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Methods the application of a number, letter and time

Seminar from 16.10.02 g. in the cinema of Mir of [kinotavra !

Today on the theme of seminar for introduction and propagation of the study about the rescuing and the harmonious development I show the methodology of the forming of perception, which realizes introduction and propagation of my study by means of the reducing complex. This methodology based on the fact that you separate before the information medium, before your perception, you separate number, separate letter and separate temporary aspect. In this case, when I will tell about today's technology, it is desirable to examine the uniting factor, which spea s, that even if you separate time, then time can have a form. !nd when you wor with the technology, which I show today, it is desirable, in order to that which was isolated on the basis of number and letter, i.e., it is sufficient volumetric before the perception of man of systems, it was transferred down the temporary aspect, because wor in the course of time will go also as with the form of time. Therefore today the tas of averting the global catastrophe and the guarantee of harmonious development before the ideal of eternal, this tas will be solved by means of the fact that you will separate the form of information before your perception precisely and this form will characterize any process as investigation. "or example, the number # these are the conse$uence of form, letter # this conse$uence of form. !nd also, when we spea about the time, we will spea precisely about the form of time. Thus, the first method based on the fact that you separate before the event-related system the number. %ethod of the isolation of the number it such& that you examine any number, for example, the event, which you loo before yourselves, it can have different $uantity of characteristics. "or example, to ma e one control for the realization of event or before the event participate several elements. Then it is obtained, the number corresponds to a $uantity of elements. I.e., you themselves assign a $uantity of elements. 'o here, control here consists before the fact that the region of my study about the rescuing and the harmonious development, this that which ma es the number volumetric and volumetric down the side your, to you. "or example, I separate number 1 as the element of only control for averting, let us suppose the nuclear explosion against the nuclear plant and in this case this number one, i.e., it is necessary to ma e by a united pulse, it contains sufficiently many characteristics. The first characteristic, then that the action must be perfected in the specific this case compulsorily, therefore, I should consider the factor of the future, which is contained before this number. !nd here, when I spea about the structure of my study about the rescuing and the harmonious development, then the content of study implies guarantee the re$uired reaching of this control. !nd when I spea about the number, which before me, and before the flat mode, for example, before () cm from me this number 1. the control consists before the fact that by the isolation of the form as if of hemisphere down my side from the number I realize the purpose of control. I.e., the purpose of control seemingly simultaneously grows down the side from you, i.e., down the side above the number. If the region of study # this that is nearer to you, the separating medium # number itself, the second hemisphere # is the region of control, which acts directly already beyond the purpose of control. !s the concrete practice I immediately introduce the element of your action, i.e., it is desirable, so that you would ma e control, based beyond what they posed the problem of hall as the purpose of control and in this case before the united pulse, for example, number *, isolated this form, which I said, precisely, hemispherical form based on two sides and was obtained number * as united control pulse on the tas s of hall. This is done sufficiently simply, you simply +naprosto, separate the number, i.e., set before yourselves before your perception number *, you fill, seemingly you draw out by mentally hemispherical means to yourselves form, it can be silvery white color, i.e., as if convexity you give, stereo#effect to this number and you simultaneously trac already by spiritual sight, will focus attention you you trac by spiritual sight as it grows the number down the side to you, from me, when I wor , correspondingly, when you you wor , this grows to me. !nd when you loo the element of mutual increase, you see that the tas of hall realizes before the united pulse, where the uni$ueness # this is accuracy, the obligation of reaching control according to the tas of hall. -hen I spea about the tas of hall as about the generalized level of control, i.e., indeed tas , of course, different, but, when we indicate, that before the united pulse all purposes of control are realized, then is clear then that before the united pulse it is possible to realize any totality of purposes before principle. !s the conse$uence ma e now control in order to find this conse$uence, i.e., indeed much before the elements

223654928.doc p.2 of13 of the nowledge of such values, whereas which must be found before the first level of realization. "or example, I spea today about today's method, and already this method contains the set of some elements of development and you will here use this method in order to obtain answer down the $uestion interesting you, can formulate a $uestion, you can no, you can simply against the level such, that there is spiritual control before this technology. 'pecifically, about spiritual I spo e now control. 'imply you will examine before the optical element spiritual level, spiritual element you will apply to see this element, in addition the same method itself. I.e., the region of study # this that which is nearer with respect to you from the number, and the region of control # this above the number. Thus, when you this ma e, i.e., seemingly you enter into the search system, number itself, precisely, the boundary system between the region of study and the purpose, i.e., purpose can contain both the spiritual plan, sensual, and the level event#related or the restoration of health. That is precisely transitional level - this is a region of your thinking . !nd here, when you find the region of thin ing, where the region of thin ing it interacts with different elements of reality, including physical reality, you see that restoration # turning this number to you, but rotation already across the channel of soul. .ere is the way, which goes down you # this is the way of soul. !nd therefore isolation, sufficiently strict isolation before the wor of altogether only with one number of elements of reaching soul in this case characterize the ob/ectivity precisely of the perception of soul. Indeed when we spea about the perception and we examine optical percent articulation, then is wor by the element of reason, by the element of perception, which characterizes event, by the element of spirit, these are the elements, isolated before the optical everything after all to system, because perception can be optical also. 0ut when we spea about the soul, we see the +pervoorganizuyushchuyu, system1 therefore when we from the united number have a way already to our soul, then we see that control consists before the fact that the soul can have the specific action and I introduce this term as the action of state. !nd here, when you use this term of two words as the action of state, and you add there the

action of the state of soul, i.e., the third word, then you see that the fact that

you can see the system of the organization of letter, as the letter in the form of information is organized. Try as the independent wor to loo , how letter grows before the system of information. Indeed is laws of perception, for example, the law about the consciousness, which characterizes the sufficiently simple principles of the propagation of the elements of consciousness. "or example, if I loo against the microphone, then so that there would be no possible global catastrophe, I first before the primary action of survey for the sa e of physical sight ma e action so that this it would not occur. 'o here so that this it would not occur, I embed the first letter no, there is no global catastrophe. Then is obtained control,

which proceeds from the soul, who organizes letter, indeed I said at first, and there will be the method of control, where the concept of letter, one letter will be used. That in this case one letter # is letter

", it must solve control system before the tas

of primary percent articulation. !nd here when you assign the first percent articulation with the momentary effect, you practically obtain the already following level, obtain word. !s far as possible now ma e thus wor so that when your concrete personal purposes, for example, you would arrive with the specific goal, where the first element is the rescuing of all, and further solution of particular problems, then when you solve your already problem, after ma ing the first action, will loo where you you see the organization of your proposal as the purposes of control. !nd what element letter in this case is manager. I.e., before control through the letter there is a principle of control through the letter, which is contained before the proposal or before the word. !nd you apparently sufficiently fre$uently noted before your perception that when you formulate and attempt to mentally represent proposal as it must be written, first before optics luminesces only some letters or one first. This is understandable, because if you even begin to write, logic is such, the motor of the motion of hand such, that you begin to write nevertheless based on the first letter, and do not write, for example, immediately all letters. Therefore the logic of consciousness, development of consciousness it is such, that motor functions, the fact that you have in the form your own systems of development, these functions are superimposed beyond the elements of the development of your consciousness. !nd here try now before the space of your thin ing, try to ma e simultaneously with me, i.e., when I spea before the space of thin ing, is sufficiently understandable, this that corresponds to thin ing level and try to connect the level of the development of letter for the sake of the level of the development of number. I.e., you will isolate level and try seemingly to connect up some place. It would seem letter and number, ob/ectively certain systems, if we examine them before the system of

223654928.doc p.3 of13 perception, then the connection of letter for the sa e of the number with forming condition for control through the form, creates certain third machine word. 'o here, this third machine word, you will see, that it is moved actually practically along the specific very rigid corridor, beginning based on the level of letter and based on that level, which before the volumetric hemispherical level is developed down my side. This is the region of my study about the rescuing and the harmonious development, and, in addition above the letter of flat, /ust as before the similarity with the number, you have a propagation of ob/ective control function above the letter, which goes +v, +s, side from you. I.e., when you ma e of number and letter, the element system for control already exists and is developed about the specific laws. I.e., here it is possible to examine the canonical, legislative that systems of the development of the consciousness, when the first action leads down the following action. !nd here, when you separate before your control, that one action leads down the following action, then you see, in the first place, the element of control, in the second place, the element of control both above the primary purpose, when you ma e control and above the obligation of the attainability of control according to macro#rescuing, in the first place, in the second place, already and solution of particular problems before some time interval.

When you go already across the time base before the solution of your problems, then before the system of macrorescuing time begins to be scattered, seemingly to be absent .
Indeed the principle of macro#rescuing consists before the fact that compulsorily must begin the rescuing, there must not be in any event possible global macro#catastrophe and must be provide ford eternal harmonious development. Accordingly these are the elements of

eternity and therefore, when you pass to the solution of particular problems, then here you examine process in such a way that solution of this particular problem, this to eat a timeless aspect.
I.e., the function of consciousness is such, that it operates on the specific legislative level and is derived the aspect of time. 'o here, when I spo e about the fact that the time in this case is derived after primary action, then is this the law of the development of consciousness, which says about the fact that action - this is the

timeless aspect, when you examine action from the realization of soul. Indeed soul actually realizes tas s fre$uently out of the time and spaces, this is tas s of soul true
from the creator, and here when I say that precisely from the creator, you see that light, which condescends from your soul, you will focus attention, down the purpose of control, it precisely condescends, here when you loo precisely this level, precisely, as it condescends, i.e., negation # it descends # not, the principle of negation in action. It descends. 0ut it condescends, it means the element of time it is possible to withdraw, i.e., there is no time. !nd when you begin to govern by means of the connection of words and action, then is here evident that when you govern by means of precisely the letter, then is the sphere of my study about the rescuing and the harmonious development, which is arranged to you, this sphere is concentrated very + ontsentrirovanno, simultaneously, also, before the very system of letter. I.e., letter # material system, I can, for example, write letter # and before the perception place before itself letter ! and consider that it suffices to ma e control thus. "or example, I can each proposal begin based on the fact that to say #, ......!, to place comma, and is further some proposal. Then it turns out that what proposal is further # before principle no longer it is substantial. "urther it is possible to govern only through one letter, where proposal itself can be any. !nd here we now come down the universal principle of control, where the concept of inaccuracy control or concept of the fact that to control is necessary it ta es a long time to be trained, these concepts are levelled, you obtain the re$uired attainability of control according to macro#rescuing, as a minimum, and can reach the re$uired attainability of control according to personal tas s. 2ow ma e together with me control, it consists before the fact that you also place simply before yourselves before the perception letter ! also try to loo as this letter begins to illuminate the same letters of those people, which are located by a number. 3ven not compulsorily next, it can be even people, which are located beyond other continent. 0ecause letter # can let out a secret any person. !nd here when you loo the transfer of this your glow to single#letter system, then is evident that before the basis of this letter is located the form, which is located before your soul. !nd here here $ introduce this concept as the isolation of the form of control besides soul.

223654928.doc p.4 of13 -hen you wor precisely by the level of soul, for you everything is sufficient transparent and is not necessary some strong#willed efforts so that control would realize. 0ecause soul # is the created, +sozidayushchaya, system. !nd about the laws, most realized from the creator she creates in the manner that it ma es creator. -hen you examine the principles, which now I give on the propagation of study precisely as principles from the creator, you will see, that everything becomes against the defined level sufficiently simply and you will see at this point of simplicity as it is organized spirit before the same concepts, about which I now spo e by words. 0ecause the purpose of control it is to create such

spiritual level, which allows always, independent of your state, even if you sleep, to realize macro-rescuing and to achieve required control according to personal purpose.
!nd therefore, when you heard this lecture, or it recalling, you +sa tsentiruete, attention before how wor s spirit before the same concepts, then you will see, that spirit % this is the action, &here temporar' aspect in the purpose of action is absent. (rom the point of vie& of this technolog' . !nd then you will see, that if we spea about control by means of the time, i.e., how to ma e control, if we have temporary aspect, then time here becomes the sufficiently single level of the isolation of pulse, first or following control pulse. ! sufficiently simple example, if you receive some ob/ect of information, you will go, the machine will go before you, the form of machine immediately creates the element of number one, one machine, or letter %, machine begins down this letter. !nd it turns out that before the consciousness there are laws, which ma e it possible based on the abstract notion to separate the following concept, for example, the number either word or letter. 'o here, if by analogy you begin to separate time and to examine this necessary as time showers, i.e., by what time receives soul, then the dynamics of time can be such rapid that the soul is characteri)ed as far as the super%temporar' level of development . I.e.,

is located above the time, i.e., processes such rapid that the time begins seemingly to be controlled, i.e., to be extensible, to have individual nuance and so on.
%any, apparently, noted that the time has individual signs and therefore here the isolation

of individual sign for the level of macro-rescuing - in this case this is the action, which makes the reverse level of the development of time, i.e., it gives to time precisely threedimensional aspect. "or example, the machine, which passes and is isolated number * this the
machine, which is found before some time of perception. 4et us suppose you receive ( seconds. 'o here, when you ma e reverse action, seemingly you find time, then you see that you self#passivate. In this case I made a uni$ue interpretation of the principle of self#organizing from the sufficiently simple postulates and the logical systems in the form of the conclusions, which now I gave, where you can be self#organized from the machine words of perception and such elements as number, letter and time, and, control besides it I described more as timeless aspect. Therefore when you come down the fact that you see your body, i.e., you see, as occurs an increase in your body, as body it is restored or it +samovossozdaetsya,, and also it self#passivates, then you see that the entire surrounding world also has points of self#organizing and +samosozdaniya, actually. !nd when you enter by consciousness into the point of +samosozdaniya,, then creator shows to you nowledge explicitly. !nd here when you must see these nowledge already clearly, then here soul is opened. I today spea about the principles of the operation of soul sufficiently much, but they are precisely such, that the wor , as I said, can not tire by soul, it can be not perceived, because the wor of soul occurs always,

and you do not always accentuate before this attention even before the usual life. Therefore it is very important that the usual state, i.e., the state of soul can prevent
possible global catastrophe, it can ensure eternal harmonious development and, naturally, it can you constantly restore. !nd here when you have a principle of a constant restoration, it would seem, effortlessly, and after finding the state of soul. 'o here, the way of soul it fre$uently long, here I for long spo e and showed some tra/ectories in the optical range as to leave to the soul, but indeed the state of soul must be acting always. I.e., way to it can be long, but the action of soul must be instantaneous and +vsesushchim,. 'ince following second, for example, passes, all made some control so that there would be no global destruction, conse$uently soul appeared as +vsesushchaya, reality. !nd here when you make control besides soul, then you will focus

attention, that the point of the concentration of soul - this is

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external objects of information. "or example, the point of concentration before the
perception of soul, let us suppose I can find here point before the microphone and see the point of concentration in the optical range of concretely my soul and see as, for example, soul your, and it can be even person, who goes on the pavement, it is concentrated about the specific laws nevertheless at one point. It is simple laws different, the laws of motion optical, try before optics to examine processes. !nd when you before the collective consciousness, i.e., before the collective percent articulation leave beside one common point, you see as it wor s, as creator creates. !nd these nowledge are sufficiently opened. .ere as before the television set is possible simply to loo , to ma e similarly and

-hen you ma e similarly, if we hear today's lecture and to reach this point, where you ma e similarly, then action similar - this is your self-development. -hy they, for example, consider that intellect, reason is developed when much wor it occurs or when complex concepts they are solved, although would seem everything opened, it is possible to ma e similar and to ma e a universal system. The fact is that each following event contains all previous plus is still altered, i.e., a similar place

always needs correlation, moreover, the element of correlation it new. !nd here when you ma e correlation, you create.
2ow I you led down the fact that you create, therefore, when you you ma e control, try to wor in such a way that creation auto, this is an action of the soul, where are nown such concepts as spirit, reason, the system of external reality, internal, i.e., there everything is nown. !nd here, at this point you see straight information as to create, as to ma e next step as to ma e the following development. !nd when you are situated at this point, then the propagation of the fact that you can +samovosstanovitsya,, indeed I already said that you can +samovossozdavatsya,, this concrete technology, the standard of +samovossozdaniya, # these are the standard of health, for example, the standard of the surrounding events. !nd the transmission of information surrounding # this is the level, where the transfer occurs about the laws of collective perception, i.e., about the laws of the standard, where the standard exists, besides the fact that it exists as controlling value, it exists even as standard fixed. "or example, you can go along the street, there stand certain trees, buildings. This is standard. !nd the standard, which is transferred before optics through you, I showed that the letter ! can be instantly transmitted where conveniently, it is transferred by that surrounding. I.e., interaction of standards, normalization. !nd when you loo against interaction of normal state of affairs, you see that eternity itself is accessible simply because it is possible this standard to constantly increase by creating special control. !nd here when I spea about the harmonious

development down the side of eternal development, then controlling rate setting such, that if we spea about control by means of the time, i.e., the perception, which contains the element of time, then rate setting - this absence of the element of time factor before the elements of events.
If we loo against some building and to calculate as to determine, that this building will be eternally developed. It is simple as plate to withdraw time factor. Then it comes out that your perception reacts down the building eternally and he nows, it immediately nows, i.e., you immediately can understand as to construct this building. 5onse$uently, to withdraw the certain flat plate, which between your perception and this building. 'o here, when we spea about the man, then there is no its this flat plate already. Soul sees man b' such that it is al&a's eternal. !nd you will examine this sufficiently simply before the elements even of usual perception. When you look out down the people, in you,

naturally, it does not appear the temporary aspects of perception from the point of view of the fact that in ten years or through one hundred, through ten or through one hundred before the logic only different, but from the point of view of soul this identical. And here when you come down this percent articulation of soul this already the level of soul, the fact that I now speak, this already the percent articulation of soul, down which I now you led.
!nd when you loo against this level, you see that your soul she not only you self#restores, he +samovossozdaet,, but it, also as acts creator, it still creates surrounding, in the first place, which this they

223654928.doc p.6 of13 re$uire, for example, are restored people. 6ou will loo down this level and you will see before optics very rapidly they go the wave of mutual restoration. !nd the following level, when you begin to control the process, which you see before yourselves by means of the special logical level of control, where you specially increase control to that level, moreover logically you increase, i.e., these are not control even spirit or control

besides infinite factor showers, but this logical control, which, in this case shows that logic it is such, that when you logically increase control, then logic grows together with the physical body down the side of infinity. I.e., there is this concept as an informative increase in the body
down the side of infinity. I.e., physical body in this case becomes healthier, and here is precisely an increase in the germination before the time. I.e., if we loo an example with the building, where it is possible to withdraw plate and to see the interval of the perception, where it is located, then before the soul this interval this there are you themselves. !nd here when you see your development on those surrounding, you see that the propagation of technologies, the transfer of technologies # this is also the state of soul. !nd when you are in this state, then propagation occurs sufficiently rapidly. "or example, if spiritual control connected with the fact that you sleep and you can ma e so that will not be global destruction, this is a state, then in this case this state is analogous. The state of the soul, where occurs the propagation of my study about the rescuing and the harmonious development, and indeed study includes technologies completely concrete on reaching of direct control and instantaneous control. !nd if you ma e this construction of of more general common, then she realizes so that you you obtain control practically instantaneous only based on the state. !nd today's tas now, will now go +trenning,, where it is necessary before that state, before which you now are situated, it is not necessary him to change, but, being in this state try to ma e both the autoreduction and to solve personal tas s and to simultaneously transmit entire practice only before one state. In this case I do not distinguish tas your or macro#rescuing, but simply I spea about the fact that you wor at that tas , which you select. 0egin now to wor and as far as possible you will loo against the level of your perception, as proceeds wor from one your state. 6ou will focus attention, that state it is the not stressed, this natural state. !nd here when you find the point of natural state, this is complete realization before the usual phenomena of the surrounding peace, i.e., before the usual event#related systems, i.e., your natural state - this maximum controlling system. !nd when you come down this, that you find before the natural state maximum controlling system, you yourselves practically you teach to the fact that you found by the development of the logic of this lecture, this there is that the fact that you can isolate before the perception and to the same yourselves learn, logically learn. !nd here when you yourselves punish independently logically, then the connection of logic and plus the logic of movement to the lecture material, where the concept to learn # this is simple to pose problem, that this state, you simply yourselves learned to this state.

You made so that your natural state - this and there is a state of universal rescuing.
It turns out that, that man not made, he is nevertheless rescued. 0ut when this state they manage as much as possible people, then it turns out that the element of universal rescuing # this simply standard. 2orma, which is embedded before the element of interrelations, i.e., the complete, and, freedom of actions and so on, due to the conditions of the completely complete freedom of the actions and most diverse interests is always observed the element of universal rescuing. !nd plus reaching is here narrower than particular purposes. %ore rapidly they are reached than more people by this is occupied. Thus, when we indicate, that the state, against which we arrived # this to eat a controlling state and state showers, and so this now and there is, and it was, when you now practiced, then when you down this come logically, you can make any state a system of macro-rescuing . 4et us suppose if I diagnose the aircraft, which with the transportation of the nuclear ammunition, which is not necessary, must be made then so that during control would be constantly the pulse of the decrease of nuclear weapon the civilized way, political and so on. That it turns out that here appear two types of state, that, in the first place, I must accompany so that now would not fall the aircraft, but, in the second place, I against nuclear weapon would increasing, i.e., as if element of reduction is obtained. Then are obtained two different states they must realize one common purpose of control. 'o here, here we arrived against the fact that nuclear weapon must be transported and not explode along the way, at least, until politically it is removed from production. There is control before the political system in this case, but are obtained two contradictory states they must solve one general problem.

223654928.doc p.7 of13 .ere here appear the following level, the level of the presence of soul, the level of the realization of soul before the information before the space out of you. !nd here when you come down this level, you see that, even if these states different, nevertheless this aircraft arrives flying, it does not explode, it does not fall, nuclear warheads are reached also through some $uantity of years they are restructured by adopting the international agreements. I.e., is embedded such, which will actual occur and further you see that, if the state, which can be completely different, for example, I I can listen to music or to me it was pleased melody, I can be in the state of the perception of melody, I can not at all analyze contradiction or uniformity of the state of soul, I should ma e control and reach that there would be no macro#destruction. Thus it turns out that I leave down the spiritual sphere. 6ou will focus attention, I showed where there exists passage down the spiritual sphere of the control of perception. 7erceptions by spirit. 0ut it is further, as soon as you approach yourselves, you pass to the logic. !nd here logic, precisely, that which forms logical connections # this down the larger degree appeared when you come down your body. !nd the first contact # s in, this is a already most rigid system of event#related logical levels. Therefore when I spea about that, where are separated the system of my study about the rescuing and the harmonious development, then isolation before this technology, before this development, once occurs, where you you have the rigid structurization of connections and events, i.e., with the approximation to yourselves. !nd when you approach yourselves it is apparent that from you it proceeds that light, where each event is clear why it such . -hy it occurs, i.e., opposite light. 6ou will learn to wor by light. 4ight # approximation to a body through that tra/ectory, which I now gave, where the soul passes beside the spirit. !nd the soul being present before the external element. This is this seemingly three# dimensional space. 4ight hence, when it moves to you, moreover you move it, these are still controlled systems, this not chaotic systems. This the trans#, this is logic of the thin ing, where simply realizes purpose light#optician. I.e., before the state of wor you must not be in the state of trance or meditation, this usual state, where you before any state are capable of doing so that there would be no macro#destruction, as the minimum. But moreover, any state is the fact that it is the source of your eternal development. !nd hence it turns out that the region of study # this is a development of the structure of eternity before your perception. .ere I now isolated the region of my study about the rescuing and the harmonious development as this purposeful region, i.e., I already left from the concept of the rigid fixed forms. 8egion of study as the principle of development. Then it turns out that the elements of the studies, which can be self#developed, they create the very rapidly training systems, which are very intelligible. Try to ma e similar of control, that, if I ta e the region of the development of soul before the external level and hence I begin to regard against itself, then I very simply can, for example, restore the organism of another human, hall, a $uantity of people it does not have a value, only because I examine the realization of soul, my soul about the standard at the particular point, but I he said that there exists the external system of realization and this standard the only +navsego, to bring closer to itself. !nd approximation, in the first place, is this the /oint system of reality plus still I, which this wants. I.e., it turns out that I derived to the fact that to want, to set as a goal of macro#rescuing # this is solution of problem before the current system. 'ince before following second macro#destruction does not occur.

6ou will here focus attention on the fact that I wor by logic, but this is laws of the development of consciousness, the laws of the functionality of consciousness. 5onsciousness also has the
specific laws of functionality on the specific theme of control. Therefore here I precisely spo e about law. The fact is that it is possible to examine some investigation systems, you will focus attention, when I spea laws, try to this to listen and to find them based on the different positions. Is not compulsory this the rigidly fixed laws. !nd when we spea already about the fixed laws, then is the principle of autoreduction, the principle of motion to its soul, the principle of motion on the propagation, when you +dvizhites, to yourselves, you extend to all, it realizes before the fact that against the specific intimate level each person wants to see the similar down himself, to see showers so that there would be the surrounding happiness, development, health and so on, i.e., the certain complex n. of social either physiological on the health or political, including. Therefore before that level of soul spirit and soul are located before one place. 9ust as body. !nd here here I led down that level of understanding, that there is a place before the space of thin ing, before the space of your perception, where all are situated before one, spirit, soul, body. !nd when you wor hence, then is here sufficient to trace the logic of the development of today's lecture. I.e., if you see lecture part when I I spea , and when you wor , then interaction our occurs within the framewor hall. It is understandable that the hall exists as physical $uantity, which there will be video cassette, text

223654928.doc p.8 of13 interpretations, they will disperse, but interaction occurs through the shared ob/ective. 7urpose # rescuing of all as primary purpose and the tas allowing possible global catastrophe. 'o here, the glow of this purpose # this to eat a sign of the presence before us of the ideological system of universal development. !nd when you separate this system before yourselves, then you see that this system, first of all, is directed down to that in order to realize your physical reality from the macrolevel, from the level of ideology, here, for example, from where are ta en thoughts, why such actions, the level of cellular plan. 6ou will focus attention, I pass down that, as you are organized logically. 6ou self#passivate. !nd in this case in order to show woven +samorganizatsiyu,, i it was necessary now sufficiently much to describe the previous systems. If you accurately pass to this level at least to one hearing even here before the hall, then you already there are located. The level of self#organizing # this that the cell sees its own body. The special law of consciousness, one of the laws, this that the cell sees entire body. !ny element of body receives your own body in the manner that you you receive before the principle of all or yourselves. !nd hence it turns out that if you are situated at this point of nowledge, nowledge, then for you generally there is no problems for the instantaneous restoration, instantaneous rate setting of situation. Indeed I down the larger degree fre$uently spea about the positions all after all ideological. I.e., for example here I spea the defined words, but I regard it wor s in this case hall, i.e., before the totality external system, as you wor , that are present, as wor s interaction with building itself, as goes the output of optics by wave process down the street. !nd people, which are passed near, they before this optics participate. !s in the ocean, there different levels of men it has when it floats, the there different layers of water. 3xactly so it occurs, that the infinite level of information localized here, the local nowledge, obtained actually, obtained for the purpose of action, it can be disseminated even mechanically. !nd the here following principle of the propagation of study by means of the reducing complex consists before the fact that you consider your own system for control as system rigidly fixed. "ixed somewhere. "or example, you wor before some concrete space, section on the dacha, where it is convenient, was pleased to you. !nd you try to wor before this place. !nd here when you wor before this place, then that you ma e as the purpose of control it realizes, in the first place, in this place it realizes everywhere on the purpose of control, but also the light, which goes based on this place, it is extended seemingly mechanical waves of light. !s usual light. .ere I already showed, as the light of thin ing he will be /oined with the light of physical reality. .ere it turns out that if we wor before some concrete place, /ointing the light of thin ing with the light of physical reality occurs. !nd, moreover, there is the possibility to govern the light of physical reality. %a e now usual control according to the purpose before me, not on the dacha, but before me. %a e control and try to leave down the light level of control in such a way that the light, which goes down this place, would be the uni$ue bridge, where there is correlation coefficient, where there is wave amplitude of thin ing and real light it coincides. The action of light, you will turn attention, not strictly spea ing light itself, but action. .owever, action on what that is based. "irst when we spea about the action of color, then here the light, which has color, it has a characteristic of thin ing, space of thin ing, it is here sufficient li e the complex concepts, when I spea about the space of thin ing, but this space of thin ing is wor ing, we should do so as to isolate structure and to govern physical light. !nd here as soon as you begin to govern light for the sa e of physical, then here you can enter beside the structure of material. !ny material element, which is located both at a distance this light beam and by extrapolation to leave the light beam and to fall beside another system. This is the element, which shows that it is possible to use physical elements in order to obtain control as, for example, besides direct control, i.e., you, for example, can thus ma e, that altogether only +navsego, the light, on which you go as down the source it comes down the concrete level, and this level can be cellular, the level of health and so on. 2ow ma e concrete control and this control it consists before the fact that it is now necessary to isolate its particular tas s, to ma e control again before me, i.e., its particular problems you pose in the form the concrete vertical posts of light. 4et this certain cylinder of light, placed before me, be your tas . !nd try through this element of light to leave actually beside control level, which characterizes reaching particular tas inside this element of light. I.e., inside this post of light you must reach control, there is this concept thing in itself, inside this system of the fact that you obtain by setting this system before yourselves. Ta e for the analysis my practice, let us suppose of instruction before the orthodox system, against the university. In order not to decide course, I simply too and placed answers, but I pac ed action beside the eventual result. %oreover, absolutely everywhere this coincided +ot, and to, if we I had to ma e rapidly. :nce there answers exists, why then it is necessary to create action itself. Is obtained this action there is that, we strive for what, i.e., the universal rescuing, which it is necessary at the point of all, why necessary to complicate system, why it is necessary to ta e and something to draw from without, to ma e some controlling complex combination.

223654928.doc p.9 of13 -hen you set as a goal of control before me, again gather it and for this purpose there is resolution of a $uestion. 2ow you enter into this system for control, as if consciousness you enter into your post of personal control and try inside this system, and, I always will spea , i.e., try to listen to that I I spea attentively, try by those methods, about which I spo e today, try as far as these methods to realize the purpose of control, i.e., to reach control. -hen you place control before me, for example before the ;rd meters from me, you are situated before your space of thin ing, space of thin ing they do not intersect. !lso as any coordinate system, you are situated before some place, you cannot prevent each other, you can only improve the system of mutual control, because you give light. 4ight # this is an improvement in control. !nd when you govern in one place, then is this principle, when many people wor beyond the universal rescuing, then light increases. !nd light must be such, that the universal rescuing is already achieved as before an example with the tas . 7roblem is already solved. 0ut I accurately now that the actually universal rescuing exists in the future. I use the same ideology& what difference, I now tas , technology the same, diagnostic system. :n my personal practice leave beside this system. 'imply leave. !nd when you leave, there nothing to search for not necessary. Into study enters personal practice. !nd you here loo the region before me it begins to be illuminated, you loo attentively. %oreover, light it such, that at each point the luminous source is practically infinite. I.e., the element of eternity, which grows from your consciousness. !nd when you begin again to be fixed to yourselves, then you see that you are eternal. .ere here the main thing this to perceive to, and, perceive against the level of all technologies, presented, including before today's lecture, where there is an element of the concept of soul and development of spirit, consciousness and so on. In this case try to ma e so that your body would control entire situation. There is a concept of the control of logical, there is a concept of the control of spiritual, the control of body # simply the shape of body controls. .ere I transferred down the new percent articulation, where the body # this is the controlling system and the realizing system. I.e., you are $uietly situated now before this hall, and your body exercises absolute control over the fact so that there would be no global destruction. :nly because this form is such, that it includes this solution. !nd from your personal practice, I led down that, indeed seminar, then that you ma e, I in accordance with this add control. !nd it turns out that if you found, they found many immediately, someone only is later, but as a whole as soon as the element of infinity of light appeared, you found the solution of the within the framewor one cylinder of our own tas . "ound because, in the first place, I it found, in the second place, this simpler than something to complicate. !nd it turns out that you can very simply solve problems, and this simplicity # this is a state of the body. !nd here is state of the body - this is a state of soul. -hen you have a state of the body, i.e., you perceive and cover yourselves as you, having the state of the body, which, by the way, can not be differentiated as state of the body, but you spiritually understand, that this is a state of the body. !nd here I introduced this concept as the understanding by spirit. I.e., spirit can understand. It is clear that he understands, but here you this understand logically, you see, as it ma es. !nd here when you have a principle of spiritual understanding, then you indeed can develop your spirit via logical effort beside any point of space-time and understand for any distance, which occurs . -hich now occurs at the point of *) m hence strictly down the north. I ta e this point, I understand, which there occurs, I simply see, let us say so, the element of the manager of vision. 0ut indeed I this ma e now because you this you now. I.e., it is possible to ma e because you this now, I to you said. !nd when you now begin to solve problem, try to decide without the state of trance so that there would be no entrance beside some special states, it can be even very pleasant, but it is better not to enter. 0ecause, represent, you will go above the control or some solve problem, you come out at the conference, simultaneously, for example, I now wor with the nuclear station of <oronezh, but I must conduct lecture or control satellite systems. !nd therefore try not to enter into trans# systems, i.e., trac so that this would be not trans#. I.e., trans# this is system of the super#fast characteristics, where there can be the absence of the zone of the control, where everything lies down beyond the external algorithm. In this case the algorithm must be only your. !ny trances, and further control consists before the fact that you must see yourselves through that element, which I now said. The element, where the spirit is understood. The understanding spirit it gets down from above in the form such vertical rays it can on you get down, it gets down now. !nd try to see, where the spirit of the creator, where the presence of creator # this is your spirit. 'pecifically, before this rigid formula. -hen you see control from the creator, you see that you understand him. Indeed I began based on the fact that it is possible to understand external element, and when you this you correlate to itself, I did not say that here ta e there and intensively understand itself. I did not accentuate on this of attention. I said that you understand the creator, when you loo against yourselves by the understanding spirit. !nd when you will be deepened beside this part of the material, you will see, that I

223654928.doc p.10 of13 said sufficiently simply. In order to obtain the universal rescuing. In order to obtain action, real action. !nd here sufficient simplicity consists before the fact that not all elements can be presented very simply, but nevertheless there are the elements, which only from the fact that you heard them, they always realize. I.e.,

the universal rescuing always realizes. Because there is this purpose. Purpose cannot exist without its realization. #bout the creative plan.
6ou will focus attention, this exists as the law of thinking . Indeed the exterior problem of purpose you means are there are already realized. I said that the soul can be realized out of you. I.e., this is your soul, but it realized beside some to the point of space. -hen external glow increases, i.e., the going light to the soul is such, that the coming from the soul light and from that part of the soul, which out of you in the optical range, they are connected against one speed and the vector, which comes from without and coming from the soul they are such, that against the /unction of light +ve toralnost,, i.e., the origin of light, it practically seemingly is eroded, i.e., light becomes universal. !nd here when the different vectors of light go down the different sides, but intersecting they they give precisely the element of universal glow, then this there is that the fact that the creator ma es. It is here precisely in the optical range. This is very simple to trace. 'imply you ta e and you loo against the optical perception, you change vector nature by simply logical effort. , where connection of the different vectors of light gives uniformity and, on the contrary, an increase in the intensity # this is presence of creator. !nd here are you, when you loo against this element, then the phase of my study about the rescuing and the harmonious development is located before the element of primary light. 6ou can immediately enter beside the technology, i.e., to understand as is developed the creative level, which is your level. -hat your personally way in this place, what your personal tas . -hen you this see, you completely can focus attention on yourselves, but already with the light of creator, i.e., you can see yourselves on the tas s from the creator. 0y eyes of creator. I.e., why you against the given moment something should ma e and that it is generally necessary to ma e. .ere is this most precise the vision, which ma es it possible accurately completely to wor for averting the possible global catastrophe. I.e., here now I posed this problem itself personally, he loo ed, examined, that in !ntarctic region there is the increased melting of snow, the tas of ma ing so that it would not be it. Through sufficiently large number of years, before hundred, this element leads down the fact that the macro#destruction does not occur. 0ut, if we displace element here, we attract, then we obtain, that there is no here macro#destruction, there is no macro#destruction there, whereas for the creator there is no temporary aspect. !nd we obtain, that before our united action we will reach the universal absence of macro#destruction. !nd although it turns out that there is somewhat it would seem the complicated understanding at first glance, precisely, of verbal plan, nevertheless during the hearing one, two or three times or the subtraction of text, I spea sufficiently simple words, I do not write different e$uations the complicated e$uations, the same is simple of word.

And it turns out that by means of the words of usual, without which or formulas it is possible to bring down the level of the practically precise absence of macro-destruction, as a minimum, but moreover, it is possible to compulsorily achieve personal goals . It is worthwhile only
technology to get to now more deeply, it is more detailed or more by it to be occupied. Indeed in the final analysis all depends on a $uantity of time how much you you are occupied by technology. 0ecause sometimes there are $uestions what time to be occupied, this, of course, to /udgment of each person, but in me simply was the cases, when even from the heaviest diseases people via the simply large number of occupations completely +samoizlechivalis,. "or example, on the boo standardized system of nowledge very many down me brought the results of self#healing, where simply a $uantity of time was high. 'o here, the volume of occupations across the system of macro#rescuing is obtained that # this is also purposeful control, where a $uantity of occupations can lead down the more system reaching of result. 2ow I pose before you the problem of control, you try to ma e control, and I will loo and wor together with you so that the number of actions would be similar before your perception, that a $uantity all after all is not the determining element of control. Indeed if you actually govern immediately many tas s, then fre$uently you do not have time it ta es a long time to be occupied some by specific ob/ectives. Therefore ma e now this control for the hall first, that has a value all after all accuracy of control, although in this case a $uantity has a value, i.e., based on a $uantity you will obtain accuracy. 7lace again such vertical small cylinders, possible already who wants with the spheres. Inside the sphere of the purpose of your control ma e so, in order to by these three simple methods of control& number, letter and time, you reach that a $uantity is not determining. !lthough I said well that if we much wor , then it is possible to obtain control. 0ut I now want so that you would ma e everyone after all tas of more rapid reaching. 6ou

223654928.doc p.11 of13 will obtain before control that the number of your own actions is not the determining value. 8each before this system of accuracy. !nd ma e this control according to three parameters, first for the universal rescuing, the second, on the tas s of hall and for those, who will loo subse$uently this lecture and, the third, particular tas s. Three structures. !chieve rapid control everywhere, within the framewor of rigid sphere. 6ou will arrange the spheres of your control before me. -hen I spea about the methods, recall that I he spo e about the methods, it is not compulsory to detail, simply wor . Indeed I led you down that state, which is the manager state. =etailing is not re$uired. 'imply wor within the framewor stated problem and all. 0egin to wor and try to trac as it goes wor on your tas s and as it goes diagnostics. !s far as possible diagnose system, try to loo . Try to wor $uietly, you do not hurry, I said that the state of soul this fre$uently absence of stress. I.e., this the state, when you can be occupied, even thin about another, and soul wor s, you wor very easily, do not hurry. !s far as possible, reaching particular tas s, more accurately them diagnose. =iagnostics of the current state, for example, off the body, plus is forecast phase. I.e., you loo for itself, you identify, yes, you reached control. <ery rigid system of its own identification. 2ow you will loo on the hall. This I give certain managers of construction, but in this case can be occupied by your simultaneously. 6ou will loo that hall it reaches your tas s, i.e., I beginnings from the particular tas s, the hall, and further I approach the universal rescuing. !lthough it had to they began wor vice versa. I began generally based on the other side. 0ecause external macro#rescuing this that which contains all elements of control, outline of the external sphere, ma e so that your spheres, you pass everything down the spherical level of control, inside the spheres wor , sphere and light, it is again better before me. In order to sphere, the boundary of spheres # this is the rescuing of all. That inside, light, the rescuing in all, you wor inside this light. The light of my study # the fact that exists in action, the light of motion inside the sphere, which applies to the external surface of sphere and it includes. 2ow move the sphere of control according to hall to itself, sphere one in each. It first is united in one general, you move to yourselves, seemingly remove uni$ue matrix to yourselves and you will focus attention, that the sphere on the hall in this case did not decrease. The main thing is>are very clearly fix for itself that any actions, when you attract the sphere of control, before yourselves you place, well before *) cm or it is more so that it would not overshade the loo , you begin to move it still nearer and you wor with it, but these are the sphere of control besides hall, not your is personal, you will isolate very rigidly. "urther, when you begin to wor before this plan, you will loo , that the sphere of macro#rescuing it the same, switch over to this sphere, simply as I said # it the same. !nd when you switched over to this sphere, then this sphere # this is that which moves the events of reality. Including it moves, moves events or organizes events. !nd further you can before the center of this sphere it is possible to switch over to the sphere created, the sphere, where temporary aspect is absent. !nd you will loo as it is gathered time. !s generally time is organized. !s based on the time to obtain the elements of space. The same example, will go machine or grows tree or the elementary particle. 7article motion # whereas this is a temporary trac time very simply here it is obtained to withdraw. It here moves for the sa e of particle, to fix that the fact that there is motion # this is time, to ta e and to withdraw. 'o here, it turns out that the time, which you withdrew this is the strongest control element . Indeed for the sa e of particle moved against this level, i.e., as if base layer of motion. !nd it turns out that this intelligible concept of time for the man before the system of the organization of events gives very precise pro/ection beyond any event. "or example, before the specific time, ?* hours, occurs concrete event on the planet. !nd it turns out that the element of the chosen time bears precise information about the event. 0ut the very same small element. !nd here it turns out that the element of one time, the point of time in this case ?* hours, let us suppose solves the problem of nowledge and so on. I.e., the logically introduced concept time and logically chosen segment, here I indicated based on this tra/ectory of one point, it turns out that logical things possess the properties of total control besides the information. 0ut properties can be enlarged. To develop. !nd it turns out that the development of properties # these are giving to independence, i.e., as if reanimation of the element of light. -hen you light revive and give to it functions sufficiently simple # realization of universal rescuing and the guarantee of harmonious development of eternal and solution of your personal problems and the solution of the problems of all before the positive aspect, then you obtain, that this self#developing light, set thus, it forms external reality with respect to you, and external can form that the fact that inside, internal, spiritual level, i.e., the level of the development of soul. 4evel of the structurization of soul. If you come down the fact that you can structure soul, then it turns out that you are located beyond the very strong controlling level and to try it is necessary this to ma e then so that this level of structurization would be always purposeful, directed down to the concrete action and try, in order to that sphere, which you isolated before yourselves in the form the spheres of hall, then the sphere of universal

223654928.doc p.12 of13 control according to macro#rescuing # this was your personal sphere. I.e., altogether only +navsego, imposition, combination. That, with which you wor # this is the universal rescuing and wor on the tas s of hall. "or example, here before me lie notes either, let us suppose there are who against the thoughts are posed the tas and these problems, when I wor , or I wor on my tas , let us suppose so that would not be there would be no explosion against the <oronezh nuclear plant. 0ut ma ing this tas , I simultaneously ma e on the tas s of hall wor . :n the tas of each. 0ut when the universal rescuing # this generally on the tas of each concrete person. It turns out that here the combination of the managers of systems at one point before itself gives universal effect. The same as the universality of nowledge about the fact that accessibly universal rescuing leads down the same effect as control, which goes already together from the soul, the spirit, the body and plus going from those surrounding. .ere is the element of the propagation of such, which is extended simultaneously based on many systems both personally from you and from that surrounding, but in exactly the same manner, although it is individual. It is here obtained why in exactly the same manner, because purpose one and before one your sphere of control complete administration occurs. Therefore here I would want to examine this element as formation before the division of my study and to show as through this element it occurs propagation and the introduction of my study about the rescuing and the harmonious development by means of the precisely reducing complex. The fact is that examining the previous part of the lecture and after showing that is unity of spheres, i.e., the unity of the elements of light on the purpose of control, the educational aspect precisely through restoration system it consists before the fact that the element of the transfer of information, bringing of information to the ob/ect of action, let this be external reality or this will be some element spiritual or simply information element, this there is creation of the educational system of that very rigidly structured, which stores rigid nowledge, in the first place, about everything, i.e., about all elements of reality, in the second place, has their own level of self#development. -hy there is a rigid system of the retention of nowledge, because there is an element of self# development. I.e., element is self#developed and contains ever greater new nowledge. If it ceases to be developed, it means it does not contain the newly created system of entire reality. Therefore before my education system the elements of nowledge, nowledge are simultaneously universal. Therefore I isolated before today's encounter element this educational as aspect of formation. "ormation is added@, let us suppose man it reads either it counts or he tries to have time to ma e this beside the session in some time. 'o here, if we ta e three elements of today's methodology, where the elements, which you form before the perception they are the fact that they ma e it possible to realize introduction and propagation of my study about the rescuing and the harmonious development, and, by means of the reducing complex, then educational aspect before the division of the formation of my study here it is possible to isolate precisely special level, law, which characterizes that the fact that nowledge before my study they are the self# developing nowledge, but controlled before the plan of mutual nowledge. I.e., the element created by you seemingly revives, this is the real light, which enters beside the interactive system with you and you, acting in the manner that it acts creator, give to it even larger +sozidatelnost,, an even more considerable development and this light is already universal, because you gave your personal nowledge to this light, and personal nowledge this you there is, but only already in this place. It turns out that the light of your consciousness begins to be developed infinitely, because it infinite before the essence of organization, i.e., because in it is a property of reanimation, i.e., the property of the source of eternity . Reanimation or living light this when it is eternal before its each united level . I.e., left luminous source, it here infinite, then it living. The criteria of living light are very simple, it is worthwhile to only +prodiagnostirovat,, that luminous source infinite, means it living. -hen you further go based on this, then you can very simply cure the disease in such a way that, indeed if we examine a numerical number on the recovery, for example, from the disease, then

the number, which forms light aspect, it is built for the sake of the same number, which draws near simply a eternal light. 0ut eternal your, i.e., when you this can and transfer as far as that
surrounding. I.e., the element of your consciousness, which contains this nowledge before a numerical number itself, it before the educational aspect acts so, indeed if you ta e and will dictate a numerical number, then it is numerical. It would seem, transfer is very simple. 0ut load part before this educational aspect it before the fact that you now. 0ut you now always on the technology that soul he nows always. I.e., simply the deeper realization of action, i.e., why. The more precise formulation of action. !nd it turns out that external light, is the fact that action, this already is the uni$ue complex, which contains as educational

223654928.doc p.13 of13 technology as the technology of action, instruction and so on. I.e., external system is very rigidly structured, it is intelligible, it contains all elements of both the self#development and the propagation. !nd here therefore before my education system I always try to adhere to the aspect, when the propagation of information first of all for the universal rescuing # this is the process, which universal, it cannot be stopped, it always achieves goals. !nd it turns out that system must be developed before this plan. !nd it must possess one of those properties, to which I said now. This is the property, when there is this aspect of living light. !nd when you loo from this aspect, then try to ma e now following control. Ta e that determined by me, i.e., shown, and you against this arrived, here now you wor with this concept, you now it. !nd ta e the usual light, which goes from the lamp. 6ou ta e and seemingly synchronize rays and you will revive first lamp, i.e., ma e so that the light, which goes from your consciousness, would coincide with lamp itself, then entire external, building, for example, then it turns out that the space of your thin ing # this and there is everything which surrounds you and you see it. Try to see that above you. Try to be extrapolated, by rapid push from the building to loo all around, that or generally in !merica, in -estern 3urope or against the ocean depth, i.e., you will loo as widely as possible on the pavement. !nd you will loo your each means. 0ut now from the means +samovossozdaytes,, precisely, from the means, and you will extend these nowledge in the form of light, it is not compulsory to detail them, simply you will be lit as. The light, which carries around these nowledge, will strengthen perception in those surrounding. .ere strengthening perception occurs on this point. That you more accurately begin to see, to more accurately fix and more accurately to restore. It is more rapidly and so on. -hen restoration occurs, respectively you must show that this such surrounding, as far as possible, is more clear. Its own perception is certain in you, but try before the more explicit form to show how you this ma e, if there is this possibility on the time. 0ut generally when you wor with the information, as far as possible, try to train. 0efore my study the principle of the transmission of information, i.e., the principle of instruction this all after all being basic, why I characterize as the study about the rescuing and the harmonious development, that you must save using our own experience. 4ogically this is very understandable, the more the people wor s at the fact so that the nuclear plant would not explode, the better all. !nd it is still better, when they wor thus, teaching nowledge, widely extending them, that are special technologies educational, there are the technologies, which ma e it possible before the educational aspect to transfer those nowledge, which are already such, that, having these nowledge against the same nuclear station, it cannot be exploded. Indeed this light, which living, it such, which simply fixes, ma es the station of eternal, it does not explode. !nd when we begin to spea about the educational technologies, then we must here understand, that the technologies, of course, different can be before the plan of perception, but they are united on the purpose. 5onse$uently, tas we have very simple, shared ob/ective, united tas and in connection with this it turns out that the problems that there are none, there is the united light, which indicates the universal rescuing, wor down the concrete realization of this light means, especially because I said that this be in the future, that there is the universal rescuing. !nd the tas of entire +navsego, # this to move to itself nearer and to realize as is more rapid as possible. 0ut why it is more rapid, this is simple for the ade$uacy of reaction down the environment, if there is a possibility against any moment of global destruction, it is best anything so that the universal rescuing would be now. 'o that this possibility would be levelled and there did not exist. Therefore the element of +pridvizheniya, of events, the uni$ue body, which contains these events, it must be moved here and realized system so that it would be accurately even now and never. Try to ma e this now here before itself. !s a result today's seminar, when you carried out practice, as far as possible, you will memorize these states and wor independently, but ma e now, achieve goal now. It is desirable to practice or on the associative perception, if we do not read carefully ourselves beside the lecture material, but to obtain result it is compulsory. "or example, you had a state, was obtained result. 6ou will memorize state. :r then to find lecture material, to examine on the video cassettes and to obtain based on the concrete pac et of the information in the form, for example, of seminar, to obtain concrete result. In this case try, when the wor of hall occurs, to loo , that is done everything. 0ecause the material, when simultaneously many its people hear out, it becomes very clear. Auestion arises, why control can be involved or be realized much later. 0ut because it is necessary to listen to its soul, you will loo down the state more earlier, that wants the soul, that she realizes against the given moment. The technology, which you now have from the point of view of soul and on level of agreement with your soul, i.e., harmony with your soul, harmony of universal, for which is used, then you already solve this $uestion before the time necessary to you. It turns out that control even according to particular tas s is always accessible. 5reative plan, certainly. Then it turns out that, if the discussion deals for the sa e of the autoreduction or for the sa e of the restoration of other, then it is obtained in order to transmit well, it is necessary first to ma e well independently.