. V nml later i liiiihiiiii. l ulllce III tlio idly nf New Vrk n iiitiiiiiMiiili'i by Mm. Dmecur win! tlli'ir (nu clillilrim.




(WAMUKItnAIN'H OOLIO, OHOLIHIA, AND WAltUlIOHA UHMHOY. 'I' hi i mindly hut biMiH in imo for over Muri) ymri ami Im ruvil ilielf to Li lliu (mmi iiicmmful (Vint")' yet dl i't nver coiiiplniult. eutetnl t)f liuHrl fun Hull) nt t Uiiuiejf, llrnivfl Nuntk I, Co, Agnail for JjHHttit.



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(Prom Thursday's Advertiser.) showed up n llttlo stronger ngaln yesterday, and bids .of 114 failed to seeuro any of tho stock, though 113 secured somo shares tho day before Owners held out for 115 yesterday, and there was every Indication that tho etock has reached tho low mark at 113 and is again on the upward march. Before the session, two blocks, totaling eighty shnrcs, sold at 114. Oalm showed a tendency to strength en a little. Between bonrds, 100 shares went at 31.75, but during tho session a few shares brought 31.873. When tho session closed, 32 was being asked by the owners. Before the session, 123 sarcs of Oiaa sold at 4.375. This is a slight falling from tho last sale price, which was 4.50. Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar, In small lots, sold at 33.50. Thero was but little trading in tho shares, however, nnd tho closing prlco was 33.25 bid, 33.75 asked. Ewn was rather weaker than It has few shares been the past week. changed hands at 2D.75, a drop of 25 cents from tho flguro at which tho last previous saio was made.


Fleet May Reach Here




on Friday Evening






(From Thursday's Advertiser.) At yesterday's mooting of tho trustees of the Chamber of Commerce tho following letter from tho Honorable Thomas Sammons, American at Seoul, Korea, was read, and it was voted to ask Air. Sammons to nddress tho chamber when ho arrives bore: Chamber of Commerce, Honolulu, H. I., U. S. A. Gentlemen: Having ascertained today that it will bo possible for me to depart aboard tho Pacific Mail S. S. Mongolia via Honolulu, for tho United States on leave, I hasten to advise, your Jionorable body, in accordanco with Department of Stato instructions, that 1 shall sail from Kobe, Japan, September 5, next, and that I will reach Honolulu about thirteen days thereafter. must proceed to San Frnnutsco aboard tho Mongolia, but if there s any way in which I can sorvo your organization while in Honolulu for a few hours 1 shall bo very happy to do so. I have the honor to bo, gontlomen, your obedient servant, THOMAS SAMMONS, American



MAtTNA KEA TAKES SOLONS. Having on board tho Congressional jiarty as well as a largo numbor of local a flagship notables, tho Inter-IslanKea got away for Hawaii at noon yesterday. Leis and ilowers were greatly in evidence, and tho members of tho distinguished party of visitors were given an opportunity to witness tho jjonulne thing in tho way of Hawaiian farewells. Captain Bergcr was on hand with tho band. On board the splendid island steamer were closo to five hundred passengers, a numbor which almost taxed her capacity.
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Dr. Dincgnr and wife loft for the States on tho Alameda yesterday.

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method of preserving, purifying


and beautifying baby's tender skin lies in warm baths with

And gentle applications of CutU cura Ointment, For eczemas, rashes, itchings and chafings of childhood and for the prevention of the same, as well as for the sanative, antiseptic cleansing of
ulcerated, Inflamed mucous surfaces and otlmnifiCH which suggest themselves to women, these gen tie emollient!) are indispensable. SuUl ll,roinl,illl.oiU Pftinu IJUuSua TT.

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(Jrom Thursday Advertiser.) Thomas McTighc, who returned last (From Wednesday's Advcrtisor.) At yesterday nftornoon's mooting of Honolulu Is mnyorless. Lying on the from visiting his old home in tells many woncrful stories of tho trustees of the Chamber of Com- desk of tho city's chief oxecntivo is n Friday night or Saturday morning tho Pacific fleet should arrive his experience. lie had n pleasant trip merce, resolutions, expressing tho sor- resolution, passed by tho Board of Suhero, according to wireless advices received last night. At 8 o'clock nil the way from Honolulu to the Cove row which tho chambor feels over. tho pervisors, appropriating about tf250O last night Kahuku wireless station received tho following messago: death of the Into Charles M. Cooke, to reimburse tho Clilncso tenants, livof Cork and saw things which caused "Pacific fleet 1222 miles from Honolulu, steaming Blxtocn knots." ing along the of the prohim to marvel at tho progress of Amerwero unanlmouslj passed. The secre- posed Knluaiiui Beach road, for tho Tho operator at tho Naval Station got into communication with tary was Instructed to forward a copy cost of moving their bouses and threshica and the advancement of tho pcoplo tho fleet a short tiirmjattcr. His messago read: in tho old country. of tho resolution to Mrs. Cooke. Tho ing floors. All that tho resolution "Stoatnlng eighteen knots." needs is the signnturo of n Mnyor, but resolutions follow: found, after an absence of As tho Naval Station talkod with tho flcot somo time after tho Mnyor thero is none. years, a new Ireland nnd a moro Whereas, IJy tho death of Charles conversation botwecn tho ships and Knhuku Point, it is not itnprobablo The resolution was placed on tho 1001), Montague August Cooke 27, on contontcd people," he said yesterday messago was sent Kahuku tho speed was that after tho Mayor's desk yesterday morning, but of tho flcot Tertlio hurry of departing for Hawaii commercial community in of this remeniscing the in with a reporter. "When increased. with the Congressional party, His Honn grievHawaii ritory sustained has of I left there wo were in the throes of S .. . St y St St S St St' St St St ft St St S St St St S S St ft st st st st v ft ft St or overlooked 11 and consequently tho ous loss, and landlordism nnd there was a tendency resolution is without cxccutlvo signa acDuring exceptionally an Whereas, among tho people to got as far away ture, to no sure, in ten days tlio )f t? if if if if ff if if if if if if if if if tive if if if if if t?ift?i?tf t?ifi?iftf ifrfiftf life the lato C. M. Cooko partici- resolution will become law without tho from tho oppression as the money they pated in a marked degree in tho promo- Mayors signature, but in tho meantimo hnd would carry them. Today it is tion of the commorco nnd trndo of the Kaluanul Beach deal Is tied up. different and I tako it that it is duo The whole difllculty arises from tho these Islands, nnd by his foresight, to the attitude, of tho government. Infact that tho framors of tho charter judgment nnd courage materially as- fulled to mako provision for an actstead of making policemen nnd polisisted in their development and in their ing Mayor, during tho absence of tho ticians for tho city of New York they general welfare, Tho Board of city's chief executive. aro making homesteads for the people Now Theroforo Ho it Resolved, That Supervisors may elect a chairman, who in Ireland. Hundreds, perhaps thoutho Honolulu Chamber of Commerco shall hnvo authority to call meetings does hereby record its deep sense of and oxcrciso like functions, but tbu sands, of acres of laud that would not (Wireless Special to the Advertiser.) tho great loss suffered by tho various charter glvs him no power to sign orproduce a 'praty' when I left thero commercial organization)! with which dinances or other oltlciat documents. KOHALA, Hawaii, Sept. 8. Congressman Bartholdt, speaking after and where men toiled from 4 o'clock Mr. Cooko was so closely Identified, by When the Mnyor announced that ho tho luncheon given at tho Kohala Club, urged tho rcnomlnatlon aud in the morning until 0 and 10 o'clock the general commercial community in would accompany tho Congressional as tho best man to scud to Washington In tho interest Kuhlo reelection of which ho hns nlwnys boon so proiulnont, party on its Hawaii trip, Secretary "at night trying to get a living and keep of Hawaii. Because of Ms services, his personal friendships and his nnd by this Chamber over wnich In tho ltivcnbiirgh haled him to his office nnd a thatched roof over their heads aro past ho so nbly presided nnd In which began studying tho charter. Would popularity at tho Capital it would ibo a mistako to allow him to retire. now green with crops for tho men now his interest has always proved most ho bo Mayor during the nbsence of tho good land and. hnvo tin acre or more of Congressman Recdcr, of Kansas, also spoko, saying that Hawaii leads valuable, home. in many instances, a gonial Joseph"! l'age after page ho of farming. irrigation scientific and in tho States And He it Further Resolved, That ,Tho old thatched roofs havo fallen inpretty mustache turned over; it Tho Congressional party had a grand reception at Kohala. A visit this Chamber extend to Mrs. Cooke, to the to decay in many ways and tho pcoilselcs. the members of Mr. Cooke's lnmily, was was mado to tho ditch. Lord's automobile caught nro but tho damage plo are getting moro modem. The govYesterday morning Deputy County and to his closo business associates Its ernment is discouraging emigration, tho was small. Thero will bo a hula tonight. T. Attorney Milverton wns appealed to. most profound sympathy. landlords seem to hnvo gotten back No, ho wns sorry, but ho could not dig their senses and at the samo timo moro v v J .. s st ft st st st st st st st st st st s st st st st st st st st st st st st st st st st st up any legal authority for appointing ' of tho milk of human kindness aud The Kaluanul a temporary Mnyor. nro cutting the rents in two rather DERELICT ISLAND Beach resolution would havo to wait than doubling them." ten dnys nnd become law without a There was a bit of a twinklo in tho flowing' signature. Too bad, but no eye of genial Tom as ho said this. He liolp for it. E had much to tell his friends over there Not only is thero no provision for inand his appearance undoubtedly an acting Mnyor during tlio temporary dicated prosperity and many were the aliseuco of tho chief executive, but Haquestions asked regarding far-of- f Garden Island. When United States thoro is no provision for tho appointwaii. Boys on tho warships that used Attorney Breckons and Federal Mnr-sh- ment of such nn ofllcinl in enso tho to visit Hawaii havo gono back with making now a Hendry wero on Kauai last weok, incumbent of the city's most dignified total owner indebtedness G. is tho of William Irwin they Tom tales of the place but in should die. Pending tho calling in connection with tho bond of Lovi office some timo ho as simple, in has foo for of source puro Simon real had tho of a special election, tlio counting of Gay refused to bo interviewed as Kaultoe, the defaulting postmaster information and they seemed bound to past been in effect, o,f tho island of to Mr. at tho votes, and tho possiblo contest nnd his plans or to mako any statement get nil thero was to bo told, legal proceedings that might follow, 'Lauai. By a deed filed for record with the Lanai matter. Mr. Kapau, thoy wero also at work on "As tho Irish Consul for .Honolulu," (Registrar Mcrriam yesterday, Charles concerning matter, that of tho condemnation thero would bo nothing doing iu tho Irwin, however, stated that his acquisiwas accorded all of continued Tom, tion of tho island by deed was a mero of tho sito of tho new $75,000 Federal Mnyor line. tho honors duo to ono in my position Gay, for the sum of one dollar In hand formality, as he had been tho virtual With tho Territory tho Secretary lighthouse nt Kiluuea. Thoy woro vory the constabulary never took their to him paid, transfers to Mr. Irwin tho owner of Lanai for somo timo past. Acting Governor in tho absenco eyes off me. I took tho folks to tho entire island, together with all buildIn othor cities reply to a question as tohis nlans desirous of finding out the namo of tho of His Excclloncy. In to night Theater Royal in Dublin ono in regard to Lniiai, Mr. Irwin stated small islet off tho coast of Kllauea, there is a provision mado for tho namings and improvements, all sheep, the a show seo a that had that ho was not decided yet. Ho which is tho most northerly point ot ing of nn nctlng executive. Tho San name but which turned out to bo noth- numbering about 14,500 head, all tho might incorporate, or ho might sell tho local laud in tho Territory, and which is evi- Francisco charter, on which thoa secing mora than a duplicato of one of cattle to the number of about 250, all island. jumble was modeled, has such "1 havo had two offers for dently n portion of tho our Hotel street attractions. There was tho horses, about 200 head, all othoi Lanai," ho wall ancient of tion; but tho fathers of Honolulu's said, havo accepted a conjuror there who did a bit of a property of every kind. Mr. Gay no neither yet. I am "but leaving Hawaii next tho small extinct crater, at that point, mnstcrpicco carefully cut out that sectrick with flags. Ho drew from n tube longer has any interest of any kind month and it is possible that tion. Krgo, no Mnyor. tho mat- - to bo usod as tho sito for tho lighttho colors of ono nation after another in the island which ho has worked so tcr will bo arranged beforo 1 go is holding lilvonburgh Secretary house. and when he came to that of Great hard to mako a paying proposition and away. ' ' down the lid in n very dignified manThoy wero unablo to find n namo for ner, but his signnture is nil whon it Britain thero was such an enthusiastic upon which ho has spent so many thouLanai hns been tho subject of much and loyal greeting that tho walls of sands of dollars. tho islot, at tho timo, but sinco they comes to papers of Btnto. Ho is a discussion during Tccent years, particuto trembled. had fairly I the placo The transfer of tho title by sale for larly at tho timo when Governor Carter returned to Honolulu it has been dis- beautiful figurehead, nothing moro. stop and think. It was different from ono dollar is, according to the state- oxchanged that .part of tho island " then covered by County Auditor Goorgo 11. tho Ireland I had left years ago, left ment of W, G. Irwin, in accordance belonging to tho govornmont to Tho latter ran across a kuma-ninn- , it when tho desire of tho peoplo seem with tho agreement .between himself Gay for propery located on Oahu. Mr. Baker. over seventy years old, living ed to bo to step on tno neck of a land- nnd Mr. Gajr at tho timo tho latter Link SicCandlcss tried to prevent tho near Baker's homo in JViumulu, who lord with ono foot and a Britisher with mortgaged tho island to Mr. Irwin. Mr. exchange, bringing suit in tho torrl- - goes by tho namo of Kcahuai, nnd is tho other. But today there is as much Irwin states that at that timo it was tnrial courts to hnvo transfer nulli- n former resident of Kiluuea beach, llo loyalty to tho flag and respect for tho .agreed that if Mr. Gay should not bo fied and declared void.tho Tho matter was to Mr. Baker that tho name of landlords as you will find anywhere and aDie to taKo up tho mortgage, ho carried to tho Supremo Court of tho Btated GO this islet is "Mokuneae. " Tho informatho harp of Erin has a place in tho should turn over tho property in feo United States and was only defsettled tion has been sent to Mr. Breckons flag. But I am an American and from simple instead of the mortgage being initely in favor of tho government last choice at that, do you mind. When obliged to go through tho formality of .year. It is boliovcd that this suit, this week. H the joker doing tho tricks pulled out foreclosing. which so long delayed tho final transDuring tho next five months th tho stars and stripes I let out such Mr. Gay camo over from Lanai last fer, had much to do with tho inability Board of Supervisors will havo to haul a whoop that I had tho audience Etar-in- Sunday with his family and stopped of Mr. Oay to make good on Lunai. L DID NOT iu sail. The report of tho ways and 'There she is,' I cried, 'Old Glory, .at tho Young Hotel until last night, Tho northern end of the island is said means committeo, submitted yesterday tho flag that floats over tho free and when he left for ICauni on tho Kinau. to bo rapidly disintegrating, largely be- morning at tho special session of tho tho brave.' Thero was no attempt at Ho has left his former kingdom defcauso tho thousands of goats with BUTT IN AT PRISON board, shows that for the six months violence, mind you, but I seemed to bo initely. It is understood that ho put which Lanai is infested havo destroyed beginning August 1, tho county's rovo-lina sourco of wonder to tho Indies who about $1GO,000 into Lanai trying to tlio shrubbery and trees nnd rendered is reduced $11G!J.97 a month. Tho tut in front of mo. Ono of them turn make it a paying proposition. In addi- much of tho island n barren waste revenue nvailublo monthly for tho ed around to me nnd said I had noth- tion to this, thero was a mortgage on with nothing to protect it from tho The County Physician is mnd mnd totalmonths beginning August 1 is ing to brag about, the best people in tho island amounting to $145,000 beforo eroding action of tho trade winds clear through. An evening paper last six against $54,022.22 monthly dur'True for you, tho territorial lands of Lanai wero which sweep over it unimpeded. America are Irish. night stated that ho luid butted in on ing the preceding half year. Tho exMadam,' I said, 'but tho best wasn't transferred to Mr. Gay during tho Mr. Irwin says that ho advanced during tho mouth of July regime of George R. Carter as Governor .moro money thnn tho island is worth Dr. Moore's job ns physician at tho penditures $58,0SD.G2, in them while thoy stayed here.' an excess of "Another sign of good feeling, and ot Hawaii, and Mr. Gay at that timo nnd gnvo Mr. Gay two or three years territorial prison, and is passing out totalled tho allotted share of tho over $4007.40 an evidence, that the feeling that once borowed from W. G. Irwin under mort- to muko good boforo taking over tho pills to tho public guests without duo appropriation. warrant of tho law. It happens that oxistcd, of the timo when the wish of gage the additional sum of $102,27i).9S, mortgaged property himself. Thoro is a margin of $0000 allowed tho genial county pill distributor is tho Englishman was to sec Ireland put for In tho appropriation bill, but at tho about tlio busiest man iu Honolulu, nnd present hours, had under water for twenty-fou- r rate of expenditure, this will tho suggestion that ho is trying to anbeen blotted out, was in n procetsiou out long boforo tlio end NATIVE SONS TO SEND is nex other men's jobs pleases him not ull bo wiped of tho soldiers I witnessed outside of tho fiscal year, in its report, tho at all. As a matter of fact, Dr. Mack1-al- l of regiDublin. Thero woro twenty-eigh- t tho board tho is looking niter tho territorial pris- committee urges upon down ments in lino nnd eight fine bands. cxponses, necessity for cutting TD BE TORN the, cxpross rcqitciit of Dr. calling attention Ono of them camo along and played GREETIN6 TD CRUISER oners nt to tho fact that who is on Moore, vacation. was Grcon.' It 'Tho Wenrin' of the money may bo received from H a rovclation to mo for it docs not seem tho Territory, will bo required to carry HAMBURG BOATS IN PACIFIC. sucli a long timo since it was treason if out tho bolt road project, and that pracTho unsightly fence that extends out "U. S. S. California Sorry you a fellow happened to hum it whero That tho Hamburg-Americaline, tically nothing will bo avuilablo for into Fort streot, just mnuka of Hotel, can't bo with us to celebrate Admission a polis could hear him. of the German steamship lines general current expenses. "But if Ireluud had chnnged during is to come down. Several months ago Day. Greetings. Native Sons and oldest Tho road committee, nt tho request tho years I havo been awuy I can tell permission was given for tho erection .Daughters of the Golden West." This and whoso boats havo an aggregato of tho County Engineer, reported in fonnago of ncurly 1,000,000 tons, will favor of the employing of a compotcnt you my kuowledgo of tho world was of tho fence, to protect the public from wireless messago will bo flashed to tho broadened by my visits to tho Cities in falling bricks while tho new building touch at Los Angeles with big steam- inspector to keep track of the work on tho United States. I had nover put is going up. Work on tho building has armored cruiser California this even- ships direct from Kurope, following tlio Kaluanul lloacli road, which Is to bo ing, my foot on American soil before leavjust .before tho local Native Sons been moro or less delayed, and in tho done by private contract. It will bo ing tho ship at San Francisco for when mean timo tho sldowalk has been block- nnd Daughters of tho Golden West start opening of the Panama canal is guard- tho duty of tho inspector to soo that edly admitted by V.. R. Rous, resident no shoddy work is done, and that tho camo to Hawaii it was by way of ed and traflic on tho street has been for tho Mounn to enjoy the ball which tho Horn. Tho sights of ban Fran- seriously impeded. director iu America and general man- contractors live up to tho specifications! cisco Btartlcd me for Archio McKillop Chairman Quinn yestcrdny took tho they havo nrrnnged in honor of tho ager of tho New York interests of tho Tho committee recommended that tho had his hand in the entertainment. Tho matter up with Contractor Oudcrkirk, anniversary of tho day on which Calipay of tlio inspector bo fixed at $5 a company. growth of tho place after tho idea con- and tho latter readily agreed to rcmovo fornia was admitted into tho Union. day. Tho board approved tho report to Iu Dana a W. Rev. letter Bartlett, mid the inspector will bo duly apveyed by tho pictures I had seen of tho fence. The sidewalk has been torn had been hoped that tho fleet It inbeing me us tho earthquake, struck answering the lattor's query, Mr. lions pointed. up to mnko way for a new one, but human, that something more than mor- Oudcrkirk will lay a boardwalk to servo would reach hero in timo to admit of says tho lino will run Its ships through Payrolls for road laborers, both in tlio presence makof tho complement finger the tho a had iu of had temporarily. tal man tho city uud' the. outside districts, wero tho canal to tho Pacific coast. As ing. In Chicago there was moro to California. passed, mat is out of tho quesH Rumors have been prevalont at San tion, the Golden Stato folk concluded btartlo mo, for not satisfied with the YOUNG COUPLE MABttlED Hamburg-Americatlio next best thing would bo to Fraucisco that the that streets for car trucks I .found them NATUniS'B URMI3DIE8 FOIt UNDEE SPEEADINO TEEE send it wireless greeting to tho ship lino, which already imiiutuiiis "west New strung on trestles in mid air. DISEASE. Hum-burcoast routes of from America" Miss Ellen Braloy and William O. lit sea, York was of course the acme of all provides moro crrccMvo remvia Antwerp, Nature Genua, Loudon, Tho Hawaiian band will play this that was big in surprises, Moro build- Purer wero married at 10:30 o'clock edies in tlio roots and herbs of the railways nnd somo yesterday morning at the homo of A. evening, during tho duiico, Mayor Fern Cadiz uud St. Vincent, recently ings, more mld-nl- r u confidential iigout to iiiiihn Held than wero over produced from Thero It. Qurrey, J r., in Mnnoa valloy, by tho having given tho nccosmiry permission. of them were out of sight. u thorough Investigation of Pitciflo druiiH. didn't seem to bo room enough for all Reverend Doremus Hcudder, D.D. Tlio Arrangements have also been minlo coast prospects with u view to bulng Thirty years ago, Lydla 15, Plnkliam on tho streets or iu the ulr so they ceremony wns porformed out in tlio wlmroby it lato car will lenvo tho tlio on oiienlng of tlio of Lynn, Mass,, discovered uud gavo open, under tho shade of a big monkey-poat o'clock In tho mumlng nnd fully prepared went down below," alio was cuiiul, Hint Pniinum It stated to tlio women of tlio world a reined tree, which had boon decorated run to Fort and King streuts, by way Mr. MoTlgho says ho Is glud ho is huge new stuiuuurs would lm built for niitdo fr.oni rnotH and herbs, which of the I'iiiiiiIioii Hue, home. Tlioro is no placo to Mill Hko with golden shower for tlio occasion, u with survlco eoiitoquuiit Aliunde lias proved most elllcncious In curing Congressman W, O. Houston of Ha wnil uiul luivlng neon what Is left shifting of sluitnislilps of tlm Cincin- woiiion'H diseases than nny other medgave tho bride away, he being of tho family In Ireluud lie It satisfied clium Cleveland 17,000 mid tons, nati an icine the world lias aver known, and old tho friend of Hrsloy family, Ho differs iu ouo to remain hero, HUs fret long mill complement nf lliioil lodny I.ydln ;. I'luklmin's Veuetable Tlio decoration, which wero decidedinspect to tlio average until who goo l pursuits to tint routes between Compound n looked upon ovurywliuru to tlio other side, liu did not Iiuvo timo ly unlquo ns well as attractive, wero ports mid tlio nnrlli I'iioIHo us ilia slmidiird remedy for womun's tho work nt Mist Fruuens In go tu London most of tlio tourist - ki. V. Now, wulnrs.l:miiinoieii wlni mndo the trip from the muinlaml Ills, ill, luivu timo to go to Ireland, with tlio Inlilo, (limlul Tom wt'iit tu ii'ii J il' MAYQU Ol" Till) Till) PAOIl'IO, An Mr. Purer, who Is n civil onginoor runxi on WAnHWPH. Hughi'' piiri'iiU and left them crying nut rttully llio Mnyor of ull (Jura NISWI'OHT, Hlioilii Maud, Aimuit "I fur Jiw nviir wlmt lie told tlit'iu iibuut employed nt tlio Nnvul Hlutlou, whs M"is, M. I f'lttik mnflni'il Imr is lo I nimble to lusvu lili work, ho lirnlu ids, ur nt limit of 1'olyiitisla," siild Uo. - Tilt usu ut ull tat fuel uu wfirtlili llietr Win nlitPiit Iml. ennui over ruin Ilia iiislnluml (or ui Iiuiiim uu Arit'sinii irtwi us I ho result Mnjur I'sru uf llo t'lly niul I'uuuty ..I. I. Mlf will Iivi'uiiih uturu ijiiuurul In I he nwir Mr. UU WllUll MMlllsUt mid uf mumuiiy, Mrt. Furor will lilt SUIIdilieil uf lluuululii wlilln evutllMK with UiiglUlimni OomliiK. fulurti, II is iiiiitifli, Tim llurnuu of ii't'inl llio liuiipyiiiuuu iliiys uu Tuntuliif, tuMtf iluys utfu. Mrs, funk full iluwti 1 ICauni, urn w "Viiu Kqulpiusut uf lli K'uvy has pluiiilM.I Iu uli II. M. fcl, llodrunli oiiu of llio urck wuunliir Uiekiy's huuto liming Immi Mum In tltf 1'nslfU Usmu ursst uu ull Unit ussr lu sunluiy sla wrists su Iwd lbi unly lulu smJ vvrsttJhsd uriuurnd urunvrt uf IN llrillili imvy, plutnil m I Ulr diipuinl, uiirlu uf AuiIiuIIh, uud luvr lisiug nu lluu iu S'ttrrsguiiHtii liny, Tim unit I) lust u is ntiiifl Mplw. Not sisyur iu utiy uitifr Mruup ur ismis, i Mill UUVS 8 OSpS.'Uy ut .'.IWU.IKIO iivuiilu. will urnvtf hurt I tin llrtt of m ull n H, Ifunluii Irfi vvUriu Tint licilfunl hu lm uu unliir'l U Mr II i .iiil It (iiiimiIjIi fur slit inns liJuui suiirstus Iu lus Jlliinii.n I but 1 luus I Jut) llioussud uuiluui uf usmlliiu I'rnui-m-u uxu jairt Iu lliu J'uituU Miiulliutw iLu Urussl wsuimiy jutitUisii.ii will lt Ihv HUtlU UH livr bund, I m liu, tliiivb vt '"Ills' UU IhU AlulHudll ui'Stby lurd of Mm us I tiHt fnliMti. iHlht lbs tiss bivu iuullut'4 U lll'f bui, iu lus ttwllC tutwuitu" wlsu lbs riw iu Ihr, y.
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. . ..- - - if . .... . . .1 1..K. v. u.n. eF iuuujt iuim 4l.n mi The eight armorcil cruisers ciue ai jiuuuiuiu "These cnougb. not is strength Pacific. It tho in strength American naval ships nro in tho second rank ahd a single Dreadnought could whip them all. Counting up the American interests at stnko in this ocean and contrasting them with tho measures taken to insure their safety, thcro is the very strongest of reasons to demnnd of Congress that tho power of tho Navy shall bo fnirly divided between the Atlnntic and tlio Pacific. Tho present cruiso of tho Ameri-


can Pacific fleet should bo tho last ono in which tho commander finds himself without a battleship on which to fly his Hag. t "

LAND AREA FOE A FARMER. A Congressman at Aala park tho other night stated that twelve or fourteen acres, in the irrigated sections of tho mainland, wore enough laud to support a family in comfort. Thoso in Hawaii who have contended that it was useless to offer farms of less area than tho homesteads on the mainland to attract American farmers will seo by this statement that they were mistaken. Intensive cultivation of good soil, well watered, with many products that can bo raised here, will make tho value of land in Hawaii relatively as ono to ten compared with ordinary farm land on tho mainland, rrom tho remark abovo quoted it will be seen that the conditions on mainland irrigated lands, redeemed from aridity by the reclamation service, nre held to be similar to tho conditions that mako land exceptionally vnluablo in these islands. Star. Tho visiting statesman could havo mndo his point even moro emphatic by taking his example from Southern California, where ten acres of irrigated sandy soil have made many a small and frugal family content with life. ' Having had something to do with starting the lemon orchard excitement in ono of the counties of Southern California between fifteen and twenty years ago, the writer of this topic docs not need to deal in generalities on tho subject. Tho average industrious young man with somo capital, the kind of farmer who is wanted here, mado good on ten acres of dry mesa which ho bought for $30 to $100 an acre and for which he got water at $3 nn aero per annum. Ho could build any kind of a houso he chose, thcro being no restrictive limit. Tho business proposition before him wns to plant the ten acres to lemons, with 70 trees tp the acre. This mado seven hundred trees which, long beforo maturity, yielded at least fivo boxes of lemons to the tree, worth, at wholesale, $2 per box, picked by tho buyer. Tho estimated annual return was to bo $1400 in cash with the as bees, chickens, etc., added. All the work reincome from such quired was to run a cultivator between tho trees and turn on the irrigating water. Now and then tho fnrmer hired a Chinaman; usually he did his own work while including the baby. In time, as his trees his wifo looked after tho than fivo boxes. Wo knew of two old got yield a larger nrchardist the Crew, lemon trees in tho Sweetwater Valley, which yielded, respectively, in ono season, But $G2 and $7S from the local sale of the fruit, though this was exceptional. after six years from the seedling, a tree yielding but fivo boxes wns regarded farmers succeeded, which wns mainly a question with doubt. Not all tho of temperament; but enough won out to establish tho lemon industry in tho county referred to and to increase the price of the land, with matured trees, to $500 nn acre. Taking ten acres as a basis for a good living, twenty acres meant a small i competency. In Hawaii tho same twonty acres of rich land, given over to Epccializcd tropical export products, ought to mean as much. Tho income would bo ample for a small family of New England thrift. Pineapples for the staple, tobneco or, perhaps, cotton; with pigs, poultry, bees, a cow or two and a garden to help out, would yield what tho average small farmer in tho East would regard as a small fortune. Under theso circumstances to talk of 1G0 acres as being neccssnrv for a fnrmer here is merely a rellex of tho habit this aristocratic country has of talking in terms of millions. Wo Ecorn tho small things; but there nro thousands of people capable of supplying Hawaii with a substantial middle class who live by them.
100-acrten-acr- e

Extra Pay Looks Good. Major Long is keeping two companies ot the Marine Corps on tho rirlo 0th will go to the Philippines. Somo rnnge practising for the final shoot to one of them may bo the regiment to go show whether or not tho soldiers can to Alaska. As tho 22d Infnntry is to qualify as marksmen, sharpshooters, go to Fort Sam Houston, thero is somo HARRIMAN. or expert riflemen. None of the boys expectation thnt it may bo tho 9th InTho death of E. II. Hnrriman removes a man of tho class which, sixty shows any reluctance in practising fnntry that will go to Alaska, but nil if he qualifies as a marksman it this is at this time purely speculation. years ago, would have probably found its career in statesmanship. Eeforo tho for means an extra two dollars per month I civil War the first organizing an4 constructive minds got their chance in ndded to his pay, as a sharpshooter an Hawaii National Guard. politics. Thcr'e wns no other goodrSenlng for a personal forco like Hnrriman 's; extra three dollars and ns an expert Tho boys of tho local rllio team who rifleman an extra five dollars. The atno oincr piaco ior mo man wmi a laeio lor iuc grcui practical mugs oi Ameriwent to Camp Perry for tho competiglare the and mospheric conditions here can life. Tho Army was a small affair; railways nnd steamships cut no largo of tho sun mako it very difficult to tive shoot will arrive this morning on figuro; business ran in narrow grooves; the biggest citizens wcro in public life, Bcoro but tho boys nro running up some tho China. Colonel Jones, adjutant in very proud of command of tho tenmsj-iwith the Presidency ns their goal. Tho Civil War mnrked a now departure. good records. the record thnt tlio team mado this year When it was over, tho era of multimillionaires began, nnd tho important prizes Logan Full Up. which was far ahead of their showing ono of tho became thoso of business. Commodore Vanderbilt was a typo of tho new era, The transport Logan loft San Fran- last year. Besides this, -H the spirit of which was shown in ono of the thoughtful social studies of Charlis cisco full up nnd thero wcro several team, J. Stone, is bringing back with him the bronze medal given as third Dudley Warner by tho admiring remark of "Helfdcrson," the railway com army oflicers unable to securo accom prize FOR PACIFIC FLEET. NO PREPARATIONS tor the best individual jcore. Tho biner, to his financial partner, "Uncle Jerry Hollowell" "Uncle Jerry, you modations to return to tho islands. One boys of the N. G. II. who remained at Owing to the pretence of tho Congressional party and the fnct that tlio ought to be President of tho United States." And "Jerry's" comprehensive of these wns Captain Chapman, expert home will give their comrades a rouspistol shot of the Twentieth Infantry Governor, the Chief Clerk and various other government ofilcials, not to speak reply wns, "The salary is too small." who went first to the shoot at Monterey ing welcome. of the Delegate to Congress and many of the prominent business men of Hawnii, Probably as a statesman of tho old days Harriman would havo lived longer nnd later to Fort Sheridan. Tho other are engaged in seeing to it that the distinguished visitors nro given n good than he did ns a railway magnate 'and been n happier man. Statesmanship two local officers who went to the shoot, GRIP timo and an opportunity to see as much as possible of the Islands, little or has its relaxations nnd tho applauseyOf enough of its bencficiai'es to keep tho Captain W. B. Scales of the Fifth Car-nlr- AFTER and Licutennnt Pardeo of the nothing has been done in the way of preparing any welcome for tho Pacific disposition screno; but thero is no relaxation for tho modern, nctivo captain Twentieth Infantry, are both on the fleet, which is expected to arrivo at Honolulu next Tridny. Unless somo action of industry, and very little sympathy. His combinations are as tremendous Logan. Captain Scales is accompanied men officers tho and fleet will arrivo by tlio and merely who has been visiting in is now wife, his taken, planned not in business as Napoleon's were in war; and a man must be mndo of lignum-vitnLos Angeles, nnd Lieutenant Pardee is be left to have a good timo in thoir own way. Captain ltccs of tho naval to stand their worries. By night as well ns by dny ho hns them in mind; accompanied by station will give n Inwn feto at tho Pleasanton next week in honor both of ho is surrounded by powerful foes; ho is forever taking the hazards of war. The Payrolls for September. 1b elso nothing planned. officers of but the nnd the Congressional fleet, party the Tlio moro money ho piles up, tho larger is tho number of thoso who seek to After the Tifth Cavalrymen are paid After Wasting Fevers Also Dr. The Mayor is oft with the Congressional party on the Hawnii trip, so thero deprivo him of it. Few of the first financiers live up to the anticipations today tho payrolls for the month will Williams' Pink Pills Will is no prospect of the city's doing anything in tho way of welcoming or enter- of tho companies that insure them; their nerves fail beforo their time and bo closed for the Army. Tho men of Restore Health and the lleet will receive some $30,000 on taining the officers and crews of the war vessels. Thore will not oven bo the tho men pnss on. tho twenty-fiftthe month and this of Strength. city's chief executive on hand to go aboard and welcomo Admiral Sobree. What tho effect of Harriman 's death may be on the financial market will added to what has been paid during As in scarlet nnd typhoid fover, so in has no desire to dovelop soon; but ns no disaster followed tho sudden close of C. P. Hunting- the month will bring the amount paid Governor Frenr is also on Hawaii, and Secretary s malaria and tlio grip, tlio act. Ho would probably refuso flatly to put on a high silk ton's life, nor that of William II. Vanderbilt or of John Mnckey, nor of any out in Honolulu during September up of do the tliu discuso aro often woo than the over to $100,000. bat and frock coat and pay nn oflicinl cnll on tho commander of tho fleet and other captain of industry, the public may feel n fair assurance that Wall disease ittelf. Tho sufferer is left with Miscellaneous. a debilitated system, is sliort of breath Private Secretary McBrido is nwny with the Congressional party, though tho street is too solid to bo shaken by tho, passing of nny ono finnncial king. upon the slightest exortiou and is Oflicers nt Fort Ituger aro complainoflicinl hat has been left behind. Hing that the condition of the roads affected by every cbango of weather, As a matter of fnct, Mr. what, with his multiform duties ns There is likely to be a nasty qunrrel between Peary nnd Cook out of which is beginning to interfere with even Tlio hybtem is iu such u weakened conSecretary of the Torritory nnd President of tho Board of Health, has no timo Peary docs not promise to come with credit. Scientific inspection of Cook's their social obligations. There are sev- dition' that it is powerless to resist the to work up nny entertainment for the fleet. Ho stated yesterdny morning thnt observation data has convinced European savants thnt his claim of discovering eral ladies at tho Fort and three of attack of such diseases as pucuinouia bronchitis. lie would send word to the fleet to omit the official calls until tho return of tho tho Polo is valid nnd, ns a result, lie has received n royal decoration. AH that tliein, nre brides bo that they, too, feel and This is n condition wliici emphatically tho handicap. Major Crce has hopes Governor, which will bo either next Sunday or next Tuesday, depending upon Peary brings forwnrd a toiiio for the blood. Dr. Dr. Cook's testimony nnd that of his journals, that tho existing conditions will be on- calls for Pink Pills are tho best medicine whether or not the Governor makes tho Maul trip. Ho was undecided as to is the word of Eskimo who claim to have accompanied the other explorer, that ly a matter of a few weeks and is this purpose for they act directly on whether he would or not when ho loft on tho Mnuna Kea yesterday. busying himself with some plans for for ho went but a short distuned north. It will be recnllcd thnt, in his earliest the blood which tlit-- clouuso of all imtho now barren of bcautlfving tho However; there is no doubt but that the crows of tho Pacific fleet can Dr. Cook told of Eskimo deserting him, and it is not unlikely that, on tho purities. They tone up tlio nerves nud fort. manage to have n pretty good time, even though no formal welcomo is extended siiy-give health uud strength to tho debilitaof theso disgruntled nntives, Peary builds his case. This is feeblo evidence Naval Captain Station, the Bees, of to them nnd no special entertainment prepared. Tho sailors always do havo as compared with that of Jensen, Danish Inspector of North Greenland, who has hns postponed his reception for the ted hybtem. A tinielv Runcestion on bow tn cnnble a good time anywhere, and especially in Honolulu. ofllcially confirmed Cook's claim; and thnt of llasmussen, tho nrctlc explorer, oflicers of tho fleet from Wednosdny tlio system to resist the af ol tne September Thursday, to 15th the wasting disenHH is given in tlio expert-curwho interviewed somo of the Eskimo companions of Cook at York Bay and found to six. four from Manning 10th, mechanic a E. N of Mr their stories in full ngreement with that of their leader. Apparently Peary, in THE FEW AOAINST THE MANY. of No. 204 VT. San Fernando street, San has lost his head. his disappointment und wrath, General & Navy Journal. The Army Jom, Cul He Rays: The curious idea h advanced that n measure, llko tho coastwiso relief bill, Order designating regiments and or"A few years iigovrlien living on n t flight to be opposed became it does not suit tho purposes nnd extend the employforfruit ranch in the mountains of Santa ganizations thnt nro to bo sent to If Lnnnl is really going to tho dogs becnuso the denuded earth is being car- eign service during tho coming yenr is Crni!, I liiul nu nttmjk of tho prln from ment of a few. Legislation for special interests is not unknown nnd it usually St In which I recover) d. 'i no next fail I agnin plncc, to hold vcgctntioii it completion, no well but towurd having to now on sea by ocensionnl rainstorms, brings on n senndiil or, if not that, falls afoul of the grout principle of popular ried bail a BOviTO nttnek nnd was n sufleroi legislation, which is to securo tho greatest good to the greatest number. Tho the Agricultural Experiment station might well apply Itself to tho problem of will not bo mndo public for somo time from its effects for cevernl liiout lis. I wns to come, Last year this order wnB anobject sought by tho relief bill wns, nnd will bo when it comes up ngniu, to aid keeping the soil thnt remnlns. Some months ngo wo published Ii letter from nounced on Dec. 0; the yenr before tired and exhausted all of tlio timo and in a Island hold of which dry took a the Hawaiian public; and if wo admit that ii greedy steamship trust might n traveler lu which grass was described it enmo out Dec. 31; In 1000 it was could not vrulk twenty step without thereby bo forced to equip itself for adequate service to that public und that Aliutrulaiilaii waters and has covered It with the most nutritious stock feed known nroutulimteil Sent. 10, It is not un- - having to stop to rest, I c ouliln't sleop, nervous and had no appetite, a marine engineer or two might loso n job which is by no means certnln tho to the southern ranges, This griisn did not do well at first und It was burnt off, lllielv that tho forthcoming order will wasviry "I took iiiedlclno from tho doctor but now policy A September. In appear improved steadily It Burning cumo luxurlniitly, surprise, no when, up ngniu argument ugiiiust the bill. "Where an omelet In to bu mado," to public iitcts constitute wns not helped. I nUo tiiedtwoortliroe nt to tho assignment of stations is to ns llliiuiirek talil, "some eggs mint bu broken," but thnt is no reason to forego tho yield und now tho Island farmers produce the rlrliest milk, butter and cheese bo entered nn this yenr, and It will be dllTcrent remedies with but llttlo relief. I had been Mr for iilxiutflro inoiitln omelet, No doubt, In tho early history of Honolulu, tho llglitfrugo business known to tho Auitrallnn market. Onus of this kind would bn u godsend to u gratifying one, probably, to the en- Morn I rend of Dr. Williams' Pink Pilli tend to uronosed service. Islands, nil well ns tire to was builly hurt by the building of harbor wharves but nliut of tbatl The I.aual im the other purls of It it nud gnvo them a trial, 1 beguii to e through Muttered were regiments thnt better m moh ux I Mnrfod to tnko the city, through lmrbur Improvement Mini wliurfugti, yiilnod Immensely lu IU posts nn their lust tour in the pill liiul siw ihiui,V oured nflii standing, Tho building of tho OhIiii railroad put somo teamsters nnd Oaniuln, which hns never shown enterprise In polar mt'iirdi, wniiU to reap sevornl Philippine to noma regimental post, In ulvlnirlliein irlnl, I tlituk vri iniill lurrier out of bu.lm, but would It luivo bewi just to tlio majority In tho frulU of American discovery, Six niniitln ngo tho question of Canadian order to bring tho regiment together highly f tho pill mill olwnjs recciii' lorfgo ilu kteum enm on thnt Hroouiitt 1'hIii and III mule lino wuro eliminated Jurisdiction over tliu Polo wot rul'i'd nt Ottawa, nnd now Premier Aiqullli l fcgnln for n period. The inino method iiiinil lliem for iif if M'lfw-iiiothe Brlp.' It ii of tho utmost linjwirtaiico to ymu by ( In lliipld 'Iruiiilt ii mI Hit) piuW.U of 1'iiiu ii nd some of lilt louUioldtti Mini in 1m liilmpelliiliM on tlio subject lu tliu House of Commons, It Is not illOleult will be followed to somo wjtont on tho to tint Islands limillh, If yim Iiiimi Milfiriil fioin innln, lilt diiM'ra wvr st luud if tboM of Ibv ttriuMlilp monopoly slid of tlio nmrlliu Io furwflit Ms reply. Nn ouv eoiild oiprtt the Prime Minister of Great llrllalu return of ri'ulnienls frniii rlu, tho strip or fever, Unit you clemu-lliu I'uliud Htut.s. With llils Informs, t'ligimim lire now but Honolulu, If II had liugdoil IIiojii, wuiiU havo ileiurvinl to tliMiy lliu unllmiry rluliti of eoniUt or illnroveryi m lit J)r, Hook's rsie, lion, wliloli no urn M Io Imml out lliu hlnoi) of tl ii HnufrlUK Knii nnd wauM o luy; in Hi vlllaiiu lwwllHi. fly I prom probablo Id Did troop now In tlio Island mid put It in roiiillilnn iniilsi ilUoiuo, utE little Mwiunt of person.) it' hi niqiruMBli lu IN I'ula ihroiiKh J)iiiiIIi wltryPr Wlllniii1 I'lnk I'ilU Hr.iMiMl'j Ip iom who nro Io (P lliero IN Id IihujI would mlt OhiikiIu out ef (N iUfllQn ultoKotlior. from IN ifuwiytir .iiiiiot In lu mmvv aummmMm, nwi llm UIrol of h)I nro not In bo ubnmle mil, vitwi. nu lll not N vry illillfull nil ilnn'(lsts, II yrr, ,y tliv utwlt of Ho (ww, ( (4Un'lM If the IimWvIiIubI pfttltMt Imil yule !." I I II bote trip! of jirlio, W i'f nt M'r inih OM)lil)lit Ilk ft 10 fiUllfo QUI It" Urn tautal In 9Vrjfwilo4 my no wring wmliUory auyhr dull i i w. liver publl liiaiwrM tUi wotiW b u ly M ir. yyiiiinin wwiii-nsfi ior ns to wlmrc Milium rrtflmmiU nr ua W. Y. (Jo"wy. ' r im iiivvuilutti, no Moving TUP lufiwtry rrtflHiU llml for wNm lultiiti Mbintf but 4iy lot tioJ IhK. myl

Tho coming festival in honor of Fortoln, tho stout conqulstadoro who, perhaps, was tho first whlto man to sooJ3au Francisco bay, naturally turns a phase of tho public thought to one of the civilizations which tested its metal In tho fresh New World. That this civilization, born of old Spain, ivns full of color and romanco nnd of chivalry, if not of achievement, is tho common knowledge of those who study it; and, considered by itself, it was worth tho volumes since written about its picturcsquo growth and inevitable decline But tho Portola fcstivalluggcsts much else; and among tho things it brings to mind is the relative importance of the Spanish to other civilizations established in America about tho snmo time nnd of those civilisations to each other. Pour great segments of human society contended for mastership in North America tho Puritan fellowship of England, embodied in n plain, and indoinltnblo folk; the Cavalier clement which had shared the fortunes of the aristocracy of England in its wars with tho commoners; tho l'ronch adenturcrs who sought dominion partly in Canada and partly in tho Mississippi northwest, and tho Spaniards' of tho western ciyist. Tho world's judgment has long since put tho Puritans at the foro ju'Solid and wiso builders of state, nnd tho fact teaches a most impressive. lesson in tho superior power of a comnioi) people given to moral obedience and exalted Ideals, in building civil institutions that' last. Tho Cavaliers, who landed on tho James river, were not safo political Their habits wcro not industrious; thoir principles were thoso of architects. a lcngendary knighthood and of formal worship; their aims wcro thoso of baronial case, and individual punctilio. What tlicy wanted wcro bioad acres, a cultivated society nnd slaves. Tho civic structuro they built was ohowy, oven beautiful; but it had no deep foundations. Its corncrstono was chattel slavery, and already slaVcry, as a political reliance, was showing weak spots. It needed no ghost, como from dead patricians, to show that tho civilization of tho Cavalier could not endure in a contest with that of a puro and insistent working democracy. The French civilization also hod its cavalier aspects; its plumed knights its swordsmen nnd its ceremony; and it also had its ancient priesthood. But it did not seem to fit tho freo and open conditions of tho Now World. There was no lack, as with tho James river pcoplo, of courage nnd address; but lh3 ventures of tho woods, tho sober duties of society, tho toil, the simple rural faith, tho Anglo-Saxotenacity wcro qualities which tho placo and time cnllod for and to which tho fates held out tho greater largess. It did not take long to show that formalized Europo, sashed and girded and decorated, carrying its banners and missals, could not hopefully transplant itself to a freo new land. The ngo called for axmen, for hewers of wood and drawers of water and for simplo workadny nnd consccrntcd lives. Gradually tho French institutions gave way and it is moro than a hundred and fifty years since they have had un appreciable influence in North .America, savo in a smnll corner of it. Tho Spaniards simply enmo to rob tho land. There was no real attempt in tho days of Portola nnd long after, to build strong buttresses of state; but n society, mainly of priests, soldiers and Indian sluves, gradually took form. Thcro was no strength in it to withstnnd a shock; and it crumbled beforo the summons of tho Puritans as tho walls of Jericho did beforo the blast of doom. When Puritan America wns becoming a great power for good in tho world, Spanish America wns represented by a few priestly missions, by somo growers of grapes and herdsmen of cattle nnd by lords of vast and uninhabited mrnors, proud in their isolation and Of no uso to humanity at large and of small use to themselves. No matter haw many thcro are in Today the Puritan !b triumphant. America who differ from him in religion, in daily life, in social practices and ideals; no matter how much his descendants may have departed from his straight and narrow way, the Puritan idea is in the constitution nnd tho laws, in tho very structuro of our democracy, in literature and in statesmanship. It Tho political forco of tho Cavalier idea is tho bedrock of American Boeioty. was expended in a disastrous war; tho Canadian French bow to an Anglo-Saxopower nnd share its privileges; and tho Spaninrd of our America merely porves as n bedizened figuro from the past in festivals that revive tho almost forgotten names of mailed men who drew tho sword of n barren conquest and of hooded padres who raised tho cross of a spiritual subjugation which has long sinco given way to freedom of conscience and of thought. Tho Puritan has conquered them all. " ' t
( hard-working n

Dr. Cook found the Polo on April 21, 100S, yet Peary claims to have discovered it first. Reference to tho almanac snows that Captain Peary was; at Sidney, Cape Breton, on July 17, 1D08, on lis way north. This was nearly threo months after Cook had made the polar goal. Peary reported from Capo Breton that he meant to go to Smith Sound nnd would mako his winter quarters, in Grant Land. This, of course, makes his claim of priority merely presumptuous. Evidently Peary is sore, ns Admiral Sampson was after tho 'battlo of Santiago; and in seeking fame at tho expense of nnothcr and more fortunato man ho would do well to remember Sampson's fate. Several years ago Admiral, then Captain, Sebrcc, camo hero in command of ono of tho battleships of Admiral Evans' fleet, nnd wns a guest nt tho banquet given by tho Chamber of Commerce nt the Hawaiian Hotel. His next nppcaranco here was as the Admiral in command of the second squadron of tho fleet duo today, his superior being Admiral Swinburne. He is now in full charge, Returning to Honolulu ns tho commander-in-chief- . A bluff, resolute snilor of the old school, Admiral Scbrco has long since found that tho pcoplo of this city take kindly to him.

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"When nnd so long ns the Mayor is temporarily unable to perform his duties, a member of the Board (of Supervisors) shall be chosen Presi-depro tempore, who shall act as such Mayor." Star. lor President pro tcm, Daniel Logan of Montreal! Now altogether HlpI

Tho late General Corbin boro n Btriking porsonnl resemblnnco to General Hancock, who ran for President on tho Democratic ticket in 1880. Though not n West Pointer ho was a fine officer of much fighting experience nnd had, from a mere second lieutenancy of volunteers, risen to tho highest rank in tho Army.


Somo time Congress in a body will mako a summer tour of America anil possessions. There could be no better way for the lawmakers to learn tho

needs of the whole country nnd preparo themselves to frame national policies. Of all public bodies Congress most needs to guard against provincialism.
.- --

Various indignant politicians nnd newspaper editors havo been retiring; Uncle Joe Cnnnon to privnto life for several years, but as they don't happen to vote in Uncle Joe's district tho retirement doesn't retire. Lord Norlhcliffo in the act of predicting war between England and Germany might look ominous if it did not happen to bo a fact that ho is tho leading yellow, journalist of Great Britain.
H-Colonel Bryan explains that he bought that Texas farm merely as a winter Lome. For quite a while Colonel Bryan expected to have his winter homo in Washington, but ho seems to have given up that iden.
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the Polo is on the ocenn, even though the sea be covered nt times by ice, no country can claim jurisdiction over it. Outside a three milo limit, tho ocean is common property.


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It is hardly surprising, if Peary's ship steamed whero Cook rodo in a that Peary found no traces of the other and previous discoverer.


looks like another round between Kuhio and McCandless. Roosevelt seems to havo been lost in the shuffle.


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Army and
Navy News


likely to go in 1010 are the Cth, Iflth and 9th. The Infantry regiments to return from the Islands nro tho 14th, 23d and tho 4th. The 2d Cavalry is ary, and may possibly go on the transport to sail Dec. 5, but no other Cavalry regiments nre to go in 1010. A3 somo Infantry regiment is to be selected to go to 'Alaska, it is not safe to say positively that the Gth, 10th and!
scheduled to go tn tho Islands in Janu-

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Early this morning, soon after sun up, tho Maul polo ponies will bo hackto ed tip from Moaunltia Lcllclma. Without exageratioa It may bo said that this is the finest squad of ponies over seen on this Island. Thcro are now ones, veterans and intermediates that aro just as good as nnythlng hero, Amongst the bunch of twenty ponies that nro hero for tho service of the Maui plnyers there nro soveral that nro well known. Thero is Gipsy, tho black innro that is said to bo tho headiest pony that over played tho game. David rieming rides her nnd, when you have watched tho two play tho game, you wonder who knows moro about it, David or Gipsy. Tho moro is that nf but seldom seen wonder, a reiuloss polo pony, Harold Kico's Queen will appear in her ninth polo season hero. Sho is a buckskin mare and as reliablo a pony as anybody could wish for. Sho loves the gnmo 'and plays it for all she is worth, with head, with foot nnd with quick rcsponso Io her rider's call, "Hawaii tho rrotUcst, But perhaps tho best looking pony that will bo seen on tho field is Prank Baldwin's Hawaii. A bay gelding bred on Knual by Charlie Ttico nnd broken to mo gnmo almost from his llrst yoar. Clean limbed, narrow shouldorcd, with a splendid poiso of head, this little animal is ono to draw tho oyo of a horseman anywhere With n fow "pis nller" exceptions, tho ponies that will be used by the different players on tho Maul team are as follows: Frank Baldwin Hawaii, bay gelding; Koloa, groy maro; Beeswings, black maro: Forty-two- , brown gelding. Harry Baldwin Strawberry, roan mare; Prospect, hion gelding; Genoral Bumps (Ye Veteran), roan gelding, and a black maro front Kauai. Harold lticc Dandy, groy gelding; lloindeor, bay gelding; Wnilele, chestnut gelding; 'Niioe, ronn gelding; Bird, bluo ronn maro; Kolcn, bay gelding. David Doming Gipsy, black mare; Maun, brown maro; Venus, bay maro; Clara II., bay mare. Yesterday morning the Maul team went out to Moannlua and had a scratch practice. They all iu excellent form, men and ponies alike, and old man Confidence has a mortgage ou tho Maui team tlmt could not bo bought nt n thousand per cent. An Invitation Ball. There w'dl be an invitation polo ball nt tho Moana Hotel next Wednesday night after the i jnnio. Th'a ilnnco will commence at 0 o'clock nnd promises to be one of tho swejlcst affairs brought off in Honolulu. All the mnnde with n big "M" will bo there, not to mention his wife and pretty daughters. The Mntti team docs not look upon Saturday's game as anything very easy. They expect to win, thoy aro confident that they will win but they reali7o thtX thoy nro up against heady and courageous riders and men who will play tho gamo from start to finish. A victory for tho Whlto Knights might bo a surprise but not so much of a ono as people might think from tho results of tho recent games. One must remember that tho Fifth Cavalry team mndo it awful hard for Oahu in ono gamo at Leilolina nnd hnvo been practising hard ovur sinco. It is truo that they buvn lost two of tbolr players since tho last game but tho law of compensation says that no matter how good n man goes nwny thcro is always just as good a ono to tnko his place. Therefore wo may expect to rco tho White Knights mako it hard for tho Mauinese.
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ants ttiat works its way tnrougu wans, if walks with case on water, slides down ;' n wire, strolls into the baby's mouth, 3 cats kittens, protects all fruit llco and kills Us enemies, destroys orchards, t and, in time, renders life- in a com- munity not only profitless, but intolcr- j able, has come to California with the intention ot staying, ado as u oas stayed everywhere else it ever visited there would be every reason to bclievo .... a ..!.. !il.J it . it f. woum wuiim iuit juuia iunu complete poss?ion of the state, do it nwny "ii" fruit, especially oranges, render pale and sickening tho brilliant
1 1 11

An has a black stream passing to and from it within a minute, tho scouting nnts quickly discovering new forage. But moro impurtnnt yet, aphis nro thick on nil the trees and bushes. In vestigntiou has proved that tho ants protect these from parnsltes and tne laiiybugs, nnd movo the little lice from leaf to leaf, carrying them carefully so as to not injuro them. This friendly action is duo to a selfish cause, tho nnts preferring to nil other food tho honey dew excreted by tho nphids. They kill tho winged parasites, proventing thorn troni laying their eggs among tho eggs of the nphids, and light tho ladybugs in person, rushing them in bodies nnd ljterally rending them from limb to limb. In consequeneo tho nphids work flowers and make of this lovely country unmolested, nnd kill tho trees. but a feeble imitation of itself, wero it Of fruits tho oranges aro in the not for the fact that a young man greatest danger. As soon as tho blosworking in a quiet, prosaic garden in som opens, tho Argentine nnts swarm East Oakland lias solved tho problem up the trees until each flower is black of Its destruction. with them, and looks at n distance like j This nut is from tho tropics, but it a plum. They destroy all tho blossoms ac-I ways going easy of the on every tree and finish the crop none has I'(credited to that clime. It is beyond it is started. In Louisiana tho nil comparison tlio busiest little ant orange crop was onco important. Now, tlmrn nvnr wns nnd would servo to noint in tho affected districts, there is none. f tho favorite analogy. Moreover, it sup Tho nut lifo history, as studied by ports the analogy, which modern nature Mr. Day, showed that "tho larvao which observers would discredit, by working had not witched last fall hatched early with a definite purpose. As an cm- - this spring and that from these long humanity offers no dormant eggs the queens wero hatched. plre builder parallel. It drives onfall other ants Many drones and workers also hatched t before it and takes entire possession at that time, but no queens hatched ' of the held. It increases at an un-- l later. The existing queens and the new believable rate an ordinary garden ones then began to lay, tho now ones I producing perhaps 100,000,000 in a sum-- beginning a month later than tho mcr. 'If left alone it will eat you out others. AH have been laying at tho I of houso and home, and it is next to rate of forty eggs a day" ever sinco impossible to keep groceries out of its May and will continuo to do so nil As every warden has soveral i Teach. As. n houso pest alono it is al- - summer. hundred thousand queens waiting at 1 most unconquerable. below tho surface for tho workers t Tho first scientist who made note home to bring tho food and caro for the l ur it uiscuvereu it in Argeuumi, uut tho rate of increase is seen to it is oven more common in Brazil, and larvae, almost beyond reckoning. To each it is from that country that it migrat- - be queen there is an average of two hunit, was met in mis i en to .merica. I country for the first time on tho dred workers. In their domestic economy tho workwharves or IS'ew urlcans, liaving attend to tho eggs at all stages, traveled from liio Janeiro on coffee ers ,' ships.. That was in 1S02. Nothing wns nursing the larvao and carrying them done about it there until very recent- - from hot to cold and wet to dry places necessary. Thoy nlso bring tho food. ly, and in seventeen years it has spread as over 5000 squaro miles in ljouisiaua, When they become dissatisfied with their surroundings, which happens fret completely destroying the orange trees quently, they movo au'd colonizo some n Mil otniin'lnrf MiA Inrrfiv nml ilnnfieliiniT where else. cut flower industry. Qucons often get tho wander fever, Somehow a colony wns shipped in a (bale of cotton from Now Orleans to and, forsaking their followers, set out 'the plant of a cotton works at the foot on adventures by themselves, picking avenuo inEnst Oak- up other followers, which, being reoft Twenty-secontainers by caste, will follow one queen land about eight years ago. They imm- as readily as another. The new colony ediately migrated farther, according to their restless habit, and now they have establishes itself across tho street or in tho next garden. In this way their l L1411IISI-U1 1U LIIO W11U1U Ijjni.llllisill-twork is thorough, and as they leave no unentered, they spread rapidly. fFruitvnle, from the estuary to tho crack The warmer the weather the harder villus, xiinng uic unmolested years the ants work, and in the middlo of they have also secured free trips to summer they frequently force people to lAlameda, San Francisco, Stockton, close their houses and go to unnflccted iSan Jose, Los Angeles, Ontario, River- until the heat has pushed. j a i il e and other California districts southern can never be left alone whore Infants pWiULO, there are Argentine ants, the prying littlo creatures lining up in rows about if until last summer uamorma was s communi-iltieof the menace. The the child's mouth and distressing it affected had complained wilh their bites. of the bother of keeping away There is "'really no offectivo way of 1 'tho ants, but it was not until J. C. them from any place which atiBrndley, nn entonlolocist connected keeping tracts them except by solid construcSjwith the University of California, tion. Kerosene on water frequently ifgathercd a few specimens and, not bo- acts merely as a convenient footing iling able to classify them, sent the upon which they can pass. Tho sur . a. m;un:r in J3iuciiut.ii9 iu xiui, of fresh water is almost a suffi .the American museum of natural his- - face cient support and as soon as a slight Itory that the awful truth was known. coating of dust collects they can skip Argentine ant! ,It sounds portentous, j across with impunity. Huuuing water ana it is. 4 the only effective barrier. Bands Frof. C. W. Woodworth, of the col- - is Nego of agriculture, hearing the un of kerosene, crude oil, tar, oils of saspleasant news, lost no time. He made safras and citronella, tree tanglefoot, x trip to New Orleans to learn what zenoleum, naphthaline, coal tar disinhad been done there and returned im- fectants, whale oil soap, sharp edges of mediately to establish an experiment tin and fur havo all been used as barstation in the midst of tho larcest col riers without success. As the queen often lives a dozen ony in California, that in East Oak land, Last October lie rented a liouse years, each laying G000 eggs a summer, tho increase reaches tho astounding Ifit 1133 East Twenty-seconstreet. 3tted it out with tho proper apparatus, figure of 000,000 per cent, annually. (ind placed assistants in charge. Little, Ten years, Professor Woodworth bejjnowevor, could be done in tho fall, as lieves, will bo amplo time for tho ants to take possession of tho whole stato i mo uuie were jiuuug up lor luu winter. Last February L. H. Day, formerly unlets something drastic is dono whilo ntomologist "for San Benito count', there is a chance. Considering this awful possibility, i.vas placed in charge of the active work by Professor Woodworth and. after tho results obtained by Mr, Day aro tho life especially important. Studying tho lifo inonths spent in studying ,iabits and experimenting with poison, history of the ants, ho discovered two no. hnR Kiippppilea in rediieinf them to n vulnerable points, ono that tho workJew per cent, of their former numbers ers will carry poison homo to tho (ffherover he has worked. queens, and the other that the quoons His remedy is simple, easy to uso all hatch from tho larvao which havo luu uul uauciuuo iu cujiuicu, uuiuiuis, laid undeveloped all winter. Later, I'urus or bees, lie tills n spongo with he expects to find a way of destroying Syrup, places it in a small fruit jar, these brooding larvao during tho winicrews on tho top, making a lew notes ter, but at present ho is confining his n it with a nail, and sets the con- - nttcntion to peifecting his poisoning rivancc in tho garden. system. Tho ants, always in search of food, This, as mentioned, tyas tho distinct is to passed ooii find it, and the word Mi the ant colonics within several bun- - advantage of being, easily conducted. Recently ten or moro pcoplo a day have Ircd feet. After they have fed off ho snonco for several days and a lain- - been nt tho experiment station to instructions in handling it, and gjlred million ants or so are receiving xiyui 11, the result has already been tho death uiuu purl ui uieir uuuriBujiii-ui- . jio puts poison in the syrup. By this of untold millions of ants. If tho peoin the affected district in East I imo tho lines of ants from the differ- - ple I nt nests are well established nnd they Oakland or in any other section mako arry an ay tno poison to taeir queens. a concerted effort, they can reduce tho 'A'ithiu a few duys tho nests are tilled nnls to 1 or 2 per cent, of what thoy nro at present. It will tnko continuous Uith the dead, Day had .lust como to the conclusion nction, but very littlo on tho part of hat he had solved tho problem, but any ono person. lad a few points yet to cover when I Mr, Day's own experiments with ono luted liim at tuo experiment station; block will givo point to this statement. icing a scientist, ho wiis not ready to When ho first experimented with poison nnounco ins discoveries until no couiu in syrup, he cIiofo n dnublo block in tho ivo out everything accurately, but he district where the nnts were thickest. ranted mo permission to print what There lire thirty-twhouses on It, wltli o had iiccouipliiihud, ninny fruit freej nnd Inrgo gardens, Iu tho field iu which ho has been ut Things had reached a stato whore lifo rorlc every garden mid vacant lot in on tho block wns almost lutnlernlilo. evcriu bfjutiru nines is tno roof ot an Absolutely all means In keep thn nnts are imti 'uonuout uui notise, tho Tliulr tiny burrows. ox ciut'nf thn fond had failed, and anyvcmvliero. lend under every pleco of grouud. The thing that wns not eaten at bed t lim wan in the morning, fruit bins. uugliiuiiou it mnguvreu at tneir mini- - goue had been Injured The and ihn trees eri In tlmt Hml I iil territory, Their kiii n I'uvercd with aphis that tho eiils a ro io thick im to form line com- - wore imilty of Klijiintle proporllunii, Ami, fruit hml In no ciim priigronnid beyond iliere uru no feinlt exlvllnu lietwpcn the flrtt ktiigrn, It wns nn ext renin I ittiitltt-M- , ltli unit, they nun. Tlio until could hardly Imvo bonri ill In iiiuul ircM tneir niii'iiiioii mmy luwnrn wnre. Firit lit id ii fed ono jur roiitulnliig orlt, wlili'li, rrmii lliu Iiuiiihii pulut or xyrup in wirli nrd, palnmlng nucli with iif i run uui. iiiw, iiiiihHi' l.i'i'p nil food on liililit iirnltf nfler four iJoyn, Tvn flny hull cti r timid in ImvtU u( nn Inter thorp wu ulrwidy n nolisoalilii mmly clmiiMi'il vntlur ur tiikpi!iii ilitcrfftw nml ninny nut nctln wcra nun Hiu rwllini! Iiy nlfMi wriiiwM In Am ml on nviflluiitlaii to Im full of iiriit'4viiiHHri riuiii. i.vum mm iiiv jIpmiI lit m, WUhljj )li ne fw ilny wmv, ho iilwrnl Itofl jijrt ou Him lilosk Mini nit jimHtf Hit iuiiU'nji lllur un lliu lanUt vt IN i)Uil wio mKIiIii llirr wwilm fram llif lii'ulnnlnK I M' in ut un llm Iblii uijM limi of lln wuili UO irr of I lie mill rmn Hem Ullo'l cuuiuimv mi wNivr hiihiii Un1 a tluur vu ifuiuli dtuiiv4 Mr Jiuy it iiuvt' pjifiliiwMlnu ivllli u urt SAX FRANCISCO, Atigust
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C. Lane.



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Kep. Candler, Kulno.


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Hop. Bartholdt.

k."Ha.dBKSMiia.M"BaaJnaaBaHaia.a.aiBMBIBBEBBBBB8HIILjB&rtHMHfiw.2ik.JIBkJHBM"MHBIIHHBHBInMaMft Advertiser







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Around the Police Station





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formula giving tho exact number of jars which should bo used to tho aero, when the poison should bo introduced and how often tho jars should bo changed. Whero there aro fruit trees or houses to attract the ants in numbers jars forty feet apart will probably bo recommended by him, exchanging jars containing only syrup for jars containing arsonic or other poison yet to bo decided upon every few days for soveral weeks, and, after that length of time, leaving exposed tho poison jars until tho nnts havo all sought winter quarters. In a territory liko East Oakland, If tho recommendations aro followed, of being overrun with tho insects, tho number can bo kept down to a fow per cent. hardly moro than tho native ants. Wherever thcro aro fruit trees thiB plan will undoubtedly bo followed, so that tho ultimato injury to tho crops will be small and tho valuable orango crop, which would othor-wisbo wholly destroyed, will bo saved. The amount of arsenic or othor poison to uso hns not been fully determined as yet, but it will bo so email that If a child succeeded in scrowlng off tio top of tho poison jar and sucking tho spongo It would probably not bu injured. Ah long iih ono queen remains tho Argentine initn will be with us, mi that thcro Is littlo hopo of absolutely annihilating them, but they cau ui ways bo kept In control by tho uui of tlio poison remedy, Tliero urn Mivoriil wuys of discovering whether nnts nro of the Arguiitlnu family, Tim eukliint of Ha: mi In to crush n few nml Ninell tliulr odnri if tliuy Inivo iionti limy urn Arguiitlneii) nil nl Im r nulh have a dlmgrui-iililMimJI wlmii Hriuhml, TIikv nro bliiell, -- tlit) ii nd I In-- wtirUvr oiiui wen urn rnri'ly nlmvu oneuluvnilli of un Inch



Advertiser Photo TAKDxG A SNAPSHOT.






Hulimljtu ninku fnilnlii of llmlr Min lily by Uui uliurmiUrittiiM nliicli no uilmr nut luni mulliuu of lliu vuilil a lung it nd iMilntmi ImUud of Mntf ulmiiil h mriin at llm luwur uil of lliu lnnly, nml llm nrtwimniii'iil of Dm "Ivtilli." mIhdIi nrw rwilly liul lit ruuli iilyt'i f iliir liill Uo

mouths, begin with two long "teeth," followed, by threo short, ono long three more Bhort, ono more long, three short, two long nnd two short. Louisiana did nothing to rid itself of mo Argentina ant nnd has suffered the loss of millions. California haB dis- feelings." Then Judge Andrado gave seutence. covered a remedy, nnd it will do well to take heed of what happened in He said, "Tai Loy, you aro a bud one, Louisiana. but anybody who has tho pluck to hit . f- Captain l'unohu in tho opu is deserving of recognition. If you hud not committed an offense I would recommend you for u medal from tho Society for tho Picventlon of Cruelty by Police Officers. Tul Loy, you are u bravo man. I would not dnro to lilt Everybody In Honolulu Is Eligible. Captain l'unohu iu tho opu, if I did Old people stooped with suffering, he would doubtless kill me. Therefore Middlo ago, courageously fighting, you aro severely reprimanded but you Youth protesting impatiently; may go. I would adviso that you get a job with tho Police department. A Children, uiiablo to oxplaln; limn of your murvelous courago Is All in misery from tliolr kldnoys. Then Tai Loy departed needed." Only a littlo backacbo first. knowingly only that ho had boon set Comes when you catch a cold. free. Or when you strain tlio back. Many, complications follow. Ah Family In I'lllkla. Urinary disorders, dlabotcs, Bright 'a lnmlly is iu pllikia aguiu. Tho Ah disease Doau's Kidney Pills euro bnekneho. A Jingo quuutlty of Aim were up In Curo every form of kidney ills. court yesterday morulng ou uccouut of II. T. White, Pearl City, Oahu, Hono-lulu- , their gambling instincts having got the ninety-twHawaii, says: nut years of ago and I suffered from back- better of them. Their cases ivuro postache and kidney disenso for eight years. poned until next Huturdny morning. All I have given Doan's llnekaclio Kidney of them ure out ou bull amounting to 1'llln n fair trial nnd hiivo been no ton rosy Iron men, greatly benefited Hint I cheerfully reo Vvaturduy Joe Leal went out ami niuiiiend them to other kidney took In tliu rust of the Ah family, Thurg wan Ah Lum, All Looug, Ah Don ii 'i nuckiiclio Kidney I'JJU nro Lung, Ah Lai, Ah Vdu, All Voclf, All sold by nil ilruuuMi mid utoroUeepers Wit, All Haw, Ah Chung, All Hue, Ad nt rio cunts per box (nix boxim t'jrid) Tuck nml n biiucli of other Aim ou a nr will bo iniilled mi receipt of jirlcn by litt no Jong tlmt un ordinary reporter Ihn IlnlllhtiT Druif Co., Jlouolnlii, wlmli) could not tuku Ilium duiwi In Ivum tliuu eul n huuuU for Ihu Httwulluii hliimli, two lioum ami a half. llciuwiilur thn iiiiiuv, Jiouu'i, uin) 'J'liu vviiuio (gang ttu bundled Into I a lie no milmlllntii, jail hut ivonl win nunt out lor liml, ., "i fmm , vvluali hu JUud ut iwuuly'lUu 'J'lwu u very fnl nml u(y voung HiiiirliiU'iMli'nt Miimlnn I'limiilmll It nxputiiidl to urrlwi fiimi llumill linluy, Uliini'ni boy muu Iu uut limy, llu uiiMimMinltfil lij lliu hyiliypriiiliU v iiifiwd Iu nlwut (llU'iin iiiiuiiliui wiiu 0U Iu nluliuj ii ml UImiim unil I'crli, Mwnri. I.ululiiun ftiiil MvihIhii fin tod Inill. 'fiM I'urly lipi Ihjoij lliif LdjO' (Mi liu ivirwvuuti Alt liul wid Ah Kniililn InvnulKnllon nurk on l lie tilt' Haw, JImiiI fur Ihn (wilt Itn lu About IUUkii mining lnlvr lie i' Imii I mrvfif, mill iiuvllitir So in gwjd

Tat Loy a Heavyweight. Tai Lny, a heavyweight Chinese, wns brought up before Judge Andrndo on tho chargo of having assaulted an ollicer of the law. It seems that Tai Loy objected to the promi-nencof Captain Piuioliu'g profile on tho street and told him about it. The genial captain merely tinned his head sideways and told Loy that, if ho did not quit being personal, ho would bo removed. Tai Loy, not only would not refrain from his iemnrks,but proceeded to punch Captain l'unohu in tho opu. Tho assailant is a heavyweight Chinaman with an arm that would mako tho average ham look liko a duckling's foot. Captain l'unohu doubled up and then ariested Tai Loy. When arraigned in court yesterday boforo Judge Andrade, Tai Loy was dufended by Charlie Chilliugworth. Tho big sportsman thought ho had one over on l'unohu when ho asked iu his severest tones, hiding a smile ut the samo time, "Did Tai Loy hurt you when ho struck youf" The answer camo back suavely enough, "Yes, he hurt my

CHRONIC DIARRHOEA. , Many sufferers from chronic diarrhoea havo obtained prompt relief by tho uso of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Some of tho worst cases of this dlseaso havo boon permanently cured by it after other treatment nnd skilled physicians had failed. For solo by Benson, Smith & Co., agents for tho Hawaiian Islands. Mrs. W. G, Ashloy was a departing passenger on tho Alameda yestorday. and called for the reloaso of Ah 1'ou and Ah Wa. Kach time that tho was made out ho gavo u dillercnt name. First it was Sun Mo Kco, then it was Cha Fa Chut but ho kept doing his errands round town until nil tho gamblers had been liberated on bail. If any local collection agency wants a wiso boy to work for it, tho management should drop on HiIh sumo fat pake youth, He is it wonder. Straus Was Abusive Leon Straus had an udvnnco of $10 on a case paid to him and ho proceeded to try mid tipsot tho distilleries. Yesterday afternoon ho acted as an anchor lo a telephone polo on tho corner of Fort nml Hotel uinl, when nHkod to movo on by a policeman, ho became scientifically abusive. The putrol wiignu wns culled fur nnd Loon wout home. Thirty Days for Bam, Kolnpu n nd Siiiuiiol Daviiy were both M'lit up for thirty days yesterday, Tlmy lilemlfd guilty lo putit lureuny nnd will have u clinuco o ponder on the hot policy while doing elllcleut work ou the muds ami public pari". Tlmy liolli looked un though they ntivil-I'uxercltu,




lie Could Not Jiuy tlio Hrowcry,




ilii4iplur nailer mimed IVixIriU-soilurluil mil lo put tho I'flmo boor funlory un (he hum, Hut lio foumi lliut Oils btlwuipl wan u mere boounr ling. Tin' Imur 'iit Mm Iu IN bud nnd lio uui tmiikiiiil Iu ilrlvu (lie uutvir wupun fur thirteen uiuiitlm, In MiVr pIiiiikui u gv Wunli ip hhi glvuii lubr wnd iliip uut at Honolulu,





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Treasury Department, ofllco of the Secretary, Washington, August 13, 1009. Tho customs laws ami rcgulntions require an examination gf all llio and effects of passengers arriving in tho United States from foreign coun tries. Before such examination can take placo passengers are required by law to state what nrticlcs they are bringing with them that were obtained must bo abroad. This information given upon forms provided for thnt "Baggage are which entitled purpose, Declaration and Entry." Passengers should observe thnt there aro two forms of declaration, one for residents and the other for nonresidents. These forms will bo distributed to passengers during tho early part of the voyage by an officer of the ship. When n passenger has prepared and signed tho declaration, tho coupon at tho bottom of tho form should be detached and tho form should bo given to tho officer of the ship designated to receive tho same. Declarations spoiled in the preparation should not be destroyed, but Bhould bo turned over to tho purser, who will furnish a new blank to the passenger. After nil tho baggage nnd effects of tho passenger are landed upon tho pier, tho coujKin which has been retained by tho passenger should bo presented at tho inspector's desk, whereupon an inspector will bo detailed to examine tho Passengers must acknowlbaggage. edge in person, on the pier, their signatures to their declarations. For the purposes of administration, passengers aro divided into two classes, viz.: 1. Nonresidents of the United States. 2. Residents of tho United States. Tho division of passengers iuto iiun- Tcsidcnls and residents in nowiso affects citizenship. Nonresidents arc (a) actual residents of other countries; (b) persons who havo been abroad continuously for two years or more who elect to declare ns nonresidents. Residents nro all per sons who have been residents of tho United States and who havo been abroad Ii'ss than two j cars. Residents of the United States must declare all wearing apparel, jewelry, and other articles, whether used or unused, on their persons, or in their baggage, which have been obtained abroad by purchase or otherwise, with the forefgri cost or value of same. They shall stSto, as well, all apparel, or other articles talon of tho United states, which havo been ro- modeled or improved while abroad so as to increase their value, the said statcment to :.i..,i tho cost of -- ...I. If the articles so do- improvemen clnrcd aro for others, or to bo used in business or for sale, these facts should bo stated in the declaration. Residents of the United States aro allowed one hundred dollars' worth of articles at their present foreign value, duty, provided free they are not for , .:," of . .... . properly declared. In tho ' easo of minors; tho exemption of one hundred dollars' worth of nrtides obtained
bag-gng- o

X,r?r,r5,Pjr.",i,rK,ti,s',J,n,,,iOjo,,K,K,K,ic,K K i? RIOT JURORS

(From Thursday's Advertiser.; beginning in tho selection of I jury for the second trial of tho "riot case" was made in Judge Do Holt's court yesterday morning, but littlu progress was made. The regular panel was soon exhausted and when the examination of tho last available man concluded, only three possible jurori had been passed for cause, nil tho others having been excused on various grounds, Tho thrco who wero passed for cnuso will very probably bo challenged peremptorily by cither the prosecution or the- - defense. Judge Do Holt ordered a special venire of twnnty-sidrawn, and that number of names were selected from the jury box, and tho bailiff was ordered to summon them to appear in court at 8:30 this morning. As several of them llvo on tho other side of the it is probable, however, that" only a portion of those drawn will bo sumA

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Tho senior member of a family, if a passenger, may make declaration for the entire family. Ladies traveling nlono should state tho fact in the declarations nnd entries in order that nn expeditious examination of their baggage may bo made. Tho exoct number of pieces of bagnil trunks, valises, gage, including boxes, packages, nnd handbags of all description accompanying tho passenger, must bo stated in tho declaration. passengers j practicable, Whenever should present the original receiptee! bills of foreign purchases. dissatisfied with values Passengers plnccd upon dutiable articles by tho customs olllccrs on tho piers may demand a reexamination, but application therefor should bo immediately main to tho officers thero in charge. If for any reason this course is impracticable, tho packages containing tho articles should bo left in customs custody nnd application for reapprnisemont made to tho collector of customs, in writing, within two days after the original appraisement. Ho request for reappraise-men- t can bo entertained nftcr tho articles havo been removed from customs cubtody. Upon application to the customs officer in charge on tho pier, baggago in tended for delivery at ports in tho United States other than tho port of tho arrival, or in transit through United States to a foreign country, tho without thereto bo forwarded may assessment of duty nt the port of arrival, by the various railroads and express companies, whoso representatives will bo found on the pier, Patsengers desiring to havo their baggago forwarded in bond should indicate such intention and state tho valuo thereof in their declarations, before any examination of tho baggago has been made. Government officers aro forbidden by law to accept anything but currency in payment of duties, but, if requested, will retain baggago on the piers for twenty-fou- r hours to ouablo tho owner to secure the currency. Passengers aro advised that to oiler or givo gratuities or bribes to customs officers is a violation of law, and customs officers who accept gratuities or bribes will be dismissed from the service. Any discourtesy or incivility on the part of customs olncers should bo re ,orlLU to tho collector at luu,.u fluse' the ' " P'"' t0 th - -- - ""J An act of Congress of 18 9, exp enly 'wbid. the importation into the United States of garments made in wholo or RaU. taha '" I" VllT f ll' ski"? wa ors f tl,e iNort.h l 0e and unless the owner is able to estab- lish by competent evidence and to tho sntictaction ot the collector that tue garments are not prohibited they can not bo entered. In order to securo prompt ulentiii- cation and thereby facilitate the pas br?uGh tl,u customi upon return 6ae ef- ? valuable personal nnd household I,"b0"3 leavl"B b' f.cctB- United States, the articles may be .i : i ..i. ..t.i .... ..:.i.i arc for tho bona fido use. of such minor, registered with tho collector at tho port Uso docs not exempt from duty wear. of departure or tho port nt which tho ing apparei or other articles obtained journey commences. JAMES B. REYNOLDS, abroad, but due allowance will bo mnde by appraising officers for wear or deAssistant Secretary.







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The drawing of tho venire was superintended by Judge Dc Bolt, Attorney Prosser nnd County Attornoy Cathcart representing tho prosecution and Attor- v' ney Lightfoot tho defense. Many of tho names drawn wero rojectod on vari lightfoot objected to oils grounds. every man who is known to be directly or indirectly connected with tho Tho prosecution consugar industry. sented to tho rejection of any man who has any connection with Wnipahu plantation, but refused to consent to tho rejection of those who havo some connection with other plantations. It is extremely improbable that a jury can bo mnde up out of tho men "drawn on the special venire, as soveral of them nre known to bo interested in tho sugar industry nnd if they can not bo discharged for cause, thoy will undoubtedly bo challenged peremptorily by the defense. Tho prosecution has three; peremptory challenges nnd the defense has two for each of tho ten defendants, making a total of twenty. Theso in addition to the challenges for causo will probably come near exhausting tho list of those in this county who are available for jury duty. Nearly everybody has heard or read accounts of tho previous riot trial and tho other striko trials in which tho incidents of the alleged riot have been dctniled and few men havo been left with an un- Y, biased mind. M- -


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CONGRESSMEN ON KAUAI vt 0 0 Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot & Jt 0 J 0 0


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ON THE LAWN OF FRANCIS GAY'S HOME AT WAUVlEA. Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot O Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot Ot 1

At the borne of Judge Ralph T. Quarles on Kowalo street last evening, a quiet little homo wedding took place at which the bride wals the Miss Dixie Judges eldest daughter, Hello Quarles, and tho bridegroom, First Lieutenant Calhoun Ancrum, of tho Marine Corps. Onlv tbo familv and a few intimate friends wero in attendance. The brido woro tho traditional whito and was given away by her father and attended by her sister, Miss Helen Quarles as bridesmaid. Tho best man was tho groom's brother officer, Captain J. F. Itobards. The Reverend John T. Jones, pastor of tho First Methodist Church, officiated.


Oahu College will open its sixty-nintyear Tuesday morning, September 7, the chapel services at both the College and Preparatory School beginning at 9 o'clock. But fow changes have been made in the corps of instructors and efficient teachers of wide experience have been secured tor the new positions. The trustees havo been particularly fortunate in securing the services of Mr. John S. Reed, a former instructor of mathematics and athletic coach of the College, to take charge of the College department during the leave of nbsence of President Griffiths in the East. Mr. Ifced has had experience in teaching in the East and in the West ns well as in Honolulu. The College's department of music that has been so rapidly developed tho last few years by such instructors ns Mrs. Bruce McV. Mackall, in voice cul-tur, Miss Margaret E. Clarke, piano and organ, Mis Carolyn L. Sheffield and Mbs Gertrude K. Brown, who returns this year after a year's leavo of absence, piano; Mrs. E. A. R. Ross, violin, will be strengthened by the ad-- , dition of the new instructor of choruses nnd class singing, Miss Ruth L. Smith. Miss Smith lias had experience as a music supervisor in Long Beach, She is a graduate of tho California. University of California, and has studied music at the University and Sho will at Columbia University. supervise the singing in the College and Preparatory School. Every effort has been made to make this department an exceptionally strong one. The English department has added to its instructors, Mr. Harold S. Clark, a graduate of Dartmouth College. Mr. Clark is the son of the founder of the Christinn Endeavor Society, Francis E. Clark. In college he also was prominent in track athletics and baseball at the college. Another member of this department will bo Mrs. Wilbur J. MncNcil, for several
h 1 world-known






passengers "Whenever practicable, should present tho original receipted bills for all foreign purchases. Itesidents of the United States may bring with them, free of duty, all wearing npparcl and other personal effects taken by them out of tho United States which have not been remodeled nr tmnrnoiii ., rn ... inni'id en nc . itiitrnntn ....... . luuir vaiuu. Itesidents of the United States must not deduct tho one hundred dollars exemption from tho vnluo of their wearing apparel or other articles obtained abroad by purchaso or otherwise. 8uch deduction will be made, by customs officers on the Nonresidents of the United States arc entitled to bring in free of duty only such articles ns are in tho nature of wearing apparel, articles of personnl adornment, toilet, articles, and similar porsonal effects actually accompanying tho passenger and necessary ami appropriate for his or her wear and uso for tho purposes of the journey and present comfort and convenience, nnd nro not intended for other persons nor for sale. Household effects of persons or families from foreign countries will bo admitted free of duty if actually used abroad by them not les than ono year, and not intended for any other pcrbon nor lor sale. Articles intended for other persons, for use in business, nnd household ef fects, must be so declared. All cigars and cigarettes must bo do elarcd, uud am not to bo included with in tho ono hundred dollars exemption Each passenger is entitled to bring in, tux, of duty and internal-revenueither 00 cigars or 300 cigarettes.

Trench Bark Lost. SAN FRANCISCO, August 2e News of tho loss of tho French, bark Gael while bouna from London for Portland was reeciveu yesterday in a cablegram from Perth, West Australia. The chief olhcer and thirteen members 0f tho crew who reached Bunbury, West Australia, jn an open bout, reported thnt the (lac! was abandoned "00 miles off that const. Captain Sav-ar- y and tho crow put off in two boats. They parted from each other on August 2J. Tho lighthouse keeper on Capo titty miles southwest of reports having sighted a ship's boat, crowded with men, Hying what appeared to bo a German Hag making its way in the direction of Bunker Bay. .It is belioved to havo boon tho boat Captain Savary and his men. , carrying The Cine was a lino steel vessel, built in 1901. It was of HH'J net tons register, and owned by tho Celtiquo Maritime Company of France. The hark left London on May 23 last with a general cargo for Portland. The cause of its abandonment is not known.

NEW DANCING ACADEMY. Sybyl Campbell Iteid, medalist dnnseur, will open un academy of dauclnS physical and graco culture and fencing nt Odd Fellows' hall, Friday evening, Soptembcr 10. Adult classes Monday nnd Friday evenings, S:30 p. in, Juvenilo classes Tuesday and Friday afternoons, 3:30 p. m, For terms dress llnnlelea Lawn, Hotel and Richnrds streets. Phono 229.

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Typhoid and the Soldier. A soldier who takes part in a military campaign expects to laco danger and perhaps meet death. It is part of his Tho bravery of men in profession. peril is well known. Tho world's history is tilled with Btories of heroism. No greater shame can como to a soldier than to bo proved guilty of cowardice. But diseaso is lar more destructive in warfaro than tho enemy's bullots. Tho deaths resulting from it nro always more numerous than thoso which como As a matdirectly on tho battlefield. ter of fact, tho soldiers killed in lighting aro comparatively few. It is always surprising to discovei tho great disease is which with mortality charged. Sanitation has made marked advances siuco tho civil w.r. It has gono far ahead since tho Spanish war. In easo of another American eonilict many lives will bo saved because of increased knowlcdgo of diseaso nnd tho methods of fighting it. Tho experiments with typhoid serum have spceinl interest becnuso of this consideration. The soldiers who submitted to tho tests wero in the lino of duty. If the study of their cases gives tho medical stntf of tho army added ability tu copo with typhoid fever there will bo a great gain. Taken with other investigations in tho field of medical research, tho incident is worthy of gcnornl attontion. Epidemics of various kinds aro tast losing their terrors. Chicago Tribune.

years a teacher in the Preparatory school, who will teach Freshman English. Miss Charlotte P. Dodge, the new head of the History Dopaitment, will bo assisted by Miss Ada M. Stephens, who has been teaching history at tho Kawaiahao Seminary the past year. To add to tho usefulness of the new Cooke library tho librarian, Mr. E. J. Heece, will bo assisted Ly Miss Doris Girdler and an experienced librarian from Cleveland, Ohio, Miss Edith Lawrence. Miss Lawrence graduated from Vassar in 1902, and was trained in library work at tho Western Reserve Library School. Over a thousand new hooks especially selected for the reading of young people havo been secured during the summer. At tho Preparatory School the seventh grade teacher is Miss Mary II. Williamson, sister of William William-soof ' this city. Miss Williamson comes from tho city schools of ManShe is a chester, New Hampshire. graduate of tho New Hampshire State Normal School and has had long experience in Now Hampshire schools. Tho special teacher of mathematics in the grammar grades is Miss Frances R. Nowell, a graduate of Missouri State University, where she specialized in mathematics and where she has since douo graduate work as well as at Chicago University. Miss Claire TJeckc returns to the (list grade after a year of study in Chicago and the Ea6t. Owing to the large registration in tho lower grades, the third grade has been divided and the new third grade teacher will be Miss Haideo E. Glasscock of Los Angeles, California. Sho has been in the Los Angeles city schools for the Inst fivo years, and previously had seven years' experience in California schools. Tho college extends a hearjy welcome to all friends and patrons of tho school as well as visitors in the city who may visit the school at any time.




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(From Thursday's Advertiser,) Had Tai Lay, who operntes a lodging house nt the junction of King nnd avenue, displayed a Hcombo when Police Captain Putiohu called on him yoturdiiy, ho would havo been left in pence) had ho admitted that lie was operating 11 bufclnesn without n license mid submitted iiuletly to arret!, bo would probnbly liuvo gotten olf with a ill) II no nnd a eiiution to securo a icoiio but 1ii'i)hiio hu mw tit to commit mi iitknult upon tho olllecr, hu now t'tu'ee ll ultnrgo which tuny CUt him rlni'ii, or tuny luud li tin un tho rsof at hurd iiibur fur u n 1'iiuuIim rtttbur doubtful nliuut Tui I)-- , u ho un d ut hu piano fll bi Usttiint. iiuiitii'M nnd iud t Tui iiititud ttmt hu bad iuwli h U it iiNiwr, nmU bruujjli! out liven fur IU"T Hint 1UM, v fmlitil in ibuw nay fur tUi4, lliuutfb hu lutittrd tltul hu MiuiniiDi' ..I


reached tho door of Tai Loy's private office, the Chinese entered, nnd tho police captain started to follow. Then Tai Loy turued and forcibly ejected Puiiuhu from tho door, according to tbo report made by the officer. Tai was at once placed under arrest and now faces a charge of committing assault on an oflicor of tho law. Gamblers Qulot. If tho crap shooters aro still plying their little, games, they aro keeping very quiet nhout It, according to tho police, Even Detective Apuna, the terror of tho Celestial evildoers, is finding time hanging heavily on his hands, for not mi offender hai ho scooped In for M'vernl days pant. The campaign nhlvli A pun ii waged against tlio tempt em of fortune w:i u ilttiimliied one, nnd the puiiiiltli'H nhloli Judgn Audradi) mtnd out nure evidently Ion imioli thnt nro mel otii for thii la inking tihaiieiM, WiU MKuiulve, llMIt) tlUlliH) vmim mMd uul to ilruutif in Judge AiMlriiio' cutirt iHurnliir. A J'uriu Itlwin iiiiinnd i iluuuul viliu hmhivi i'i(irii In tin gut a uw i tu' tuuir

(From Thursday's Advertiser.) The Maui polo team arrived from tho Hospitable Island yesterday .morning. With them were fourteen ponies and that good Doc. Fitzgerald who will look. after them and bo there with the orig. inal kokua. Frank Baldwin was already in Honolulu but Harry Baldwin, Harold Rice and David Fleming came on tho steamer and they all looked as fit as fiddles and ready to play the game of their lives. The pbnies woro all hacked out to Moanalua where they were housed and looked after by a squad of grooms. This morning they will make a further jour ney to Leilehua where they will be care fully worked out in preparation for the match on Saturday. Thero will ho a special train for the game. It will leave the O. R. & L. depot at 1:45 Saturday afternoon nnd tho game will begia within fifteen min utes after the special arrives, which should he about 3 o'clock. The special will return to Honolulu directly after rae game, mere win ue a special round-tri- p rate for the excursion. Doc. in Good Form. Doc. Fitzgerald was in excellent form when interviewed ycsteiday. His jolly sunburned face with that beaming British smile was working overtime ami the, smile expanded even farther when ho was asked about what the Maui team was going to do. He merely said 'fOh, I say" and that not what he said but .the jolly way he said it with tho unarming jollity of his smile, said everything. The fourteen ponies are all good ones. Thoy have been working hard over on tho Hospitable Island and the horseflesh they have brought with them is well trained and up to snuff iu every way. Luckily the sea trip was smooth nnd tho ponies were not worried by seasickness, the most horribly upsetting thing for a horse. Inter-IslanPeople Careful. Thero was not a bruise nor n jar registered on any ono of tho visiting ponies through all the pilikiu of shipping nt Kahului, on thu voyage, nor unshipping yesterday morning. Tho people took particular pains in tun respect nnd (.'nptnlu Bennett and the crew of tho Clniidlno gained tho nlohn of (he polo people by the enthusiastic way in which they took cure thnt tho ponies wero properly lookd Inter-Islan-



Tho White Knigbi lire working luinl vlctorv. Tlmv luivn n unit- - ton in for but It.miiy to thnt It will lie a better' team fiimi they have hud lefiw. Captain )rytlic, HiU'i'tiuiiiiii'ly known h "Hill," bun thown what lio can da with plunk am accurate nwiltiuy nt tlio




The MhuI twiin inny win, Tliwy pi'it ., win but the umt li. iwiIIim,. iiiuud Ihi! sllair lido ii f tlio prnutnlM Ulld unit u for Uulhllijj, iiiu.i Ii'iil H l mitfiflhul lb gtMil Mnuluuii) will feiiuw j
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tuddt'lv l"Ni4 HNuud dhJ imwJ tu luw i In' nur4 tiltKli biiii Touili'hi Hikli ho i I fur lbt U.k ill I tie ruuw, Htii tbo ).' i j I for u ul u tJr, mid wid dllllllf llulll 'I'lHIU l itpluiu, lliiuliiiig ikrnt it win Hulutf " I'imuk uu'' Autlmdn Murd u 'ii wiiiiiii l.i' iiiui) liii 1. uliiir lliv Ikpum fulinHnl WLnUlhr)' It ul hit Mat iiuUv ttvlpuiuy lUMtll lu U(I







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Sam K Kolin to Uulihana, D; lilt in R P 7097, kul 3191, Olowalu, & C to Nevin Mary Castle Cooke, Mnul. $10. B 319, p 181. Datod Aug Ltd, A M; mtg and nddti secy Tropio 10, 1909. AT William Honning nnd wf to Lnhalna Fruit Co Ltd on por lot IB nnd por EYES lot 4, bldgs, etc, Wahiawn colony tract, Agrctl Co Ltd, D; 25911 no ft land, Wainlun, Oalm. $20,000. B 322, p 121. Lahaina, Maui. $2500. B 317, p 271. Dated Aug 19, 1900. Dntcd Juno 2S, 1009. VC TRAOt IwuiwXV D Nngata and wf to D O Llndsny, (Prom "Wednesday's Advertiser. E S Cmilia and wf to Mary E Foster, and When 63 Years Old land, Pulehuikl, Ku-la- , B; por L C A C93, ap 1, Kalawahluo, Tr, M; 15 Hilo railway bonds sold at 100 en Lids Became Terribly Inflamed Maul. $700. B 324, p 34. Datod Honolulu, Oahu, $000. B 315, p 452. Ono thousand the Change yesterday. July 27, 1909. Was Unable to Go About Homo dollars worth brought that figure, and Dated Aug 7, 1009. Q A Schumnn nnd wf to Marin Scott, uccoruod August au, juuu. closing bid was 99.72, 25 cents the TreatProfessional Remedies and M Allen (widow) to Bathshobn HELP THE EARTH D; lots 13. 18 and 19, blk 3, Kownlo higher than tuo last preceding Balo. ment were Equally Unsuccessful. Owners arc holding out for 100.25, how lots, Honolulu, Oahu. $1050. B 315, James E Jaeger, D; pors grs 2788, ap AND THE 1 nnd 4990 nnd 15 ft porpclual r w, ever, and did not seem overly anxious K Kuwna to Olnn Sugar Co Ltd..0M p 453. Dated Aug 0, 1009. Maria J Scott and hsb to Gilbert J Mnkiki, Honolulu, Oahu. $1, etc. B to sell. Uchhuo ot nl to Olaa Sugar Co K YOU HELP DEARTH WILL TOOK FRIEND'S ADVICE: OM Waller, Mj lots 13, 18 nnd 19, blk 3, 310. p 422. Dated Aug 14, 1909. Stocks generally were rather weak. Ltd Est of .Tamos Robinson by Tr to Thero was but little trading and tuo Yoshioka to Olaa Sugar Co Ltd.... OM bldga, etc, Kownlo lots, Honolulu, OaHAS NO MORE TROUBLE prices realized wero not up to thoso Honomu Sugar Co to Verginlo A hu. $1000. B 322, p 120. Dated Aug Empire Bldg Co Ltd, L; por kul 787, We make fertilizer for every product Bethel mid Hotol sts, Honolulu, cor ; which havo prevallod during tuo past Rol 9, 1009. nrt nut nn the market only what has Carvalho Onhu. 15 yrs at $2000 pr yr. U 323, Ha- - pnlolo Land & Imprvt Co Lta to us shares of hundred Let Two A Mrs value. weeks. to few West, Nawalii Henry E of proven real got . "About two years ago my eyes been 20. Dated May 15, 1909. L L; pa land, Wniakca, Hilo, Hawaii. $1 p Carl In such a condition that I was unable to waiian Commercial & Sugar wero sold club Stables Ltd nknow the purpose xor wiucii juu Isenborg by atty to Hans Ison-berabout. They were terribly inflamed, between boards at 33.50, a drop of $1 ejw ji Wolter to T Ito L per yr for remaining term of lenso Bor. neips anu we win Buyyit A M; mtg E W .Jordan and wf oth the balls and lids. I tried homo from tho flguro of tho last recorded Kakumuhau (w) to Kamaka Ka- from Lllluokalanl to Nawahi. B 323, on por Address us gr 100 nnd por kul' 061, ap 2, remedies without relief. Then I ? During tho session, two other D p 7. Dated Aug 2, 1909. nnkanui Wyllio st, Honolulu, Oahu. $1500. B to go to our family physician, but sale. small sales wero made at tho aamo jrnrin k Ena to Henry Smith S K Nainon and wf to J Alfred PA two tried help Then them. he I Co didn't 37. 324, p Dated Aug 18, 1909. . Pacific Guano and Fertilizer M; RPs 1S0C and C339 nnd iut L more of our most prominent physicians, figure. Tho closing quotations were Y Anin tr to Luen Chong Co O Kolcka Kaluhuna (widow) to A Honolulu, H. T. in R P 1203. Pahoa, etc, Lahainn, Ma Piiannia, D; pa land, Knpnlama-kal- St but my eyes grew continually worso. A6.zo dig, tt.uzo asKeu. Wm K Knainoa and wf to Hilo , ' At this time a friend of mine advised Honolulu Browing & Malting showed t naTOm Co ui. $500. B 322, p 120. Dated July Honolulu, Oahu. $1, etc. B 310, p 423. D mo to try Cutlcura Ointment, and after a little stronger. With the last pro- using It about one week my eyes were vious sale at 83.2.1, a few shores wero Voal nndT usb to Hilo Kajir0nd Co.. D 4. JIIUU. Dated Mar IS, 1904. Alico K Wnialcalo (widow) to J K KentwcU nli i,sb by Annio considerably improved and in two weeks Elizaboth .1 .dcCnndlcss to A U Al , , 1T n Kauai, D; they wero almost well. They havo sold at 23.50. Holders were asking int in R P 0922, kill Robertson, P A; general powers, U , ti m vi',iY" .T never given mo any trouble since. I 23.75 when tho session closed. v.-,Pni $200. B 321, p 45S. Dntcd Aug 20, 1909. Ulnkiu, Kauai. 8S37, Kapaa, o years old and am was then Waialua sold before tho session at Hi Davie's 315, p 451. Dated Juno 15. 1905. IH W Schmidt to W T Schmidt, M; now sixty-fivI shall never fall to 113. This is the figure nt which tho Heal Estate Bxchango Ltd to Thos Trcadway . . A speak a word of praiso for the Cutlcura last previous Recorded Aug. 17, 1909. int in R 1 (gr) 3535, Honolulu, Balo was recorded. Thero to Jcanno B King A H Remedies when I have an opportunity, Bcadlo Irwin (Limited) M Laurn Kckapuohiknpulikoliko $1000. B321, p 39. Datod Aug Onhu. many bo willing buyers to seemed at tfio may this bo letter and I trust that Hnwn Trust Co Lt'd to Walter 11 (widow) tr to Roman Catholic and 10, 1909. means of others .being cured as I havo that price, but holders wero asking Bromley D Apostolic church tr of, D; 4915 sq ft Elizabeth Richardson nnd hsb (E V) been. G. B. Halsey, Mouth of Wilson, 113.50. That is $3 less than tho high int in R P Grayson Co., Va., Apr. 4, 1003." mark reached by tho stock a week ago. Walter. H Bromley 'and wf to Bank M land, Kukul lane, Honolulu, Oahu. $1. to Georgo H Holt, D; of Hawaii Ltd n. 'lO I. a Ji 317, p 202. Dated Aug 12, 1U09. n b Bnllt.r 1730, kul 729 and routs, otc, on same, flnlin nl.Irtl. M. Bromley and wf to Geo Est of Robert A Macfio by oxors ot Queen st, Honolulu, Onhu. $050. B latter part of last week, weakened a .wu..r B "endorson D al to W G Irwin & Co, B S; 150 shrs 310, p 429. Dated Aug 14, 1909. iNorthBrn Assurance Company, little, and tho sales recorded yester- 11UUK. John R Smith nnd wf to Gcoreo AV Kllnuea Sugar Co. $5000. B 321, p UM " llCIlUOrSOn UUU WI 10 .In,- 11 7 nrnin wnrn UUJ lUUlUlllg llvV nt WAtSU1! M 441. Dated April 0, 1894. of Hawaii Ltd Smith, P D; lands, Koopuka, ii Kona, AND FIRE stato Advices tho mainland from FOR that LONDON, OF With Torturlne, Disfiguring; Kilauea Sugar Co to Est of Robort Hawaii, ii Jin, p 418. uatcd Juno 1, Entered of Record Sept. 2, 1009. the last sales of Hawaiian sugar wero LIFE. Established I83G. Eczemas, Rashci A Macfio exors of, Rel; from all claims 11)09. fiJ.87B.0O0 made- at 4.14, an advance of 3 cents Charles Kaohu and wf to T K La- IjAecumulaUd Funds Georgo W Smith nnd wf to John R D agninst est of Robert A Macfie, deed, lakea And other itching, burning, bleeding, a pound over the last quotation receiv111 scaly and crusted skin and scalp humors etc. B 321, p 445. Dated April 0, Smith. P D; lnnds, Kcopuka, a Kona, Hop Hing to Talomo Knhlchi BS ed hero. ronovea, are instantly Hawaii. B 310, p 418. Datod Juno 1, 1S94. Arcenlo Do Hego and vf to Dia- H and speedily cured, la .' Est, of Robert A Maefio by oxors to 1009. matina Caninra D tho majority of cases, First Bank of Hilo Ltd to Dauiol Kilauea Sugar Co, Rel; from all claims Russell A Nowton and wf to Young by warm baths with OF MVERPOOL, FOR MARINE M against Kilauea Sugar Co, otc. B 321, Kaihcnui, Rel; pes land, Waiakoa, 8 Men's Sav Soc Ltd Cutioura Soap, to sx.wv.vw ?,Capltai gentle Hilo, Hawaii. $1G0. B 324, p 37. Daskin, the cleanse D p 445. Dated April 0, 1894. John Payne to F A Schaef er 1 anointings with Cuti-cutod Aug 4, 1909. G Irwin & Co et al to Est of RobW to Knholokahikl and wf Joseph K Ointment, purest Reduction of rates. Luhikau (widow) to Hilo Railroad Nnllima D ort A Macfio oxors of, Rel; from nil and sweetest of Immediate Payment of Uaims. claims, actions contracts, etc. $1. B Co, D;'int in R P 4G50, kul 0021, David Kailiponi and wf to Kau soothe and heal Puuoo, Hilo, Hawaii. $137.50. B 310, Agricultural Co Ltd D 321, p 447. Dated April 0, 1894. Cutlcura Resolvent (linuld or Dills). of Robort A Macfio by exors to p 420. Datod Aug 10, 1909. E S Timotco to Sun Leo Yin Est L iThBO. H. Davies & Co., Ltd. of absoAbbio K AVclcli and hsb (J F) to to purify tho blood. Guaranteed W G Irwin & Co ot nl, Rel; from all A Lewis Jr and wf to Antonio !-: lutely pure and may be used from th Pnpaliimi, D; int in ap 2, AGENTS. Pires D claims, actions, contracts, etc, $1. B Rnchcl hour or birth. R Picanco & Wood will construct Ka Antonio Pires to Ben P 5174, kul 4249, Honokowni, Guerrero.... D 321, p 447. Dated April 0, 1894. Cutlcura 8op (2Se.). Olntmmt (50O, RwohrttH Maui. $50. B 319, p 182. Da(SOc.l, and Chocolate Coated fills (25c.), are mid luanui Beach road. At yesterday morn- i jr Woods by atty to Union Mill Wm G Irwin & Co Ltd to Robort A throughout the world. Pepou: London. 27. ted Aug 18, 1909. HnnrtT-Hnnr1 inrr'a till nf nf - mnntiniT -fn Mncfic, I from all Rel; 8q.; Parw.S, Hue dt la rli: Australia. claims, actions, r "e Papalimu nnd hsb (O M) Towns A Co . Sydney: South Africa. Lennon, R. contracts, etc. B 321, p 450. Dated to atnchol W. Ltd- - Cape Town, Natal, etc.: Totter Droit 4k Cnem. visors, tho commltteo on roads and David Paona and wf to Pia Kau' Abbio IC Welch, D; int in aps Oorp Bole Prop. . 137CoIumboj Ave noston. linno 1894. April 0, D .i n. t. v.t1 .:.!, on the Book Free, Sua Cutlcura n..lo 1, 3 and 4, R P 5174 and por np 1, R The Famous Tourist Route of cl,"s an(1 wf o 3 Corncv A Macfio G Robert to attys by Wm 0 of any was the lowest submitted and P 5037, Honokowni, etc, Raannpnli, worm. Cornoy D Irwin & Co Ltd, Rel; from nil claims, Maui. $50. recommended that the award bo made Wcstorn B 319, p 183. Datod Aug & Hawn Invsmt Co Ltd to B contracts, otc. actions, 450. 18, 1009. p 321, CanaJian-Aus-- I & the bid was accordingly. Wood's Picanco With In Connection Dated April 0, 1894. II Irwin Beadle PR F Tickets S Line Steamship $11,585. Kokoona ct nl to Charles Wilcox, Aki tralian II Bcadlo and wf to Jonnlo Kilauea Sugar Co to Robert A Macfio. D; ,por R P 2100, kul In accordance with tho decision of Irwin are Issued 3477, Tonts, otc, V Eskow from all claims, actions, contracts, Rel; D the Board of Supervisors, tho County Mary IC Ahuona, Wailuku, Maui. $800. B 319, ALL POINTS IN THE UNITED TO etc. B Kahalcpuna 451. p C, Dated April 321, and hsb to ' Clerk was instructed to notify Picanco p 184. Dated Aug 18, 1909. STATES AND CANADA, VIA 1894. Mutl Bldg & Loan Soc of Haw & Wood that their bid had ibeen acDIZZY J Alfred Mngoon and wf to Gertrudo VICTORIA and VANCOUVER A to attys Robert Macfio Ltd Kilauea by M ready Mayor stood cepted, and that tho A McCorriston ct al, D; int in R P Charles Broad sugar uo, nnd nc to wf J Mutl irom icei; all claims, soon as contract sign to up as tho a GSOrtS. 0025. 093 and 1710. Knamola, otc, Bldg & Loan Soc of Haw Ltd. . . M tions, contracts, etc B 321, p 451 suitablo bond should bo furnished. B 310, p 425. $125. Datod G, 1894. iBANFF. GLACIER. MT. STEPHENS Entered of Record Sent. 3. 1009. April Dated constructing Tho bids Ka other for 0, 1909. Juno (Prom Thursday's Advertiser.) f AND FRASER tAMiun unrvoy and hsb to Trent Fnnny Strnuch and hsb (P E R) to i luanui road were, Wilson, A. A. Beach "na Kalunn (widow) to Hugh McCorrisAlmost miraculous was tho escape $14,000; Henry H. IC do Fries and Al- EMPRESS LINE OF STEAMERS Trust Co Ltd int in por ton Sr, D; ACM William Savidge, D; int in grs 093 and 1710, . from death of Teter McDonald, when bert Territory of Hawaii to Samuel M FROM It P 3405, kul 732, Loleo, Honolulu, Keouekuino, Molokni, $50. B 310, p Concrete tho $13,500; Trask, 'and scaffoldChina, headlong tho pitched from Japan, ho in Points Damon All 2GS. to $400. B Doted Aug 1..U. umou .Juno o, iiiml, 317, p Tickets ED Oahu. Company, Ltd., $12,480. ing of the new building in back of tho Constructing Tr.tu nnrf Around the World. 17, 1UUU. The proposod now Kaluanui Beach Henry Waterhouso Tr Co Ltd tr D Koliaa (k) ct al to nugh McCorAs road yesterday afternoon. theater information Art general S Priscilln and Clarke is 3000 length. Tickets D about Tho in feet For Recorded Aug. 18, 1909. riston Sr, D; Int in grs 093 and 1710, it was, McDonald suffered nothing specifications call for a pilo trestle Priscilln S Clarke nnd hsb to First Annlv to Agnes Kapoli to Ilonry ICaumai, P uruiimiuum, itioiOKni. $au. U 31U, n worse than a broken arm and a general bridge 120 feet in length, Am Sav & Tr Co of Haw Ltd. . M A; general powers. B 321, p 452. Dat- 427 thrce box l'.iil-u a, iuuit. .fuiio up. culverts ten by four and a half, and M B. da Silvoira nnd wf to L L ITHEO.H. DAVIES & GO., LTD. slinking Snmuela W Sponcor to Hugh McCorMay 27, 1909. ed It was shortly before 2 o'clock, that somo 500 feet of riprap. All of this McCandless et nl T riston, in D; C93 nnd 1710, grs Sugar int Co, to Honomu David Knlani S. S. Line. the accident happened. McDonald, who work will provo costly and tno coin- J E Kokipi nnd wf to O II Dickey D n Agents Molokai. $200. B 310. n Grant; perpetual R W across R P 899. carpenter, was at work way up a is iuwwct.jr. very Samuel Kubev is by mittco and wf well satisfied with tho Canadian racinc attv to 428. Dated Aug 14, 1909. B 315, p 483. Dated April 22, 1909. 'on tho scnffolding. In somo manner tenders received, Arthur Berg BS msliop Trust uo .Ltd tr to lio uiu, he lost his footing and fell to the Bald-beeW Tho K negotiations Kahakuen to havo P Henry Rill; lot 22. blk 4. 5000 so. ft land, POAIIA PULLS DBOWN1WO ground, striking on his head. Fellow Co., &. completed and all that remain is win D Knpnhulii, Honolulu, Oahu. $150. B MAN FROM THE BIVB workmen rushed to his assistance and for tho Mayor to affix his signature Ellen Polyblank A to Honolulu, T. H. to Elizabeth K l 324, p 30. Dated Aug 17, 1909. As 1'oltccnmn Ponha was walking picked him up. tho resolution tho of Board Booth Super Hcl of Kamuol Parker to llcicn M wido- along tho river near Borctania avonue At first it was thought that the man making the necessary appropria- Onhu Railway & Laud Co to W F mnnn, li o; S74UU slirs Parker early this morning ho noticed a dark had been killed, but soon he regained visors to reimburso the Chineo tenants tion ct A trs al Frear GommissionJIerchants Irrigation Co Ltd. $1, etc. object being tossed about by the curconsciousness. He was removed to tho for the moving of thoir kuleanas. Booth to K Elizabeth and hsb 1909. 17, 453. Aug 321, p B rent. Closer observation dlsclosod tho Dated exQueen's Hospital where a careful Hawn Trust Co Ltd M T McCrosson to Samuel Parker, object to bo n man, and Poahn hurried amination showed that shock, minor J to Irwin II Bcadlo tr Trent Trust Factors Sugar Consent; to conveyance of 57400 slirs down to tho bank of the stream to rcn-dlacerations, countless bruises, and a Co Ltd D Parker Consolidated Irrigation Co Ltd, broken arm were the sum total of his succor. Aftur n tusslo ho got tho to Balbina nnd hsb Mutl Larson B 321, p 453. Dated Aug 17, man ashoic, and nono too soon, for anwounds. $1. Ewa Plantation Co. & Loan Soc of II Ltd Bldg M McDonald has the contract for erectother miuuto and thero would hnvo 1909. Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd. Mutl Bldg & Loan Soc of Haw ing tho Wenther Bureau's kiosk at John 0 Brown to Henry Kamnnn, been a corpso in tho water. E NO T Kohala Sugar Co. to Joseph McKay Rel A Ltd Tho Bishop and Hotel streets. Rol; lots 4 nnd 5, blk 10, Kownlo lots, man, who tumod ) Waimea Sugar Mill Co. John J Combs to Hawn Trust Co Honolulu, Onhu. $230. B 321, p 31. out to bo a Portugiioso, was hurriod to Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd. M Dntcd Aug 10, 1909. Ltd tho Queen's Louis-BlakHosnital, where tho doc Fulton Iron Works of St. Superintendent Babbitt is having all Kohala Ranch Co Ltd to Union Mill tors soon rcsucitntuil him. Ho declined n'Ic2 t. 1ccor1, P1- 4 190!)-n.Steam Pumps. , L L McCandless and wf to John . o OLD PALI to givt) ..:.. Hawaii. ...i,ihis muni) gr Kohala, Co, por 1950, and scorned unablo or L; ,wu Ui t.ullu.u " muti Weston's Centrifugals. TCnmnkn nr. nl D 5 yrs nt $C0 por yr. B 323, p 21. Datunwilling to explain how ho camo to corps of teachers to servo in tho public Ann Ikain and hsb to Mrs Hattio Baheock & Wilcox Boilers. bo in tho water. ed July 10, 1909. Green's Fuel Economize.. schools of tho Territory tho coming K Hnpai Tho man's faco was badly lacerated, Tono LiiBing to Kow Chin Char, D; Marsh Steam Pumps. next week. Several First Bank of Hilo Ltd to Mnsa opens term, which R P 4271. kul 8184, Halawa, Kohalu, us though ho had been in a fight. Matson Navigation Co. yo Arakawa AM " of thoso who have been appointed havo Hawaii. $270. B 310, n 480. Dated Planters' Line Shipping Co. E Ray by mtgee to L Ahip D Aug 18, 1900. BAILORS EVADE TID3 failed to arrive, some of thorn being I I K Roy by mtgeo to JMusayo Co OFFICERS Mill OF THE LAW Pioneer to Peter Punihele held up in San Francisco on account Arakawa FA Ltd, L; nps 1 and 2, It P 1700, kul Mamnla Hon is now tho name of that ot inability to get bookings on any Claiming tho food that which they Ahip et al to Firet Bank of Hilo 0799, Kauauln, Lahaina, Maul. 10 yrs received on board tho Nordsoo was unsection of the old Pali road leading of the American steamers, which are M Ltd . . 18. p yr. B Dated 323, $10 por nt fit for human consumption, several of irom the junction wliero tuo old and nil jammed to tho limit of their capa- - jr0SPS Kipi to Elizabeth K vie- Aug 17, 1909. a new routes to Nuuanu Pali meet. tho crow of tho unfortunate Gorman city. Mr. Babbitt stated yesterday tor to Pioneer Kannwaliwali Kalua P LIMITED. great commemorates Jloa tho vic tlint unless thoso teachers arrive on the ship .have deserted, and so for havo Sugar Co Ltd to Manuel do Mill Co Ltd, L; ap 1, It P 1733, kul succeeded in ovading tho police Oftory of Kamehameha over tho King Ghina and ho is afraid that they will olna D Coito Sr Maui, ficers are looking Polaiki, Waince, Lahaina, 0857, in Oaliu of Nuuanu valley, of tho the victory sov-orLaws necessary to make Incorporated Under the noi it win do for them and oxjtoct Olaa Sugar Co Ltd to Antonio do B 323, p 20. Dated to ,tako thorn into custody before H yrs pd $25. which resulted in tho driving of tho temporary appointments in tho Ho' Territory of Hawaii. very D Aug 14, 1009. Pontes long. J600.00O.O0 entire army of tho Oahuans over the nolulu schools. ?AID-UCAPITAL Olaa Sugar Co Ltd to Frank Mu W D Mahelona (k) to Agnes Kapoli, 200,000.00 nwful heights of Nuuanu Pali. Hugh Jamicson has been appointed !, BUBPLUS Sovoral s desort-ortho of first batch of D rcira When ho conquered tho islands of tho teacher at Kapaa and sailed for his D; int in R P 4999, kul 4005, Haou, aro now in jail, awaiting tho time UNDIVIDED PROFITS.... 102,617.80 Sugar Co Ltd to Joo O Mo-Olaa 485, p B $5. 315, group, Maui. Hana, variotc, Hawaiian amalgamated tho station on the Noeau Tuesday evening. when the ship shall sail. Othors aro ,. V Dated dciros ous governments into ono compact em- Ho cnine to Honolulu somo weoks ago July 24, 1909. in tho hospital. Among tho latter are OFFICERS: Olaa Sugar Co Ltd to Manuel pire, gave system and a laws of which worked reporter 1909. and as on ono of tho some of tho men who wont out with Recorded August 19, President D Charles M Cooke Enos guaranteed to tho people immunity afternoon papers for a while. Ho has Miller Sulvago Co Ltd to von Hamm-Youn- tho salvage party. Tho men clnim that , P. C. Jone Olaa Sugar Co Ltd to Manuel lta rnpine from nnd murder, Knmohameha papers showing to 1 him gasolino tug O Co bo Mj a thoy wero supplied food thak- had been graduate Ltd, poza D F. v Mejsfarlane..2nd Union UnBo-lfn- on board tho ship for slxtoon months boat ami 100-- p Cashier named the occasion, and tho Inws Ma- of tho University of Edinburgh. Ono James wf C. H. Cooke to Kanneholo and mnla in commemoration of the Miss Sierra JI. Shields has been apEngine No 5598, otc, Territory of ,niul that thoir diet is tho cause of their Assistant Cashier great Hon, iiip.'i , M Sugar Co "C. HuBtnce. Jr battlo when, slnglo handed, ho pointed to tho Lihuo school and loft nawaii. $1970. H 321, p 32. Dated illuess. i attys JP D. Damon Assistant Cashier routed seven champions of an No by to Paul Muhlondorf opposing tor Kauai on tho Kinnu. Secretary people. N Aug 10. 1909. tlce V B. Damon Miss Julia Leigh will tench at tho Geo Lyciirgiis and wf to Robert W THE NEW FRENOH REMEDY, Kalnknua named his bodyguard Ma' Ainnltea school, in Kohiiln. Sho sailed Paul Mulileiulorf by nttys to No DIRECTOnS: Chas. M. Cooke, P, C. Iiiml, .Mnkiki it, N Shingle, I); tice Jones, F. W. Macfarlane, E. F. Bishop, mala Hon in memory of tho occasion, fur tho Big Island on tho Llkolilco yes- Honolulu, Oaliu. $0750. II 317, p 272. MO!), 7, Seplcinlior nf Record Entered VIHH E. D. Tenney, J, A. McCandless, C H. Dated Aug 7, J00U. ''' U II. M. Wells has been lAtherton, C. II. Cooke. Geo Lycurgus and wf to Robert W P TERRITORY TAKINCJ prim rY',!iuK!ll't'l0,,t: f! Shingle, II S; personal property In ' 50i', ' TIRE CLAIMS BONDS clpal of the Ilnlunloa, IlaVall school, kit l and hislilji hsb. rriuwly, f pnpul.r ....Rol ucd n,olttv Vico Mrs, M. P. COMMERCIAL AND DAVINOB bulldliigi and premises, Mnkiki !, Howho has boon In the Contincnul llotpiuli L) HUoril, Kotun, Treasurer Cuiililinglii sending Kant on trnnifurrp.1. This Scott, h AUj' t0 '' ' Is the o.tcomo of tho Ouliii, $750, 11 321, p 457, DaJebrti, Vrlpu.u, in.l, iiiuliimi 4II tli. tin mall today of thi Turrl. trilllllln ,,. Jl nolulu, VlfU ,M H Wlllltll UauJerala Hill! nnlinnl 1, !....... Il lu tn tuuht III a lunliclnu n( lliu LinJ, ted Aug 7, 1009. ami luiiaixi everllnnK liitWitii rmiiluytil, trlct uttentlon given to all branch! lory's money, to tnko up thirty of the Scott mill Mrs. Mavdwoll. which Hmiiii I'liruhg Sou of II Hcliunck aiid wf to Mauool (I J of Banklntr, i per cum. iiim l fanny utrnucn mill 1111.. HOI Ht Amin, I); lot 12 mid 13 nf II I' iiomli. Tho miMtnlU- liivn.l.,i...,l l... i. ii.....! "i I, TODD mJILDINO, FORT STREET. payment of IliU r;lU,iW(l lunvt'...Vi)(J ('nimilssloNurs. In a MMik.hljr .lion 111110, pip a Irw iU) nly, ,,,,1'",",1" l0 1'",,,y Strmioli ami l flmllngs of tlii' In. Ilii.V., Knlilii, Honolulu, Onhu. U'OU. or mis noun umh mil IlllUtlllUllUg, Ji vitntlgation, nlliiirTim Itmitvei all iIIm liirri fioiii li miliary iufe4ti, thnn tho ilutnriiiinn. ,,"!! ',' Vi" ','""1Y V ' 317. p 271. Diilu.1 Aug 0, 1II0U. .t cur inji imiiii I lm um) nl wlmli dw in tlit) pulley of the inviriiliiiiiil In m tiiin to I'lilllp tit Ii urn i Ijhhk i,h (uikI ilmn u Imiiafor liuth Mr. Hcolt Mnry A (widow) to (' (J an lui mm & Co., dcpiii tlic ill In ln IioihU us ritphlly na ittlii r r mil iliwa-i- , li, vimwi,, miru II III Inn In Viiim 'I'lm I. Yi'u Hup, Tr. D por II J' fid, kul', inn! lm c.'lo.Diill piiyintint t u Il"l ilirt'H IIIUIK) "- "."w. n Vol, lllll " i .MiiiiiiiiImii nt, Honolulu, Onhu, $IU00, u No, gonu aian itinnni wipiiiy nut uiu in known boll "ill! Mj,,",',;" ,0 ,V A,',,,.iir,."J,?1,n '' II ai7, p U7rt. Jhili'il A nil 2, limn. nlll bo fiir liiipuni) ,il in, i.i..i. urn,,, piuipl, ,, ,,i. lohledut), ,ml Iipillllli. p III Bill .Killing Ui.l .1 mii II U not ilnoi.ll.,1 wliool. Ll',"rl? Vliori) mini. I'ir.t Hunk of Hilo ,ti tu Hawaii Ully .... ... unul.iliiuiiulitm llioy will bo milt-- but c tirliilnly riot In ,, U!v W ' ' ' '1 ' u ' f ',V ' ,, iiimli 4 dUilalhliu ,,' I1..I11.11 Ilnrulil I'lililialilng L'n Mil, l(nl (irnaxi., I t.hiuii pi mi, .ir nhi. Ii .OHAHTUUBD HHIP MAY the iniiiu pliuio, n luoir lin'llty to ;. .. "V, lypit, uriilliiru, llaliinw, oin, in bliltf, I"V 111II4 r 4i "If,; ? iB .l"lliati.iuiii,i JIRINO IMMIOKANTN Bel on tKtlit)r A'tylo.loliiiOCorjfl.. i. mIiu'II i. ll4llll i.lll ill I Hj llll. lli Mu (Willi i, llii.i, lliiwnll, inou. HHii, iuii ii.inii, . ilii hIm'Io m.iim iiuuri tha ,"u Wmiif In -- nil me rirai puny or I'orlUL'UHM) Iniuil riii.iii.air.ui in Woiiir (lw .. U p 4.i.l II... ..j,ly , UIH14I.1 all 1.U...II..U, U. jup, liHlud f, July .J uruuK, ircurvd by UmM Auaiit A, J, Vun(i uhi' mill .vf in MiiTl IIWh & -I, , li..,i, il IUIII11 Jlurjyiuiumi la l'rHl I'uiili Mhnrt , , MU,., miiiiijcii. win I'Muituiy on iuuukiiI HOW TO I'MUVJJNT HLOOI) II I.UHU WM 01 II Mu, SIS V M I, hi lwr kul 971, King 1'OIHOtf, h round ilie J turn in n elinriuroil tliip. lm Mi'i.,i.i.l.4uiii,.i. fit) JT. I, IIU", IImmhII. lu r Ml tJ.iitral iiiiurincv Aiieuu, ieurpsnt!ng MdiurUny a riiriOnautiM aUi iiojjieet Hru Hie llMwrilut) Am I'. 1000 hl put. jll 11,, ,1 rWn i ,)t , ,,uwji , ,, ,, mr mu, lu j'fi jit u,u, New ) Db'iuii.i Matuul l.lf lumruiie ii ll,.i . i. 1. . 1, . ml,.,! uhln 4I1I,, ,ini, ,4,r uwimiii, uniiuuwtniy mill (id tin u 'llll'l 6Um U! lilutM Mi4lliUU, A owl MuftiHwUj I" rWwmil i My l l tH , i III V Juji.. llllHI. Hi jo, Ii ..i., . .ii.,,i.4 y.,,, ip CMiipuuy iif Jiuktuii elwrlur, ' iuiu nimble fur r bruiMi, huMnr kliubt, iIiumIi mvo I) I V ' ' V "f iM41 H IIJlK Nugur '''i l luuttiy nf IIhuhii, .ll.n.ll. Atiiuu lire l mm iiiicm is, ut i Uuvmi, i;wi)Mi ii Kitl lHtwiiiiii 4i A uwnI lliilmtiiil vlly. ilaNuulu, UiUi, 0 I'll II: P't tit tun, M AiTHHT.QH-- W lUittJy, ililu, U UHguliHtlUg Hilh I ho AwrUtll-llWMi- ' 11 Ml, un i Imt nut uuy jjiyy, iirUi,iH ttuU ID mu nt id lwr WMialb. I Th4 .1 lit a',.'! ami if. il HIT. p Kff. luly f flfMl.MI llin.ujli.l Uvi lint iU'ttlilH'1 the itiuay ma i.iti!.uy, mi J kuhMNuvut imrllti mid . a. talllaif ta.,i.. . ... i.. urn ...1 . Il.l .1 a .... i, llllal. !..... UDIIIaplll), iipw. IV' ii, p m IHi .mm f"i ihih, I. ..a uminu 4 il I ', ) Im iui mruM lltv Jiibmui uC ltvnh ' llm .4 li,. liaivlHltllliaultnl yuuuil ..ij...,,,, A Imuuil Wuli iu hll'f, aillwui uiiilur.llull. I itU l, Amin in I' MmMhi hihI ml tu Iluii.i I .j. il,, uici mbw ti I, T. ,,,!. 4 ,M I TuLumhu j.uali.. Tlii'ru him liwu suwe i.uumiMl.lll r,i Hum, WUMI lllll M, IMllI h A. Ill ul IUI III IJUlM', lllUU, in. i i , Hi UutJ I'mniii luii u. 11. 1.1 iL fl ul llH ll .4 . .1 jrj Protector uiiijwiiivr. gf itn IM lit M)jullgllMIII Willi iU Maiap (". al I lis. . ,.11 . , . 44.dl.Aii .kfia .1 '""' i pii'l H ilknuwr Iruui liluml uitfiltDlim, 1'iiitHum, luiurv, Willi nm Mii0 nuu iinnitiiii ii mi, HhMiiii w b ., ImWiIiHi litfuli!, bumi'inr. ami Ihli ixiMMiHg Ii U..W1 k t. flalMlll Ilia flu rut M(g B,, u( u.i,.d j,,, IImi I.I II III, p ..I IJnlwj ,iM( If, HHi Tmmi. Mttuft4lw,Il., h w.lliyul aLLL ifla a 1..,. wdv hvmmf) ViLr uimnmonn lvj IWnMiii Ijwii. 4 th., AVIUM W, HmtumiM, uiihu l(jUULiiUItlui ll l IW. IIuMMiuA kuil liib ()y 'f lit rflun mf nw i. Ii. In lu.ip . , . W tiirl I iiy ilMv'di, P4 Avg &, 1MUU. 1 m um K Ifulw, mi 111 lw hm.




REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. Entered of Record Sept. 1, 1009. wf to Louisa K D Harbottlo Henrietta T Andrade and hsb to A D E Cooley Mntsmla ct nl to Olna Sugar Co OM Ltd OM T Higa to Olaa Sugar Co Ltd S Nnkamoto to Olaa Sugar Co Ltd.GM 11 Iha to Olaa Sugar Co Ltd OM l'ock Sliung Hung to Olaa Sug Co OM Ltd rock Sliung Hung to Olaa Sug Co OM Ltd T Shcharn to Olaa Sugar Co Ltd. . .0 M
A Lewis ,Tr nnd

II Odn
9202. 10, 1909.

to S TakahashL

Detroit Automobllo, factory No $472. B 322, p 122. Dated Aug

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R P 7097, kul 8191, Olownlu, Maul. $3, B 319, p 180. Datod Aug 16, 1009.









& Co.,






'Agents for Fire, Life and Marino Insurance. r



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Bank of Hawaii


.Vice-Preside- nt



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Life and

Insurance Agents



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(From Wedncsflay dvertiser. Miss Lillian U. Uuulncr arrived on tho Asia yesterday morning. R. O. Brown was a departing pa'sson-gc- r on tho Kinau for Kauai last night. Miss Agues Hunt arrived in Honolulu yesterday on the Pacific Moil liiler Asia. Mrs. Rcnton Hind was a passenger on the Mnuna Kea yesterday for the other Islands. Governor W. P. Frear left with tho Congressional nartv on the Mnnnn TCn yesterday. M. F. Scott nnd wife returned to tho other islands on the Mnuun Kea yestcr-dant noon. Miss Alico M. Smith was an arriving passenger from tho Orient on tlio. Asia yesterday morning. E. J, Lord was one of thoso who accompanied the Congressional partv on tho trip to Hawaii yesterday. Governor Frear, Mayor Fern, and Territorial Treasurer Conkling were among the government officials who accompanied tho Congressional party to Kauai. Annie Hiram was yesterday granted a divorce from Noa Hiram on the ground of nonsupport. Annie Higgins obtained a divorco from her husband. vwinnm juggins, lor tno samo reason. C. F. Weir, who has been in the Orient in the interests of tho Southern Pacific Uailroad Company, passed through Honolulu ou tho liner Asia yesterday. Ho has been endeavoring to purchase ties in Japan for his company. United States District Attorney Brcckons and Marshal Hondry left for Hawaii on tho Mauna Kea yesterday. They will serve subpoenas iu thb Moses Koki case, which comes up for trial shortly in tho U. S. District Court. W. Tin Chong, tho Chinese lad who is well know'n in Anln Park athletics, leaves for the mainland on tho Alameda this morning. Ho will study in one of tho Middle Western colleges this winter. Tin Chong is well liked hero, and his friends aro preparing to give him a rousing send-of- f this morning.

Bettor take a hot- -

Eleven jurors have been secured, tentatively, to try the riot case the second time. That is, eleven veniremen have been passed for causo by both tho prosecution and tbo defense, but tbey arc nil subject to peremptory challenge, Insnno Asylum, had reand it Is probable that somo of them, fused her permission to sen her hus- nt least, will be discharged from tho band. It was alt a part of tho con- jury box. Tho defenso still has cloven challenges loft, having spiracy to keep the doctor in jail un- peremptory exercised but nine of tho twenty it lawfully and unjustly. drawing of n Jury was Mrs. Atcherley further accused Dr. had when the whilo the prosecution has Peterson of trying to get her husband commenced, peremptory shallcngo out of tho country, and accused her thus fnr waived therefore has three left which It former attorney, T. M. Harrison, of and exercise in Its ditcrction. having consented to the scheme, which may jury box, Is tbo host family modlclne yon can With iwelvo men in was the reason, she said, that sho had all passed for cause, tho tho defenso at 11 treatof course have A thorough fired him. She told the judge that Dr. o'clock yesterday morning peremptorily ment with it makes good red blood, to Attorney Peterson hnd intimated excused Abraham D. Bolster, and tho Harrison thnt if Dr. Atcherley would judge brings tbo old color back to the lips, announced that tho special ventre promise to get out of the country, it of twenty-siPORT OF HONOLULU. fills out the cbooks, and gives the men ordered tho day him out of to might possible bo let health. Judgo Do had been exhausted. glow of porfoct And Mr. asylum. she tho Harrison, ARRIVED Porhaps you suffer from tho ento the nefnrious Bolt ordered another special veniro of had consented said, twenty-simen 7. appear an to summoned Tucsdny, Septembor feebling ofloct of a prolonged spell of scheme and had come to her and ad- court at 8:30 this morning, and court Am. schr. Admiral, Header, from to sign a paper promising then ndjourned for the day. vised her warm weather. If so, Ayer's SarsapaNewcastle, a. in. Dr. Atcherley should lcavo tho rilla will vitallzo your blood and givo Tho eleven tentative jurors, who havo P. M. S. S. Asia, Gniikrogcr, from that country if he wcro released. So sho been passed for causo and who nro not you renowod force, vim, and energy. Yokohama, 7 a. m. him. bounced yet challenged by cither sido arc John Str. Mnuna Ken, from Kauai, (with Sarsa-paril- la heard tho Woodruff woman out Judge Ayer's now made, Aa K. Clarke, cashier of Hind, Rolph & Congressional party), n. in. patiently, but refused to interfere. Ho LCo.; John A. Bortfcld, poultrymanj contains no alcohol. Wcdncsdav, September 8. rehearing a for motion her denied of Str. W. O. Hall, from Makawell, tbo habeas corpus case, telling her uoorge n. urecne, nn employe of H. II. Wfbb, tho Iqcksmith; S. J. There aro many imitation a. in. if the Territorial ofticinls are nil proprietor of tho Entcrpriso Sarsaparillas. Str. Clnudine, Bennett, from Maul thnt they ' aro, ho cer- Soda Works; Jahies Guild, of K. U. says as bad she ns and Hawaii, n. in. up in not afford could "AYER'S." mix to tainly & got Hall Be sure you Son; S. F. Nott, traveling salesThursday, September 0. Tho tiling to do would man; James 11. Cummings, John Trask, matter. Nnr. Bp. Nordsjtern, Hjnastnl (called the to Prtpar.d by Dr. J. a Ayer & Co., toell. Mm., U.S.A. handle tho clerk; B. R, Campbell, clerk; Snm Territory the bo let in for supplies), off port n. m. matter and punish the guilty. It would an employe of tho Road DepartAnsa's riLLS, tho bast family laxatlfe. DEPARTED. not be proper for him to "butt in" ment; David K. .Martin, carpenter. Peremptory challenges have been U. 8. A. T. JJix, Ankers, for Manila, and take the matter out of tho hands of tho Territory of Hawaii. .exorcised by tho defenso against Hiram 60 YEARS' 12 m. Atcherley has apparently So Mrs. EXPERIENCE llolomoku, Uoorge Mnlinn, v. iu. Str. J. A. Cummins, Scarlcs, for lost out there, but she is by no means T., C. McGuire, Robert E. Mist, 12 m. Consho has tho She discouraged. Bays John N. Joseppi, William R. Isaac, AbStr. Maun a Kea, Freeman, for Hilo they her side gressmen on and that raham D. Bolster and George II. and way ports, 12 noon. Tho other veniremen, nsido from Str. Kinau, Oregorj--, for Knuni ports, have promised to take tho matter up and see that justice is done. "Just thoso in the two lists nbove, have been 5:30 p. m. Str. Mlknhala, Tullett, for Molokai you wait; you'll sec," said tho lady excused for cause. Sam Lelco, ono of triumphantly. TnAor Marks "I have it in black nnd those tentatively accepted, is a half and Maui ports, C:40 p. m. Designs Str. Nocau, Sachs, for Kauai ports, white from "tho Congressmen that they brother of Mrs. Mary Atcherley. Copyrights &o look into tho matter." County Attorney Cathcart and Attorare going to 5:35 p. m. Anyone pendlnsr n Aketrh and deicrintlon may "By whom is tho letter signedt" ney Prosaor are looking after the drawquickly ascertain our opinion free whether an P. M. S. S. Asia, Gnukroger, for San Invention la probably pat en tn hie. Cora mun lea. was Atcherley asked. ing of the jury, for the prosecution, Mrs. Francisco, 5 p. m. tlomstrlctlcnnOdontial. HANDBOOK onl'atenu lont free. Oldest lurencr fur necunnffpatenta. "Why should I tell you," she re- whilo Attorney Lightfoot, as usual, is Am. schr. Admiral, Bender, for Kau-ni- , torted. "You'll find out when tho looking rafter the interests of tho detpteial notice, without charge, la tho 5:40 p. m. I won't fense. Lightfoot asks each veniremen O. S. S. Alamcdn, Dowdcll, for San Congressmen do something. tell you who wrote tho letter, but it particularly what newspapers ho reads Frnncisco, 10 a. in.weekly. TAnrost clr A handomelr lUnrtralM and whether ho would allow himself Str. Maui, Bruhn, for Paauhau, etc., was somo of the Congressmen." of any ctcntlDc journal. Terms, 13 a rnlatlon So fnr Mrs. Atcherley has not ac- to be influenced by nny accounts of tho year; four months, L Bold by all newsdealers. 12 m. trinl thnt ho might get hold of. Quesin complicity Str. Nilhau, Oncss, for Honokan, ols., cused tho Governor of MUHN & Co.36,Brod-- "' New York any plot to murder her husband, and tioning Sam Lcleo, Lightfoot asked, 12 m. Ittaoch OOco. OS F BU Washington, D. C. tho Governor, fortunately for him, is "If there nro any long accounts of tho Str. W. G. Hall, Thompson, for BUSINESS GAKDB. on Hawaii, so he is safe for a few trial appearing in tho Bulletin, would 5 p. m. you read themf" Leleo hastened to days, anyway. deny that he would let himself bo inPASSENGERS. HONOLULU IRON WORKS CO. I & & & Jt $ & J Jf & J .S v $ J fluenced by anything the Bulletin of every description made to Arrived. wife, Hon. J. M. Miller and wife, Hon. might say, and declared that ho never ordor. Tor S. S. Asia, from the Orient, II. Olin Young and wife, Hon. W. It. read tho Bulletin, anyway. Questions September 7. For Honolulu: Seraph Ellis nnd wife, Hon. A. F. Dawson and of the same nature were nsked nil tho CHOICE SEED COFFEE. Ln Chang, Miss Agnes Hunt, Miss K. wife, Hon. Geo. W. Princo and wife, other veniremen, all of whom denied M. Cockrane, Miss M. E. Chipman, K. Miss Bickneli, Mrs. E. C. Bond, Miss emphatically thnt they would pay any , "Wo c till have a few pounds left of Fujimurn, W. A. Wong, Miss Emma llntah, E. J. Lord, P. Peck, Clids. intention to anytiiing tnat might apA. W. Dunn, It. Ivers, Hofi: Jno. pear in the paper mentioned. that Choice .lava Seed Coffee, lately Vroom, Miss Lillian G. Gardner, Miss Somo imported. Coffee growers desiring to Alice M. Smith. For San Francisco: McLachlan, Hon. Politto Elvihs nnd of those questioned declarod that they improve their coffees, and thus secure K. Araki, Master Alvin Aurill, Misj wife, Admiral Hollydnv and wife, It. had already formed opinions wbieh higher prices, will do well to plant this Henrietta Aurill, Master George Aurill W. Brcckons, E. U. liendry, W-- . F. they thought would render it improper Miss Purita Herrj-- , Master Francisco Drake, C. A. McDonnld, Guy Simptz, for them to sit on the jury in tho case. seed. Price $1.25 per pound postpaid Ilerry, A. C. Houghton, Ciiin Mow, Mr. Becker, Jr., Miss Magec, Miss AtIt now appears probable that, if tho Chin Yoke, Dew Woey Sing, Mrs. kinson, Mrs. C. A. McDonald, Mrs. II. bailiff is fortunate in finding most of (about 1200 seeds). Hew ,E. Woey Sing and 2 children, F. E. C. Austin, Miss B. Clark, Misn J. those for whom summons was issued toM'CHESNEY COFFEE CO., Field, Lo Yuen Yin, .1, W. Millard, Rogers, Miss E. Lovd, Miss Townsend, day, the jury may be completed tomor1G Merchant street, Honolulu. Charles C. Morhain, Master Mrs. .T. D. Koki, Mrs. Elizabeth Mula, row, in which case the trial proper Miller, W. 8142 Edgar Moss, S. G. Pandit, Miss M. Mrs. W. Ncal and daughter, Mrp. Aiu, will probably begin Monday. One of the defendants, Jotnra Pott, Miss U. S. Scribnor, Miss Anna Frank Earle, W. Prestidge, Mrs. Schwartz, K. P. Sherman, A. Steflins, James Gibb, Mrs. W. E. Dover-eux- , whose name heads the list, is Tang Sung, Dr. E. F. West, J. .1. Masters Prince (3), Miss sick, and it is possiblo that ho may not , Woodruff. Mrs. J. J. Woodruff, Frank McLachlan, Miss Reeder, Miss Barch-field- be able to sit through the trial. young, Uev. K. E. Aurcll, Mrs. K. E. Delegate Kalnnianaole, Judge OF ORDER ESTATE Aurcll and infant, Master Paul Aurcll, Hatch, W. O. Smith, Hon. Jus, "W. V. .1. Herry, Mrs. F. J. Ilerry, II. S. Good nnd wife, Hon. W. A, Reeder nnd BROWN IS PHESiUCNT Hoone, W. Brazil, Mrs. W. Brazil, wife, Hon. S. P. Padgett nnd wife, Hon. Capt. H. T. Cleaver, Mrs. II. T. Cleav- A. J. Barchfield and wife, Hon. II. C. H. T. Simonton, clerk of Judge er, Ding Ming Wong, C. I). Ford, B. Woody-ari- l nnd wife, Hon. B. G. HumOF court, has reported on the first E. Maoke, Mrs. J. W. Millard, M, CLUB phreys nnd wife, Hon. E. E. Miller nnd Mrs, E. Moss, Miss Clara wife. Miss Daughlnss, Miss Mrny, W. and final account of P. A. Schacfcr and Cecil Drown, executors of tho August Moss, V. S. 1'fordtcn, S. S. Sanders, R. Whaler and wife, Prof. Miller, SenMrs. A. B. Miss Laura ator Dillingham, Gen. J. II. Sopor, Edward C. Brown, manager of tbo Dreier estate, to the effect that tho Schwartz, So Schwartz, W. P. Frear, L. A. Thurston, L. Dearborn Drug nnd Chemical Company, Ho Yuen, Mrs. So Ho account is correct in all particulars and Yuen, C. F. Weir, Mark H. Wheeler, L. McCnndlcss, Mayor J. J, Fern, A. P. was Thursday afternoon elected presishould bo approved. Tho executors Mrs. Mark 11. Wheeler, Miss Dr. L. J. Taylor, Miss D. Gill, Miss Best, Misses dent of tho Commercial Club at a chargo thonitelves with receipts of Wyekoff. Sinipstcr (2), Miss M. Nailima, Miss meeting of tho board of governors. F. 1211,207.50 for tho period from July 20, Tor ttr. W. G. Hall, from Kauai Edith Dunn, Mrs. Rcnton Hind, Miss A Mncfarlane, manager of tbo Union 1908, to and including Augubt G, 1D0U. M. Hall, Miss Itoberts, Prof. Mend and company, was chosen vico presiThis includes tho $10,S75 received from ports, Sept. S. J. B. Hanaiki, Mrs. Mrs. Napoleon. Master Hanaiki, wife, Mrs. E. A. Guerrero, Miss Irwin, dent, nnd F. B. Damon, casnicr of tho the sale of the Waikiki property to the F. Miss Mnswen, A. Hanaiki, Miss Hon. Miss Julia Moliikoa, A. Anu, Miss Bnnk of Hawaii, was elected treasurer. United States government. They ask Miller, Miss L. Miller, H. Brandt, G. D. Castro, C. II. McBride, F. E. No other business was transacted. Tho to. be allowed the sum of $25,430.41 Brandt, F. It. Harvey, F. Espinolu, Thompson, R. O. Mathcsou, W. It. meeting was the regular fortnightly which they havo expended for tho esGeorge llenshnll, Chas, meeting of tho board of governors. tate. Thero is a cash balance on hand Miss Frank, T. A. Hunan, Miss E. EdA. Snm Wood, J. . wards, Miss M. itiedal, Master Crowell, Williams, fof $3771.09. Mr. Simonton also report as master W. O. Crowell, J. A. Coney, K. Winter, E. Hunt, J. Bright, A. Constable, J. G. Notice to Mariners. Scharscli,'Miss M. H. Miss Dow, Miss Damon, McWnyne, Miss Smith, Akann, Office of U. S. Lichthouse Inspector. in tho eleventh minual necount of Henry Smith, trustee of the estate of Mrs. L. McKcnguc, Miss McKeaguo, Rov. A. JMSli, Annie Knpaliu, Mrs. T., Twelfth District, 813 Mutual Savings. liobort-sonB. Lyons, u. K, A. A. Simpson, .Mcivcague, Master .Master J. Ufcbard Meek, which ho nlso finds to II. Odai, J. Hogg, Master F. J. Johnson, R. Smith, H. C. jmmk uuiiiiing, JU4 .MurKet street, H.xu bo correct. Tho trustee charges himFrancisco, Cnl., August 24, 1900. San Anderson, .Mrs. J. Hose, Miss Mary Diego self with $!)7G.15 and asks to bo allow- Coney, H. Miller. Master Miller. California. (List of Per ttr. Clnudine, from Hawaii and Gohier, A. Smith, M. F. Scott nnd Lights entrance, ed $.IJ5.42. and Fog Signals, Pacific Coast, Muui ports. September 8. F. C. Gedje, wife, Mrs. L. J. Ekling, Miss Maud UK'S, page 10, after No. 1, and List off Mises E. Xnauno, Miss E. Aknna, mLss Wood. Lights, Buoys, and Daymnrks, Pacific E. Withock, Miss J, ports, Sept. Sing Knuni str. for Per Kaualoku, Kinau, HAWAII 1908, pago 13.) You, W. Hurn, Mrs. Drummond and t 7. Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Meyer, Coast, Notice is hereby given that n black children, K. McKcnzie, D. Sylvester, Miss E. Wong, A. Silvn, It. O. Brown, gnslmoy, Mrs. II. C. Achong and 2 children, D. Dr. Putnam, Miss F. Albright, W. showing amarked "3SD" in white, and fixed whlto light during N. Xnpllinn, Mrs. H. A. Baldwin, Mistes Lovell, G. K. Kaon, Mrs. E. Omsted, periods of ten beconds separated by In dofcrenco to the people of Maui Von Teiupsky (2), Mrs. Von Scggern,- - Miss Mnud Horner, Miss Ewnrt, Miss eclipses of ten seconds' duration, was .Mnstor Von Shields, John Bush and wifo, Mrs. established August 23, who havo not only subscribed to tho .Misses von beggem in place of San Hodge, Miss Hodge, Mr, nud Mrs. DI6go bar outside buoy, building of tho yucht Hawaii, but havo Seggcrn, T. 3X. King, E. Kopke, Mihs Cling. 3, n Cooke children, P. M. Keunislon, Gay, He v. Mo Man Hlng. can buoy, heretofore marking tho locaentertained Oahu yachtsmen iu their Church, II. A. Baldwin, Mrs. V. H. Per str, Mikahaln, for MoTokiil and tion, which was then discontinued. own inimitabla manner, it 1ms been de- Cake, Miss C. Case, Miss J. Hyeroft, It. .Maul twrts. 7. W. Williams Sent. F. . . By order of tho Lighthouse Board. .: cided to send tho Hawaii over to Maui W. Atkinson and wife, J. S. Walker una wire, l). Kaal nnd wile, J. Ltnuu, W. G. MILLER. to get nnio of the sportsmen there who mid rhlld, Mrs. A. M. Brown and child, .Mr. uonintt ami wite. K. f. mown, u Commander, U. S. N.. aro crazy to see the polo game next Miss A. Alexander, Miss Judd, MUk C. Charlock, W. II. Charlock. Inspector, Twelfth Lighthouse District, Per P. M. 8. S. Aula, for San Frnn-clscvtcunobuay, out cumiot take u wbolo lletts, K, II. Wodehouse, 11. W. Hire, i"' Sept, 7. Mrs. Mcllullio und Inweek off. wifu nil child, 1). L. I'lemlng, 1'. S. Who Owns tho Polo? , in chargo of Chan. Wilder the Hii- - Illoe, Dr. ntzgoralil, A. .N, Collins, .MUs fant, According to nn evening eontotu Per O, 8. 8, Alameda, for Snn Frnn wuil will leave Honolulu on biindny II. ianen. Mrs. Murray. Miss II. Kin- morning for .Maul. Shu will probably kouu, MUm M, Hong, II, A, Drummond, clsco, Sept, 8. Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. purnry, Captain Clnney Inn discovered drop anchor ut Kuhiilul. If the wind Mrn. II, Wilkiukon, Mm. llrcde, MUs I'., Scluiodler and 2 children, Mrs. .1. It. tho North Pole, Ve.tordny afternoon tho shit, otherwise known ns pole, in docs not hold sternly and tho niiiliu Kaliim, Mi.i 1). Apo, V, McCaiighpy, Wilson, Mlts Webber, Miu Ruth Mr. M, K. Walker nnd 2 chil- ipictliou, was nulled In un upright petiiioor time, io will go into Lalmlnit. H. A. Mellinuer, II. Wnlkor, It. Pratt, Ilut the should guraJy be able to miiko .1. I'. Uiug, W. I )Ut i, Mix .1, Nun, A. dren, Mr. J. L. Winnie. J, It, t'orgimon, tion In front of tho ship chandlery Abu, MUn Kiiluna, II, II, Cur ley, J, B. T, llwitlaml, Martin linger. 'John tore. Later 6u, however, Captain Kiilmlui before Tuuday at aunrtev, wag observed using It ux a Wio will lake tho Maui bunch ubuurd teniiey, M il. nrrU, MUs 1!, Alnnii, Cnlfue, Kit glSthrlngtoii, .Mn, A. A, Cumpbell Captain Cliiuoy, children, Mrs. Ilnrnei, walking ktU-k- , M. AUhh, K Kauliiiohtiia, Min V. Duraut ami im Tuoaduy iiiuruing nud will Ml mil Ml of tliv guild thip Hope Yarn, it Tain Yam (g), MUs I.. Mint Kolliip, ,1. I', l.iliby and wile, about iiiMia. With uuy kind of wlud ut KwuU, li Io huvo entered n itrmiii-nijHtibluMiu, I'ositr Hnliiuoii, Mr. 1), 1. Hurt IWui'l.ii, 1'. II. Iltowii, .Mr., W, uiiinriiiii ml ihu will got bank to Honolulu b iirolvit in Captain Campbell using i ri' mlilulnlit and, la any event, can lUuliluo, MIm M lliiilrluiiim, Mlu H. Sl. Ahiy, Dr. Hud Mr. Hnipuur nnd rlnlilri'ti, Mix II. Keller, HUUr the faiiniuk slick fnr lueh a menial i;wtk, J. A U ilepniiilud iipun tt ma-- ti tbi )trt llanMMlad, I'. Nmn'., II. CiipIhIii Cliumy imtluliilim (hut A. W, Aimim, M. II. SVaolry, ,Mr. kII iu time fur i Ik visitor, to tec Iba lloiliiriiK und wifu A llaMil'ii, Jainc IIxImum, I., al Iwhu, ' W Uarrww auJ wlJu, i he Pule u liig by rljht uf dlwovtiry, l.iniUiiy, v luil i a, Miu ...!.. uamu T(m can mi tun ,v ih Mix M. r. i r...nlun, ,1. )) Hajul, while igptalll Cuuiplwu NJHUlS "ill) 110 i lumlliitf on l'nd.y II. KvIikIk, Ms.ler ',. Wylvw Mail lliirluu, J. ,. nff in J, J, Id ii i. Mri. ami illu lltrunv. liitlf tiutiaji hat, ns Dim Polo m i Hum urn utuuy tmiuuni.i. Sli" Mrs. lrVr W. N'vivr, "II Maul 'if, Mr. i(, kUm, a. A. Silvern, A, J lii.rutvrt"! u liin lairltury, It tlirreum I' Uatfvr, U Nnhuhi, li, Uiiik tliv i w Mi' (fulllli uuj ni r Mr. i', ma And in liim, liul.ii wwy war U tuill UMU ill 01 I In .ii .in lil.ku.ui In 'ii ii It.umilN mill li. ilitrii I li'LliurJI, J, ', mji, iff lUiUt, iu t.iubJUli ihf reol a trio mm iu II; iujj(' TlSfttA. i ttwua, Harry ,1. ' Kabl, r lu the iiueal i mi i Whit uhii Hie 0 lUit Htlli vsuartiun i kkuiuiIiii I'n lr Mmokk Kim lui Waul mid I' I. tl'll lluuim. HiTilftt, M. HaifwaulLn K J'jlel Mi r hu fuun4 it i'I.ui.m: i.i itium, Hiiahii imila, ttiauLr T. auvu II i'urli . 'i' awxuv twaJI liml Mutili, V Iiiuii., linn, W f, tin u W ii iuii, ur Uuuii iwiu, II llnyluM I lie lluteruiNCNl repie l llfVW thu W II lu'iiI,) W TPi.lili. l.l.k hi.i Kultrt.ll IJ ui Ktbal 1..'. 1,.iii, Uiv Ituuu. ud Hlmi, tiuUiiw mi ilm J) ll'"M; K "'I uui '! Ik . !. tlwu4 -- K - I 4 Vki,,,,, Mi II W AH Uu 'Ik... u4 li.i.ii) ili.liMwi) hLu wnUcI iu fiuai (I w I M mill ll'ii J I ttalui.It. Iii'Iiiii , 'Jim-Ill)lilali. Meg dUlialvbM Um litl IU I'ulugut In) 4 lu tnia tii I) I 11lului II .! II II'.,. II U. J' Wa Juiilaii, Mif IS tittuirr, Mh Uh i Ht.iiiukalii Tmdy, mIIIuu y mi itiu XUun UU M U II li I I' 14mII anil you when you go away j ff,Tj from homo. It may save you a long Illness. And II yon aro not going away, koop It with yon, always, In tbo house.

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San Frnnclseo Merchants Exchange.) Tucsdny, September 7, 11)011. Port Snn Luis Sailed, Sept. 4, S. 8. Santa Afnria, for Honolulu. Port Townpond Arrived, Sept. 4, schr. Manila, Lento Aug. 8. Sept. 7, U, S. Snn Francisco-Sail- ed, N. T. Logan, for Honolulu. Sydney Arrived, Sept. 0, 8. S. hence Aug. 21. Wednesday, September 8. San Frnncisco-Snll- ed Sept. 8, S. S. Manchurln, for Honolulu. Thursday, September 0, 1009. Snn Francisco Sailed, Sept. 8, 8. 8. Hyndcs, for Seattle. Snn Francisco Arrived, Sept. D, 8. S. Lurline, lienco Sept. 2. Yokohama Sniled, Sept. 8, S. S. Mongolia, for Honolulu. Knhului Arrived, Sept. 7, S. S. Zambesi, from Newcastle San Francisco Arrived, Sept. 10, TJ. S. A. T. Thomns, hence Sept. 2. (From




writ of certiorari to have the whole matter reviewed onco more by the Supreme Court. But President , of the Beard of Health, and Superintendent Peterson, of the
niovo for a

bwiC liliTirya

Absolutely Pure
Tha only baking powdat

mado with Royal Grape

Cream of Tartar


No Alum, No Lime



Honolulu, Thursday, September 9, 1909.


Up Wai
100 20




MnciNTiLr, O. Brewr A Co.....-,,-



Scientific Eincvicait




(From Thursday's Advertiser.) J. L. Rcnton left for the mainland yesterday morning. E. B. Carloy sailed yesterday for San Francisco on tho Alameda. J. D. Bond was an outgoing passenger on tho Alameda yesterday morning. S. E. Wooley left for the Coast yesterday morning on the Alameda. J. I'. Eckart loft yesterday morning for San Francisco on the Alameda. George E. Nouman left for San Francisco yesterday morning on tbo Alameda. Sister M. Helena was a departing passenger on tho Alameda yesterday morning. C. C. von Hamm left for tho Coast on the Oceanic liner Alameda yesterday morning. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Barron and child sailed for San Francisco yesterday morning on the Alameda. Among (hose who departed for San Francisco on the Alameda yesterday morning was C. J. Brock. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. E. Nielsen announce the marringo of their daughter Martha to Mr. Paul E. Bomko on Saturday, September 11, 1909. Dr. N. S. Fairweather left yesterday on tho Alameda for a vacation trip to Dr. Fairweather was the mainland. tendered n farewell supper by somo of his friends tho night before his deWhite Calfeo and Kit Eitherington, tho veteran frontiersmen who haTO been in tho Islands for the past few weeks, returned to the Coast on tho Alameda yesterday. They stated that they intend coming back to Honolulu somo time. Attorney Goncral Hemonway will try to have tho injunction suit of tho Sugui Company tried at Wailuku instead of nt Honolulu, on account of tho fact that nearly all the witnesses live in or near tho Maui towu. Ho hopes to. got tho matter disposed of long. Donald King, well known in High School circles here, left for tho main land on tho Alameda yesterday morn-- . ing. no win enter a dramatic school in San Francisco, whero bo expects to tako a throo years course, ile has appeared in several amateur productions here; being trained by A. E. Murphy, and has niways mado a good impression.
Wai-ltiku o

Honokaa Haiku Uutcbin.on SugpTaL' uu MH H Kahuku Kctaha Sugar Co..... Koloa McBr;de Sac Co Ltd Oahu Sugar Co ntlnmM ....""'.'."." Ookala D'aa Sugar Co Ltd.... ninivli! Pauhau BugPianVJo

. 12.000,000 808 IB. Bwa ....... 5.000,000 111 trt liilt.ial 1.200,000 Haw Com & nugar Co 2.I12.7&S 2.001,000 iiaw augar no Ilonomu 7sa,ooo

25 i.i's 20 100 1SU 20 181. 100 2t)J 25 20 100 100 20 3(4 20 20 20 10 20 100 50 100 100 270 100 100 IrtH 100 111 100 100 100 100 100




2.WO,000 500,000 800,000 500.0011 1,500,0(10


150 S2

500.000 5.000.000 5,000.000 500,000 750.000 75O.00C



Pepeekeo Pioneer 2.750 m Walalua Agrl Co 4.500.000 Wailuku 1,500.000 Walmanalo .. 252.000 Walmea Sugar Mill...! 123,000
Inter-Iilan- d

raviuc Pau

,... .;;;;

300 165 189 115


MI8CILHNEOB. 8 8 Co.... Haw Electric Co

Nablku Rubber Co.... Nahlku Rubber Co ORAL Co.... ...... Hllo It RCo .. Honolulu Brewing A Malting Co Ltd Haw Pineapple I'o Bonds Haw Ter 4 P c (Fli Claims) .. Haw Ter 4 pc(Ke-undin- g

HKTACoConi Hutu ii Tel co


2.250.000 500.000 1.15P.00C 150 000 60,000



ABaeta. 4,000 .000

1.000.000 400.000 400.WO

100 100 20 20 20 27

24 28


Ami. Out standing


Haw Ter 4K Haw Ter in pc Haw Ter SJ4 p c . Cat Beet Xug Ket Co 6 p c ...... ... Haiku UPC Hunakua Ditch Co



1.000,000 1.044,000


1,000,000 225.000 200,000 745,001 55,000 1.240.C0C 1,000,000 490,000 647.000 500,001

MnKrrdA Rn (In Ann ORAL Co ape........ uanu eugar uo 5 p e...

Hawaiian Irrigation Co 6s, 25 pc paid... Hawaiian Irrigation lci, oi, luuy pam.. .. Haw Com & Sugar Co S p c Hilo It RCoepc flonokaa Bug Co 6 p c Hon It T L Co 8 p c. Kobala Ditch Co 63.... Olaa Sugar Co 6 p c,. Pact Be sugar Mill Co6 Paia 6 p c.... Pioneer Mill ('08 pc Walalua Ag Co i p c 23.125 on $100


99K tooi
II 109

Z.Mkl.1 00 .o,roo! 1.250,0(01 500.000




1.250,000 .500,000


paid. f51 per cent,

Session Sales.
20 Haw. C. & S. Co., 33.025; 45 e, 3.02o; 10 Ewa, 30; 10 Oahu Sugar Co., 32; $3000 O. R. & L. 5s, 101.


Between Boards.
102 Ewa. 20.75; 25 Honpmu, 170; $4000 Hilo R. II. Os, 100; 25 Pnaiihau, 28.30; $3000 Olaa Os, 100; 10 Paia, 2S0; 15 Haw. Agr. Co., 2QO; 50 Pioneer, 188: 23 Oahu Sugar Co., 32.



of Robert Nelson, has filed an inven tory or tho property of tho estate, which

II. Dickoy. oxecutor of tho ostnto



first-clas- s



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is estimated to bo worth $8353.03. According to a recent Washington uespaicn, iiawau is to nave a naval fuel depot established here. This will bo for the convenience of tho torpedo bonts and destroyers. Marshal llendrv nnd If. S. Aftnr. ncy'l.Breckons aro expected to return to the city on the Mauna Kea this morning, though It is possiblo that they will remain ou tho Big Island until Sunday. Mrs. M, S. Mack, who has charge of -- H tbo Susannah Wesley Home, leaves ou WAS DRUNK. PHINEAS tno .Mongolia tor an to atl'lilneas Johnson was very drunk' last tend tho annual meeting of tho Woman's Homo Missionary Society, night. He tried to pull down tho door which takes place at Los Auuoles in of n closed store ou King street near October. .tho market, by holding on to the door Senator Dillinghnm, representing tho liiiuilltt and heaving nil lug weight on it. Immigration Commission, will submit a When n policeman remonstrated with considerable amount of data showing him he asked thnt tho limb of thp law tho success which has attended tho should lend his 200 "puuds" avoirdubringing of Portuguese immigrants to pois lu assisting to nrry the door Hawaii to his colleagues iu Washing- down. But the mnn In uniform sent ton. Ho .is nt present gathering duta in a cull for the patrol wagon nnd for this report. I'hlneiu was tnken to tho luir. Ho stated thnt his name wab Jack .lob u O'Neill, ndinlnlgtrulor of the cstnto of Jiiiiio O'Neill, deruuseil, bin Johnson "Chiiinplon heavy foailior. rendered his llmt aud Html account and weight of the world," and that ho petitions Ilm court to dUehargo him eould lick any blank, Wank cop that from further rotpnimhllity. Uncharges ever wore blank uniform, l'lilneai hiiiuolf with fldlS.IO, nml a. k to bo was cnrch' to.sml aside Into a cell, allowed KHU.74, leaving II buluuci) of tiirUl.ilO In favor nf the estate. BOWRIj COMPLAINT IN OWLTIRHN. Attorney General lleiiieuwuy may lie rhlhlri'ii wlifii It'flitng aro liable to fnrffd Io iniike two trips In Washing tun ibis year to niiiietir bsforo the tin Htimi of ilinrrhutm aud tins trouble. In warm wither, ghouli. pri'llle Court ii f the I'ulWil Hlli, Tin lis riui it mmmw n,.iu gaaiul Iniv tiit a ig-'Pir U"r limt iieuiMUd TIik beil medi viittvij iivn irii lug tlifie, hihI His uiv hI fur ujwit cine in use fur 9iluiiiig of 1I1U kmd on ihti ualvMilur and it is fur this n" liiiiliilulir lulu'. ''Indent ami Diar. ou iIimi llmnuuvvay way rliuua llMMftiy. 10 mutiv Wlifii rdliieinj with Maior ami kvIiiimI, II tg no. uni)tai laiiru ibau mm I rip. whlgli klurlig luuk it ilmmlad liruo yMlvr uui. I. of uroul liniiirlig nhfii IUhriimii Aunuuliural NtMthWi uikiug iiii'ili-Hii- i j'or gala in I'luidmi lliu uf hr M'waaiiuu iit , llfirni, iharl hi llwnwu Kiujlil i)r tuuu liatvallcH bamli luHiidaii UUbiI. ai rlim(ilf ( ilj ai - iK uml Uabu vi tt h 11'""' Tlmr Hum alulii faut rmm f luliff alaadiar liMH II hill uIimHi ui. fuliwlt la lb sllililvl tt lluii. .lulu dinJ. bM rur du,i mn nt lf rmi) It tktm uf Ut I IU Ibf lyrW, Ulnic. Augnit, If and ,1
11 1 1

Schoficld Barracks. Hunter, tho now commandant at the Barracks has bad the officers' headquarters thorouchlv cono over nnd renovated and has had a flag poie, which nas long ucen needed, erected on tho parade grounds. Tbo tennis courts and tho polo field hnvo also como in for their share of atten tion and are now iu splendid condition. The new passenger station of tbo Oahu Railway Companv is ranidlv near- ing completion and the old 'box car which formerly served as a waiting room will soon bo discarded. Tbo company has just completed its new round houso nnd quarters for the train crews. Today is pay day at the Barracks and Major Bay will go out ou an early train this morning nud will return Into in the evening nftor a hard day's labor of paying out monev.













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