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Model Policy

Workplace Transport

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First Published February 2009 Reviewed and Updated February 2011

Disclaimer These example orms! chec"lists and model policies are provided by #arbour or $eneral $uidance on matters o interest% &n ma"in$ these documents available to a $eneral and diverse audience it is not possible to anticipate the re'uirements or the ha(ards o any subscriber)s business% Users are there ore advised to care ully evaluate the contents and adapt the orms and chec"lists to suit the re'uirements o each situation% #arbour does not accept any liability whatsoever or in*ury! dama$e or other losses which may arise rom reliance on this in ormation and the use o these documents% +opyri$ht o these documents remains with #arbour and whilst subscribers are permitted to ma"e use o them or their own purposes! permission is not $ranted or resale o the intellectual property to third parties%

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" Barbour Model Policy# Workplace Transport

All organisations should include this section in their policys arrangements section if they have an area under their control where vehicles are present. Alter and add to this as necessary to reflect the controls in place within your business. Read the Barbour Guide on Transport Safety for a more detailed review of the subject and the management arrangements re uired. Workplace Transport ,ur premises include ------------------------------ !describe areas within the control of the business" involving vehicles and pedestrians eg customer par#ing" staff car par#s" driveway" loading doc#" delivery area" e$ternal storage areas" mobile plant" one way system" order pic#ing" right of access for other buildings" public right of way" adjacent to playing fields% % .e have underta"en a ris" assessment to cover these activities and identi ied the ris" control measures re'uired% &ou may wish to detail the specific ris# control measures eg segregation of pedestrian routes" 'ebra crossing" mirrors for blind spots" avoidance of vehicles reversing" supervision of reversing vehicles" pavements" barriers" highlighting of overhead ha'ards" speed limit signs" access control" vehicle sheeting controls" hi visibility vests%% (escribe any rules which have been imposed. )f you have your own vehicles wor#ing on site eg tugs" include the following information *unless already included in the lifting e uipment section of your policy+, Plant such as --------------------------- !describe vehicles% are only used by persons that have had suitable and su icient in ormation and trainin$ on their sa e operation and use and any precautions or sa e$uards re'uired% ,perators are also ormally authorised to use the e'uipment and "eys are removed when the e'uipment is le t unattended% .e have trainin$ pro$rammes to cover ------------------------------------------------------ !describe activities eg supervising reversing operations *ban#sman duties+" use of tugs%% (escribe any particular physical restrictions which are applied to prevent unauthorised use eg restriction of #eys to authorised persons. Records o trainin$ and authorisation for the use of ehicles are held !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !describe location%% /river itness is an important sa e$uard or the use o on0site vehicles and we there ore underta"e ------------------------------ !describe fitness testing regime including eye sight tests eg in accordance with the for# lift truc# approved code of practice we underta#e health screening prior to the individual ta#ing up driving duties and then underta#e these at age -. and thereafter at / yearly intervals%. 0ote that for most types of vehicle there is no specific legal re uirement for health screening although eye sight testing is good practice. Tra ic routes and precautions such as barriers and si$ns are inspected by sta and supervisors in ormally on a daily basis and -------------------------- !eg as part of the monthly wor#place monitoring programme%% 1ll company vehicles are sub*ect to a maintenance pro$ramme and ------------------------ !name or job title% ma"es these arran$ements and also ensures that vehicles or use on the hi$hway are licensed! insured and M,T)d where applicable% 1ll maintenance records are "ept by -----------------------!name or job title%% Pre0use inspections are carried out by drivers and the results recorded% You may wish to describe specific procedures instead including the frequency. It is usual for a pool vehicle to be checked on every occasion it is driven, but for other vehicles a less frequent check may be acceptable. /e ective vehicles are ta"en out o service whilst awaitin$ repair or replacement% 2a e methods o loadin$ are exercised to ensure security o the load durin$ transit and adherence with load limit rules% 0ote that it may not be necessary to underta#e all of the ris# control measures listed" although similar measures will be re uired to cover all of the areas described. See further information in the Barbour Transport Safety Guide.