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Kyle Talarico Adam Padgett ENGL 1102 1/27/14 Inquiry Proposal Context Social media sites like Facebook

and Twitter have never really played a large role in my life. I remember always missing updates for important dates on Facebook from friends. I personally don't see any problem with social media sites; they are a good way to keep in touch with old friends especially if you no longer live near them. In my opinion, the problem isn't social media itself but the uses of it. So many people use it as a journal of some sort and release things that should remain private. The Twitter system of followers usually leads to misunderstandings. The main goal of twitter is to get the most followers. There are two ways to gain followers: by being famous or by being entertaining. There are two types of entertainment when it comes to social media, there is the wow, I can not believe they said that kind of entertaining or the Wow that is hilarious kind of entertainment. Sadly it is much easier to gain followers by achieving humiliation than by being funny. This is why I choose Reddit as my primary social media outlet. Reddit is a website where users can submit post of many different formats in a subreddit of their choice. Most people would say that Reddit is not a social media website but I say, as cheesy as it sounds, what is social media? Reddit is social, people get there news from it features comments much like that of Facebook and karma similar to likes on Facebook,
Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:27 PM Comment [2]: Im not sure what you mean here. Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:27 PM Deleted: , Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:28 PM Deleted: t Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:28 PM Deleted: in my opinion Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:28 PM Comment [3]: What does this mean? Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:28 PM Deleted: , Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:28 PM Deleted: t Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:28 PM Deleted: , Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:29 PM Comment [4]: Thats it? Theres no in between? Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:29 PM Comment [5]: Not sure what you mean by this. Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:30 PM Comment [6]: ? Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:26 PM Comment [1]: Best title?

only better, it has an option to lower the karma of another user by one point. This system effectively will bury the negative comments and bring the ones with most karma to the top and for the majority with a few rare exceptions the highest comment is positive in nature. The Reddit community also has a fond hatred of Re-posts, or posts that have been previously submitted by others recently, which is good because it encourages originality. It's hard to talk about Reddit without mentioning Imgur. Imgur is the primary image resource used by redditors, it is used because it is very easy to upload a photo quickly and then use the link for your post. Youtube is, of course, used for the majority of the videos posted on reddit. The use of subreddits also gives Reddit an advantage over other social media sites because it is like a filter for the content you see, this is important because it lets you decide what you want to see on the website. User oriented control is something that is usually over looked on twitter you can choose who to follow but you never know what they will post and it is the same with friends on Facebook. There are so many things that can be learned from social media and the internet if used correctly personally my favorite place to learn is by watching videos on Youtube. I am the kind of person that gets excitement from learning so the internet is a plethora of joy for me. There are so many resources that are available to anyone near a public library or any public computers, this is enhanced even more in modern youths that have smart-phones. Many people do not realize how much knowledge they are missing out on while carrying a computer in their pockets. I have seen too many people say a question aloud that could be easily answered by a quick Google search and then just be satisfied with not knowing the answer. This could however make us rely on Google for all the answers, but, is this a good or a bad

Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:32 PM Comment [7]: okay, so now you are using jargon. So you should write for an audience who might not be as privy to these things.

Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:34 PM Comment [8]: Okay, Im searching for the purpose of discussing all of this. What is it you want to communicate to your reader (aside from explaining all these great features; why are you describing all these great features?)?

effect. Google is much more efficient than and library allowing it's users to have their questions answered much faster. I believe that curiosity could be a important factor in why people come back to social media day after day, they are curious what their friends are up to, which in a way is the answer to a question, so we are learning from social media. It is hard to tell if social media is a problem because we have never experienced it before, It is just a more efficient way of connecting with people you know. I do not think it has had as big of an impact on the younger generation as many people claim it has, I have never heard of anyone meeting new friends and then never talking to them again other than through Facebook or twitter, we all still seek the same social interaction as we have for thousands of years. The only problem I see that is arising from social media is information that should be keep within that group of friends making it to Facebook and becoming public. I do agree that some people do not understand the value of having privacy and believe that all information should be shared not knowing that some people might not want to hear it.

Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:35 PM Comment [9]: Something seems off with the language here.

Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:36 PM Comment [10]: Lots of run-on sentences here. Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:36 PM Comment [11]: Really?

Inquiry My main question will be is social media really a problem? I wonder if social media has as big of an effect on society as many people claim. I will search for studies on the effects of social media on todays youth. I will also find articles that have been popularized by the media and compare the claims in those articles and compare them to the studies I have found. Other questions I have are why is the diversity of subreddits so important? I would take

examples of posts from several subreddits and compare and contrast the posts and explain why there differences are important. How can we use social media for good? I would look to see if someone has already came across this question and use their experiment as a resource for my paper. If someone hasn't I would have to look for the positive effects of social media and see how to amplify them. What are the benefits of social media? I would try to find a study that described what happens when people use social media and I would focus on the positive effects. Next steps I will be trying to focus on my first thesis, is social media a problem. I will compare articles that state problems that have to deal with social media. Based on the problems presented in the article I will try to find if there is any truth to them or if they are greatly exaggerated. Kyle, I think youve composed an interesting paper here on how youve used and interacted with social media. But Im still searching for that grander sense of purpose. You seem to really like reddit, but Im looking for a reason why youre pointing this out. What do you want to say or what larger issue do your want to comment on. In other words, I want to see a tighter connection between your personal essay and your inquiry, which I dont really see any connection. Also, when you pose inquiry, you wan to ask questions that have answers, but not easy answers. Also you dont want to ask questions that have no answer at all. You want inquiry that warrants an academic investigation in order to come to some conclusions. I really like that you are tackling reddit, but I still need a stronger sense of purpose.
Adam Padgett! 3/4/14 6:37 PM Comment [12]: I think we could sit and think of a list of good things social media offers. Not sure if research will be required.