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The Soulbound Team

Joshua Coombs Art Director & Project Leader

Alec Weekes Lore & Creative Director

Luke Amer Systems & Technology Director Jack Day World & Environment Director

The Story

Play as Felicity Anderson, within an alternative universe akin to Medieval Europe.

After having a Near Death Experience Felicity finds herself unable to experience positive emotions, and is left feeling empty.
Forced from her reclusive, religious community shes forced to accept that whatever has happened to her is going have a severe impact on her life. Accepting her fate, Felicity decides to travel the world, looking for any chance to restore her soul, and be able to return to her home.

The Gameplay

Travel across the globe, uncovering the secrets of her curse, what caused it and how she can mend her fractured soul.

Play between a plethora of open world, free to explore levels, from Ancient Aztec Temples, to Shaolin Monasteries and beyond.
Tackle a wide variety of enemies, from religious sceptics & blood thirsty hounds, to the vile monsters spawned from the Spirit World. Traverse between the Spirit World & Physical World at Rifts, weak points between the two worlds.

The Mechanics

Battle using Sword and your powerful Soul Magick, as you call upon spiritual energies to heal your wounds, and blast your foes.

Defend your corpse from the Spirit World when you die, harness the power of your foes and reincarnate to continue your adventure.
Overcome obstacles, puzzles & threats by shifting between the Physical World & Spiritual World. Improve your knowledge of your spells as you move through the world, and increase your potency with your Soul Magick.

The Assets

Wall Texture

Mud Texture

Rock Texture

Character Model

A few changes
Combo Point Driven Combat Cartoony Animations & Art Theme NPC & Quest Driven Storyline Free Inter-Dimensional Travel System Unreal Development Kit Soul Magick Driven Combat Gentle Mix of Realistic Textures & Cartoon Art Self-Discovery & Determination Driven Storyline Rift based Inter-Dimensional Travel System Unreal Engine 4

Evaluation and Question & Answer

Soulbound was hugely ambitious, and had a vast amount of design challenges to overcome. A few technical challenges were identified early and were resolved, allowing us to focus more on the Story, Mechanics & Gameplay. Self-Motivation, Organisation & Commitment were our biggest flaws, but we still feel our concept, style and theme were all achievable with better team management. Thank you to everyone who has helped support Soulbound. Does anyone have any questions?