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Article Title: The Oceans and the Weather Author/Source: Peter J. Webster and Judith A.

Curry A: List the major ideas, concepts or key points- point by point - The sea is as important as the atmosphere in controlling the planets weather - The atmosphere does not determine the weather by itself - It has a less obvious but essential partner: the ocean. - In between, the ocean is the engine that drives seasonal shifts in weather, such as monsoons, and sporadic events, such as El Nino. - Some of the most familiar weather systems occur at middle latitudes, although the driving forces behind this activity are oceans far away. - The sea near the equator is especially warm, because solar heating is generally most intense there. - Solar heating at high latitudes is reduced even further in winter, when the axis of the planet tilts away from the sun. - The ocean and the atmosphere work together like a planetary thermostat, sharing nearly equally the task of exporting heat from equatorial regions toward the poles. - Monsoon rains: deluge Varanasi, India, during the summer months there, because the prevailing winds from May to September soak up moisture from the ocean and bring heavy rains

to large parts of Africa and Asia. Between November and March, the pattern reverses, drenching more southerly lands in Africa, Indonesia and Australia. - El Nino: Of 1997 and 1998 caused extreme weather in many places, including flooding and landslides in California. Such conditions occur when the normal trade winds ebb or reverse direction, allowing a warm layer to cover the tropical Pacific. More usually, and under a regime dubbed La Nia, the westward-directed trade winds are strong enough to push surface waters toward Indonesia, forming the western Pacific warm pool. B: Summarize the AUTHORs main point or idea- at LEAST 1-2 paragraphs This article is about the sea is as important as the atmosphere in controlling the planets weather. The atmosphere does not determine the weather by itself. It has a less obvious but essential partner: the ocean. Hurricanes, Cyclones and Typhoons form during late summer in and around the tropics. Surface winds spiral inward, where they pick up heat and moisture from the balmy ocean surface. This warm moist air rises and cools, allowing the water vapor to condense into thunderous clouds, which are swept around in a huge circle. Pushed by the trade winds, these vast tropical storms generally move westward, leaving cooled surface waters in their path as they mix the top layers of the ocean. C: Write a reaction paragraph to the article stating your own thoughts on the topic, using specific citations from the article to support your views Before reading this article I didnt know that the ocean and the weather have a connection. But now, after reading it, I learned that there is more way to look and to determine the weather not just only by the atmosphere. The ocean is one of the most important when they want to know the weather. That was interested me because if the ocean is one of the most

important to determine the weather, so the ocean must be safe, so that the weather could be normal. Thats why people always said we need to save the environment and the ocean.

So What? Weather Ocean Important Connection

Says Who? Peter J. Webster Judith A. Curry

What If? The scientists studied ocean and weather together in the past? -> They could predict when will be the storm -> Less damage -> People could be safe

What Does This Remind Me Of? Everything has a connection. Its like a food chain. If one is damaged, then the whole system got damaged.