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The art of young musicians from Moldova

Every year, in June, Chisinau witnesses major cultural events, and its to be mentioned the International Festival of New Music Days, and the International contest of youn !ianists and violinists "Eu en Coca"# $ast year, the %%II edition of the International Festival of New Music Days, dated June & to '(, in addition to reat artists, !erformers and com!osers such as )# *tef+ne,, M#-t.rcea /h Mustea 0#1urlea, -#2.slari, /ennady Ciobanu, youn students of 3i h -chools, from the Colle e of Music and from the )cademy of Music, 4heatre and Fine )rts also tried their success# 4he audience had the o!!ortunity to enjoy the new creation com!osed by $ia 5usu, Doina6Ce7ara 2roco!ciuc )urel 1+lu,+ with student !artici!ation of /u,uleac 8l a Elena, Maria 1obrov, Daniela 4urcan, 2etru -lanina, Constantin 2ostolachi, $+crimioara /ala an, $arisa -oboleva and others# )lso, at the end of June 9from :; to :<=, was held the %I%th edition of the international contest of youn !ianists and violinists "Eu en Coca" , which too> !art in the school of arts "C# 2orumbescu?# -tudents from Moldova, 5omania and @>raine 9over &; recorded= too> !art there# Names that are already >nown in local culture, !artici!ants and winners of the com!etition are Dan6Iulian Dru,ac, Ion MoAnea a, )drian 3arabaru, 0#)Bionov, Mihaela Culea etc#

Young Promoters of Beauty

2eo!le willin to !romote Cuality music in their native country are united in an orchestra which name is already widely >nown in Moldova and in 5omania, too6 Chisinau Youth Orchestra. It involves about D; youn enthusiasts from historical Moldova 9Chisinau, Iasi, -uceava, etc#=, students of hi h schools with musical !rofile 9Ci!rian 2orumbescu, -#5ahmaninov=, the Colle e of Music "*t#Nea a", the Colle e of )rts "8ctav 1ancila ", the @niversity of )rts E/#Musicescu?, E/# Enescu?, E/heor he Dima?, the @niversity of Music 1ucharest, EFien Gunst @niversitat?, Conservatory of Moscow, Giev, -t# 2etersbur , 4ur>u, 5oyal )cademy of Music in $ondon, etc# 4hey have already or anised many concerts in lar e concert halls, as well as o!en6air concerts in 1+li, Chiin+u, -inaia, 1ucharest# Every year, youn conductors /abriel 1ebeAelea and )ndriano Marian with Mihail -ecichin !ro!ose a re!ertory, which is interestin , accessible to the eneral !ublic of Moldova and 5omania# Its an im!ulse for local !o!ulation to a!!roach to the art of beauty, the real music# 4hus we could hear music from the classical re!ertoire of bi com!osers, such as FeliB Mendelsohn61artolody, 2#I#Ceai>ovs>i, also !remiered com!ositions of youn artists# 4he orchestra also or anises each year, in December, the feltival of carols# 4hey evoluate at the 8r an 3all and in -ho!!in Malldova# Fith every year, these youn !eo!le et bi er audience and they have already succeded to introduce the real music to a bi !art of local !o!ulation#