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Grand Design and Truth of Nature -Reinventing Big Bang

By John Paily [Grace New Age Research]

The Recent discovery gravity wave by BICEP-2 seems to have given great impetus to Big Bang Theory unsettling all other theories such as Ekpyrotic Theory or Cyclical Universe Theory, Self organizing Universe Theory, Chaos and Order Theory, Holographic Universe Theory, Electric Universe and so on that made sense from different perceptive. The discovery of BICEP-2, does not tells us the cause for Big Bang. It does not tell us how our ever expanding universe [Proofs for which are also available] implodes on itself to a point to cause the explosion. Further the Quantum Science; the dominating science of the world, speaks of Observer Effect. Big Bang does not speak the role of observer in it. In short Big Bang Theory as it is makes sense on paper and drawing board of physicist but it fails miserably when one tries to comprehend it. It can make sense, including other theories, when we perceive the Principle and Design that is working

behind the perpetual motion of particle and the system formed from it. Big Bang makes sense only when we understand Grand Design of the Universe including Life. The Grand Design is a holographic design that is built on ratio and governed by a Principle and Design that is applicable to the smallest electromagnetic or energy particle to atoms and the whole universal systems formed out of it. The principle is that there is an instinct in the smallest particle to the whole system to seek equilibrium but this is denied by a non-equilibrium ratio design. This leads to Perpetual Quantum Dance of the particle and the whole system in space-time giving it the spin and displacement in space.

Chapter -1

Principle and Design- The Key to Understanding Life and the Universe
Everything in Nature is characterized by spin and displacement in space, which manifest into observable motion that is perpetual. The power and cause for this motion is the key to understanding of life and nature. Modern science, though has made immense advancement to exploit nature, it has failed to fix the cause for motion and visualize motion properly and sensibly to construct the Reality of Nature and its functioning. Much of early science and vision of nature is built on single force called gravity [centripetal] that binds all the system as one in nature. It was built on the assumption of non-equilibrium, attraction and existence of a force that drives all system in straight line. Early science was simple and comprehensible to all. However, the inability of early science to fix the cause for gravity and invention of electromagnetic force brought complexity into science. Let us fix these aspects as we explore the Grand Design of Life and the universe. The key here is to visualize the Principle and Design The perpetual motion of particle or system that is accompanied by Spin and displacement is relative. Gravity cannot be visualized unless there exist two

objects between which the forces comes into being. Newtons world and Modern quantum science perceives this as Instantaneously Quantum Entangled movement. However, Einsteins science tells us relativity and communication in time through a net with a maximum speed. The cause for the motion and its quantum entangled existence that accounts for both instantaneous and time bound communication can only be explained by an intrinsic ratio design that allows the flow and switching of the ratio in space-time field. Below is a figure that explains the Quantum Dance of a particle in space.

The String and its Quantum Dance between two states Particle here is string with positive and negative end and has a ratio design 4:3 on the right and left. This gives it a specific twisted design, which leads to quantum flow of energy from right to left. This is governed by a principle to seek equilibrium. By Max Plank law of energy transfer this flow now leads to perpetual dance in three dimensional spaces between two states 4:3 and 3:4 where flow directions changes. This Quantum Dance needs to be visualized as dimensionless compression and expansion or pulsation in space, where the particle or system opens up and reorganizes. This pulsation by virtue of non-equilibrium design leads to spin and spiral motion that is accompanied by displacement in three dimensional spaces in relation to a pair and complementary pair that are


Quantum Entangled [see fig below]. This pulsation produces a ripple in the environment of the particle that gets communicated in time to the whole system.

Complementary Pair

Fig: Three Dimensional Matter with Inner Space Helium Atom formed by Pair and Complementary Pair The above Quantum Dance can be visualized as two-step process that within it contain two more steps [See Fig Below] by virtue of its ratio design and principle. The first phase is rapid compression, leading to one level of stability [matter formation]. Note that we are visualizing the opposite of Inflation Universe Theory here. The second level of compression is resisted partially and is a slow process driven by gravity. Beyond the middle point the particle resist the flow and beyond the third critical point it collapses to turn inside out and expands expressing spiral motion. These steps are universal and are applicable to all system that consists of energy and matter. They are best understood at higher levels of systems born from these particles. Example Life cycle of an organism

Second Critical Point

Right Center

Left Center

First Critical Point

Third Critical Point

Chapter -2

The Turnings Points

1] Reinvention of Gravity
The above four step motion is a general feature of particle and the whole system formed from it. All systems [that is atoms and complex system formed from atoms] have non equilibrium ratio design such that it can communicate and produce Quantum Dance. The observed response of electromagnetic particles and systems formed from these electromagnetic particles differs. The electromagnetic particle has maximum freedom in three dimensional space and thus Quantum Dances with maximum speed and moves towards its pair. The matter [atoms] formed from collision of pairs of electromagnetic particle loses one degree of freedom and thus resist motion. Since by design they have non equilibrium in them they are instantaneously communicated but their motion is restricted and relative. Thus light travels with maximum speed in all directions and has no resistance. But matter shows only a minimum speed. It resists motion. We thus see the coexistence two masses gravitational and inertial or resistive. The vision tells us that what we invented as gravity is a weak electromagnetic force. In fact the idea of four forces dissolves into one force electromagnetic. Let me bring a key experiment that led to invention of electromagnetic force as a New Force as a turning point.

We are seeing here a school level experiment that shows the existence of electromagnetic force. This interpretation is built on a thought that force acts in straight line. Scientists never tried to figure out what is happening in the experiment. Here we see a neutralization instinct that powers the motion of charged particles. The experiment is powered by an instinct to seek equilibrium. The force is transmitted through atoms involved in the making of the wire. In the second figure we are reinterpreting it from the vision of particle and its motion we discussed above. We now picture what moves and how it moves. The spiral nature of motion of particle not only explains the observed phenomenon but gives new dimension of thinking to the experiment. It speaks of parallel world, non-equilibrium design, existence of Creator of Charge and so on. It speaks of the Principle and Design and origin of gravity and mass. Mass is the measure of nonequilibrium in space. Light has maximum non equilibrium and thus moves with maximum speed to attain higher equilibrium towards a center. I am not going deep into it. It is the turning point in my vision. Scientists should note that we are explaining some key aspects of physical science sensibly here. Reader should put some effort to comprehend it.

2] The Pair and Complementary Pairs and Inner Space

Note - here I am trying to build up my vision. The wholesome understanding can only come when we build the whole picture The Quantum Dancing particle we visualized above can be considered as Electromagnetic particle or Light particle. These particles in three dimensional spaces have maximum freedom and thus Quantum Dances with maximum speed and moves in relation to its pair and complementary pair in space with which it is Quantum Entangled. We can visualize this picture from left and right and top and bottom particles. See figure below.


God Particles

Quantum Particle that goes to forms Helium atoms


Fig: The Cross of Quantum Entangled Particles of light in space and formation of helium atom.
Note In the above figure please visualize the sphere as Quantum Dancing particle. The quantum particle ABCD have ratio 1:2:1 dominant to recessive. [Recall famous ratio of genetics]. They are governed by instinct to seek equilibrium. This leads to movement of these particles to the center in maximum speed. It leads to a pairing process in which A pairs with C and B pairs with D. This simple union of the light particles gives rise to atomic matter or the Hydrogen Atoms. There is non-equilibrium between the two atoms formed and thus by gravity they tend to fuse towards the center. This can result in helium atoms with right or left twist. We can now imagine for every right twisted helium atom the existence of Parallel World that is left twisted. Thus a parallel world vision is inevitable. We are visualizing here a bit of spiral DNA that would Quantum Dance. Note When a hydrogen atom is formed the particle loses a level of freedom in three dimensional spaces. When helium atom is formed it loses another level of

freedom. But it retains the freedom to communicate with parallel world or its pair.

3] The Formation of Internal Space A Key Vision

The above spiral vision of helium atom should help us imagine internal space that contracts and expands and interact with external space in three steps. A quantum particle that we visualized in the form of number 8 has curved inner channel that is open and free for interaction. When two such particles with opposite twist unites [Hydrogen atom] its inner channel is closed by . When two hydrogen atoms with opposite twists are fused the inner space becomes closed. This inner space is open for interaction with outer space and its pair in three quantum steps. We know that a helium atom is stable and responds to heat induced winding and winding. Their stability comes from the fact that when it is wound right to left in one plane it can unwind left to right thus opposing the winding force. See fig Non inert atoms

Fig: The Stability and Creativity of Helium Atoms Note- please visualize force as curved and winding and unwinding one

4] Discovering Anti-Gravity
Gravity is a centripetal force directed to point in the center. The design of inert atoms now gives the ability to oppose the gravity force. The external force is transformed in the central space of the helium atom and is given back to nature. See Fig above.

5] Origin of Creativity
The inert atoms can also show creativity by adding on non-inert matter on to itself so that they can resist gravity stressing the system See Fig above. This can explain DNA formation and the complex living systems. This design also can explain replication of DNA and growth of life against gravity. Life we know is a mass that grows against gravity and time direction in nature. These are creative response of the system when they are stressed to the first and second critical states. The creativity and mass formation in life that grows against gravity invariably means the inner space gets stressed immensely. Life works through perturbation or Quantum Dance of God Particle and its communication through the internal space. As the mass increases the God Particle is stressed and gains immense energy and space available for it to Quantum Dance decreases. Note The above point of thinking led me to conclude that genes work not as pair but as units of 8 and that the real information that controls life actually exist in spiritual form in the inner space of life.

6] Quantum Collapse and Reorganization

Gravity is reality. This means the system gets stressed to third critical point and has to go into Quantum Collapse and reorganization. Thus death and deterioration and Re-Birth are inevitable to life and the universe. To understand the perpetual existence of the whole system we need to understand the Quantum Collapse and reorganization sensibly. In other words we need to understand death and birth. This calls us to extend our vision to new level where two helium atoms with opposite twist interact. In other words we must visualize parallel worlds and creativity

7] Inventing Life and Souls that have Creativity and Time Conquering Capacity
Modern science assumes universe is material. There is truth in it. But the whole system is designed as Life. It is this understanding that can lead us to Truth and spiritual secret of the ancient world. This awakening to Truth is the only way we humans can survive and enter the Golden Age. When two helium atoms with opposite twist [male and female] coexist then we can visualize a scenario where one world is winding under gravity to its limit and going into explosive state and the parallel world is expanding to its limit to implode. We are seeing here two dead ends in which modern science gets caught. Scientist when they extend their work; they end in a universe that expands and dies out and a universe that contracts to a point and gets lost in Black Hole and singularity. Scientists have failed to comprehend the cause for origin and existence of the universe out of their thinking. We are trying to visualize this reality sensibly from two basic Inert Atoms Here the male atom breaks down under gravity first and its God particle carrying immense energy pierces the feminine world and releases the energy of Creation within the feminine. We can visualize the Big Bang Creation of the universe from two helium atom that takes the center stage. In order to do so we need to recall the Ultra Violet Catastrophes of Max Planks work, which tells that smaller the particle higher the energy it carries. This is Ekpyrotic process that String Theorists Dr. Neil Turok, Prof. Paul Steinhardt and Prof. Burt Ovrut have suggested. But this has to be visualized from a biological point, where the spirit of the male leaves its material body in various stages like rocket drops its pay load to reach its destination. It is the union of the masculine and feminine spirit that conquers time and ensures perpetual existence of life. The male spirit here gives life and feminine becomes support to recreate and restore [See Fig below].

Male and female edging to break down point in time

Conception and Creation or conquering of Time

Dualistic State

Monistic state

Fig: Conception and Creation or Conquering of time

The figure speaks reality of the world and its existence in time. The truth is parallel world or duality [See Fig below]. In one world anti-gravity dominates and in the other Gravity dominates. They are balanced by a design and instantaneous communication through the Black Hole. But a monistic or Big Bang creative state in this Ekpyrotic Scenario or Cyclic Universe Theory is inevitable because gravity is a reality. This monistic state is a state where the spirit or energy or information of the male world exists in the feminine world in creation state. This could be visualized as Controlled Big Bang Creation phase. It needs to be understood as Energy or information unfolding to transform and sustain the system. We will explore this statement as we go on.

Fig: Male and female or Parallel world - The Reality of Nature


Understanding Creation and Sustenance of the Universe The BIG BANG

Universe is energy. Modern science extending its understanding has concluded that universe has originated from a Big Bang from a point. Recently they have even discovered the gravity wave that supports it. But scientists have failed to comprehend Big Bang. It is impossible to imagine all the matter of the universe condensing to a non-definable small point. Scientists have failed to perceive the cause for this implosion and explosion. Further we have many other theories, such as Ekpyrotic Universe Theory, Steady State Theory, Chaos and Spontaneous Order Theory, Holographic Universe Theory, Electric Universe Theory, SelfOrganizing Universe Theory, which are true in some sense. This is bringing complexity and making comprehension of universe difficult. The Big Bang and all above theories make sense from above point of view we discussed. Here we are visualizing the Big Bang as a little perturbation at the center involving two atoms or souls. We see here parallel worlds. As gravity and time stresses the whole system, one world tends to highest possible kinetic state and Big Bang Explosion and the other leads to highest possible potential state and Big Implosion or Big Crunch. Note that these are two possibilities that scientist visualize for the universe out of their thinking and works; one the universe that expands and dissipates, the other in which universe condenses to a singularity of Black Hole where all information gets lost. Here we are visualizing both of them happening together at a center. As the system tends to that critical point in time, a central Helium Atom [Male world] takes immense winding energy and breaks down. The God Particle in this atom now carries the immense energy to move and conceive in the parallel world as its center to cause a Big Bang [See Fig Above]. Imagine here the Ultra Violet Catastrophe of Max Planks work. Because of Gravity, the conception leads to situation where the imploding feminine world now powers the growth of the conceived world. From living the

universe point of view the spirit of the male is conceived in the feminine. The body of masculine now becomes the feed for growth of the conceived Divine Plan. Eventually it leads to a point where the inner world breaks open to form two worlds out of one. Imagine here one fertilized egg cell dividing to form two cells. The full comprehension of this secret calls for evolution of science, review and reordering all developments in science such that we visualize it as spirit, information and knowledge Unfolding and Enfolding. Such an exercise brings the deeper secrets hidden in spiritual scriptures. The key here is to extend living system down to its core atom and Core Particle or God Particle This is explored in the article 1] 2]


Comprehending the Universe Sensibly form observable facts in Nature and Truth written in Spiritual Scriptures to survive and Enter Golden Age
Universe is Energy. We know that energy is of two forms; kinetic and potential that coexists as ratio. We also know that the basal form of energy is heat and that when we convert one form of energy into another we tend to lose some energy in the form of heat. Modern world that is dependent on inferior technologies are actually releasing 70% of the energy content as heat. Consequently earths environment is exponentially heating up or becoming energetic. The material earth and its inner core in response are winding. Thus we are witnessing exponentially increased destruction from Mother Earth and her forces. We are

seeing it as increased catastrophic climate change and natural catastrophes. Had the earth not designed to handle it; we would have been burned out and crushed to death by now. We can survive and enter the Golden Age provided we understand the Design and functioning of Earth and act to protect her and live in harmony with her. Note - one of the focuses of my struggle for the last two decades is to call the world attention to the destructive dead end to which we are leading the world in the ignorance of Truth of Nature, her functioning to sustain the energy to matter ratio.

1] The Design of Earth

The design of earth shows parallel world that helps it maintain certain energy to matter ratio. When one part is expanding and going into disorder under light and heat [day cycle] the second part goes into winding state or ordered state. The time gap given for both these phases are equal. Here when in one part, energy to matter ratio favor energy, then in parallel world it favors the matter. This helps the system to maintain the energy or heat or temperature of the inner and outer environment of earth. The earth system is designed such that when heat increases to certain critical limit, it gives way to darkness, simultaneously the opposite happens in the parallel world. We experience this as the day and night energy cycle. This 12 hour cycle is embedded in another cycle of 12 month that expresses as climatic cycle. There are bigger cycles of 12 years and so on to form a universal cycle with a time direction that leads to a period where the heat of the system increases or decreases unilaterally to a collapsing point. We are living in a point of time, where one such collapse and reorganization is inevitable. Understanding this collapse and reorganization becomes important to survive. This calls for understanding the cause for time direction.

2] The Cause for Time Direction A critical Knowledge to Survive on Earth

To understand the cause for time direction we must include life into our picture of earth and its energy cycle. Plants we know absorb light and heat and thus work against disorder. When night falls plants assimilate this absorbed energy and matter to create a mass that grows against gravity force of material world. This opposition of time in material world and living world becomes apparent when we apply second law of thermodynamics or energy to living system and material system. The plants in this process not only support earth from collapsing, but also support higher animals by maintaining the ratio of O2 to CO2 ratio with in critical limits. If plants are not controlled anti-gravity force can take over upsetting the balance. Thus we have herbivore controlling plants, carnivore controlling the herbivore. The earth is Self-Sustaining Gaia as ancient understood and as Noble Laureate James Lovelock proved to the world. This self-sustaining nature of the universe seems to get disturbed when we bring adult humans in to picture. Adult Humans are self-centered. He lives a mind centered life being slave to material world and thus he becomes the cause for gravitational collapse. Gravity is Reality. Thus gravitational collapse or death is inevitable. The instinct of the system or God resists it, yet by virtue of quantum nature of energy transfer this becomes inevitable. This necessitates that system should have Divine Plan to conquer Time and death and perpetuate eternally.

3] The Secret of Origin and Existence- Divine Plan

Gravity and Death is inevitable reality. We need to seek the secret of origin now in Black Hole or Death. At this point I am tempted to bring what is written in spiritual scriptures. Bible says God created us in His Image and gave us dominion over Earth, with a resistance not to eat from the Tree at the center. The Tree at the Center is the gravity point or Black Hole into which everything tends to fall. The material body has tendency to collapse to a point. The Life Force or Light or knowledge always works constantly against it and sustains it through creativity that involves information build up and its renewal from time to time. There is constant expenditure of energy involved here. The statement that God created us in His image and that after Creation He gave dominion to humans invariably

means humanity Knew Truth of Nature and God and had all the knowledge to live in harmony with Nature. This knowledge was lost when Humans turned His face away from Light and God to darkness seeking his self. Humans by their self create the time direction to Black Hole and His Souls gets trapped in it. Christ or Gods Selfless Calvary Sacrifice now could be visualized as the moment where inevitable Death was conquered to give New Life. This needs to be understood from energy point, involving two laws of Energy. The first law says nothing is created or nothing is destroyed everything is only transformed. The second law states that there is time direction to death. Creation now needs to be understood as transformation process in which everything exists as it is but gets transformed by a wave. Since humans and his mind play a key role in time direction, we can overlook all other life and take human life, its soul and mind into consideration to explore the secret of the universe. The secret of creation is transformation of souls and mind of humans in reference to one Supreme Soul and Mind or God Soul and God Mind. The resistance that God laid on humanity is resistance from falling into Black Hole or seeking self. When every souls falls into Black Hole the only way for God is to intervene to unearth everything back from Black Hole into Light. The Time and Time Cycle we try to comprehend is nothing but Gods Soul and Mind unfolding and enfolding selflessly to give New Life and empower us with Knowledge. Christ selfless Calvary sacrifice needs to be understood as Light and Life unfolding within the darkness of Black Hole thus resisting the Collapse. It is a Divine Plan to Conquer Time and restore into New Time Cycle. It is the Grand Design by which everything gets transformed and restored into New Order. It is knowledge or light or Life lost to the world unfolding. I am not telling this in support of a religion called Christianity. Words written Vedas, Bible and all spiritual scriptures can be understood as science. Vedas of the East here stands out as a logically and scientifically interpreted and written one. Everyone knows that there are parallel in all spiritual scriptures and they all point to two simple realities; Love, Truth and Justice. But the evil, non-illuminated, self and material centered minds who enter

the spiritual institutions make it complex and builds religions, so that common man do not awaken to Truth and get Liberated. Modern science came as anti to religions and deteriorated spiritual institutions, especially Christianity that was accumulating wealth and ruling people with iron hands. With science Spiritual institutions and temples as knowledge centers were replaced by temples of science or universities. But temples of science also have moved from simplicity to complexity. The search for Truth and knowledge in temples of science today has taken back seat. Many of these temples work to pamper the evil kings and corporate giants and their money centered objective. Thus they are principally giving power to evil minds to exploit nature than working to understand it. Many of the temples of science have ended up as labs to invent weapons of mass destructions that can destroy earth and humanity. The evil minds seemed to have penetrated every powerful realm that rule the world. There is a saying that the best place for thief to hide is the house of the policeman searching for him. The world scenario can only change when each one of us search our own house and evict the culprit. The Truth and Light that God shed on Calvary can help us to do so.

Chapter -5

The Grand Design and God in Brief

The Grand Design and God needs to be understood from the point of view of energy and matter and systems design in space. E= mc2 suggest that matter is made up of light or energy. We need to understand how energy or light manifest into matter and vice-versa. We need to understand how gravity and time manifests and how it is conquered to exist perpetually in time. Universe needs to be understood as never ending cyclic flow in which energy and matter strives to exist in near equilibrium state. Parallel world is a reality. The matter we witness [atoms of periodic table] is product of energy or light particle. Let us understand

this reality from taking two parallel worlds. The fallowing figure explains this secret in brief.

Anti-Gravity or Life Force

White Hole that give Life and Light Point

Stellar system with Black Hole that radiate light


Stellar system with Black Hole that radiate light Earthly Creative Zone of Life

Black Hole that eats up Light and Information Death Hole or Gravity Point or Forbidden Center

Gravity or Death Force

Fig: Black Hole and Information Loss the Secret of Forbidden Center The Grand Design
We know that stellar light is the product of fusion reaction. Some of these light particles from stellar body can fall back into the vortex due to gravity, but at certain point they can escape the gravity force. At some critical distance away light particles can collide to form Hydrogen Atoms [Recall E=mc2]. Half of these atoms can shift to the core of stellar system as feed to stellar system and the other can waver away. The atoms that waver away from core of stellar system

can move to center of parallel world seeking equilibrium. They form helium atoms. Here towards the center, helium atoms can pair to show creativity as discussed before. In short they can give rise to living forms that create living mass that grows against gravity. The gravity of the whole universe thus is actually directed to this center where life exists. This means the universe cannot be understood in isolation of life and earth plays an important role. It should be noted that we can visualize helium atoms also pairing in stellar system. The Quantum dancing of these pair can leak energy through the Black Hole in the center. All the black holes in the universe are quantum entangled and directed to a center point. The whole system is instantaneously communicated through Black Hole. They act as neural networks or space time reality that modern science is yet to comprehend. Modern science only perceives the spacetime that connects through the external space-time field where information moves in time. The co-existence of instantaneous communication and time bound communication is the most evident fact of Living System. Thus the ancient East visualized Universe as a conscious and intelligent Living entity. I believe that in the universal level the whole system is bound as one through these channels to a Black Hole. The energy through these Black Hole points to a center and this center is what we visualize as Sun that powers the living system on earth. This invariably means that earth that inhabits Life is the off-centered center of the universe much the same, heart is the off centered center of life. All actions originate from here and return here. The implication of these thought is that we can locate origin back to a pair of helium atoms in the center or on earth. These inert atoms can be visualized as Supreme Soul or God Soul and God Spirits. We can extend it further to two particles that carry maximum of energy; potential or kinetic. It is one time event in universal cycle when the ratio of potential to kinetic in a particle in one world [male] tends to absolute kinetic state and simultaneously in a particle in the parallel world it tends to maximum potential state. The particle carrying maximum energy [Recall Ultra Violet Catastrophe of Max Planck] now gets

ejected out to get embedded within the parallel world where one particle has reached the maximum potential state. Here in the Black Hole of the parallel world this energy of the male world is released such that the whole system is supported from within and grows to break the one world into two [See fig below].

Fig Division of one cell into two This reality can be comprehended from fertilization of egg cell and its division into two to start a New Time Cycle. At the universal it needs to be understood as consciousness and intelligence of the Creator unfolding to conquer time and initialize it. It needs to be understood as Life Force or God force unfolding to transform human souls and illuminate His Mind. In short Earth that inhabits life plays an important role in driving and sustaining the world. The universe with Earth and all Life in it is self-sustaining with energy flowing into and out of it. But this flow of energy gets stagnated leading to accumulation of black energy when we include adult humans. Human soul, mind and body that become Self-centered and slave to material force become the seat of Dark Energy and the cause for time direction to the universe. I believe there should be a Divine Act that changes the direction of the flow and this act should take place right on earth that inhabits Life At the spiritual and the universal level, I perceived this secret manifesting in Calvary. All spiritual scriptures tell us that God is Spirit. God the Sprit is perceived as the Creator and Balancer of the whole system. In other words He has dual Role. He is Creator as well as protector of Truth and Justice or Balancer. In creation He manifest as Pure Non-judgmental Love with Free will. Once the

Creation is complete He sits as Judge upholding Truth and Justice. Much of spiritual scriptures figures God in human form. The great Indian spiritual scripture [Vedas] that logically and extensively describes God and Nature, figures out Universal Time Cycle in terms Cycle of Truth and Justice. In this cycle Truth and justice deteriorates in certain quantum proportions leading the world from light to dark-age, from order to maximum disordered state, from knowledge to total ignorance. Eastern Epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata speak of God intervening and participating in war for Truth and Justice. Scriptures of the east however fails to describe explicitly how the system conquers time and death and perpetuates eternally in time. It is this vital aspect that is described in Bible. Calvary is the secret of conquering of universal time and death. Through His self-sacrifice God ensured that seed of light and life gets embedded in darkness and defeats darkness. God through Christ opened up His Soul with Free Will to all souls to transform to gain New Life and enter the New World and New Time cycle. His Second Coming now needs to be understood as life giving act or illumination of human intellect. This began 50 days after Christs death when the spirit descended on earth to transform souls and illuminate their mind. The Second Coming needs to be understood as God unfolding His Mind to illuminate our mind and thus liberate Humanity from the clutches of evil minds that are self-centered and slave to material force. These evil minds have filled our spiritual intuitions manifesting it into many religions that are accumulating wealth. A society deteriorates when its spiritual institutes deteriorates. When Christ manifested the only people whom He condemned are the clergies who occupied the spiritual institutions. Christ never asked to Build Churches or accumulate wealth for Him. He asked to transform souls and give them New Life and Illuminate their mind and free them in Truth. Modern day Christianity appears as a compromise with evil. Modern science came as anti to spiritual and religions intuitions, especially Christianity that was ruling the west with iron first and was accumulating wealth in the name of God. In the absence of whole Truth, the partial developments in science are being used by Pathologically Criminal Minded people heading the key

realms of power in the world. They are leading the world to destruction. The societies we live in are spiritually deteriorated and exist as slave to money and matter. The spiritual leaders as well as kings of the modern world exist as slave to tradesmen and corporate business class, who at all cost strives to create black mass or money and shrink the flow. The failure of modern science to perceive truth sensibly is costing the world its Life Content. Modern science has become complex with many conceptual revolutions that are contradictory. In the absence of Truth he is upsetting nature and its functioning to sustain vital ratio of energy to matter and CO2 and O2 ratio. He is digging his own grave. Truth can only emerge when the apparent contradiction can dissolve and simplicity emerges. For this to happen we need to look at universe form biological point. It is to this goal by Grace I am striving selflessly for the past three decades. This thinking has potential to revive and explore the depth of spiritual knowledge of the ancient freeing it from religion. It can flush the evil minds that exist in Temples of spirituality who use God as means to survive and rule the people. An Appeal - For the last three decades I have striven to call world attention to the fact that life by instinct works against gravity and thus we cannot understand the universe and its Truth in separation of life. Since we humans are the only species striving to know Truth, it calls for introspection of our own being. My introspection by Grace has led me to a pair of helium atoms as the core of life. It has further advanced to visualize a Supreme Inert Atom or Soul from which everything comes into existence to which everything goes to exist in perpetual cycles. The thinking that life plays an important role means that Earth that inhabits life takes a central position in the universe. The vision that inert atoms are the basis of life and the vision that earth is the off centered center of the universe much the same way heart is center of life brings a vision of universe as living being. This vision strikes a blow to the foundation of two powerful faculties; science and religions governing us. Once I perceived these thought I strived to write hundreds and thousands of letters to Temples of Science, begging them for a chance to discuss these thoughts. But

there was no response. My struggle to communicate with temples of science exposed me to the Truth of Platos Chair [Allegory]. The lack of response eventually led me to give up. But something deep within me was calling to strive to bring it out. As years went by the implications of my thinking and importance of this knowledge to our survival on earth was becoming increasingly evident. Thus I took the cross against odds and since then I have striven to write and rewrite these thoughts as it comes to me and post it on the net. It is nearly three decades since I perceived these thoughts. If any one finds substance in it, I need your help to spread this Knowledge so that it can be discussed by more minds. It is time for us to act to awaken humanity and lead the world from darkness to light. Age and Time is speaking on me. My body and mind are getting weak. After some more time my mind may not be able to dig deep into the realm from which this knowledge unfolded to me. I hope for a chance to discuss these ideas in an influential circle of intellectuals such that a new wave of knowledge can be generated. Related reading 1] 2] 3]