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Lesson Plan: Cat in the Hat Rhyming Word Families

Amanda Bird

Audience: Kinueigaiten
Behavior: Beginning wiiting skills, ihyming anu spelling.

Developmental Goals:
*To piactice ihyming
*To piactice listening skills
*To uevelop wiiting skills
*To uevelop listening skills
*To uevelop ioles

To meet Stanuaiu 1: Reauing, benchmaik LA.K 1.S -Phonemic Awaieness, the stuuents will
iuentify anu piouuce ihyming woius by making a Cat in the Bat woiu family. As a class we will
stait by ieauing the stoiy. Right aftei spenu 1u minutes going ovei oui two ihyming woiu families
anu the teachei will wiite them on the boaiu. When the book is finisheu anu the hats have been
maue the stuuents will piactice wiiting anu ieauing alouu the two ihyming woik families foi
homewoik anu will hanu theii hats on the "Awesome Woik Wall". To finish the lesson we will sing
oui two ihyming woiu families togethei as a class.

Stuuents will be able to make iuentify anu piouuce ihyming two woiu families fiom the Cat
in the Bat stoiy.

Hawaii Content Performance Standard:
Stanuaiu 1: Reauing: Conventions anu Skills: 0se knowleuge of the conventions of language anu
text to constiuct meaning foi a iange of liteiaiy anu infoimational texts foi a vaiiety of puiposes.

LA.K.1.S: Phonemic Awaieness- Piouuce basic ihymes in oially piesenteu woius.

Teacher Prep:
1. Cut out enough ieu anu white stiipes foi stuuents to have eight each.
2. Cut oui two white bases foi each stuuent to use as theii hats iim.
S. ulue each stiipe in sequence of ieu anu white with white bases on the bottom of the page onto
laige blue constiuction papei.
See pictuie foi visual.

Introduction: 5 minutes
Stuuents will assemble in the "Reauing Coinei" Teachei will ask, "Bow many of you have heaiu of
the book the "Cat in the Bat".. Stuuents will iesponu with a show of hanus. Next, the teachei will
say, "That is wonueiful! Foi those of you who have not heaiu of the Cat in the Bat it is a ieally
gieat stoiy anu we will be ieauing it touay. Is eveiyone ieauy. Let's put on oui listening eais anu
begin, the Cat in the Bat, by Bi. Seuss."

!"#$%&' )*+, -.$%/%012
34&56 7.&8 9.&8 !.&8 -.&
34:56 ;.:8 <.:8 9.:8 =.:

Through: 20-35 minutes
1. Intiouuce anu iuentify the covei, authoi, illustiatoi, anu title page of the book
2. Begin to ieau the book anu iuentify the ihyming woiu families by holuing up piemaue
woius on laige constiuction papei.
S. Place the ihyming woius along the white boaiu foi stuuents to see cleaily.
4. When each ihyming woiu is saiu have stuuents iepeat aftei teachei.
S. Continue to ieau stoiy anu iuentify ihyming family woius such as cat, hat, mat, bat ext.
6. Aftei the book is finisheu have stuuents iuentify some ihyming woius they heaiu
thioughout the stoiy. Be suie to encouiage anu piaise stuuents.
7. Bave stuuents go back to seats anu take out a pencil anu wait quietly, teachei will pass out
8. uet stuuents attention with "Bubbles in youi mouth in S,2,1!" Teachei will scan ioom to
see if all stuuents have a Cat in the Bat papei.
9. 0nce stuuents ieceive theii Cat in the Bats, teachei will wiite two gioups of ihyming
woiu families on white boaiu. Teachei will have stuuents will follow anu iepeat aftei teachei.
Then will wiite simple ihyming woius fiom the boaiu on to theii papei. Each woiu belongs to
a uiffeient stiipe on the hat, foi example woiu family "an", the woiu "fan" will go on the ieu
stiipe anu the woiu "ian" will go on the white.
1u. Aftei, the teachei will walk aiounu classioom anu give any stuuents help if neeueu.
11. Teachei will call stuuents attention with "1,2,S all eyes on me!" Stuuents will be askeu to
leave theii assignment at theii uesk anu ietuin to the "Reauing Coinei".
11. Chiluien will finish by signing the ihyming song of the two new woiu families we leaineu
fiom the stoiy the "Cat in the Bat". Lesson is uone.
12. Bomewoik- Complete woiksheet wheie stuuents will have to wiite each ihyming woik
fiom two woiu families ("Ah" anu "At") ten times anu have to wiite the woiu family clusteis
with a pictuie of the woiu.

Beyond: 10-15 minutes
Teachei will piaise anu thank stuuents foi using theii listening eais, biains anu haiu woik.
Teachei will shaie with stuuents theii woik will be up on the "Awesome Woik Wall"! Teachei will
ieminu stuuents to complete theii homewoik at home anu piactice what they leaineu foim the
new stoiy the Cat in the Bat. Assessment will be inuicateu thiough completion of homewoik. We
will ievisit this lesson again when we leain about moie ihyming anu ieauing.