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Designed and Manufactured by Kortho, Hot Quickcoder offers a perfect solution for a variety of coding applications. It can be used on any material and surface. The ni!ue printhead allo"s to make a perfect print on moving products. The top of the line technology makes it the most reliable, easy to use, maintenance free #oder for thousands of ne" codings. Hot Quickcoder The Highlights #oding on continuous moving products or packaging film by our uni!ue $umping head "ith %butterfly touch&. Instant drying, sharp and clear print on porous and non porous surfaces or any material by proven solid ink technology. High 'peed printing upto ()) per minute at a ma*imum speed of +) meters per minute. pto three lines of te*t in a ma*imum printing area of ,- * -. mm. Te*t changeable in seconds by prepared interchangeable te*t holder /o "aiting on a ne" ink roll to heat up after e*change0 a second ink roll is al"ays standby in the incorporated pre1heating unit. 'mall dimensions, no mounting restrictions and heavy duty, industrial design. Hot Ink rolls available in si*1pack in 2lack, 3hite, yello", 4ed, 2lue, 5reen and 2ro"n. 6o" per print cost making it the cheapest method of coding. 4obust design ensures long term operational life "ithout any additional e*penses on spares or services.


computer1controlled packaging Hot Quick coder is suitable for use in an advanced packaging environment "here 76# and8or computer machines are used.

Technical Specifications Hot Quick oder

Ma*imum 7rinting area 9mm: Ma*imum printing speed 9prints8min.: 7roduct 'peed 9meters8min: 7o"er 'upply ;ir 'upply 7o"er rating 93atts: <perating pressure 9bar: ;ir consumption 9ma* liters per cycle: /oise level 9d2: Ma*imum temperature te*tplate deg. # Main dimensions 9mm: coding unit Main dimensions 9mm: controlbo* Total 3eight #oding unit8controlbo* 9kg: #ontrol 'ystem Kortho Hot Inkroll standard Industrial 'tandards 7rinting ,- * -) or ,- * -. mm ()) +) -() C;# ,)D A)1+) HE A F @ bar 9clean , dry, oilfree: ,,) .9A+ 7'I: ).( at . bar @?) G# 6 ,+(,A F 3 ,,A, H -AA 6 (,), 1 " ,-A, 1 H ()) -8-,( Microprocessor controlled control unit /on1to*ic to*ic , black, blue, red, green, "hite, yello", bro"n #= 1 approved 7ackaging foil, paper, glass, plastic bottles, tins, cardboards , 'mall te*t 9eg1 date8price on packaging lines:, best before, logos, recycling symbol H =5 symbol

ontrol Print Li!ited"

#1,)+, ,)+, Hind 'aurashtra Industrial =state, ;ndheri1Kurla ;ndheri 4oad, Marol arol /aka, ;ndheri 9=ast:, Mumbai .)))A?, India t. >?, -- -@A??)+A 8 ++?(@?)) l f" >?, -- -@A-@-B- l e" l +. """