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They dId It. You can too!

}onalhan ChamberIain
P0F largeformat complImentary edItIon
Also publIshed as:
!"#$%&0 /1% !,234%/% 5%$,*%&6 7)+8% (%&+%-9:,,; <

I dedicale lhese books lo lhe memory of ernadelle, Sau-fong
for vhom lhe informalion came loo Iale.

Coyrighl 2011 }onalhan ChamberIain
The righl of }onalhan ChamberIain lo be idenlified as lhe aulhor of lhis book
has been asserled.
AII righls reserved. No arl of lhis book may be reroduced or lransmilled in
any form or by any means vilhoul vrillen ermission of lhe ubIisher.
A CII calaIogue record for lhis book is avaiIabIe from lhe rilish Library.
IubIished by Long IsIand Iress
Irinled edilion avaiIabIe as ISN 978-1-908712-07-3
ComIele series of eighl voIumes: ISN: 978-1-908712-08-0
=1+- :,,;
In lhis book you viII find lhe slories of 25 eoIe vho have cured lhemseIves of
cancersome by combining convenlionaI and aIlernalive lheraies, bul lhe vasl
ma|orily by means of aIlernalive lheraies aIone. These slories demonslrale lhe
imorlanl roIe comIemenlary and aIlernalive medicine (CAM) can Iay in
heIing eoIe vilh cancer recover fuIIy and comIeleIy from lhis lerribIe
diseaselhe incidence of vhich is rising year on year.
I am nol a doclor. The informalion in lhis book is for educalionaI uroses onIy.
None of lhe lrealmenls in lhis book are recommended for any arlicuIar erson
vilh any arlicuIar cancer. You, and you aIone, bear lhe resonsibiIily for any
decisions you make in reIalion lo any cancer lrealmenl you may choose, be il
orlhodox or aIlernalive. The besl decisions are based on lhe besl underslanding
of lhe facls.
!"#$%&0 /1% !,234%/% 5%$,*%&6 7)+8% (%&+%-
The Canccr Ccnp|cic |ccctcrq Gui!c Scricsin eighl voIumesis lhe udaled
and exanded version of lhe book Canccr. Tnc Ccnp|cic |ccctcrq Gui!c (2008
edilion). ased on 18 years of research, vhich I did in order lo discover for
myseIf vhal I vouId do ifas my vife didI ever gol cancer. I am sharing lhis
informalion vilh you because il couId heI you Iive much, much Ionger and
save you a greal deaI of ain. Il is lhe singIe mosl comrehensive discussion of
aII your cancer recovery olions in rinl anyvhere in lhe vorId.
:,,; ?0 !"#$%&@ A1"/ B,C@
Make sure lhe firsl sles of your cancer |ourney are heading in lhe righl direclion
This book gives you aII lhe basic cancer facls you need and oulIines lhe four
sensibIe slralegies for deaIing vilh cancerand lhe argumenls suorling
lhem. Iverybody aroaches cancer differenlIy. In lhis book I heI you focus
on lhe slralegy mosl aroriale lo youand lhen I give suggeslions for
resources so lhal you can conlinue your |ourney.
:,,; D0 !"#$%&0 >+"E#,-+- "#8 !,#*%#/+,#"4 =&%"/2%#/-
The Iros and Cons of Cancer Tesls, Surgery, Radialion and Chemolheray
Whal are lhe benefils and dravbacks of convenlionaI diagnoslic lesls and
lrealmenls` This book rovides a delaiIed Iook al vhal is avaiIabIe and vhal
lhe benefils and dravbacks are. IncIuded aIso are various non-convenlionaI
lesling olions and suggeslions as lo hov you can rolecl yourseIf if you vish
lo roceed vilh convenlionaI lrealmenl.
:,,; F0 !"#$%&0 5%-%"&$1 "#8 G,4+/+$-
This book heIs you undersland lhe vider conlexl of cancervhy cancer
research has nol come u vilh a cure and mosl IikeIy never viII, vhy lhe
medicaI rofession is unabIe lo recognise lhe vaIue of herbs and suIemenls
if a herb or suIemenl can cure cancer you viII never hear aboul il from lhe
medicaI rofession, and vhy ve shouId aII be vorried by lhe erosion of our
heaIlh freedoms. You viII aIso Iearn aboul lhe scienlisls vho have bucked lhe
syslem, and vhal has haened lo lhem.
:,,; H0 !"#$%&0 >%/,I "#8 >+%/
Whalever eIse you decide lo do for your cancer you vouId be vise lo undergo a
radicaI change in diel. This book Iooks al lhe argumenls and olions in lhe area
of deloxificalion and diel. You viII aIso find here a Ienglhy Iisl of individuaI
foods and lheir benefils.
:,,; J0 !"#$%&0 K%&L-M :,/"#+$"4- "#8 :+,4,E+$"4 =1%&"3+%-
Many herbs can heI in lhe fighl againsl cancer. Here ve Iook al aII lhe ma|or
herbaI olions. Herbs have many advanlages over drugsbul lhere are aIso
olenliaI dangers. This book exIores lhis vorId and exIains aII lhe issues and
olions invoIved. This book aIso covers homeoalhy and olher bioIogicaI
:,,; N0 !"#$%&0 O+/"2+#- "#8 P/1%& ()334%2%#/-
Iveryone knovs lhal vilamin C is good for youbul vhal kind of vilamin C`
In vhal quanlilies` And vhal aboul lhe olher vilamins` The mineraIs` The
olher chemicaIsbolh naluraI and man-made` You viII find everylhing you
need lo knov here.
:,,; Q0 !"#$%&0 R#%&E6M S+#8 "#8 R2,/+,#-
This book covers a vide range of ideas from eIeclricaI and magnelic devices,
sunIighl, energy heaIing, rayer, exercise and lhe exlraordinary inlerIay of our
hysicaI and emolionaI Iives.
:,,; <0 !"#$%&0 ()&*+*,&-. (/,&+%-0 =1%6 8+8 +/T U,) $"# /,,V
The roof is in lhe udding. These slories leII hov 25 eoIe have reacled lo a
diagnosis and hov lhey became once again cancer-free. These slories are roof
lhal cancer can be cured vilh lhe heI of diel, herbs, suIemenls and many
olher slralegies. Here you viII Iearn vhal eoIe have done lo gel veII again.
There is hoe.

!"#$%&0 =1% !,234%/% 5%$,*%&6 7)+8%
'Canccr. Tnc Ccnp|cic |ccctcrq Gui!c is an insiralionaI guide |and isj a musl for
anyone vho fears lhe dreadfuI diagnosis.'Tnc Mi!ucsi Bcck |cticu
'This book gives hoe .... Il exIains cIearIy lhe argumenls for and againsl a
muIlilude of lrealmenls .... I vish I'd read lhis book before I vas diagnosed. My
doclor and lhe cancer charilies didn'l leII me any of lhis.'O Busnc||
'A very veII vrillen book, beaulifuIIy organised and easy lo read and
undersland.'junc B|ack, canccr surtitcr.
'This book leIIs me everylhing I vanl lo knov. Why didn'l my doclor leII me
lhis`'|ct Bi|| Ncu|crn
'I vanl lo say hov insiralionaI your book and aII ils suggeslions have been. Il
has enabIed me lo kee osilive for my sisler over lhe asl lerribIe monlhs.'
|nna Grccncr
'I |usl vanled lo say lhank you from lhe bollom of my hearl. You gave us hoe
vhen aII ve couId see vas desair and you gave us a alh vhen ve lhoughl aII
vas Iosl.'Cc||ccn Crin
'eing someone diagnosed as a lerminaI cancer alienl, I have scoured lhe 'nel
and read many books. This is lhe besl. And il gives hoe loo ... Gel lhis book,
read il, be insired by il.'|an C|cncnis, canccr surtitcr

Iurlher leslimoniaIs can be found al lhe end of lhis book.

A16 -1,)48 6,) &%"8 /1+- L,,;@
The simIe ansver is lhal one day, cancer viII come knocking al your door.
Il may nol be qcur cancer (you have aroximaleIy a fifly-fifly chance of
gelling cancer yourseIf) bul il viII cerlainIy imacl on lhe Iife of someone cIose
lo you, someone you Iove.
Of course, many eoIe viII read lhese vords and sliII sel lhe book aside.
This is nol a robIem for lhem nov, vhy shouId lhey vorry` They'II deaI vilh
lhal if and vhen lhe need arises. The lroubIe is lhal vhen cancer does come,
lhey viII mosl IikeIy anic and make some seedy decisions lhal one day lhey
mighl regrel.
The lime for lhinking is nov.
If lhere is one message I vouId Iike you lo lake on from reading lhese
slories, il is lhal lhere is no need lo anic. Cancer doesn'l necessariIy mean ain
and olenliaI Iife-Iong damage. Il can, inslead, mean heaIlh and hainess.
Cancer is a bil Iike lhe var in Afghanislan. Allacking lhe lumours von'l
vork unIess you aIso allack lhe causes of lhe lumours. Iorce aIone viII nol vin
lhe var.
ased on 18 years of research, lhis series of books is lhe mosl comIele and
comrehensive discussion of aII your cancer recovery olions. The slories in
lhis voIume demonslrale beyond doubl lhal comIemenlary and aIlernalive
medicine has a key roIe lo Iay in heIing anyone vilh cancer gel veII again.
So I urge you lo read lhis bookand lhen lo send il lo aII your friends and
reIalives so lhal il mighl reach someone for vhom il viII have an immediale
benefil. You couId heI save someone's Iife, exlend lheir Iife.
'An insiralionaI guide'Tnc Mi!ucsi Bcck |cticu
'I vish I'd read lhis book before I vas diagnosed. My doclor and lhe cancer
charilies didn'l leII me any of lhis.'O Busnc||, canccr surtitcr
'A very veII vrillen book, beaulifuIIy organised and easy lo read and
undersland.'junc B|ack, canccr surtitcr

0(',-12)'$-( 3
Who am I and vhy did I vrile lhe Cancer ComIele Recovery Guide
Series` 1
4&+ 5'-,$+6 -# 4!- 7&$81,+( 9
Cash Hyde 6
Connah room 7
:+,6-(*8 5'-,$+6 ;
eala isho 9
MichaeI Gearin-Tosh 10
Chrisloher Sheard 10
Anne Irahm 11
IeIicily Corbin-WheeIer 11
GIynn WiIIiams 11
IIonna McKibben 13
Mark OIszlyn 14
ShirIey Lischulz-Robinson 15
Iallie McDonaId 15
ob Davis 16
'Romin' Ronnie Havkins 17
ruce GuiImelle 17
Ian GavIer 18
Ired Iichhorn 18
}une Iack 19
Iercy Weslon 20
CIiff eckvilh 20
Chris Wark 22
IoIIy NobIe 23
Rulh Heidrich 27
Ian CIemenls 31
Nuro Weidemann 35
<==+(1$)+6 >?
The rich can afford lhe very besl medicine 43
Leller lo oncoIogisls 45
52..$(% 2= >@
TeII olhers 49
7*()+,A 4&+ 7-.=8+'+ B+)-C+,D E2$1+ 5+,$+6 FG
4+6'$.-($*86 FH
<I-2' '&+ *2'&-, FF
J'&+, I--K6 ID L-(*'&*( 7&*.I+,8*$( F9

The originaI version of lhis book vas |igniing Canccr. A Surtita| Gui!c. I vouId
Iike lo lhank rian Slralford for inlroducing me lo Iam Dix vho, in lurn, agreed
lo be my agenl and for finding me my firsl ubIisher, Hodder HeadIine.
Wilhoul Iam's enlhusiasm lhe book mighl very veII have died an earIy dealh.
I aIso ove a rofound debl lo Vicky Iarker vho suIied delaiIed
commenls on lhe chaler on radialion and vhose commenlary enabIed me lo
avoid many errors. Vicky vas one of lhe Ieading aclivisls of RAGIan
organisalion founded by and for viclims of radialion lrealmenl. SadIy, lhis
organizalion has ceased ils aclivilies, as lhe radialion viclims vere hysicaIIy
unabIe lo mainlain lheir vork.
In vriling lhis book I have aIso been very forlunale in having lhe Iibrary
resources of lhe Hong Kong Cancer Iund. Wilhoul access lo lhese books il is
unIikeIy I vouId have been abIe lo slarl vork on lhis ro|ecl.
I vish aIso lo acknovIedge lhe invaIuabIe heI of Idilh SegaII, Annelle
CrissveII, Gary Oden, HazeI Thornlon, CharIes Ha, AIan and Marlha Cheng,
Louise AyIvard, Chris Teo, Dr AIan Greenberg, }ack Gonlier, edilor of lhe
Irench edilion, vhose inul has resuIled in lhis nev edilion of lhe book being
very much beller lhan ils redecessors, Leonard Rosenbaum, vho combined
ediloriaI savvy vilh unbridIed enlhusiasm and suorl for lhis book, and lo Dr
Shamim Daya and her slaff al lhe WhoIislic HeaIlh Cenlre in London, for
revieving lhis book and educaling me in some of lhe Ialesl lesling modaIilies,
lo Iele Surrier for faciIilaling lhe ubIicalion of lhe book and Margil Whillon,
vhose crilicaI suorl on lhe home fronl vas very much arecialed.
I vouId aIso Iike lo acknovIedge lhe inul of lhe eoIe vhose slories
aear in lhis voIume, vho had lhe courage lo foIIov lhe aIlernalive roule,
soIeIy or arlIy in lheir ovn cancer |ourney.They shared lheir slories in books
or in emaiIs lo me ersonaIIyin arlicuIar, I lhank Ian CIemenls and Nuro
Weidemann vhose inul and invoIvemenl venl beyond simIy leIIing lheir
slory. Thanks are aIso due lo lhose conlribulors lo various heaIlh Yahoogrous
vho rovided many much needed discussion and informalion lhal has
mouIded my ovn underslanding.
IinaIIy, serendiily Ied me lo Andie Davidson vho has vho has Iayed an
imorlanl ediloriaI, design (and somelimes even educalionaI) roIe in guiding
lhis Ialesl incarnalion of lhe Ccnp|cic |ccctcrq Gui!c lo ress.
To lhem aII, I vouId Iike lo say lhank you.

2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 1
A1, "2 X "#8 C16 8+8 X C&+/% /1%
!"#$%& !,234%/% 5%$,*%&6 7)+8% (%&+%-@
In }anuary 1994, my vife ernadelle vas finaIIy diagnosed vilh cancer. She had
been shoving symloms for aboul six monlhs, bul because of a series of
mishas, she vas loId everylhing vas fine vhen lhe lesl resuIls cIearIy
indicaled lhal aII vas nol veII. Ior lhe nexl six monlhs she undervenl grueIIing
surgery, radialion and chemolheray, and lhen she slarled suffering some of
lhe consequences of lhis lrealmenlfor one lhing, her kidneys vere faiIing.
And lhen she vas loId lhe cancer had come back and vas nov unlrealabIe. Al
midday on Iasler Sunday, 16 AriI 1995, she died. She couId nol have died
fasler if she had done nolhing.
This exerience vas exlremeIy lraumalising for bolh of us. Irom lhe
minule ve Iearnl lhal she had cancer I sel oul lo read everylhing I couId on lhe
sub|ecl. Whal I Iearnl slunned me. ul no maller hov fasl I read I couId nol
kee u vilh evenls. Iven vhen ernadelle died I sliII did nol fuIIy have a
gras of lhe informalion I vas coming across. AII I knev vas lhal I loo vas al
risk of cancer (as ve aII are) and lhal if I didn'l vish lo foIIov in ern's
agonising foolsles lhen I had beller kee on reading and Iearning. IvenluaIIy,
I feIl I had enough informalion lo vrile lhe firsl version of lhis guidecaIIed
|igniing Canccr. A Surtita| Gui!c. This vas ubIished in 1997 by a Ieading UK
ubIishing house, Hodder HeadIinebul afler lvo edilions lhey aIIoved il lo
go oul of rinl. I vas sliII reading more and moreand suddenIy lhe Inlernel
began lo bIossom and a greal deaI more informalion became avaiIabIe lo me, so
I revrole lhe book and ubIished il myseIf under lhe nev name: Canccr. Tnc
Ccnp|cic |ccctcrq Gui!c. In lhe same year, anolher smaII ubIishing house
agreed lo ul oul a sIim voIume vhich Iooked al lhe olions avaiIabIe from a
differenl angIe. Thal book is Canccr |ccctcrq Gui!c. 15 A|icrnaiitc an!
Ccnp|cncniarq Siraicgics jcr |csicring Ycur Hca|in (CIairviev ooks).
ul sliII nev informalion vas coming my vay and I vanled lo incIude
lhese nev facls and olions in an udaled version. Then lhe ebook revoIulion
arrived. I feIl lhe Ccnp|cic |ccctcrq Gui!c vas aIready loo buIky (being cIose lo
200,000 vords) for il lo grov any Iarger. So I decided lo divide il u inlo eighl
shorler voIumes. Togelher, lhese books lruIy are a guide lo comIele recovery
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 2
and al lhe same lime a far more comIele discussion of aII lhe olions avaiIabIe
lhan you viII find even afler a year or lvo of surfing lhe Inlernel. And
revieving lhe maleriaI has given me an exlraordinary sense of hov much hoe
lhere is for lhe erson seeking lo cure lheir cancer by combining delox and diel,
herbs and suIemenls and exIoring lhe vorId of mind-body inleraclions.
Lel's face il, lhere is a biochemicaI asecl for every emolion ve feeI. The
heaIlhier our emolions, lhe heaIlhier ve viII be in lhe hysicaI reaIm.
=1% $,234%2%#/"&6Y"4/%&#"/+*% "33&,"$1%- /, $"#$%& &%$,*%&6
In lhe revious books in lhe Canccr Ccnp|cic |ccctcrq Gui!c series I have argued
lhal lhere is a greal deaI lo be vary of in lhe convenlionaI aroaches lo cancer
lrealmenl. WhiIe surgery, in lhe shorl lerm, aears lo be a fifly-fifly
roosilion, lhe same cannol be said of radialion and, vilh a very fev
excelions, chemolheray. The dangers associaled vilh lhese lrealmenls are
nol simIy lhal lhey are ainfuI. They can resuIl in Iife-Iong damage lo heaIlh
and quaIily of Iife, and vhal is Iess oflen recognised, lhey oflen significanlIy
shorlen Iife. One slalislician has caIcuIaled lhal lhe average erson vilh lhe
average cancer viII Iive four limes Ionger if he/she does nolhing lhan if she/he
does somelhing (i.e. undergoes convenlionaI lrealmenl).
On lhe olher hand, I have argued lhal lhere are enormous numbers of
olher aroachesdiels, herbs, suIemenls, aIong vilh lheraies lhal engage
lhe body, mind and emolions in a heaIlh-romoling, cancer-defealing vay.
ul lhe key queslion is lhis: Is aII of lhis |usl nice-sounding lheory, or do
lhey reaIIy vork` Can lhese aIlernalive or comIemenlary aroaches reaIIy
cure cancer`
K,C 8, C% 2%"-)&% %ZZ%$/+*%#%--@
The robIem ve face is lhal of measuring effecliveness. We have seen in lhe
discussion of research and oIilics (see ook 3 in lhis series: Canccr |cscarcn an!
Pc|iiics), lhal lhe eoIe vho conlroI lhe vaIidaling rocess, lhe eoIe vho
conlroI medicaI and cancer research, have very IillIe incenlive lo find cures lhal
don'l make money. The enormous rofils lhal harmaceulicaI comanies make
on drugs cannol be made from seIIing diels, herbs, suIemenls or medilalion
and visuaIisalion slralegies. In lhe absence of a reaI commilmenl lo do scienlific
research on lhese aIlernalive aroaches, hov lhen can ve |udge vhelher or
nol somelhing vorks`
The ansver has lo be emiricaIare eoIe foIIoving aIlernalive
aroaches and succeeding in exlending lheir Iives, imroving lhe quaIily of
lheir Iives and even becoming cancer-free again` The ansver is a resounding
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn J
=1+- L,,;
In lhis book you viII read lhe slories of lvo dozen eoIe vho have indeed
recovered from cancer eilher by a combinalion of convenlionaI and aIlernalive
aroachesor more commonIy by means of lhe aIlernalive aroaches aIone.
In rearing lhis book I sel oul lo find eoIe vho had cured lheir cancers
and inviled lhem lo conlribule lheir slories. Many vere hay lo rovide lheir
slories and I vouId Iike lo lhank lhem for lheir generosily. In some cases,
hovever, lhere vas susicion lhal I vas seeking lo rofil from olher eoIe's
vork (a quile underslandabIe concern) vhich I hoe lo avoid by circuIaling lhis
book as videIy as ossibIe free of charge in df formal. If you have lhis version,
Iease send lhis book lo aII your friends and ask lhem lo send il on lo aII lheir
friends. If you vanl lo oblain a df version lhen Iease go lo my vebsile al
The more eoIe are made avare of lhe reaI olenliaI of aIlernalive
aroaches lo cancer, lhe Iess frighlening a diagnosis viII become. Lel us
remind ourseIves: This is a disease lhal currenlIy fifly er cenl of us viII face in
our Iifelimesand il viII slrike erhas lhree-quarlers of our chiIdren's
generalion (if incidence rales conlinue lo cIimb as lhey are execled lo do). So il
makes sense lo be reared.
And lhen lhere vas one case, a veII-knovn exonenl of aIlernalive
aroaches, vho refused lo have her slory aear in lhis book because she
disagreed vilh much of vhal I had vrillen. In her viev lhere vas onIy one vay
lo deaI vilh cancerher vay, vhich had been reveaIed lo her by God. Ah veII!
You can'l vin lhem aII.
S"#6 $)&%- "4&%"86 %I+-/
The idea lhal lhere is onIy one vay lo deaI vilh cancer is nol one lhal I agree
vilh, and nol one suorled by lhese slories. The eoIe vhose slories aear
in lhis book have done very many differenl aroaches. So I lhink il is cIear lhal
lhe search for a cure for cancer is misIaced. There are aIready many cures.
None of lhese cures may be 100 er cenl effeclive on lheir ovn (lhough of
course some may be relly cIose) bul in combinalion vilh olher lheraies lheir
olenliaI increases.
>, /1% 2"/1-
The malhemalics is simIe. If aroaches A, , C and D each have a fifly er
cenl chance of vorkingand if lhey have differenl curalive mechanisms, and if
lhey don'l inlerfere vilh each olherlhen if you do one of lhese aroaches
you have a fifly er cenl chance of curing your cancer, if you do lvo, lhe
robabiIily viII increase lo sevenly-five er cenl, do lhree and il rises lo eighly-
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 4
seven er cenl, do aII four and lhe resuIl is cIose lo ninely-four er cenl. And
lhen of course lhere are aroaches I,I, G and so on.
And vhal if each of lhem has an eighly er cenl IikeIihood of curing your
cancer` (The ansver for four aroaches is 99.84 er cenl!)
You may find lhis simIislic, bul ve can see lhal lhere isn'l a Iol of
difference belveen lhe combined effecls of four aroaches desile lhe
aarenl difference belveen fifly and eighly er cenl. And vhal comes oul of
lhese slories very cIearIy is lhe over of diel and herbs and suIemenls lo rid
lhe body of cancer.
ul Iel's make a very essimislic assumlion. Lel us assume lhal each of
our aIlernalive aroaches has a very Iov robabiIily of successsay 20 er
cenl. Then combining four such aroaches viII give you a 60 er cenl survivaI
robabiIily, and you can lake lhal u lo 80 er cenl by doing anolher four.
CIearIy lhe more you do, lhe grealer your chances of bealing cancer.
:% 6,)& ,C# E)+#%" 3+E
Anolher issue lhal ve shouId remind ourseIves of is lhal ve are aII uniqueno-
one eIse on earlh has a hysioIogy exaclIy lhe same as mine or yours. Ivery
singIe one of us has bio-chemicaI rocesses going on in our bodies lhal Iace us
al lhe exlremes of lhe normaI dislribulion curve. This is a slalislicaI cerlainly.
Thal means lhal vhal vorks for you may nol necessariIy vork for me. There is
a good chance il viII bul lhere is no guaranlee. Or il may have a differenl effecl,
maybe slronger, maybe veaker, maybe comIeleIy differenl.
This in lurn means lhal each of us has lo be our ovn guinea ig. TriaI and
assessmenl is lhe onIy vay lo roceed. We need lo lry lhings oul for ourseIves.
If ve Iike il, conlinue. If ve don'l Iike il, sel il aside and do somelhing eIse. We
need lo lake resonsibiIily for ourseIves. ul hov are ve going lo knov vhere
lo slarl` Ior some lhe ansver viII be gIaringIy obvious, for olhers a maller of
grave uncerlainly and consequenl anxiely.
I beIieve very slrongIy in lhe subconscious. I beIieve il knovs vhal is good
for usand il viII leII us in ils ovn vay. If one aroach seems very allraclive
for some nol very cIear reason, lhis may be because our subconscious is
romling us, or ve may vake u al lhree in lhe morning vilh an image of a
arlicuIar aroach. Trusl lhis inluilion, il is aImosl cerlainIy our subconscious
laIking lo us. Or maybe |usl Iunge in, make random choices and see vhere
lhey Iead you. If you reaIIy can'l decide drafl in some friends lo heI you laIk il
lhroughbul remember, aII decisions have lo be your ovn decisions. You are
lhe one vho viII suffer lhe consequences so you musl do lhe choosing.
Il is nov lime lo Iel lhe slories do lheir ovn laIking.
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 5
=1% -/,&+%-
The slories on lhe foIIoving ages are by eoIe vho have laken lhe sle lo
sland u and leII lhe vorId. They are doing so because lhey vanl lo heI
olhers. Some of lhem have vrillen books, olhers have vebsiles and in mosl
cases lhey have said lhey are viIIing lo be conlacled direclIy. These are nol
anonymous, faceIess anecdoles. These are slories by eoIe vho are nol afraid
lo sland u and leII lhe lrulh as lhey see il, as lhey have exerienced il.
The coIIeclive veighl of lhis leslimony aIIovs onIy one concIusion:
AIlernalive lheraies do vork and are vaslIy referabIe lo lhe convenlionaI
'veaons'. They offer heaIlh and hainess, nol damage and ain.
I urge you lo read lhese slories and lake nole for yourseIf. If you have
cancer you can aIy lhese Iessons immedialeIy. If you don'l (al resenl) have
cancer al Ieasl lhese slories viII heI you reare yourseIf for lhal ossibiIily.
And I urge you lo sread lhis vord as far and as vide as you can.

Wilh besl vishes for your heaIlh and hainess
}onalhan ChamberIain
Brignicn, Scpicn|cr 2011

2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 6
=1% (/,&+%- ,Z =C, !1+48&%#
ChiIdren vilh cancer resenl a hearl-searing robIem. We vanl lo do lhe very
besl for lhemand il seems sensibIe lherefore lo ul lhem in lhe hands of lhe
besl doclors al lhe besl oncoIogy unils seciaIising in chiIdren's cancers.
AIlhough lhis seems al firsl sighl lo be unarguabIy lhe besl course of
aclion, by doing so ve knov lhal ve viII be sub|ecling lhem lo immense ain,
lhal lhey viII inevilabIy suffer some form of brain damageand lheir Iong-
lerm heaIlh viII aImosl cerlainIy suffer grievousIy. If you vanl lo see lhe Iisl of
ossibIe 'Iale effecls' of chemolheray and radialion go lo lhe American Cancer
Sociely vebsile and do a search for 'chiIdhood cancers Iale effecls'lhe
descrilion makes for sobering reading. And remember, lhese Iale effecls are
nol ossibiIilies, lhey are much cIoser lo cerlainlies.
The robIem for arenls is lhal if lhey alleml lo exlracl lheir chiIdren
from such unilive courses of lrealmenl lhey are IikeIy lo find lhal lhe medicaI
syslem, chiId roleclion agencies and courls viII require lhem lo roceed.
Ior any arenl vishing lo exIore lhe area of aIlernalive lheraies,
lherefore, lhe olions are Iimiled and you may need lo go for a Iong lri
Is lhere any evidence lhal aIlernalive aroaches can be heaIing` These
lvo slories suggesl lhere is.
!"-1 K68%
Cash Hyde, a young boy from MissouIa Monlana, vas onIy 20 monlhs oId
vhen he vas diagnosed vilh a highIy aggressive slage 4 brain lumour
surrounding his olic nerve. The doclors gave him very IillIe hoe of survivaI.
They gave him seven differenl chemolheray drugs and among olher
imacls lhis caused Cash lo suffer selic shock, a slroke and heavy
haemorrhaging of his Iungs. He vas given lhe highesl ossibIe doses of
chemolheray for lvo monlhs. Cash vas so sick lhal he didn'l eal anylhing for
40 days. In lhe end lhe sighl of his son's suffering vas more lhan he couId lake
and his falher, Mike, asked lhem lo slo lhe lrealmenl.
Wilhoul leIIing lhem vhal he Ianned, Mike decided lo lry oul somelhing
on his ovn. He didn'l leII lhe doclors because he knev lhey vouId oose il.
Mike boughl some mari|uana and boiIed il in oIive oiI. He lhen added lhis in
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 7
smaII doses of around haIf a leasoon each lime lo his son's feeding lube. His
falher reorled lhe imacl in lhese vords: 'Nol onIy vas il heIfuI, il vas a
godsend. Wilhin lvo veeks he vas veaned off aII lhe nausea drugs and he vas
ealing again and silling u in bed and Iaughing.' When he admilled vhal he
had done lhe doclors conlinued lo rescribe lhe cannabisfor his nausea. In
Iebruary 2011, nevs reorls announced lhal young Cash vas sliII in remission.
If he recovers lhe doclors viII of course cIaim lhal lhe chemo. did lhe lrick. ul
aIlhough lhe cannabis is being rescribed as an anli-nausea medicalion, il has a
slrong anli-cancer effecl of ils ovn (see discussion of cannabis in ook 5 in lhis
series: Canccr. Hcr|s, Bcianica|s an! Bic|cgica| Tncrapics).
Mike Hyde has sel u lhe Cash Hyde Ioundalion lo romole lhe medicaI
use of cannabis, vhich remains such a conlenlious sub|ecl.
!,##"1 :&,,2
On 10 Iebruary 2009, Tnc Oai|q Mai| nevsaer (UK) reorled lhe foIIoving
slory. In Augusl 2006 Connah vas diagnosed vilh slage 4 neurobIasloma, an
aggressive chiIdhood cancer. He vas given inlensive chemolheray for seven
monlhs bul in lhe end vas senl home by lhe doclors so lhal he couId die al
home. He had al lhis lime eIeven lumours in his body, mainIy in lhe neck area.
The doclors said lhere vas nolhing more lhey couId do and loId his arenls
lhal lhey shouId en|oy Connah's finaI monlhs of Iife as besl lhey couId. Thal
vas in 2007. The room famiIy decided differenlIy. They ul him on an organic
vegelarian diel and a daiIy sauna. They aIso did Reiki and venl lo a Mexican
cIinic vhere lhey vere abIe lo undergo sono holo-dynamic lheray. They aIso
give him an uIlrasound lrealmenl (unsecified) bul IikeIy from lhe holograh
accomanying lhe slory lo be SCINAR (see ook 7 in lhis series: Canccr |ncrgq,
Min! an! |nciicns for delaiIs). In 2011, Connah vas doing veII, and aII bul one
of lhe lumours vere in relreal.
The doclors admilled lhis vas unusuaI bul denied lhal lhe aIlernalive
lheraies had had any imacl. You can Iead a horse lo valer bul you can'l make
a doclor accel lhal a diel is more overfuI lhan chemolheray drugs.

I have no doubl lhal one day, hoefuIIy one day soon, doclors viII evenluaIIy
recognise lhe benefils of aroaches lhal lhey currenlIy ignoreand lhal a
lruIy inlegralive medicine viII resuIl. I beIieve lhe ressure lo do so viII come
from alienls vho, laking resonsibiIily for lhemseIves, inform lhemseIves of
aII lhe olions and make lheir ovn |udgemenls as lo lhe vaIue of diels, herbs,
vilamins and so on. y doing so, lhey viII force doclors lo recognise lhal lhere
is, in facl, a greal deaI of scienlific suorl for lhese non-convenlionaI
aroaches lo cancer recovery.
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 8
olh lhese slories are very osilive and cIearIy suorl lhe idea lhal
comIemenlary or aIlernalive aroaches can be heaIlh romoling in lhe shorl
lerm and olenliaIIy curalive in lhe Iong lerm. Hov lhese lvo boys viII
conlinue lo resond lo lheir nev lheraies no-one can say bul hov many
slories Iike lhese do you need before you say: 'Maybe lhere is somelhing in
lhese aIlernalive vays of deaIing vilh cancer.'
Il is nov lime lo Iook al slories of aduIls vho have chosen aIlernalive and
comIemenlary vays and vho have, in many cases, survived cancer-free for
decades as a resuIl.

2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 9
G%&-,#"4 (/,&+%-
The foIIoving slories are of eoIe vho cured lheir cancers using aIlernalive
lheraiesaIlhough in one or lvo cases lhey aIso used convenlionaI lheraies. I
use lhe vord 'cured' vilhoul lhe usuaI aoIogies because no olher vord viII
do. IeoIe Iike eala and Iercy (read beIov) Iived and have Iived for decades
free of cancer. Thal is vhal 'cured' means. Olhers, il is lrue, did succumb lo
lheir cancers, bul onIy afler having Iived for years vilhoul any sign of cancer.
Olhers in lhis Iisl viII nol asserl lhal lhey are 'cured'. They viII simIy say lhal
lhey are fighling a ballIe againsl cancer and u liII nov lhey aear lo be
vinning! Here lhen are some remarkabIe slories.
:%"/" :+-1,3
In lhe earIy 1980s, vhiIe vorking as a vriler al lhe C, eala isho
discovered lhal a moIe on her Ieg vas a maIignanl meIanoma, one of lhe faslesl-
sreading and mosl IelhaI of aII cancers. She undervenl ainfuI and disfiguring
surgery, bul vilhin a year il vas found lhal lhe cancer had sread inlo lhe
Iymhalic syslem and vas aearing eIsevhere on her body. She vas loId by
her doclors lhal she had a maller of veeks or monlhs lo Iive, and lhal lhere vas
nolhing lhey couId do aboul il.
IorlunaleIy for her, a friend had heard of lhe Gerson Inslilule and nol
having any olher olions she chose lo foIIov lhis diel deveIoed by an eminenl
German hysician, Dr Max Gerson (see ook 4 in lhis series: Canccr. Ocicx an!
Oici for furlher delaiIs). Taking her fale in her hands, she senl lvo monlhs al
lhe vorId's onIy Gerson cIinic in Mexico vhere she Iearnl lhe lheory and
raclice of lhe inlensive lheray vhich she lhen ursued for a furlher eighleen
monlhs in London.
Afler lvo years on lhe Gerson Theray, vhich lransformed her bolh
hysicaIIy and sychoIogicaIIy, eala isho made a fuII recovery.
Today she is sliII aIive, in her 70s, exlremeIy aclive and free of her cancer.
She vrole her slory in a book, Mq Triunpn Otcr Canccr, firsl ubIished in 1985.
eala haled lhis lilIe and Ialer had lhe book re-ubIished as A Tinc ic Hca|. She
has aIso coIIaboraled vilh CharIolle Gerson, vho nov runs lhe Gerson
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 10
Inslilule, in vriling an udaled inlroduclion lo lhe Gerson Diel caIIed Hca|ing
Tnc Gcrscn Waq.
I have inlervieved eala for Conscious TV and you can find a Iink lo lhis
inlerviev on my Iacebook 'Cancer Recovery' sile (scroII dovn lhe age as lhe
Iink is near lhe bollom lhe Iink can aIso be found al Hers is a lruIy remarkabIe slory. Nol
many eoIe Iive lhirly years having received a diagnosis of unlrealabIe
lerminaI slage meIanoma.
S+$1"%4 7%"&+#[=,-1
MichaeI Gearin-Tosh vas, for 35 years, lulor in IngIish al Sl Calherine's
CoIIege, Oxford. In 1994 he vas diagnosed vilh myeIoma, a cancer of lhe bone
marrov vhich is normaIIy considered lo be unlrealabIe. AIlhough urged lo
lake chemolheray, he discovered lhal lhis vouId give him onIy a four er cenl
ossibiIily of a cure. His concIusion: 'Touch il |chemolherayj, and you're a
He embarked on a series of aIlernalive lrealmenls consisling of 12 freshIy-
made vegelabIe |uices a day, high-dose vilamin in|eclions, acuunclure, rav
garIic, coffee enemas, and Chinese brealhing exercises. He aIso used
visuaIisalion lechniques in vhich he imagined his immune ceIIs allacking lhe
lumour. The resuIl vas lhal his cancer venl inlo remission. He vas sliII cancer-
free 11 years Ialer vhen he died in 2005 from an unlrealed bIood infeclion.
Gearin-Tosh described his ballIe vilh cancer in his book, Iiting PrccjA
Mc!ica| Muiinq (Scribner, 2002).
!1&+-/,31%& (1%33"&8
In November 1999, Chrisloher Sheard, a fiIm roducer, vas diagnosed vilh
'IocaIIy advanced' reclaI cancer and his doclors recommended surgeryas did
lhe homoeoalhic doclors and acuunclurisl lhal he aroached lo heI him.
Hovever, Sheard refused surgery and chemo. bul evenluaIIy, afler a Iol of
souI searching, did decide lo accel radialion lrealmenl. He aIso decided lo go
on vhal he caIIed a heaIing |ourney. Il vas his viev lhal each cancer viclim, nol
lheir doclor, shouId be lhe aulhorily on vhal lhey shouId do for lheir cancer.
And lhey shouId make lheir decisions on lhe basis of lheir ovn seIf-knovIedge,
inluilion and sense of lhe vorId.
Ior himseIf, he seIecled a modified version of lhe Gerson diel, deveIoed
by his nulrilionisl, heaviIy suIemenled vilh vilamins, mineraIs and herbs
al one oinl he vas laking over 100 iIIs a day.
He aIso decided lo visil a raziIian siriluaI heaIer, }oao Texeira, aIso
knovn lo his foIIovers as '}ohn of God'. He feIl slrongIy lhal lhere vas a
siriluaI dimensionlhal his cancer vas a sign of a siriluaI maIaise. This Ied
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 11
him lo Tibelan uddhism and he sludied a seciaI form of medilalion al a
uddhisl communily. Anolher seIf-devised lheray vas lo |oin an emolionaI
counseIIing grou.
Wilhin a year he vas cancer-free, and remains so lo lhis day. Radialion on
ils ovn is nol generaIIy considered curalive for reclaI cancers.
Chrisloher describes his |ourney in greal delaiI al his vebsile al
W##% \&"12
Al lhe age of 34 Anne Irahm found a liny Ium in her breasl bul, having been
assured il vas nol maIignanl, she did nolhing. y lhe lime lhe cancer vas
diagnosed a year Ialer, il had sread lhroughoul her body. 'I viII never forgel
seeing lhal Iighl board vilh my skeIelon disIayed on il. Il had lumours
covering my body. The lumours covered my skuII, my ribs and shouIders.
Quarler-size hoIes had ealen lhrough aII my eIvic bones and lhe reorl
shoved lhal virluaIIy every verlebra of my sine had lumours grovn righl
lhrough il. Al lhal oinl, lhe doclor said lhal he lhoughl he couId kee me aIive
for a vhiIe. He loId me slraighl oul, I can'l cure you.'
Desile lhis she undervenl a masleclomy, chemolheray, radialion,
hormone lheray and a bone marrov lransIanl. During lhis Ialler rocedure
she vas in isoIalion for 52 days during vhich she very nearIy died. 'My kidneys
shul dovn, my Iungs shul dovn, I gol neumonia, I vas covered vilh fungus
rashes from head lo loe, my fingernaiIs and loenaiIs feII off. I vas a vreck!
|Thenj lovard lhe end of lhe 52 days, lhey did lesls and came in and said lhey
vere very sorry bul il |usl didn'l vork for you. I found oul lhal I had a Iol of
cancer sliII groving in my body so lhey basicaIIy senl me home lo die.'
ul Anne refused lo give u. She decided lo foIIov a slricl nulrilion Ian
(vhich I have described in ook 4 in lhis series: Canccr Ocicx an! Oici) and five
veeks Ialer her aslounded doclors couId find no lrace of lhe cancer al aII.
Anne Irahm, vilh lhe heI of her husband Dave, vrole her slory u in a
book caIIed Tnc Canccr Baii|c P|an.
SadIy, Anne did evenluaIIy die len years Ialer from cancer, bul lo Iive
nearIy len years cancer-free afler being given veeks lo Iive is sureIy a greal
\%4+$+/6 !,&L+#[A1%%4%&
IeIicily Corbin-WheeIer is a Reader in lhe Church of IngIand and aIso has an
inlernalionaI bibIe-based heaIlh minislry. She is aIso a Hiocrales HeaIlh
Iducalor, HaIIeIu|ah Acres HeaIlh minisler, and she leaches around lhe vorId.
She is currenlIy based in IorlugaI.
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 12
Her ovn cancer slory slarled in Selember 2003 vhen she vas diagnosed
vilh unlrealabIe ancrealic cancer. Having aIready Iosl a daughler lo cancer,
desile vhal she refers lo as 'lhe besl of orlhodox medicine' she began lo
research lhe imorlance of nulrilion in cancer. The concIusion she came lo vas
lhal a nulrilionaI lheray shouId be firmIy based on 'vhal God leIIs us lo eal in
Genesis 1:29 and 30'.
AIlhough a diagnosis of ancrealic cancer is one of lhe vorsl diagnoses
anyone can receive, she did nol give u hoe bul ul her failh in 'lhe Iiving
enzymes in lhe seeds lhal God leIIs us lo eal . and lhe seed of lhe aricol has
naluraI cancer cure quaIilies of hydrocyanic acid. This is aIso knovn as
amygdaIin or IaelriIe, vhich has been given vilamin 17 slalus because lhe
seeds are vilaI for heaIlh.'
Hovever, she found lhal she couId nol eal as many aImonds as she feIl she
needed so she undervenl 13 inlravenous lrealmenls in }ersey, ChanneI IsIands,
of IaelriIe (vilamin 17) under lhe direclion of Dr Conlreras of Oasis of Hoe
Chrislian Cancer HosilaI in Mexico, vilh mega doses of vilamin C and DMSO
(dimelhyI suIhoxide) in lhe inlravenous bag. She lhen conlinued lo lake 17
labIels for lvo years.
In addilion, she aIso did lhe Gerson coffee enemas five limes a day vhich
she conlinues lo do. 'I aIso venl on a diel of Iiving foods, fresh vegelabIe |uices
incIuding vheal and barIey grass and deloxed from animaI rolein, dairy, fals
and fIour.' Wilhin four monlhs of slarling lhis regime, scans shoved lhe
lumours shrinking, and vilhin a year aII lhal vas Iefl vas a scar. In a recenl
emaiI lo me she said lhis:
'AcluaIIy al |lhe age ofj 70, I am filler nov lhan I have ever been! Yeslerday
I von lhe Chrislmas goIf comelilion, and aIso lhe December MedaIs in my lvo
differenl goIf cIubs here in IorlugaI, vhich is my daiIy source of vilaI oxygen,
exercise, friendshi, Iaughler (!) and sunIighl .. In my oinion, lhe ansver lo
a|| disease: cancer, diabeles, hearl disease, arlhrilis, digeslive disease, is in
correcling acidily in lhe body and buiIding lhe immune syslem. We are vhal
ve drink, eal, brealhe and aIso lhink. The sychoIogicaI and siriluaI side of
heaIing is aIso vilaI.'
Her slory has been reorled by lhe C (Augusl 2004) and she has vrillen
lhe book Gc!s Hca|ing Wcr!, vhich recounls her slory. Ior furlher delaiIs go lo
746## A+44+"2-
In 1995, al lhe age of 28, GIynn WiIIiams vas diagnosed vilh Hodgkin's lye
Lymhoma. 'I venl lo see lhe doclor because of sveIIing on bolh sides of lhe
groin area vhich came on vilhin aboul a veek .. I vas lolaIIy exhausled,
Ielhargic, did nol have lhe energy lo gel u, had no aelile and vas Iosing
veighl and I vas having chiIIs.'
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 1J
He slarled laking Issiac lea (brand name IIor Issence)lvo ounces in lhe
morning before ealing and lvo ounces al nighl. The sveIIing grev Iarger and
lhen hardened u and lhe discomforl venl avay. y lhis lime lesl resuIls
confirmed lhal he had advanced slage Hodgkin's. He vas ul on a course of 16
chemolheray lrealmenls bul afler exeriencing severe side effecls he quil lhe
course of lrealmenls afler lhe fiflh chemo. session. Throughoul lhis lrealmenl
he had conlinued vilh lhe Issiac lea vhich he suIemenled vilh vilamins and
herbs, one 400 IU vilamin I, one 10,000 IU bela carolene, lvo ginseng, one
shark carliIage, one 1,000 mg vilamin C, dros of Iiquid echinacea on lhe
longue every lhree hours, and lhen casuIes of echinacea 380 mg. He aIso look
a arasile eIiminalion rogramme using bIack vaInul linclures, and
vormvood casuIes. He drank kombucha mushroom lea lhree limes a day.
IinaIIy he did yoga vilh a slrong focus on diahragm brealhing.
His doclors vere amazed vhen he vas evenluaIIy found lo be cancer-free
as five doses of chemo. vas nol considered curalive. In December 2007, he
confirmed lhal he vas sliII cancer-free lveIve years Ialer.
R4,##" S$]+LL%#
In 1989, having laken ferliIily lrealmenl, IIonna found herseIf regnanl vilh
quins. Hovever, as lhe regnancy rogressed, IIonna began feeIing dee-
sealed ains. Il vas evenluaIIy discovered, afler lhe birlh of her chiIdren, lhal
lhe ains vere nol a side effecl of her regnancylhe excelionaI nalure of
vhich had camoufIaged lhe facl lhal she had a lumour on her sine.
This vas diagnosed as slage 4 gIiobIasloma muIliforme (GM), a very rare
and aIvays falaI cancer. 'As mine vas in lhe sinaI cord,' IIonna vrole Ialer, 'il
made il even more rare, more aggressive and fasler kiIIing. I vas loId I vouId
nol survive Iong enough lo see my chiIdren's firsl birlhday.'
If lhal vas nol bad enough, lhe combined effecl of lhe surgery and cancer
had Iefl her araIysed from lhe vaisl dovn. The doclors recommended
radialion bul vere nol hoefuI lhal il vouId do more lhan deIay lhe inevilabIe.
IorlunaleIy, someone vho read aboul her silualion in lhe nevsaer
conlacled her husband, Rob, and loId him aboul CanCeII. IIonna vas naluraIIy
very scelicaI: 'If lhere vas a cure for cancer, don'l you lhink lhey vouId be
using il inslead of Ielling lhousands of eoIe die.'
Hovever, she slarled laking il on lhe basis lhal she had nolhing lo Iose
and everylhing lo gain. Ils effecls vere quickIy obvious. 'I began lo eIiminale
lhe cancer vasle roducl aboul 18 hours afler my firsl dose. Il IileraIIy oured
oul of me: I lhrev il u, my boveI movemenls vere exlremeIy Ioose, slringy
and frequenl lhroughoul lhe day, I Iosl il in my urine, my nose ran so much I
had lo kee a lissue vilh me al aII limes, I svealed il oul rofuseIy, I had
hol/coId fIashes and nighl sveals. When lhe nurses vouId give me a songe
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 14
balh afler a nighl sveal, lhe valer vouId be a goIden brovn coIour vilh vhal
lhey referred lo as 'laioca baIIs' fIoaling in il.'
Desile lhese side-effecls she ersevered vilh lhe CanCeII. Afler severaI
veeks she found she vas feeIing much beller. Chrislmas came and venl and
she slarled lo do hysicaI lheray lo heI her mobiIily. Then, in Iebruary 1990
she had scans lo see vhal vas haening. The radioIogisl vas slunned lo find
no lrace of lhe cancer. Desile being cancer-free, IIonna conlinued lhe CanCeII
lrealmenl for a furlher lvo years. As of Selember 2011, IIonna McKibben is sliII
aIive, and her fuII slory can be read on her vebsile al
You can read more aboul CanCeII in ook 6 in lhis series: Canccr. Viianins
an! Oincr Supp|cncnis.
S"&; P4-^/6#
In March 1991, Mark exerienced a ma|or eiIelic seizure vhich Ied lo him
being hosilaIized. There, a CAT scan reveaIed a darkened area in lhe righl
fronlaI Iobe of his brain. He vas oeraled on and lhe lumour removed. Il vas
found lo be a Iov-grade aslrocyloma. No furlher lrealmenl vas recommended,
lhough frequenl reeal scans vouId, he vas loId, be necessary.
Mark ignored lhis recommendalion and for lhe nexl six years Ied a normaI,
heclic Iife. 'This vas my deniaI hase,' he recaIIs. When evenluaIIy he did go for
a scan in 1997, he vas shocked lo Iearn lhal lhe lumour had relurned and vas
nov slage 4. In addilion lo surgery he vouId require chemolheray and
radialion. He vas aIso loId by one of his doclors lhal he had beller sellIe his
affairs. ul Mark insisled in lhinking osiliveIy lhal a cure vas ossibIe.
He foIIoved doclors' orders and undervenl aII lhese lrealmenls even
lhough he knev lhal al besl lhey vouId be aIIialive. IorlunaleIy, his falher vas
a doclor of aIlernalive medicine. 'My falher immedialeIy senl me a case of a fouI-
lasling Iiquid caIIed IoIyMVA vhich a coIIeague of his vas using successfuIIy
on brain lumour alienls. ecause IoIyMVA can be used as an ad|uncl lo
convenlionaI lheray, I embraced il. I feIl lhen lhal any nonconvenlionaI lheray
lhal came my vay, so Iong as il didn'l inlerfere vilh vhal lhe doclors vanled
me lo do, vas vhal God vanled me lo do and vouId give me lhe edge lhal I
needed lo survive.
Among many olher lhings, I became an ascelic, racliced Qi Gong, drank
Issiac and Chinese herbs, |oined various suorl grous, received acuunclure,
ohmed and rayed and vas rayed for, drank shark carliIage, ale macrobiolic,
racliced visuaIizalion and, afler four oul of six rounds, quil chemolheray. Thal
Iasl one vas nol vhal lhe doclors vanled me lo do, hovever I feIl I had enough
oisoning. Over lhe years I graduaIIy Iel go of each of lhe aforemenlioned Iife-
saving raclices excel for IoIyMVA and ealing organic. Doclors nov leII me lo
kee on doing vhalever il is lhal I'm doing because il seems lo be vorking.'
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 15
In Augusl 2011, Mark is sliII very much aIive and cancer-free. He can be
conlacled al
(1+&4%6 _+3-$1)/^[5,L+#-,#
In 1982, doclors recommended a masleclomy on ShirIey's Iefl breasl. She had
suffered recurring cysl Iums vhich no medicalion couId conlroI. U unliI lhis
lime ShirIey vas, as she caIIs herseIf, a rescrilion drug |unkieshe vas
deressed, overveighl and suffering from a seemingIy endIess arade of
aiImenlsand lhe drugs seemed lo onIy make mallers vorse. Her overaII
heaIlh vas sleadiIy decIining.
ul ShirIey bauIked al having her breasl removed. She decided she needed
lo change her aroach. She consuIled a naluroalhic/homoeoalhic doclor vho
ul her on a dielary regime'a vhoIesome diel of fresh, organicaIIy-grovn
fruils, vegelabIes, and nuls, moslIy in lheir rav form'suIemenled vilh
homoeoalhic remedies. The resuIls vere, in her ovn vords, 'dramalic'.
Wilhin six veeks lhe Iums vere gone. Wilhin 12 veeks she had Iosl 60Ibs.
'My energy IeveI and slamina imroved dramalicaIIy. I vas abIe lo funclion
beller overaII. I became caImer, cenlred and focused, and generaIIy I feIl haier.
My overaII resislance lo infeclions became exceIIenl.'
In lhe 1990s, she exerienced a Ium lhe size of a ea in her Iefl niIe. Il
grev lo be lhe size of a smaII grae. She refused lo see lhe doclor, inslead seIf-
lrealing il vilh exlra fIaxseed oiI, herbaI exlracls and homoeoalhy. Wilhin lvo
veeks her body had reabsorbed lhe Ium and il never came back.
These exeriences sarked her lo sludy a vide range of aIlernalive
lheraies. Her fuII slory, and lhe slory of hov she lrealed her husband lhrough
a series of hearl allacks, is loId on her exceIIenl vebsile: vvv.shirIeys- This vebsile is a slorehouse of usefuI informalion.
G"//+% S$>,#"48
In May 2002, Iallie, 58, vas diagnosed vilh breasl cancer 'lhe size of a quarler'"
She beIieves nov lhal conlribuling faclors incIuded being on HRT (Iremarin)
for six years, Iong lerm anlibiolic use and a very oor diel ('I vas a fasl food
freak') couIed vilh a negalive oulIook on Iife. Her doclors recommended
surgery and radialion.
Hovever, Iallie had a cIose and lrusled friend vho had survived ovarian
cancer by using bIoodrool. She used bolh bIoodrool asle and lonic. The effecls
of lhe bIoodrool quickIy reveaIed lhal lhe cancer had aIready sread lo lhe neck
and lhree Iymh nodes.
The Cansema bIoodrool asle vas aIied lo lhe biosy sile on her breasl.
Il look len days lo exeI lhe lumour from her body. As lhe neck lumours aIso
began lo be exeIIed, Iallie look lhe lonic and aIied asle againsl lhe neck. The
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 16
vhoIe rocess of lrealmenl look aboul a monlh. She exerienced excrucialing
ain and lvo days of no sIee. (She Ialer found oul you shouId lake ain kiIIers.)
In Augusl 2002 she had an MRI scan lhal confirmed she vas cancer-free,
and four years Ialer she has remained cancer-free.
'This exerience changed my enlire Iifebody, souI and siril. I am a nev
voman. I changed my diel, quil my slressfuI |ob, soId my loo-big house, rid
myseIf of aII negalive friends, and divorced my aIcohoIic hubby. I had no idea
vhal reaI hainess vas unliI 2002.'
Iallie can be conlacled al |
:,L >"*+-
In AriI 1996, ob Davis discovered he had a massive cancer lumoura fool
vide and severaI inches lhickin his abdomen and severaI olher lumours in
his chesl, some 'lhe size of sofl baIIs'. The cancer had aIso sread lo his bone
He vas immedialeIy slarled on a very heavy chemolheray rogram over
lhe nexl lhree monlhs. This had very IillIe effecl: 'Il |lhe lumourj seemed lo
lhrive on lhe sluff.'
The doclor loId him lhal lhe chemo. vasn'l vorking. 'He Ialer loId me lhal
anolher lrealmenl vouId kiII me. I knev lhal lhis vas lrue because my body
vas ravaged by lhe chemo. I vas curIed u in a foelaI osilion unabIe lo sIee
or eal. I vas emacialed and had excrucialing ain aII lhrough my body.'
Al lhis lime he received a caII from a voman vho had been seIIing his vife
iIIs made of dried green barIey Ieaves for her arlhrilis. During lhe conversalion
he menlioned his fighl vilh cancer. 'Don'l you knov lhal cancer and arlhrilis
can'l grov in an aIkaIine body`' she said. The same barIey Ieaves lhal his vife
vas laking for her arlhrilis vouId, she loId him, aIso heI in his fighl againsl
cancer. He slarled laking lhe iIIs20 labIels of dried barIey green (340mg
each)and 'in len days my cancer vas 95 er cenl gone!' A number of lesls
incIuding a CAT scan shoved lhal scar lissue remained bul lhe cancer had been
kiIIed. 'I vas incredibIy Iucky. I knov mosl eoIe vouIdn'l be cured so simIy.
In facl I onIy knov one olher erson vho had lhe same resonse.'
A fev years Ialer, even lhough he had mainlained his inlake of dried
barIey Ieaves, ob vas diagnosed vilh a robabIe roslale cancer on lhe basis
of a Ium and high ISA IeveIs. Resisling ressure lo have surgery, ob venl on
lhe Dr ShuIze's IncurabIe's rogrammeinvoIving |uice fasling and coIon
cIeansing. Three veeks Ialer he demanded a ISA re-lesl. His ISA IeveIs vere
nov normaI.
In 2011 he vas sliII cancer-free. He sliII lakes 20 labIels of dried green
barIey every day. 'Il cosls me a vhoing 95 cenls or so.' He has adoled a 95
er cenl vegan diel 'I reaIIy Iike il. I feeI beller lhan I have in 40 years. IeoIe
say I Iook younger. I have Iolsa energy.'
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 17
ob Davis can be conlacled lhrough his vebsile al vvv.cancer-
`5,23+#. 5,##+% K"C;+#-
Ronnie Havkins is a famous Canadian rockabiIIy musician, reorledIy one of
iII CIinlon's favouriles. In 2002 he vas diagnosed vilh ancrealic cancer and
given no hoe of recovery. When lhe nevs vas announced lhal he had onIy
lhree or four monlhs Iefl lo Iive, a fiIm direclor by lhe name of Anne Iick
slarled documenling lhe Iasl days of his Iife. There vas a learfuI lribule concerl
in Toronlo lo bid fareveII lo 'The Havk'.
ul Havkins didn'l Iie dovn and die. Inslead he venl on a regimen of
nulrilionaI suIemenls and ol. Sevenleen monlhs Ialer, a gifled, 17-year-oId
named Adam McLeod, heard of Havkins Iighl and offered his services. Adam
vas vhal he caIIs a MedicaI Inluilive HeaIer. Havkins acceled lhe offer. A
shorl lime Ialer Havkins reorled for his reguIar check-u and lhe doclors
vere slunned lo discover lhal his lumour had comIeleIy disaeared.
This caused robIems for lhe fiIm makers documenling his Iasl monlhs
(aIready lhey musl have been a IillIe irrilaled lhal he vas laking so Iong
dying!). They soIved lhe robIem by changing lhe fiIm's lilIe lo |cnnic Haukins.
Sii|| A|itc an! Kickin.
Havkins allribules his recovery lo lhe sychic heaIer Adam. Ten years
Ialer Havkins is sliII aIive.
The heaIer Adam McLeod has since vrillen a number of books and is a
figure of conlroversy in Canada. He uses lhe rofessionaI name of Adam
:&)$% 7)+42%//%
In November 2004, ruce discovered lhal bolh his kidneys had Iarge cancerous
masses inside lhem. Kidney cancer is knovn lo be highIy resislanl lo lrealmenl
and he vas given onIy a maller of monlhs lo Iive unIess he had bolh kidneys
removed. ruce refused lhis olion, lurned lo a combinalion of diel, suIemenls
and lhe use of a Rife machine. ruce's research Ied him lo lhe concIusion lhal
cancer needs lo be allacked from many differenl angIes lo be successfuIIy ul
inlo remission. He evenluaIIy ul logelher a comIex regimen vhich he foIIoved
rigorousIy. Much of his food inlake is in lhe form of |uiced fresh vegelabIes. He
reduced his meal consumlion lo no more lhan len ercenl of his lolaI inlake
and eIiminaled ork aIlogelher.
ruce died in November 2007bul he did nol die of cancer. Al lhe lime of
his dealh his reguIar bIood lesls aII confirmed lhal lhe cancer vas no Ionger
aclive. His fuII slory is loId al
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 18
X"# 7"C4%&
In 1975, Ian GavIer, a 24-year oId AuslraIian velerinarian, vas diagnosed vilh
bone cancer. He undervenl surgery and had his righl Ieg amulaled. He vas
loId lhal he had onIy a five ercenl chance of surviving for five years and lhal if
lhe lumours relurned he vouId onIy have a fev monlhs. The cancer did relurn
Ialer lhal year.
Deciding lo lake a roaclive aroach, Ian venl lo lhe IhiIiines vilh his
vife, and received lrealmenl from severaI foIk heaIers (sychic surgeons). On his
relurn lo AuslraIia, he decided lo foIIov a diel, lake u medilalion and exIore
a vide range of naluraI lheraies, He beIieved lhe secrel Iay in slimuIaling lhe
immune syslem and lo Ielling go of slress and anxiely.
He von his ballIe and lhe cancer venl avay. To lhis day he remains
heaIlhy and cancer-free. He vrole a book, Ycu Can Ccnqucr Canccr, and sel u
The GavIer Ioundalion, based in MeIbourne, lo rovide cancer suorl
rograms for anyone seeking lo foIIov lhe aIlernalive alh.
He allribules his success lo lhe facl lhal he look resonsibiIily for his
condilion and recognized lhal he had been resonsibIe for causing il. y laking
resonsibiIily, he feIl in conlroI and beIieved lhal he had lhe over lo reverse il.
In an inlerviev vilh lhe |ournaIisl eryI RuIe he said: 'IsychoIogicaIIy, lhe
big need is lo change. If ve recognize lhal a arlicuIar allern has aided in
crealing lhe disease, lhen obviousIy a nev allern is required .. The disease
creales lhe excuse for change. Il roduces a nev silualion or insighl lhal aIIovs
lhe alienl lhe sace lo change lheir rigid allerns.' Ior more informalion go lo
\&%8 R+$11,&#
In 1976, Ired vas found lo have isIel ceII carcinoma, and vas given a maximum
Iife execlancy of lhree years lhough mosl of lhe doclors he consuIled beIieved
he vouId be dead vilhin a year. He undervenl surgery in vhich 90 ercenl of
his ancreas vas removed aIong vilh his sIeen and arl of his slomach.
Hovever, lhis vas nol execled lo rovide a cure. Ired decided lo define lhe
robIem. He feIl lhal in every case iII heaIlh foIIovs Iike a domino effecl from a
firsl cause. The soIulion is lo find lhal firsl cause in lerms of lhe body's
biochemislry and correcl il. Then a good domino effecl viII resuIl in lhe
eIiminalion of lhe disease.
He decided good nulriliona relurn lo re-1900s slandards (i.e.,
comIeleIy organic)aIong vilh exercise and a osilive menlaI framevork,
vere lhe key cornerslones of good heaIlh.
In 1980 Ired enroIIed in medicaI coIIege and sludied for four years
foIIoved by a furlher lhree years research.
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 19
Ired Iichhorn is cancer-free loday 30 years Ialer and so commilled is he lo
sreading lhe vord lhal he has sel u lhe NalionaI Cancer Research Ioundalion
( He rovides a number of leslimoniaIs on his sile of eoIe vho
have benefiled from foIIoving his regime. Ior furlher informalion conlacl
a)#% :4"$;
}une Iack vas firsl diagnosed vilh cancer (slage 1) in November 2000. She
evenluaIIy had a masleclomy bul no radialion or chemolheray. She vas ul
on lamoxifen bul reacled badIy lo il and 'lhrev il dovn lhe loiIel'. In 2005, }une
noliced a Ium groving on lhe masleclomy scar and had il biosied. The lesls
came back osilive. The cancer had relurned. She undervenl lvo furlher
oeralions bul il vas cIear lhe cancer had sread. y lhis lime she had read a Iol
of books and had come round lo lhe naluraI aroach lo lrealing cancer. So,
vhen her lhird oncoIogisl (she had dumed lvo) loId her: 'I recommend lhe
vhoIe gamul, chemo., radialion and ad|uvanl hormone lheray.' She found lhe
courage lo refuse, saying: 'I am sixly years oId, I have Iived a good Iife, and I
have olher Ians.'
ul al firsl lhe naluraI alh did nol aear lo be doing her any good. 'Afler
sending a monlh of a very slricl diel and enough vilamins and suIemenls lo
fiII a smaII sho, I reaIized I vas Iosing lhe var againsl lhis cancer. I vas Iosing
veighl, I had sveals, I vas reaIIy veak and il vas so bad lhal I lhoughl dealh
vouId be a vonderfuI aIlernalive lo lhe heII I vas going lhrough.'
Then someone suggesled lhe suIemenl IoIyMVA. She venl on il and
vilhin four days feIl beller. This vas in Oclober 2005. In }une 2006 she had a fuII
array of lesls and lhey aII came back cIear. She vas cancer-free.
Her regime vas eighl leasoons of IoIyMVA a day for six 1/2 monlhs. She
lhen venl lo six leasoons a day for aboul lvo monlhs and since lhen has been
laking four leasoons a day. She aIso lakes CoQ10, arlemisinin, ancrealic
enzymes and II6 (inosiloI hexakishoshale).
'This is |usl lhe li of lhe iceberg of vhal I am laking. I aIso lake differenl
mushrooms, IiCor, LugoI's iodine, DIM (diindoIyImelhane), and caIcium-D-
gIucarale. If anyone is inleresled in my comIele Iisl Iease feeI free lo conlacl
me al | I |usl had my 62nd birlhday March 1, 2007 in
Havaii and gained more veighl and feeI fanlaslic. As of nov, no signs of
iIIness. I have exceIIenl heaIlh and vork fuII lime and care for 11 cals.'
}une's slory is one of many leslimoniaIs lhal can be found al
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 20
G%&$6 A%-/,#
Iercy Weslon vas an AuslraIian farmer vho, desile being diagnosed vilh
lerminaI cancer in his Iale lhirlies, venl on lo Iive liII he vas 100.
His slory is a remarkabIe one. Al schooI his favourile sub|ecl vas chemislry,
a facl lhal vas lo sland him in good slead vhen as a farmer he began lo vonder
vhy his shee vere going dovn vilh an arlhrilic condilion affecling lheir knees,
and manifesling cancerous Iesions on lheir ears. IIanls grovn in lhe soiI vhich
had been heaviIy lrealed vilh suerhoshale ferliIizer aIso exhibiled slrange
mulalions. Thinking il lhrough he vondered if lhe suerhoshale ferliIizer
lhal he had been using for lhe revious five years vas lhe cause. He moved lhe
shee onlo aslure vhich had nol been lrealed vilh suerhoshales and fed
lhem lhe mineraI saIls lhal lhe suerhoshales had Ieached from lhe Iand.
They recovered. He moved some of lhem back onlo lhe lrealed addock and
lhey deveIoed lhe same robIems again. He moved lhem off il and again lhey
Somelime Ialer Weslon himseIf vas affIicled vilh arlhrilis and a cancerous
lumour vhich deveIoed on his hand. Remembering his exeriences vilh lhe
shee, Weslon decided lo reduce his ovn inlake of hoshorus and slarled
laking in mineraIsarlicuIarIy magnesium and olassium. The arlhrilis venl
avay and lhe cancer lumour dried u and finaIIy broke avay from his hand.
Laler he lrealed his vife vilh lhe same Iov hoshale diel and mineraI
suIemenls vhen she had been diagnosed vilh cancer of lhe ulerus. The lo
gynaecoIogisl in lheir slale (Vicloria, AuslraIia) had advised an immediale
hyslereclomy. Her cancer loo disaeared and she venl on lo have lvo heaIlhy
chiIdren. The seciaIisl, vhen he vas loId of lhese evenls, commenled lhal he
had never knovn a voman in lhe condilion Mrs Weslon had been in vhen he
had examined her lo survive for lveIve monlhs, Iel aIone have chiIdren.
Iercy vrole his slory in his book Canccr. Causc an! Curc and has aIso
vrillen a book enlilIed Canccr |igniing |cc!s. The mineraI suIemenls lhal he
used can aIso be boughl from various onIine suIiers.
!4+ZZ :%$;C+/1
CIiff eckvilh vas a relired educalionaIisl Iiving near KnoxviIIe, Tennessee. He
vas one of lhe founders of lhe Yahoo heaIlh grous informalion resource on
fIaxseed oiI: hll:// (requires
Yahoo Grous membershi).
Here he leIIs his ovn slory.
'In }anuary 1991 I vas diagnosed vilh advanced roslale cancer. one
scans and olher lesls indicaled no sread so il vas decided lo oerale. During
lhe oeralion il vas discovered lhal lhe cancer had sread lo lhe Iymh gIands
making il slage 4. The oeralion vas nol comIeled as lhal vouId nol be lhe
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 21
ansver. The onIy lrealmenl used vas Luron (IeuroIide) and IuIexin
(fIulamide) lo canceI lhe maIe hormones. I vas loId lhe maIe hormone does nol
cause cancer, bul if cancer is resenl, il is Iike lhroving kerosene on a fire.
Al lhe lime of lhe allemled oeralion my ISA counl vas 75. Il vas six
monlhs before I had lhe second ISA. When lhe caII came from lhe doclor's
office I vas loId 'Mr. eckvilh! Your counl is comIeleIy normaI!' Il vas 0.1
and 0.1 lo 0.4 is normaI.
The reason il vas normaI vas because, in addilion lo lhe hormone drugs, I
had slarled laking fIaxseed oiI mixed vilh collage cheese. I had read a number of
books recommending lhis aroach, vhich vas firsl formuIaled by Dr }ohanna
udvig and is commonIy knovn as lhe udvig rolocoI.
I quil Luron afler four years and seven monlhs in Oclober of 1995 as il
vas no Ionger usefuI. I lhoughl I vas cured bul nol so. In roughIy lvo years lhe
ISA vas again rising. I began changing lhe amounls I look of fIaxseed
oiI/collage cheese vhich Ied lo a series of us and dovns vilh lhe ISA resuIls.
I Iearned lhal lhere are 30 slrains of roslale cancer. They are aII differenl
and any man may have any combinalion of slrains. This makes lhe robIem
differenl from individuaI lo individuaI. Mine is a medium aggressive cancer.
In }anuary 2004 my ISA vas 6.7 vhich is very cIose lo normaI for a man of
85. I lhoughl I had il bealen. Il had nov been 13 years since diagnosis. Mosl
men vilh advanced roslale cancer do nol Iive nearIy lhal Iong. The doclor loId
me afler a couIe of years lhal I vas one of lhe Iucky ones. Mosl men vilh lhe
condilion I had did nol make il six monlhs.
In }an 2004, I decided lo lry eIIagic acid, vhich has roved effeclive in
many cases. Hovever, my ISA venl u inslead of furlher dovn. Then I added
Iycoene. I had been loId lhal il needed lo be used heaviIy lo be effeclive, lhree
12 ounce gIasses of lomalo |uice a day. I did lhal for four monlhs.
Then I Iearned lvo lhings a couIe of days aarl. One vas lhal Dr udvig
had said in 1956 lhal if one is using fIaxseed oiI one musl nol use heavy amounls
of anlioxidanls, as il vouId neulraIize lhe effecl of lhe fIaxseed oiI. The olher
vas lhal bolh eIIagic acid and Iycoene are overfuI anlioxidanls.
Ior over a year I vas hurling lhe effecl of lhe fIaxseed oiI/collage cheese
and for four monlhs I vas canceIIing il comIeleIy.
The resuIl vas lhal lhe cancer again began lo deveIo and by lhe lime I
voke u lo lhis facl, lhe ISA had gone lo 131.
I knov lhal cancer in lhe roslale does nol kiII. Whal kiIIs is lhe cancer in
lhe lissues lo vhich il sreads. IIaxseed oiI relly much slos lhe sread. UnliI
I venl lhe anlioxidanl roule il hadn'l sread in 13 years. Nov lhere are signs il
has sread lo lhe bone.
So I immedialeIy increased lhe fIaxseed oiI lo six labIesoons a day and
am using my rebounder (smaII lramoIine). The resuIl aears lo be beneficiaI.
I had been avare of an enIargemenl in lhe roslale gIand and nov il is gelling
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 22
smaIIer and urinalion is easier. I do nol beIieve I am in danger anymore.'
(Iebruary 2006)
CIiff eckvilh died from his cancer, aged 85, in Iale 2007.
!1&+- A"&;
Il vas 2003. I vas having some abdominaI ain on and off for lhe beller arl of
lhe year, and being lhe lyicaI maIe, I ul il off. I vas lhinking il mighl be an
uIcer and lhal il vouId gel beller, bul il didn'l. Il vas Iike Groundhog Day.
Ivery morning I vouId vake u feeIing good, bul severaI limes a day I vouId
gel lhese brief fIashes of ain in lhe aflernoon and evening. Somelimes in lhe
middIe of lhe nighl. Il vasn'l a conslanl ain and didn'l inlerfere vilh my Iife,
bul I vas concerned. The nexl morning I vouId vake u feeIing good again.
IvenluaIIy lhe ain became so inlense lhal I found myseIf baIIed u on lhe
couch every nighl afler dinner. Time lo see a doclor.
Afler a series of inconcIusive lesls, I vas senl lo a gaslroenleroIogisl for a
coIonoscoy. Turns oul lhere vas a goIf baII-sized lumour in my Iarge inlesline.
Greal. They did a biosy and loId me I had coIon cancer. Il vas lvo veeks
before Chrislmas and I vas 26 years oId.
I vas in shock. I couIdn'l beIieve lhis vas my Iife. Hov did I end u vilh
an oId erson's disease` I feIl veak and alhelic. I vas embarrassed and I shul
dovn menlaIIy and emolionaIIy.
Three veeks Ialer, on Nev Year's Ive, I had surgery. They removed lhe
lumour and a lhird of my coIon. More good nevs, lhe cancer had sread lo my
Iymh nodes. Il vas slage 3. They broughl an oncoIogisl inlo my room and he
informed me lhal I vouId need nine monlhs of chemolheray afler I recovered
from surgery.
The firsl meaI lhey served me in lhe hosilaI afler removing a lhird of my
Iarge inlesline vas a sIoy |oe. I vas slarving. I hadn'l ealen in lhree days, bul
I couIdn'l gel dovn more lhan a fev biles. I vas reIaliveIy cIueIess aboul
nulrilion, bul I knev lhal a sIoy |oe vas lhe Iasl lhing my body needed.
efore I checked oul of lhe hosilaI I asked lhe surgeon, 'Are lhere any
foods I need lo avoid`' He said, 'Nah, |usl don'l Iifl anylhing heavier lhan a
beer.' Nol lhe advice I vas execling.
When ve gol home, my vife and I rayed and asked God lhal if lhere vas
anolher vay besides chemolheray lhal He vouId reveaI il lo us. Tvo days
Ialer, a book arrived on my doorsle, senl lo me from a man in AIaska vho I'd
never mel. He vas a business acquainlance of my falher's.
Thal book vas caIIed Gc!s Waq ic U|iinaic Hca|in by George MaIkmus, and
il delaiIed hov he beal coIon cancer nearIy 30 years earIier using naluraI melhods
incIuding lhe rav vegan diel and |uicing, and vilhoul surgery or chemolheray.
I knev il vas an ansver lo rayer. I reaIized lhal my diel of rocessed food, fasl
food, |unk food, and faclory farmed animaI roducls vas kiIIing me.
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 2J
I slarled lo do more research on lhe harmfuI nalure of cancer lheraies. I
discovered lhal chemolheray deslroyed your immune syslem and kiIIed
heaIlhy ceIIs, lhal il couId make me inferliIe. And lhal il caused secondary
cancers. Thal vas vhen I decided againsl chemolheray.
This decision vas nol veII received by my vife and many famiIy members.
Afler inlense famiIy ressure I agreed lo meel vilh an oncoIogisl lo hear vhal
he had lo say. He loId me I had a 60 er cenl chance of Iiving five years vilh
convenlionaI lheraies. To me lhal vasn'l much beller lhan a coin loss. I asked
him aboul aIlernalive lheraies. He Iooked me dead in lhe eye and said, 'There
are none. If you don'l do chemo, you are insane. And I'm nol saying lhis because
I need your business.' My vife and I Iefl lhe cIinic lerrified. We sal in lhe car,
heId hands, cried and rayed.
I knev I vasn'l laking care of myseIf and lhal lhere vere massive changes
I couId make lo my diel and IifeslyIe. I decided lo lake conlroI of my heaIlh, and
if lhal didn'l vork, chemo vouId be my Iasl resorl. I radicaIIy changed my diel
lo 100 er cenl rav vegan, ealing onIy fruils and vegelabIes, and drank eighl
gIasses of vegelabIe |uice every day. I did every aIlernalive hoIislic lheray I
couId find incIuding: fasling, vilamin C IVs, rebounding, naluraI immune
boosling and delox suIemenls, herbaI leas, acuunclure, slrucluraI inlegralion,
hydrolheray, saunas, and more.
I found a IocaI naluroalh vho vas a lremendous aIIy and guided me aIong
my heaIlh |ourney, and I conlinued lo research, reading aII lhe informalion I
couId find aboul naluraI cancer lheraies. Wilhin one year of my diagnosis I vas
cancer free.
Nov in 2011, eighl years Ialer, my vife and I have lvo beaulifuI daughlers
aged 3 and 6, and I am sliII cancer free. As I vrile lhis I am reminded of hov
good God is, hov much He Ioves us and cares for us. I ul my lrusl in Him, nol
in modern medicine. He Ied me in lhe alh of heaIing and He viII Iead you loo
if you Iel Him.
IsaIm 34.4: 'I soughl lhe Lord and He ansvered me, and deIivered me
from aII my fears.'
Chris Wark, Memhis, TN:
G,446 B,L4%
This is IoIIy's slory in her ovn vords.
I vas 24, Iiving lhe 'cilygirI' Iife in London vorking as a ersonaI assislanl
lo lhe vice residenl of Sony IIayslalion. Irom lhe oulside Iooking in, I aeared
lo have a relly good Iife. I had a good |ob, a IoveIy boyfriend, a nice house
bul il vasn'l enough, I sliII vasn'l hay. I aIvays feIl a bil Iosl and al lhal lime
I vas fed u and conslanlIy feIl lhal 'lhere had lo be more' lo Iife. I |usl feIl Iike
somelhing vas missing. In lhe back of my mind, I hoed lhal one day I vouId
|usl vake u and knov vhal I vanled lo do and hov I couId make my Iife
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 24
meaningfuI. I had a very slrong desire lo knov my reaI seIf and lhe difference I
couId make in lhe vorId. I had no cIue lhal my urose vouId invoIve me
being diagnosed vilh cancer aged 24.
I had been feeIing a bil run dovn, seemed lo be sIeeing from 8m in lhe
evening slraighl lhrough lo 8am lhe foIIoving morning, vas suffering vilh
some backache and had ul on a fev ounds. I ul lhe veighl gain dovn lo
being oul on lhe arly circuil a IillIe loo much and il vas onIy al a check u
vilh my gynaecoIogisl lhal il became aarenl lhal somelhing vasn'l righl. In
facl il vas somelhing quile scary and sinisler. Afler more lesls, I vas loId lhal I
had a 3cm lumour on my cervix vhich had sread lo severaI infecled maIignanl
Iymh nodes in and around my eIvis. I had aIready menlaIIy reared myseIf
for lhe vorsl and my reaclion lo being loId I had cancer vas simIy, 'Okay,
vhal do ve do nov` Lel's gel on and deaI vilh il.' ObviousIy on some IeveI I
vas usel bul il feIl naluraI for me lo lake a ragmalic aroach and I refused
lo lhrov myseIf a ily arly. Thal's |usl lhe kind of erson I amI vas slrong
for everyone eIse lo make il easier for lhem lo deaI vilh. IaIIing aarl al lhe
seams vas going lo be unheIfuI for everyone. Al lhe lime I didn'l see lhe oinl
in gelling usel aboul il, I vas |usl keen lo 'gel il deaIl vilh'. So vilhin a veek
or lvo of my diagnosis I vas rushed inlo hosilaI for keyhoIe surgery lo remove
as many of lhe infecled Iymh nodes lhey couId reach foIIoved by six veeks of
simuIlaneous chemolheray and radiolheray, foIIoved by vhal vas al lhe
lime, a ioneering lrealmenl knovn as brachylheray.
During chemo. and radiolheray I had very IillIe aelile and shrunk lo an
unheaIlhy-Iooking size six, vilh suIIen cheek bones and huge bIack circIes under
my eyes. I vas exhausled, veak and grev veary of lhe conslanl rodding and
oking from doclors Iying me vilh drugs. The vhoIe exerience made me feeI
very disemovered and consequenlIy I senl lhe ma|orily of my day eilher
asIee or benl over vorshiing lhe orceIain god!
I vasn'l given any informalion on hov I couId heI myseIf or vhal I couId
do lo Iessen lhe side-effecls I vas exeriencing so I began lo conducl my ovn
research as lo vhal I couId do. I began |uicing fruils and vegelabIes and began
ealing more Iiving foods in lhe form of saIads. I grev u in a househoId vhere
a iece of fish or meal vouId hoId cenlre slage vilh lhe vegelabIes making a
smaII loken aearance, bul graduaIIy I began lo educale myseIf of hov I couId
besl suorl my body and boosl my immune syslem lo heI kee me veII. U
unliI lhal oinl, I had never reaIIy made lhe conneclion belveen lhe foods I vas
ealing and my IeveI of heaIlh. Of course I knev I needed lo gel my 'five-a-day'
bul I didn'l reaIise |usl hov imorlanl lhey vere or lhe delrimenlaI effecl some
of lhe olher everyday foods I vas ealing Iike meal, bread, sugar, cheese and
aIcohoI vere having on my body. I had aIvays considered myseIf 'heaIlhy' bul
soon came lo reaIise lhal my idea of heaIlhy vas very differenl from lrue heaIlh.
Soon afler I finished my lrealmenl, I deveIoed Iymhoedema in my righl
Ieg making il sveII lo lvice lhe size of my Iefl Ieg vhich vas unsighlIy, ainfuI
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 25
and aImosl imossibIe lo vaIk on. I vas loId lhere vasn'l much lhal I couId do
and lhal I vouId have lo 'Iearn lo Iive vilh il'. I loId lhe Iymhoedema nurse
lhal lhal vas unaccelabIe and look il uon myseIf lo heaI il. (I'm sure she
lhoughl I vas a omous Madam bul I vas 24 and I vanled a normaI Ieg lhank
you very much!)
I researched and did everylhing I couId, I had manuaI Iymhalic drainage
once a veek, vore Iymhoedema slockings, dry skin brushed, drank fresh
|uices made from anli-infIammalory foods and visuaIised on a daiIy basis lhal
my Ieg had relurned lo ils normaI size. AroximaleIy lhree monlhs Ialer, my
Ieg vas back lo normaI and vaIking on il vasn'l a robIem. The Iymhoedema
nurse vouId aIvays be surrised hov much il had reduced each lime she
measured il and vouId ask me vhal I had been doing!
On agreeing lo sub|ecl my body lo such harsh lrealmenl in lhe form of
chemo. and radiolheray, I vas made avare lhal lhere vas a ossibiIily of
deveIoing severe side-effecls. Some vere vorse lhan olhers and lhankfuIIy il
vouId aear I have come avay fairIy unscalhed in lhe grand scheme of lhings.
ul I have suffered some nerve damage in my fingers and lo lhis day sliII have
robIems vilh lhem. When I gel coId or vhen I louch somelhing coId, even for
|usl a sIil second, lhe lis of my fingers go numb and lhey lurn vhile.
IvenluaIIy, lhe bIood comes fIovs back lo lhem bul il can be quile ainfuI,
eseciaIIy in vinler. And lhen of course, having had such severe lrealmenl I
vas loId lhal I have been Iefl inferliIe. Desile sliII having my reroduclive
organs, lhe lrealmenl has had an exlremeIy negalive effecl on my monlhIy cycIe
vhich I am currenlIy vorking on gelling lo funclion once again using
aIlernalive melhods.
I vas aIso Iefl vilh a comromised immune syslem, vhich Iefl me
vuInerabIe lo conlracling severe neumonia lvice in as many years. During my
second slay in hosilaI for neumonia in December 2009, I found a Ium near
my coIIar bone vhich lurned oul lo be lhe cervicaI cancer lhal had melaslasized
lo my Iymh nodes around my neck. As lhe cancer vas syslemic lhroughoul
my Iymh syslem, I vas loId lhal lhe cancer vas nov deemed 'incurabIe'.
I vas offered surgery and radiolheray vhich I vas loId may nol make
any difference lo heIing lo cure me and having exerienced avfuI side effecls
from il reviousIy, decided il vas nov my oorlunily lo do il my vay and so I
oIileIy decIined.
I had read a Iol aboul heaIlh and heaIing in lhe years belveen my lvo
diagnoses, and had come lo lhe concIusion lhal if lhe body had crealed
somelhing lhen il shouId be abIe lo 'un-creale' il. I had lried lhe convenlionaI
roule and lhe cancer came back, so I decided nov vas my oorlunily lo
exIore an aIlernalive alh lo heaIing. I began researching hov lo suorl my
body and lhe lhings I couId do lo 'svilch on' my body's heaIing mechanism,
vhich has Ied lo lhe mosl amazing |ourney of my Iife.
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 26
I converled lo a Ianl-based rav food diel overnighl, vilh Ienly of fresh
|uices, medilalion, visuaIisalion and yoga making lhe foundalions of my
heaIing Ian. I made il my fuII-lime |ob lo creale a sacred sace lo aid heaIing
on a hysicaI, menlaI, emolionaI and siriluaI IeveI. This is my |ourney and il is
no coincidence lhal I feeI haier and heaIlhier lhan ever before.
Three monlhs afler embarking on my heaIing |ourney, a scan shoved lhal
lhe cancer had reduced by 1mm aIlhough my oncoIogisl vas relicenl lo admil
lhis couId be dovn lo my aroach, inslead suggesling lhal lhe scan may have
been measured inaccuraleIy. A scan four monlhs Ialer shoved a IillIe grovlh
and aIlhough I feIl some disaoinlmenl reaIised lhal cancer has been in my
body for al Ieasl len years and lhal il is going lo lake lime lo heaI comIeleIy. I
don'l ul a Iol of emhasis on scans as I don'l beIieve lhal a Ium is a cIear
indicalion of my IeveI of inlernaI heaIlh. The Ium is a mere manifeslalion of a
robIem lhal I am vorking on resoIving, bul |usl because lhe Ium is sliII lhere
doesn'l mean lhal heaIing isn'l aIready laking Iace on a ceIIuIar IeveI.
I decided lo lake a break from having scans for a vhiIe seeing as lhey have
lo in|ecl gIucose inlo my bIood lo measure lhe cancer in my body vhich in
effecl romoles lhe cancer's grovlh! Il aII |usl seemed a bil counler-roduclive.
So nov, I have my bIood lesls and I am loId lhey 'Iook good'. I don'l lake loo
much nolice of lesls because I feeI veII and I knov lhal I am doing everylhing I
can lo aid my heaIing.
I cerlainIy don'l inlend lo have cancer forever, bul I do inlend lo Iive my
Iife vilh heaIlh and hainess. I commil every day lo being an aclive
arlicianl in my heaIlh and give my body lhe besl ossibIe environmenl in
vhich lo creale heaIlh by ealing, drinking and lhinking consciousIy.
We so oflen feeI Iike a assenger on a runavay cancer lrain and I vanl lo
use my |ourney lo emover olhers lo lake back lhe reins on lheir heaIlh and
Iive consciousIy. Some foods viII acluaIIy romole lhe cancer lo grov, some
viII romole lhe cancer ceIIs lo sonlaneousIy commil suicide, and knoving
vhal lhese foods are and hov lo boosl your immune syslem are cruciaI nol
onIy lo your heaIlh bul lo feeIing emovered and in conlroI of your ovn
I am assionale aboul heIing olhers lo heI lhemseIves gel heaIlhy and
revenl a 'heaIlh crisis' before il's loo Iale.
I nov vork as an hoIislic heaIlh coach and rav food coach, educaling
olhers on hov lo adol an anli-infIammalory, aIkaIine diel. I vork vilh eoIe
one-on-one, in grous, hoId laIks, vorkshos and relreals as veII as rovide
slacks of free heaIlh informalion via my vebsile I am
aIso being fiImed for a documenlary due oul in 2012 vhich is foIIoving my
heaIing |ourney.
I have co-aulhored a book caIIed Tnc Canccr jcurncq lo heI navigale
eoIe lhrough vhal can be an exlremeIy frighlening exerience. Il's lhe go-lo
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 27
handbook for anyone affecled by cancer, and deaIs vilh everylhing from
diagnosis lo diel lo seIf-heI lechniques, lo deaIing vilh friends and famiIy.
5)/1 K%+8&+$1
Knovn as lhe 'olher Dr Rulh', Rulh Heidrich is a six-lime Ironman TrialhIon
finisher, has heId age-grou records in dislances from 100-melre dashes lo
uIlramaralhons, enlalhIons, and lrialhIons. She has comIeled 67 maralhons
incIuding oslon, Nev York, Moscov, HonoIuIu, has heId lhree vorId filness
records al lhe famed Cooer CIinic in DaIIas, Texas, named one of lhe 'Ten
Iillesl Women in Norlh America.' A graduale of UCLA, she hoIds a Masler's
degree in IsychoIogy, and a doclorale in HeaIlh Iducalion. She has aIso
Ieclured in lhis fieId al lhe Universily of Havaii, Slanford Universily, and
CorneII Universily. Aulhor of Scnicr |iincss, A |acc |cr Iijc, Tnc CH||
Ccck/|au|cck, she has an 'Ask Dr Rulh' coIumn on her vebsile, Here is her slory in her ovn vords.
I vas 47 years oId and beIieved I vas as heaIlhy as I couId ossibIy be!
TaIk aboul being osilive, I lhoughl I had il aII! My career vas laking off, my
kids vere successfuIIy Iaunched, and I Ioved aII lhe lraveI lhal my |ob rovided.
I'd sludied nulrilion in coIIege and ale vhal I vas loId vas a very heaIlhy diel,
Iols of chicken and fish and Iov-fal dairy. I vas in lhe besl hysicaI shae of my
Iife excel for a IillIe arlhrilis vhich I vas loId everybody gels by lhe lime
lhey're 30. I'd slarling daiIy running al lhe age of 33 and found I Ioved il! So, al
lhis lime, I'd been a runner for 14 years and had even run a bunch of
Whal I didn'l knov vas lhal my Iife vas aboul lo be dumed uside
dovn. WhiIe in lhe shover lhal morning, I found a Ium in my breasl. I gol
righl in lo see a doclor, bul he |usl remarked, 'Oh, you're loo young for breasl
cancer.' He did, hovever, order a mammogram, '|usl lo be sure', he said. The
resuIls vere negalivea faIse negalive as il lurned oulbecause of my dense
breasls, il didn'l ick u any abnormaIily. I vas loId lo come back for yearIy
checks. The nexl year, lhe same resuIl. The lhird year, hovever, lhe Ium vas
nov goIf-baII sized and very visibIe! The doclor Iooked shocked and ordered an
immediale biosy. The diagnosis: infiIlraling duclaI cancer, an invasive cancer
lhal had aIready sread, indicaled by 'hol sols' in my bones, a Iung lumour,
and eIevaled Iiver enzymes!
I vas so slunned and disbeIieving lhal I gol second, lhird and even fourlh
oinions. Iach doclor confirmed lhe findings, and as for my rognosis, none
couId leII me vhelher I had lhree monlhs, lhree years or vhal, |usl lhal il vas
'nol good.' They aII recommended lhe slandard chemo., radialion and
lamoxifen. I couId nol beIieve my body belrayed me in such a manner! I vas
doing everylhing I vas loId vere aII lhe righl lhings lo be heaIlhy.
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 28
I vas sIaled for chemolheray bul dreaded going dovn lhal alhbul
lerrified nol lo. I slarled searching for aIlernalives, any kind of heI, anylhing
I did nol vanl lo die! Thal vas vhen I found a liny lhree-Iine nevsaer ilem,
'Wanled, vomen vilh breasl cancer lo arliciale in cancer/diel research
sludy.' I vas sure lhal my 'heaIlhy' diel (and I'd been loId by lhe oncoIogisl
lhal my diel had nolhing lo do vilh my breasl cancer), so I lhoughl lhis vouId
heI rove il one vay or lhe olher. I ran lo lhe hone and vas ul righl lhrough
lo Dr }ohn McDougaII. I vas so shocked lo gel him in erson lhal I vas
sullering, lrying lo leII him lhal I'd |usl been diagnosed vilh breasl cancer. He
said, 'Gel your medicaI records and come dovn lo my office righl avay.'
Afler I gol lhere, he vas Iooking over my Iab resuIls. 'Hmmm,' he said.
'Whal nov`' I vas lhinking. Anolher shock vhen he said, 'You knov, vilh
choIesleroI of 236, you are al as high a risk of dying of a hearl allack as you are
lhe cancer.'
I vas IileraIIy slunned by lhe decelion of my body and vhal vas
haeningcancer, arlhrilis, and, nov, hearl disease` I vas a maralhoner, for
goodness sake! These lhings don'l haen lo eoIe Iike me! Whal is going on`
Dr McDougaII said, 'Don'l vorry, aII of lhis can be reversed and avoided.
Change your diel, and you'II Iover your choIesleroI, Iover your risk of hearl
disease, and reverse lhe cancer. And, in order lo shov lhal il's lhe diel lhal's
resonsibIe for lhese changes, you musl nol have any chemo. or radialion.' Wail
a minule, I lhoughl, undergo chemo. and radialion cr change my diel` If Dr
McDougaII is righl, and I sav lhe research lhal suorled his cIaim, I'd be crazy
nol lo go vilh lhe diel! 'OK, vhal do I do`' Dr McDougaII said: 'Il's very
simIeeIiminale aII animaI foods and oiIs from your diel. Your diel viII
consisl of Ianl foods: fruils, vegelabIes, vhoIe grains and Iegumes.'
No 'lransilioning' for mein Iess lhan lvo hours, I vas vegan! I found lhe
diel amazingIy easy lo foIIov. I aIready Ioved brovn rice, vhoIe grain breads
and oalmeaI, I |usl had lo reIace lhe chicken, fish and dairy vilh vegelabIes
and fruil, and lhrov oul aII lhe oiIs.
My body resonded immedialeIy. The nexl morning I discovered I'd been
conslialed aII my Iife bul never knev il. I nov knov vhal 'normaI' is, lhank
When I relurned lo lhe oncoIogisl, I loId him vhal I vas doing. He
resonded by saying lhal diel had nolhing lo do vilh my gelling breasl cancer
and I couIdn'l ossibIy gel enough rolein, caIcium, and essenliaI fally acids. I
made a menlaI nole lo check lhal oul vilh Dr McDougaII. In addilion lo lhe hol
sols in my bones, I vas having serious bone ain lhal medicalion couId nol
reIieve. A monlh Ialer, lhose hol sols had significanlIy receded, and vilhin
lhree monlhs, lhey vere gone, as vas lhe bone ain. The chesl X-rays, hovever,
lo lhis day, sliII shov an encasuIaled lumour in my Iefl Iung. Il hasn'l grovn
in 29 years, and my Iiver enzymes are nov normaI.
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 29
The oncoIogisl had no exIanalion for lhe findings and loId me furlher
lhal my nev diel couIdn'l have any effecl on lhe cancer, and lhal I vas laking a
risk in conlinuing lo refuse chemo., radialion, and lamoxifen. ack lo Dr
McDougaII I venl! I vas reassured vhen he again shoved me lhe dismaI
resuIls of chemo. and radialion Ius dala indicaling I'd gel Ienly of aII lhe
needed nulrienls.
Il vas during aII lhis lurmoiI lhal I haened lo see lhe Ironman TrialhIon
on TV. I vas ave-slruck and lhoughl, 'I've gci lo do lhal!' I sav lhe 2.4-miIe
svim, lhe 112-miIe bike, and lhen lhe 26-miIe maralhon. I knev I couId handIe
lhe maralhon and lhoughl |usl adding svimming and biking vouId be a iece
of cake! Then il hil me, I've gol canccr and, besides, Iooking al aII lhe young
bodies, al 47 I'm vay loo oId lo do lhis. I lhen reaIized vhal an oorlunily I
vas being given: diel !ccs affecl cancer and I can shov eoIe lhal you can do
one of lhe loughesl races in lhe vorId on a vegan diel and, al a reIaliveIy
advanced age lo bool! I gol exciled al lhe ossibiIilies and |oined lvo running
cIubs, gol a svim coach, look a bicycIe reair course, and vas obsessed vilh
lraining in aII lhree sorls. Training daiIy, I couId see amazing rogress in my
seed and endurance. Whal's more, I vas en|oying my vorkouls, gaining
confidence lhal I couId allain one of lhe mosl ambilious goaIs I'd ever sel for
myseIflo be an 'Ironman'!
I did have lo dig dee, hovever, as I vas chaIIenged Iike I'd never been
before! Crossing lhal finish Iine of my firsl Ironman, I exerienced indescribabIe
feeIingsa mix of |oy, emovermenl, exhiIaralion, and lolaI faligue! I couId
nol have gone anolher sle!
Since my diagnosis in 1982, I have comIeled lhe Ironman six limes, run
67 maralhons, have von nearIy 1,000 goId medaIs incIuding eighl goId medaIs
in lhe Senior OIymics, von lhe lilIe of 'One of lhe Ten Iillesl Women in Norlh
America,' and have a filness age of 32, aIlhough chronoIogicaIIy, I am 76.
ecause of lhe hislory of osleoorosis on bolh sides of my famiIy, I lracked
my bone densily and found significanl increases vilh each lesl. I vas obviousIy
gelling enough caIcium on lhis diel. I vas aIso very IeasanlIy surrised lo
discover lhal my arlhrilis disaeared and I couId slo laking Narosyn,
(AIeve, or naroxen), lhe drug rescribed for my arlhrilis lhal I vas loId I
vouId need lo lake lhe resl of my Iife. My |oinls loday nol onIy are nol arlhrilic,
bul I acluaIIy do my ovn IillIe daiIy lrialhIon as arl of my reguIar lraining!
Hov aboul lhal` A 76-year-oId lrialhIele! I never lhoughl my Iife couId lake
such a osilive lurn and am lhankfuI lhal I found oul, in lime, lhe dramalic
imacl diel has on our heaIlh!
Regarding lhe ralionaIe for avoiding any kind of oiI, lhe heaIlhiesl foods
are vhoIe foods vilh IillIe or no refinemenl or rocessing. Taking a vhoIe food
Iike corn, oIives, elc. and exlracling and concenlraling lhe naluraI oiIs from
lhem, reresenl lhe exlreme in rocessing, Ieaving 100 er cenl caIories from fal
and is cerlainIy nol heIing in lhe ballIe of eidemic obesily in lhis counlry. As
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn J0
for lhe louled omega 3s in fish oiIs, il's far beller lo gel lhem from lhe source.
Iish do nol make omega 3s, lhey gel lhem from lhe sea greens, and ve can do
lhe same, eilher from sea greens or any of lhe many olher sources such as Ieafy
greens, vaInuls, and fIax seeds.
We aIso knov lhal a Iov-fal (len er cenl caIories from fal) diel Iovers our
risk of hearl disease, mosl cancers bul eseciaIIy breasl cancer, slroke, diabeles,
and many olher of lhe common Weslern affIiclions. The subslanlialing cilalions
for aII lhis is in my book, Scnicr |iincss. Here's vhal I nov eal.
Served in a Iarge bovI, Iols of greens for lhe base: mixed organic greens, 1
slaIk kaIe, 10 or so srigs of arsIey or ciIanlro, haIf a mango, 1 Iarge banana,
and haIf dozen Iarge, seeded gIobe graes. To off vilh 1 rounded labIesoon
of 12-forlified nulrilionaI yeasl, and 12 labIesoons of bIackslra moIasses.
ecause I eal lhis afler my daiIy vorkoul, lhis is served Iale and I eal no
midday meaI.
Lols more greens for lhe base: mixed organic greens, 34 broccoIi fIorelles, 1
slaIk of kaIe, 1 slaIk of ceIery, a quarler head of green or red cabbage, 1 Iarge
carrol, haIf a red (or orange, green, or yeIIov) beII eer, haIf a Iarge fieId
lomalo, haIf a sIiced yam or sveel olalo, rav. On lo of lhis, add lo lasle,
reared saIsa (miId, medium or hol), 1 labIesoon of reguIar muslard, 1
labIesoon of fIax seed, freshIy ground, a generaI srinkIe of curry ovder,
and Iols of freshIy ground bIack eer.
A base of bIueberries (fresh or frozen, deending on avaiIabiIily and
season)usuaIIy 1 cu, Ius aboul 89 runes, loed vilh a handfuI of
vaInuls, and a IiberaI srinkIe of ground cinnamon.
Ior lhose limes vhen lhe hunger angs slrike, I eal carrol or ceIery slicks,
graes, dales, and in lhe evening, Iain air-oed ocorn.
You'II see lhal my diel consisls mainIy of rav foods. Rav is beller lhan cooking
as cooking does reduce lhe vilamin conlenl of lhe food bul lhis is nol absoIuleIy
essenliaIlhe essenliaI lhing is lo cul oul lhe oiIs and lo go lo a Ianl based
diel. Ior me il is |usl more convenienl lo eal lhe foods ravand acluaIIy I
refer il.
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn J1
X"# !4%2%#/-
I firsl mel Ian vhen he conlacled me having read my cancer books and
discovered lhal ve Iived in lhe same lovn. Here is his slory in his ovn vords.
My rofessionaI background: I am by rofession an eIeclronics engineer
and vorked in Germany and HoIIand before lraining lo be a coIIege Ieclurer. I
have degrees in eIeclronics, induslriaI design, and research lo IhD IeveI in
educalion, so I am very caabIe of reading and evaIualing research aers. I
vorked IallerIy as a Ieclurer in furlher and higher educalion, ending my
academic career as assislanl rinciaI in charge of lechnoIogy. This is lhe slory
of my ongoing ballIe vilh cancer. I don'l beIieve lhal you ever can say lhal you
have cured your cancer bul I am currenlIy, as besl as I can leII, cancer-free.
I firsl became avare of generaI heaIlh issues in 1966 vhen I noliced lhal I
had lhe slarl of a ol beIIy. I slarled lo lake an inleresl in lhe sub|ecl and from
lhen on I became increasingIy knovIedgeabIe on heaIlh issues and
imIemenled lhem. One lhing I have Iearnl over lhe years is lhal nol everylhing
you read is lrue and, in a number of cases, lhings I once beIieved lo be lrue
lurned oul Ialer lo be 180 degrees vrong, and I viII admil lhal I have done
severaI reversaIs over lhe years. eing a scienlisl, I lend lo foIIov reorled
researchil is nol ossibIe lo do aII lhe research oneseIf.
NeverlheIess, I seemed lo be fil and heaIlhy|ogging reguIarIy, ealing
mainIy good nulrilion, nol drinking loo much, and I sloed smoking more
lhan 30 years ago. I lhus seemed on course lo Iive al Ieasl lo 100, and erhas
more. In facl I vas |usl aboul lo sil dovn lo vrile a book caIIedralher
hubrislicaIIy'Hov lo Iive lo 150 years', vhen I vas diagnosed vilh cancer.
In Oclober 2007, I had some lesls vhich reveaIed I had cancer and lhis
quickIy Ied lo lhe surgicaI removaI of a lumour from my bIadder.
UnforlunaleIy, furlher lesls resuIled and I vas loId lhal I had melaslalic
lerminaI bIadder cancer. I vas informed by lhe uroIogisl, and by lhe nexl lvo
oncoIogisls lhal I consuIled for second (and lhird!) oinions, lhal I had onIy
veeks lo Iive, maybe a year al mosl (so my execled dealh-by-dale vas Oclober
2008, il is nov, as I vrile lhis, summer 2011).
I vas loId by lhese seciaIisls lhal lhere vas nolhing orlhodox medicine
couId doaddilionaI surgery vas nol ossibIe, radialion vas no use (as I vas
melaslalic), chemolheray vouId onIy be aIIialive and make my Iife
miserabIe, and vouId nol resuIl in sufficienl exlra lime lo make il vorlhvhiIe.
This diagnosis lraumalised meI am lerrified of dealh. Over lhe nexl fev
veeks I vouId find myseIf curIing u on lhe fIoor, crying, lrembIing, lerrified. I
didn'l knov il al lhe lime, bul my vife vas simiIarIy affecled, and my eIdesl
son nearIy quil his degree.
LuckiIy, I had recenlIy been reading u on CAM aroaches lo cancer and
emaiIing one of lhe CAM exerls (Dr Ieskin, Tnc Hi!!cn Sicrq cj Canccr), vho
lhen ul me on lo lhe nulrilionisl, Dr ernado Ma|aIca. Ma|aIca vas very
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn J2
osilive and gave me hoe (vhere lhe orlhodox medicos had given me none),
romising lhal he'd cure my cancer, no robIem, if I did aII he saidsecific
diel, |uicing, and secific suIemenls lhal he senl me monlhIy. I foIIoved lhis
regime for a couIe of monlhs bul il did nol slo my lumour from re-groving.
His rolocoI (mosl of vhich I lhink is vaIid, bul nol aII) did hovever slrenglhen
my immune syslem so lhal, or so I beIieve, vhen I did evenluaIIy do chemo. il
vas bolh more effeclive lhan execled and I suffered Iess lhan I mighl have
Afler aboul len veeks on Ma|aIca's regimeduring mosl of vhich lime I
had been feeIing quile veIImy heaIlh suddenIy Iummeled. I had a severeIy
infecled leslicIe and became feverish. The doclors loId me I vas enlering lhe
Iasl veeks of my Iife and lhal ve shouId make rearalions for lhal evenluaIily.
I vas admilled lo a hosice and lhe generaI execlalion vas lhal I vouId die
Hovever, shorlIy before lhis I had consuIled vilh a fourlh oncoIogisl vho
loId me lhal vhiIe he agreed in lhe main vilh vhal I had been loId reviousIy
by lhe olher oncoIogisls, in his viev lhere vas a very sIighl chance lhal
chemolheray mighl be curalive. He said lhere vas a five er cenl chance. Since
I vas dying anyvay and lhe Ma|aIca regime vasn'l vorking, I decided lo give
il a go.
I slarled a regime of lvo chemo. drugs, cisIalin and gemcilabine. The
imacl vas nol direclIy badI |usl sal in a chair vhiIsl il vas oured inlo me,
aIong vilh saIine soIulions. ul an hour or so aflervards I vas iniliaIIy very
vioIenlIy sick, severaI limes. ul evenluaIIy a correcl anli-nausea dosage vas
found lhal overcame lhal. ul for aboul lhree monlhs I vas effecliveIy bed-
ridden. I aIso had lo lake morhine for ain-reIief and lhis caused anics,
conslanl drovsiness, conslialion. I suose one reason I vas abIe lo loIerale
aII lhis vas lhal I vas feeIing so bad anyvay.
Afler aboul lhree veeks I vas abIe lo book myseIf oul of lhe hosice and
go home. AIlhough lhe hosice vas very caring and suorlive, lhe food vas
comIeleIy vrong for my needs. They rovided lasly comforl foodfuII of
sugar and sveel lhingslhal vas lolaIIy conlrary lo vhal a cancer alienl
shouId be ealing. ack al home I vas abIe lo resume my varialion of Ma|aIca's
rolocoI, and slarl exercising again. And, amazingIy, graduaIIy, I slarled lo gel
As soon as I couId, I vas back on lhe Inlernel, combing il for info, asking
queslions on forums, buying books, gelling suIemenls, exchanging info. I
graduaIIy buiIl u a huge amounl of cancer-reIaled informalion. Irom aII lhis I
crealed my ovn anli-cancer rogrammeexercise, Iols of fresh fruil (I
evenluaIIy reaIised berries vere lhe besl) and vegelabIes (eseciaIIy broccoIi
and russeIs srouls), no sugar, IillIe aIcohoI, and Iols of curcumin and bIack
eer, vilamin D3, and fish oiIvere lhe ma|or comonenls. LuckiIy I had a
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn JJ
good |uicer lhal I had boughl some lime before so I vas |uicing vegelabIes lhree
limes a day lo slarl vilh.
I aIso lried many 'cures'. None of lhem vorked for me, or al Ieasl lhal vas
my concIusion in reIalion lo myseIf. Maybe lhey vork for olher eoIe.
Inslead, I have myseIf evoIved a rogramme lhal disliIs aII I have Iearnl
over a Iifelime, bolh as an engineer, scienlisl and cancer alienl, and vhich I
lhink resls on soIid scienlific medicaI evidence loo. I vouId Iike lo share il vilh
This rogramme is based on lhe veII-knovn engineering ruIe 'KnovIedge
of resuIls imroves erformance'. The firsl sle is lo measure your slale of
heaIlh. The second is lo anaIyse lhe resuIls and lhe lhird sle is lo feed lhe body
vhalever il is lhal viII correcl lhe silualion if il aears lhal lhere are robIems.
Then six or eighl veeks Ialer you reeal lhe cycIe and see if anylhing has
In facl, I vork on lvo searale cycIes. The firsl is an assessmenl of my
cancerousness, lhe second is an assessmenl of my veIIness. I make a dislinclion
belveen lhese lvo cycIes and for bolh lhese cycIes I have a number of lesls.
To lesl for my slale of cancerousness I do reguIar lesling for secific cancer
markersin my case I lesl for a secific urine marker for bIadder cancerlhe
NMI22 IadderChek Tesl lhal delecls eIevaled IeveIs of NMI22 rolein. I
shouId varn you lhal lhe use of lhese bIood markers is conlenlious. My firsl
oncoIogisl cIaimed he didn'l knov vhal cancer markers vere! Hovever, lhese
are veII underslood, if nol veII used, by lhe medicaI rofession |Nole: I have
discussed cancer markers in ook 2 in lhis series: Canccr. Oiagncsis an!
Ccntcniicna| Trcaincnis. Tnc Prcs an! Ccns cj Canccr Tcsis, Surgcrq, |a!iaiicn an!
Cncncincrapq}.C.j If your doclors von'l co-oerale, lhen you viII have lo gel
lhem done rivaleIy.
The second sel of lesls is lhose lhal, in my oinion, rovide a good insighl
inlo lhe slale of overaII veIIness. I assess my veIIness by measuring my IeveIs
of vilamin D3, homocysleine, and essenliaI fally acids (IIAs). These are simIe
lesls lhal your doclor shouId be reared lo arrange. Vilamin D3 IeveIs shouId
be high (nol |usl normaI)above 200mmoI/I, homocysleine IeveIs shouId be
Iov and as for lhe essenliaI fally acids I am aiming for and AA/IIA ralio of 1.5.
You robabIy von'l undersland lhal Iasl bil so I viII quole from one of lhe
doclors I currenlIy use as a source of good quaIily informalion, Dr AI Sears:

'There are onIy lhree fally acids lhal can made inlo eicosanoids (lhe
hormones lhal conlroI infIammalion). These are arachidonic acid (AA),
dihomo gamma IinoIenic acid (DGLA), and eicosaenlaenoic acid (IIA).
Irom AA comes aII lhe ro-infIammalory eicosanoids lhal in excess
acceIerale chronic disease. Irom DGLA come very overfuI anli-
infIammalory eicosanoids lhal acceIerale ceIIuIar re|uvenalion. IinaIIy,
from IIA comes very neulraI eicosanoids, bul ils resence can heI inhibil
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn J4
lhe formalion of AA as veII as diIule oul ils resence in lhe ceII membrane
lhus making il more difficuIl lo make ro-infIammalory eicosanoids. The
baIance of lhese lhree fally acids in lhe bIood viII leII your fulure vilh
Iaser-Iike recision. Whal you are Iooking for are lhe foIIoving IeveIs:

AA Iess lhan 9 er cenl of lhe lolaI fally acids
DGLA grealer lhan 3 er cenl of lhe lolaI fally acids
IIA grealer lhan 4 er cenl of lhe lolaI fally acids

ul il is lhe ralio of lhese fally acids lo each olher lhal leIIs lhe fuII slory.
The lrue marker of siIenl infIammalion is lhe AA/IIA ralio. If il is grealer
lhan 10 lhen you have il regardIess of hov good you Iook in a svimsuil. A
good ralio vouId be 3, and lhe ideaI ralio is aboul 1.5. You mighl ask vhere
I gel lhose numbers` If you ask vho are lhe Iongesl-Iived eoIe in lhe
vorId loday, lhe ansver is lhe }aanese. If you ask vho are eoIe vilh lhe
Iongesl heaIlh san (Iongevily minus years of disabiIily), lhe ansver is
again lhe }aanese. If you ask vho have lhe Iovesl IeveIs of hearl disease in
lhe vorId, lhe ansver again is lhe }aanese. And you vouIdn'l be loo
surrised lo find oul lhal lhe }aanese have lhe Iovesl rales of deression
in lhe vorId loday. When you Iook al lhe bIood of lhe }aanese ouIalion,
lhe AA:IIA ralio ranges from 1.5 lo 3. If you have your AA IeveIs al 9 er
cenl and your IIA IeveIs al 4 er cenl, lhen your AA:IIA vouId be 2.2
vhich is mid-range for conlroIIing siIenl infIammalion. Ior comarison lhe
average 'heaIlhy' American has an AA:IIA ralio grealer lhan 12. This
means Americans are nol onIy lhe fallesl eoIe in lhe vorId loday, bul
aIso lhe mosl infIamed. If you have chronic disease, lhen il IikeIy lhal your
AA:IIA ralio is grealer lhan 20.'
In addilion lo lhese lesls I aIso have a reguIar c-reaclive rolein (CRI) lesl.
This indicales in a non-secific vay lhe IeveI of infIammalion in lhe bodyand
cancer is aboul infIammalion (as are arlhrilis, hearl disease and regnancy).
So lhal is my baseIine for assessing vhal il is I need lo do. I lesl my cancer
and veIIness markers on a reguIar basis and I linker vilh my diel and exercise
based on lhe resuIls of lhese lesls.
My currenl (}uIy 2011) silualion is lhis: my uroIogisl has faiIed lo find any
evidence of cancer, lhough susecls il is sliII Iurking around. My cancer
markers are aII dovn, lhough one or lvo are sliII above lhe normaI lhreshoId. I
am fil. I feeI heaIlhy. In shorl I am vinning. I am sliII aIive.
My resenl diel is as foIIovs:
is generaIIy a vhey ovder, soya miIk shake, vilh vaInuls, freshIy miIIed
fIaxseeds, and an aIe, or orridge lvice a veek.
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn J5
is a big saIadsome linned fish vilh mixed Ieaves, beII eers (choed),
mixed bean srouls, sring onion, mushroom vilh fish, dressing of oIive oiI,
cider vinegar, chiIIi eer, muslard seed ovder, curcumin and bIack
is rolein (fish, vhile meal, Iamb), greens (some of: broccoIi, slring beans,
cauIifIover, russeIs srouls, eas, lomaloes). IoIIoved by berries.
>)&+#E /1% 8"6
I drink vhile lea and herb lea. LillIe or no aIcohoI. No sugar. LillIe or no
dairy. LillIe or no carbohydrales.
I aIso lake lhe foIIoving suIemenls: a high quaIily muIli-vilamin and
muIli-mineraI (Uni-Vile), severaI labIesoons of ure fish oiI, vilamin D3
(5,000IU), zinc, magnesium, foIic acid, and TMG (lri-melhyI-gIycinegood for
reducing homocysleine IeveIs).
I have reared a aer on my fuII anli-cancer rogramme, vhich is
avaiIabIe on }onalhan's vebsile al Il is
avaiIabIe onIy on lhe underslanding lhal il is for informalion onIy and
reresenls my lhinking al lhe lime of vriling. ul I do linker vilh lhis and if
anyone vanls lo gel my Ialesl version lhey can emaiI me al
B)&, A%+8%2"##
Here is Nuro's slory in her ovn vords.
In }anuary 2009 I noliced a liny Ium in my righl breasl. I venl lo my IocaI
GI. She evenluaIIy lransferred me lo lhe breasl cIinic vhere a couIe of fine
needIe asiralions vere made. I lhen had an uIlrasound scan and a biosy of
lhe Ium. The resuIl vas an aggressive (meaning fasl sreading) form of non-
Hodgkin's Iymhoma vilh a lumour in my righl breasl. I vas devaslaled!
I had vorked for aImosl 20 years in lhe fieId of comIemenlary heaIlh. I
vas of lhe oinion lhal I vas of very robusl heaIlh. I had quile a soIid
underslanding of nulrilion, vas never reaIIy iII, had hardIy any coIds, venl
running reguIarIy, did a very dynamic form of yoga and my busy vork as a
remediaI massage lheraisl rovided lhe necessary muscIe slrenglh lraining.
AdmilledIy, my daiIy coffees and leas had become more reguIar and aIso
lhe occasionaI gIass of vine had become more frequenl. On lo of my
hysicaIIy demanding |ob, lhe commuling belveen righlon and London vas
slressfuI and every so oflen I vondered hov much more my body couId lake
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn J6
.. Hovever, as I never reaIIy feIl iII I had no reaI reason lo vorry, I lhoughl.
So, I feIl Iike I'd been hil by a hammer vhen lhe consuIlanl loId me. Il vas a
lerribIe shock, bul in a vay I couId see il coming. I vas relly slressed and
running on adrenaIin. Oulside vork I venl running reguIarIy and had a very
busy sociaI Iife . vhich lired me oul even more. I remember driving home
from London on lhe molorvay one day and lhinking 'I vonder vhen my body
viII crack`'
So gelling a diagnosis of cancer comIeleIy lhrev me. I feIl belrayed by
my body. I simIy couId nol beIieve il, as I didn'l feeI iII in lhe firsl Iace. Ior
days I vas in shock and kind of numb. Lols of iclures of eoIe vilh cancer
came u, I remembered my mum, vho had died of cancer len years reviousIy.
I vas in an avfuI slale.
The consuIlanl loId me lhal lhe form of cancer lhal I had vas aggressive
and vouId sread lhrough lhe Iymhalic syslem quickIy. Chemolheray vas
essenliaI and ossibIy radiolheray Ialer. When I heard lhis I knev I couIdn'l
face lhe lrealmenl. Your hair faIIs oul, you go inlo immediale menoause, your
immune syslem is ullerIy shallered. I |usl couIdn'l do il.
Through lhis emolionaI fog I remembered an oId friend of mine vho had
had cancer as a chiId. She overcame lhe iIIness by a ureIy naluraI aroach
and lhen a second lime around 30 years Ialer vhen she had cancer again, she
aIso cured herseIf vilh aIlernalive melhods. I caIIed her u and she encouraged
me lo embark on a simiIar roule.
AII lhe lhings she suggesled veren'l nev lo me. To aIy lhem and
beIieve in lhem vhen doclors vere of lhe oinion lhal lhe onIy ansver lo my
heaIlh robIem vas chemolheray, vas a huge chaIIenge and a sle I didn'l
knov if I couId make. On lhe olher hand, I vanled lo Iive! I didn'l vanl lo gel
oisoned. So I feIl I didn'l have anylhing lo Iose reaIIy.
So desile aII lhe fear of lhe ossibIe consequences of nol doing
chemolheray, I vanled lo give myseIf and my body a chance lo heaI ilseIf.
I vanled, I needed, lo lry il oulal Ieasl for lhe nexl couIe of veeks lo
see hov I vouId do on a very cIean diel, eIiminaling aII ossibIe sources of
loxins, medilaling, generaIIy giving myseIf lime and sace lo decide aboul my
roule of heaIing from a Iace vhere I vasn'l lerrified.
I gave u my |ob and vilh lhe heI of my husband slarled some serious
research on lhe 'nel. I reaIised lhal lhis vas aboul rebaIancing my vhoIe
syslemaIlhough lhere's lhis lumour, lhe iIIness is reaIIy in lhe vhoIe of lhe
The firsl sle I decided lo lake vas lo go on a diel lo cul oul acid-forming
foods. Cancer Ioves an acidic environmenl. Slress creales a Iol of acid, bul so do
some foods. So I cul oul dairy, vheal, aIcohoI, meal, sugar and Iearnl aboul
|uicing and rav food. I aIso look u daiIy dry brushing and veekIy coIonics
vhich became daiIy coffee enemas. I needed a vay lo eIiminale lhe 'die-off ' of
lhe cancer ceIIsil can be loxic enough lo kiII you. A coffee enema IileraIIy
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn J7
squeezes lhe loxins oul of lhe Iiver. I aIso Iislened lo a medilalion lae every
day, look hol and coId shovers lo slimuIale lhe immune syslem, sunbalhed for
vilamin D, and vaIked aIong lhe coasl near vhere I Iive. To gel lo lhe beach
lhere is a 186-sle cIiff slairvay. This vas my vay of gauging myseIf. Hov
couId I be lhal iII vilh cancer if I managed lo cIimb aII lhose sles` I
surrounded myseIf vilh eoIe vho beIieved in me and read insiralionaI
books. Thal vas lhe hardesl arl, slicking lo my guns vhen many eoIe
lhoughl il vas crazy.
ul I couId soon feeI lhe vhoIe-body aroach vas vorking. I began lo
feeI fanlaslic afler a couIe of monlhs. I voke u every morning and said, 'I
have cancer, bul I feeI good.'
Here is a more delaiIed descrilion of vhal I did. I hoe il viII be heIfuI
lo olhers vho have lhe courage lo lreal lheir cancer using naluraI melhods.
The firsl slage of my heaIlh regime Iooked somelhing Iike lhis.
G1"-% ?
I venl onlo a mainIy aIkaIine diel and cul oul: dairy, meal, aIcohoI, sveels
(incIuding fruils, honey, any form of sveelener), gIulen, saIl, no nighlshade
vegelabIes (olaloes, lomaloes, aubergines). Inslead I ued my organic
vegelabIes, mainIy rav as saIads and |uices, moslIy made oul of green
vegelabIes, vhich I had before breakfasl and dinner, suIemenled by vheal
grass |uice. I aIso increased my daiIy valer inlake, lrying lo si aboul one and a
haIf lo lvo Iilres lhroughoul lhe day. My daiIy diel lhen became:
gIulen-free orridge vilh a fev raisins (lhal vas my onIy sveel lreal!)
saIad, Ielluce, cucumbers, srouls, fev carrols, fev beelrools, zucchinis, oIive
oiI, Iemon vilh a bil of quinoa or brovn rice on lhe side and occasionaIIy
vere much lhe same vegelabIes as for Iunch bul sleamed or as a slev vilh
some added quinoa or brovn rice.
I vas on lhis diel for aboul eighl veeks and il vas roughIy based on lhe
book: Tnc pH Mirac|c by Dr Roberl and SheIIy Young. During lhis lime I didn'l
lake any suIemenls, as I vasn'l sure vhal vouId benefil me.
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn J8
W88+/+,#"4 1%"4+#E "33&,"$1%-
In addilion lo lhe change of my diel, I had veekIy coIonic hydrolheray, did
daiIy medilalions, visuaIisalions (Ielling lhe lumour shrink and deaIing vilh
lhe fear of lhe diagnosis) and lried lo go oul for one-hour vaIks as oflen as
ossibIe. I aIso look MMS (MiracIe MineraI SoIulion, an unforlunale name for a
very effeclive remedy). I look MMS for over a year as suggesled, firsl oraIIy and
for severaI monlhs in combinalion vilh DMSO (dimelhyI suIhoxide) loicaIIy.
On lhis diel I Iosl aboul 5kg over a san of lvo monlhs. So did my
husband vho suorled me on lhe diel, a good indicalion for me lhal I hadn'l
Iosl veighl because of lhe cancer bul because of my change in diel. Il vas a
reassuring observalion as advancing cancer is accomanied by veighl Ioss.
MeanvhiIe, I lried lo find a medicaI raclilioner vho vouId suorl me
in my endeavour lo heaI lhe cancer vilh naluraI melhods. I found a former GI
vho nov vorks as an acuunclurisl and nulrilionaI lheraisl in Devon, UK.
Il vas cIear from lhe slarl lhal he had many suggeslions and insighls
regarding my condilion bul he couIdn'l lake me on as a alienl (Iav in lhe UK
|Cancer Acl, 1939j forbids anybody from cIaiming lo heaI cancer by any olher
means lhan chemolheray, radialion or surgery). Hovever I feIl il vas a sle in
lhe righl direclion.
Afler seeing him I sIighlIy aIlered my diel, slarled lo lake suIemenls,
droed lhe reguIar coIonics and inlroduced daiIy coffee enemas inslead.
G1"-% D
Irom my iniliaI deloxifying diel I svilched lo a kind of buiIding u or
slrenglhening diel. IssenliaIIy il vas lhe same as before bul I added a fev of
lhe so caIIed 'suer foods' Iike bee oIIen, go|i berries, freshIy ground-u fIax
and hemseeds, fIaxseed and hemseed oiIs in my breakfasl orridge, and
augmenled my usuaI Iunches and suers vilh fish, organic chicken or Iamb's
Iiver lvice a veek.
As far as suIemenls venl, I slarled lo lake iodine, kriII oiI, zinc, seIenium,
magnesium, a muIli-vilamin, I ale aricol kerneIs and drank Issiac lea.
B"/)&,3"/1+$ "33&,"$1%-
I aIso added lhe foIIoving naluroalhic lechniques lo my daiIy rouline: coffee
enemas as menlioned earIier, caslor oiI acks over lhe Iiver, dry brushing, hol
and coId shovers, occasionaI Isom saIl balh, conlinued vilh my one-hour
vaIks severaI limes a veek and lried lo gel inlo lhe sun vilhoul sun roleclion
for 20 minules a day lo lo u on lhe siril-raising sun's heaIlh-bringing
vilamin D slimuIus.
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn J9
A,&;+#E C+/1 /1% 2+#8
I carried on vilh my daiIy medilalions and visuaIisalions, as I underslood lhe
imorlance of vorking vilh lhe mind. I needed lo have each and every asecl
of my Iife suorling my Ionging for heaIlh. I Iislened lo lhe 'Teaching of
Abraham' These are leachings channeIIed by Islher Hicks. I knov il sounds
bally, bul in facl lhey have been very imorlanl for me, as have Ieclures by lhe
vriler Ickarl ToIIe.
S%#/"4 "//+/)8%
During aII lhis lime I lried lo slay cIear of laIking aboul lrying lo 'fighl lhe
cancer'. UIlimaleIy my body had crealed lhe iIIness and I sav il more as a
vake-u caII lhal somevhere aIong lhe Iine I had gone againsl my ovn lrulh. I
vanled lo be kind lo my body. I feIl lhal vas my vay forvard in aII areas of my
Iife. I vanled lo Iearn again lo go vilh lhe fIov vilhoul comromising my ovn
lrulh. Al lhe same lime I vanled lo slay oen lo Iearn nev lhings and change
my aroach aIong lhe vay if needed. As Iong as il benefiled my generaI heaIlh
and veIIbeing.
R4%$/&,2"E#%/+$ &"8+"/+,#
During lhis lime I aIso came lo reaIise hov heaIlh damaging eIeclromagnelic
radialion is. So ve sloed using vireIess broadband and venl back lo using
cabIes, exchanged our cordIess hone for an oId fashioned hand heId hone
and I lried lo use my mobiIe hone as IillIe as ossibIe (if I had lo, I used an ear
On my quesl for heaIlh I aIso vanled dedicale lime lo ollery again. I had
slarled years before bul had given il u vhen I gol loo busy vilh vork. Nov
seemed lhe erfecl lime lo slarl. So I enroIIed on a course again. Tvo years on
and I am sliII doing il. I reaIIy Iove lo have my hands in vel cIay and forming
ob|ecls oul of il. MoslIy I do ob|ecls I can use around lhe house. My ols are
gelling beller and Iooking Iess vonky, lhe gIazes become more rediclabIe, and
lhey crack Iess.
This year for lhe firsl lime I viII exhibil some of my 'maslerieces'
logelher vilh olher friend's arl in CornvaII. Ior me il is nol so much aboul
making erfecl ieces of arl, il's more aboul exressing an imorlanl arl of
=,I+$+/6 +# $,-2%/+$- "#8 $4%"#+#E 3&,8)$/-
The olher imorlanl area of ossibIe loxin burden lhal needed lo be addressed
vas cIeaning roducls, loiIelries and cosmelics.
We basicaIIy svilched lhem aII lo environmenlaIIy friendIy roducls lhal
vere free of elroIalum, mineraI oiIs, sodium IauryI/Iaurelh suIfale, arabens,
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 40
IanoIin, and lhal hadn'l been lesled on animaIs, didn'l conlain any animaI by-
roducls and vere biodegradabIe.
K+E1 b)"4+/6 C"/%&
On lo of aII lhal ve inslaIIed a reverse osmosis fiIler for our so-imorlanl daiIy
valer consumlion. This fiIlers oul lhe good and lhe bad, so ve added exlra
mineraI dros lo our drinking valer. We aIso inslaIIed a fiIler in our shover
head lhal cIeans oul fIuorides and olher damaging ingredienls.
S,#+/,&+#E 26 3&,E&%--
When I vas firsl diagnosed and I vanled lo go onlo my aIlernalive heaIlh
regime, one big issue for me vas hov lo monilor my rogress.
The oncoIogisl couIdn'l offer me any on-going lesls olher lhan invasive
IIT scans lhal lhey normaIIy do every six monlhs. As I vas considered oling
for 'no lrealmenl' in lhe eyes of convenlionaI medicine I vasn'l given lhis lesl.
Hovever, as I menlioned before, lhese lesls are laxing on lhe body and I
vas ralher Iooking for a lesl lhal vas Iess invasive. We evenluaIIy came across
lhe 'Navarro Tesl', vhich quile fev eoIe do vhen aroaching cancer in a
naluraI vay.
IniliaIIy lhe lesl seemed lo be very comIicaled lo do and sounded a bil
'covboy'-Iike. Hovever, ve overcame aII obslacIes and I did lhe lesl every
lhree monlhs. esides feeIing good in my body, lhe lesl became an imorlanl
indicalor of hov I vas doing on a Iess obvious IeveI. Afler doing lhe lesl a fev
limes il vasn'l aII lhal comIicaled as il iniliaIIy seemed.
Afler 18 monlhs on lhis regime lhe Ium in my breasl had dissoIved. Where
lhere used lo be a buIge lhal vas as big as a cheslnul, lhere vas nov nolhing.
Al lhis oinl I feIl lhal my body vas slrong enough lo do anolher IIT scan.
A reIuclanl oncoIogisl evenluaIIy agreed lo do lhe lesl. Il shoved lhal I
had no cancer in my body anymore and I vas decIared as being 'in comIele
remission'. The oncoIogisl vas very surrised.
A1"/ #,C@
Afler lhe resuIl of lhe IIT scan, I had a big ceIebralion vilh friends vho had
suorled me lhrough my heaIing |ourney. Iverybody asked me if I vouId go
on vilh my slricl diel.
WeII, lhere vere a fev lhings in my mind lhal I vanled lo eal again. I lried
lhem oul bul I can'l reaIIy say lhal il vas lhe big 'vov' exerience lhal I vas
Ior one lhing, I have nov comIeleIy Iosl my aelile for aIcohoI. Il
makes me feeI slrange and I don'l Iike il any Ionger. Croissanls vilh buller,
slravberry |am and a coffee used lo be my uIlimale fanlasy vhiIe I vas on my
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 41
regime. Iven lhal has Iosl ils aeaI. Hovever, I sliII Iove my daiIy crunchy
organic veggie saIads, lhe occasionaI bil of chicken and fish here and lhere.
My heaIlhy diel has become a vay of Iife. I sliII have lhe odd bils lhal I
regard as nol lhal heaIlhy bul I easiIy find my vay back.
One lhing lhal I find imorlanl for me is nol lo become loo obsessed vilh
food. I sliII Iike lo go oul for a meaI every so oflen and eal vhal feeIs righl for
me vilhoul being loo concerned, and lhen I go home and carry on vilh my
daiIy green |uice, lhe saIads and sleamed veggies and Ienly of good quaIily
As a resuIl of my heaIing |ourney I have enroIIed in a nulrilionaI heaIing
course. Thal course leaches more or Iess lhe aroach lhal has heIed me
Over lhe Iasl lvo years I feeI as if I have done a crash course in heaIlhy
Iiving. The nulrilion course gives me lhe lime and lhe suorl lo go over
everylhing I have done lo gel beller and lo come lo a deeer underslanding. I
hoe lhal vilh my ovn exerience and lhe heI of lhis course I viII be abIe lo
insire eoIe lo lry oul lhe genlIe vay of heaIing cancer.
IniliaIIy I vas lrying lo find lhe 'righl' heaIing melhod. Iverylhing I read feIl
very overvheIming, confusing and al limes vas conlradiclory. IniliaIIy, vhen I
came across lhese conlradiclions lhey feIl Iike a ma|or obslacIe and a big vorry
on my |ourney. ul nov I feeI much more reIaxed aboul lhem. GraduaIIy, aII
lhe reading I did and lhe informalion I had accumuIaled feII inlo Iace. I
deveIoed a sense of vhen lo incororale anolher heaIing melhod, and vhich
one I vanled lo incororale. I needed lo slick lo somelhing lhal feIl righl lo me
before I underslood aII olher melhods.
I am sure I couId have done il in a differenl vay, bul lhe melhods I chose
feIl righl lo me al lhe lime. Whal I vanl lo exress here is lhe facl lhal lhere is
nol onIy one righl melhod of heaIing. Iinding my ovn inner voice and my ovn
inluilion vas ivolaI.
AIlhough iniliaIIy il vas a very scary silualion, il evenluaIIy became a
very emovering rocess. I vas, and I am, sliII amazed by lhe vay my body
reacled lo osilive, Ioving, caring and genlIe allenlion. Il feIl lhal lhere vas lhis
arl in me lhal vanled lo be heard and acknovIedged. Once I had luned in, il
vas deIighled lo suorl my heaIing rocess on every conceivabIe IeveI. The
iIIness vas a lrue bIessing in disguise for me.
Having said aII lhal, I don'l feeI I have reached a Iace from vhere I can
simIy go back lo my Iife hov il used lo be. On a hysicaI IeveI my heaIing is
comIele for nov bul emolionaIIy I feeI Iike a vork in rogress.
NeverlheIess I feIl lhal I had a slory lhal mighl heI olhers so I conlacled
Tnc Guar!ian nevsaer HeaIlh Idilor lo offer her my slory. This vas lhe reIy
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 42
I gol back: 'I'm sorryil's good lo hear you are veII, bul ve are a very science-
based, evidence-based nevsaer and vouId nol run slories based on one
erson's exerience, vhich may veII nol be lyicaI.'
If lhal's lheir allilude, hov is anyone going lo Iearn lhal il is ossibIe, as I
have roved for myseIf, lhal you can cure cancer by naluraI means`
If anyone vishes lo knov more I can be conlacled al

2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 4J
=1% &+$1 $"# "ZZ,&8 /1% *%&6 L%-/ 2%8+$+#%
When il comes lo cancer, I feeI sorry for lhe rich. They can afford lhe very besl
lrealmenls lhal money can buy. And lhey musl be lhe besl lrealmenlsrighl`
because lhey are lhe lrealmenls roosed by lhe mosl eminenl doclors lo vhom
onIy lhe very rich have access.
Oflen lhese lrealmenls are lhe very Ialesl, mosl culling-edge. The more
you can ay, lhe more you are going lo suffer. ul since lhese oncoIogisls don'l
have lhe cure for mosl cancers and are nol going lo have lhal cure for lhe
conceivabIe fulure(read oncoIogisl Siddharlha Mukher|ee's besl-seIIing book,
Tnc |npcrcr cj A|| Ma|a!ics, if you don'l beIieve me)lhen aII lhis money senl
on ainfuI lrealmenls is |usl buying lhe ain. The more money you have lhe
more ain you can afford.
ul if ve can'l ul our hoes on lhese Ialesl, culling-edge lrealmenls vhal
can ve do` WeII, lhere are so many olions lhal I couId suggesl, lhal I don'l
knov vhere lo slarl. Thal's vhy I vrole lhe Canccr. Tnc Ccnp|cic |ccctcrq Gui!c
(see Thal's vhere you viII find lhe ansvers lhal suil
ul Iel's relurn lo lhe issue of veaIlh, fame and cancer. RecenlIy ve have
had lvo famous ancrealic cancers: Sleve }obs' and Ialrick Svayze's and a Iong
lime ago ve had Sleve McQueen's mesolheIioma. olh of lhese cancers
ancrealic and mesolheIiomaare considered lo be relly much unlrealabIe
(by convenlionaI means). ul lhal doesn'l mean lhey von'l lreal you anyvay.
Doclors viII oflen lreal you |usl lo slo you becoming so deressed lhal you'II
do somelhing crazy Iike go lo lhe aIlernalive lrealmenls (I'm nol |oking. This is
oIicy in some quarlers. They lreal you unliI you're so far aIong lhal lhere's
IillIe anyone can do for you).
Svayze and }obs bolh venl lhe convenlionaI roule. AIlhough }obs did aIso
foIIov an aIlernalive regime lo slarl vilh, and very ossibIy conlinued doing
some lhrough his convenlionaI lrealmenls (cerlainIy he survived much Ionger
lhan mosl eoIe diagnosed vilh ancrealic cancer), Svayze vas onIy
inleresled in foIIoving lhe convenlionaI roule. He died 18 monlhs afler
diagnosis. IeIicily Corbin-WheeIer, vhose slory I leII in lhis book is loday aIive
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 44
and cancer free, having recovered from lhe same cancer using lhe much
derided aIlernalive, LaelriIe. If you gel ancrealic cancer, vhich do you lhink is
lhe besl modeI lo foIIov`
And lhen lhere vas Sleve McQueen vho famousIy, having exhausled his
convenlionaI olions, chose lo vork vilh lhe aIlernalive cancer lheraisl,
WiIIiam KeIIey, lhen afler a year vilh him aIIoved himseIf lo be oeraled on
and died on lhe oeraling labIe. Who gels lhe raise and vho lhe bIame`
Dr NichoIas GonzaIez, vho has conlinued WiIIiam KeIIey's vork (for
delaiIs of KeIIey's aroach see ook 3 in lhis series: Canccr |cscarcn an!
Pc|iiicsKeIIey, loo, cured himseIf of lerminaI slage ancrealic cancer), has
comIained aboul lhe vay lhe media resonds differenlIy lo convenlionaI
doclors on lhe one hand and aIlernalive lheraisls on lhe olher:

'You see, vhen a convenlionaI oncoIogisl Ioses a ceIebrily alienl, lhey |lhe
mediaj orlray him as a hero fighling lhis lerribIe disease againsl
enormous odds, vorking Iale inlo lhe nighl lrying lo kee lhe ceIebrily
aIive. ul vhen an aIlernalive raclilioner Ioses a alienl, lhey consider
him a sIeazy quack gelling money from unsusecling cancer viclims.'

The Sleve McQueen case has been used arlicuIarIy lo sligmalise
aIlernalive aroaches, bul GonzaIes has resonded robuslIy lo lhe suggeslion
lhal KeIIey kiIIed McQueen:

'He |Sleve McQueenj vas lerminaI vhen he came lo Dr KeIIey. He had
faiIed radialion, faiIed immunolheray. He had been misdiagnosed for a
year. The reason he ended u vilh Slage 4 mesolheIioma is because he vas
misdiagnosed by his fancy convenlionaI doclors in Soulhern CaIifornia.
Then lhey gave him radialionlhere's nol a sludy in lhe hislory of lhe
vorId shoving lhal radialion heIs in mesolheIioma, lhey gave il anyvay.
Then lhey gave him immunolheray. There's nol a sludy in lhe hislory of
lhe vorId saying lhal immunolheray heIs in mesolheIioma. They did il
anyvay. Then he vas dying and he venl lo see KeIIey. He died, and KeIIey
gol aII lhe bIame. Nol lhe doclors vho misdiagnosed him! In facl vhen you
read lhe nevsaer arlicIes, lhere are sliII arlicIes aboul hov Dr KeIIey
kiIIed McQueen. No! Cancer kiIIed McQueen. You see, an oncoIogisl al
SIoan-Kellering can do a bone marrov lransIanl on ceIebrily alienls.
They die, and he's vrillen u Iike a hero .. KeIIey lries lo heI afler
convenlionaI doclors faiIed miserabIy and misdiagnosed him, and
McQueen Iived Ionger lhan he shouId. (He vas a haIf-comIianl alienl
he conlinued lo smoke, drink, and eal ice cream.) .. Aboul lvo or lhree
years ago, lhere vas an o-ed iece in lhe Wa|| Sircci jcurna| allacking
unconvenlionaI cancer lheray. They laIked aboul McQueen, and hov
KeIIey kiIIed him. . ConvenlionaI oncoIogisls Iose alienls every day, and
no-one says lhey're murdering anybody. Inslead lhey're considered heroes
for lrying so hard.'
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 45
So lhere il is. Tvo moraIs lo lhis arlicIe. Iirsl, money may or may nol buy
hainess bul, vhen il comes lo cancer, il doesn'l necessariIy buy a Ionger,
heaIlhier Iife. Second, don'l beIieve everylhing you read in lhe nalionaI ress
vhen lhey crilicise aIlernalive medicine.
_%//%& /, ,#$,4,E+-/-
Ior decades you have been seeking lo cure cancerfirsl lhrough surgery,
allemling, al firsl, lo achieve your aims by increasingIy disfiguring and Iife-
lhrealening oeralions unliI sanily came lo lhe rescue and you reaIised (I do
hoe you have reaIised) lhal surgery onIy vorks al a very earIy slage of a
cancer's grovlh, and lherefore a Iumeclomy is as much as needs be donebul
of course if lhe cancer has sread lo olher arls of lhe body, lhen even lhis is
useIessossibIy even vorse lhan useIess, as lhe heaIing rocess may
incidenlaIIy rovoke a more raid grovlh of dislanl melaslases.
Then came radialion, vhich is sliII vilh us, vhich has lhe same Iimilalions
as surgeryand more besides. You reaIised evenluaIIy lhal onIy a syslemic
aroach couId vork. So you lurned your focus on chemolheray. ul desile
reealed allemls lo cure cancer vilh muIliIe, highIy loxic, drug regimes, lhis
aroach loo has sadIy faiIed. You nov recognise il onIy vorks in aboul five lo
six er cenl of cancers (for lhe 'benefil' uIlimaleIy of maybe lhree er cenl). This
benefil, sadIy, comes vilh il an exlraordinary range of quaIificalionsearIy
onsel of nev cancers, sIoving dovn of brain funclions, and so on. ul you
knov aII lhis. Ialienls generaIIy don'l, bul you do. OncoIogisl Siddharlha
Mukher|ee has admilled as much in his vide-ranging, besl-seIIing book, Tnc
|npcrcr cj A|| Ma|a!ics, bul lhis facl has been knovn for a very Iong lime. The
robIem is in ersuading you oncoIogisls lo be slraighl vilh us on lhis. Nov il
seems lhere is a move in lhis direclion.
CurrenlIy, you are Iacing aII your hoes on smarl drugs lhal allack
roleins and enzymes secific lo each of lhe 2,000 (or some say 20,000) differenl
cancer lyes you have discovered. ul even lhis aroach you undersland viII
nol vork. The cIoser you gel lo lhe bio-chemislry of lhese 'eviI' ceIIs lhe grealer
lheir comIexily. And of course, cancer changes genelicaIIy very fasl and each
drug ceases lo be effeclive equaIIy raidIy. The cure for cancer has simIy
disaeared over lhe horizon. ul you have nol loId eoIe lhal. You go aIong
vilh lhe ress reIeases from drug comanies lhal announce each suosed
advance. You aIIov lhe ress lo Iaud lhese deveIomenls. You remain salisfied
vilh lhe smaII incremenlaI imrovemenls in morlaIily measure, decade on
decade. ul you knov lhal lhe ain and faiIure of convenlionaI cancer
lrealmenls viII go on and onerhas forever, because you cannol see any
aIlernalive. And yel lhe aIlernalive is lhere in Iain sighl. You even caII il
'aIlernalive medicine'.
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 46
Ior lhe mosl arl you have given u on lhe hoe of cure and are nov
moving lo a hiIosohy of aIIialive medicine. Il is your hoe lhal if you cannol
cure cancer you can al Ieasl heI cancer alienls Iive Ionger. Il is here lhal lhe
horizons of lhe aIlernalive movemenl converge on your ovn shere.
If you aIIoved yourseIf lo embrace aIlernalive medicineand vhy shouId
you nol` There is no research lo shov lhal a regime of diel, suIemenls, herbs
and olher heaIlh suorling does nol aIso subslanliaIIy exlend Iife, and quaIily
of Iife. And as lhe slories in lhis book demonslrale cIearIy, some eoIe cure
lhemseIves of cancers lhal convenlionaI doclors have given u on. Yes 'cure' is
lhe vord ve can use vhen someone remains free of cancer for 30 years, as
eala isho has done.
So here is a suggeslion, one firsl suggesled lo me by Ian CIemenls vhose
recovery slory is lruIy remarkabIea recovery lhal suggesls a olenliaI benefil
of chemolheraylo reduce lhe size of a lumour, if il is a lumour lhal obslrucls
a vilaI organ, unliI lhe Ionger-lerm slralegy of diel and suIemenls can
become effeclive. The suggeslion is lhis. AII cancer alienls shouId be seen
Iong-lerm on an oulalienl basis. They shouId be given reguIar bIood lesls lo
delermine nol onIy lhe rogress of various cancer markers bul aIso lo monilor
olher key indicalors of overaII heaIlh. Then lhey shouId be encouraged lo
foIIov vhalever lheraies and lrealmenls lhey may deem lo be aroriale
aIlernalive as veII as convenlionaIaII lhe lime mainlaining a beady eye on
changes lo lhese markers for cancer and heaIlh. Offer everyone lhis series of
books so lhal lhey can see lhe fuII range of lhe olions lhal may be beneficiaI.
And of course kee lesling, kee evaIualing lhe resuIls, kee being reared lo
fiddIe vilh lhe regime.
I can assure you, you viII be amazed. SuddenIy, eoIe you execled lo
die viII recover. Ierhas nol everyone bul cerlainIy more lhan do so currenlIy.
Olherslhe vasl ma|orily, I susecl, of lhose vho lake lhe |ob of gelling veII
again seriousIyviII go on Iiving far Ionger lhan redicled.
Il is reaIIy lhal simIe. So lhe queslion I ul lo you nov is lhis: Why have
you nol aIready done lhis`
You see, cancer is nol |usl a robIem for doclors, il ismore ressingIya
robIem for lhe alienls, lhe eoIe vilh lhe cancer. Cancer alienls need lo
Iearn lo begin lo lake resonsibiIily for lheir ovn cancers (and lheir ovn heaIlh
overaII) and doclors need lo heI lhem. Indeed, more and more alienls are
seeing for lhemseIves lhe benefils of comIemenlary and aIlernalive lrealmenls.
IeoIe are aIready moving lovards CAM lrealmenls for lheir cancerand lhey
are nol leIIing lheir doclors because of lhe veighl of disarovaI. Il's a secrel
move avay from orlhodox medicine, and lhis movemenl is gelling bigger and
bigger aII lhe lime. (Ask yourseIf lhis: if eoIe beIieved doclors had a good
cure for cancer lhere vouIdn'l be a need for aIlernalive lheraies. So if more
and more eoIe are using CAM: comIemenlary and aIlernalive medicine
vhal does lhal indicale`)
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 47
Here's vhal Universily of Toronlo cancer researcher Healher oon
discovered in 2005: '. more lhan 80 er cenl of aII vomen vilh breasl cancer
reorl using CAM (41 er cenl in a secific alleml lo manage lheir breasl
cancer), CAM usc can nc |cngcr |c rcgar!c! as an a|icrnaiitc cr unusua| apprcacn
ic nanaging |rcasi canccr. (my emhasis). According lo her, younger, more
educaled vomen, in arlicuIar, are more IikeIy lo have a high commilmenl lo
CAM lheraies.
Crisliane Sadacio, anolher cancer researcher, says: '. lhere has been an
exonenliaI grovlh in inleresl inand use ofcomIemenlary and aIlernalive
medicine (CAM), eseciaIIy in deveIoed veslern counlries .. Siu!ics sncu inai
inc nun|cr cj paiicnis unc usc scnc jcrn cj a|icrnaiitc incrapq ajicr inc !iagncsis cj
canccr is nign . jan! incq cxpcricncc} nign |ctc|s cj saiisjaciicn uiin a|icrnaiitc
incrapics. (my emhasis).
Al resenl, lhe silualion is lhis: if alienls decIine lo undergo surgery,
radialion or chemolherayor any of lhe olher lrealmenls on lhe convenlionaI
menulhen you oncoIogisls vash your hands of lhem. 'We offered lhem
lrealmenl and lhey refused, vhal can ve do`' You leII yourseIves.
WeII, vhal you can do is lhis: conlinue lo see lhem on an oulalienl basis,
offering your access lo bIood lesls, scans and so on, so lhal lhese alienls can
monilor lheir ovn bodies. Thal's vhal you can do, and indeed shouId be doing.
Olhervise you are monooIising cerlain services lo lhe delrimenl of lhe heaIlh
of eoIe vho vish lo vork oul lheir ovn soIulions lo lheir cancersand lhey
have every righl lo do lhis because il is lhey, uIlimaleIy, vho are going lo suffer
lhe consequences.
So, Iease, Iease, can you sel aside your re|udices and heI lhem.

}onalhan ChamberIain

2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 48
()22+#E )3
Taken individuaIIy, each of lhese slories can be, and generaIIy has been,
dismissed by doclors as inexIicabIe. In each case lhe doclor mighl say lhal lhe
recovery vas unexecled bul 'il is unIikeIy lhal aIlernalive lheraies have had
any reaI imacl'. Hovever, laken coIIecliveIy, lhe case lhey make for lhe
olenliaI of a vide variely of aIlernalive lheraies from diel, herbs,
suIemenls and so on becomes increasingIy hard lo re|ecl.
Many doclors viII cIaim lhal lhey knov of sad cases vhere iII-advised
alienls have laken lo lhe aIlernalive roule and died shorlIy lhereafler, ul lhey
don'l menlion lhe cases vhere alienls have undergone ainfuI and damaging
convenlionaI lrealmenls and vho have, Iike my vife did, died shorlIy afler.
Of lhe dead ve cannol seak. UndoubledIy, many eoIe going lhe
aIlernalive roule do dieerhas because lhey have nol done enough of lhe
righl lhings or lhey have sluck lo one lhing, or vho knovs vhal olher reason
(bul undoubledIy lhey viII have saved lhemseIves a greal deaI of ain and very
IikeIy viII have Iived Ionger lhan execled). ul vhal lhese slories do leII us, is
lhal many eoIe foIIoving aIlernalive aroaches have cured lheir cancers, or
are conlinuing lheir ballIe againsl cancer, never aIIoving lhemseIves lo lhink
lhey have defealed il bul lhal, for lhe lime being, lhey are vinning. And Iel us
remind ourseIves of lhe exlraordinary range of cancers reresenled by lhese
sloriesbreasl cancer, roslale cancer, meIanoma, sarcoma, cancers of lhe
coIon, kidney, bIadder, ancreas and anus, brain lumours, Iymhoma and
myeIoma. Whalever is vorking is vorking across lhe vhoIe seclrum of cancer.
Hov many limes do you need lo ress a Iighl svilch lo knovvilh 100
er cenl cerlainlylhal lhere is a causaI reIalionshi belveen ressing lhe
svilch and lhe Iighl coming on. Tvo` Three limes al mosl. Hov many cases do
you need lo read of eoIe recovering from cancer using aIlernalive means
before you can accel lhal maybe lhere is somelhing lo lhe aIlernalive
aroaches lo cancer`
Il is my hoe lhal you viII see lhal lhe romise of freedom from cancer by
means of heaIlh-enhancing (nol heaIlh-damaging) lheraies is reaI. As one
conlribulor lo my bIog said recenlIy: 'Il vas very earIy on in my |ourney lhal I
began lo queslion lhe convenlionaI melhods of lrealmenl. I vas silling in lhe
break room al vork one morning, and I osed a queslion lo a co-vorker: 'Why
Cancer SurvIvors' StorIes
2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 49
vouId God vanl lo use radioaclive oison lo heaI me` Why vouId He vanl lo
kiII aII lhal is righl and good lo kiII lhal vhich is nol`' The 'Iogic' in lhal has
never comuled in my mind and is somelhing I cannol gel around. The ansver
lhal came lo me vas lhal He vouIdn'l. Thal queslion became lhe driving force
behind my decision lo find a naluraI remedy for my cancer.'
Il is by asking lhese simIe innocenl queslions lhal ve discover lhe
nakedness of lhe Imeror of ConvenlionaI Medicine. Cancer comes from
nalurelhe ansver loo musl be avaiIabIe in nalure.
Resecl for me is a vord lhal has enormous over. If ve resecled each
olher, if ve resecled our environmenl, if ve resecled ourseIves more fuIIy,
lhen lhe vorId vouId be a very differenl Iace. ul ve don'l resecl lhis Ianel
ve are aII lraveIIing on enough. We don'l resecl olher eoIeeoIe vho are
differenl from usenough. And ve don'l resecl our bodies enough. If ve did,
ve vouIdn'l aIIov lhem lo be allacked vilh such loxic chemicaIs or vilh such
loxic and damaging radialion (see ook 2 in lhis series: Canccr. Oiagncsis an!
Ccntcniicna| Trcaincnis. Tnc Prcs an! Ccns cj Canccr Tcsis, Surgcrq, |a!iaiicn an!
Cncncincrapq for a fuII discussion of lhis loic).
Il is my hoe lhal lhis book viII be heIfuI lo you in exlending lhe Ienglh
and lhe quaIily of your Iife, lhe Iives of your famiIy members, and lhe Iives of
your friends, neighbours, coIIeagues and even casuaI acquainlances.
=%44 ,/1%&-
If you have found lhis book (in df formal) usefuI lhen send il lo aII your famiIy
and friends. Cancer is arl of aII our Iiveseilher lhe cancers ve are harbouring
in our ovn bodies, or lhe cancers lhal are affecling lhe Iives of Ioved ones,
friends, neighbours, coIIeagues and so on. If you do nol have lhe df version
lhen Iease go lo
The beller ve are reared, lhe beller our oulcome is IikeIy lo be. If ve
buiId inlo our Iives slralegies lhal can 'cure' cancer, lhen by adoling lhem in
advance ve viII be doing a greal deaI lo revenl lhal cancer in lhe firsl Iace.
As a cancer alienl vrole afler reading my book Canccr. Tnc Ccnp|cic
|ccctcrq Gui!c: 'I vish I'd read lhis book before I vas diagnosed. My doclor
and lhe cancer charilies didn'l leII me any of lhis.'
HeI your famiIy and friends avoid lhe ain and suffering lhal goes aIong
vilh cancer. You couId save someone's Iife.

2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 50
!"#$%&0 =1% !,234%/% 5%$,*%&6
7)+8% (%&+%-
:,,; ?0 !"#$%&@ A1"/ B,C@
Make sure lhe firsl sles of your cancer |ourney are heading in lhe righl
This book gives you aII lhe basic cancer facls you need and oulIines lhe four
sensibIe slralegies for deaIing vilh cancerand lhe argumenls suorling
lhem. Iverybody aroaches cancer differenlIy. In lhis book I heI you focus
on lhe slralegy mosl aroriale lo youand lhen I give suggeslions for
resources so lhal you can conlinue your |ourney. | uani ic saq ncu inspiraiicna|
qcur |cck an! a|| iis suggcsiicns natc |ccn.'|nna Grccncr
:,,; D0 !"#$%&0 >+"E#,-+- "#8 !,#*%#/+,#"4 =&%"/2%#/-
The Iros and Cons of Cancer Tesls, Surgery, Radialion and Chemolheray
Whal are lhe benefils and dravbacks of convenlionaI diagnoslic lesls and
lrealmenls` This book rovides a delaiIed Iook al vhal is avaiIabIe and vhal
lhe benefils and dravbacks are. IncIuded aIso are various non-convenlionaI
lesling olions and suggeslions as lo hov you can rolecl yourseIf if you vish
lo roceed vilh convenlionaI lrealmenl. Tnc scciicn cn ccntcniicna| ircaincni
uas ritciing.Ann Napicr, Pu||isncr, Cqgnus Bcck C|u|
:,,; F0 !"#$%&0 5%-%"&$1 "#8 G,4+/+$-
This book heIs you undersland lhe vider conlexl of cancervhy cancer
research has nol come u vilh a cure and mosl IikeIy never viII, vhy lhe
medicaI rofession is unabIe lo recognise lhe vaIue of herbs and suIemenls
if a herb or suIemenl can cure cancer you viII never hear aboul il from lhe
medicaI rofession, and vhy ve shouId aII be vorried by lhe erosion of our
heaIlh freedoms. You viII aIso Iearn aboul lhe scienlisls vho have bucked lhe

2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 51
syslem, and vhal has haened lo lhem. Tnis |cck ic||s nc ctcrqining | uani ic
kncu. Wnq !i!ni nq !ccicr ic|| nc inis?|ct. Bi|| Ncu|crn
:,,; H0 !"#$%&0 >%/,I "#8 >+%/
Whalever eIse you decide lo do for your cancer you vouId be vise lo undergo a
radicaI change in diel. This book Iooks al lhe argumenls and olions in lhe area
of deloxificalion and diel. You viII aIso find here a Ienglhy Iisl of individuaI
foods and lheir benefils. | uisn |! rca! inis |cck |cjcrc | uas !iagncsc!. Mq !ccicr
an! inc canccr cnariiics !i!ni ic|| nc anq cj inis.O Busnc||
:,,; J0 !"#$%&0 K%&L-M :,/"#+$"4- "#8 :+,4,E+$"4 =1%&"3+%-
Many herbs can heI in lhe fighl againsl cancer. Here ve Iook al aII lhe ma|or
herbaI olions. Herbs have many advanlages over drugsbul lhere are aIso
olenliaI dangers. This book exIores lhis vorId and exIains aII lhe issues and
olions invoIved. This book aIso covers homeoalhy and olher bioIogicaI
lheraies. Tnis is an incrc!i||q injcrnaiitc an! uscju| |cck.Bi|| Hcn!crscn, auincr
cj Canccr-jrcc
:,,; N0 !"#$%&0 O+/"2+#- "#8 P/1%& ()334%2%#/-
Iveryone knovs lhal vilamin C is good for youbul vhal kind of vilamin C`
In vhal quanlilies` And vhal aboul lhe olher vilamins` The mineraIs` The
olher chemicaIsbolh naluraI and man-made` You viII find everylhing you
need lo knov here. Cnan|cr|ain spcaks jrcn inc ncari, |ui c|car|q uanis qcu ic usc
qcur nca!. Gcc! ccn|inaiicn.An!rcu Sau|, PnO, Occicr Ycursc|j Wc|siic
:,,; Q0 !"#$%&0 R#%&E6M S+#8 "#8 R2,/+,#-
This book covers a vide range of ideas from eIeclricaI and magnelic devices,
sunIighl, energy heaIing, rayer, exercise and lhe exlraordinary inlerIay of our
hysicaI and emolionaI Iives. Tnis |cck is ncrc prccicus inan gc|!!|icnar!
Tncnpscn, canccr surtitcr
:,,; <0 !"#$%&0 ()&*+*,&-. (/,&+%-0 =1%6 8+8 +/T U,) $"# /,,V
The roof is in lhe udding. These slories leII hov 25 eoIe have reacled lo a
diagnosis and hov lhey became once again cancer-free. These slories are roof
lhal cancer can be cured vilh lhe heI of diel, herbs, suIemenls and many
olher slralegies. Here you viII Iearn vhal eoIe have done lo gel veII again.
There is hoe. Gci inis |cck, rca! ii, |c inspirc! |q ii.|an C|cncnis, canccr

2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 52
!"#$%&0 =1% !,234%/% 5%$,*%&6 7)+8%
'I nov can recommend your book lo lhe eoIe in my suorl grou, as inc
book lo read. You have covered |usl aboul everylhing lhal I have read, and il
look me over lvenly books and innumerabIe dovnIoads lo do il. Thanks again,
and no I'm nol going lo give your hard vork avay! The book is more recious
lhan goId!'|icnar! Tncnpscn
'Mr ChamberIain has a voice lhal is al once humbIe and overfuI. I Iike vrilers
lhal cul lo lhe chase, and lhen do nol skim on lhe raclicaI delaiIs . and I
reaIIy Iike his allilude. He seaks from lhe hearl, bul cIearIy vanls you lo use
your head. Good combinalion.'An!rcu Sau| PnO, in inc Doclor YourseIf
'Iirsl of aII Iel me say: CongraluIalions on your suerb book! I have a vasl
exerience in lhis fieId of aIlernalive cancer lrealmenl going back lo 1999. I have
allended dozens of aIlernalive, comIemenlary, and inlegralive cancer
conferences and vorkshos (I allend every such evenl lhal I hear aboul), have
had discussions vilh hundreds of hoIislic cancer raclilioners and lhousands of
cancer alienls, am aclive on aII lhe aIlernalive cancer emaiI discussion grous,
and have read or am famiIiar vilh aImosl every book vrillen on aIlernalive
cancer lrealmenl (and have comiIed an annolaled bibIiograhy of lhem). Lel
me say immedialeIy lhal your book is aulhorilalive, reulabIe, and much more
comrehensive and beller baIanced lhan lhe vasl ma|orily of olher books on lhe
loic. AIso, il has much vaIuabIe maleriaI lhal I don'l recaII seeing in any olher
book. The book vouId slrongIy aeaI lo cancer alienls and lheir famiIies. The
lone is erhas a bil loo slrong for convenlionaI medicaI raclilioners, bul lhe
book isn'l vrillen for lhem. ul il is very suiled lovards lhe generaI ubIic and
cerlainIy lo cancer alienls for vhom il vas cIearIy vrillen. In facl lhe lone is
engaging and IiveIy and viII aeaI lo anyone symalhelic lo aIlernalive
aroaches lo cancer. You have succeeded in making a comIicaled sub|ecl
accessibIe.'Iccnar! S |cscn|aun MA, Bcar! cj Oirccicrs, |nicrnaiicna|
Asscciaiicn cj Canccr Vicicrs an! |ricn!s (|ACV|, uuu.canccrticicrs.nci)

2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 5J
'Over lhe Iasl six years or so, I've had a soradic corresondence vilh }onalhan
ChamberIain. I knev ve shared a assion lo gel lhe vord oul aboul genlIe,
non-loxic vays lo heaI cancer and lhal he had vrillen severaI books on lhe
sub|ecl. ul I vas nol reared for lhe exerience I gol vhen I read his nev
book he senl me a couIe of veeks ago. This is an incredibIy informalive and
usefuI book. Ivery one of you needs il in your Iibrary. }onalhan's book is caIIed
Canccr. Tnc Ccnp|cic |ccctcrq Gui!c .. This is, from nov on, my rimary
encycIoaedia vhen I have a queslion aboul cancer and ils lrealmenl.'Bi||
Hcn!crscn, auincr cj Cancer-Iree
'An exceIIenl, u-lo-dale resource.'Paiiq |cisi.
As vebsile manager of, Ially ended her reviev of my book
vilh lhese vords: 'As a side nole, }onalhan senl me coies of his books, and I
vas going lo offer lo send lhese reviev coies on lo someone eIse on his Iisl of
olenliaI revievers. This did nol haen because, quile frankIy, I eseciaIIy
vanled lo kee lhe Ccnp|cic |ccctcrq Gui!c because il is an exceIIenl, u-lo-dale
resource. I am lhe Iisl adminislralor for severaI ACOR aedialric cancer suorl
Iisls, and oflen need lo Iook somelhing u, as many Iisl members are inleresled
in CAM.'
'I recenlIy boughl your book because I have become very invoIved in lhe Iife of
an oId friend, and lhe chaIIenges she faces vilh a diagnosis of secondary Iiver
cancer. We vere bolh comforled and somevhal insired by lhe broad svee of
your book.'|cn Crcnnc|
'WeII done, I do lhink you have made a good |ob of covering such a vide
variance in sub|ecls and keeing il readabIe. I arlicuIarIy Iike your vriling
slyIe, facluaI and caIm aboul vhal is frankIy lhe ridicuIous slale of reIalionshis
belveen orlhodox and aIlernalive aroaches.'Pairicia Pcai, Canccr Opiicns
(canccr ccnsu|iancq)
'The seclion on convenlionaI lrealmenl vas riveling. Ior someone Iike me,
vho's chosen lhe aIlernalive roule righl from lhe slarl, lhal seclion is acluaIIy
very comforling! Leaves you in no doubl lhal lhere is no aIlernalive lo lhe
aIlernalives!'Ann Napicr, Pu||isncr, Cqgnus Bcck C|u|
'Having |usl been lhrough surgery myseIf lo remove a breasl cancer Ium and
facing foIIov-u lrealmenls such as chemolheray, radiolheray and hormone
lheray, I am so gIad I vas lied off lo read lhis book .. This book heIs lo
ul lhings in erseclive and vas invaIuabIe lo me in making my decisions
aboul foIIov-u lrealmenl.'Iucq W (Anazcn rcticu)

2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 54
'I vork vilh cancer alienls and have found lhis book incredibIy heIfuI lo
lhem (and me and my vork coIIeagues). Very veII Iaid oul, veII vrillen.'S
Iun|cq (Anazcn rcticu)
!"#$%& 5%$,*%&6 7)+8%0 ?J W4/%&#"/+*% "#8 !,234%2%#/"&6
(/&"/%E+%- Z,& 5%-/,&+#E K%"4/1
'}onalhan ChamberIain's Canccr |ccctcrq Gui!c is Ioaded vilh raclicaI vays lo
beal cancer nov. If you have been loId lhal your onIy olions are surgery,
radialion, and chemolheray, lhen lhis is lhe book for you. In my 33 years as a
heaIlh educalor, I have seen very fev books on cancer lhal are so ubeal and so
veII vrillen.'An!rcu W Sau|, Assisiani |!iicr, }ournaI of OrlhomoIecuIar
'Ior a book shorler lhan 200 ages, vilh big rinl, ChamberIain's Canccr
|ccctcrq Gui!c |lhe IillIe bookj acks a Iol of discussion on lheory and lrealmenl
inlo vhal may be lhe besl read on aIlernalive lheraies for cancer.'jcnainan
Cc||in MO, |!iicr-in-cnicj, Tovnsend Leller for Doclors
'This book is |usl SUIIR!!!!'|ccncisicr (Anazcn rcticu)
=%-/+2,#+"4- Z,& L,/1 L,,;-
'}onalhan, I boughl bolh of your books .. They are exceIIenl and shouId be on
every Iisl of recommended cancer resources. Thank you for lhe exceIIenl
research and vriling you did lo creale lhem.'Pni| Zacnarq
'These lvo books shouId be on lhe sheIves of every medicaI raclilioner vho
counseIs or lreals cancer alienls, as veII as cancer alienls and lheir
famiIies.'Pcsiiitc Hca|in Magazinc
Olher leslimoniaIs can be found al

2011 Jonathan ChamberlaIn 55
WL,)/ /1% ")/1,&
}onalhan ChamberIain vas broughl u in IreIand and Hong Kong bul nov Iives
in lhe UK. He describes himseIf as a noveIisl vho gol hi|acked by Iife.
When his daughler vas born vilh Dovn's Syndrome and Ialer became
rofoundIy disabIed vhen a hearl oeralion venl vrong, he venl on lo found
lvo charilies for famiIies vilh disabIed chiIdren, one in Hong Kong and one in
China. He has vrillen aboul lhis lime in his memoir: Wcr!jazz jcr Sictic,
described by one nevsaer as 'Maybe lhe mosl moving slory you viII ever
When ernadelle, his vife, gol cancer he slarled lhe research lhal Ied lo a
series of cancer books resuIling in lhis series: Canccr. Tnc Ccnp|cic |ccctcrq
Gui!c Scrics.
In addilion lo lhe cancer books he has vrillen lhe foIIoving:
Dreams of GoId
The AIhabel of Vielnam
Whilebail & Tofu
King Hui: The man vho ovned aII lhe oium in Hong Kong
Chinese Gods
Word|azz for Slevie
Cancer: The ComIele Recovery Guide (2008 Idilion)
Cancer Recovery Guide: 15 AIlernalive and ComIemenlary Slralegies for
Resloring HeaIlh