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mk7 jumbo DRILL


Features: Outstanding versatility: Converts from a conventional jumbo drill to a computer-assisted or fully automated machine Ease of maintenance: Access to any hydraulic or electric component from the ground level TR16 Series Feeds cut scheduled maintenance downtime by as much as 60% over previous feeds HPRH 3818 Hydraulic Rock Drill provides high-performance drilling with low operating costs thanks to fewer moving parts than its competitors

MK7 Jumbo Drill Specications

Weight Length Overall width Overall height (Tramming) Overall height (Drilling) Outside Turn Radius Inside Turn Radius 46,000 lb 45 ft 8 in 7 ft 7 ft 10 in Up to 9 ft 4 in 20 ft 4 in 10 ft 4 in 20,865 kg 13.9 m 2.13 m 2.39 m 2.84 m 6.2 m 3.77 m

Model Weight Rotation Speed Impact Energy Impact Frequency HPR3818 425 lbs 0-250 rpm 237-266 ft-lb 2600-3000 bmp HPR3818 193 kg 0-250 rpm 322-360 j 47-50 HZ

Ground Clearance Tramming speed Gradeability Maximum Hole Depth 15 in 6 mph 35 % 14 ft 6 in 38 mm 7.9 kph 35 % 4.42 m

Diesel Engine
Model Speed Fuel Capacity Mercedes-Benz 904 147 hp 25.36 gal Mercedes-Benz 904 110 kw 96 L

Hydraulic System
For each power unit (1) Variable displacement piston pump for hammer, feed and positioning and (1) for Drill rotation Hydraulic reservoir Oil Cooler 52 gal Oil to water heat exchanger 200 L

Model (Qty. 2) Boom height Boom width UTB60 21 ft 3 in 35 ft UTB60 6.48 m 10.67 m

Model (Qty. 2) Steel length Hole Depth Overall Length TR 16 ft 14 ft 6 in 22 ft TR 4.87 m 4.42 m 6.76 m

Power Unit
Model (Qty. 2) EP75 EP75

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