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Gangsterism problem seem more widespread among the people especially the youth.

It is important to know the main factors of the gangsterism and how to overcome the problems among the students.

The scope of gangsterism is too wide. So we choose gangsterism in school because we think gangsterism started from school.

Example: few months ago police got the permission from the higher authority to shoot the leader of the gangster group.

Why did you choose this topic?

In our opinion, it is absolutely important to give, more attention towards the issue that related to the young people.

Gangsters are not limited to age, previous may be older establishment gangster, now both primary and secondary school also create their own gangster within the school.

Gangsterism is one of the crimes that increasing from time to time.

Ministry of Education reported that serious misconduct exhibited by secondary schools is primarily influence by gangster.

To ensure that,their future will not be ruined due to their involvement in gangsterism,by taking the prevention steps since beginning.

To know the effect of gangsterism on the akhlak (ethics) of the students.

To identify whether the punishment prescribed by the school is in accordance with Islamic Criminal Law.

To apply the principle that had been laid down in Islamic Criminal law on how to deal with the gangster.

Can try to inculcate the Islamic principle in the students daily conduct in order to ensure them repent from their bad behaviour and become a good individual.

The important of Gangsterism as related to Islamic Criminal law

To observe the approach use by the teachers in disciplining the students.

To know the perceptions of others regarding Muslim students who involve in gangsterism.

Exposing the crimes under Islamic Criminal Law and the punishment in order to prevent them for continuing their bad behaviour.

To know whether the syllabus of Pendidikan Islam and Moral by Ministry Of Education is sufficient to educate the student.

Your personal experience in the course of conducting this assignment/ interview.

We face some difficulties to find the school because the school situated in a rural area.

We went out from IIUM around 7am but we reached the school at 9.30 am.

We asked 3 stangers including one aunty at the stall and one uncle at the petrol station. Our first impression upon arrival at the school compound, we were really shock because the students were in uncontrolled situation. All of them were outside of the classroom, running here and there even though it was not a break time yet.

At the office, they asked us to enter Mr.Ishak room, Penolong Kanan and he introduce himself and asked us some of the question before we begin the interview session.

We asked one of the teacher, about the location of the office and immediately she brought us there.

During the interview session, we knew many things about the school regulations and we understand about the punishment that the school provided on the students.

We gain new experience which was a valuable experience. The interview session was conducted between 1 to 2 hours.

Before we went back, we took some pictures with him with the help of another teacher. They gave full cooperation to us.

-Provide punishment equivalent to the degree of crime.

-Should amend the act so that the punishment will be more strict and as the deterrence. -Should spent spy from time to time to look around the school.

-Teacher should always pout an eye on the students and advise them. -Organise programme and motivational talk. -The school authority should become closer to the students to understand them and to solve their problems -School counsellor need to conduct an activity which could help to create a good personalities in the students.


-Ensure their children choose the right friends. -Spent time to listen to their children and help them.

-Should know to differentiate between right and wrong. -Involve in religious activity. -Not wasting timr on unuseful

Mass Media
-Show educational and motivational programms. -Something with limit that will not influence the students to get involve in gangsterism.