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Asuspicious days to start : Krishna Janmashtami( Birthday of Lord Krishna),Tuesdays, New Moon, Diwali . Auspicious Time : Nighttime preferably between 10.30 p.m to 12.30 a.m., The time can be variable depending on the sadhaks daily routine. It can be adjusted as per convenience. The time mentioned herein is what the scriptures have mentioned as auspicious times. In kaliyuga, however it is difficult to follow such rule, so more emphasis should be on developing a regular practice on a daily basis. Practice anytime of the day, but, steadfastness ,regularity and discipline will get much faster results.

Color of seat (Asana) & Dress: Red or black. Rice and Flowers :Red rice ( white rice colored with vermillion or kumkuma). Hibiscus is the most prefered or any red colored flower. Direction : East, North or North-East is suitable for all sadhanas. Though the scriptures mention a lot of directions,they are not being mentioned here.One must take directions from the Spiritual Guru. Rosary (Mala): Red Coral (moonga) rosary or Crystal (sphatik)rosary or Black Bead (kali hakeek)rosary. Sankalpa : Making the Resolution.

Sit on the asana in a comfortable posture. One can also sit on a chair with a red asana on the seat , but feet should not be kept on the ground. One must keep a small rug below the feet to insulate it from the ground.Take a little red colored rice and a flower and a spoonful of water in the right hand and cover it with the left hand and and lay the light hand on the right knees.

1. Vinyoga Mantra( Mission Statement)

Asya Shree Dakshina Kaali Mantrasya Bhairava Rishi, Ushnik Chhandha-ha, Dakshin Kaalika Devata, Krim beejam, Hum Shakti- hi, Kreem kilakam, mama abhista siddhi arthe jape Viniyoga.

2. Rishi Nyaasa:

Om Bhairava Rishaye namah : Touch Crown of the head. Ushnika chhandse namah : Touch the mouth Dakshin Kaalika devata namah : Touch the heart. Kreem bijaaya namah : Touch the anus Hum shaktaye namah : Touch the feet Kreem kilakaaya namah : Touch the navel

3. Kara Nyaasa : ( Energisation of hands )

Om Kraam angushtha-bhyaam namah : Move the index finger Om Kreem Tarjani - bhyaam namah : Move the thumb over the Om Kroom madhyama - bhyaam namah : Move the thumb over the tall Om Kraim anaamika - bhyaam namah : Move the thumb over Om Kraum Kanisthika bhayam namah : Move the thumb over the little Om KraHa karatala karaprishta bhyaam namah :Join & rub both palms

4. Hridyayaadi Nyaasa : Energisation of body with the Mantra Om Kraam Hridayaa-ya namah : Touch the heart with the right hand. Om Kreem shirase svaahaa : Touch the forehead with the right hand. Om Kroom Shikhaaye vashat : Touch the headcrown with the right Om Kraim kavachaaya Hum : Touch the shoulder with the crossed Om Kraum Netra Trayaya vaushat : Touch both eyes & third eye in

Om KraHa astraaya phat :Snap your fingers over the head in clockwise

5. Dhyaana Mantra: Meditation Mantra.

Om shavaa rudhaam maha bhimaam ghoradanshtraam hasanmukheem. Chatur bhujaam khadga munda varaabhaya karaam shivaam Munda maala dharaam devim lalljivhaam digambaraam. Evam san chintayet kali shmashaan aalaya vaasinim

I meditate on the divine Mother kali who is standing on Shava( lit mean: shiva surrendered, also, devotee surrendered) who appears fierce with dreadful teeth She has four arms through which she holds a sword, a cut head, and offers blessings & fearlessness. She adorns a garland of skulls and has a red tongue. She is sky- clothed with Thus one must meditate on Kali who resides in the graveyard temple. 6. Mantra : Invocation

Om Kreem Kreem Kreem Hrum Hrum Hreem Hreem Dakshine Kalike Kreem Kreem Kreem Hrum Hrum Hrem Hremm Svaaha.