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Outsourcing IT

Outsourcing-ul IT is a current practice of many companies that want to outsource IT services to an external specialized team having the capabilities to develop and complete software projects at high quality standards and minimum costs. By outsourcing, companies will avoid investments in research, development and human resource trainings by accessing resources from a software development company. According to some estimates, by 2020, 90% of IT department budgets will be controlled from outside.




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sourcing IT

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Studies show that companies save between 30% and 60% of revenues by outsourcing certain projects, departments or activity fields. Having an external IT provider you will benefit from an entire specialized team, with large expertise in IT field, capable to mobilize in a very short time and able to provide you quick responses to all challenges of an IT project.

Availability in identifying the best solutions Customized solutions strictly adapted to your business needs Simple, effective, easy to install and to configure solutions Integrated, powerful, flexible and reliable applications Efficient working methodologies Specialized personnel with a high level of competence and experience Latest technology

Minimum costs

Outsourcing IT
Increased productivity through rapid implementation of custom software solutions Access to expertise by working with a team specialized in outsourcing, which has resources, latest technologies and needed experience for your project Focus on the main activities of your business Eliminate risks by avoiding investments in outside of your interest areas Quality assurance services by working with a team that offers high quality services at a price below your own operating costs Reduce and control costs by eliminating the expenses for research, development, training, etc. More resources available for your main industry by releasing internal resources Staff flexibility by working with an outsourced team instead of hiring staff for a determined period Turning fixed costs into variable costs

Improve customer relations by higher availability to respond quickly to your customers needs and requirements Greater ability to control delivery dates Improve credibility and image by associating with specialized providers Save on infrastructure and technology by transferring these responsibilities to the software development company Time zone difference can be an advantage for your company if you are in a different time zone. You can get your job done while your company is closed for the day and your service is being delivered until the next morning

Business Analysis
Business Analysis is one of the most important steps in developing a software solution. It is crucial in identifying your business needs and the needs of other stakeholders in order to determine appropriate solutions to your business problems. Our Business Analysis Services include: Project Scope Document, Process Flow Charts, Software Requirements Specifications (SRS), Use Cases Document (UCD), and Prototyping.

Project Management
We will engage in project management to ensure it remains on track and that is within budget. It is easy to provide and install systems, but we will stay with you to ensure that both your technical personnel and other employees can successfully use the application.

Outsourcing IT
Application maintenance and support
EXE Software is well known for providing resources, processes and tools to ensure a quality technical support. This makes the work of IT departments easier because the technical support team takes over the task of responding to users with different levels of technical skills and a large range of support issues. Our experienced professionals use a well defined set of long-term evaluation processes and transition to provide personalized and high quality support. Ongoing technical support (bug solving, analyzing and solving problems) Enhancements (modifications to incorporate new business changes (features) or technical requirements) Technical Improvement (optimization, restructuring / rewriting)

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Application Development
Our experienced business analysts, project managers, programmers and testers work on your project from its conceptualization through and beyond its completion and implementation. Our teams have solid experience in development of applications required in most industries providing effective solutions for optimizing financial department, sales, marketing, logistics, production, management and human resources. These applications are accessed and used daily by hundreds of users in large multinational companies worldwide. Our consultants will analyze your specific needs and will provide all necessary support for choosing and developing one of the following solutions: WEB Solutions Mobile Solutions (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile) Windows Forms Solutions Business Intelligence Solutions (BI) SharePoint Solutions At EXE Software, we believe in solutions that boost your business productivity. We have more than 13 years experience in the field and we can automate your business processes through simple and intuitive applications and through reports and statistics that will provide quick access to your company's information necessary in the management of activities.

Outsourcing IT
Software Testing
We fully check the functionality, performance and code quality of your application to give you a full picture of what should be improved. We develop and prepare everything needed to test your application: a software test plan, acceptance test cases, sample test data, automated test scripts and scenarios. This allows any person in your company to go through the test cases or run automated tests. Activitati de testare: Functional tests; Regression tests; Automated tests; Load, Performance, Stress, Volume tests; Cross version tests; Localization tests; Usability tests; Data Migration tests; Security tests; Cross browser tests; Unit tests; Acceptance tests.

Agile Development In Agile Development the design process is broken into individual models that designers work on. There is no pre-determined course of action or plan with the Agile method. Designers are free to respond to changes in requirements as they arise and make changes as the project progresses. Waterfall Development The waterfall model is a sequential design process from start point to end point, with several different stages: Conception, Initiation, Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, Implementation, and Maintenance.

Our reputation is based on the quality of software products and services we deliver to our customers, so EXE Software offers IT outsourcing services for over 13 years for companies from all industries.

We use the latest technology to increase our productivity, which helps us provide high quality technical solutions and efficient costs. Microsoft .Net ColdFusion, PHP, Java, HTML5 Mobile Technologies (iOS, Android, Windows 8) SQL Server Analysis Services Integration Services SharePoint Oracle

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