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Last Letter to Juliet

by ~IINegativeII

Dear Juliet This is the last time that I write you a letter I've tried to move on..but there's no signs of things ever getting better My heart wants you to be happy but at the same time screams out "go and get her" A bird that lost its feathers.. a prisoner to love..chained by fetters But there's no moving on when only you can be my Juliet A dream planted in my head..of a future so vague...I can see in silhouette I haven't completely let go yet ..but if I do..I'll live with regret But I'm tired of waking up each morning with these tears leaving my pillows soaking wet I can't do this've taken over my every thought Memories ..with eyes teary...building in this throat a knot My heart you caught...and gave it the happiness that it sought But in the was only a painful lesson to be taught But this is the End...On this broken hope I can't depend To this heart I have to tend..find a way to completely Mend Can no longer act content...this smile is too hard to pretend Every time I said "I love you" it had a meaning you could never comprehend

Letters to Romeo
by ~RiverxFlowsxInxYou

I could be Juliet, and you my Romeo. We could be reckless, wrecked with passion We could disobey, and misunderstand. We could ignore the world, nave teenagers in a world of complications. We could play with fire, let it burn us occasionally. We could swim in cantarella, and swallow it while we can. We could be reborn, and do it all again. You could be Romeo, and I your Juliet.

Your Juliet.
by ~LilRedAngel452

Dear Father, It is your Juliet that sends you this very irregular letter. Although I know it is nothing but silliness to send you this because of our very close distance of location, I knew it would not be wise to engage you in person because of our very.fierce disagreement earlier this break of day. Feelings were declared, harsh inflictions were enforced, and an undeniable pain was in my heart when you spoke of my compelled duty. To marry Count Paris. I do not dispise Paris, nor do I see him as a villian to the house of Capulet but I do not feel the sweet aura of love for him as Penelope felt for Odysseus. Penelope, a madien without a doudt of insecurity for her love for Odysseus, waited for the strong man, for what seemed to be a lifetime of saddness and lost of hope. Even with the bitter agony of loneliness and very irriating suitors she faced, she remained true and pure for her Odysseus which is a vitrue that is not easily obtained. I am, but only in one sence, Penelope. I am still waiting for my true love to come to me; may it be a decade or a millenium, I will wait for himwhoever stranger he come. Paris is not nor will he ever be my Odysseus. You may think of me as a Court Jester; acting like a simple fool with a mind fulled with idiocy. But I know in the deepest depths of my heart that my own true love is out there in the world-maybe not as far-into the future you will understand how I feel. However, try your hardest now to see what you are doing by forcing a marrige of obligation on your only daughter. If you are the kind, caring, and loving man that I have always known my whole exsitance, than you will not coerce me into marrying Paris.

Love, Your Juliet.

Love Letter From Moon to Sun

by ~ValentinaScreama

Dearest sun, Everyone keeps telling me that you'll just burn me, that you're too hot to handle. But I don't think I'd mind- because my world quite literally revolves around you, and I'm fine to get caught up in your orbit, even if it leads me to oblivion. We rise and fall and wax and wane, a vicious cycle of quite unrequited love, a long fatal love chase, putting an end to more days than I care to number that I could have spent with you instead, if only you would let me catch up. I think about you every night, and I long for the days when we share a horizon- even though I'm the one rising and you're setting. It's tragic, seeing you slip away like that, in a maelstrom of color and energy, and feeling it's my fault in a way, that I can do nothing about it. Those creatures down below, they like say it's a mistake when we appear together in the sky, like two irises glaring judgementally down upon them, that it's as if I woke up too early- but secretly, I sometimes do it on purpose, just to get a glimpse of you. Every morning you rise gloriously, victoriously, in the east, and I know that despite Romeo's claims, Juliet had nothing on you. And the pair was no match for our love affair, either: we are star-crossed lovers in every way. To distract me from my lovesickness, I play with the tides. I keep causing the ocean to kiss the shore no matter how many times it's sent away because its determination is encouragingly beautiful to me. It reminds me of us, and I hope that when you see it, you are reminded of me, too. The stars, my neighbors and confidantes, all try to replace you: but they can't shine as bright as you. They just can't replicate your magnetic (field) appeal, or your intoxicating nitrogen composition. Although you're all basically the same kind, there's something about you I can't define. I know that this may never reach you, as you are heartbreakingly far away- about 93 million miles, in fact. But now, to just bask in your warmth and glow a bit brighter because of it, to feel as if I could be more than a lifeless waste, is enough. Finally, remember this: although I appear to wax and wane, know that my love for you will always remain.

Truth About Romeo and Juliet

by ~Wonderwall33

All my life I have heard their tale. Two star crossed lovers in the fair city of Verona. They were separated by the bigotry of each of their families, forced to live apart for reasons out of their control. It is considered both a love story and a tragedy, crossing the lines into both worlds. It makes little girls hearts flutter with its sheer romanticism. You see, this story of tragedy has been twisted around to become the iconic romantic dark fairy tale it is now. This is what we see when we hear their name. Two lovers, dying in each other's arms so they can be together in the afterlife. It's a story that tugs at our heart strings. One that should make us believe in love and realize that young love is truly a precious commodity that should not go to waste. It is a tale that has been put up on a pedestal over the years and one that we forever seek. The only problem is, Romeo and Juliet is a lie. Love is not dying in each other's arms after only knowing one another for less than a year. Love is not a thirteen year old girl defying her parents to run away with a boy in tights. Nor is it two people, that probably only fell in love because their parents told them not to, marrying in the dark of night. Love is not created by an author who stole his words from two other sources. Nor is it a story told by a country singer or Hollywood starlets. Love grows. It doesn't flash in a burst of energy during one final poisonous kiss. It is not suicide. It is not death. It is not afterlife. Love is selfish sometimes, and so are those actions, but I can guarantee that the two are not mutually exclusive. Three years ago Three years ago someone handed you this book, a rose tucked between its pages. You read it and you cried and sighed in all the appropriate places. Then you looked at this person with a small smile on your face as he called you his fair Juliet. You let him kiss you. Let him hold you. Invited him to stand beneath your balcony at night. You let him whisper sweet nothings into your ear. And then you came here. To me. You came brandishing the book with tears in your eyes and laughter on your lips. You tossed the playwright to the ground, cursing the day you let his words touch your soul. Then you fell to your knees and cried.

Kneeling on the damp ground, your hair stringy in your face, snot dripping from your nose, I held you. I called you my friend. I kissed your cheek. I invited you to stay by my side. I whispered inside jokes into your ear. And you didn't leave. Now that? That may not be love but it's a hell of a lot more truthful than what Romeo had to offer to his Juliet.

Answering Juliet
by *ingle-nook

dreamer-girl, barefoot-girl, you are the eldest of july's daughters and I can see you, like all the boys do; lying on your back on the dock with your eyes closed long blonde hair trailing off into the water. You're a beauty, josephine, a soul-snatcher with a smile like a string of pearls; each tooth a grain of sand where it doesn't belong, plucked from the pooling tides. saul

even in childhood, you were a man born grown-in to solid shoulders and white-blue eyes; a fisherman, maybe, or simply a sailor dredging lobster pots up from the brine. You smell perpetually of sweat and summertime and salt, each smile emerging as slowly as the lines around your eyes, those furrows carved by laughter and sunlight; deepening as you squint toward the horizon. annie

you are red-headed and tiger-hearted,

freckles spilling across an upturned nose and a smirk hidden in the corner of your mouth. I've never met you, annie, but I can see you; in buttercups and dragon flies and children, and in the quick movements of your sun-spotted hands wreathing flowers for your neck.

What If...
by ~Crazy-Kiwii

what if this is more than a dream what if this feeling is sweeter than cream what if we were made for eachother what if we only need one another what if there was only you and me what if we were meant to live our lives carefree what if we could float through the sky what if we had wings to fly what if we were meant to stay together what if should last for now and forever what if this is real what if there's is more to feel what if the world is not enough what if... ...this is love?

Letters to Juliet
by ~Tep-Chan195

Dear Juliet, What was it like? To have a love so powerful that you took your life for him. What was Romeo like? Was he your everything? I haven't experienced this kind of love. I do not know if I ever will, but if I do I hope I realize it. If I happen to look over the love at least I would have the experience. If my "Romeo" ever does come, I do not know what I would do. Juliet, were you happy? What if Romeo never went to that costume ball? Would you feel like something was

missing? To marry Paris. Juliet, you were strong. I should tell you that when you were asleep, Romeo took it pretty hard. He loved you, he loved you so much that he took his own life to be with you. That is sweet. Your love for him, and his love for you was, "never ment to be". Wrong, that is what your parents thought. If your love was not ment to be accepted in this world, then you went to a world where it was. Honestly, Juliet. When you read this I hope all of your memmories with Romeo play through your head. From the first glance, to your first kiss. To him calling your name at your beloved balcony, to you giving your body to him. Where you actually fell in love, to where you left this world together. You were about my age when you first me him, were you not? How did it feel,Juliet? To be in true love? I feel as if you and Romeo are smiling down at the ones who would have done the same. If I met my Romeo. I would have done the same. I imagine you and Romeo getting married. Together, alive. Didn't Romeo kill your cousin. Were you confused? Juliet, you are so powerful to everyone who knows the story of 'Romeo and Juliet.' If you were still alive, would you tell the story of how it actually happened? I wonder if you you actually loved him. Maybe you two hated each other but when Romeo heard you were dead, he actually realized he loved you. Either way, it is romantic. Did your stomach get nervous when you saw him? I bet his did. What was it about if you did? Did you dream of him? What was it about if you did? Romeo, may I ask you a question? Why did you fall in love with Juliet? How? Juliet, you're very lucky. I wish you could reply to me in another letter. I would love to read what you had to say. If only you were alive. Although, you are alive within my heart. Not only mine, but many others. Even Romeo's. In the play of your story, Juliet. The last line was, "And that is the story for Juliets woe. For her, and her Romeo." Juliet, Romeo. Thank you for being with eachother until the end. You have given many inspiration to go out and find there Romeo or Juliet. As I part with you, I want you to remember. That if your love was true then, then why wouldn't it be true now? Goodbye for now Romeo and Juliet. Some girl who realizes the many wonders behind the story. One more thing Juliet. Don't be afraid of what the future holds. It'll be okay, when Romeo is there to comfort you.

Dear Romeo
by =caybeach

Dear Romeo, You don't have to slay a dragon, You don't have to scale a wall or climb to a balcony, You don't have to save me from a tower, You don't have to impress me, Simply be yourself, Tell me you love me, And I'm yours Love, Juliet

Letters from Romeo and Juliet

by ~Puppydog06

My dearest Juliet, I'm missing you as always and I hope that you will be missing me too. I know that what I did was wrong, but I cannot help thinking that it wasn't so bad that I should have been exiled. Mantua is a nice enough place I suppose but nowhere can be better then fair Verona: at least not while you are there I understand that Tybalt was your cousin and I am sorry however you must remember that I lost my good friend Mercutio in that same battle. Although this does not excuse my actions I hope that you will be able to forgive me. Tybalt killed Mercutio and angered me as I had tried to stop the fight so I believed that Mercutios death was my fault: I still do. Even though our families are still fighting, I do not regret marrying you and I can barely wait to see you again. Romeo. Dear my love, Romeo Thank you for writing to me even in this difficult time for you. I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for you as I have never experienced exile before but I hope all is well for you. As you guessed I am indeed missing you. I'm missing you more than ever... I do hope that you can come back soon Romeo. My father is trying to force me into a marriage with Paris. I suppose it is my own fault as I said I would marry whoever my parents picked however since then I have met and married you, Romeo. I am terrified of my father finding out I am already married as he will be dreadfully angry. I do not regret marrying you however. I am

married to my true love and I would not change that for anything: not even my fathers happiness. I do not know what I am to do about this situation. If you have any ideas please write back with suggestions. For now, I am going to go to the friar to see if he can help. I hope to see you soon. My love always, Juliet.