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The communicative language teaching

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Social situation

The Communicative Language Teaching Approach I decided to draw a ship because the reading emphasized that students should not perceive language as a simple object and it is actually a vehicle for communication as we can see here the teacher is represented by a cloud because according to this method the teacher is not the center but facilitates the learning process, the main feature that this method have is that it promotes the meaningful learning, it provides different contexts so the student can handle the language under different situation throughout activities which permit students to interact between them and make an intent to

communicate, in the same way , the students must be provided with a cultural aspects which is very related to the meaningful learning because the students have to know when and where to use certain style or way to say their speech this aspects refer to function and meaning which are very important to master the target language, this is why the ship is strictly connected to these concepts and they cannot be separated , this approach covers all the micro and macro skills so if the ship (learning process LCT ) is ready to part it should have the requisites to handle the skills which complement this method that is why I draw them as a complement which is the water to the ship.

UNIVERSITY OF COSTA RICA ATLANTIC BRANCH-TURRIALBA CAMPUS ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Institution Victor Farulla Barrantes Group 8-3 Date 22 April

Target Content (weekly objective ) PERSONAL TRAVEL PLANS * Linguistic objectives

1 Teacher introduces the class and the topic Recognize grammar structure, coherence and cohesion. 2 students are given with different words about travel plans so they have to build a sentence with a correct grammar structure (scramble sentence). Use grammar structure in context. 3 teacher asks Ss to make a circle Students are given with pictures of different countries but students cannot show their picture one attention to some students student predict the others travel plans if it is possible in that country errors and then makes
corrections. feedback. Teacher carefully pays Teacher makes sure that students have recognized the correct grammar structure by checking the answers.

Mediation activities

Evaluation of learning Outcome strategies

Time allotted


the student predicted good otherwise the student with the picture Students are able to give says an activity that is possible in that country.

4Teacher prepare students to role play a situation in which they are going make travel plans, teacher give roles and the situation but students determine what they are going to say.

5 Teacher plays a video about travels plans when teacher consider convenient stops the video and asks different students to predict was is going to happen in the next part of the video.