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How to Easily Remove RAR Password-Two Methods

March 6, 2013 in Softwares A RAR archive file can compress multiple files into one, which is well-done for ease of transport. So when ou need to send some files to our clients, collea!ues and friends, "inRAR can #e one of the #est choice to compress these files. $n addition, ou can also create a RAR password so that no unauthori%ed person can access the archive&s contents. 'ut the onl pro#lem is that how to access into the RAR archives if ou for!ot "inRAR or RAR password( $s there an wa to remove "inRAR password( )here are two methods are availa#le for removin! RAR password.

Method 1: Remove Protection





Sometimes, a password-protect RAR files can #e too much hassle and need to #e removed. So, if ou *now the password, ou can remove it and then create a new archive file without a password. 'elow is the step# -step !uide+

tep 1: ,pen the "inRAR software utilit and ri!ht clic* on the RAR file that has the password ou want to remove. Select E!tract "iles from the list of options.

tep #: -lic* the RAR file&s password in the window that appears and clic* $%.

tep &: -lic* $% #utton from the #ottom of the ne.t window that appears. )his will e.tract the archive&s contents into a folder in the same director that the RAR file is in.

tep ': Ri!ht clic* on the new folder and select Add to Archive. )his tells "inRAR that ou want to ta*e the files in the folder and place them in a new RAR file. tep (: -lic* the $% option in the window that appears. )he files in the folder then will #e added to a RAR file. /ow ou have successfull removed "inRAR password. "hen "inRAR finishes creatin! the archive file, ou can access it without password protection.

Method Two : Remove WinRAR Password for olvin) Password "or)otten *ss+e
$n fact, ou can still have the opportunit to remove RAR password with a RAR password remover if ou for!ot the RAR password to access into . )here are various RAR password removers and RAR Password ,nloc-er is proved to #e a helpful tool for users to recover for!otten RAR password with 3 efficient options for RAR password recover . Moreover, it can accelerate the password recover speed si!nificantl # usin! advanced search al!orithm, multiple-core -01s and /2$3$A-401 acceleration. 5ollowin! is a simple !uide to remove RAR password.

tep 1: 3ownload and install RAR password 1nloc*er ' .lic-in) here tep #: Run the pro!ram, and then clic* ,pen to import our loc*ed RAR file tep &: Select attac* t pe, and then clic* Start to remove RAR password

)his RAR password remover software provides 3 different attac* for ou to remove RAR password+ 'ruteforce Attac*, 'rute-force with Mas* Attac* and 3ictionar Attac*.

$ption 1: elect /r+te-force Attac/r+te "orce Attac- simpl tries to !uess the password # tr in! ever sin!le com#ination of characters until the password is found. So it is the most time-consumin! method. $f ou have no idea on our for!otten RAR password, ou can select this option and do as follows+

1. -lic* Recover in the tas* #ar, and then select 'rute-force Attac*. 2. -lic* Start #utton to remove RAR password.

$ption #: elect /r+te-force with Mas- Attac)his option is actuall a variation from 'rute-force Attac*, which is more practical to remove the password. "ith /r+te-force with Mas- Attac-, ou can !reatl reduce the recover time # specif in! the for!otten password len!th, characters, etc. $f ou alread *now some characters in the password, this attac* can #e our most suita#le choice to do so.

1. -lic* Recover in the tas* #ar, and then select 'rute-force with mas* Attac*. 2. -lic* 'rute-force in the tas* #ar, and set password len!th, character t pe and others if ou remem#er. 3. -lic* Start #utton to remove RAR password.

$ption &: elect 0ictionary Attac0ictionary Attac- allows ou to remove RAR password accordin! to default dictionar of the pro!ram. 'esides, ou can add our own dictionar to the pro!ram in order to shorten the RAR password recover time.

1. -lic* Recover in the tas* #ar, and then select 3ictionar Attac*. 2. -lic* 3ictionar in the tas* #ar, and ma*e settin!s for dictionar Attac*. 3. -lic* Start #utton to remove RAR password.

"hen ou for!et RAR password, ou can select one of the attac* t pes to help ou remove RAR password. )he trial version of this RAR password remover can help ou remove RAR password within 3 characters. So ou can evaluate the RAR password remover #efore ou ma*e our decision.