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Gender of Nouns-15 martie Gender has the same relation to nouns that sex has to individuals, but while

there are only two sexes, there are four genders: masculine - the masculine gender denotes all those of the male kind feminine - the feminine gender all those of the female kind neuter - the neuter gender denotes inanimate things or whatever is without life common - common gender is applied to animate beings, the sex of which for the time being is indeterminable, such as fish, mouse, bird, etc Sometimes things which are without life as we conceive it and which, properly speaking, belong to the neuter type of noun, are, by a figure of speech called Personification, changed into either the masculine or feminine, as, for instance, we say of the sun, He is rising; of the moon, She is setting. The English language, unlike most others, applies the distinction of Masculine and Feminine only to the names of persons and animals: man, woman; boy, girl; lion, lioness. Nouns which denote things without animal life a re said to be Neuter or of Neuter Gender When the same name is used for male and female, it is said to be Common or of Common Gender : bird, fish, parent, sovereign, friend. There are three ways of indicating difference of Gender in Nouns:1. By adding a suffix -ess ex. lion - lioness

2. By using compound words ex. boy-friend, landlord, he-wolf 3. By distinct words ex. father-mother

Masculine and feminine gender

actor author bachelor boy actress authoress spinster girl

bridegroom brother conductor count

bride sister conductress countess

czar dad daddy duke emperor father father-in-law gentleman giant god governor grandfather headmaster heir hero host hunter husband king lad landlord lord man manager manservant master milkman monk Mr. murderer nephew papa poet postmaster

czarina mum mummy duchess empress mother mother-in-law lady giantess goddess matron grandmother headmistress heiress heroine hostess huntress wife queen lass landlady lady woman manageress maidservant mistress milkmaid nun Mrs. murderess niece mama poetess postmistress

prince prophet proprietor shepherd sir son son-in-law step-father step-son steward sultan uncle waiter wizard

princess prophetess proprietress shepherdess madam daughter daughter-in-law step-mother step-daughter stewardess sultana aunt waitress witch

boar buck

sow doe

bull bull-elephant

cow cow-elephant

cock cock-pigeon dog drake drone fox gander he-bear he-goat he-wolf leopard lion

hen hen-pigeon bitch duck bee vixen goose she-bear she-goat she-wolf leopardess lioness

peacock ram stallion tiger tom-cat turkey-cock

peahen ewe mare tigress tabby-cat turkey-hen