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Assessment Strategies and Instruments

Pass a singing test over measures 5 through 17 in small groups with piano accompaniment (NS1). O Music Assessment Rubric Task: Students will sing measures 5-17 of O Music accurately with appropriate diction and breathing techniques. (20 points)
Points: Pitch Accuracy Rhythmic Accuracy Text/Diction (ex. Clear cs on music) Breathing (ex. Raising shoulders, gasping breaths) Unsatisfactory 0 1 2 Few to no pitches are correct. Significant errors in notated rhythm. Text is unclear and cut-offs sloppy. Significant breathing technique issues. Basic 3 Most pitches are correct. Proficient 4 Nearly all pitches are correct. Some errors in Few errors in notated notated rhythm. rhythm. Text is somewhat clear, some cut-offs are incorrect. Some incorrect breathing technique. Text is mostly clear, most cut-offs are correct. Mostly correct breathing technique. Excellent 5 All pitches are correct. No errors in notated rhythm. Text is clear and all cut-offs are correctly observed. Wellsupported breathing technique.

Sing O Music, with piano and flute accompaniment, with appropriate diction, observing marked dynamics in a concert setting and reflect on or evaluate the performance (NS1 and NS7). Concert Reflection Assignment
Task: Students will write one paragraph (at least 10 sentences) reflecting on their personal performance of O Music, and the ensemble as a wholes performance of O Music at yesterdays concert. Also include suggestions for improving the performance. (20 points) Unsatisfactory 0 1 2 Did not achieve 10 full sentences. (0 points) Did not include reflection on personal performance. Did not include reflection on ensemble performance. Did not include suggestions for improvement. Basic 3 NA Proficient 4 NA Excellent 5 Achieved 10 full sentences Included significant personal reflection. (3 sentences) Included significant personal reflection. (3 sentences) Included significant suggestions for improvement.

Points Length: 10 Sentences Personal Reflection

Ensemble Reflection

Improvement Suggestions

Included only small reflection on personal performance. (1 sentence) Included only small reflection on ensemble performance. (1 sentence) Included some suggestions for improvement.

Included appropriate personal reflection. (2 sentences) Included appropriate personal reflection. (2 sentences) Included many suggestions for improvement.

Identify and/or define dynamics, fermatas, crescendos, ritardando and other terms from term list (NS5). Musical Term Quiz
Task: Students will match terms from the provided word bank with the appropriate definition found below. Each word will be used only once. (20 points) Fermata Unison Canon Crescendo Dynamics Key Signature Word Bank Major Key Round Measure Ritardando Time Signature

_______________ melody that can be layered by several voices, each entrance is at an equal distance from each other, may not be able to repeat the melody after initial entrance _______________ gradually increasing dynamic level _______________ the loudness level of a pitch or series of pitches _______________ musical mark that indicates that a pitch should be held longer than the notated duration _______________ the arrangement of sharps or flats in a piece which indicates the primary pitches to be used in the piece _______________ composition that is composed around the major scale _______________ a unit of time that contains a specified number of beats which is determined by the time signature _______________ slowing down gradually _______________ a perpetual canon, each voice or group enters at a set time, and each part can continue in perpetuity _______________ marking at the beginning of the piece that indicates the number of beats in a measure, and the note that receives the beat _______________ singing or playing the same melody on the same pitches Or at the octave level