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Module Code Module Title OUGD503 Design Process




NAME Adam Garbutt

1. What skills have you developed through this module and how effectively do you think you have applied them? This module taught me a lot about my self more then anything else, what my preferences are when considering the work I do, the type of way I like to work best and how I go about doing my work. Knowing I prefer illustration isnt something I thought about my self, its just something I did and that was that, but I do feel like Its something I should maybe focus on working into my work more to help define myself. Aside from all that, It taught me how to work with a collaborative partner, which happened naturally. This was completely different to how group work has happened in the past, it was as much an individual thing as it is a group but I really enjoyed that as it was a format that worked for me and allowed us both to get a lot out of it.

2. What approaches to/methods of design production have you developed and how have they informed your design development process? Of all the modules I think although I didnt learn really anything new apart in this one apart from working collaboratively perhaps. I did develop more then anything else, which was illustrating and I think thats because of what the briefs I choose were: Illustration based and collaboratively I decided to do the illustration because it was my strength between us, where as Ellens laid in Grid and Layout. I was trying to play to my own strengths instead of stepping outside of that and experimenting with things I dont know all that much, so I could stand a better chance. Although this isnt necessarily true, which shows with how Fresh Rubber went. I do regret that, but I do feel it aided in my own development and helped me realise the direction I want to take in the future.

3. What strengths can you identify in your work and how have/will you capitalise on these? I believe my best work was produced I think from the collaborative brief, mostly because It was the one I spent the most time on as well as Fresh Rubber. Unlike the briefs that I didnt spend as much time on, I think although the work I did Im pleased with, I dont feel they are strong as they could have been because of that. However I didnt want to have them drag out any longer then they needed because they were simple and quick and for the time I spent on them Im satisfied for what I produced.

4. What weaknesses can you identify in your work and how will you address these in the future? I put a lot of responsive work last on my things to do, when It should be been always at the top, I feel like although I did work on it extensively throughout the past months, it took me awhile to get into it because I wasnt used to the freedom to go and pick a brief I wanted to do. I think having that behind me; I would do this just of my own back instead of having the module to push me into it.

5. Identify five things that you will do differently next time and what do you expect to gain from doing these? Ive really enjoyed this module and I do feel like I could have pushed my self to do more briefs for YCN and D&AD so I could try and get my work more exposed. As well as that get more live briefs like Fresh Rubber, which would really help me develop how to work with clients better instead of doing competition briefs. I would also not take on as many illustration briefs, just because these small little briefs let me explore what I dont do as much and they let me see develop them skills related that could later help me in other briefs, such as branding and creating collateral.

6.How would you grade yourself on the following areas: (please indicate using an x) 5= excellent, 4 = very good, 3 = good, 2 = average, 1 = poor 1 2 3 4 Attendance Punctuality 3 Motivation 3 Commitment 4 Quantity of work produced 4 Quality of work produced 5 Contribution to the group The evaluation of your work is an important part of the assessment criteria and represents a percentage of the overall grade. It is essential that you give yourself enough time to complete your written evaluation fully and with appropriate depth and level of self-reflection. If you have any questions relating to the self evaluation process speak to a member of staff as soon as possible. 5 5 5