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Corporate Headquarters, Korangi Creek Road ,

P.O. Box No. 12243, Karachi-75190, Pakistan. RECENT

Personal Information:
Name: ______________________________________________________
Marital Single
Status: Married
Father's Name: _______________________________________________
Family Details
Present Address Permanent Address No. of Children:__________
_______________________________ __________________________ Ages: __________
_______________________________ __________________________
_______________________________ __________________________ Parents Details
Residing with you:
Telephone Contact: Res: Office Other Father only Mother only
Both None
Date of Birth Place of Birth Nationality Religion Domicile NIC NO. Financially dependent on you:
Wholly Partly Not dependent

Position Desired: _____________ Expected Salary: _________ When able to join: _____________
Educational Background:
Examinations Passed Year Div/ Grade Major Subjects Name and Address of Institution

Employment History:
Please describe every position which you have held since first began to work. Start from the last position.
Also account for all periods of unemployment and state reasons.
Reason for
Date Gross Salary
Name and Adress of the Position Held Leaving
From To Employer Starting Last
Please give break up of yur present/last gross salary on the attached sheet.

Basic Pay Housing Conveyance

Any other benefits please specify:____________________________________________________________________

o May enquiries be made from your present/previous employers? Yes No

o Are you under any service bond with your present employer? Yes No

o Have you previously applied or worked for this company? Yes No

o Do you have any relative employed in PARCO? Yes No

If yes, please state his/her name, position and relationship.

o Do you suffer or have suffered from any serious contagious illness Yes No
or disability in the last 5 years. If yes, give details.

o Have you ever been convicted of crime other than traffic violation Yes No
if yes, give details:

o Does any member of your family (wife, children & parents) suffer from or have Yes No
a history of any serious contagious illness or disability, if yes, give details.

o Please feel free to add any other information you think should be considered in evaluating your application

Details of Armed Services (if any):

Last rank held: Date of service From To

Have you any reserve liability: If so so upto when:

Reason for leaving:


Please give the names of two persons other than relatives to whom you are well known.
Name Address Occupation/Position For how long are you Telephone contact
known to him/her

I certify that the information given by me is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and I understand
that a false statement will render me liable for termination of my Training.

Applicant's Signature Date Place