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O Music Rehearsal Plan Basic Information Alisha Reeve MUSE 376 Don Ester 9:30am, 8 April 2014 Prerequisite

Knowledge and Skills for this Rehearsal Reading Level 2 Tonal, Rhythm and Melodic Solfege Takadimi Part-Singing in a round, and also with three separate melodies Expressive singing, following marked expressive elements and direction from conductor Behavioral Objectives At the conclusion of this lesson students will be able to: accurately sight-read exercises (excerpts from O Music) NS5 perform mm. 20-53 of O Music accurately and expressively, NS1 correctly define the term round and describe how it applies to the piece O Music NS7 accurately perform a round in 3-parts, NS1 Materials Copies of O Music arr. Liebergen, one per student White Board and marker Document camera and projector Piano Procedures 0:00 Set: Sirens, low to high to low, high to low 0:01 Vocal Technique: Students will sing a major scale, in the key of D major, ascending and descending on solfege all together. Students will then sing the same major scale in a round, 3-part, soprano, alto and men. This will be done before discussing the term round. o Teaching question students to describe what they just did and whether they know the term for it (Round) o Teacher will then define the term round and ask students to remember the word for later. 0:03 Music Literacy: Students will echo and echo translate Level 1 Simple Rhythm following Teacher lead o Rhythm: 4 beats (utilizing only the syllables ta, ta di, ta-a in various combinations)

Students will read following example on Takadimi syllables: o Although this example is in cut time, it will be read as if in common


Students will then read the rhythm of m. pick up to 20 to m. 31 on pa (pg. 5) Students will read Curwen hand signs as presented by the teacher, using patterns found in mm.21-31 o Do re mi, mi fa mi, mi re do, do sol la ti do, do re mi fa sol, sol la sol fa, Students will read mm. 20-31 on solfege Students will sing mm. 20-31 on the text, mens part only, unison Students will following teachers questioning about rounds and notice that this piece is a round Students will sing mm. 20-29, on parts to practice coming in at the correct times and experience the round

Students will turn to page 9 Men will listen and sing by rote from m. 44 to m. 53, in 3-4 measure chunks o Teaching will sing an octave higher while playing in the correct octave on the piano Altos will listen and sing by rote from m. 44 to m. 53 in 3-4 measure chunks Men and Altos will sing together from m. 44 to m. 53 Sopranos will listen and sing by rote from m. 44 to m. 53 in 3-4 measure chunks All three parts will sing mm. 44-53 Students will turn back to page 5 and sing to page 9 including the round which they learned earlier a cappella 0:17 Closure: Instructional o Students will discuss the definition of a round and identify it in the score o Students will sing from page 5 to the end with piano accompaniment following all written dynamic markings and singing expressively