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Pulkit Agrawal Electrical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

11D070035 UG Third Year (B.Tech.) Male DOB: 27/01/1993 Year 2014 2011 2009 CPI / % 9.85 95.80 95.00

Examination Graduation Intermediate/+2 Matriculation

University IIT Bombay CBSE CBSE

Institute IIT Bombay Maa Bharti Sr. Sec. School Carmel Convent Sr. Sec. School

SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENTS Currently ranked 2nd in the Institute out of 850 students and 2nd in the EE Department Received Undergraduate Research Award for Implementation and Analysis of a Quantization model for a Nanowire Transistor Simulator Awarded Institute Academic Prize for the years 2011-12 and 2012-13 for academic excellence Scored a perfect Semester Performance Index of 10.0 in Autumn 11 and Spring 12 Secured AIR 143 in IITJEE 11 among more than 400,000 candidates appeared Secured AIR 313 in AIEEE 11 out of more than 1 million candidates appeared Qualified for Indian National Mathematics Olympiad 11 Awarded scholarship under the prestigious Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana 09, funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India Secured AIR 1 in National Science Olympiad 09 conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation Secured AlR 1 in National Biotechnology Olympiad 09 conducted by EduHeal Foundation Awarded Merit Certificate for being among top 0.1 percent in Math and Science in matriculation KEY ACADEMIC PROJECTS Quantization Model for Nanowire Simulator, under Prof. Swaroop Ganguly (May 13 till date) Outlined a model to obtain self-consistent numerical solution of 2D Schrdinger-Poisson and 1D transport equation, corrected for quantum effects using the Density Gradient theory Developed a MATLAB based simulator for nanowire transistors using the model, employing iterative numerical methods and Newton-Raphson acceleration, that is capable of simulating nanowires with channel lengths up to 7.2nm Attempting to calibrate the results obtained from the simulator with results from a more accurate simulator based on Wigner-transport model with the goal of developing a computationally efficient simulator for nanowires Game Controller, Institute Technical Summer Project (May 12 Jun 12) Developed a game controller for computer games based on capacitive touch sensing and motion detection Designed a capacitive touch pad on ATmega168 and achieved motion sensing using digital accelerometer Designed and executed algorithms in Processing to recognise smart phone like gestures(scroll, pinch to zoom, etc.) by analysing patterns and timing of touch events Counting and Classification of Vehicles in Traffic Videos, Digital Image Processing (On-going) Achieved moving object detection using background estimation(using Gaussian Mixture Models), morphological processing and connected component analysis Clustering instances of same vehicle across frames (based on spatio-temporal correlation) for tracking Classifying the vehicles using heuristics and learning algorithms based on feature analysis Trellis Code Modulation-Demodulation System, Communication Systems Lab (On-going) Designing an 8-PSK Trellis Code Modulation system using a 2/3-rate convolutional encoder and FPGA based constellation mapper Implementing maximum-likelihood decoding of the TCM signal using hardware based Viterbi algorithm

Peer to Peer Book Exchange Portal, Database and Information Systems (On-going) Developing web application for a peer to peer book exchange portal for university students with features like meeting scheduler, notification centre, recommender system, etc. using Java Servlets and JDBC Ping Pong Game, Digital Systems Lab (Mar 13 Apr 13) Implemented the classic Ping-Pong game in Verilog HDL with logic based on finite state machines Interfaced a graphic LCD (display) and a keyboard (input) with KRYPTON CPLD board Optimized the code to fit the logic on minimal hardware Ball Collecting Robot, Techfest 12 (Dec 11 Jan 12) Built a four wheeled manually controlled robot using differential mechanism and designed robotic arms for picking up balls from ground and transferring them to a deposition pit TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY Programming Languages : C++, Java*, Assembly Language Web Technologies : WebApp2(Python), HTML, CSS, JavaScript*, postgreSQL*, JDBC* Software Packages : MATLAB, Synopsys TCAD, LabVIEW, LTSpice, Eclipse *, pgAdmin* Hardware Experience : Atmel AVR, CPLD (Altera MAX3000A), FPGA (Altera Cyclone IV), Intel 8051 Digital System Design : Verilog HDL, Altera Quartus POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY Teaching Assistant, Mathematics, IIT Bombay (Aug 12 Apr 13) Appointed as a teaching assistant for all the three courses from the freshman mathematics curriculum, Calculus (Autumn 12), Linear Algebra (Spring 12) and Ordinary Differential Equations (Spring 12) Conducted tutorial sessions, set quiz questions and graded answer scripts for a batch of 40 UG freshmen Student Mentor, Avanti Fellows (Jun 12 May 13) (An organization that helps students from low-income homes gain admission in Indias best universities) Mentored high school students preparing for college entrance exams Analysed students preparation by organizing periodic tests for organizations Mumbai chapter RELEVANT COURSES Pursuing minor in Computer Science and honors in Electrical Engineering Department Core: Electronic Devices, Network Theory, Control Systems*, Digital Systems, Analog Circuits, Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing*, Communication Systems*, Digital Communications*, EM Waves*, Probability and Random Processes*, Microprocessors*, Power Electronics, Power Systems* Computer Science: Computer Programming & Utilization, Data Structures & Algorithms, Discrete Structures, Database and Information Systems*, Computer Networks*, Digital Image Processing* Mathematics and Statistics: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Complex Analysis, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Data Analysis & Interpretation Breadth Courses: Electricity & Magnetism, Quantum Mechanics, Astrophysics, Economics, Psychology Lab-work: Programming, Communication Systems*, Control Systems*, Microprocessors*, Electronic Devices, Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits, Electrical Machines, Measurements Lab Note: The * marked courses will be completed by April 14. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Trained kids aged 9-12 in MS Office at a computer centre run by NGO Vidya as an NSS,IITB volunteer Completed a six week course on Spanish Language organised by the Institute Cultural Council, IITB Tech Mentor for UG freshmen participating in annual technical project seminar organized by STAB Represented the hostel in inter-hostel Logic and Tech General Championships Active member of schools dramatics society during high school *-Learning