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UK Trade/Professional Rights Guide Autumn 2013

Titles publishing: July 2013 February 2014

The Devil's Advocate The Little Book of Big Management Theories 101 Business Ideas That Will Change The Way You Work The Advantage The Con Men How to Make a Million Slowly The Distraction Trap Making Your Strategy Work How to Think Strategically The Leader's Guide to Managing People The Leadership Book The Project Management Book How To Manage A Great Project The 50 Biggest Management Dilemmas Solved! Too Good To Fail? How to Coach High Performance Sales Strategies The Sales Book Acquisition Essentials Financial Times Guides FT Guide to Management FT Guide to Banking The Financial Times Guide to Selecting Shares that Perform The Financial Times Guide to Trusts Financial Times Essential Guides FT Essential Guide to Developing a Business Strategy Mastering Operational Risk  Key Strategy Tools FT Series Publishing

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Investing Demystified The New Business Road Test Employee to Entrepreneur Start Your Business Week by Week The One Page CV Just the Job! The Presentation Book Make it Fly! Get Up to Speed with Online Marketing Mindfulness for Busy People How to Speak so People Listen Speak for Yourself Power-Up Your Confidence How to be Assertive In Any Situation Mind Maps for Business The Promise The Energy Equation Rules Trade Editions The Rules to Break James Borg Trade Editions Brilliant Series Brilliant Project Management Brilliant Economics Brilliant Psychology Brilliant Social Media Brilliant Speed Reading Brilliant Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Brilliant Computing Series In Simple Steps Series In Simple Steps Series For the Over 50s

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Smarter Investing The DIY Investor


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The Devil's Advocate

100 business rules you must break Caspian Woods Over 5,000 copies sold

The Little Book of Big Management Theories

Jim McGrath, Bob Bates

If were all playing by the rules, how come some people seem to end up with so much more?

With one spread per theory, this incredibly handy little book succinctly summarises the most important management ideas from the worlds top thinkers and how to use them.
Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: 12.99 978-0-273-78526-2 Limp Binding 256pp 216X138 November 2013 Pearson Business & management

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

10.99 978-0-273-77949-0 Limp Binding 204pp 216X138 February 2013 Pearson Business & management

Rights Sold
Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Czech, Dutch, French, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai

Rights Sold
French, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (North and South America)

Why it will sell

The business book market is busy with books all basically delivering the same advice in the same way. This audience is now demanding something unique, something different and something effective. Snappy, fast-paced and often very surprising, this book is packed with counter-intuitive wisdom that delivers that unique and original angle that readers want. Business book buyers are looking for efficient and inspirational ways to be more successful and more effective in everything they do. They know that the most successful bend the rulesits their willingness to go against the grain and challenge convention that makes them stand out. These are the rules of business that demand to be broken, the ones where the perceived wisdom may no longer be the right way, and a new direction is a more reliable route to success. 100 popular business conventions are profiled, challenged and proven false before a fresh approach is given. Whilst it is often laugh-out-loud funny and witty it is also deadly serious as it seeks to deliver powerful, effective bitesize advice that will make a real difference. This pithy, original and authoritative package will stand out strongly as unusual, imaginative and inventive and quickly establish itself as a must-read business classic.

Why it will sell Author

Caspian Woods is a successful entrepreneur and author. His business works with the worlds leading financial institutions like HSBC, Santander, Lloyds and RBS, creating imaginative and successful cross-media content for magazines, ezines, apps and websites. He has also worked as a columnist and is a regular in the speaker circuit. Managers are busy- very busy indeed. They want quick answers, quick ways to reach solutions and ways and means to access knowledge that wont eat too much into their precious time. The Little Book of Big Management Theories cuts through all the noise and the waffle and gives managers access to the very best theories and models that they know they should know, but havent had time to learn-yet! Every theory is quick and easy to read and understand and each is less than 550 words. Theyll give the reader a quick visual or written outline of the basic principles before showing them how to effectively apply it in the most useful way in their real world scenarios. Its fast and focussed and gives managers insights and ideas that they can apply in an instant. Over 80 of the key management and leadership theories from some of the worlds most respected business thinkers are covered, allowing readers to access some of the most powerful knowledge available in the quickest time possible and covering core management subjects like motivation, leadership, managing teams, assuring quality, exercising power, influencing and planning. It may be a little book, but it promises big results.

Jim McGrath is at Birmingham City University. Bob Bates worked for many years as a senior manager in the Civil Service before becoming a senior lecturer at Brimingham City University.

101 Business Ideas That Will Change The Way You Work
Turning Clever Thinking Into Smart Advice Antonio E. Weiss Over 4,500 copies sold

The Advantage
Emma-Sue Prince, Ross Hall

Distils key business thinking into practical and engaging ideas that will change the way you think and act at work
Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: 12.99 978-0-273-78619-1 Paperback 310pp 216X138 September 2013 FT Publishing Business & management

Today you need a whole raft of tools to effectively deal with the dynamic and unpredictable forces that are shaping our world and traditional soft skills, such as being an effective team player or a good leader are no longer enough.
Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: 14.99 978-1-447-92956-7 Limp Binding 256pp 216X138 March 2013 Pearson Business Business & management

Rights Sold
Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, Indonesian, Japanese

Why it will sell

Distils learning from some of the most influential thinkers of our time (including Malcolm Gladwell and Daniel Kahnemann) into meaningful and actionable advice. Each idea is neatly structured, giving a headline summary and illustration, followed by snappy sections on: What You Need to Know. Why it Matters. What You Might Say About This (i.e. real-life comments you might make). How This Will Change the Way You Work. Where You Can Find Out More. Chinese Simplified

Rights Sold

Why it will sell

Through a combination of ground breaking new research, practical exercises, interactive case studies and no-nonsense advice, this book shows you how to understand, develop and use the following skills: Adaptability: Its more important than ever to be flexible and agile to help you respond effectively to challenges and grab new opportunities. Resilience: Youll need to learn how to bounce back from failure, learn from your experience, and attack the next challenge with equal boldness. Optimism: Know how to develop and keep a positive attitude no matter what life throws at you. Integrity: Trust, values, principles and honesty are the name of the game now as is authenticity. Critical thinking: Your attitude needs to be more open than ever. To challenge assumptions, look at things from different angles, think outside the box, collaborate with others, clarify goals and find solutions. Pro-activity: Employers are looking for self-starters, not someone who needs to have their hands held. Being proactive means thinking and acting ahead and using foresight. Empathy: Why is empathy important? Without it you will never have strong listening skills or the ability to respect others and value your relationships. Managing and nurturing all your relationships will be a key skill.

Emma Sue-Prince is the Director of Unimenta, a company devoted to developing soft skills and effective behaviours in the workplace. She has over 15 years experience in the delivery of soft skills programmes, materials and qualifications and teacher training expertise both in the UK and internationally.

Antonio Weiss is a business consultant, historian and writer. He is currently a Senior Consultant at 2020 Delivery, working on management strategy across central government, the NHS and other state sector bodies. He writes on business and politics topics for publications including The Guardian and Prospect. He is the author of Key Business Solutions, which has sold over 7,000 copies since publication in 2011.

A taste of the clever thinking in the book: How you can tell if a CEO is lying, Why innovation can be overrated, Why networking can make you anti-social, How biology affects your decision making, Why online procrastination accelerates productivity. Each idea is accompanied by a fun illustration that brings the thinking to life. The book is 2-colour throughout.

The Con Men

A History of Financial Fraud and the Lessons you Can Learn Leo Gough

How to Make a Million Slowly

Guiding Principles from a Lifetime Investing John Lee FT Publishing

A wry look at the inner workings of the business of money, unpicking the major financial scandals of the last few years and providing answers to the questions that all investors need to face.
Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: 20.00 978-0-273-75134-2 Limp Binding 384pp 234X156 June 2013 Chinese Simplified FT Publishing Finance

Well known private investor, journalist and politician John Lee, shares invaluable investing lessons with this authoritative how-to guide that is based on tried and tested methods.

Rights Sold

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

17.99 978-1-292-00508-9 Paperback 300pp 216X138 December 2013 FT Publishing Investment

Why it will sell

Cuts a fine balance between unpicking the stories of gargantuan financial fraud and capturing the lessons we can learn from them. What are the warning signs for investors? How can they protect their money? Bernie Madoff, Enron, Stanford International Bank. These are recognisable names to the general public. The scale of the media coverage surrounding high profile fraud cases gives this book a wider appeal that transcends the investment world. Proposes strategies, tools, techniques and information to help readers defend themselves against financial fraud. This is a must have read for investors who want to protect their money. Theres so much information out there an investor could spend years deciding whether to invest. This book pinpoints the analysis which will make a difference and outlines the analysis every investor MUST do before investing. Sums up by outlining the Golden Rules of investing: the absolute must know information to ensure investors are making the right decisions about their investments.

Leo Gough was the editor of two investment newsletters during the 1990s, `The Zurich Club and `Taipan for Fleet Street Publications. Since 1997 he has spent much of his time in the Asia/Pacific region, working with banks such as Citibank, and consultancy firms such as AT Kearney. Currently Leo is working in management consultancy in the Middle East. He is the author of more than 20 books on personal finance and investment.

Audience/Readership info

Why it will sell

This book offers an opportunity to learn from one of the UKs most successful private investors. John Lee started with an investment pot of 125k in the 1980s and by 2010 he had turned this into a thriving portfolio of over 1million. In this book he shares both successful investments and the lessons learnt from failures and opportunities missed. Outlines Johns remarkable investment methods and breaks them down into a step by step guide for amateur investors. In particular he looks at how to spot opportunities, research and monitor the market. Theres a strong market for personality driven investment books. The Naked Trader, Investing Against the Tide and numerous books written on Warren Buffett are some of the notable successes. John Lee has built up a strong following: he wrote the My Portfolio column for the FT for 15 years and has written for, and been written about in numerous broadsheets. He has been a conservative MP, and is now a Liberal Democrat Peer. John is a hero to many private investors in the UK. By tucking money away year after year, and choosing his investments wisely, he has accumulated a portfolio worth more than 1 million. The Motley Fool, December 2011.

John Lee (Lord Lee of Trafford) is one of the UKs most successful private investors. He was an FT journalist for 15 years and wrote about his investment portfolio (My Portfolio) where he developed a loyal, and vocal, following. He was a conservative MP from 1979 to 1992. He is now a Liberal Democrat peer where his interests include defence, tourism, trade and industry.

The Distraction Trap

How to focus in a digital world Frances Booth

Making Your Strategy Work

How to Go from Paper to People. Chris Outram

Provides a solution for the lack of productivity caused by scatter-brain living.

A great strategic plan is not enough. If you neglect the implementation, all your clever thinking amounts to nothing. This punchy guide shows you how to make strategy happen.
Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: 12.99 978-1-292-00259-0 Paperback 160pp 216X138 September 2013 FT Publishing Business strategy / Business & management

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

10.99 978-0-273-78585-9 Limp Binding 224pp 216X138 April 2013 Pearson Self-help & personal development French, Italian

Rights Sold

Why it will sell

Society is spiralling towards always-on as a default setting. Digital distraction is now a way of life. This is so ingrained that people are not questioning their habits or regulating their behaviour. They are not aware of the consequences of scatter-brain. This book is a wake-up call. It provides a solution for the lack of productivity caused by scatter-brain living. It calls for a stop to digital devices being referred to at all times. This book will improve focus and reduce stress. It will improve relationships, health, and happiness. The book is split into two parts. Part one sets the scene and identifies the problems. Part two looks at how to get focused. There are three key areas which are addressed: Focus your attention and you will be happier. Stop scatter-brain behaviour and you will be more productive. Focus is better for your brain, your work, and your relationships.

Why it will sell Author

Frances Booth is a successful writer and editor who has worked for more than seven years on national newspapers. She currently works part-time at The Guardian. She is extremely passionate about the subjects of attention, distraction and switching off. She has developed methods for being highly focused in the way she works, and is acutely aware of people who suffer lack of productivity due to distractions. She is in the unusual position of being employed and also selfemployed, and has observed what big business can learn from entrepreneurs in terms of productivity and focus (when you work for yourself, if you waste time its your own). She is part of the innovation-focused co-working space The Cube, where the emphasis is on how the brain responds, and generating ideas. She has worked on idea generation for clients including Virgin Media. Most strategy books on the market are about formulating and developing a winning strategy. Executing that strategy is often neglected. Making Your Strategy Work will show you how to get your strategy from paper to people. With help from 100 leading executives, including Justin King (CEO of Sainsburys), Bob McDonald (CEO of Procter & Gamble) and Terry Leahy (ex-CEO of Tesco), this book answers the big strategy questions: Why is strategy development so difficult these days? How do you engage your people with your strategy? How do you lead and manage strategy effectively? Short, punchy and highly practical. Exactly what time-poor executives and aspiring managers need to make strategy happen. A rounded and objective view - based on interviews with 100 top global CEOs, giving fascinating real life insights on what the best actually do. Offers something different: there are many books on the market about formulating and developing a winning strategy, but executing that strategy is often neglected.

Chris is a founder of OC&C Strategy Consultants. In more than 20 years of strategy consulting, he has addressed the full range of strategic issues from corporate strategy to divisional operational performance, embracing mergers & acquisitions and organisational advice. Chris has board experience on both sides of the Atlantic, giving him the experience and ability to talk on an equal level with board members of client companies. He was awarded an MBA with Distinction from INSEAD.



How to Think Strategically

Your Roadmap to Innovation and Results Davide Sola, Jerome Couturier

The Leader's Guide to Managing People

How to Use Soft Skills to Get Hard Results Mike Brent, Fiona Dent

Learn to challenge conventional thinking and utilize a powerful framework of skills, tools and mindsets that will help to create a compelling business strategy

A practical guide that focuses exclusively on people management skills: the area that many leaders find most challenging.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

14.99 978-0-273-78587-3 Paperback 280pp 216X138 November 2013 FT Publishing Business strategy

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

14.99 978-0-273-77945-2 Paperback 248pp 216X138 December 2013 FT Publishing Management & Leadership

Audience/Readership info

Why it will sell


Audience/Readership info

Why it will sell


Provides a framework for understanding both the theories and models behind strategic planning. More than just a book: How to think Strategically is a suite of products: a trade paperback, high price point app, promotional freemium app and an enhanced ebook. All products will cross promote each other. Strong benchmarks: The market for strategy books grew by 10% in 2012, helped by bestsellers such as The Strategy Book (Lifetime TCM sell thru 6,500 units). The authors straddle academic and practitioner markets: They lecture at ESCP and direct 3H Partners, a company that advises multinational corporations and on occasion governments, about entrepreneurial solutions. The Strategy Book 9780273757092 6,500 TCM units sold (Dec 2011).

Studies show that the latest generation of business professionals expect their leaders to be coaches and mentors, as well as leading on a strategic level. It is no longer enough to set targets and sit back; todays managers need to be deeply connected to their teams professional wellbeing. This book provides a toolkit to develop people management skills, covering topics such as team-building, conflict management and performance development, as well as personal leadership skills such as decision-making and emotional intelligence. The authors have the benefit of being both management teachers and personnel managers, providing a unique combination of academic and practitioner experience. The authors previous book The Leaders Guide to Influence has proved the market for soft skills books, selling over 7,500 units (TCM Nielsen bookscan) in two and a half years.

The Leaders Guide to Influence: 9780273729860 7,500 TCM units sold (Sept 2010).

Davide Sola is professor of Strategy and Management at ESCP Europe and visiting faculty at Business School in Finland, India and Italy. He is also a Principal at 3H Partners, who work with multinational organisations and governments in Europe, US and Africa. Jerome Couturier is an associate professor of strategy and management at ESCP Europe. He is the author of several articles, policy papers, book chapters, case studies and papers presented at international management conferences. He is also co-founder and president of 3H Partners.

Mike Brent is a Client and Programme Director at Ashridge. He has worked as a management trainer and consultant with many international companies such as GE, HP, Ericsson, France Telecom, ICI, Volvo and Bang & Olufsen. Fiona Dent is a Director of Executive Education at Ashridge. She has worked with a range of organisations and clients on a national and international basis. Mike and Fiona are authors of the bestselling FT Publishing title, The Leaders Guide to Influence.

It is divided into two sections: Part 1 Strategic Know-How: what strategy is, how to turn strategic thinking into strategy, what business strategy is and the importance of competitive advantage. Part 2 The Strategic Planning Process: accessing the current situation macro and micro factors, identifying and solving core challenges, reducing uncertainty and managing execution.



The Leadership Book

2/e Mark Anderson
Over 9,500 copies sold in previous edition

The Project Management Book

Richard Newton


Focusing on the 50 key issues that leaders may face on a day-to-day basis, this book is clearly structured and easily accessible.

Addresses the real-life scenarios and issues that anyone responsible for managing a project is likely to face on a day to day basis.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

14.99 978-0-273-77670-3 Limp Binding 312pp 216X138 August 2013 9780273732044 FT Publishing International Careers guidance

Rights Sold
First Edition: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

14.99 978-0-273-78586-6 Limp Binding 288pp 216X138 May 2013 FT Publishing International Project management


Rights Sold
First Edition: Arabic

Practical: This book has a very clear structure which has been specially designed to make the 50 sections quick and easy to use. Each challenge is approached in the same way: Understanding the issue, key leadership actions to take, the measures of success and the pitfalls to watch out for. Lifelong companion: Suitable for any leader, this is a book readers can refer to again and again, whenever they face a leadership challenge. New to this edition: 6 new sections including Leading Change, Leading Internationally, Leading Digitally and Leading Efficiency and Reducing Cost.

Why it will sell

Mark Anderson has 20 years experience of leading businesses. He is President, Strategy & Business Development, Pearson International. He rejoined Pearson in 2007 after a 10 year period working in consumer goods and technology, having worked for Pearson from 1984 to 1997. He has worked in London, Hong Kong & Malaysia, received an MA from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from Ashridge Business School. He is the author of The Leadership Book (2010).

Why it will sell

This book provides practical advice on the latest project management thinking to anyone involved in running projects. The material is outcome-orientated, designed to be put to immediate use. With its modular style it can be read as a whole or readers can dip into the easy-to-read, bite-size sections as and when they need to deal with a particular issue. It contextualises project management and gives practical examples of how it is linked to the strategic and operational issues facing modern organisations. It contains handy tips, short-cuts and examples to show readers how to get the most out of their team and their projects, as well as sidestepping classic project management errors.

Richard Newton is a consultant, author and company director. His specialist expertise is helping companies improve their capabilities in project and change management. For the last 8 years he has run his own specialist consultancy, working with a range of blue chip clients, with whom he works worldwide. He has worked in the public sector, telecoms and media, mining, oil and gas, and financial services. Richard regularly speaks at conferences and public events and posts articles in a variety of journals and online sites.

New May 2013


New September 2013

New 2/e August 2013

New September 2013





How To Manage A Great Project

On Budget. On Target. On Time.

The 50 Biggest Management Dilemmas Solved!

Sona Sherratt, Roger Delves

Mike Clayton

Any project, any situation, any timejust the essential skills to make it happen!

Definitive solutions to real problems for busy, ambitious managers

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

12.99 978-0-273-78636-8 Paperback 208pp 216X138 January 2014 Pearson Business

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

12.99 978-0-273-79284-0 Paperback 256pp 216X138 January 2014 Pearson Business and Management

Audience/Readership info

Why it will sell


Audience/Readership info

Few people are formally trained in project management skills, yet almost everyone is required to manage projects at work. For those who dont have project manager in their job description, its hard to find simple, straightforward professional guidance on delivering a projecthowever big or small. This is a mass-appeal, effective and accessible package that characterises its internal structure and approach. How To Manage A Great Project is different to many project management books: Its a step-by-step guide, written in simple and straightforward language so anybody, at any level can use and benefit from it. It uses only the most effective, proven techniques for reliable and outstanding resultsin the fastest time, every time. It ignores all of the complex theory, models and jargon that confuse, confound and overcomplicate things. Covers all the vital processes like creating a vision, winning support, planning and preparing, managing resources, predicting and handling setbacks and keeping control. Written for anybody who wants to: brush up on or impress with their skills; learn more about how proven project management skills benefit them; get more done, more efficiently, more often; deliver fuss-free projects on time, on budget and on target. Brilliant Project Management 9780273707936, 9780273775096, 9780273722328 Over 40,000 copies sold since 2007.

Why it will sell


Managers are time-poor, require fast, focussed, empowering information and are looking for the promise of succinct, easy to apply, definitive solutions to the biggest problems theyre facing. Theres a huge knowledge/practice gap in these key procedural areas; most new managers lack necessary experience and formal trainingand they need and want help. Competence in these vital skills will help managers stand out as exemplary, skilled and well-versed in modern management techniques. Managers must have these skills its expected by their employers and theyre being assessed on how effectively they apply them. Across seven chapters, this tidy package presents 50 key dilemmas and offers unambiguous solutions in an easy to navigate, dip-in dip-out style allowing readers to quickly access the most relevant information in the quickest time. Written by management training experts who know exactly what issues are affecting real managers. No other book concentrates so completely on delivering concise and effective solutions to the challenges and dilemmas that real managers face every dayan approach that will appeal to busy, ambitious managers.

How To Manage 1,2,3ed 9780273759621,97802737097 56,9780273726982 Over 18,000 copies sold since 2006.

After years in management, Mike Clayton is now a successful coach, trainer, speaker and author. He has been a Senior Manager at international consulting firm, Deloitte, a freelance trainer and coach, a company director, a school governor at two schools and a charity trustee. He is now in demand as a public speaker and is the author of nine books.

Sona Sherratt is an Ashridge faculty member since 2003, teaching tailored executive and qualification programmes. She has delivered senior leadership and general management programmes for clients around the world. Before becoming Director of the Ashridge Masters in Management and an Associate Professor at Hult International Business School, Roger Delves was Programme Director in Cranfields Centre for Customised Executive Education.



Too Good To Fail?

How Management Gets it Wrong and How You Can Get It Right Jan Filochowski

How to Coach
Coaching Yourself and Your Team to Success Jo Owen

No one succeeds in business without having made mistakes along the way. Learn how to identify and overcome future problems, and achieve long-term success.
Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: 17.99 978-0-273-78523-1 Limp Binding 240pp 234X156 May 2013 FT Publishing International Business & management

The real-world, practical and effective guide to effective coaching.

Rights Sold
Chinese Simplified, Korean, Turkish

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

14.99 978-0-273-78638-2 Limp Binding 232pp 216X138 April 2013 Pearson Management: leadership & motivation

Rights Sold
Chinese Simplified, Spanish (North and South America)

Why it will sell

Written by ex-CEO and turnaround specialist Jan Filochowski, this book shows readers how to learn from their own and other peoples mistakes and failures, how to identify and overcome future problems and how to achieve sustained long-term success. It offers invaluable advice for all leaders and managers on how to cope when things go wrong (as they inevitably do from time to time) and provides practical advice on getting back in control. The book details the universal patterns that occur when things go wrong. It covers the full spectrum of failure from minor mistakes to complete and catastrophic collapse so that readers can develop the leadership skills needed to avoid it. Includes case studies from a wide spectrum of businesses, including the NHS, Disney Corporation, RBS, Marks and Spencer, HBOS, BBC, Sainsbury, G4S, Societe Generale, NASA.

Jan Filochowski is the CEO of Great Ormond Street Hospital. Prior to that, he spent over thirty years in healthcare management, the first ten as a policy maker in government, the next fifteen running large organisationsmainly hospitals and five as a turnaround specialist and trouble-shooter in the National Health Service. As a trouble-shooter he has worked with 30 to 40 organisations who have been challenged, were in difficulty or in deep failure. He has helped diagnose the root causes of their problems and then helped them find ways back to organisational health and achievement. Jans career has been punctuated by two academic stints, the first ten years ago as a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University where he studied process redesign and lean management. The second was as an NHS University Fellow at the Judge Business School at Cambridge University in 2004-5. The Sunday Times called him an inspirational manager, responsible for some of the largest reductions in waiting lists anywhere, ever

Why it will sell

Coaching is a core competency that managers the world over know they need to master to get the best from themselves and their teams. Managers are assessed and appraised on their ability to coach their reports and they know its a route to success. How To Coach breaks from the mould of most other coaching books to offer a very readable and wholly practical, real-world insight into what it takes to be the very best coach. It shows how to make coaching a natural and habitual part of the management process and delivers the practical guidance required to develop the skills of a great coach. Written for managers and leaders of all levels, this book will help the reader hone their coaching skills, helping make them a more effective and productive individual whilst developing the skills of their whole team and extracting the very best performance -not just sometimes, but all the time. It fills in the gaps that most managers skill-sets are lacking. Little formal training is offered on this vital, powerful and highly effective skill.

Jo Owen is a bestselling business author, leader, social entrepreneur and speaker. He led a business in Japan for three years, has been a partner at Accenture, and was the architect of what is now HBOS business banking. He is the co-founder of four charities and the author of the classic books How to Lead and How to Manage.


Over 8,000 copies sold

Over 3,000 copies sold in 2/e

Over 8,000 copies sold in 3/e

Over 21,000 copies sold in 3/e


High Performance Sales Strategies

Russell Ward

The Sales Book

Extraordinary skills to deliver exceptional sales resultswhatever your level.

Awaiting Cover Image

Graham Yemm

Addresses the real-life scenarios and issues that anyone responsible for managing sales is likely to face on a day to day basis.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

14.99 978-0-273-79285-7 Paperback 256pp 216X138 October 2013 Pearson Sales & Marketing, Business & Management

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

14.99 978-0-273-79291-8 Paperback 264pp 216X138 October 2013 FT Publishing Business & management

Why it will sell

Sales remains a key to successful business. Its intrinsic to the job roles of millions, including countless people who dont have sales in their job title. The pressure is huge sales people are expected to deliver ever-improving, exceptional performance and consistent sales results. Sales people are being regularly assessed, appraised and judged and its a skill the success of which is directly linked to performance, promotion and pay. They want to get it right. The high performance angle will speak directly to the busy, ambitious and dynamic sales professional whos looking to turbo-boost their skills. The book uniquely delivers detailed insights into the science, tactics and approaches behind winning new business; a vital area left untouched by many sales books. Its not just about simple improvement; its about taking sales performance to a whole new level. Whatever their current competencies, this book will empower readers with a powerful set of skills that will transform their resultsthis is what they want. The authors methodology has been tried, tested and proven by over 12,000 sales people and is backed by The Cranfield School of Management.


Why it will sell

Covers the practical skills involved in selling, such as making the right impression, relationship building and closing the sale, through to higher level sales skills such as setting a strategy, managing a team and cost effectiveness. With its modular style it can be read as a whole or readers can dip into the easy-to-read, bite-size sections as and when they need to deal with a particular issue. It contains handy tips, short-cuts and examples to show readers how to get the most out of their team, as well as sidestepping classic sales errors. Strong series sales: The Leadership Book, The Management Book and The Strategy Book have all performed well with over 14,000 copies sold in the UK across the series.


How To Sell 9780273731276 4,800 TCM units sold.

The Strategy Book 9780273757092 6,500 TCM units sold.

Russell Ward has moved from selling door-to-door to become the European Sales Director of a global company, managing a massive sales force across 13 countries. He uses his experience and unique methodology to coach companies and individuals in sales and counts amongst his numerous clients BT, ADT, Barclays, Johnson & Johnson and Canon.

Graham Yemm has worked in consultancy, training and coaching for over 20 years after a career in sales management in the corporate arena. He now owns his own business training company, Solutions 4 Training Ltd (www. and works with clients in Europe, Russia, Malaysia and USA. He is the author of the FT Essential Guide to Leading Your Team.



Acquisition Essentials
A step-by-step guide to smarter deals 2/e Denzil Rankine, Peter Howson

Financial Times Guides


The comprehensive and crystal-clear companion to making the right acquisition decisions and executing them well.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

65.00 978-1-292-00063-3 Paperback 256pp 234X156 November 2013 9780273688617 FT Publishing Finance

Why it will sell

Acquisition is the most powerful corporate development tool available to companies and will therefore always be on the business agenda. Very practical and easy to follow: diagrams, checklists and case studies throughout. The authors have an accessible style and approach. The Audience: High level entrepreneurs, senior executives, directors, and business strategists. Updates include: new and updated case studies. analysis of different types of company and how this could affect the transaction. guide to working with external advisors.


Denzil Rankine is chief executive and founder of AMR International. Denzil has advised on agreed and hostile acquisitions and private equity transactions with values ranging up to $2 bn. Denzil is the author of four books on Mergers & Acquisitions. Peter Howson is a director of AMR International, and has over 25 years' experience of M&A and business development both in industry and as an advisor. He is a qualified accountant and has an MBA from Manchester Business School.



FT Guide to Management
Ann Francke

FT Guide to Banking
Glen Arnold FT Publishing

Written by the CEO of the CMI, this authoritative guide to management provides engaging and practical information on every element of managing people, processes and resources.

A comprehensive guide to the banking industry by bestselling author Glen Arnold, covering both retail and investment banks, the institutions, organisation, markets and products.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

19.99 978-0-273-79286-4 Paperback 320pp 234X156 December 2013 FT Publishing Management

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

29.99 978-0-273-79182-9 Paperback 400pp 234X187 December 2013 FT Publishing Finance Banking

Audience/Readership info

Why it will sell


Audience/Readership info

Why it will sell


Balanced: Provides an essential overview of thinking by the most important management gurus in addition to agnostic and practical information on management best practice. Comprehensive: Covers the full spectrum of management skills, including managing others, managing change, managing stakeholders, managing budgets and resources, creating business strategy and executing plans. Accessible: Each chapter is summarised with a speed read containing the authors top tips, pitfalls and takeaways. Strong benchmarks: Books recently published into the FT Guides series on business subjects are performing well such as FT Guide to Business Networking, and FT Essential Author: Ann Francke is CEO of the Chartered Management Institute. She is able to draw on cutting edge management research, and reach out to the wide CMI network to help promote the book. The Management Book: 9780273750338 1,961 copies sold (Sept 2011) The FT Guide to Business Start Up: 9780273778752 3,308 copies sold (Aug 2012)

A jargon-busting book that assumes no specialised prior knowledge of finance theory and provides an authoritative and comprehensive run-down of the workings of the modern financial system. Offers a comprehensive overview including sections on: retail banking, investment banking, international banking, regulation, assets, liabilities and capital, bond markets, swaps and derivatives. Uses real world examples from media such as the Financial Times to make concepts more accessible to readers. Includes a section on international banking, with specific chapters on: Banking in Europe, the US, Asia and Pacific and Middle East and Africa.

Dictionary of Finance and Banking: 9780199229741 1,164 TCM units sold.

Guide to Writing a Business Plan.

Ann Francke is the CEO of the Chartered Management Institute. Prior to working at CMI, Ann was global MD of the BSI Group, and has also held executive board positions at Boots and Yell and was European Vice President at Mars. She hosts numerous CMI conferences every year and writes a regular column for Professional Manager.

Glen Arnold is the author of Corporate Financial Management, now in its 4th edition, Financial Times Guide to Value Investing 2e, The Handbook of Corporate Finance, FT Guide to Investing, 2e, The FT Guide to the Financial Markets and The Great Investors. FT Guide to Investing is the most successful book in the personal finance section of Total Consumer Market by value.



The Financial Times Guide to Selecting Shares that Perform

10 ways to beat the stock market 5/e Richard Koch, Leo Gough
Over 7,000 copies sold in previous edition

The Financial Times Guide to InvestmentTrusts

John Baron Financial Times Publishing

Offers a personalised approach to investing, taking into account attitude to risk and loss and what time and funds are available.
Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: 21.99 978-0-273-78674-0 Paperback 240pp 234X156 February 2013 9780273712671 FT Publishing International Finance & accounting

Written by an experienced investor and journalist this is set to become the authoritative guide to the growing market of investment trusts.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

26.99 978-1-292-00156-2 Paperback 300pp 234X156 July 2013 FT Publishing Finance & Investing

The Personal Finance market was worth 1.6 million in 2012. Pearson is the market leader with over 21.5% market share.

Why it will sell


Why it will sell

Market size: the investment trust market is worth 90bn a year and is set to grow due to FSA regulations about paying financial advisors one off fees rather than commission. Practical: Explains how to use these products, what to watch out for, and the risks associated with them. It will also suggest some actual portfolios of mixed investments that new investors can use as a starting point. Author credibility and profile: John Baron is a journalist, former city fund manager and Politician. He writes a popular monthly column in the Investor Chronicle magazine.

The Financial Times Guide to Making the Right Investment Decisions (9780273729846) Published March 2010. Life Sales: 1,875 copies sold (TCM Nielsen Bookscan)

Original approach: The book begins with a quiz to help readers identify what kind of investor they are and what strategy is right for them. Personalised investing: It explains 10 distinctive and proven investment techniques for readers to choose from. Includes plenty of real life examples that readers can use to inform their investing decisions. Timely: Updated with specific advice about what to do differently in a difficult financial market, and emphasis on how its more important than ever to select your strategy and shares with care. Strong sales history: 4,850 copies sold through in the UK since 2009 in the previous edition.

9780273712671 TCM sales: 4,850 units (June 2009).

What is an investment trust?

Richard Koch is the author of 15 highly acclaimed books, including the The Financial Times Guide to Strategy and the bestselling 80/20 trilogy. As well as lecturing and broadcasting, he is an extremely successful entrepreneur and investor, (ventures include Betfair and Filofax). Leo Gough is the author of 23 books on personal finance and investment, including 25 Investment Classics, and How the Stock Market Really Works 4/e.

A form of collective investment, in which the trust can not hold more than 15% of its investment in any single company (making it relatively low risk).
Year after year, investment trusts are shown to out perform.

John Baron is a journalist, former city fund manager and politician. He writes a popular monthly column for Investors Chronicle which aims to help investorsprivate and professionalwith their investments. John has used investment trusts in both a private and professional capacity for over 30 years. Upon leaving the Army, he entered the City as a fund manager running a range of portfolios for private clients and charities. John is also the Conservative MP for Basildon and Billericay.

One of the best books on stock market investing that Ive ever read. Christopher Gilchrist, Editor, The IRS Report Lucid and perceptive any intelligent person can follow this guide and be on equal terms or better with the best professional money managers. Dr Peter Johnson, Sad Business School, Oxford University

Emma Wall, The Daily Telegraph, 2 June 2012

The chances of investment trusts featuring more prominently in investors portfolios have been heightened by the Retail Distribution Review

Phil Davis, Financial Times, 18 November 2012



Financial Times Essential Guides

Launched 2011
This spin-off series from the bestselling FT Guides series has the same strong, recognisable branding but titles focus on specific business tasks. Key selling points are: Authoritative FT branding. The format of each title is based on PLANNING / DOING / REVIEWING making it a very practical series. Strong elements of coaching and evaluation throughout. Readers will be able to measure and assess their results. Integrated checklists, milestones and real life scenarios to help readers better understand the task and practically help them to manage it. Focused and results-driven contents.

FT Essential Guide to Developing a Business Strategy

How to Use Strategic Planning to Start Up or Grow Your Business Vaughan Evans

Rights sold in series in 7 languages

A how to guide for entrepreneurs and managers who want to create and implement a strategy for their business.
Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: 16.99 978-1-292-00261-3 Paperback 248pp 216X138 October 2013 FT Publishing Business strategy


Why it will sell

Takes readers through each element of strategic planning, covering the core topics of understanding market context, attaining a competitive edge and dealing with risk. The structure is based on the authors strategic planning tool, the Strategy Pyramid, which is a nine-step process: Knowing your business. Setting goals and objectives. Forecasting market demands. Gauging industry competition. Tracking competitive advantage. Targeting the strategic gap. Bridging the gap with business strategy. Bridging the gap with corporate strategy. Addressing risk and opportunity. Strong benchmark: Vaughans book The FT Essential Guide to Writing a Business Plan has sold through 2,600 units in just over 12 months. Includes integrated checklists, goals and milestones to ensure that the reader is on target to achieve the best results. Adopts a personal coach and consultant style that pushes the reader to reflect on, evaluate and learn from their experience.


FT Essential Guide to Writing Business Plan: 9780273757986 TCM sales: 2,600 units.

Vaughan Evans is an independent strategy consultant (www. with a background in industry economics. He worked at management and technology consultants Arthur D. Little and at investment bank Bankers Trust. Vaughan graduated from Cambridge and has a Sloan Fellowship with distinction from London Business School. He is the author of four previous books, including the best-selling

Financial Times Essential Guide to Writing a Business Plan.



Mastering Operational Risk

A practical guide to understanding operational risk and how to manage it 2/e Tony Blunden and John Thirlwell Mastering Series

Key Strategy Tools

The 80+ Tools Every Manager Needs to Know Vaughan Evans Over 5,000 copies sold

A practical guide, from the basic techniques, through to advanced applications, showing you what operational risk is, and how you can manage it.

Empowers managers with over 75 key strategic tools to ensure both short-term and long-term success for their business.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

55.00 978-0-273-77874-5 Paperback 400pp 240X170 September 2013 9780273727323 FT Publishing Business & management / Management & management techniques

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

26.99 978-0-273-77886-8 Limp Binding 296pp 234X156 February 2013 FT Publishing Strategy and Competition Business strategy / Business & management

Rights Sold
Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Mongolian, Portuguese, Russian

Why it will sell

The first edition is the bestselling book on operational risk. New content includes a chapter on using lean six sigma in operational risk, a chapter on risk appetite and new content about how to embed risk culture in governance. Full of accessible examples such as the Gulf of Mexico oil well disaster and the Icelandic volcanic ash problems. Follows the mastering series framework, which covers every aspect of the topic from the basic essential skills through to the more advanced skills needed to get to the top. Written by practitioners for practitioners, John Thirlwell has worked in financial services for over 30 years and is a Fellow of the Institute of Operational Risk, in addition to sitting on the board of a number of banks and insurance companies. Tony Blunden is Executive Director of a risk management solutions company, and has written numerous articles on this subject, as well as authoring and contributing to over 5 books.

Tony Blunden is an Executive Director of Chase Cooper, a risk management solutions company. He has written numerous articles on operational risk issues and has contributed to over 4 other books. John Thirlwell has worked in financial services for over 30 years and has been on the boards of several banks. He was a Director of the British Bankers Association and is a Fellow of the Institute of Operational Risk. He has written regular columns on risk management and contributed to several books.

Why it will sell

Following the footsteps of the hugely successful Key Management Models and Key Performance Indicators, this book delivers professional information in the practical and accessible framework synonymous with the Key series. It provides readers with the full range of tools and techniques needed to create their own strategic plan, breaking the subject down into over 75 accessible tools and models.

Vaughan Evans has been a strategy consultant since the mid-1980s, working with a broad range of corporate clients, from small firms to global giants, and with over 50 financier clients, both structured lenders and private equity. For the last ten years he has been independent, specialising in business strategy, business planning and strategic due diligence. He has written four previous books including, The Financial Times Essential Guide to Writing a Business Plan.

Key Strategy Tools covers strategy tools and techniques within seven distinct areas: - Setting goals and objectives - Forecasting market demand Rights sold - Gauging industry competition in series - Rating competitive position in over - Identifying strategic gaps 20 languages - Bridging strategic gaps - Addressing risk and opportunity

Over 5,000 copies sold

Over 14,000 copies sold

Over 34,000 copies sold

Over 24,000 copies sold

Over 5,000 copies sold



Smarter Investing
Business Training, Investment Trusts, Management, Banking (2013) Project Management (May), Sales (Sept) Leadership 2/e (Aug) Creating a Business Strategy (Sept 13) Operational Risk 2/e

Simpler Decisions for Better Results 3/e Tim Hale

Over 5,000 copies sold in previous edition



10 (key titles)


Key business skills and tasks. i.e. Writing business plans

40 - 100

14.99 (travel editions) 26.99 (standard editions)

19.99 to 40

New edition of an investment classic which introduces a simple and powerful set of rules for successful investing.





3 or 4 pages on each challenge. Advises on approach, common pitfalls and how to measure results

Bite-sized structure, worked models, two colour

Coaching and evaluation. Checklists, milestones and real-life scenarios

Detailed worked examples

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

24.99 978-0-273-78537-8 Paperback 304pp 234X156 October 2013 9780273722076 FT Publishing Investment & securities

Leadership, Strategy, Management

FT endorsed


Professional finance


Personal finance, Business finance, Business skills

Models, Ratios, metrics, KPIs, Strategy tools

Why it will sell

Helps the reader to build a balanced portfolio thats right for them, using a simple set of understandable and accessible building blocks. Explains how investors can make the most of their time and money by learning to do a few straightforward things exceptionally well. Strong sales history: Over 7,500 copies of the previous editions sold in the UK since 2006. Well reviewed, both in the media and by customers themselves:

Previous edition 9780273722076 TCM sales: 3640 units

Practical, step by step, based on professional courses

Picks out the key challenges and approaches them in a structured, practical way

Short, clear, ready-reference format. (4 pages per model/ ratio / tool)

The same strong branding as the FT guides, but focused on specific business tasks

Comprehensive, authoritative, trusted


Professionals beginner to advanced


Serious beginner to intermediate level

Beginner to intermediate

Managers or ambitious employees

Managers, business students

As featured in The Sunday Times: 'How to keep your head and stay ahead. Most investors act irrationally and erratically. Are you among them? Ask yourself these searching questions from investment guru Tim Hale's new book and find out.' An informative new book on investment planning.' Financial Times

Tim Hale spent over 15 years in the active investment management world, working in London, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Today he provides consulting and training to the investment and wealth management industry through his firm, Albion Strategic Consulting.






The DIY Investor

How to take control of your investments and plan for a financially secure future Andy Bell

Investing Demystified
How to invest without speculation and sleepless nights Lars Kroijer

A clear, practical and completely objective introduction to investing, aimed at the rapidly expanding DIY investor market.

Dont spend too much time worrying whether you can beat the markets: you cant, but investing is still worthwhile. Over the long term it delivers higher returns than banks and building societies and this book will show you how to build a time-saving winning portfolio.
Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: 19.99 978-0-273-78134-9 Limp Binding 304pp 234X156 August 2013 FT Publishing International Investment & securities

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

16.99 978-1-292-00066-4 Limp Binding 300pp 216X138 September 2013 FT Publishing International Finance

Why it will sell

Aimed at a large and growing market: The number of doit-yourself investors (people who invest without a financial advisor) is due to grow by 71% a year for the next 3 years. This is due to changes implemented by the FSA on 31st December 2012 whereby financial advisors are paid a standard fee rather than a commission. Targeted: A large proportion of the investors already trading directly, refer to themselves as DIY investors. Accessible: It demystifies jargon and helps investors clearly identify and understand the financial products on the market. Practical: It shows investors how to build a stable financial portfolio at the fraction of the cost of using professionals. Offers more for less: It helps investors to save money by avoiding poor value products, introducing them to free research tools to compare financial products and helping them save tax by managing their affairs in a more tax efficient way. At the same time, investors position themselves to make more money by making betterinformed financial decisions.

Why it will sell Author

Andy Bell is a DIY investment pioneer. He co-founded A J Bell in 1995 since when it has grown into one of the largest providers of low-cost investment and stockbroker services in the UK. Many DIY investors will already know who he is and will want to benefit from his experience and expertise. Andy and his business have been recognized with a number of entrepreneurial and business awards over recent years, including winning the Ernst & Young Business Consumer Entrepreneur of the Year 2009. Lars Kroijer uses his expert knowledge to explain that you dont need to outperform the markets. Rather he demonstrates that you can gain tremendously from a simple and cheap portfolio, tailored to incorporate your individual circumstances. You'll learn about the things you really need to know about, while finding out about those things you dont need to worry about. Above all, youll find out how to put together a successful and profitable trading portfolio. This book shows you: How to put together a cost-effective and time-effective investment portfolio Why its not worth trying to out perform the market How to build and tailor your portfolio to your own specific needs How to incorporate your other financial assets

Lars Kroijer was the CEO of Holte Capital Ltd, a Londonbased special situations hedge fund which he founded in 2002 before returning external capital in the spring of 2008. Prior to establishing Holte Capital, Lars served in the London office of HBK Investments. In addition, he previously worked at SC Fundamental and the investment banking division of Lazard Freres in New York. Lars graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University and received a MBA from Harvard Business School. He is also the author of Money Mavericks (Pearson, 2010)

Building a portfolio from scratch can seem a daunting task: this book will show you how to do it in both a cost-effective and time-effective way. To some readers, accepting that they cant beat the market will be a key aha moment in their investing lives. Once they get this, they will be better off as a result. This is a book from someone who has invested for a job and now invests for a living which uniquely combines this inside professional view with practical advice for private investors.



The New Business Road Test

What entrepreneurs and executives should do before launching a lean start-up 4/e Over John Mullins
18,000 copies sold in previous edition

Employee to Entrepreneur
How to Ditch the Day Job & Start Your Own Business Chris Garden, Catherine Blackburn

The only book on the market that shows wouldbe entrepreneurs how to comprehensively assess their ideas before they create their business plan.
Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: 24.99 978-1-292-00374-0 Paperback 344pp 234X156 October 2013 9780273732792 FT Publishing Small businesses & self-employed

How anyone can turn a career brick wall into an exciting new business opportunity.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

12.99 978-1-4479-2958-1 Limp Binding 224pp 216X138 January 2013 Pearson Entrepreneurship

Rights Sold
Spanish, Turkish

Why it will sell

Takes a unique view of the subject of entrepreneurship. No other book shows you how to comprehensively assess your ideas before you write your business plan. This new edition focuses on lean start ups; a method that focuses on experimentation rather than fixed business plans. There are strong benchmarks for this method, including The Lean Start-Up. The book focuses on a model called the Seven Domains of Attractive Opportunities. This model is used to answer the live-or-die questions in assessing any new business opportunity. It includes a diverse range of case studies including Nike, Starbucks, Wholefoods, Ebay, Walmart and Nokia. It will be accompanied by an app that has two primary functions firstly to make headline points available to users; secondly, to be used as a marketing tool for the book. The app and book will release simultaneously. The current RRP of the app is 4. Sales history: Over 17,000 copies of the previous edition have been sold since publication in 2010 (Vista All Time Sales).

Rights Sold
First Edition: Chinese Simplified Second Edition: Arabic, English (India), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Romanian

Why it will sell

There are millions of people around the world stuck in boring, dead-end day jobs or recently made redundant. Theyre fantasising about realising their self-employment dreams. Employee to Entrepreneur shows exactly how they can stop dreaming and start doing. The economy is bad and getting worse. As lay-offs, redundancies, downsizing and off shoring become a reality for millions, so the number of new businesses grow, as do the sales of start-up books and other resources. Employee to Entrepreneur fills a big gap in the market. No other book effectively focuses on how to make a seamless move from employment to self-employed or how to effectively harness, utilise and exploit the skills and expertise already gained. The empowering title package is realistic in its approach, recognising that far from being a trendy go-getter, bursting with revolutionary new product concepts and looking to make millions, the average entrepreneur is over 40, building a business around expertise they already have and is looking for help to generate a stable income and create a professional life they can enjoy. Anyone can turn a career brick wall into an exciting opportunity. This book dispels all the myths, dissolves all the obstacles and takes readers on a start-up journey that will help them to assess their options, appraise their ideas, establish a sensible, functioning business and use the wealth of knowledge, expertise and insight their employment will have taught them.

Catherine Blackburn and Chris Garden both spent may years in corporate employment, gaining skills and excelling in their respective roles; Chris as a Chartered Accountant and Catherine as a Marketing Director having worked with household brands including Unilever, Heinz, Guinness and Colgate. After both were made redundant they decided to put their corporate skills entrepreneurial leanings to good use and founded Ubevco together in 1996, quickly turning it into a 100m business employing over 120 people and launching key drinks brands such as Red Bull, Tiger and Sol into the UK market. Employee to Entrepreneur is their first book.

John Mullins, a veteran of three entrepreneurial ventures and a professor at the London Business School, teaches and studies entrepreneurship and the management and financing of rapidly growing businesses. He holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a PhD in marketing from the University of Minnesota. He is co-author of three other books including the widely acclaimed Getting to Plan B:

Breaking Through to a Better Business Model.



Start Your Business Week by Week

2/e Steve Parks
Over 32,000 copies sold in previous edition

The One Page CV

Paul Hichens

Overcome the challenges of starting a business and turn your dreams into reality with the brand new edition of this bestselling business start up classic.

A powerful new angle on a tried-and-tested subject

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

14.99 978-0-273-76866-1 Limp Binding 248pp 234X156 January 2013 9780273694472 Pearson Entrepreneurship

Rights Sold
First Edition: Japanese, Romanian Second Edition: Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

10.99 978-1-292-00147-0 Paperback 208pp 234X156 October 2013 Pearson Careers guidance

Why it will sell

In 26 weekly steps this book will walk readers though everything they need to do to get up and running, in the order they need to do it. Each step contains a to-do list, an explanation of what needs to be done, useful hints and shortcuts, and the contact information they need. It shows readers how to: Develop, text and refine their idea Find the right bank and accountant Decide who they need to help you run the business Budget and forecast (without pain) Decide on suppliers Find customers Avoid the common problems faced by start-ups

Steve Parks began his career as a journalist and presenter for BBC Radio. His work has been broadcast on Radio 4, Radio 5-Live, Radio 1, Radio 2, BBC TV and the `Today programme. Steve has recently set up a new business, Code Enigma, building complex websites using the Drupal platform. Steve is also the author of How to be an Entrepreneur, Small Business Handbook, and How to Fund Your Business.

Why it will sell

Job hunters are finding that even the most thorough, well-presented traditional CV is no longer effective. And frazzled recruiters just dont have time to effectively read the avalanche of multi-page CVs they receive with every job they post. When you realize that, on average, most recruiters spend just six seconds looking at an applicants CV its not hard to work out that vital information is being missed and more than one page is wasted. A One-Page CV is the answer. Its guaranteed to stand out. Its quick, short, to the point. Its more likely to be read in its entirety and it will be received with enthusiasm and as a welcome relief by busy recruiters. Writing a one-page CV does not take less time, its not easier or simpler to execute, you do not have to put less effort it, and you dont have to do any less preparation. This book shows you the importance of those preparatory steps, coaches you through each and then shows you how to expertly craft and present a succinct, informative and outstanding CV with impact that will impress any potential employer. Its the future of CV writing, its what recruiters want and its what job-hunters need to succeed.

The CV Book: 9780273721741 Sold 1,800 copies in 2012

Paul Hichens is the head writer at one of the UKs leading CV consultants. He as developed his approach to the one-page CV by employing well recognized and highly successful sales and marketing principles. His client base spans the globe and hes well recognised in the media as a CV expert.

This book is written by an entrepreneur who offers more than academic theory but instead tried and tested methods to start a new business. This second edition includes new material to offer support to those wishing to pursue this aim. Start Your Business Week by Week is written in such a clear and friendly way that you cant help being drawn into the excitement of becoming an entrepreneur. Breaking down the process into weekly steps makes it seem suddenly more achievable, and Im sure many more people will be encouraged to turn their ideas into their own businesses as a result. Prime Minister Tony Blair



Just the Job!

Smart and fast strategies to get the job you want John Lees

The Presentation Book

How to create it, shape it and deliver it! Emma Ledden

How the job market really works, how to break the rules, and expert advice on finding the job you want.

Getting it wrong is not really an option. Yet so many do. Not any more.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

9.99 978-0-273-77246-0 Limp Binding 216pp 216X138 June 2013 Pearson Advice on careers & achieving success

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

12.99 978-1-292-00258-3 Paperback 176pp 216X138 October 2013 Pearson Business & Management

Why it will sell

The job market has never been more competitive, busy and overwhelming. The perceived wisdom on the usual job-hunting practices just dont work like they used to. Job seekers are hungry for fresh, up-to-date, real-life and contemporary guidance that challenges the reality of job hunting head on and offers practical, smart and winning ways to beat the pack.

John Lees is highly considered as the UKs leading expert on careers strategy. He writes regularly for the national press, is regularly called upon as a commentator and as an expert witness in legal cases. He is the author of over seven books and he will actively promote this title through all of his media engagements, networks and workshops.

Why it will sell

Presenting is a key skill for millions of people in thousands of different jobs. Few are trained on how to do it. Fewer still know how to do it well. Everybody thinks they can do it better. There are a million Powerpoint presentations happening at any time of the day. Most will be dull and boring. The presenters know this, but dont know how to change it. Fear, shyness, nerves and a lack of confidence are big reasons why people fail at presenting. This book is friendly, fun and engaging from the start and will overcome their fears. Its written by an expert TV presenter who knows EVERY trick in the book. This is what she does. Its all she does. She knows how to do it. Its fresh and fun package is down to earth and inviting. The unique structure, show me approach and twocolour, highly visual internals will reassure and engage. Its supported by lots of interesting online material and videos to help readers perfect their style, hone their message. Everything is covered from planning and preparing to delivering a memorable message. This is fast, focussed learning perfect for the demands of the busy professional. People want to get this right. Presenting is an opportunity to impress and stand out getting it spot on is vital to success and progression.


Brilliant Presentation 9780273762461 23,000 TCM units sold.

Just the Job pulls apart the often dull, textbook and same-old/same-old advice dished out by other books and instead offers revolutionary and motivational new strategies to breathe life, interest and success into any search for work.
It offers real, meaningful and powerful insider secrets and fresh, new ways of thinking, all gained from years of experience, to help job seekers see beyond the ordinary and employ the extraordinary in their hunt for work. Readers will be shown how to access the hidden jobs that are never advertised; radically reduce the time it takes to find a new job; build and execute plans based on advice and guidance from real-world HR professionals, recruiters and careers experts; and employ strategies that will subvert the accepted rules and deliver success. The book is authoritative, practical and inspiring and supports the reader through every part of the process, from the start of the search through writing the CV and all the way to interview and job offer.

Emma Ledden worked in television and radio for 10 years, including fronting live TV programmes. She knows all about nerves and pressure to perform. Emma has been applying her skills in business, with a spell in a leading communications firm, before setting up her own business and working with some worlds leading international companies and business schools including: Deloitte, Matheson Ormsby Prentice, KPMG, LinkedIn, Ericsson, Smurfit Business School and many more.



Make it Fly!
The step by step guide to making ANY idea or project take off Brigitte Cobb

Get Up to Speed with Online Marketing

How to use websites, blogs, social networking and much more 2/e Jon Reed
Over 4,500 copies sold in previous edition

The step-by-step guide to making ANY idea or project take off

Making common sense of the complex digital landscape.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: 10.99 978-0-273-78539-2 Paperback 192pp 216X138 September 2013 Pearson Business Self-help & personal development Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: 14.99 978-1-292-00116-6 Paperback 232pp 216X138 November 2013 9780273732648 Pearson Business

Why it will sell

In business, ideas can come quick and fast. A moment of inspiration here, a light-bulb moment there. But 99% of these ideas will never see the light of day and despite their potential for positive change, theyll be instantly wasted and consigned to history. The fruition of smart ideas help us grow as people, expand our horizons, and experience new things. They help businesses grow, change, flourish and stay fresh. However big or small the idea, however ambitious or widereaching, Make It Fly shows how to instantly get it off the ground and quickly moving toward completion, in no time. Here is a step-by-step plan; its straightforward, expertly structured and has the power to make any idea, dream or goal actually happen. Take the seeds of an idea, face and eliminate your doubts, discover where and how to start building on it and then follow the plan to success. The step-by-step approach is a great confidence builder and it will resonate with people looking for a place to start. Its based on the authors unique and well-proven make-ithappen model. Chinese Simplified

Rights Sold Why it will sell

Theres a big knowledge gap when it comes to digital marketing that small businesses and marketing professionals know they can no longer ignore. A business that disregards their digital presence is a business with a limited future and managers, marketers and business owner know this. They want to act, but they dont know how. This book addresses some key fears: Its practical and jargon free, so anyone can use and understand it. Its easy to follow and clearly explained, so nobody will get lost or be confused. It demystifies all the options so readers feel in control and knowledgeable. It shows just what can be achieved on even the tightest of budgets. Its comprehensivecovering everything from email marketing, blogging and SEO to how to exploit the major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Readers will see how they can use their new digital knowhow to grow their business, be competitive, reach their customers and boost their sales and profits. This straightforward guide has been updated throughout,. It adds Google+ and Pinterest to the roster of key platforms it covers, and has a fresh strategic angle to help readers develop a digital marketing strategy thats right for them.

Rights Sold
First Edition: English (US), Bulgarian, French, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish

Brigitte Cobb specializes in successfully helping a diverse range of companies and organisations transform something she has been doing for more than 15 years. She is passionate about change and works to share her experience, knowledge and skills in business and personal development to help everybody succeed.

Jon Reed is a social media consultant, lecturer, speaker and trainer. He runs the social media consultancy Reed Media, provides web design, branding and marketing services to small businesses and runs a blog and online community for authors and publishers. Reed regularly runs social media workshops, lectures on several university courses and speaks at conferences.



What it really means and how to make it work for you Jenny Nabben

Mindfulness for Busy People

Turning from frantic and frazzled into calm and composed Michael Sinclair, Josie Seydel

The honest truth about influence: what it really means and how to make it work for you.

Be more, achieve more and stress lesshow mindfulness can change how you work.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

12.99 978-1-292-00475-4 Paperback 224pp 216X138 December 2013 Pearson Business

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

12.99 978-0-273-78990-1 Paperback 224pp 216X138 October 2013 Pearson Business Personal Development

Audience/Readership info

Why it will sell


this market, with 6.4% market share.

Why it will sell

Chinese Simplified

Rights Sold

The market for influence and persuasion has always been buoyant. Both are vital, stand-out business skills, desired by employees and sought-after by employers. This unique guide takes a real-world tour of influence uncovering the scientific and cognitive drivers behind it, how we use it, react to it, feel about it and think about it before explaining how we can all be better at doing it. It develops and encourages a deeper understanding allowing the reader to use it more naturally, fluently and to greater effect. Influence is subtle and silent yet vital for building trust, honesty, respect and credibility and for advancing professional standing, integrity, presence and authorityall indispensable and powerful skills for every professional. Crucially for managers and leaders its central to efficiency, productivity, instilling mutual trust, empowering employees and achieving results. This book addresses key business contexts where influence is most effective: managing, leading, coaching, negotiating, controlling difficult situations and handling change. It uses up to date research and neuroscience to guide readers understanding and has a straightforward, accessible narrative style backed up with powerful case studies, practical exercises and applicable guidance. Persuasion 1st,2nd, 3rd ed 9780273712992, 9780273688389, 9780273734161 Over 200,000 copies sold in the UK

Sales of books on Mindfulness grew by over 87% in 2012, compared with 2011, and over 50,000 books were sold. Mindfulness is a hot topic that businesses are fastrecognising can help their staff be calmer under pressure, more composed, focussed and, ultimately more productive. The NHS, Google and Transport for London all use Mindfulness in their businesses, and Harvard Business School includes Mindfulness principles in their leadership programs. People are searching for authoritative, applicable guidance that can help them use Mindfulness effectively in their lives this book offers that. Skills that are sought after, enhanced and improved through Mindfulness, such as confidence, self-esteem, self-control, resilience, focus and productivity are key to success and reputation at work. This is the first book to focus Mindfulness on Business and how individuals can use it to do a better job. It is uniquely packaged and marketed directly at those most in need the busy, stressed and frazzled professional juggling the demands of a hectic work schedule and home life. Its written by qualified psychologists with a scientific background and is presented in a modern, practical, nononsense and, vitally, non-spiritual package.

Dr Michael Sinclair is a Consultant Counselling Psychologist, a Senior Practitioner on the Register of Psychologists Specialising in Psychotherapy and the Clinical Director of City Psychology Group. Josie Seydel is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She has been practicing mindfulness meditation since 1995 and has been a Chartered Psychologist since 2003. Both will actively promote the book through their networks, workshops and numerous media contacts.

Jenny Nabben has held senior positions as the Head of Communications at HSBC, Vice President of Leadership and Internal Communications at Coca Cola Enterprises, Head of Communications at Lloyds General Insurance and Head of Communications at HP CDS. She now has her own training company designing and delivering workshops on corporate messaging and influence in Europe, Australia and Asia for large corporates.



How to Speak so People Listen

Grab their attention and get your message heard Mike Clayton

Speak for Yourself

Talk to impress, influence and make an impact Harry Key

If you cant be heard, you cant succeed. How you talk speaks volumes about who you are.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

10.99 978-0-273-78637-5 Paperback 256pp 216X138 October 2013 Pearson Personal Development

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

10.99 978-0-273-78538-5 Paperback 224pp 216X138 November 2013 Pearson Business Self-help & Personal Development

this market, with 6.4% market share.

Why it will sell

Benchmark Why it will sell

How You Can Talk To Anyone 9780273735717 8,365 TCM units sold. Effective communication in business is vital; the majority of businesses highlight it as a key skill for development. How we speak and what we say affects our personal brand, profile and how others view and interact with us professionals at all levels, in every business know the power of good communication. Being able to talk with confidence to anybody at any level, effective networking, presenting with style and holding a conversation are key business skills that are influential in progression, success and professional reputation. This book is unique it's about understanding the power of words, how you use your voice, how you talk and how all three speak volumes to others. Mastery here allows complete control of how others perceive, relate and work with you. It's body language for the voice. It's packaged to appeal to people at all levels and is friendly, fun, light-hearted and accessible. It is distinctively humorous but maintains an underlying serious and important message that is never lost. It's a proven program that will coach readers on developing speech, tone of voice, clever choice of words and vocal techniques to boost confidence, influence, effectiveness, presence and impact at work. How To Talk to Anyone 9780722538074 90,854 TCM units sold.

Everyday, millions of people are frustrated and limited because they are not being heard. Successful communication is fundamental to success on every level, in any job. If you cant be heard, you cant succeed. People are struggling to get the attention of others who are already facing a bombardment of distractions. This is a skill that can and must be learned. Theyre missing opportunities, wasting time, struggling to advance, squandering their skills and draining their confidence. All powerful drives for seeking solutions. This book offers a simple and compelling promise that will resonate with anybody who wants to stand up and stand out and thats everybody. Its been written for anybody, at any level, in any job, whos looking for practical and empowering skills that will allow them to get their point made and, vitally, heard. The book uses techniques that are well honed and proven from the fields of influence and persuasion, psychology, body language and confidence these are big subjects, with wide appeal and big sales. Delivering an easy to follow and straightforward how to plan, this book promises more effective, meaningful and productive meetings, conferences, presentations, conversations and a unique opportunity to stand out, make an impact and be remembered.


Mike is a professional speaker and facilitator working with business people at all levels. He is an author, a blogger and, he likes to believe, a thinker. Mikes job is to speak so people listen. The book is based on Mikes experience in political debate, international consultancy, team leadership, business development, training, volunteering and committee work, and professional speaking.

Harry Key is from Australia but currently based in London. He trained as an actor before moving to India where he worked as a Bollywood actor and as a voice artist. He is now a speech and confidence coach, helping people speak with flair and authenticity. He also runs flirting workshops and delivers training programs for a variety of corporate clients, including the BBC Worldwide, GSK and MTV.



Power-Up Your Confidence

How to master the ultimate business skill Alice Muir

How to be Assertive In Any Situation

2/e Sue Hadfield, Gill Hasson
Over 15,000 copies sold in previous edition

The most accessible guide to the most important skill every professional MUST have.

The new edition of the UKs bestselling guide to assertivenessover 15,000 copies sold in the previous edition.
Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: 10.99 978-0-273-78522-4 Paperback 240pp 216X138 January 2014 Pearson Self-help & Personal Development

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: Rights Sold Data

10.99 978-1-292-00260-6 Paperback 240pp 216X138 January 2014 Pearson Business Self-help & Personal Development

Why it will sell

Benchmark Why it will sell

Confidence 9780273742586, 9780273715139 Over 45,000 copies sold since 2008. Over 15,000 copies have already sold in the past three years. Well regarded and universally highly rated by real readers with an average 4.5-star rating. The perfect book for people who agonise over decisions in life and work and feel their fears of making these decisions are holding them back. Practical, straightforward and very friendly, it adopts a conversational style that readers will enjoy and benefit from. It engages readers right from the start and coaches them gently through learning and using proven assertiveness techniques, through interesting case studies and powerful exercises. Assertiveness is fundamental to confidence and selfesteemall of these are key soft skills required in the workplace and vital to success and wellbeing. Readers will develop a meaningful understanding of what it means to be assertive, how assertive they already are and what they can do to improve. New content includes a new introduction, a re-written chapter on Assertiveness at work and a brand new chapter on handling difficult people.

Books on confidence sell. This focuses on an underpublished angle of a perennially popular subjectconfidence in the workplace. The powerful, title and subtitle will appeal to readers looking for serious, outcome and business-focussed guidance. Its the foundation of business success for any employee at any level; a fundamental soft skill that employers expect; and one that employees must demonstrate. Ambitious professionals know they need strong confidence skills to get ahead and succeed and theyre being asked to get them. Soft skills are recognised as vital to personal success and confident employees are vital to any successful business. There are few environments where a lack of confidence is more acutely felt, and even fewer where its benefits are more positively felt. This is a mass-appeal approach, written by an experienced chartered Psychologist and life coach. Readers will discover how to build, grow and nurture powerful confidence skills through eight chapters that feature real-life business scenarios and are referenced throughout. Each chapter opens with a clear summary of the skills they will learn and the situations the skills will benefit.

Rights Sold
First Edition: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian,Italian, Korean, Marathi, Norwegian, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese

Sue Hadfield taught English in comprehensive schools for twenty years and has spent the last ten years teaching adults assertiveness, career and personal development skills at the University of Sussex and for community groups. Gill Hasson works with people from diverse backgrounds and situations teaching community development, career and personal development, critical thinking and academic skills. She has written for Psychologies magazine and for the Open University.

Alice Muir is a Chartered Psychologist, qualified teacher of psychology, physics, science and mathematics, and is an experienced trainer, author, university lecturer, Stress Adviser and Life Coach. She is a member of the British Psychological Society, the General Teaching Council, the Association for Coaching, and is a Fellow of the International Stress Management Association (ISMA).



Mind Maps for Business

Using the ultimate thinking tool to revolutionise how you work 2/e Tony Buzan, Chris Griffiths Over 22,000 copies sold

The Promise
Never Have Another Negative Thought Ever Again Graham Price Over 6,000 copies sold

The ultimate business success guide, written by the man who knows best.
Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: 14.99 978-0-273-78435-7 Paperback 296pp 234X156 December 2013 Pearson Business

The result of years of psychological research and insight, this is the definitive, fool-proof route to a life free of worry and full of positivity and thats a promise.
Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category: 10.99 978-0-273-78436-4 Limp Binding 224pp 216X138 April 2013 Pearson Life Psychology

Rights Sold
Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditinal, Estonian, Italian

Why it will sell

Why it will sell

Mind Mapping is world renowned as one of the most powerful organizational and planning tools ever invented. Its free to use, you dont need any complex or expensive software, and its easily learned. The effective use of Mind Mapping and its universal, farreaching benefits to business practise and management have been long recognized. The first book that shows specifically how to apply Mind Mapping to any business of any size and in any capacity. Tony Buzan invented Mind Maps, so this is written by the worlds leading authority on the subject. Whatever your role, whatever the size of your business, the benefits are endless: Accelerated productivity; streamlined organization; flawless project management; better leadership skills; free-flowing ideas and creativity; efficient meetings with purpose; effective negotations, talks and consultations; more fruitful B2B and B2C relationships. Takes the reader through all the basics of Mind Mapping and then shows how the skills theyre learning can be simply and effectively applied to a business environment. This new edition has a brand new business-like look, full-colour internals and now contains vital advice on using Mind Maps in the digital age.

Rights Sold
First Edition: Bahasa Malaysian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Dutch, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese

The promise offered by this empowering and revolutionary book is compelling and persuasive. It will not only appeal directly to the millions plagued by negativity, insecurity, worry and stress, but also indirectly to anybody wanting to boost the positivity for a more fulfilling life. Backed by scientific rigour and evidence this is a program thats already been proven to work. Its a promise from the author to his readers that if they carefully follow his guidance they will completely eliminate negativity from their lives forever. This is not one persons unproven agenda; its the result of years of psychological research. Negativity, stress and worry hold us all back the fear of the unknown and the voices in our head that tell us were not good enough, strong enough or talented enough continuously prevent us from fulfilling our full potential. Readers understand the power to be found in overcoming negativity. What they dont know is how to do it. This empowering, motivational guide shows them exactly that. The author presents a complete process where each chapter takes the reader deeper into its revolutionary principle. Every powerful word and chapter works its powerful magic on the mind of the reader.

Graham Price experienced a major transformation in his own life by using the approaches in this book. His life was so completely revolutionised he left his successful corporate career to start a new career as a psychologist, where he now uses this program in his work as a psychotherapist and life coach. He is a chartered member of the British Psychological Society and an accredited member of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies.

Tony Buzan is the world-renowned inventor of Mind Maps and the multi-million copy bestselling author of The Mind Map Book, 'How to Mind Map' and 'Mind Maps for Kids' series. He appears regularly on television and lectures all over the world. He advises international businesses, governments, educational authorities and Olympic athletes. His work has been published in 100 countries and 30 languages.



The Energy Equation

How to be a top performer without burning yourself out Daniel Browne

Rules Trade Editions

10 years ago the first Rules book, The Rules of Work, published on 27th September 2002.
The Rules titles have been sold in over 45 different languages around the World. 1.7 million English Language copies have been shipped around the World. 800,000 copies have been sold in the UK alone.

More energy, more time and more ways to get more done.

Introducing our Trade Editions:

New size New price New look New content for The Rules of Parenting and The Rules of Love

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

10.99 978-0-273-77601-7 Limp Binding 256pp 216X138 January 2013 Pearson Time management

Rights Sold
Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, Japanese, Thai

Why it will sell

30% of us work more than 48 hours per week. As we try to pack more things into our day, we become increasingly stressed, overworked and tired. Most people finish their working day too exhausted to do anything much more than eat, watch TV and fall in to bed. Its hardly a recipe for fulfilment and its something that everyone wishes they could change. The Energy Equation explains how we all have the potential to get 15-19 hours of fully-energised waking hours from our day, and shows us just how to achieve it. The opportunity for more productive, industrious and efficient waking hours is a persuasive promise and will resonate with the thousands of people wishing they had more energy and more time to get more done. Working hours quickly transform from overwhelmingly stressful and fraught to tireless, enthused, excited and unstoppable as powerful techniques show readers how to handle everything the working day has to throw at them, whilst still having time and energy to impress the boss and develop their career. After work, the book shows how readers will still have plenty of energy to pursue their own personal goals and fulfil their ambitions. Work will be easier and less stressful, so their life will be too. The Energy Equation is fun, motivating and action-packed. It promises a whole life with more energy, less stress, improved productivity and loads more time for you.

Daniel Browne is a consultant, trainer and life coach who has experienced the culture of long working hours and the resulting impact on his family and social life. This book was born out of necessity and the need to understand how it is possible to increase productivity, energy and general wellbeing whilst still recognising that the demands of working life were unlikely to change. Daniel has studied productivity, meditation, yoga, energy healing and NLP to create a truly unique, life changing experience for those people looking to boost their efficiency and get more from their day without burning themselves out. December 2012

January 2013

February 2013

March 2013

April 2013

May 2013


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The Rules to Break

A personal guide to sifting the gold dust from the sawdust Richard Templar Over 32,000 copies sold

New trade editions of bestselling author JAMES BORG titles

James Borg is a world-renowned bestselling author; his three books Persuasion, Body Language and Mind Power have sold over 250,000 copies in the UK. Publishing in Autumn 2013 is a new, smaller trade range of the above three titles:
Rights Sold

The unmissable publishing event of the Summer discover what you wish youd known years ago.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

10.99 978-1-4479-2948-2 Limp Binding 272pp 216X138 July 2013 Pearson Self-help & personal development

New size New look New price

Arabic, English (India), English (U.S.), French, Italian, Japanese, Thai

Why it will sell

The long-awaited new book from the bestselling Rules franchise - the first for over four years. Over 80 never before published Rules that will appeal to existing buyers and a whole new audience . Over 800,000 copies of Rules books have been sold in the UK, and global sales exceed 2 million copies. This is a fresh, new approach, with a compelling reversepsychology twist: instead of the Rules to follow, these are the Rules to break. These are the Rules that we all subconsciously live by, the ones were told are unquestionably true from a young age they inform our instincts, reactions and our decisions. Each is unpacked, unpicked and busted with the Templar wit, insight and common-sense that readers love. Readers will be refreshed and unburdened, shedding misconceptions that have been holding them back, weighing them down and unlocking secrets to greater fulfillment. A deliberate subversion of the classic Rules packaging, this new book will appeal to a whole new, younger audience. Its packed with brilliant light-bulb moments. Its irreverent and intriguing title will be irresistible and captivating, and the bright packaging will stand out alongside the other classic, bestselling titles in this phenomenal series.

Richard Templar is the author of the international bestselling Rules books. Over 2 million people around the world have enjoyed and now play by Richard Templar's Rules. The complete list of titles is as follows: Rules of Life, Rules of Work, Rules of Management, Rules of Wealth, Rules of Parenting and Rules of Love.

Sold over 250,000 copies in the UK

Rights sold in series in over 25 languages


55 please change to subject name


Brilliant Series


Gill Hasson

Emotional Intelligence
Harness the power of emotions; succeed in all areas of your life

Brilliant Project Management

What the best project managers know, do and say 3/e Stephen Barker, Rob Cole Over 5,000 copies sold

Brilliant Economics
Phil Thornton

Learn how to manage projects that consistently meet deadlines and stay within budget.

Award winning journalist Phil Thornton introduces you to the fundamentals of economics and monetary policy. This title will help you become more knowledgeable about economics and will give you an awareness that will help you in good times and bad.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

12.99 978-0-273-77509-6 Limp Binding 224pp 216X135 October 2012 9780273722328 Prentice Hall Project management

Rights Sold
First Edition: Czech, English (India), Tamil First Edition (Revised): Bahasa Malaysian, French (Canada), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (North & South America), Vietnamese Second Edition: Arabic, Japanese Third Edition: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, Japanese, Thai

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

13.99 978-1-292-00303-0 Paperback 250pp 216X135 August 2013 Pearson Economics / Economic theory & philosophy / Macro economics

Rights Sold
Chinese Simplified

Why it will sell

In an ever growing market, Brilliant Project Management stands out from the crowd. Through its engaging and entertaining approach, Brilliant Project Management does more than just talk you through the process. It provides practical advice and techniques taken from peoples experience in the real world so you always know exactly what to do and say to make your project a success. Brilliant Project Management highlights the areas where your actions and behaviours will make the difference between failure, an average outcome, and a huge success. Whether youre always behind schedule and fighting to catch up, havent a clue where to start, or simply want your projects to be more successful, this book will teach you simple and effective techniques to leading successful projects every time. New for this Edition: A new section covering the methodologies that Cole & Barker favour with a lively discussion of their pros and cons. They will also offer advice and insights for good sources of support and information as well as recommended reading, web resources (including ones that are known to only a few).

Why it will sell

Brilliant Outcomes: Understand what economics is and how it affects your everyday life. Learn about important economic theories and they key thinkers. Discover how government policies are formed and why different parties have different views. Find out why we have recessions, and what you can do to protect yourself. Work out why inflation is important and find out about the things you can do to protect yourself from it.

Phil Thornton is lead consultant at Clarity Economics, a consultancy and freelance writing service he set up after a 15-year career as a newspaper journalist. Clarity Economics ( ) looks at all areas of business and economics including macroeconomics, world trade, financial markets fiscal policy, and tax and regulation. Before founding Clarity Economics he was Economics Correspondent at the Independent newspaper, a post he held for eight years.

Stephen Barker is a project management consultant with over 15 years experience. His clients range from small technology start-ups to large government departments. Rob Cole is also a project management consultant with over 20 years experience. He runs high profile projects and specialises in project troubleshooting.



Brilliant Psychology
How to understand yourself and other people Louise Deacon

Brilliant Social Media

Adam Gray

Full of practical insights and examples, you will learn why you are the way you are, and how to understand others with Brilliant Psychology.

Fazed by Facebook? Tongue-tied by Twitter? Lost on LinkedIn? Learn how to navigate the social media jungle, and find out how to get your business noticed. Social media is easy when you know howthis practical guide shows you how to get started, then refine and improve your strategy to get real business results.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

12.99 978-0-273-77946-9 Limp Binding 256pp 216X135 April 2013 Pearson Life Self-help & personal development

Rights Sold
Chinese Simplified, Korean

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

14.99 978-1-292-00113-5 Paperback 256pp 216X135 October 2013 Pearson International E-commerce: business aspects / Sales & marketing / Advertising self-employed

Why it will sell

The brain is one of the most powerful organs in the world. If you want to understand more about your mind and how it works, Brilliant Psychology will bring this complex area to life. With everything you need to know on how we perceive the world, our relationships with others, why psychological problems occur and the key to being happy. Covering the fundamental aspects of the human mind together with an introduction to the important figures and theories, its highly practical with an emphasis on how psychology relates to your life. Features: Understand how the mind works and how this affects your life. Learn about the important theories and the key thinkers. Discover how your intelligence, emotions and personality develop from childhood. Get to grips with our relationships with others, and why they can be good and bad. Find out why we are vulnerable to psychological problems. Discover what you need to be happy and why its vital for your wellbeing. See how to apply the theory to real life.

Louise Deacon is a clinical psychologist in the NHS with 20 years experience of using psychology to help adults solve their personal problems. Her current post is at Kingston Hospital and she is also Senior Tutor at the University of Surrey on the Clinical Psychology training programme.

Why it will sell

Many businesses know that social media is important but they either havent made a start or are dabbling without a proper strategy in place. Its easy to feel overwhelmed by the task how much of my time will it take? When will I see the benefit? What do I do to get heard? How do I integrate it with my marketing and business goals? What are the risks? However, given that 91% of adults use social media regularly, its a superb opportunity for you to find and engage with present and potential customers much more interactively than traditional marketing methods. Brilliant Social Media will help you get started with social media, then refine and improve your experience with a series of straightforward steps that you can start to implement straightaway.

Adam Gray is a social media expert with 25 years of experience in marketing and has been working exclusively in social media since 1999. He is now recognised as one of the countrys top experts in this field and is working closely with larger clients as a consultant to help them implement social media in their businesses. He also speaks regularly for a range of companies, business groups and industry bodies including the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Brilliant outcomes: Understand how social media works and which platforms will best suit your business. Plan a social media strategy that fits into your wider digital and marketing strategies. Connect with your customers. Identify new clients and find out what people really think of your business. Adapt and refine your strategy as you learn from what works and what doesnt.



Brilliant Speed Reading

Phil Chambers

Brilliant Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

How to use CBT to improve your mind and your life 2/e Stephen Briers Over 4,500 copies sold

Whether it's at work, at home or at college, the proven techniques in Brilliant Speed Reading will transform the way you read and engage with information, forever.

The definitive guide to CBTwhat it is how it works and how to use it in your life.

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

12.99 978-0-273-78635-1 Paperback 216pp 216X135 August 2013 Pearson Popular psychology

Rights Sold
First Edition: Dutch, Polish Second Edition: Korean

Price: ISBN13: Format: Extent: Size: Pub Date: Previous ISBN: Imprint: Category:

12.99 978-0-273-77773-1 Limp Binding 232pp 216X135 November 2012 Prentice Hall Popular psychology

Rights Sold
First Edition: Dutch, Polish Second Edition: Korean

Why it will sell

Every single day we receive a huge amount of information to read and we're expected to make sense of it all, more than ever before. With access to countless facts, figures and opinions at the touch of a button, its easy to get lost in the constant flow of data. Brilliant Speed Reading shows you how to breeze through books, newspapers, textbooks, reportswhatever you need to read, however you want to read it. You will learn a simple yet powerful set of techniques that will build your reading speed, step by step, to at least double your current rate. Everything you learn will be reinforced by exercises and tips to ensure you get the most out of your new reading skills. Brilliant Speed Reading is structured so you can easily measure progress and consolidate your learning. You will be asked to time how long it takes to read each chapter and to record your speed on a chart at the beginning. Each chapter has a quiz at the end to help cement knowledge and measure comprehension.

Phil Chambers has been a Buzan Speed Reading, Memory and Mind Mapping Instructor since 1995, trained by Tony Buzan. Phil now trains Speed Reading instructors in collaboration with Tony Buzan. Phil is the reigning World Mind Mapping Champion, a five times Mind Sports Olympiad medallist and Grandmaster of Mind Mapping. He is a Registered Accelerated Learning Trainer, a Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming and a member of the Professional Speaking Association.

Why it will sell

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is the therapy of choice for a whole host of psychological conditions including depression and anxiety which affects a fifth of the population. CBT delivers powerful tools that readers can put to work to dramatically improve their lives. This is the most useful and practical guide to CBT available. Written by highly regarded Clinical Psychologist Dr Stephen Briers, it clearly explains how CBT works, giving readers plenty of exercises to help put the theory into practice and illustrating the effectiveness through stories from people who have used CBT to turn their lives around. Clear, concise and highly readable. Brilliant Outcomes: Understand what CBT is, methods and models. Put CBT to work to improve your mind and your life. Build practical, step-by-step strategies for tackling any problem.

Stephen Briers trained as a clinical psychologist and studied at Cambridge University, where he was later employed in child development research at the Winnicott Unit. Today Stephen works clinically with both children and adults. His various television appearances include four series of the popular BBC parenting programmes Little Angels and Teen Angels and Make Me A Grown-Up for Channel 4. He has also been a regular contributor to the Brain and Behaviour column in The Times Educational Supplement.

Brilliant Outcomes: At least double your reading speed without loss of comprehension. Beat information overload at home and at work. Be able to read fast or slowchoose what works best for you.



Brilliant Computing Series

New Title


In Simple Steps Series


Brilliant books are practical, fast learning and full of hints, tips and indispensable advice that the reader can use immediately. Each Brilliant book has been carefully crafted to ensure everything is applicable and inspirational for the reader - to help them make a difference now. KEY SERIES FEATURES INCLUDE: Conversational, down-to-earth and encouraging, can-do style Brilliant tips running thoughout the chapters Brilliant timesaver tips Brilliant dos and donts Brilliant case studies Brilliant activities



In Simple Steps Series For the Over 50s

3 New Titles
Amy Joyner

Head of Licensing HPE

S Africa, India, China, Taiwan & Oceania

Ruth Cunney

Anne Peacock

Senior Licensing Manager

Western Europe, the Americas & Asia (excluding China and India)

Central Licensing Coordinator

Africa, India, China, Taiwan & Oceania

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Caroline Paskins

Ruth Parkin

Rights Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Western Europe & the Americas

Rights Sales Coordinator

Eastern Europe, Middle East & Asia (excluding China and India)