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Support Follow-up Letter #1

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Summary of important points in this letter (for the impatient):

1. There are thousands of possible experiences you could have while using The Holosync Solution. All are exactly what was supposed to happen, for you, at that time. Let whatever happens be okay, even if it isn't what you thought was supposed to happen. 2. Meditation often involves upheaval, which means you may have times when it does not feel comfortable. Anything in your model of the world standing between you and absolute and constant peace and happiness will surface as a result of your meditation, and you are likely to resist this process. 3. All discomfort (in the programor in life in general) is a result of conscious or unconscious resistance to whatever is going on. Ending resistance ends discomfort. Because a lot of resistance is unconscious, it can take quite a long time to accomplish this, though it can also happen in an instant. 4. The solution to resistance is to watch your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as if you were watching it happen to someone else. Just watch with curiosity, as if you were an independent observer. 5. Many interesting and unusual things may happen as you use the program: changes in dream and sleep patterns, times when you are more emotional, intensified relationship dynamics, spacing out from time to time, and many others. These are all okay and all part of the process. Just watch. 6. The soundtracks are really not causing your reactions. Your reactions come from who you are. The program merely stimulates these reactions to come out. Take responsibility for the fact that what happens comes from you, not from outside you. 7. Do read and follow the directions. Doing so will give you the best results. If you need clarification about anything, call the Telephone Hotline at 503-672-7117, 9:30 to 5:00 Pacific time, M-F.

The more in-depth specifics (takes longer, but you'll learn more):
Dear friend and Centerpointe Program participant, It's now been approximately two weeks since you received your soundtracks from us. In this time period you've no doubt begun to get an idea of what the meditating with Holosync technology is all about. Most participants at this point have the feeling that something is happening, even if they can't put their finger on what it isthat things seem to be moving faster in some way. But please don't worry if that doesn't seem to be happening for youeveryone's response is a bit different and no experience is "wrong." Trust that whatever is happening is exactly what is supposed to be happeningfor you. It might be helpful at this time to review a few of the major points to keep in mind at this early stage of your use of the program. Most of what follows deals with discomfort you may experience from time to time as you use the program soundtracks. This should not lead you to believe that you should necessarily expect discomfort. When unhealed material does surface (which it will), we want you to be able to move through it as easily and smoothly as possible, and it is in this spirit that the following suggestionstaken from the experience of tens of thousands of people using this technology over many yearsare offered. 1. Do not judge the experience you are having during meditation against what you think it "should" be or what others are experiencing. Your experience can range from euphoria, to peace, to deep trance, to discomfort, to boredom, to increased emotionality, to a busy mind, to falling asleep...or a thousand other experiences. Whatever your experience, it is a reflection of changes happening beneath the surface as your


model of reality re-forms itself at a higher, more complexand happierlevel of functioning and awareness. The technology will push your threshold for what you can handle coming at you from the world higher, and as it pushes against your old threshold, a part of you will push back, which can cause a whole variety of potentially uncomfortable responses. This is part of the process of meditation. Despite what you may have been told about experiencing inner peace and a quiet mind, meditation, at least in the beginning, often involves upheaval as those parts of you standing in the way of your inner peace and happiness come to the surface and are resolved. As this happens, let whatever happens be okay. 2. One way to describe the effects of this technology would be to say that it creates an increase in your self-awareness, your ability to stand aside and dispassionately watch whatever is happening. You begin to develop a kind of "meta-awareness," where you are aware of, and take into account, an increasing number of aspects of yourselfaspects that previously were out of your awareness, including unhealed material repressed into the unconscious as well as automatic emotional responses and behaviors (particularly those which are dysfunctional). Expansion of awareness is often accompanied by some form of cathartic release of what has kept you less conscious up to this point. When you meditate deeply, whatever is in the way of your remaining in a happier, more aware, more peaceful state will come to the surface to be released. When this happens, you may very well resist, because unconsciously it may not feel safe to be dealing with this unresolved material. This may or may not be happening for you in these first two weeks, but it is an inevitable part of growth and evolution. 3. Resistance (not what is being resisted, but the resistance itself) is the source of any physical, mental or emotional discomfort you may have. (Burn this last sentence into your brain.) In many ways, the key to growth and healing is learning how to not resist "what is". When there is no resistance, in this program, and in life in general, there is no discomfort. When there is discomfort, you KNOW there is resistance. 4. Common expressions of resistance are a) feeling or acting negatively toward people and/or events in your world, or toward yourself, b) projection of the feelings you are having onto someone or something else (i.e., blaming something outside of you for your feelings or circumstances), c) anger, fear, depression, anxiety, panic, substance abuse, and other so-called "dysfunctional" behaviors, and d) in rare cases, various types of physical cleansing, taking the form of colds, flu-like symptoms, and so on, as toxins and poisons held in the body are released. (This does not, however, mean your cold is caused by the program!) As you use the program, you will increasingly gain awareness of how you express your resistance. This can be very subtle. Watch it with curiosity. Dont try to stop resistingjust mentally step aside and watch yourself thinking, feeling, or doing. It is only possible to resist unconsciously; awareness (noticing, watching) will cause the resistance, and the discomfort that always accompanies resistance, to dissolve. Learning how to do this takes time, but it is a major key to happiness and inner peace. 5. Those unusual things that may be happening in your life (changes in sleep and dream patterns, physical and emotional changes, changing or intensified relationship dynamics, even little things like dropping things or forgetting things, etc.) are being triggered by your intensified meditation practice, even if it may not seem to be so. All of these things are normal (and temporary) and are part of the change happening under the surface. 6. The soundtracks are actually not causing anything to happen. They merely stimulate whatever is already beneath the surface in you. Whatever experiences you have, in and out of meditation, are the product of who you are, the contents of your unconscious mind, and your own personal predisposition to resist or not resist whatever it happening. You are the source of your experience; Holosync is just the stimulus. Whatever experience you have tells you something about yourself. Be curious about it, but not judgemental toward yourself. 7. Let whatever happens, in or out of meditation, be okay . Whether it really is okay or not is not the pointdeveloping this attitude will smooth out any discomfort that might happen in this program. 8. The most effective thing you can do about whatever is happening (even if it seems to be nothing) is to watch with curiosity. Dont try to stop doing or feeling (in fact, feel to the hilt whatever comes up), just

notice what is happening. Watch with curiosity, as if you were an outside observer. 9. We highly recommend The Sedona Method, created by Sedona Training Associates, as a way of dealing with uncomfortable emotions. For further information, call 520-282-3522 or 888-282-5656, or visit Many program participants have told us that this program was a great companion to the Centerpointe program and we highly recommend it. 10. In order to gain the maximum amount from The Holosync Solution, follow the instructions provided with your package exactly. Please don't make up your own program. When used the way we have designed it, the program has been proven to effectively and rapidly facilitate great increases in awareness, mental clarity, happiness, inner peace, reduction of stress, healing of unresolved emotional material, an increased connectedness with the rest of the world, and an increased ability to create and manifest in the world whatever you want. Remember that while it does greatly accelerate growth, the program is not a "30-day miracle," but rather an ongoing and long-term process. Changes are not going to happen overnight, and there may be periods where it seems as if nothing is happening, or even that you are "regressing". Do not let this discourage you. You didn't get to where you are overnight, and you're not going to get out of it overnight. If you had a particularly traumatic childhood (or adulthood, for that matter) it may be slow going at first, because parts of you will not feel safe changing and will resist. If you have any questions, or if there is any other way that we can serve you, please call the Telephone Hotline at 503-672-7117 between 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM, Pacific time, M-F. Our purpose is to make sure you get all the benefits the program can bring. Sincerely

William Harris, Director

What Others Are Saying About the Centerpointe Program...

When I first started using the tapes, I felt as though I had gotten on a jet-plane in consciousness and that, suddenly, the energy moving through me was vastly different from what I had been experiencing before. I seemed to become much more aware of both myself and that all that is me, as well as all that is outside myself. Feelings I had repressed for years came to the surface and I felt delight, exhilaration, excitement and awe as well as some fear as I struggled to integrate this new energy. In general, it seemed that I became much more vibrant and alive. Most people began to comment that I "looked great" or asked "what's happening to you?" or "what's different?" Close friends said I seemed more alive. I have been on a path of growth and spirituality for years. It seemed to me that I had tried everything. I have always been very curious and open to exploration and though this is true, I have had few life-changing experiences that are anything like these tapes. Certainly I have grown in countless ways and can chart an ever-evolving path, but nothing has ever had the intensity and immediacy of the tapes. The time spent doing this is peaceful and restful and the rest of my life is getting better and better, and I can hardly wait to see what will happen next. There are specific changes in nearly every outward area of my life. My work as a therapist, for instance, seems to have changed. I am much more present and am able to facilitate the work to deeper and deeper levels. I am increasingly more intuitive. My clients have responded with some dramatic differences as well. All of my relationships have changed and are more open, more loving and more honest than ever before. As a result, I have more love, more support and more true intimacy than I've had before. In addition, I feel much more centered and connected to my source. I am significantly less defensiveand I doubt that anyone would have called me that in the first place. It seems that I am more and more able to claim my worth and to live up to my potential. So . . . for all of this and for the tapes, I thank you. I am eternally grateful for all of this and for your support. Jane Friberg, M.S.W.

I've been meditating for over twenty years, but with your system I enjoy meditating. Time NEVER drags. Whereas previous meditation sessions frequently left me frustrated and feeling down on myself this system leaves me feeling peaceful and self-satisfied. Experience of my self and others is less uptight, more able to detach, more accepting. In describing my inner changes to a friend the other day I likened it to dawn. How there is this ever so gradual and imperceptibly growing light . All areas of my life are becoming more highly illumined by this light. I begin to see the shapes of how I hold myself asleep. I see more clearly the dysfunctional behaviors. Hopefully these behaviors will fall away as I become more aware without those internal wars of "self-improvement" I'm more familiar with. Thanks for Oasis, too. I had the most positive ever experience of organizing my records for income tax using it as "background". Connie Lauth This is a note to tell you that your tapes are fantastic!! I have tried in the past 20-some years regular meditation techniques, without any help, and found this to be difficult. I needed something that would allow me to meditate on my own; a tool that would help me on my own. I did find some tapes that started me on this process but did not help me as much as I wanted. Then I read your ad in Body, Mind & Spirit Magazine and sent for your tapes. Boy am I glad I did! Yours are the best I have found so far! My development has been accelerated tremendously since I started using these tapes. I can't wait to continue my development with the next level of tapes. Bruce Holley Level 1 has been quite interesting. There were times of difficult cathartic release, which has now passed. My progress has been subtle and at times seemed slow, but when I look back on the past year I see that tremendous changes have occurred in my life. This was certainly a worthwhile experience. I look forward to continuing my growth with Level 2. Edward Figura I'm doing much better this month in disciplining to meditate. Re-reading support letters and your evolutionary manual frequently enables me to sustain more courage to accept my catharsis and all that's happening in my life. Most important, I'm beginning to feel and notice when peak experience is surfacing. This A.M. deep sadness began surfacing and I could avoid immersing in the sorrow and being hooked by the emotion. My addiction to coffee has subsided considerably -- it's no longer the eye opener in the morning and there is literally no "craving" for it. Cigarettes increasingly seem distasteful, especially after meditation. I'm beginning to see and observe/witness the tapes' impact on my evolution and I know nothing heretofore has been so empowering since my experience and association with ... Werner Erhart's est training (The Forum) from the mid-seventies. Your program allows one to go at their own pace. I do not feel "forced" to breakthrough and/or (very important to me) skip over release and healing of the deeply buried "stuff" that needs to surface, be accepted courageously, and then released. I'm now beginning to "catch" some of this garbage as it surfaces and at least focus on it without as much pain and suffering. No words could express my heartfelt gratitude for your commitment and love to all of us who engage with you for evolutionary growth of mankind. Michael Slockbower I feel myself growing constantly now that I am on your program, and life feels wonderful. It is rather like I felt years ago when I first began practicing yoga. Every day brings new insights, new perceptions, and deeper states of inner joy. When I returned to full time university work two weeks ago a colleague called me aside and asked what had happened over the summer. He said my whole bearing exuded more confidence and compassion and that he could almost detect an aura about me. He was sure this had to do with some new meditation technique I had stumbled on. I was surprised, as I did not feel at all my best during the first week but rather felt the usual stress of re-entering work after a summer off. But I was aware of being happier than usual (which is surprising in itself as I felt basically happy before beginning with Holosync -- obviously there are unsuspected levels and dimensions to happiness). Phil Carspecken


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