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Desalination comparison I made a calculation about the osmosis process which is the worst resolution in terms of environmental pollution

n about the implication of the future in sea water polution and terms of the required power consumption. I show it through a concete example: there is a desert city of 350.000 habitants in Chile, where the water supply has to be resolved. The question is: which one of the processes have to be choosed. The concurrent installation and process (based on reverse osmosis) needs a lot of electrical power. It means, that for producing 1m3 desalinated water requires 5kW/h electrical power. When it will be provided a minimal procession of 30,000m3/day water for the above mentioned city, then it is 85,5 liter water/person/day. Calculating with this quantity the daily needed electrical power is 30,000 X 5kW/h = 150,000 kWh and for one year it is 150.000 X 365 = 54,750.000 kW/h, and for 50 years 2.737,500.000 kW/h = 2,737.500 MW/h. If there will be choosed only the minimal water process, then the daily 100,000m3 water supply the required daily electricity power supply will on base of the following calculation: 100.000 X 5 = 500.000 kW/h Calculating it for one year 182,500.000 kW/h = 182.500 MW/h the yearly necessity. It is for 50 years: 9.125,000.000 kW/h = 9,,125.000 MW/h In this version of daily 100,000m3 the water supply the water volume pro person is 285 liter.

By this electrical power supply the carbon dioxide emissions presents in more 100 million tons. And it is the reason that in addition to the current costs, has to be calculated also with the investment costs of building a new power plant. Consider we now the sea water pollution by the 20 % concentration of salt into the sea water continously and permanently calculated on base of the salt dry matter value. The fact is that the sea water has 3,5% salt content. That it means 1 m3 sea water has 35 kg salt. The daily removed salt quantity from 30,000 m3 sea water is 30.000 X 35 = 1,0500000 kg. The yearly removed salt quantity is 383,250.000 kg = 383.250 tons. The calculation is for 50 years is 19.162,500.000 kg = 19,162.500 tons. The daily removed salt quantity from 100,000 m3 sea water is 100,000 X 35 = 3,500,000 kg. The yearly removed salt quantity is 1.277,500.000 kg = 1,277,500 tons. The calculation is for 50 years is 63.875,000,000 kg = 63,875.000 tons. This pollution of the sea water by salt concentration causes not only the complete destruction of the total wildlife (fishes, crustaceans and other plankton animals and plants) along the seaside of Chile, but the pollution and destruction scope beyond of North California, because of the ocean currents scope to the north along the seaside.

All of the concerned countires will express a giant gratitude to the responsibles of the pollution. In addition, they going to initiate damages in billions of dollars against the polluters, because the polluters will ruin more of ten million people livehood and foods. Our developed and patented desalination plants operating by solar energy work absolutely free of pollution, because they do not pollute nor the sea water, nor the air. The salt concentrated sea water will be condensed in concrete pools and dry out in the sun and the dryed salt will be used as industrial raw material. The needed electrical power will be generates by solar and wind utilizing eqipments. The cost of manufacturing of the equipments and further costs will be returned within one year form the installation. This is the hard fact. Availability: e-mail: Tel: +36 30 353 5517 Web :

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