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Topic: Why is getting a tattoo an increasingly popular trend?

Thesis: Getting a tattoo is an increasingly popular trend because the tattoo has meaning to the individual. 1. Religious purposes. 2. Identity/Identi ication. !. "istory.

Tattoo can be meaningful and to express beliefs. These desires based on beliefs that that set foundations and truths in many peoples lives. Religious people use them to not only sanctify god, some of them profusely use them to stir beliefs and to tell people about their passion and desires about why they believe in them. People talk about their struggles with god and some put their heart and soul into their blessing and their hardships into their tattoos. Some humans with these tattoos are liberating and excited and some particular humans can be cold and serious about it like a heavy metal fan. Some of the population put scriptures, pictures of the creators, rules that they live by, and to show there word to there religion. It s not hard to have meaning to most things.

Tattoos can create a vivid broad picture to identi y your true meanings in li e. I have seen many tattoos #ith a creative metaphor or a really dope loo$ing picture e%pressing their truth in the identity that they hold or everyone to see. There are things you don&t $no# about people and you can see it on a tattoo. 'aybe there&s a person #al$ing #ith a very serious cra(y loo$ing ace but there&s a tattoo #ith a smiling heart and it says )I love everybody )on his arm or don&t *udge a boo$ by its cover. It enables you to thin$ about

and say is this person really this bad maybe I mis*udged him. Tattoos #ith Identity breathe li$e air and ill your lungs so you can understand it and perceive it #ith meaning.

Tattoos have really deep history behind. These tattoos are the oundations o their belie s and to some other personal history including amily+ riends that are deep li$e amily+ dead ones+ and some others. ,eople #ho have gotten tattoos or amily and riends li$e amily are or very deep reasons. These reasons are or struggles+ everyone has their o#n personal struggles+ but these struggles that the tattoos e%press are something very deep and meaning ul. What brea$s you ma$es you stronger and #hen it comes to bonding and trusting people that&s a big thing. -ome people #ant it to last and be very meaning ul and to e%press #hat they&ve been through #ith this person. ,eople paint a picture in their brain and bring it to li e #ith di erent tattoos that e%press the history behind them.